ResQuethanks guys downloading some of them now00:00
bc81gmg: if you're using network manager, right-click the applet, edit connections, choose your connection, edit, enter password when prompted, check "connect automatically"00:00
sacarlsongmg: I'm not sure about network manager but I think you could do it by modifying /etc/network/interfaces file,  I wonder if wicd will do it?00:00
JeffCBRThanks. I read that shred doesn't work right with ext3. Is that true for ext4?00:00
ResQueJeffCBR, what are you looking todo secure delete files?00:01
JeffCBRResQue: I was just reading man shread.00:02
gmgI did that but it doesn't automaticly recreate the Ad-Hoc network. But it automatic connect to a other access point00:02
JeffCBRman shread00:02
JeffCBRman shred!00:02
JeffCBRIs journaling enable by default with ext4 in Ubuntu?00:02
ResQueJeffCBR, i see, secure-delete is very useful00:03
gmgI need to recreate a wireless internet sharing network automaticly when a pc restarts00:03
nRyohsix: how are you sure that the controller will work00:03
rwwJeffCBR: yes00:03
nRyOCZ said it will not work without the special drivers they made00:03
almoxarifeI have cron.daily jobs starting at 15.30 my time, I rather they start between 00-03 my time, how do I make that happen?00:03
gmgIn Ad-Hoc mode00:03
ActionParsnipJeffCBR: may help: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/tools-to-delete-files-securely-in-ubuntu-linux.html00:03
ActionParsnipJeffCBR: yes ext4 is journalized00:03
ActionParsnipJeffCBR: ext2 is not, ext3 is just ext2 with a journal00:04
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: change the cron. If it's cron'd as your user run: crontab -e   if its as root use: sudo crontab -e00:04
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: or you can use gnome-schedule for a gui (run with gksudo for root crons)00:05
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almoxarifeActionParsnip: gnome-schedule changes cron ? or is an added process?00:07
dandamanquick question00:07
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: its a gui to cron afaik00:07
dandamani want to know what folder bzr is installed in00:07
gmgcan anyone else help me how to wake a pc with bluetooth while in suspend mode?00:07
dandamanis there a command i can use?00:07
rwwdandaman: whereis bzr00:07
dandamani need to change my authentication.conf file00:07
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: Gnome-schedule is a graphical user interface that leverages the power of vixie-cron, dcron and at to manage your crontab file and provide an easy way to schedule tasks on your computer00:07
rwwdandaman: if you're running a bzr server, it's probably somewhere in /etc/bzr/. If you're running a bzr client, I think ~/.bzr/00:09
gmgisn't their a command I can put in startup to auto-recreate a wireless Ad-Hoc network?00:09
almoxarifeActionParsnip: thnks00:09
sacarlsongmg: you did what?  modify /etc/network/interfaces?  pastebinit lets see what you have00:12
ActionParsnipsacarlson: i thin s/he went00:12
cyphasewhat's an easy way to decode gzip content on a captured http stream?00:15
SliMMhello guys00:16
teddybok im trying to setup my internet connection, on campus i have to go through various proxies, one for anything on port 80 and 443, another for every other port, and then at home i dont have to go through any of this, the proxy for port 80 and 4400:16
teddyb3 is a http proxy00:16
SliMMI was wondering, will the nVidia graphics card work on the latest dell xps 15 with ubuntu?00:16
SliMMI mean, beacause of all that optimus thing00:17
teddybSliMM so far for me its been a nightmare00:17
john___hi, does anybody has to suggest me a cover-flow or grid-flow pluggin for rrhythmbox? Thanks in advance!00:17
Sub_ZeroI'm trying to format my SD card to ntfs but in the format menu via right clicking the desktop icon I can only see fat00:18
ActionParsnipSliMM: its a GT435M, so yes. The proprietary driver will run it00:18
ActionParsnipSub_Zero: install ntfsprogs00:18
SliMMActionParsnip: the problem is nvidia optimus00:18
DiamondciteSub_Zero: Won't gparted be more suitable for that?00:18
ActionParsnipSliMM: what's that?00:18
john___hi, does anybody has to suggest me a working cover-flow or grid-flow pluggin for rrhythmbox? Thanks in advance!00:18
Sub_ZeroActionParsnip Already installed, still no show00:19
SliMMActionParsnip: core i5 has an integrated gpu that generally gets priority00:19
SliMMActionParsnip: and nvidia doesn't have proper drivers for linux00:19
Sub_ZeroDiamondcite The format selection is greyed out00:19
SliMMteddyb: why?00:19
ActionParsnipSliMM: oh one of those dual vga card things00:19
DiamondciteSub_Zero: For just ntfs?00:19
kironide`what does this error mean? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:19
ActionParsnipSliMM: nvidia have been supporting linux for AGES00:19
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kevin_Anyone know a good drag bar gui for ALSA audio?00:19
Sub_ZeroDiamondcite No the entire 'format to' is00:20
SliMMActionParsnip: not optimus00:20
kironidewhat does this error mean? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:20
ActionParsnipSliMM: they MAKE linux drivers00:20
SliMMActionParsnip: they don't include their optimus technology00:20
teddybi have a 310m :(00:20
ActionParsnipSliMM: that looks like some switch where you can change video adapters, right?00:20
DiamondciteSub_Zero: If Maybe you card is unformated and a partition table needs to be created first?00:20
SliMMActionParsnip: software switch00:20
SliMMteddyb: and does it not work at all?00:21
SliMMteddyb: or is there an option in the bios for enabling it00:21
ActionParsnipSliMM: i've seen people write scripts and guis for it, personally I advise staying away from stuff like that00:21
th0rSub_Zero: you may need superuser priv to format removeable media00:22
ActionParsnipSliMM: http://www.netbooknews.com/5133/linux-ubuntu-gets-gpu-switching/00:22
SliMMActionParsnip: i don't want that thing, i just want to make sure i can disable it without disabling the nvidia card as well00:22
teddybin the bios i have the option for just the intel one or the two of them00:22
teddybslimm ^00:22
ActionParsnipSliMM: http://www.laptops-drivers.com/video-cards-drivers/how-to-fix-nvidia-optimus-disabled-to-switch-to-discrete-graphics-in-asus-u35jc.html00:23
Guest43275join red00:23
ActionParsnipSliMM: seems possible, thats for an asus but there may be similar for dell00:23
Guest43275okie, i got bodhi linux, how do i get this xchat to server for ICQ?00:24
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, still here?00:24
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, yep00:24
DiamondciteGuest43275: .. ICQ can do IRC? For that matter.. ICQ has a linux client?00:25
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, it seems to be working now :)00:25
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, excellent00:25
teddybim trying to setup my internet connection, on campus i have to go through various proxies, one for anything on port 80 and 443, another for every other port, and then at home i dont have to go through any of this, the proxy for port 80 and 443 is a http proxy, while the proxy for the other ports is a socks proxy, i have looked at preferences >  network proxy but can only seem to add the http proxy properly00:25
teddybsorry for the repost, just wanted to consolodate it all00:25
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, you may also be able to reduce the sleep time, you could try sleep 10 and see how it goes00:25
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, what is that sleep command?00:26
g_0_0ShapeShifter499,  check man sleep, it explains it00:26
Mon_Colonel_do you know how to run 'compizconfig-settings-manager' with a command line please ?00:26
ActionParsnipMon_Colonel_: ccsm00:26
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, does it delay the time the other commands are executed?00:26
Mon_Colonel_ActionParsnip, great ! Thank you00:27
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, it delays yes00:27
ohsixhrm too bad slimm left00:27
eijutobican anyone help me with installing ubuntu netbook?00:27
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, just looked at its man file00:27
ActionParsnipeijutobi: in what sense, can you expand the question please00:27
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, basically we said wait 20 seconds and then execute the other command00:27
immyi'm trying to add the google repository to software sources. I've added the key already and it is listed but I'm not sure what the actual repository URI is00:28
scarfaceI'm trying to install 10.10 alongside Win 7 in a dual-boot scenario.  But there are already 4 primary partitions on the laptop (HP).  Is there a way to create an extended partition without deleting any of the existing primaries?  Or convert one of the primaries to be an extended, without losing the data?00:28
eijutobii put in the disc and there's no installation menu, just something that looks awfully like a terminal00:28
immyhas anybody here added the google repository?00:28
ActionParsnipimmy: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/use-google-linux-repositories-in-ubuntu.html00:28
_vladtI'm trying to use synaptics for my mouse so that I can use syndaemon to turn off my track pad while I type on my laptop; however, /proc/bus/input/devices doesn't list my mouse as having synaptics enabled and though I've turned it on in X11/xorg.conf it still doesn't work. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to look at? I'm on 10.1000:28
ActionParsnipeijutobi: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:29
eijutobishould i re-download it?00:29
kironidedoes anyone know how to fix this error? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:29
ActionParsnipeijutobi: good and are you using a CD?00:29
ActionParsnipeijutobi: no if it passed MD5 then its fine :)00:29
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I modified it a bit also http://pastebin.com/gX6qxB6w00:29
Aikarim finding the default video drivers for 10.10 sufficient for my nvidia GTS 250, however fan speed is still maxed out w/o nividia drivers, anything i can do besides installing nvidia?00:29
ActionParsnipeijutobi: ok then when the CD starts to boot, press SPACE and select to test the CD for defects, you can also test RAM from the same page00:30
Mon_Colonel_ActionParsnip, thank again00:30
Mon_Colonel_bye everybody00:30
ActionParsnipMon_Colonel_: np man00:30
eijutobialright i'll try it. thanks00:30
deadlinehay all00:30
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, looks fine00:30
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I'm going to reboot once more and check it...00:31
kevin_10.04 has multitouch touchpad function enabled by default.. however the system/mouse doesnt show any settings for it.. any ideas?00:31
immythanks actionparsnip - i have found that and another webpage with the same URI but it gives me an error - unable to find expected entry00:32
ActionParsnipimmy: so you added: deb http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/ stable non-free       to /etc/apt/sources.list?00:33
ohsixActionParsnip: that repo doesn't exist anymore00:34
ActionParsnipohsix: yeah just noticed00:35
meLonAnybody have a multi-touch solution for laptop that they like?00:35
immynvm actionparsnip - i was getting an error - software sources adds an extra entry for source code - i just deleted it and it looks like everything is ok now00:35
immythank you00:35
ActionParsnipimmy: are you after picasa?00:35
immygoogle chrome00:36
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ActionParsnipimmy: chrome is in the ubuntu repo00:36
kironideDoes anyone know how to fix this? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:36
immythat's chromium - should i just go with chromium?00:37
g_0_0immy, http://www.google.com/chrome?platform=linux00:37
xtbgodi'm i able to formatan NTFS partition from ubuntu so i can use it for files storage?00:37
ActionParsnipimmy: you can get daily chromium buils using: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get -y install chromium-browser00:37
erUSULxtbgod: yes; install ntfsprogs and use gparted00:37
immybut will it be stable?00:37
ActionParsnipimmy: or chrome: http://blog.sudobits.com/2010/10/22/how-to-install-google-chrome-on-ubuntu-10-10/00:37
ActionParsnipimmy: yes it's stable, its all I use00:38
g_0_0immy, chrome available here -> http://www.google.com/chrome?platform=linux00:38
meLonYou can get Chromium, as well immy00:38
immythx guys :)00:38
cyphaselol, what the.. is being resolved as tracker.thepiratebay.org in wireshark00:39
immyi had ubuntu running over the weekend but gnome crashed after i installed chromium and had it running...00:39
immyi thought it might be chromium00:39
kironidewhat does this error mean? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:40
immyso i reinstalled ubuntu this morning00:40
xtbgoderUSUL, my package manager says i got it .. i just don't know how to use it.. i started today00:40
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erUSULxtbgod: use it via gparted. System>Admin>Partition editor00:40
punditwhat program or ps-viewer does the system use to display manpages, after they are formatted with groff and before they are diplayed with the pager (less)?00:44
xtbgoderUSUL, and to which type do you recommend me to change de partition?00:45
immyi'm studying psyc and some humanities courses - i usually use MS Word and looking for an alternative - i'd like a very good citation/bib tool (preferably integrated) and a word processing programme that allows me to write essays and research reports with appropriate styles and citation formats (APA, Harvard...)00:45
immyis OO sufficient?00:45
ActionParsnipimmy: that or libreoffice00:45
punditimmy LaTeX00:45
Aikarhmm, i just reinstalled ubuntu and i cant remember how to get Chrome Unstable added to sources, anyone know? using ubuntu tweak00:46
erUSULxtbgod: type? primary vs logical?00:47
erUSULpundit: none they go from froff to less directly00:47
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immyi better read up about latex... i'm thinking of trying out lyx. it may be useful for psyc research papers particularly with quantitative statistical data00:48
erUSULimmy: LyX00:48
erUSUL!info lyx | immy00:48
ubottuimmy: lyx (source: lyx): Document Processor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.7-1 (maverick), package size 3177 kB, installed size 8204 kB00:48
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rwwpundit: Don't crosspost between #ubuntu and #debian, please.00:48
erUSUL!info texmacs00:48
ubottutexmacs (source: texmacs): WYSIWYG mathematical text editor using TeX fonts. In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (maverick), package size 1693 kB, installed size 5056 kB00:48
punditerUSUL thats what i thought, too. but i ran a manpage manually through groff -mandoc and it produced a postscript file, which cant be read with "less"00:48
punditrww ok00:48
xtbgoderUSUL, i mean FAT16, N95 Fat32?00:49
erUSULxtbgod: you said you wanted ntfs ...00:49
kironidewhat does this error mean? thunar-volman: Must specify the new HAL device UDI with --device-added.00:50
ActionParsnippundit: can you give the output of: lsb_release -a | pastebinit     Thanks00:50
chrislu5ticHI there, I am trying to install     gem install rubydns....  but it says "You don't have write permissions into the /var/lib/gems/1.8 directory."00:50
ActionParsnippundit: run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit    if you don't have it installed00:50
_vladt_chrislu5tic: Run as root?00:50
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic: prefix with sudo00:51
chrislu5ticthank you00:51
immythx and bye00:51
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic: without sudo, the command will run as user, which doesn't have write access00:51
chrislu5tici have now achieved my gaol00:52
ActionParsnipgood times :)00:52
erUSULpundit: groff -Tascii -mandoc | less00:52
punditerSUL hm, that option  -T is not in the /etc/manpath.config00:53
punditerUSUL hm, that option  -T is not in the /etc/manpath.config00:53
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chrislu5ticmy next command wont work00:55
nsgnhello. i need to run a script each time a network cable is connected or disconnected so i can alert virtualbox  to this condition. the script needs to be specific to each NIC, and whether or not it has gone up or down. any pointers for the right way to approach this?00:55
chrislu5ticsudo ./fuckPSN.rb00:55
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic: what is the error?00:56
punditActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/DzfqpyuM00:56
chrislu5ticno command found...00:56
ActionParsnippundit: Jaunty is no longer supported00:56
chrislu5ticits suppost to start  "fuck psn"00:56
ActionParsnipchrislu5tic: i suggest you search yur filesystem and re-read the guide you are using00:57
plaastikanyone know a way to get network security alerts thru gnome notify?00:57
ActionParsnip!jaunty | pundit00:57
ubottupundit: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.00:57
chrislu5tictake a look at this.... and ignore the rainbow part    http://gitorious.org/fuckpsn/pages/Home00:57
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, its not working again :/00:57
ActionParsnipplaastik: you can use: notify-send   to make notify-osd show the text you want00:57
ActionParsnip!eol | pundit00:58
ubottupundit: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:58
chrislu5ticjust the linux part00:58
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, pastebin your rc.local. Was there a reason you edited it to add the other channels00:58
punditActionParsnip well, this is a very general linux question from me; and, is this an official support channel here? Actually i want to use troff for the mapages, this is about 30 years old... i doubt i will find a "support channel" for that  (LOL)00:58
g_0_0ShapeShifter499,  did you reduce the sleep time, you may need to increase it again.00:59
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, not really00:59
plaastikActionParsnip: thanks00:59
ActionParsnippundit: your release isn't suppored in any way00:59
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, no    http://pastebin.com/3jg5w0xA00:59
arnoldheya, i'm trying to install adobe air. i see in most tutorials to download the .bin instead. but i also see a .deb. should i download the .bin anyway?00:59
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punditActionParsnip please read my last post, maybe then my question will become clearer to you01:00
ActionParsnipplaastik: not sure man, sorry01:00
chrislu5ticLaunch fuckPsn: sudo ./fuckPsn.rb01:00
alisalaahsorry..i got disconnected01:00
alisalaahUBUNTU 10.10 :: how do i put the Clock all the way to the right, it wont allow me to go paste the wifi icon and such in the top panel?01:01
dsdeiz-ahh nvm. it maybe the .deb01:01
RoastedAre there any media players that compare to Banshee and Rhythmbox? I'm having an issue with both of them, so I'm trying to find one that uh. works.01:01
tripelbabyroasted vlc plays media01:02
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I left the values alone in alsamixer and when I run the whole command as it is in rc.local  in the terminal, it works01:02
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, sound01:02
alisalaahRoasted, all i could suggest is http://alternativeto.net/software/rhythmbox/ which you may have already looked at01:02
adamruffolo Roasted: what about vlc?01:03
DaGeek247Roasted totem (Movie Player) does01:03
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, it should work01:03
g_0_0you could split the command over several lines01:03
Roastedguys, I'm not trying to PLAY media. I'm trying to find an itunes style program, that can set up playlists on my mp3 player, etc.01:03
punditerUSUL truely with the option -T ascii instead of the default ps the output of groff -mandoc is readable. but i cant see why the system should use this option, as the /etc/manpath.config explicitly says it uses "groff -mandoc"01:04
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, so if I put the commands on different lines in rc.local, they will run separately?01:04
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, yeah01:04
alisalaahRoasted, you could use Spotify.. or WINE the WIndows version of iTunes01:04
adamruffoloRoasted: gtkpod?01:04
alisalaahRythmbox and Banshee are the best ones I know of01:05
Roastedalisalaah, well, I want a program that works, so no - I won't use itunes :P01:05
RoastedI'm having issues with both of them that's raging me at the moment.01:05
RoastedI'm not sure if it's my player or the programs or what.01:05
Stormx2alisalaah, right click the items which won't move and uncheck "lock to panel"01:05
adamruffoloRoasted: what about gtkpod?01:05
Roastedlet me look that one up01:05
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ah I did not know that01:06
Roasteddo I need an ipod for gtkpod?01:06
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, and no need for  &   between them?01:06
alisalaahStormx2, i tried and the clock wont go right of wifi.. and wifi doesnt move01:06
ActionParsnipRoasted: wine + spotify is decent01:06
adamruffoloRoasted: Don't think so.  I have it installed.  Haven't played around with it much but it works without an iPod as far as i can tell.01:06
M4A1everyone here01:07
adamruffoloRoasted: scratch that.  Never mind.  I think you are right about the ipod tpart01:07
Macstheyjustsuckbc81_: It worked on the USB port it was on, then I took it off like I usually do when it's charged, came back, plugged it back in, it says it's in USB mode and it shows up in Computer, and it just didn't work right after that01:07
MacstheyjustsuckOh whoops01:07
Macstheyjustsuckwrong preset01:07
Macstheyjustsuckma bad01:07
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, no no need f0r &&01:08
Roastedif only rhythmbox would work01:08
adamruffoloRoasted: did you try to remove it and reinstall?01:08
immyi removed the empathy icon from the panel but the power button is also gone now01:08
immyhow do i get it back?01:08
Roastedadamruffolo, many times01:08
DaGeek247immy reset the tasbars?01:09
pareliis it possible to disable the capabilities to use a mouse in a terminal via some config file?01:09
adamruffoloRoasted: try gmusicbrowser01:10
immyhow do i reset?01:10
adamruffoloroasted: or Amarok01:10
strav`he. I'm currently using vlc as my main media player for I found it's pretty much the best at handling latency over my lan (I'm actually accessing a small samba share on nas over wifi)... Only problem is it kinda sucks for music management. Any good alternatives? (mainly I'm looking for: good buffering (latency handling), decent music/collection management, low on ressources)01:11
DaGeek247immy hold on. you might wanna back up your links while i hand type in the command01:11
agreimannHello. Had a quick question for everyone. Can hyperlinks be written into zenity dialogs?01:11
spark_hi all I got like  problem   first my keyboard on my laptop is not totaly working the numpad do not work   and  my nvidia gc is not used ( it is using myhd intel instead -_-)  the 2 cards are detected but  when I install the nedded nvidia drivers I end up to the consol is there a way that I can fix this ?01:12
Nicolas_Leonidashow do you know what apt-get has installed on your ubuntu before?01:14
chrislu5ticI cant seem to run a file in the terminal from my desktop that I need.01:14
Nicolas_Leonidasor is there a way to find out what apps are installed01:15
DaGeek247immy this will do it: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel01:15
parelispark_: what kind of nvidia gc do you have?01:15
immythx :)01:15
spark_pareli I have an 310m01:15
agreimannNicolas_Leonidas: You're trying to find previously installed programs?01:15
mnainesWhat's the solution to a kernel panic caused by a bad kernel update or memory allocation error?01:15
Nicolas_Leonidasagreimann: yes01:15
strav`Nicolas_Leonidas: synaptic has a filter to show you installed packages01:16
Nicolas_Leonidasstrav`: only for packages that synaptic has installed or everything?01:16
agreimannOK. In the shell, go ahead and type in "ls /var/cache/apt/archives" with no quotes.01:16
agreimannThis will list all packages you have previously installed.01:16
chrislu5ticDownload source code01:17
agreimannYou might want to add the | less flag if the list is long.01:17
chrislu5ticInstall required gems with gem install rubydns01:17
chrislu5ticLaunch fuckPsn: sudo ./fuckPsn.rb01:17
FloodBot1chrislu5tic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:17
chrislu5ticsudo ./fuckPsn.rb  wont work.. andy ideas?01:17
parelispark_: tried startx when you end up in console?01:17
Nicolas_Leonidasagreimann: thanks01:17
lahwranI recently updated my system. apparently this included a nm-applet update. since then, the tooltip that tells me wireless strength on nm-applet has stopped working (it just doesn't show up). anyone have any ideas how I would troubleshoot this?01:17
mnainesagreiman, how do you do a complete uninstall through the command line?01:17
=== taranto__ is now known as taranto
agreimannA complete uninstall?01:17
agreimannFrom which operating system?01:18
mnainesagreiman, like completely remove an app and all its components from Ubuntu01:18
strav`Nicolas_Leonidas: everything you installed with apt01:18
agreimannapt-get remove program_name, where program_name is the program you want to uninstall.01:18
bc81strav`: i'm currently using rhythmbox with a similar setup as you, and have no latency problems, tried it out yet?01:18
spark_pareli I do not whant to mess up my system :/01:18
strav`Nicolas_Leonidas: you can also try dpkg-query which is neat on the cmd line.01:18
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mnainesagreiman, next question:  What's the solution to a kernel panic caused by a bad kernel update or a memory allocation error?01:19
zzingIs there such thing as a 'mini' cd instead of the 700mb variety?01:19
agreimannOr, you can open Synaptic, Quick Find the program you want to remove, right-click it, and click "Completely remove package."01:19
strav`bc81: nope, I tried audacious with different buffer settings and can't seem to get rid of glitches now and then.01:19
Nicolas_Leonidasstrav`: thanks01:19
agreimannmnaines: Can you revert to the last kernel from grub?01:19
immyworked like a charm01:19
immythx dageek01:19
mnainesagreiman, yes.01:19
strav`bc81: I'll give rythmbox a try.01:19
lahwrananyone on the nm-applet tooltip problem?01:20
spark_pareli I did not tryed because it try to boot on both card01:20
bc81strav`: then again, i'm relatively close to my router, so that may be why i experience no latency problems.  only with 720p video streaming over samba01:20
agreimannlahwran: You might need to reinstall the notification service with the shell.01:20
strav`bc81: ok01:20
agreimannAnyone how if hyperlinks can be used in a zenity dialog?01:21
lahwranagreimann: well the notification daemon works fine with it, shows me popups just fine, it just doesn't show me the status *tooltip* that indicates signal strength01:21
bc81strav`: also, gconf-editor apps >> ryhthmbox >> player, there is a network_buffer_size setting.  i think you'll be quite happy with rythmbox :)01:21
strav`bc81: kinda odd, I don't seem to have any latency for 720p videos.01:21
jigynetanyone here play dark orbit?01:21
induzwhy I can not change my display monitor's resolution?? on KuBuntu Lucid01:22
agreimannlahwran: Ah. What desktop environment do you use?01:22
induzit is set to too high01:22
parelispark_: oh, well then i'm not sure. installed ubuntu about a week ago for my first time, and i only know so much.. post your problem on ubuntuforums and search your query on google.01:22
bc81strav`: i should probably look into vlc settings to increase buffer size..forgot aobut that one01:22
agreimannlahwran: If it's a fresh Ubuntu install, it'd be GNOME.01:22
strav`bc81: although it would have been nice to have this option in rythmbox itself. Have you tried mpd btw?01:22
lahwranagreimann: gnome. I use the standard applets01:22
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, going to try it now, I got distracted by watching the earthquake reports on tv01:22
bc81strav`: never heard of it until now01:23
agreimannlahwran: OK. Can you try to delete your top panel, rebuild it, and explain what happens then?01:23
jigynetyea i know01:23
jigynetwill there be more tho?01:23
lahwranagreimann: purpose being? i've heavily customized my panels and would prefer not to delete them. it'd actually be the bottom panel with the indicators.01:23
agreimanninduz: Edit the xorg.conf file. Check /etc/X11 and Ubuntu support for options with this.01:24
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, should I add a sleep command before each one?01:24
agreimannlahwran: Your applets are on the bottom of the screen?01:24
xtbgodRecommend me a p2p client?01:24
agreimannlahwran: Resetting the panel should assist in fixing the tooltip problem.01:25
lahwranagreimann: the indicator applet is.01:25
aeon-ltdxtbgod: p2p like bittorrent?01:25
lahwranI see :/01:25
jigynetwants to /join ubuntuofftopic01:25
twitch!torrent | xtbgod01:25
ubottuxtbgod: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P01:25
aeon-ltdxtbgod: rtorrent if you like cli, transmission for gui01:25
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, you shouldn't need a sleep command before each one01:26
xtbgodThank you01:26
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, just put one at the beginning01:26
strav`bc81: it's really a good thing. mpd is a music deamon that allows you to control it via tons of clients. So basically, my nas is connected to a sound system and I'm controlling what plays using an mpd client. I never tried to use it on a remote file source.01:26
SolmHey, is it possible to run Ubuntu without restart? And then exit ubuntu without restart via having it on a usb drive?01:26
aeon-ltdSolm: no, but you can run ubuntu inside other oses01:27
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, begging of the whole thing like this ?     http://pastebin.com/5daDA2jS01:27
QationHey does anyone know how I can get the sound device name I'm using? I'm trying to use gtk-recordmydesktop and I'm not sure what to put for the device area..01:27
bc81strav`: sounds interesting, i'll look into it. hey do you know where the vlc buffer settings are?  i can't find them for the life of me01:27
Solm@Aeon-Itd, how would I go about doing that?01:28
aeon-ltdSolm: virtual machines01:28
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, *begining01:28
aeon-ltd!vm | Solm01:28
ubottuSolm: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:28
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, *beginning01:28
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, that should work01:28
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok trying now brb01:29
bc81strav`: is it the default caching policy under input/codecs?01:29
jigynetme have 64bit atom netbook with xubuntu xD01:30
strav`bc81: tools/settings... show Settings set to all, then input/codecs01:30
SolmUbottu, No, I'm asking if I, for example, could go to another computer, for example one at school (I'm in college), and put a USB drive in and start up ubuntu, without restarting the entire computer.01:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:30
bc81strav`: thanks :)01:30
rwwSolm: no01:30
strav`bc81: it's in the input/codecs I just don't remember exactly what setting, let me check.01:30
ExplodingPigletshow do I wipe my hard drive?01:30
jigynetopen it..01:31
bc81strav`: think i got it, default caching policy?  probably want that high as it can go01:31
rwwExplodingPiglets: download http://www.dban.org/ , write it to a CD, boot from it, follow instructions.01:31
aeon-ltdSolm: this is kinda close http://lifehacker.com/#!5195999/portable-ubuntu-runs-ubuntu-inside-windows01:31
jigynetshoot it from a cannon?01:31
hypatiaExplodingPiglets: i use the shred command with the flags -n 1 -z01:31
QationDoes anyone know how I can find my sound devices's name if I'm using alsa?01:31
hypatiaExplodingPiglets: which writes random data to the drive once, then zeroes01:32
strav`bc81: heh. I just don't see that default caching policy01:32
jigynetif your really harry about your data being gone, try to recovver it xD01:32
Solm@Aeon-itd, Ah, that's awesome, is there any Mac-compatible ones?01:32
ActionParsnipExplodingPiglets: you can zero it01:32
bc81strav`: tools >> settings >> input & codecs >> network >> default caching policy01:33
strav`bc81: ok, It's in the simple settings01:33
strav`bc81: you have some interesting network related stuff in advanced if you wish to take a look.01:33
Secret1222 is there a program to allow to use exe files?01:33
rww!wine | Secret122201:33
ubottuSecret1222: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:33
LamoLike the jacknutts I am I accidentally botched my /var permissions. Anyonbe have a link where i can find the defaults?01:34
bc81strav`: i set it to highest, restarted vlc, tried a 720p video stream, but it still hangs.  might be because it's pulling the file off a usb external drive over samba through wifi lol.  i'll check out some of those advanced settings though01:34
jigyneti play dark orbit in xubuntu... the games resolutions are not takeing..01:34
mattmattehi am trying to update 10.04 to 10.10, ran the update manager, and i get a window that pops up saying "Could not calculate the upgrade" .... "01:34
mattmattehThis is most likely a transient problem, please try again later."01:34
strav`bc81: ah there, in input/codecs in the advanced settings, if you expand access modules you can select alsa and then enter a numeric value in ms for the cache.01:35
jigynetbc81, try 1500 mtu and turn off traffic controls..max any cache available..enable media mode?01:35
strav`bc81: this of course is for audio... for video I don't remember if I tweaked anything.01:35
Nicolas_LeonidasI don't know why this file is being created every time I restart /etc/init.d/.svnserve.swo01:36
bc81strav`: , jigynet i'll tweak around with those, thanks :)01:36
Nicolas_LeonidasI'm trying to get rid of all traits of svn01:36
aeon-ltdSolm:  i don't think so01:37
strav`bc81: something nice too... in the access modules you have an smb module which has a cache value to be set too. (mine is at 1500)01:37
iszakso I've got a bunch of JPEG's that kind of in a non-standard format and I want to batch resave them via the CLI, anyone know of a CLI tool that'll read and resave jpeg's accordingly.01:37
bosyakhow to use second desktop? I enabled "single display desktop" (Multi-desktop)" but can't find how to drag to it something?!01:38
Secret1222im not playing around with perl because i stuffed it up01:38
mickster04iszak: do you want to change bits or something else?01:38
Solm@Aeon-Itd, Ah well thanks anyways01:38
mattmattehanyone familiar with updating problems that could help?01:38
iszakmickster04, It will change the format or so yeah.01:38
jigynetso who should i contact? adobe? game devs? or os support?01:38
Secret1222i mean i stuffed ubuntu by installing proxysitelist01:38
iszakbosyak, what graphics drivers do you have ATI or Nvidia?01:39
bosyakiszak: Ati 545001:39
Xeon06Hey folks. If I precede a script with "#!/bin/bash" and call it foo, and I just run "foo" from the same directory, it should work, right?01:39
iszakbosyak, you've installed catalyst control center?01:40
bosyakit's seems to work... yes01:40
bosyakmouse is working01:40
Jordan_UXeon06: No.01:40
Xeon06Jordan_U: What am I doing wrong?01:40
iszakso you went into the catalyst control center -> display manager -> select the monitor -> multi display taba nd set it to multi-display desktop with display(s) x01:40
iszakbosyak, ^01:40
Cpudan80Xeon06: If you chmod it so it's executable and do ./foo01:40
Cpudan80Xeon06: then it will execute the stuff in the bash script01:41
mickster04iszak: so you need a cli tool that can edit files byte by byte so wait around seeif anyone knows of one, otherwise googling that may also help?01:41
jigynetsoo, hmm01:41
Jordan_UXeon06: It needs to be executable and you need to run "./foo". You can only use the program name alone for programs in $PATH.01:41
ActionParsnipXeon06: you will need to chmod +x filename    for it to work, but yes01:41
Xeon06Jordan_U: Cpudan80: ActionParsnip Thanks!01:41
Jordan_UXeon06: You're welcome.01:41
induzwhy I can not change my display/monitor settings on Kubuntu/lucid KDE?01:41
iszakmickster04, well I just need to resave them all in a common format.01:41
ActionParsnipinduz: what video chip?01:42
induzI tried to change the dpi from highest to lower and the monitor goes black...01:42
bosyakiszak: I don't want share my desktop on two monitors. I want two separate desktops... is it possible?01:42
mickster04iszak: are they in a proer format now? like png? and you want to change then to jpg? cos that's again slightly different?01:42
induzits integrated intel chip01:42
induzit works fine on Gnome01:42
induznow with the highest dpi set the dispaly is fudgy01:43
strav`bosyak: it's possible but a little more involved.01:43
Jordan_Uiszak: You can use the "convert" command from imagemagic.01:43
bc81strav`: thanks again, no more 720p laggage!  not sure which setting fixed it (i set all cache possiblities to 5000).  now i don't have to copy the files here to watch them01:43
iszakJordan_U, yeah just found that01:43
bc81strav`: any luck with rhythmbox?01:43
strav`bosyak: there are some good tutorials about this but the last time I did this, you could play with xorg.conf now things have changed.01:43
tensorpuddingcan one use application indicators with vala?01:44
iszakbosyak, then change the multi-display setting to single display desktop (multi-desktop) in the same area in catalyst control panel.01:44
iszakbosyak, but that said you won't be able to drag between them IIRC.01:44
tensorpuddingand if so, what library do you need01:44
bosyakiszak: how to run something on second monitor? or how to use it?01:44
iszakbosyak, you move your mouse into the second monitor and thus desktop and run something.. simple01:45
iszakand it shouldn't conflict with the other one.01:45
bosyakstrav`: are Ati card good? or Nvidia have better support?01:45
strav`bc81: my nas is currently down (gotta buy new hds), but I'll try it later - meanwhile perhaps I'll see if I cannot get more juice out of vlc. I really like using one good application for all my media.01:45
induzI go to k--computer..system settings--display/monitor, it ios set to 1280x1024[auto], i want it to change it to1152x86401:45
iszakbosyak, I heard Nvidia have better support01:45
induzhow can i achieve that01:45
strav`bosyak: you should be able to do it with both. Of course nvidia is always less a pain.01:46
mickster04induz: you can do that in gnome?01:46
bc81strav`: theres also a ton of plugins in vlc, never messed with them myself.  you might find something of use in there01:46
jigynethow do i tell darkorbit/flash to use one resolution?01:46
induzmickster04, yes01:46
steve__where is the natty chat?01:47
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:47
bosyakiszak: second monitor is absolutly bold... no context meny. no menu... suppose it's bug?01:47
induzyes i can do that on Gnome01:47
iszakbosyak, you probably haven't created the menus and stuff yet.01:47
induzI am stuck01:47
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, rebooted 4 times and the commands only worked once01:47
induznow the fonts are bleeding01:48
strav`bosyak: the term you're looking for in google is: xorg multiseat conf01:48
bosyakiszak: mean for secon desktop? But context menu should work?01:48
bosyakstrav`: ok01:48
Nach0zum. i've got a question... i'm looking at a bunch of ubuntu scripts that have rc.d in them but my Ubuntu install (10.10) has no rc.d folder. it's got rc1.d through rc6.d but no actual rc.d ....  will the "update-rc.d" command still work with that?01:48
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:48
iszakbosyak, ah yeah, you're right.01:49
Nach0zah. thank you.01:49
bosyakhow to disable compiz at all?01:52
ActionParsnipbosyak: press ALT+F2 and run:  metacity --replace01:52
=== marienz_ is now known as marienz
strav`bosyak: you can also try to install compiz-fusion that lets you manage this from a try icon.01:53
strav`bosyak: I'm sorry, I meant: fusion-icon01:54
strav`and I meant tray01:54
dazonicHi I'm trying to get the latest sqlite3, I've run apt-get update && apt-get install sqlite3 but it's only getting 3.4.2 not 3.701:54
dazonicwhat am I forgetting?01:54
rwwdazonic: which version of Ubuntu are you on?01:55
hescoI'd like to add zabbix-agent to an ubuntu box where /etc/debian-version reads: '4.0'.  Which version of this: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=zabbix-agent do I need, please?01:55
induzis it a chip problem??01:55
induzI dont have any extra video card01:56
bosyak_iszak: strav` I disable compiz and now I have two desktops :)01:56
dazonicrww hardy I believe... is that the problem?01:56
induzis there some solution to that?01:56
rwwdazonic: Yes. Ubuntu doesn't update to new major versions of software after release, so the current version in hardy repositories is
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:57
xanguadazonic: upgrade to lucid if ypu want to have newer software01:57
ActionParsnip!ppa | dazonic01:57
ubottudazonic: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:57
danubhey all, i have 3.6 gigs used in /var/cache/apt/archives. Can i safely delete stuff in that directory?01:57
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I give up01:57
ActionParsnipdanub: run:   sudo apt-get clean    it will happen for you01:57
iszakbosyak_, will have to remember that.01:57
danubActionParsnip: ty, ill do that :)01:58
coz_danub,   or autoclean01:58
strav`bosyak_: I somehow doubt that you'll be able to plug two keyboards and have one assigned to a screen and vice-versa (for that would really be two desktops).01:58
dazonicrww, xanga, ubottu thanks heaps! there's no one-liner to upgrade is there? sorry i'm just a drop kick web dev with a vps01:58
coz_dazonic,   upgrade the current system or upgrade to next version?01:59
ActionParsnipbosyak_: you can have a dualseater, but you will need another monitor and mouse :)01:59
ahaziah77need some help with my taskbar, doesnt give me the option to shutdown, reboot etc.....is there any way to fix this glitch?    http://imagebin.org/13919702:00
dazoniccoz_ the current system, from hardy to lucid02:00
hescoI generally work in debian and am unfamiliar with how ubuntu lables its versions or what relation the /etc/debian-version file (which reads '4.0') might have to the version of ubuntu installed on this box.  Can anyone please advise?02:00
coz_software or hardware kvm02:00
rwwdazonic: "sudo do-release-upgrade"02:00
eskpados-insanesomebody know how use the arpspoof?02:00
danubActionParsnip: you seem to be a pretty knowledgable guy, what do you use to track down disk space?02:00
rww!upgrade | dazonic02:00
ubottudazonic: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:00
coz_dazonic,   which version do you have now   in terminal    lsb_release -a02:00
ActionParsnipdanub: there is disk space analyser but I keep my OS trim. You can remove old kernels to regain 120Mb per kernel02:00
bc81ahaziah77: right-click panel, add, Shutdown02:00
danubim using du with the max-depth flag, but i need to exclude a few directories under root (windows partitions that are mounted and take forever to du)02:01
hescotap, tap, tap.  is this mic on?02:01
dazoniccoz_ no good, zsh: command not found: lsb_release02:01
=== QuBit is now known as Guest82607
coz_hesco,   in terminal     lsb_release -a02:01
danubActionParsnip: yeah, im trying to cut back... its at 14 gigs right now and I have no idea where it's hiding all this extra data ;)02:01
coz_dazonic, mm02:01
hescocoz_ thanks, will try that02:01
bc81ahaziah77: sorry, not Shutdown but "Indicator Applet Session"02:01
rwwdanub: If you only want du to traverse the current filesystem, use du -x02:01
ahaziah77bc81, k, is there anyway to actually fix where it is supposed to be though, that adds additional icon02:01
ActionParsnipdanub: run:  uname -a   this is the current kernel02:02
coz_dazonic,  sorry I apparently gave that command to the wrong person02:02
ahaziah77bc81, k, lemme give that a try02:02
bc81ahaziah77: right-click the applets > move02:02
coz_dazonic,  I believe it would be   sudo update-manager -d02:02
ActionParsnipdanub: run:  dpkg -l | grep linux-image-2    those are the installed kernels02:02
coz_dazonic,  but check  !upgrade02:02
rwwdazonic, coz_: it's sudo do-release-upgrade for command-line VPSes.02:02
hescothanks coz_, it says feisty, 7.04.02:02
coz_!upgrade | dazonic02:02
ubottudazonic: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:02
Twiggy2centsI finished my apt-get upgrade and I have packages held back. linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic mythtv-frontend  mythvideo02:02
rwwcoz_: the -d switch to update-manager and do-release-upgrade is for upgrading to development releases, and should not be recommended in here.02:02
danubActionParsnip: yeah right now i have 2 (plus their recovery). want to make sure this update went good before i remove them02:02
coz_rww,   ah old habits :)02:03
Twiggy2centsAny idea why they were held back?02:03
bc81!panels | ahaziah77 also you can reset the to default with a single command02:03
ubottuahaziah77 also you can reset the to default with a single command: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:03
dazonicokay sweet hey thanks everyone for your help, incredible community here02:03
Twiggy2centsI am on mythbuntu 10.0402:03
hescomy choices of zabbix-agent packages include: hardy, karmic, lucid, maverick, and natty02:03
ahaziah77bc81, where do i locate the applets, cant find02:03
coz_dazonic,  good luck on that :)02:03
hescowhich might be closest to an old hardy installation?02:03
marcagioHi everyone, here is my problem. I have a PC with an ATI video card, it's connected to a TV via S-Video, I don't have a monitor 'cause all my other pcs are laptops... I boot up with the live CD but as soon as the OS starts the refreshing rate is too fast and I have no clue how I could change it, since everything is fuzzy on my screen02:03
bc81ahaziah77: try that command, it will reset your panels02:04
mattmattehmarcagio: using any computer with s video will be painful02:04
mattmattehmarcagio: no computer display at all ?02:04
MindWarper_UNITY !02:04
mattmattehmarcagio: what is your intended use of this once you install gentoo ?02:04
ahaziah77bc81, k02:04
rwwhesco: If you're using 7.04 as lsb_release says, your system reached end-of-life status in October 2008. It is no longer receiving security updates, and is not supported here. See the following message from ubottu for upgrade information.02:05
rww!eol | hesco02:05
ubottuhesco: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:05
mattmattehmarcagio: doh, i forgot i was not in #gentoo, no matter, what is your intended use after you install ubuntu :P02:05
J697This is a stupid question but, how can I make my computer not turn off if I leave it alone for like a day?02:05
drexlhello, long question here about wi-fi driver and lubuntu  http://paste.ubuntu.com/570347/02:05
ahaziah77bc81, cool deal, command worked02:05
coz_marcagio,  I have never tried this but  when the cd boots to the keyboard logo at the bottom hit "enter" to get to grub menu  then hit "e"  and edit the kernal stanza  with   nomodeset  just before quiet splash   then boot from there   ,,, I have no idea if that will help though02:05
=== MindWarper_ is now known as MindWarper
bc81J697: System >> Preferences >> Power Management02:06
marcagiomattmatteh, I have the display, it's showing... but the screen is scrolling fast I can't see what i'm doing, but i do see the mouse and everything... I want to watch movies that are stored on another pc on my TV02:06
mattmattehcoz_: console is hardly useable with s video02:06
J697bc81, I already tried that02:06
hescorww: thanks, understandable.  But I have not been asked to upgrade this machine, only to ascertain if it is still running.  WOuld any of these zabbix-agents work on that old box?02:06
coz_mattmatteh,  ah   ok   as I said I have no experience with it02:06
J697bc81, I pressed don't sleep or whatever after 15 minutes, and it still does02:07
send_from_shellI want to send files from shell to another website02:07
send_from_shellhow can I do it02:07
mattmattehcoz_: kinda readable, way better than composite02:07
coz_mattmatteh,  ok .. I will try to keep that in mind02:07
marcagiocoz_ will try02:07
mattmattehmarcagio: i would suggest fidning a computer display to do the install02:07
bc81J697: also check your screensaver settings02:07
rwwhesco: If there's a zabbix-agent package in feisty's repositories, ubottu's EOLUpgrades link says how to get access to those repositories (which have been moved to an archive server). If not, we don't support mixing different versions' packages here.02:08
J697bc81, where are those at?02:08
bc81J697: System >> Preferences >> Screensaver02:08
mattmattehmarcagio: i think ubuntu only has a gui installer.  all i can think of is using ssh and installing from another computer, like gentoo, but not sure thats what you want02:08
recoil_hi everyone. if i use conky, and i want him to display the artist name from rythmbox wich variable do i have to call?02:08
hescothanks, will pursue that then02:08
mattmattehcoz_: i only used s video once on a computer, and mostly from ps2 linux days02:08
danubok, time to clean up the /usr/ dir. there is 8.9 gigs in it. what can safely be deleted here?02:08
strav`I'm going. See ya all.02:08
mattmattehdanub: shouldnt you be using the package manager to remove old packages ?02:09
bc81recoil_: i've never tried this, so good luck: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=584329702:09
xtbgodhow can i type ascii characters using Alt + NumPad and type symbols using AltGr + Letter?02:10
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danubmattmatteh: probably, but I dont know how to see the list of the 2200 packages that got downloaded with the upgrade in a terminal.02:10
danubguess ill reboot to runlevel 5 and use the gui :(02:10
rwwubottu: tell send_from_shell about crossposting02:10
ubottusend_from_shell, please see my private message02:10
mattmattehdanub: you dont want to go deleting files without understanding how the system works02:10
danubmattmatteh: well i was hoping it was all manpages02:11
mattmattehdanub: take a look at filelight02:11
send_from_shellrww ?02:11
crlcan81especially hidden files with the .*filename*02:11
danubmattmatteh: but its all in /usr/lib/ and /usr/share, which gets rid of my "just delete the manuals" theory02:11
* send_from_shell ignores ubottu02:11
bc81xtbgod: you mean you want to type special charcters like ©※℞⊙ ?02:11
hescorww: thanks for that.  Its a beautiful thing.  I've never even been able to apt-get update this box since assuming some responsibility for it nearly two years ago.02:12
rwwsend_from_shell: Crossposting support questions in multiple IRC channels is rude and against our IRC guidelines. Asking support questions in #ubuntu-offtopic is also rude.02:12
xtbgodbc81, but by pressing AltGr + Letter or Alt + NumPad ..02:12
mattmattehdanub: is that really using that much space ?02:12
send_from_shellrww: ok you are rude02:12
mattmattehdanub: do you have games installed ?02:12
danub3.8 gigs in /usr/lib, and 4.8 in /usr/share/02:12
mattmattehdanub: that what i noticed taking up alot02:12
danubmattmatteh: just what was installed by default02:13
rwwsend_from_shell: No, I'm just pointing out things you should have read when you joined here and there.02:13
mattmattehdanub: 8 GB seems high, mine is about 5 here02:13
mattmattehwith addition apps installed02:13
danubmattmatteh: yeah, thats why im doing some housecleaning ;)02:13
rwwhesco: You're welcome. Bear in mind that those repositories are frozen in the state they were in when feisty went EOL, so as I said, you're missing security updates.02:13
mattmattehdanub: thats not the correct way to clean02:13
recoil_bc81: thanks02:13
crlcan81Is there any way of expanding your mounted drive's swap space/filesystem space to empty space right beside it without loading liveCD and running gparted?02:14
mattmattehcrlcan81: how much ram do you have ?02:14
crlcan814 gigs.02:14
danubyeah, looks like ill have to go thru synaptic to clean some stuff up02:14
mattmattehcrlcan81: and thats not enough that you need swap ?02:15
crlcan81If you can learn terminal commands, use sudo apt-get ubuntu-tweak02:15
ActionParsnipcrlcan81: as long as the partition is unmounted, you can manipulate it02:15
bc81recoil_: i just press and hold ctrl+shift, then type u2299 then let go of ctrl+shift and get ⊙02:15
crlcan81It's not that, I have free space on the drive I want to recover.02:15
crlcan81the only way of doing it is via livecd then, so the drive isn't mounted.02:16
crlcan81Because this is the drive currently being ran.02:16
recoil_bc81 so???02:16
mattmattehcrlcan81: oh.  i am not a fan or resizeing, i usually back up, repartition, restore.  infact i am doing that now.  if i could only update ubuntu02:16
crlcan81Well this is from an old install that wasn't properly finished.02:17
gogudaHey... could I have some help identifying why I am getting the error: Failed to build newlib (stage: newlib_build) in the terminal? Here's the log of the build: http://pastebin.com/5hYeg2nk It doesn't start from the very top, but I don't think that part is important.02:17
crlcan81So I finally was able to fix it.02:17
recoil_bc81: uhm no1 asked that me neither.. xD02:17
bc81recoil_: so there are some settings in System >> Preferences >> Keyboard >> Layouts >> Options >> Alt/Win Key Behavior02:17
recoil_i dont want this to know i never aked that02:18
bc81recoil_: sorry, got your name mixed up with xtbgod02:18
crlcan81In fact I'm about to run live CD now to resize.02:19
clarkrenteboa noite, amigos!02:20
crlcan81So you can, in fact, expand your filesystem's partition once the freespace has been moved between swap and filesystem? Or can it be incorporated with other keystrokes?02:20
gogudaNevermind. Stupid me. I think it might be because I don't have some newlib files installed.02:20
crlcan81I don't know all of gparted's commands, or any other program that does that.02:20
xtbgodbc81, i read what u said lemme check02:20
ShapeShifter499what are some ways of running commands at boot as root?02:21
jukeloxSo I just upgraded from Hardy to Lucid and the one thing I cannot get installed is libmtp8. dpkg -d=2000 isn't giving me any information at all and none of the bug reports on this topic seem to be resolved.02:22
LoshkiShapeShifter499: you can put commands into /etc/rc.local and they will be run at boot as root, automatically....02:23
recoil_bc81: works perfectly thank you :D02:23
jukeloxDoes anyone have any experience getting libmtp8 installed on Lucid? Amarok and rhythmbox depend on it.02:23
ShapeShifter499Loshki, rc.local isn't reliable for me, doesn't run commands most of the time02:23
LoshkiShapeShifter499: then you're doing something wrong. I don't know of any bugs in this area that would prevent running commands. Wanna pastebin the commands so we can see them?02:25
ActionParsnip!info libmtp802:26
ubottulibmtp8 (source: libmtp): Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.3-4 (maverick), package size 139 kB, installed size 924 kB02:26
ActionParsnip!info libmtp8 lucid02:26
ubottulibmtp8 (source: libmtp): Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 136 kB, installed size 872 kB02:27
theperfecttacodoes anyone else have trouble with fullscreen streaming video in maverick?02:27
ShapeShifter499Loshki http://pastebin.com/ukXRiNx502:27
Frenkas in yes, i have problems with fullscreen streaming02:27
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:27
itaylor57theperfecttaco: no02:27
theperfecttacoi've tried several fixes listed on various message boards, no luck02:27
ActionParsniptheperfecttaco: do you mean like youtube?02:28
Frenk!theperfecttaco   as soon as i fullscreen the vid pauses02:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:28
jukeloxActionParsnip: Doesn't appear to be any warnings about libmtp in that info02:28
theperfecttacoyoutube and every other site with streaming video02:28
ActionParsnipjukelox: it says libmtp is at version 1.0.2-1 in lucid in the main repo02:29
jordan_i dont suppose anyone is on who happens to be pretty efficient with Ubuntu02:30
jukeloxActionParsnip: libmtp8 is at version 1.0.2-1 in lucid, yes02:30
ShapeShifter499Loshki still there?02:30
hypatiajordan_: just ask your question :)02:31
ActionParsnipjukelox: thats what ubottu said02:31
jordan_Anybody mind helping me for a minute??02:31
recoil_dont ask meta questions02:31
jukeloxActionParsnip: yet it won't install02:31
gunndawgjordan_, just ask ur question02:31
jordan_whos Meta02:31
jukelox!ask jordan_02:32
ActionParsnipjukelox: ok run: sudo apt-get install libmtp8    and pastebin the output]02:32
jordan_everything so far has gone good for this Unbuntu that was just installed today, everything minus my usb wireless dongle02:32
recoil_metaquestions are obsolete like "can somebody help me" or "does anyone know about X)02:32
bc81jukelox: does this help you? http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/LLXmLQPyZq4ggnmMbyDZ#luyevnGcshO7TLB02:32
recoil_just aks02:32
jukeloxActionParsnip: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:33
induzwhy i was not able to set my monitor display on KDE02:33
induzi can change on Gnome02:33
jordan_ah, yeh , i dont like asking them but i hadnt seen anybody typing at the moment so wasnt sure if it was a dead chatroom02:33
mickster04recoil_: use !ask or !anybody02:33
hypatiajordan_: open a terminal, type lsusb - that will tell you wht kind of wifi chipset you have02:33
induz is there any problem on Lucid with KDE02:33
induzall the display looks like bleeding02:33
ActionParsnipjukelox: can you pastebin the output please02:33
recoil_!ask recoil_02:33
jukeloxbc81: that only helps me hold the package, doesn't help me install it02:33
hypatiajordan_: let me know what wireless chipset you have; if you're not sure which line is the wifi stick, paste the whole thing into pastebin.com02:33
theperfecttacois there an option in XChat to not show joins/quits in the channel window?02:34
rww!ask | recoil_02:34
ubotturecoil_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:34
rwwrecoil_: note the |02:34
jordan_hey hypatia, how do i do that02:34
recoil_ahh ok02:34
mickster04recoil_: yeah you need a pipe02:34
moszerhello, need help, been trying to upgrade Blender 2.4 to 2.5,ive tried to run the package thru terminal,an error telling me that "the folder isn't empty", can anyone help me please,i am trying to use openshot video that required blender 2.502:34
jukeloxActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/570355/02:34
recoil_!anybody | recoil_02:34
ubotturecoil_, please see my private message02:34
LoshkiShapeShifter499: Your file looks ok, though I don't like the 'sleep 20' in rc.local, as it will cause the entire boot to pause for 20 seconds. I assume the unreliability comes from the same timing issues that caused you to add the sleep in the first place...02:34
hypatiajordan_: do you know how to open a terminal window?02:35
hypatiajordan_: applications -> accessories --> terminal02:35
jordan_Hypatia , yes02:35
hypatiajordan_: ok now type lsusb02:35
green_Hello every one, having trouble with my Drivers, I can only get wireless on Ubuntu 10.4 32bit not in 10.10 or any other Linux mint distro, or arch based o.s. for that matter.02:35
hypatiagreen_: what wireless chipset is it?02:35
ShapeShifter499Loshki well idk, someone else suggested it after rc.local STILL wouldn't run the commands02:35
ActionParsnipjukelox: is there a bug report for it?02:35
mickster04moszer: what package?02:36
jordan_Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0bda:8172 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8191S WLAN Adapter02:36
theperfecttacogreen_ i had a similar problem in 10.10 - is your wireless option disabled completely?02:36
jukeloxActionParsnip: 573444 and 58707202:36
ShapeShifter499Loshki after some googling.....  couldn't I just add this to the crontab?02:36
induzmaybe my comp can not handle KDE02:36
theperfecttacoand greyed out02:36
bc81theperfecttaco:  /SET irc_conf_mode 102:36
induzshould i download some s/w02:36
jukeloxActionParsnip: neither have resolutions, neither have any attention from the maintenance team02:37
theperfecttacobc81: thanks02:37
hypatiaok jordan_ now search google or wherever for RTL8191S and ubuntu02:37
linogeinduz: what's your problem?02:37
induzi need to set my display on KDE with  LUcid02:37
coz_preinstallation script errors can be PITA   sometimes purging the package can hel p   ..yes?02:37
mickster04moszer: you can double click .deb's to install them02:37
induzlinoge, I can not change my dispaly/monitor setting to lower from 1284x02:37
moszerhold on mickster0402:37
LoshkiShapeShifter499: do the commands not run, or do they run too soon to take effect?. Add some echo "running amixer" >> /tmp/local.log statements to the file to see if they show up in /tmp/local.log....02:37
induzlinoge,  i can change it on Gnome but not on KDE02:38
LoshkiShapeShifter499: you could use crontab instead, but until you know why it isn't working, you could just end up with the same problem..02:38
nowimprovedI'm trying to install ubuntu with vsphere and am having no luck. It says that it can't find the mirror and just stops at 0 percent when installing?02:38
green_theperfecttaco: yes its totally disabled02:38
ActionParsnipjukelox: if there is a bug logged then its a known issue. You'll just have to watch the bugs02:38
moszermickster04~its a tar.bz2, should i run it on terminal?02:39
hypatiajordan_: http://alexsleat.co.uk/2011/02/15/realtek-rtl8191s-in-ubuntu-10-10/ looks to be your answer02:39
induz1280x1024[5:4] is set on Gnome but I can not change that on KDE02:39
mickster04moszer: that is probably best02:39
ShapeShifter499Loshki ok so add it to rc.local and reboot?   --> echo "running amixer" >> /tmp/local.log s02:39
induzlinoge, 1280x1024[5:4] is set on Gnome but I can not change that on KDE02:39
mickster04moszer: there will be instructions how to install it02:39
ShapeShifter499Loshki /s02:39
green_theperfecttaco: "wifi is disabled by hardware button"02:39
njerohey all, I am trying to get dvbstream to work for my AverMediaVolorMAX usb card. I can scan channels with w_scan and I can view with "mplayer dvb://ChannelName". When I try to dvbstream though it won't lock02:39
hypatiajordan_: please keep it in the channel02:39
induzis some driver missing?02:39
hypatiagreen_: you need to flip your wifi switch02:39
hypatiaon your laptop somewhere02:40
jukeloxActionParsnip: But it's not an issue for everyone, it's a limited scope issue, so I'm asking if anyone here has experience with it.02:40
ActionParsnipinduz: no the drivers is the same02:40
jordan_ah, sorry, just getting confusing whos comments are going where02:40
hypatiajordan_: see the link i posted a bit ago02:40
jordan_i got it02:40
green_hypatia: yea it doesnt respond its a big flashing button next to my power button02:40
ActionParsnipinduz: the settings on the driver in the DE may be different02:40
RedXIIIhey. I'm having a problem with gnome-power-management not detecting that its in a discharge state on my laptop02:40
theperfecttacogreen_: what type of system do you use?02:40
jordan_so dl that02:40
induzActionParsnip, i liked KDE as i want to work on KDEnlive but now caz of this dsplay problem i can not02:40
RedXIIII run upower --dump and it says its AC-line in02:40
ShapeShifter499Loshki ok rebooting.... brb02:40
hypatiajordan_: yup... you'll also need to install the "build-essential" package02:40
RedXIIIAny insight?02:40
moszermickster04: thanks,but i did follow the instructions,lastly i copy & paste the code02:41
ActionParsnipinduz: try a clean install of kubuntu02:41
hypatiain order for those instructions to work, jordan_02:41
green_theperfecttaco: ubuntu 10.4? or what do you mean?02:41
FuseOnFireis anyone able to have mental pictures or images in your mind?02:41
jordan_k, how do i dl it02:41
induzActionParsnip, Iupgraded this from karmic?02:41
hypatiajordan_: use synaptic or apt-get02:41
theperfecttacogreen_: hardware - desktop/laptop? manufacturer?02:41
LoshkiShapeShifter499: yes, add it then reboot, then look in /tmp/local.log. Maybe add a 2nd line at the end (before the exit 0) like: echo "ran amixer" >> /tmp/local.log so you can make sure the script executes all the way to the end...02:41
induznow i am on Lucid KDE with Gnome02:41
jordan_do i need to type a cmd in the terminal02:41
bc81green_: you have any blocks?  type the command >> rfkill list02:41
hypatiahowever you usually install software, jordan_02:41
jordan_haha, i just migrated from windows this week02:41
mickster04moszer: well it sounds like you have already unziped the package, you just need to go do the next thing02:41
jordan_so im an absolute noob with linux right now02:42
green_theperfecttaco: Laptop 64 bit, compaq presario CQ6002:42
ActionParsnipinduz: from karmic kubuntu?02:42
hypatiajordan_: at a terminal: sudo apt-get install build-essential02:42
coz_jordan_,  this is the place to be then...02:42
hypatiajordan_: also, welcoem :)02:42
bc81!ot | FuseOnFire02:42
ubottuFuseOnFire: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:42
green_bc81: no no blocks02:42
jordan_k, its doing some stuff02:42
theperfecttacogreen_: do you know the maker of your wireless card?02:42
jordan_thank you btw02:42
mickster04bc81: in general you can just ignore one off's like that02:43
hypatiajordan_: if you prefer a graphical interface for installing software, you can use applications --> ubuntu software center02:43
jordan_microsoft wanted over $600 to put an os on two htpc's, well not from me,lol02:43
bc81mickster04: will do xD02:43
hypatiajordan_: i run ubuntu on my htpc, it's lovely :)02:43
jordan_ah ok, seen that a bit already02:43
hypatia(and my tablet, and my netbook....)02:43
hypatia(and my servers...)02:43
green_theperfecttaco: no but let me check I just had it02:43
hypatiajordan_: the build-essential package includes some compilers and other tools for building software02:44
jordan_yeh i will do the same if i can get everything worked out, laptop, server, two htpc's02:44
induzfrom karmic ubuntu ActionParsnip02:44
hypatiawhich is what you're doing for that wifi card02:44
jordan_ah, cool02:44
induzActionParsnip, Then downloaded KDE desktop plasma02:44
moszermickster04: next thing i guess is to :cd" it in the terminal, correct me if i am wrong02:44
canthus13Any idea why maverick would just randomly go blindingly white for a second and then back to normal?02:44
jordan_so normally when i need to install something, i compile the driver and stuff myself02:44
* canthus13 has the intel 4500MHD chipset.02:44
hypatiajordan_: for the htpc make sure you run the vdpau builds of mplayer to do graphics card accelleration for video playback02:44
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd02:44
mickster04moszer: yeahg02:45
jordan_ah ok, maybe u can walk me throught that in a second02:45
shareWhat is your favorite ftp client?02:45
hypatiajordan_: normally the drivers are just in the kernel, but for some wifi cards and a few other thigns, you end up needing to build them yourself02:45
theperfecttacogreen_ i think compaq uses atheros02:45
jordan_back in the terminal the process has finished02:45
hypatiajordan_: also, plese try mentioning my name (hit tab to complete it) so your messages stick out for me02:45
mickster04share: a favourite is off topic02:45
canthus13compaq/hp uses a lot of different chipsets.02:45
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sharemickster04: ...02:45
njeroif anyone has a suggestion for a better channel on dvbstream questions too, that would be great02:45
shareWhich FTP client do you recommend?02:46
jordan_Hypatia, gotcha02:46
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:46
green_theperfecttaco: yup that one is it02:46
nowimprovedsomeone give me some proxy information02:46
bc81share: filezilla02:46
nowimprovedso i can install this please02:46
green_theperfecttaco: dont have the info on me but that sounds correct02:46
infoxCan someone help me install ubuntu 10.10?  I have a system with 5hdds and I want to install it on /dev/sdc since its the fastest of them all.  After I finish the install and reboot nothing happens, grub doesnt even attempt to load.  I booted into a live disc and reinstalled grub on /dev/sdc, rebooted and still nothing????02:46
sharebc81: k tks02:46
jordan_how do i get them to stick to u02:46
mickster04infox: you probably don't wanto install grub there, unless your pc boots to it first?02:46
hypatiainfox: try picking the third drive to boot first in the bios02:47
theperfecttacogreen_: my problem was that there was a miscommunication between the wireless card and the system - the card was telling the system that it was hard disabled when it actually wasn't02:47
coz_njero,  try  # dbox202:47
Jordan_Uinfox: Are you sure that you're booting from /dev/sdc? What exactly does happen when you try to boot?02:47
BlueProtomanI'm leaning more and more towards switching to Ubuntu...02:47
infoxIt is already selected to boot from that drive02:47
BlueProtomanWhat's the difference between the netbook and desktop versions?02:47
infoxno messages02:47
theperfecttacogreen_: this is a long shot, but try "sudo rmmod -f "compaq_laptop"02:47
infoxit finishes the post and does nothing02:47
njerocoz_: thanks will do02:47
jordan_Hypatia, how do i get my comments to stick to u again02:47
mickster04infox: well try the different drives and see if one of them works02:47
hypatiajordan_: you just did :)02:48
jordan_lol, i wish, i typed it02:48
hypatiajordan_: oh hit tab02:48
hypatiathat completes the name02:48
hypatiajordan_: so like hyp<tab>02:48
rwwBlueProtoman: The netbook edition has a user interface tailored to netbooks and different default programs. Apart from that, they're the same.02:48
IdleOnejordan_: type hyp and hit the tab key one time02:48
jordan_hypatia, ahhhhhhhh02:48
jordan_got it02:48
green_theperfecttaco: had no response from terminal02:48
jordan_hypatia,  got it02:48
nowimprovedHey. I need a proxy to download ubuntu, anyone please help.02:48
BlueProtomanWould Ubuntu work on a Dell Inspiron Mini?  I think it's designed to work on a lot of things, but...02:49
hypatiajordan_: did you get build-essential working?02:49
jordan_hypatia,  so my terminal has finsihed doing whatever it does02:49
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:49
hypatiaBlueProtoman: dell sells minis with ubuntu preloaded, i expect it'll work pretty well02:49
rwwBlueProtoman: It works fine on my Mini 10v.02:49
green_theperfecttaco: nvm now it works02:49
jordan_hypatia,  dunno, i installed like u mentioned02:49
dazonicI just upgraded a VPS to 10.04 and lost ssh access but I do have access via linode's lish.... where should i start02:49
nowimprovedHey. I need a proxy to download ubuntu, anyone please help.02:49
theperfecttacogreen_: write down that command - i have to use it periodically to re-enable my wireless02:49
hypatiajordan_: gonna take this to pm as it's a bit complex from here02:50
green_theperfecttaco: and it says no such file or directory02:50
njerocoz_: was dbox2 a channel name or a tool?02:50
jordan_hypatia, k02:50
Jordan_Unowimproved: What do you mean?02:50
theperfecttacogreen_: oh. balls.02:50
coz_njero,  channel name    type   /join #dbox202:50
theperfecttacogreen_: it could be that your wireless card has a proprietary driver. check System>Administration>Hardware drivers02:50
nowimprovedJordan_U, i'm going through vsphere if asks for a proxy or when i'm going to download it just stalls at 0 percent02:50
njerocoz_: yeah I joined, it is empty02:50
green_theperfecttaco: but im in 10.4 right now, were the wifi works02:50
rwwdazonic: run "sudo service ssh start" and see if you get errors02:50
coz_njero,  o002:50
nowimprovedthe specified ubuntu archive mirror is either not available, or does not exist.02:51
coz_njero,   al darn ,,, then google the name of the app +  irc channel   example    gimp irc channel02:51
mieli am trying to update the crontab file but i don't know how to save the command i am using is "sudo crontab -e -u root"02:51
nateddgghi, is there a channel for portable ubuntu02:51
andjest tu ktos z polski02:51
theperfecttacogreen_: same system? in that case, i don't know..02:51
BlueProtomanIs Ubuntu for netbooks designed for really, really weak netbooks?02:51
bc81!pl | and02:51
ubottuand: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.02:51
green_theperfecttaco: same system02:51
BlueProtomanOr is my Inspiron Mini good enough for the desktop version?02:51
rwwBlueProtoman: I prefer Desktop on mine.02:52
dazonicrww:      init: ssh pre-start process (845) terminated with status 102:52
dazonicstart: Job failed to start02:52
green_theperfecttaco: I do check the "hardware drivers" but none show, the drivers are installed but there is no comunication in the activate wifi BUTTON.02:52
=== th0r is now known as Guest24804
rwwdazonic: well, that would be why. I'd recommend looking in /var/log and seeing if you can find a more specific error message.02:53
green_theperfecttaco: I have linux mint (all of them) archbang, frugalware, slax, and many other live CD/DVD but wireless doesnt work with them... well just the activate wireless button02:54
alakhiawhat is a good channel to discuss video editing?02:55
theperfecttacogreen_: have you tried "sudo lshw enable <interface>"02:55
green_theperfecttaco: *well just the activate wireless button" is the one that is stupid02:55
ShapeShifter499Loshki, I rebooted 4 times and the commands on;y worked 2 times02:55
semitonesis "checkinstall" still the thing to use when compiling from source? or is that soo 200902:55
recoil_bc81: thank you very much i managed showing the artist , track, and a cover art thank you very much for your help02:56
bc81recoil_: welcome :-)02:56
green_theperfecttaco: no I have not, im writing them all down and going to try them in the other O.S. in a bit02:56
medberrysemitones, I don't know of another tool that accomplishes the same thing02:56
semitonesok cool :)02:57
RedXIIIIs there a way to get ubuntu to turn off some features automatically when switching from AC power to battery power on mobile devices?02:57
njerocoz_: lol, first hit on google for dvbstream irc help is this channel :)02:57
coz_njero,   ooo lol02:57
RedXIIILike instead of using quality compiz, it switches to performance compiz02:57
green_theperfecttaco: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'02:58
njeroI'll figure this out.. slowly but surely02:58
theperfecttacogreen_: <interface> will be wlan0 or 1 or eth0 or 1 or something of the sort.02:58
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, still there?02:58
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ya02:58
green_oooo hahaha02:58
=== Patrick is now known as Guest68507
alakhiai basically have mp4 files that i wish to trim and replace the entire audio track with another one02:59
swazzyanyone know's any website's where i can get icons from?02:59
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, I think you're going to need the sleep commands, try putting sleep 10 at the beginning and sleep 5 after each command it's not ideal but I think you should be able to get it to work02:59
=== Guest68507 is now known as PatSter21
green_theperfecttaco: what is somthing (command) you would do if your wireless activation button was to break?02:59
alakhiai would like to avoid re-encoding the video to do this. Suggestions?02:59
recoil_swazzy: gnome-look.org02:59
theperfecttacogreen_: if you have a disable/enable radio button on your keyboard - type "rfkill list" in terminal, hit your radio button and type the command again and see if there's a change in the output02:59
theperfecttacogreen_: do you mean hardware button or a software button?03:00
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I've been google-ing  and I'm wondering... why not use crontab03:00
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, what's the advantage?03:01
g_0_0have you got the correct driver for your soundcard?03:01
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, yes03:01
green_theperfecttaco: the physical button03:01
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, is it an old soundcard, I've only come across this problem with old machines?03:01
theperfecttacogreen_: sudo lshw -enable <wireless interface> is the terminal command equivalent to the physical button03:02
alakhia!video editing03:02
mickster04alakhia: why not use audacity?03:02
alakhiamickster04: hmm, isn't that just for audio?03:03
mjnhi all...new to this..03:03
green_theperfecttaco: thank you, just something I would want to try, in the rfkill list nothing would show up03:03
mickster04alakhia: oh of course :/ my bad03:03
green_neather before or after the button03:03
miketomdoolavidemux is good for video editing...03:03
ramonhi all03:03
mickster04alakhia: pitivi is included by default03:03
ohsixalakhia: pitivi comes with ubuntu03:03
miketomdoolgo to getdeb.com to get it03:03
PrinlerAnyone think a AIW 9800 would work well with ubuntu? How about XBMC03:03
alakhiamiketomdool: can i trim a video without reencoding? that is what i'm looking for03:04
theperfecttacogreen_: good luck. msg me later if you need any more help, i'll do what i can03:04
mjnjust tried to install cinepaint from source archive....got what looks like some unmet dependencies....good resource for learning how to figure out what they are and resolve?03:04
green_theperfecttaco: the rfkill list" wouldnt do anything... just would get the same wifi is disabled by hardware button.03:04
ramonim having problems with wifi: whenever the laptop goes on battery power, the wifi gets really really slow.03:04
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, this problem had showed up a few months back when I used pulseaudio to do something, I accidentally muted something and ever since my computer allways booted with the Speaker channel muted03:04
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, and prior to that you had no problem?03:05
green_theperfecttaco: for sure man thank you for all your help btw you got the best Nick name i've seen03:05
ohsixramon: tha'ts the wifi going into power saving mode; what chipset? you need to use iwpriv to disable power saving on broadcoam chips with the wl driver, iw should work for all the open source drivers03:05
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, yep03:05
theperfecttacogreen_: hahaha, thanks. it's a tom robbins reference :p03:05
miketomdoolalakhia: what video format is it currently in?03:05
ActionParsnipramon: are there any bugs logged?03:06
alakhiamiketomdool: i think the canon videocam uses h264 compression03:06
mickster04alakhia: i don't think that is at all possible? you still have to stitch the sound and video back together again?03:06
ramonohsix: how do i do that?03:07
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, ok do -> alsactl init   - if the system is correct, try alsactl store and reboot03:07
mufasiscan someone point me in the right direction for how to manage ubuntu server03:07
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server03:07
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, iirc I switched the output to headphone only in pulseaudio, and then this issue arose03:07
ramonActionParsnip:how do i check for bugs?03:07
alakhiamickster04: i was hoping i could at least trim without reencoding03:07
mickster04alakhia: I assume you could mute it?03:07
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, for a reason?03:07
alakhiamickster04: perhaps replacing the audio would not be that easy ... and i could do that last03:07
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, can you change it back again?03:07
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I did change it back03:08
alakhiamickster04: right, or just drop the audio without re-encoding03:08
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, and I did it so sound wouldn't play durring a remote control session03:08
mickster04alakhia: try it03:08
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, sound wouldn't play at home03:08
g_0_0ok do as I described above, comment out  the lines in rc.local by placing a # at the beginning of each line03:08
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, obviously not the exit line03:09
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, just the lines you added03:09
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok03:09
alakhiathanks ohsix, miketomdool and mickster0403:09
nowimproveddude seriously i need a mirror for 8.1003:10
xanguanowimproved: 8.10 is no longer supported03:10
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok now what?03:10
wangxiyuewhat is mirror  i'am a new man  :)03:10
alakhiai'll check out pitivi and avidemux03:11
jukeloxActionParsnip: The maverick .deb for libmtp8 installed just fine on my lucid box. I think there may be an issue with the package. Is there any way to get the maintainers to put the deb in the old repository?03:11
mickster04wangxiyue: if you don't know you don't have to say anything03:11
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I've all ready tried  alsactl init and alsactl store03:11
mielwhen running "sudo crontab -e" how do i save and break out?03:11
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, the system just isn't saving any of my audio settings03:11
nowimprovedxangua, not asking for suppport, asking for a mirror03:12
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.03:12
itaylor57miel: <esc>:w<cr>03:12
mickster04xangua: looks like you lucked out03:12
zlatanhi to all...where to find that fancy aquarium wallpaper :)03:13
mickster04nowimproved: looks like you lucked out03:13
mickster04xangua: sorry :p03:13
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, do it with sudo and see what it does03:13
ramonhow do i permanently disable wifi power management, as "sudo iwconfig eth1 power off" is only temporary03:13
mickster04zlatan: ubuntu softawre centre and search in their03:14
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I have03:14
fabianalguien me puede ayudar con empathy03:14
nowimprovedmickster04, how so?03:14
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I never tried it without sudo though03:14
mickster04!8.10 > nowimproved03:14
ubottunowimproved, please see my private message03:14
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:14
nowimprovedoh sorry03:15
nowimprovedplease explain to me how that is lucking out?03:15
fabiani need help with the epathy03:15
mickster04nowimproved: well if ubottu doesn't have a link...try the download list?03:15
mickster04!details | fabian03:15
ubottufabian: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:15
rwwnowimproved: see the old-release server information in the link ubottu is about to send you03:16
rww!eol > nowimproved03:16
ubottunowimproved, please see my private message03:16
zlatanmickster04, nope,not in there03:16
nowimprovedubottu, what the hell03:16
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:16
nowimprovedi haven't even mentioned it again03:16
nowimprovedshut up03:16
fabianempathy not log in msn03:16
nowimproveddamn freaking bots03:16
FloodBot1nowimproved: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
ramonhow do i permanently disable wifi power management? because "sudo iwconfig eth1 power off" only temporarily disables it.03:16
xanguafabian: sudo apt-get install msn-pecan03:17
xanguaand change your account from MSN to WLM, it also works on pidgin03:17
rootsecurityhow to  the install Add printer On Linux03:17
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, do it without sudo then :)03:17
ActionParsnipramon: what module does the interface use?03:18
ramonActionParsnip:what you mean by module?...im using the STA driver, if thats what you mean.03:19
drexlrootsecurity: http://localhost:631/03:19
ActionParsnipramon: if you run: sudo lshw -C network   you'll see the driver listed03:19
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, everything works till      alsactl: save_state:1532: Cannot open /var/lib/alsa/asound.state for writing: Permission denied03:19
mickster04zlatan: ?03:19
ActionParsnipramon: you may be able to add a module option to disable power management03:20
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I'm going to sudo rm this file and start over03:20
zlatanmickster04, what?03:20
ramonActionParsnip:PCI (sysfs)03:20
ActionParsnipramon: wait a while, pci bus is slo03:20
mickster0403:16 < zlatan> mickster04, nope,not in there03:21
zlatanmickster04, zlatan: ubuntu softawre centre and search in their03:21
zlatanmickster04, not in there means it isn't there :)03:22
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, still getting this error after removing the file03:22
mickster04zlatan: oh inwhich case you can't get it from there, go to the website for the screen saver see if they have a deb version03:22
rootsecurityThank Much03:22
ramonActionParsnip:oh i hadnt waited for the command to finish. but i dont see anything about module when i run that command03:22
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, one second03:22
mickster04zlatan: i said that a while ago, i forgot what your question was03:22
scottnycwhat are some must have system software installs for ubuntu 1003:22
zlatanmickster04, what is the name of that screensaver03:23
hipkatHate to barge in, but I have probably an easy question....03:23
coz_scottnyc,  that is a real "loaded"  question03:23
drexlscottnyc: vlc03:23
coz_scottnyc,   what do you like to do?  graphics...music composition... writing  ???03:23
ramonActionParsnip: BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY...is that what you meant?03:24
rootsecuritythank much03:24
ubuntunoobhow do i hide recovery mode in grub2?03:24
hipkatanyone here familiar with adb in Ubuntu?03:25
Da|Mummyanyone have any idea why my wifi keeps dropping?03:25
drexlrootsecurity: cool I'm guessing you got your printer installed.03:25
coz_scottnyc,  if you give some idea of your interests  that would helpful :)03:25
Da|Mummyeven if its for a mere 10seconds03:25
Secret1222E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:25
rootsecurityi want to the link for add printer no linux03:25
ActionParsnipramon: read the rest. There will be a bit saying: driver=03:25
Secret1222whats this mean03:25
ActionParsnipDa|Mummy: when it drops, run:  dmesg | tail   and pastebin the output03:25
coz_Secret1222,  you probably have synaptic opened03:25
Secret1222and theres no progress  running03:26
Jordan_Uubuntunoob: Uncomment GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_RECOVERY=true in /etc/default/grub then run "sudo update-grub".03:26
mickster04zlatan: i dunno,google it03:26
Secret1222execpt a folder03:26
Secret1222firefox and chatzilla03:26
rootsecurity<drexl>  i want to the link for add printer on linux03:26
=== Cain is now known as Guest75341
coz_Secret1222,  something is still accessing apt03:26
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, ok in light of the fact we have found an easy solution and it was working before try this -->  sudo aptitude --purge reinstall linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils linux-image-`uname -r` linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` libasound203:26
rishavHey, I wanted to know how to increase the level of RGBA transparency. I have enabled it, but its almost negligible. I'm on Lucid.03:26
Secret1222like what03:26
ramonActionParsnip:oh! its wl003:26
Secret1222how do i find out what?03:26
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, haven't*03:27
drexlrootsecurity: please re-phrase the question..03:27
Secret1222how do i find out what is useing apt03:27
coz_rishav,  I believe  gnome-color-chooser can help ...but... I have only used it a few times and not sure of all of its settings   you will have to google for that03:27
ActionParsnipramon: ok then hunt around to see if there is a module option on wl0 to see if you can turn of power management03:27
xanguaSecret1222: do you have software centre/synaptic running¿03:28
coz_Secret1222,  well first see if synaptic is opened  if not  you could just restart x   with   ctrl+alt+F1   log in   then    sudo   restart gdm03:28
ohsixActionParsnip: you can do it with iw or iwpriv03:28
rishavcoz_: I tried it, but there's only an option to enable/disable. I'v googled this issue too, but only found some unanswered threads. thanks anyways, I'll check it out again in case I missed on something.03:28
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok03:28
Secret1222how do i find out if synaptic is running03:28
ActionParsnipohsix: 2 prongs of attack then03:29
ActionParsnipSecret1222: ps -ef | grep -i syna03:29
coz_rishav,  I know gnome-color-chooser has a metacity  tab I believe it was...that is where the rgba can be adjusted03:29
Guest75341Yay, the filesystem and swap are expanded.03:29
rishavcoz_: okayy thnx :)03:29
coz_rishav,  or look in   gconf-editor03:29
Secret1222harley@Harley:~$ ps -ef | grep -i syna03:30
Secret1222harley    4072  4040  0 14:29 pts/3    00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i syna03:30
=== Guest75341 is now known as crlcan81
Secret1222whats that03:30
rishavcoz_: ok I'll do that too.03:30
datavirusetsomeone here good at NUT (ups monitoring software)? i'm trying to attach my working driver ("blazer_usb") to it (which i know works)03:30
FloodBot1Secret1222: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
ramonActionParsnip:i dont know what you mean. where would i "hunt" for such an option?03:30
drexlrootsecurity: enter http://localhost:631/ into your browser address bar03:31
jordan_hypatia,  the wirelss is there03:31
jordan_hypatia, now i havent tested it fully yet03:31
billnet usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: failed to add share documents. Error was Operation not permitted03:31
hypatiahigh-five, jordan_03:31
billplease help03:31
jordan_hive five me03:31
hypatiajordan_: keep the files around - if you upgrade to a new kernel, you'll need to do the make/sudo make install part again03:31
jordan_i will test in  a minute which will require me to unplug but just wantedt to let u know03:31
jordan_ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dangit03:32
hypatiajust the last two, and a reboot03:32
hypatianot that big a deal :)03:32
jordan_hey ima im u my email03:32
billhow do i allow a user to share files in ubuntu03:32
jordan_if u dont mind03:32
billi have set privledges03:32
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok thats done03:32
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, rebooting03:32
hypatiajordan_: only if you start typing "you" not "u" :p03:32
macohypatia: this is the second time i've seen you say that here03:34
hypatiamaco: i know it'ssomething we always mention in #u-o, dunno if it's the rules here :)03:35
macohypatia: it is03:35
rootsecurityHow to the Install Syslog_ng03:35
billsomeone help me with fileshar‌ing03:36
drexlbill: add your user to the group which you would like to share with03:36
chikokishiI just installed ubuntu 10.10 again, i am afraid to update it because everytime i do i get internet errors, sound problems, and two ubuntu loaders.  Help?03:36
ActionParsnipbill: install samba and you can use nautilus to share folders03:37
ohsixActionParsnip: if you attempt to enable shared folders it will offer to install all the right parts03:37
ActionParsnipchikokishi: 2 ubuntu loaders? Don't you mean 2 kernels?03:37
ActionParsnipohsix: I don't trust stuff like that, I advise the ways I know it will work03:37
ohsixActionParsnip: heh03:38
chikokishiActionParship, sure.  The menu that comes up when you turn the computer on and you decide between windows and ubuntu03:38
billi have samba installed but its not working03:38
chikokishii have 2 ubuntu options.  But right now i only have one (before updating)03:38
Roastedabout to punch rhythmbox in the face03:38
ActionParsnipchikokishi: yes, one is an updated kernel. If the new kernel is ok (test it a few days) then you can remove the older kernel if you want to save ~120Mb space03:38
billsays the packages are not installed that i need03:38
ActionParsnipbill: in nautilus you can right click folders and share them03:39
billbut the package manager says that samba is installed03:39
Secret1222so how come that error is comeing up03:39
billi get a 255 error03:39
Secret1222how do i fix it03:39
chikokishiActionParsnip what exactly is a kernel?  Also. as i said my errors dont start till after the update.  I lose internet in one, and sound in the other03:39
chikokishiMy computer just froze, i cant click anywhere but in this dialog =(03:40
Secret1222whats  syna03:40
Secret1222thats what it said03:40
Jordan_U!sysrq | chikokishi03:40
ubottuchikokishi: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:40
Jordan_Uchikokishi: Hopefully it won't be needed, but keep that information handy in case it is.03:41
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
kj6lxuy is it when i start a torrent it starts downloading at 1.2 mbps but then slows to 600 kbps ??03:41
g_0_0Roasted, have you still not got rhythmbox and your sansa to work?03:41
Roastedits a piece of garbage03:42
RoastedI got it to work on about 3 occasions03:42
g_0_0which sansa is it?03:42
Roastedbut it's been the most inconsistent piece of garbage ever03:42
Roastedrhythmbox is like that part time punk employee at burger king who only shows up to work half of the time03:42
Roastedoh hi, I see your music03:42
Jordan_Ukj6lxu: Does it only happen with bittorrent or does it also happen with other downloads (like http)?03:42
FloodBot1Roasted: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:42
Roastedshut up03:42
g_0_0have you got the mtp plugin enabled in rhythmbox?03:42
Roastedyes, but I'm not even using MTP03:42
chikokishiThanks jordan, i pagemarked it03:43
madmni have samba installed and i am still getting errors when i try and share a folder help please03:43
Roastedit wont mount as MTP. It says something about a camera being locked. Yet this thing doesn't have a camera?????????03:43
kj6lxujordan_U : with all downloads03:43
g_0_0Roasted, disable the plugin and use msc03:43
ohsixRoasted: cammeras are MTP devices too; something else might have it open if it says that03:43
ohsix(like banshee, if you have rb and banshee running at the same time)03:44
chikokishiIF i update my system is there a way to go back to the un updated version?03:44
hypatiachikokishi: there is, but it's annoying03:44
hypatiachikokishi: it's easy for individual packages, though03:44
Roastedohsix, banshee isn't open from what I see. sys monitor says nothing abou ti.03:44
=== jay is now known as Guest27960
Roastedits refreshing now, I disabled ipod and MTP and I'm going to try it again.03:44
Jordan_Ukj6lxu: It sounds like your ISP is trying to make it appear that you are getting the full speed you payed for by allowing bursts of high bandwidth then throttling if you try to sustain that speed. Read your contract carefully / contact your ISP to confirm what service you are really getting.03:44
ubuntunoobcan someone help me with a weird problem? for some reason I can connect to MSN with Pidgin and amsn but I get an error in Empathy03:45
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, still not working03:45
kj6lxuJordan_U: tnx for the help03:45
Jordan_Ukj6lxu: You're welcome.03:45
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, it is still muted upon reboot03:45
xanguaubuntunoob: sudo apt-get install msn-pecan03:45
xanguaworks for pidgin & empathy, restart them and change your MSN accout to WLM03:45
rwwJordan_U: good call. Comcast does do that.03:46
ubuntunoobthank you xangua03:46
Roastedbig surprise. didn't work.03:46
Roastedimporting 0/0, except theres 1100 songs on it. awesome.03:46
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, ok try unmuting now and reboot again, see if it sticks this time03:46
xanguaubuntunoob: latest pidgin also works but it has some issues currently with msn03:46
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, should I run aslactl store?03:47
ShapeShifter499no I'm just going to reboot now brb03:47
g_0_0Roasted, you have got the latest firmware on your fuze?03:48
Roastednot only do I have the latest firmware, but I dual boot it with rockbox firmware too03:48
bc81question, is it possible to increase the overall bluetooth buffer size?  i have bluetooth headphones, and when i walk more than 10 feet away from the computer, the audio starts dropping out.03:48
Roastedg_0_0, I can put music on it, don't get me wrong. But I want to set up PLAYLISTS, and rhythmbox does that. Tha's why I want to use it.03:48
RoastedI have no clue why rhythmbox is being like this.03:48
Stevezauwhy is gdm still startin??03:49
Stevezaui told it to not load on startup03:49
ActionParsnipbc81: if its a class 3 device then that's its effective range: http://www.blueunplugged.com/What-is-Bluetooth.aspx03:49
DiamondciteRoasted: I've been wondering.. Does a playlist actually physically COPY the files?03:50
DiamondciteRoasted: I've seen people move their itunes playlist to their ipod.. as in just the playlist... without the files...03:50
RoastedDiamondcite, no03:50
Roastedit doesnt duplicate the file space03:50
ActionParsnipDiamondcite: no, its just a list of the media to play and sometimes where it is03:50
RoastedDiamondcite, it just creates a file the gizmo references03:50
=== K4k_ is now known as K4k
DiamondciteRoasted: Have you ever compared one of your sansa's playlist files with your own creations?03:51
RoastedDiamondcite, I've only made playlists in rhythmbox cause it was the only program that worked, until rhythmbox decided to stop working all together03:52
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, it still muted03:52
=== bilios is now known as mr_mojo_risin
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, well not muted but it comes up with the sound turned all the way down in alsamixer03:52
DiamondciteRoasted: Do you still have one of those working playlists around to compare them with to see what is different? (it doens't help that I don't use rythmbox...)03:52
RoastedDiamondcite, yes, theres 2 playlists on the device itself.03:52
RoastedDiamondcite, whats the point tho? I dont want to create playlists ON the device. I want to create them in a program because its much more efficient03:53
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, was the sound down when you rebooted, you could try adjusting the sound to the required volume and rebooting03:53
g_0_0Roasted, have you seen this -> http://wiki.birth-online.de/know-how/hardware/sandisk-sansa-fuze/rhythmbox03:53
RiobeHello all. :) I'm looking to switch to Linux and my main time waster will be some Java programming. Is Ubuntu a distro that's well suited for this goal?03:53
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, yes, and I have03:53
NitrohaxRiobe, yes03:53
Roastedg_0_0, I saw that I should create an EMPTY file named that, but never with the contens like that03:53
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, it won't save my changes03:53
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, ok let me think about that03:54
DiamondciteRoasted: Well I'm curious as to how it's writting the file link.. maybe it is now writting /home/roasted/Desktop/music/01-Hello_World.mp3 instead of 01-Hello_World.mp3 ?03:54
* Sifo Hello all03:54
NitrohaxRiobe, how are you going to install it?03:54
RiobeNitrohax: Probably do a live boot for a day or so to get the feel of it then reformat my machine and make it the only OS.03:55
ActionParsnipDiamondcite: you can make playlists of folder contents using ls, as well as the dir command in windows03:55
DiamondciteActionParsnip: I am mainly trying to figure out why Roasted's playlist is no longer working as desired.03:55
NitrohaxRiobe, that will work but you can do a WUBI install and have a perm. and not change the file structure of your partition03:56
ActionParsnipDiamondcite: depends how the device reads and/or makes playlists03:56
RoastedDiamondcite, the playlist works. rhythmbox just doesnt detect any music on the device.03:56
whitefireHelp me about Hybrid Graphics with switcheroo. I'm using acer aspire 5745G03:56
RoastedDiamondcite, once I can get rhythmbox working as, you know, a normal music program, I can carry on with my playlist creations03:56
ActionParsnipRoasted: try this:  cd /folder/of/songs; ls *.mp3 > ./playlist.m3u03:56
DiamondciteRoasted: And the only requirement is to have to look else where for music?03:56
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, have you tried alsactl store again?03:56
MrDetaildoes anyone know why   grep [A-Z]   would return lines without caps even if there is no match?03:57
crlcan81Can someone help me with properly installing burg? I've got the first necessary sudo commands, adding the ppa, updating repositories, then installing from the new repository, but I don't know for sure where the master boot record is located so burg can install.03:57
RiobeNitrohax: I broke my filesystem into two partitions when I installed Windows, and I'd like to get back down to 1. I haven't heard of WIBI install yet, so I'm not sure if I can change partitioning with that kind of install.03:57
ActionParsnipRoasted: copy /folder/of/songs to the device then see if playlist.m3u exists/works03:57
RoastedDiamondcite, if I can have a program that *works* and can make and create playlists, I'd be happy. But besides banshee, there are none I have found on linux. But! Banshee, when I create playulists, it doesnt "save" to the device. If I go to the sansa, banshee playlists come up empty. only rhythmbox playlists work.03:57
NitrohaxRiobe, you wouldn't need to change it03:57
RoastedHence my insane frustration.03:57
RoastedActionParsnip, the playlist works...03:57
RoastedActionParsnip, my issue is getting rhythmbox to detect the music.03:57
RoastedIt says importing 0/0, when there are over a thousand songs on the thing.03:58
RiobeNitrohax: Methinks I should figure out what a WUBI install is. To scholar Gugle!03:58
ActionParsnipRoasted: i dont use rhythmnbox so I'm not much help here. I always manually make them using ls03:58
whitefireI haven't folder call /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch03:58
RiobeThanks for giving me something to look up. :)03:58
whitefireI haven't folder call /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch can I create?03:58
NitrohaxRiobe, it's on the live cd already. if you put the live cd in it's on there. it's a way where ig you don't like it add/remove programs and it come off03:59
MiladKhajaviHELP: How can I set pidgin to notify new message with gnome notification? any plugin ?03:59
DiamondciteRoasted: Can you open the Sansa with a file manager and actually see the music?04:00
mickster04MiladKhajavi: have you looked at the included plug ins?04:00
adamruffolowhitefire: did you try "mkdir"?04:00
RoastedDiamondcite, sure can.04:00
mickster04MiladKhajavi: also don't sound so dramatic04:00
pinoyoragonCan somebody recommend a web-based/console download manager so I can manage download from remote?04:00
NitrohaxRiobe, let me know what you find04:00
DiamondciteRoasted: And Inside rythmbox, right click music, Import Folder, Navigating to the same place with the graphical navigation and then clicking import.. doesn't work?04:00
MiladKhajavimickster04: Yes, but dont like sound notification, I like gnome notification04:01
RiobeNitrohax: Thanks. Will do. :)04:01
juabnhow work ubuntu wubi?04:01
ActionParsnipMiladKhajavi: there is the notify plugin which is enabled by default04:01
mickster04MiladKhajavi: yeah I think there will be one include, if it isn;t on already04:01
RoastedDiamondcite, nope. It doesnt even show anything in my device within rhythmbox04:01
xanguaMiladKhajavi: activate libnotify plugin04:01
juabnwork slow04:01
juabni don't know why04:01
ActionParsnippidgin rocks04:01
juabnwubi is simil  virtualbox04:02
MiladKhajavixangua: Oh yes yes I forgotten the name of this plugin. thanks thanks alottttttt04:02
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, oh.... sorry didn't see your post till now04:02
DiamondciteRoasted: Can you please type the path you are using to reach it with in rythmbox here?04:02
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, no I haven't04:02
whitefireadamruffolo: mkdir: cannot create directory `/sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo': Operation not permitted04:02
Stupendousstevejuabn: No, wubi doesn't run in a virtual machine, you have to reboot into Ubuntu04:02
mickster04whitefire: sudo it04:02
adamruffolowhitefire: are you running as root?04:02
YohaI'm having a problem with this network install; I've got an old machine booting with pxe; The installer wont download files off of my lan server (I have the iso mounted in /ubuntu) ... in the install debug its because it can't access the md5 sums from a release site.  Anyone have any suggestions on how I can complete this install?  (Btw, no cd drive, won't boot off of USB)04:02
rwwjuabn: no. Virtualbox guests run inside a virtualized environment. Wubi installs run on the actual hardware, without a VM between them, but installs to a loopback filesystem instead of a normal partition.04:02
RoastedDiamondcite, there is one thing that strikes me as odd.04:02
mickster04whitefire: sudo !! to run the last ocmmand as sudo04:02
Nitrohaxjuabn, kinda, wubi installs ubuntu on the windows partition. it has a boot loader and if you don't like it go to add/remove programs and remove it04:03
Aikaranyone recommend a panel applet for managing volume that works with the base audio drivers and not pulseaudio? had to uninstall pulseaudio cause it distorts sound04:03
whitefiremickster04: yes04:03
RoastedDiamondcite, my sansa used to come up labeled as "SANSA FUZE". I formatted it within the sandisk interface, and now it comes mounted as 1234-5678. it creates a folder with those numbers.04:03
RoastedDiamondcite, that's around the time my issues started.04:03
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, you could give it a go, see what happens, make sure you have the parameters set as you want them first04:03
whitefiremickster04: bonsai@Aspire-5745G:~$ sudo mkdir /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo04:03
halaszvarigI just created a simple Xubuntu bluebird like chrome theme (only the frame color was changed to match the color from the theme): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hedddjdackneeciinimepakidindpgdd04:03
whitefiremkdir: cannot create directory `/sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo': Operation not permitted04:03
* Nitrohax is going to party with the amish04:03
Aikarand is there a site to find more applets (ie a site specific to applets in general)04:03
Nitrohaxstupid file transfer vbox @#$%^&*(&^%$#@!%#$%^&*(&^%$#@04:03
RoastedDiamondcite, but if I go to gparted to try to rename the label of it, it says the disk is unallocated. Someone told me its sandisk's way of "protecting" the device.04:03
ActionParsnipAikar: if you use a dock like avant window navigator, there are volume managers for that04:03
mickster04whitefire: dod you tab complete that?04:03
RiobeNitrohax That makes more sense now. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm looking to get out of using Windows at home.04:03
RiobeNitrohax, So I'm sure that I want Windows nuked.04:04
DiamondciteRoasted: Now why would you want to use a sandisk tool on something working to begin with >.>04:04
scottnyci wanna install apache, php and mysql will this work? correctly ? sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-xsl php5-gd php-pear libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql04:04
MichaelDeatonHello does anyone here know how to install FlightGear on Ubuntu 10.10?04:04
ActionParsnip!lamp | scottnyc04:04
ubottuscottnyc: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:04
NitrohaxRiobe, just incase you don't like it. but you want it nuked full install it, why partition. back your music and videos up thouhg. LOL04:04
RoastedDiamondcite, I used the format tool because of another issue I was having with it.04:04
RoastedDiamondcite, but then rhythmbox took a bomb after tha.04:04
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: its in the playdeb ppa04:04
RoastedDiamondcite, I flahsed the thing to the latest firmware, etc. I just have no clue. I'm so close to buying a new one, but that's a ridiculous answer.04:04
MichaelDeatonI tried installing it and it said, "flightgear:  Depends: libalut0 (>=1.1.0-1) but it is not installable  Depends: libopenscenegraph65 (>=2.8.3) but it is not installable  Depends: libopenthreads13 (>=2.8.3) but it is not installable  Depends: libplib1 (>=1.8.5-1) but it is not installable  Depends: simgear2.0.0 but it is not going to be installed  "04:05
DiamondciteRoasted: Maybe that numbered partition is a ghost? Have you tried doing "ls /media/1234-5678" while it's mounted?04:05
RiobeNitrohax: Heheh, yeah, that I will be doing. I have a spare tower I can move stuff over to temporarily.04:05
RoastedDiamondcite, when the thing is plugged in MCP mode or whatever it is, yes it has a directory there.04:06
NitrohaxRiobe, use one of those all in one hd readers for usb. I have a ide and a sata hot swap port. But i fix to many computers04:06
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: then you need deb files or a reop with those files to satisfy deps04:06
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, ok rebooting04:06
MichaelDeatonBut I dunno how to get them.04:06
Hellz_Bellzdo the ubuntu source repos contain unmodified source code or is it optimised for ubuntu spicifically?04:06
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: if you can pastebin all the text I can try and find deps for you04:06
DiamondciteRoasted: Could you try various modes of access until one of them actually yields a fully listed direction inside a terminal?04:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:06
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: yes, copy all the text and use http://pastie.org to store them04:07
RoastedDiamondcite, I'm not sure I understand what you just said.04:07
MichaelDeatonsorry I just started using ubuntu about two days ago.04:07
MichaelDeatonstill getting use to it.04:07
MichaelDeatonI like it a lot better than windows.04:07
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: pastebin isnt ubuntu specific04:07
Aikarif SMART detects an hdd has a few bad sectors, it shouldnt ever try to write to them right? i just reinstalled my OS yesterday to fix my hard system freeze issue, now it just happened again :/ i noticed hdd i got ubuntu installed on has 17 bad sectors04:08
ActionParsnipAikar: I'd get a new drive PDQ04:08
Aikarwell i got other drives i can put ubuntu on, but yeah dont wanna lose data04:08
ohsixAikar: if they aren't being reallocated then it's at the end of its useful life04:08
adamruffolowhitefire: you may need to change the permissions on the /debug/ folder04:08
ActionParsnipAikar: then you should have backups in place04:08
RiobeDoes anyone here know how ubuntu compares to Fedora as far as being suited for programming? The community seems to be a hell of a lot more active judging by IRC channels, but I don't know about the distro.04:09
Aikarit says "reallocated sector count, value 17 sectors, threshold 36", smart is still listed as passed.04:09
Nitrohaxaikar, you have open sata ports? install on the new drive and then place in the old drive with a sata and move files that way04:09
=== earthmeLon is now known as meLon
ActionParsnipRiobe: its fine, there is the build-essential which will install c and c++ compiling environments04:09
macoRiobe: if you're not doing ruby, i dont think it really matters.  the ruby community hates debs though04:09
cfeddeRiobe: linux is pretty much linux.  the diffrences will mostly be minor.04:09
=== Ghost is now known as Guest10678
Hellz_Bellzi love ubuntu and i program in truby04:10
RiobeI see.04:10
Aikari got enough room to get the files off really, but ANY bad sector = sign of disk failing?04:10
scottnychow do i check the version of something in terminal again? verion --python right?04:10
Hellz_Bellzits a matter of "does it work with little fuss?"04:10
macoHellz_Bellz: i think its the directory into which gems get installed that annoys other rubyists04:10
Hellz_Bellzof yes use it04:10
ohsixAikar: ok if they are reallocated then it's fine04:10
RiobeI don't mind a bit of fuss as long as it's manageable.04:10
Hellz_Bellz:/ should it matter so long as its in the path?04:10
Nitrohaxlinux is linux, unix is linux with out the L and windows i sbs04:10
macoHellz_Bellz: i went with just adding that directory to my path, and then everything was happy and i thought they were silly04:10
ohsixAikar: if that 17 keeps growing while you use the disk part of it could be damaged,  it might stabilize though04:11
MichaelDeatonThis? http://pastie.org/159219904:11
scottnycwhats the terminal command for checking the verssion of something?04:11
Hellz_Bellzmaco i didnt even need to add it to the path actually it just gives the error somehow04:11
Hellz_Bellzeverything just works04:12
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: cool, gimme a sec04:12
ohsixscottnyc: apt-cache show, or apt-cache policy04:12
NitrohaxAikar, spinrite will move them for you if it can04:12
macoHellz_Bellz: ok then :)04:12
Aikarwell im having a weird damn issue. flash kept hard freezing system where REISUB couldnt even reboot the system, soi thougt maybe its cause i moved hdd with ubuntu on it to a new system entirely, although it mostly worked fine i reinstalled, and flash no longer crashes, but i just got a random freeze out of nowhere no flash this time04:12
Hellz_Bellzis the source code in the ubuntu repos ubuntu specific or can i use the repos for a different source based distro?04:12
macoHellz_Bellz: im not really a rubyist. i was installing diaspora on my server, which is not running the latest ubuntu04:12
scottnycohsix whats the one that looks like this version --python304:12
ohsixAikar: nvidia blob?04:12
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d   please04:12
Aikaronly real diff is that i uninstalled pulseaudio and rebooted then it happened04:12
c1truzassalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabrakatuh04:13
Aikarohsix: blob? was nvidia drivers before, i havent installed nvidia now, running on default.04:13
macoHellz_Bellz: you can run "dpkg -x foo.dsc" if you have a source package to break it back out into the tarballs it came from04:13
=== QuBit is now known as Guest41248
scottnycassuming i was checking the version of python 3 ohsix04:13
MichaelDeatonDescription:Ubuntu 10.1004:13
maco!sa | c1truz04:13
ubottuc1truz: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية04:13
MichaelDeatonDescription:Ubuntu 10.1004:13
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: do you have the universe repo enabled?04:14
MichaelDeatonUhhh How do I know?04:14
ActionParsnip!info libalut0 maverick04:14
ubottulibalut0 (source: freealut): OpenAL Utility Toolkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.0-2 (maverick), package size 31 kB, installed size 100 kB04:14
Hellz_Bellzmaco im not on linux atm, does it download the dependencies too?04:14
macoHellz_Bellz: no04:14
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, not working STILL04:14
Hellz_Bellznot much use04:14
macoHellz_Bellz: "apt-get source foo" just gets the foo source package04:14
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: use software centre, click edit ->software sources and tick the universe reo to enable it04:14
Hellz_Bellzi want something that will track dependencies for source code04:14
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, are you running 10.10?04:14
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: may just fix you up04:14
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, yes04:14
Hellz_Bellzi dont wanna have to go all over the internet to get my code04:15
satyhello all, i just installed moovida in maverick. the screen is kinda thinned in the middle doesnt occupy the whole screen...any ideas ?04:16
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: simgear2.0.0 is available on the playdeb repo04:16
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, are you using a laptop?04:16
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, yep04:16
bc81when i turn on these bluetooth headphones, the volume icon does not control the headphone volume until i go to sound preferences, and select the headphones in the output tab.  so how i can i force ubuntu to control the headphone volume as soon as it's detected?04:16
ohsixsaty: try hitting alt enter04:17
ActionParsnipMichaelDeaton: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/getdeb_games?dist=maverick    shows how to add it04:17
madmnby default what port does ssh and ftp use in ubuntu04:17
MichaelDeatontrying that now04:17
ohsixmadmn: the same ones used everywhere, 22 and 2104:17
satyohsix: it goes full screen, however the gui is kinda slimmed in the middle04:17
ohsixsaty: weird04:18
madmnokay i can't ftp into ubuntu using 2104:18
Aikarmadmn: neither are installed by default, sudo apt-get install openssh-server, and dont use FTP, use SFTP04:18
madmnbut i can using 2204:18
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, Acer Aspire 7540-1284, AMD Athlon II X2 M300 Processor, ATI Radeon HD 4200 Graphics Card, 320 gigs or storage, 3 gigs ram04:18
ohsixmadmn: ports being blocked by your isp?04:18
AikarSFTP uses SSH port, port 21 is "please hack me" standard FTP port04:18
satyohsix: ya and the fonts are overlapping vertically04:18
madmnthey could be04:18
madmnbut i did forward like port 1234 to port 2204:19
madmnand tried it that way04:19
g_0_0ShapeShifter499, it may be an idea to search for you laptop model and this problem, it may be a bug04:19
EnigmaticCodermadmn: Did you give ssh the -p 1234 option?04:20
=== adamruffolo is now known as ruffdog
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madmnhow else can i do it if they are blocking the port04:20
ActionParsnipAikar: you can change ports used easily04:20
joobieguys im trying to rebuild a RAID1+0 within a livecd and i get "ERROR: disk /dev/sda cannot be used to rebuilding"04:20
joobiecant get any more detailed info as to why.. have tryed setting -v with 'dmraid' but not seeinga nymore detail as to why04:21
joobieany ideas how to see this?04:21
esirihii, first need say to  accept my apologize for bad english, i used ubuntu 10.04, have shutdown issues , i did read some from topic about power off, i did add acpi=off in  /etc/default/grub  and that "noacpi nolapic acpi=off"  after i did update grub but dont be shut down never normalize, i can turn off with power off button , someone can help me about that. thanks.04:21
michaelxqhow do i install a program from the terminal?04:21
=== Rusty1 is now known as Rusty1_
crlcan81How do you figure out what repository is being used to download your updates and installs?04:21
rwwmichaelxq: sudo apt-get install packagenamehere04:21
* Nitrohax has moved to floater kentucky04:21
bastidraZorcrlcan81: apt-cache policy packagename04:21
michaelxqrww, thanks04:22
thesheff17crlcan81: /etc/apt/source.list shows the mirrors it will update against.04:22
EnigmaticCodermadmn: What is your Port set to in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?04:22
madmni am using putty and it asks for the port i can ssh fine its ftp that is not working right04:22
EnigmaticCodermadmn: Are you using ftp or sftp?04:22
ActionParsnipmadmn: you can connect to FTP servers using firefox etc04:22
crlcan81Any specific package, or does it matter?04:23
ActionParsnipmadmn: you can use filezilla in windows to connect to SFTP04:23
Aikarmadmn: ensure your using the SFTP function of your client and not FTP04:23
ActionParsnipmadmn: if you have SFTP then you don't need FTP04:23
madmnport 2204:23
bastidraZormadmn: you can use winscp to transfer files via port 2204:24
madmni have filezilla runnign04:24
esirihii, first need say to  accept my apologize for bad english, i used ubuntu 10.04, have shutdown issues , i did read some from topic about power off, i did add acpi=off in  /etc/default/grub  and that "noacpi nolapic acpi=off"  after i did update grub but dont be shut down never normalize, i can turn off only with04:26
ActionParsnipcan connect to sftp with andftp in Android too ;)04:27
frankbroAnyone good with pthread I can PM about questions more related to multithreading ?04:27
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ShadowServerWelcome to #ubuntu , ShadowServer04:28
ShadowServerWelcome to #ubuntu , Bug123r04:28
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ShadowServerShadowServer has left #ubuntu04:28
ruffdogesiri: it seems you left part of your message out at the end04:29
jimlovell777why is dvd burning so slow (1.1x)? We're talking 40 minutes. With this same drive and discs it's under 4 minutes. I would just use Windows for burning but it's since been demoted to a VM. What's the deal?04:30
Nitrohaxjimlovell777, nice flight on apollo 13 but dvd drives are dual layer and more info04:30
esiriruffdog i dont understand you ?? i sent my isuues msg again cause i get disconnected i tougth maybe your dont see my msg04:31
ruffdogesiri: you are having troubles shutting down?04:31
DiamondciteFor those curious the solution to Roasted's problem where a Sandisk Sansa's music wasn't showing in Rhythmbox, the playlist.xml and rhythmdb.xml had to be removed from ~/.local/share/rhythmbox04:31
rwwesiri: freenode has a message length limit. Yours ended with "i can turn off only with"04:31
Riobeesiri: The msg I saw you send stopped in the middle of a sentence.04:32
esiriruffdog yes04:32
dorin_does anyone know anything about using "curl"?04:32
esirirww understand04:32
RoastedAnd for those curious about my issue I didn't just remove the playlist and rhythmdb file but I just cut and pasted the entire folder on my desktop. I hate deleting stuff without being positive, but nonetheless, Diamondcite nailed it on the head. :)04:32
jimlovell777Nitrohax: I cut myself off. The same discs (literally - DVD+R 4.7GB) burn completely in 4 minutes when I used Windows7 on this computer but take 40+ under Ubuntu. Why?04:32
dorin_I'm trying to find out where curl downloads everything to.04:32
dorin_Any ideas?04:32
rwwdorin_: the current directory04:32
Nitrohaxmaybe a driver issue or something?04:33
ruffdogesiri: did you try typing "shutdown"04:33
dorin_I've looked in there, and it hasn't put anything in there04:33
esiriruffdog yes04:33
strigoi66dorin_: try opening console and typing (whereis curl) without braces04:33
Nitrohaxjimlovell777, I'm thinking maybe a dirver issue. what are you using to burn?04:33
ruffdogesiri: okay.  Is there a specific error message you get?  Or do you click "shutdown" and nothing happens?04:34
dorin_ah /usr/bin/curl04:34
dorin_Going to look in there.04:34
jimlovell777Nitrohax: Whatever comes with a plain Ubuntu 10.10 install. I put in a blank disc and drag a file over and click Burn04:34
michaelxqanyone knows LBRC program?04:34
esiriruffdog please let me explain , u cant read my msg04:34
dorin_Nothing in there.04:35
michaelxqanyone knows LBRC program? LBRC = Linux Bluetooth Remote Control04:35
ruffdogmichaelxq: not me.04:35
Nitrohaxjimlovell777, I've had goo dluck with basero I think that's what you might be using. There are couple others that you can try too.04:35
esiriruffdog i cant shut down my comp with shutdown botton , sudo halt or shutdown now command, said powerdown now but my fan working04:36
dorin_curl http://yeeeeee.com/imagebank/BlackBerry_Bold_9000_Wallpapers/BlackBerry%20Bold%209000%20Wallpaper%[201-400].jpg04:36
dorin_is that the right way of using curl?04:36
dorin_I'm trying to download all the pictures ranging from 201-400 with curl.04:37
michaelxqruffdog, can you tell me the process to install a program .tar.gz04:37
ruffdogesiri: try "sudo shutdown -h now" without the ""04:38
esiriruffdog i did change in /etc/default/grub with that  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="noacpi nolapic acpi=off" and acp=off same issues04:38
esiriruffdog i did used that comand same :(04:38
ruffdogmichaelxq: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24609204:39
MacstheyjustsuckI can't live without Dreamweaver CS5 to code websites, what is the closest equivalent to that?04:39
michaelxqruffdog, thanks04:40
NitrohaxMacstheyjustsuck, html04:40
ruffdogesiri: okay.  Check out this site http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=1859  see if that helps.04:40
DiamondciteMacstheyjustsuck: What's dreamweaver? I just open up a text editor and type...04:40
MacstheyjustsuckNitrohax: Not just HTML XD04:40
MacstheyjustsuckJavascript, PHP04:40
Macstheyjustsuckand would like to start working with mySQL for some things04:40
DiamondciteMacstheyjustsuck: Programs like kwrite can do syntax highlighting in different languages to make it easier?04:41
NitrohaxMacstheyjustsuck, I haven't done a page in forever. I'm so out of the loop04:41
PerfMif this is the support channel, where is the real channel?04:41
DiamondcitePerfM: If you done being exited, how about tell us about your support question?04:41
dorin_haha, figured out the curl command.04:41
rwwPerfM: /join #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat04:41
ruffdogesiri: if that doesn't work (website I directed you to) can you paste your grub file in www.pastebin.ubuntu.com04:42
esirirufdog  http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Herunterfahren#HDA-High-Definition-Audio-abschalten  i did that before :)04:42
esiriruffdog okey04:42
strigoi66dorin_: try this page for info! http://curl.haxx.se/docs/httpscripting.html04:43
Nitrohaxack a haxx!04:43
esiriruffdog http://paste.ubuntu.com/570386/04:44
crlcan81the list of deb/deb src repositories that ailurus is listing?04:44
ruffdogesiri: did the problem start when you changed the grub? or did you change the grub because of the problem?04:46
esiriruffdog i did change grub for problem04:47
ruffdogesiri: okay.  You are running on a laptop or desktop?  You are running 10.10?04:48
esiriruffdog i am used 10.04 lts and desktop04:48
ruffdogesiri: okay.  Do you use wifi on the desktop?04:49
esiriruffdog no i am dont04:50
esiridont use wifi04:50
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KREDOapt-get 100% cpu, help me04:52
c1truzsholat dulu saudara2ku ...04:53
ActionParsnip!aptfix | KREDO04:53
ubottuKREDO: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:53
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=== adamruffolo is now known as ruffdog
ruffdogesiri: I accidentally shut down.  Are we still having the shutdown issue?04:56
esiriruffdog yes have shutdown issues04:57
JeffCBRCan I check the version of a package with apt-get?04:58
rwwapt-cache policy packagenamehere04:58
nroy1hi! my / on ubuntu 10.10 needs more space, but only disk utility is able to see the partitions on sdb. is there a stand alone bootable version of the disk utility?05:01
nroy1my ubuntu is on sdb105:02
=== adamruffolo is now known as ruffdog
ActionParsnipnroy1: try: sudo apt-get clean05:03
nroy1ActionParsnip: what is clean?05:03
ActionParsnipnroy1: also uninstall old unused kernels you no longer use. You can also free space by using bleachbit but watch the browser options or it will remove stuff you want to keep05:03
ActionParsnipnroy1: clean removes the debs used to install stuff was, they are held until you tell the OS to remove them05:04
nroy1ActionParsnip: i want to reinstall ubuntu, which has run into some problems because of me removing stuff to gain space.05:04
nroy1but i want to fix the partion table first, otherwise i won't be able to install ubuntu05:05
ActionParsnipnroy1: the reinstall will create a new table (unless you dual boot)05:06
nroy1ActionParsnip:  i have xp and solaris11 on sda, ubuntu on sdb05:07
=== beachbraf is now known as beachbrake
nroy1there are some important drives on sdb, otherwise there wouldn't be much problem... :(05:08
nroy1gparted is unable to see ANY partition on sdb. i have tried it from ubuntu, solaris and parted magic05:09
nroy1the gnome disk util is seeing them fine, but i cant resize / from ubuntu itself05:09
esiriruffdog i cant with comand  stoped acpi sudo /etc/init.d/acpid stop05:11
navini wana help about webkit...so hw can i?05:11
here4thegearUsing ubuntu server. php mail and sendmail both are sending mail out to yahoo accounts but for some reason not to my hosted gmail account. It isn't even showing up in my spam folder.05:11
esiriruffdog u can check , here have a issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/570399/05:12
lnxg33khow to switch between keyboard layouts on xubuntu 10.04?05:13
juabni need change the root partition privilege  to user05:13
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels05:13
Jordan_Unroy1: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?05:14
gnewbnavin: Maybe here:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebKit05:15
lnxg33kthanks guys :)05:15
immyhi again05:15
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.05:16
immyis there a way i can make alt+tab work across workspaces and alt+ctrl+tab within workspaces?05:16
nroy1Jordan_U:  i am currently on xp. ubuntu is having some serious problems, cause i messed up some stuff. the thing is, the extended partition on sdb is showing insanely huge space even on windows. i just want to remove the linux partition now, and readjust the partitions05:16
JeffCBRWill I break everything if I sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop?05:16
gmachine_24I want to clone a 160GB HD to a 20GB HD and I can't use Clonezilla bc of the drive size difference (there is <10GB of data on the 160GB drive so it will all fit). Anyone know of other good options? Thanks.05:17
Jordan_Unroy1: Can you boot from a liveCD?05:17
nroy1Jordan_U: yes i can, but gparted isn't helping05:17
JeffCBRgmachine_24: Can you shrink your partition down to be smaller than the destination drive?05:18
Jordan_Ugmachine_24: What is your end goal (why do you want to "clone" the drive)?05:18
gmachine_24JeffCBR, good point. I can probably use a live distro and gparted and that should do it.05:18
Jordan_Unroy1: parted itself gives descriptive error messages which should tell you exactly what is wrong with the partition table.05:18
gmachine_24I mean I can shrink the partion(s)05:19
JeffCBRWe're talking about a Linux FS, right?05:19
gmachine_24Jordan_U, I want to clone the drive so I can replace the 160GB drive with the 20GB drive.05:19
ActionParsnipJeffCBR: no, its a hollow metapackage. if you remove it it will change nothing05:20
gmachine_24JeffCBR, if that is directed at me, yes, it is Ubuntu05:20
nroy1Jordan_U: the entire sdb swows up as unpopulated in gparted05:20
gmachine_24Ok then, nm.05:20
Jordan_Unroy1: I understand.05:20
ruffdogesiri: okay.  I'm stumped.  You tried sudo /sbin/init 0 and that didn't work?05:20
JeffCBROne time, I shrank the partition of an undefragmented Windows 98 install...05:20
gmachine_24... and you never did that again05:21
JeffCBRActionParsnip: So, I'd still have Gnome installed, then?05:21
JeffCBRgmachine_24: No. No, I did not.05:21
angus-vaiohola.. tengo un problema alguien seria tan amable de darme una mano??05:21
LibraratSo x server is broken - I was trying to set up dual displays, and now I can't even get the failsafe to boot -> no vesa driver found.  How do I resolve this? :s05:21
LancelotQuestion: is there a way for me to see how much hard drive space individual packages are taking up?05:21
gmachine_24A friend of mine says the hardest lessons to learn in life are the ones we learn again and again05:21
gmachine_24Lancelot, yes.05:22
abhinav_singhwhat does "ii" means here http://pastebin.com/hhgMc8WJ05:22
esiriruffdog stumbed mean ? i did used sudo init 005:22
Lancelotgmachine_24, how do I go about doing that?05:22
gmachine_24Lancelot, do you mean packages or install packages?05:22
esiriruffdog let me try  sudo /sbin/init 0 :)05:22
ruffdogesiri: When I say "stumped" I mean I'm uncertain of what to do.  All of the things I mentioned should have worked.  You tried to type "sudo /sbin/init 0" into your terminal and it didn't shut down?05:22
Lancelotgmachine_24, just packages in general...what's the difference?05:23
andy_question: I got too ambitious trying to strip away extraneous applications after installing the xfce desktop environment. now all I have is a command line when I boot into ubuntu. how do I get xfce back?05:23
ruffdogalbert: what's your question?  You only typed "startx"05:24
here4thegearK, I'm using joomla and require the use of sendmail on a server who's email is actually hosted on gmail. some emails sent go to spam, some just don't get sent at all. is there perhaps a DNS record that I need to set up?05:24
Lancelotstartx isn't a question05:24
albertI have no question05:24
Lancelotit's the answer to andy_ 's problem05:24
gmachine_24Lancelot, well a package is typically a *.deb file05:24
I_wanna_learnHi I am new to Linux world, I am a hardcore Window user, is ubuntu good to start with ?05:24
Jordan_U!who | albert05:25
ubottualbert: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:25
bastidraZorandy_: xubuntu-desktop should get you back to where you need to be.05:25
gmachine_24Lancelot, you know, something you dl and install05:25
Lancelotgmachine_24, okay, makes sense, how about stuff I got through repositories?05:25
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, still here?05:25
albertI see05:25
andy_bastidraZor: many thanks. I'll try it.05:25
gmachine_24After that, finding out how much an installed program occupies usually involves scoping out how big the install folder(s) is are.05:25
LibraratI was trying to set up dual displays earlier and have managed to botch my ubuntu install entirely -- x will no longer start at all, and I can't get failsafe to load either (it crashes with an error saying no suitable driver found, and no vesa either).  The best I get is a command prompt.. how do I get X back?05:25
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:25
gmachine_24Lancelot, are you saying you've not done a sudo apt-get clean install command? ;)05:26
JeffCBRubottu: I was hoping for the soda.05:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:26
nroy1Jordan_U:  any ideas? is there a boot-cd version of the gnome disk utility?05:26
Lancelotgmachine_24, no.... what's that for?05:26
gmachine_24Lancelot, to clean up the dl .deb files05:26
ruffdogesiri: did it work?05:26
esirihi again05:26
Lancelotgmachine_24, you'll have to forgive me. I'm not too familiar with unix systems. I'm planning to spend time on it later05:26
Lancelotgmachine_24, isn't that what the computer janitor application does?05:26
esiriruffdog did not work05:26
andy_bastidraZor: what command do I run to get the desktop to start? Sorry, I'm a noob at the command line.05:27
Murphantwhen I press ctrl-alt-f6, it should bring me to a new command line session login, right?05:27
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, I seemed to have fixed my problem by putting the following command into startup applications ---->  "alsactl init"05:27
bastidraZorandy_: install the package then reboot05:27
StarminnMurphant: "CTRL+ALT+F1 -> F6" are command lines. CTRL+ALT+F7 is the GUI.05:27
gmachine_24Lancelot, packages dl via apt-get are placed in the /var/cache/apt/archives directory05:27
Jordan_Unroy1: Palimpsest is included in recent Ubuntu LiveCDs, but I highly recommend figuring out what is wrong with your partition table before trying to modify it further.05:27
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, this way it automatically sets up my sound and everything and I don't have to do anything05:27
StarminnMurphant: That is, F1 through F605:27
Jordan_Unroy1: If you don't you risk serious data loss.05:28
ruffdogesiri: Okay.  I'm out of ideas.  Poss another user here can help with your shutdown problems.  Maybe ActionParsnip.  You should repost your question.05:28
rtzwhere is the network channel?05:28
rtzI have couple of network questions05:28
gmachine_24Lancelot, and you must forgive me, I've been using Linux for more than a decade and there was no such thing as a computer janitor - although I have seen the icon in my system :D05:28
Jordan_Urtz: #freenode05:28
=== rtz is now known as Guest78293
ActionParsniprtz: ##networking if memory serves05:28
* unreturned hello world05:29
Guest78293it says i'm banned05:29
esiriruffdog thanks a lot for try help me :)05:29
Jason1Hi all. I've been having trouble with an intermittent connection after configuring opendns. Any advice on how to diagnose the issues?05:29
Lancelotgmachine_24, I've been using ubuntu for a little over a year and a half now. I just haven't had the time to read up on the background stuff yet05:29
ActionParsnipGuest78293: ask in #freenode about bans05:29
gmachine_24Lancelot, it's constant learning.05:29
ruffdogGuest78293: for ubuntu network I think "#ubuntu-network"05:30
=== Guest78293 is now known as rtz1
JeffCBRConstant learning forever.05:30
crlcan81I'm trying to get sudo burg-install to run and any designations for my drive that gparted list, as well as any of the alternate designations, like hd1, or hd0, give me /usr/sbin/burg-probe: error: cannot stat 'drivename#'.05:30
Lancelotgmachine_24, well that works, I'm trying to figure out how I managed to fill up my drive05:30
ruffdogesiri: Yes.  Sorry I couldn't resolve it with you :( :(05:30
Lancelotgmachine_24, well almost05:30
Murphantok for the command line, but when I press it I just get pixelated colors at the top of the screen05:30
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, idk why it won't save my audio setup, but if alsa all ready knows my system, it *should* for future references, and alsactl init  *should* therefor work always05:30
gmachine_24Lancelot, yes, that is one way.05:30
ruffdogGuest78293: scratch that.  I was wrong.05:30
Librarat I was trying to set up dual displays earlier and have managed to botch my ubuntu install entirely -- x will no longer start at all, and I can't get failsafe to load either (it crashes with an error saying no suitable driver found, and no vesa either).  The best I get is a command prompt.. how do I get X back?  I was googling for a fix and ruan an apt-get purge xserver-xorg and then apt-get install xserver-xorg ... which now lead05:30
Librarats me to the no driver found... :s05:30
Lancelotgmachine_24, so sudo apt-get clean install will delete these archived packages?05:30
gmachine_24Lancelot, the ones in that archive, yes.05:31
andy_bastidraZor: thanks. I try this (sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop), and I get a long list of "Failed to fetch" all kinds of things. The final message is: "E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?" (that response shows up without quote marks).05:31
esiriruffdog i did ask many forum my shutdown issue but cant correct yet, i will sent a report thanks again :)05:31
gmachine_24Lancelot, these are debian packages05:31
MurphantI'm thinking it's not a video driver issue since I'm working in CLI, could it be a monitor problem?05:31
nroy1Jordan_U: honestly, there ARE some bad sectors in both the disks, but i have managed to keep those areas in the free (unpartitioned) zone. And it seems some drives have wrong info on start/end of sectors/cyllinders. I hope manually adjusting them via a good partition manager like disk-uti will fix it. but CAN i use disk utility via boot cd... it is not available on solaris.05:31
bastidraZorandy_: what version of xubuntu are you using?05:31
gmachine_24Lancelot, you probably have other packages or software dl that could still be in the compressed version if you did not delete the dl file after installation.05:32
ShapeShifter499g_0_0, thanks for your help anyways05:32
Checkmatehi, I recently installed ubuntu server and I want to install an irc bot. I notice an user group called 'irc' in Ubuntu, what does it do may I ask?05:32
Lancelotgmachine_24, okay, so how do I deal with those then?05:32
gmachine_24There is a program or utility that will list major files for you............ but it escapes me at the moment.05:32
Jordan_Ucrlcan81: GRUB2 has theming capability as well. I highly recommend using that instead of BURG (which doesn't appear to be maintained anymore and when it was was a one man fork).05:32
gmachine_24Lancelot, if you know where you dl them, you just rm them05:32
crlcan81ahh would have been nice for the websites to say that :(05:33
Lancelotgmachine_24, the disk usage analyzer?05:33
gmachine_24you go to the directory and do sudo apt-get rm <filenametoremove>05:33
andy_bastidraZor. Good question. Checking...05:33
gmachine_24Lancelot, I think that might be more of a global shapshot but give it a try.05:33
ActionParsnipgmachine_24: why is apt-get needed for folder removal??05:33
Jordan_Unroy1: Yes you can use palimpsest from an Ubuntu 10.10 liveCD. But please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" before you do so.05:33
Lancelotgmachine_24, it gave me a pretty pie chart05:33
gmachine_24Lancelot, yeah, that's what I thought.05:34
gmachine_24Lancelot, give me a second and I will look up the name of that utility.05:34
Lancelotgmachine_24, there's also a very detailed listing here05:34
BVBrandom question.. anyone know where i can get cheap office space.. Like $100/month? can be anywhere in the US05:34
Lancelotevery single directory05:34
albertesiri :/05:34
esirialbert ? :)05:34
LancelotBVB, you could try a cardboard box, but the rent is outrageous!05:34
Roastedoh boy. rhythmbox acting up again.05:35
=== cardamon is now known as cardamon{mobile}
RoastedI give up.05:35
gmachine_24ActionParsnip, good question. It all depends really on the permissions the dl program/pgk has.05:35
albertyou can  sudo gedit /etc/modules05:35
gmachine_24Lancelot, does it list space occupied?05:35
nroy1Jordan_U:  ok, i"ll see you from the live cd in a min05:35
Jordan_U!gksudo | Lancelot albert05:35
albertadd  apm power_off=105:35
ubottuLancelot albert: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:35
Librarat I was trying to set up dual displays earlier and have managed to botch my ubuntu install entirely -- x will no longer start at all, and I can't get failsafe to load either (it crashes with an error saying no suitable driver found, and no vesa either).  The best I get is a command prompt.. how do I get X back?  I was googling for a fix and ruan an apt-get purge xserver-xorg and then apt-get install xserver-xorg ... which now lead05:35
Librarats me to the no driver found... :s  What do I need to do to get Xserver back?05:35
esiriActionParsnip i am used ubuntu 10.04 i have shutdown about that05:35
rtz1 i have two ISP ie (first gateway) ( second gateway) and i have dhcp  for my clients... i want half of my clients ( to go out thru 1st gateway and my second half (192.168.128/25) to go thru second gateway05:35
Lancelotgmachine_24, it lists each directory, and then a breakdown of the percentage of the current directory space, and it's actual size05:35
esirialbert u wanna see /etc/modules/?05:35
rtz1ubuntu 10,.10 sry05:35
lightadoes someone here can link me to a good usbcreator for windows ? (base os linux, target win2k)05:36
albertthis can help you shutdown05:36
gmachine_24ActionParsnip, when you dl a debian package I believe it comes with permissions that only allow the su to ex, read, write, etc.05:36
LancelotJordan_U, let me give this a try05:36
gmachine_24ActionParsnip, if you change the permissions to give users free reign, then you can probably remove the original file/package without using sudo05:36
andy_bastidraZor: "uname -r" returns "2.6.35-25 generic," but I don't think that's the xubuntu version, is it?05:37
rtz1 i have two ISP ie (first gateway) ( second gateway) and i have dhcp  for my clients... i want half of my clients ( to go out thru 1st gateway and my second half (192.168.128/25) to go thru second gateway05:37
Starminnlighta: So you want to install Windows? Have you tried the folks over at ##windows?05:37
rtz1can someone help me ?05:37
MurphantMy question got drowned, sorry for the repost: When I press ctrl-alt-f1, I get a bunch of pixelated colors at the top of my screen instead of a readable, black-and-white prompt, any ideas why it is the case?05:37
ActionParsnipgmachine_24: yes, but apt-get isn't needed to rm a directory.05:37
bastidraZorandy_: close enough, that would indicate you're using 10.10 .. did you try sudo apt-get update?05:37
albertesiri you can  try my way05:38
lightayep i'm there also Starminn, reading some tutorial but if you had a good link I'd be pleased if you share it =)05:38
crlcan81thank you. for some reason ubuntu's repositories listed burg as newer then grub2 and better.05:38
gmachine_24ActionParship, I was talking about removing a program file that had been downloaded and was then installed. If that was unclear, I apologize.05:38
Jordan_Ucrlcan81: You're welcome.05:38
esirialbert http://paste.ubuntu.com/570401/05:38
LancelotJordan_U, this is turning up much more stuff, thanks05:38
Librarat Sorry for the repost, but I keep drowing :\    I was trying to set up dual displays earlier and have managed to botch my ubuntu install entirely -- x will no longer start at all, and I can't get failsafe to load either (it crashes with an error saying no suitable driver found, and no vesa either).  The best I get is a command prompt.. how do I get X back?  I was googling for a fix and ruan an apt-get purge xserver-xorg and then05:38
Libraratapt-get install xserver-xorg ... which now leads me to the no driver found... :s  What do I need to do to get Xserver back?05:38
crlcan81now gonna add my personal desktop walkpaper choices and a few other things.05:39
Starminnlighta: No, unfortunately I have nothing to shed on the situation. Just making sure you asked in a Windows channel too as they'd likely know better than us. :)05:39
esirialbert i can try why not,05:39
gmachine_24This is what I wrote: you go to the directory and do sudo apt-get rm <filenametoremove> ... the directory being where you dl the program file05:39
gmachine_24Librarat, someone give Librarat the pastbin addy05:40
andy_bastidraZor: I did. It gives me a list of things it "failed to lock," then asks me if I'm root. Then I enter "sudo bash" to become root. But when I run apt-get update, I get another long list of "W: Failed to fetch etc." and ending with "W: some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead."05:40
albertesiri  add this line at the end of  modules   apm power_off=105:40
Libraratgmachine_24, not sure what you're asking me for .. :s05:40
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rtz1does anyone have an answer to my q?05:41
albertesiri good lucky to you05:41
=== Forge is now known as Guest72345
esirialbert i did try before add    apm power_off=1 but stil same :)05:41
gmachine_24Lancelot, I think you're on your way, right?05:41
Jordan_Ugmachine_24: apt-get has no "rm" option, nor does it perform a function like what you are explaining.05:41
Starminnlighta: You have the .iso?05:41
ActionParsnipgmachine_24: so why not just: rm -r folder-or-filname-here05:41
albertesiri I am sorry05:42
=== Guest72345 is now known as dbland
lightajust need to know wich file to put to make it bootable05:42
albertesiri  I will go to school05:42
Starminnlighta: Why not go to System->Administration->Startup Disk Creator and make it? I've never done it myself but try it out?05:42
esirialbert seems havent luck :)05:42
gmachine_24Jordan_u, god, of course you're right. I'm sorry - my mind is trying doing too many things at once.05:42
gmachine_24leave off the apt-get05:42
Jordan_Ugmachine_24: np :)05:42
rtz1who has a lil knowledge about nat here ?05:43
Starminnlighta: What do you mean "Which file to make it bootable"?05:43
lightaisn't this create only linux distri ? I never tryed but, yeah let's give a try =)05:43
gmachine_24devine a little05:43
Jordan_U!anyone | rtz105:43
ubotturtz1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:43
esirialbert thanks good luck too :)05:43
rtz1 i have two ISP ie (first gateway) ( second gateway) and i have dhcp  for my clients... i want half of my clients ( to go out thru 1st gateway and my second half (192.168.128/25) to go thru second gateway05:43
rtz1I keep posting it lol :P05:43
rtz1do u see my question?05:43
lightawell for usb you often need BOOT.ini folder and lots of thing like that, I wish I'd as easy as cd, but cd is dead.. and I don't have any lector so05:44
Libraratgmachine_24, how can I suppliment my hep request? I know what pastebin is, but I'm not sure how it applies in my current situation. the vesa module cannot be found, and xorg is failing to start, even after dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:44
Jordan_Urtz1: Yes. And if anyone is around that can answer it they will.05:44
gmachine_24ok, I meant DEFINE a little.... not 'devine a little'05:44
bastidraZorandy_: have you made any changes to your /etc/apt/sources.list? it sounds as if you've borked them in some way.05:44
Starminnlighta: I've always made my Linux CDs by just right-clicking on the .iso and hitting "Write to disc..." so I'd imagine you could (maybe) set the "disc" to your thumb drive?05:44
Lancelotgmachine_24, yup, that helped. thanks05:45
Starminnlighta: I've never succeeding in botting from a USB, and I'm not sure if it's me or my somewhat-old system. *shrug*05:45
rtz1Jordan_U, ty05:45
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:45
andy_bastidraZor: I think that must be exactly what I (unintentionally) did. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?05:45
gmachine_24I was at the ER yesterday morning at 3:30 because I couldn't breathe and so I'm kind of whacked out on meds.... perhaps I should give a big "caveat emptor"05:45
lightayeah but linux usb are easier to create then windows in my opinion05:45
bastidraZorandy_: paste your sources.list05:45
gmachine_24If you spend enough time to really learn Linux - and I am not nearly there but am working on it - you will find it is truly amazing.05:46
gmachine_24so.... many..... options05:46
Lancelotgmachine_24, I've heard. Well, thanks for the help. Cya05:46
andy_bastidraZor: how to generate that list? (Sorry, like I said: noob.) Also, key fact I didn't mention: it's on a different computer.05:46
gmachine_24Has anyone had a go at setting up Android on a Ubuntu/Linux PC?05:47
cybertekanyone know how to fix bind9 "update_resolv: not found"  errors?05:47
gmachine_24Lancelot, you're welcome05:47
Andrew___Hi I am new to Linux, a hardcore windows user, but wanna shift, which flavour is best ?05:47
Starminnlighta: Well, all the links I can find are about creating a Windows-bootable USB *from* Windows (i.e. downloading programs, etc., etc. in typical Windows fashion). I'd just guess around. I can't help you much more (obviously) but I think you might be asking the wrong questions. ;) Try asking in this channel what Ubuntu programs can make a bootable USB and then ask the Windows channel what files it needs/what it should look like after 05:47
gmachine_24Learn the command line, Luke05:47
Andrew___Hi I am new to Linux, a hardcore windows user, but wanna shift, which flavour is best ?05:48
ActionParsnipJordan_U: that's what I thought..05:48
Jordan_U!best | Andrew___05:48
ubottuAndrew___: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:48
gmachine_24Andrew_, chocolate05:48
andy_bastidraZor: maybe the simplest thing is to start over with my bootable Ubuntu 9.10 usb?05:48
ActionParsniprtz1: I know how it works, if its specifically networking you want then there is ##networking which may help05:48
bastidraZorandy_: http://pastebin.com/eNi1AMJ9   ..instead of 'lucid' yours should say 'maverick'   compare your list05:49
rtz1ActionParsnip: thnx buddy but they seem to be sleeping :)05:49
ActionParsniprtz1: thats not about NAT, that's about DHCP05:49
gmachine_24is lighta still there?05:49
rtz1ActionParsnip: dhcp server is easy to setup .. i just need this nat rule05:49
rtz1ActionParsnip: FYI it's mangle .. I need to mark packets as they go out so they know where to go out05:50
Starminngmachine_24: He hasn't parted the channel yet, it seems. He probably just hasn't checked back. He hasn't parted though.05:50
gmachine_24Starminn, he just wants to make a bootable jump drive?05:50
ActionParsniprtz1: you will need to setup 2 logical networks, one where one half of the network connects and one where the other half connects. Setup the dhcp service to distribute the right gateway to each then set the subnetworks to go through the single nat point to the web05:50
feg_mxhi all05:50
esiriI have a problem with shutdown  , I'm running Ubuntu version  10.04 lts desktop ,When I try for shut down , all process done and last said power down but dont power off.05:50
lightayeah, just 2s guys05:51
gmachine_24esiri, are you using a shutdown command i.e. cli? or what05:51
rtz1ActionParsnip: i wish u could explain it in cli :P05:51
sacarlsonrtz1: I used mangle for shaping some time back05:51
baegleIs there a way to do a fresh ubuntu net install from the command line of an existing system?05:51
ActionParsnipesiri: try adding the boot option:   acpi=force05:51
baegleOr am I required to burn a CD?05:51
rtz1sacarlson: i used it with other things like routers OS MIkrotik or CISCO05:52
feg_mxsomebody can helpme?   I installed Elastix, but I don0t know which is the extension number to check voicemail05:52
andy_bastidraZor: I get "no such file or directory"05:52
esirigmachine_24 i did used many comand about that  sudo shutdown now  power off init 0 ,,05:52
bastidraZorandy_: when you do what?05:52
ActionParsniprtz1: if you have 2 networks, one network can be routed through a different gateway to another, thereby splitting the network as you desire05:52
Jordan_Ubaegle: There are multiple ways. All of them relatively advanced.05:52
andy_sorry - misunderstood your directions. Trying.05:52
Starminngmachine_24: He wants to make a bootable USB, but he wants to make it Windows-bootable. Problem is, he's using Ubuntu to make the USB and all the tutorials call for using Windows to make it, so he's trying to figure out how to do it from Ubuntu. (P.S. I think he's back now)05:52
lightaok, yeah Starminn =( sound long maybe I'll ask a friend to make one for me instead. gmachine_24 you had something for me ?05:53
rtz1ActionParsnip: I know but how can I do that from ubuntu ? i have two of my isps connected to my ubuntu box and 1 LAN for my clients and i want to split them thru different gateways05:53
baegleJordan_U: I live in the CLI, but I'm not looking to recreate what the installer does. I'm looking to run the installer from the CLI05:53
rtz1ActionParsnip: wat do i exactly do05:53
=== tyler is now known as Guest7896
gnewbbeagle: Yes, but is easier to just repair it from boot, hen again I do not know why or the purpose for a net install on your setup.05:53
gmachine_24esiri, yeah, sometimes when I use sudo shutdown -h now I end up with a screen where it says system has been halted... usually I just hit the off button at that point.05:53
ActionParsnipesiri: also make sure you have the latest bios for your system, there may be acpi fixes in the newer versions (if one exists)05:53
esiriActionParsnip i did but stil same , and also i try  adding acp=off noacpi nolapic acpi=off but stil same05:53
ActionParsniprtz1: what I said, I have no idea what network hardware you have so cannot advise further05:54
Secret1222any time i type anything to do cpan this keeps coming up05:54
gmachine_24lighta, I have windows systems. if you tell me what you need I might be able to do it - the problem is transmitting the result...??05:54
Secret1222how do i stop it05:54
FloodBot1Secret1222: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:54
nroy1Jordan_U: here's the info you wanted: http://pastebin.com/M1bz2PEA05:54
gmachine_24Starminn, thanks. :)05:54
rtz1ActionParsnip: i don't see where u said it but .. i let u know I have everything connected .. i just need that firewall rule05:54
Jordan_Ubaegle: Then you'll want to setup grub to boot the netinstaller.05:54
baeglegnewb: I'm just trying to save the DL and burn time05:54
sacarlsonrtz1: oh i've done that too but using dhcp to tell 1/2 of my clients to use this gateway and the other 1/2 to use the other05:55
baegleJordan_U: sweet, thanks05:55
rtz1ActionParsnip: so it doesn't matter what kinnda hardware i have05:55
Secret1222i did05:55
Secret1222use pastebin.com05:55
andy_bastidraZor: I see the page to which you've directed me. How do I generate a source list from the terminal for comparison?05:55
rtz1sacarlson: how'd u do that?05:55
johnson81385Hi all05:55
bastidraZorandy_: nano /etc/apt/sources.list   ..this will open it without the ability to change it.05:55
johnson81385 I am trying to setup a Samba Domain controller with LDAP backend. The version of Ubuntu is 10.04 and openldap version is 2.4.21. And i followed the document from the URL  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html. The problem with my setup is I am not able to Join windows machines to the domain.05:56
Secret1222can someone tell me how to stop it05:56
rtz1sacarlson: they idea is that they are clients and i want them to be able to ping each other or share files while goin out to the internet thru different isps05:56
gnewbbeagle: Here it is:> http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu05:56
Jordan_Ubaegle: You're welcome. If you need more guidence than that feel free to ask.05:56
johnson81385any help would be really great05:56
bastidraZorandy_: unless you're in the 'sudo bash' terminal.05:56
rtz1sacarlson: i'll just use cisco to do thsi for me but i so wanted it to be on ubuntu05:56
sacarlsonrtz1: I'll take it pm since it's not ubuntu related05:56
esiriActionParsnip i dont check that yet but after upgrade with new kernel 2.6.32-28-generic or after installing s2-liplianin-dkms driver i have issues power off , i did back old kernel and remove s2-liplianin but stil same cant shut down05:56
rtz1sacarlson: thnx05:56
lightayeah gmachine_24, I sure have an ftp for storing file but I know usb need to be in fat32 to be recognize and idk what else it need. Otherwise i'm looking for an win2k usblive05:56
immyis it possible to make alt+tab tab across workspaces? so can I switch functionality between alt+tab and ctrl+alt+tab?05:56
Secret1222how do i install cpan module from  apt-get05:56
kwchow to i change listening port onskype05:57
ActionParsnipesiri: is the system a branded PC or laptop05:57
raido Secret1222 thts what cpan is for, not apt05:57
DaGeek247johnson81385 #samba might be able to help.05:57
gmachine_24you still here boy?05:58
esiriActionParsnip desktop not branded05:58
andy_bastidraZor: thanks. Looks like the list starts "deb cdrom: [Ubuntu0netbook-Remix 9.10 _Karmic Koala_ - Release i386..."05:58
=== adamruffolo is now known as ruffdog
Jordan_Unroy1: Ok, so it was just the fact that your hard drive has hardware problems that was creating issues for GParted. So while you should not trust this drive with any important data, it's probably no more dangerous to use palimpsest to modify partitions than it is to use the drive at all.05:58
gmachine_24lights, sorry, should have put in the comma05:58
andy_bastidraZor: no, I have "no write permission" at the bottom of the screen05:59
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:59
gmachine_24lighta, since I am a bit uncertain what you want, check this page http://bootdisk.com/pendrive.htm05:59
lightaok gmachine_24 , hmm05:59
gmachine_24and everything else at that web site05:59
koolhead11hello all05:59
mickster04SO, I have ubuntu installed on sda5, and windows on sda1. grub2 is also on sda1, ubuntu10.10, clean install. grub2 will not boot into windows anymore, it just loads itself up every time05:59
koolhead11any ldap guru here :P05:59
koolhead11we have some issue with it05:59
bastidraZorandy_: it appears you have messed up your /etc/apt/sources.list  :|  mixing two versions of ubuntu.06:00
Jordan_Umickster04: You accidentily installed grub to your windows partition.06:00
nroy1Jordan_U:  ok, but i'm still gonna need help adjusting the partitions.06:00
mickster04Jordan_U: clearly06:00
esiriActionParsnip sorry my english not well i mean i didnt buy present desktop .06:00
baegleJordan_U: Not finding many up-to-date posts on the topic06:00
andy_bastidraZor: that makes sense, as I was using 10.10 before I screwed this up. Any suggestions for a fix?06:00
mickster04Jordan_U: can I fix it without reinstalling windows06:00
andy_bastidraZor: and thanks for your generous help, btw.06:01
DaGeek247mickster04 the !grub command can tell you how to restore grub06:01
nroy1disk utility is seeing the primary partitions and the ext. part, but is not seeing the logical partitions inside the extended.06:01
Jordan_Umickster04: In the future, never install grub to a partition, always to the mbr. To restore the windows bootloader follow this guide: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector06:01
mickster04DaGeek247: yeah, this is a aspecial case06:01
gmachine_24Also, MS has image DLs available of its OSes - Apple heads use these along with VMWare to install Windows Apps on their precious MacBooks06:01
bastidraZorandy_: what version did you install, did you upgrade your installed version to a new version, if so, how?06:01
gnewbbeagle: And here>: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CategoryInstallation06:01
DaGeek247mickster04 special case?06:02
gaelfxhere come the fireworks06:02
mickster04DaGeek247: yeah, !grub won't help me06:02
DaGeek247hai RaNa!06:03
andy_bastidraZor: I started w/9.10, then installed upgrades as they became available through the software center. I ended up at 10.10. Then the other day, I thought I'd try xfce...06:03
kibayaevilbug is your cdrom visible in bios06:04
andy_bastidraZor: and thus began my tale of woe.06:04
raidoSecret1222: do you know how to use the cpan shell?06:04
* WhiteCrow1 hi all06:04
gnewbmickster84: There is a System Rescue CD from a few places, I saw it on distro watch that could maybe help you.06:04
Starminnandy_ So what is wrong, what do you expect to accomplish, and what is happening instead? (Just trying to make it easier for others to help)06:05
mickster04!tyab | gnewb:06:06
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:06
evilbugkibaya: why do you ask?06:06
Starminnandy_ Oh sorry you are already being helped. Disregard that. :)06:06
andy_Starminn: thanks - bastidraZor is on the case here. Thanks for your willingness to help out, though.06:06
Jordan_Ubaegle: Dowload the netinstall kernel and initrd then add an entry like this: http://pastebin.com/wrugrf7r to /etc/grub.d/40_custom then run "sudo update-grub". Then if you reboot you should see the "Ubuntu netinstaller" entry in your grub menu and you can select it and install normally.06:07
kibayaevilbug: may be it is visible set as the first boot devise but it is not active for booting06:07
kibayaevilbug: which type of machine is it06:07
evilbugkibaya: you must be confusing me, i haven't spoken about any problems.06:08
bastidraZorandy_: the pastebin i gave you, your sources.list should mirror that .. 'lucid' in the pastebin should be 'maverick' in yours. after you confirm this do a: sudo apt-get update  .. exit out of sudo bash and just use sudo .. sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list06:08
baegleJordan_U: thank you06:08
StarminnI tried setting up a PAE kernel -- upon GRUB boot it lists it as PAE, but it my machine still does not recognize the RAM it should be seeing. Any pointers?06:08
gnewbmickster04: I saw a System Rescue CD on distro watch , but then again, there is nothing like a good backup routine.06:08
Jordan_Ubaegle: You're welcome.06:08
nroy1 :'(06:08
kibayaevilbug:sorry mistaken identity06:08
Secret1222harley@Harley:~$ wine /home/harley/GNAAender.exe06:08
Secret1222wine: Install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables06:08
Secret1222how do i install it06:08
FloodBot2Secret1222: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:08
evilbugkibaya: not a problem.06:08
Secret1222for wine06:08
c_nickMy Desktop folder says 2.7GB free while GParted says 6.3GB Free how much exactly is the free space?06:09
andy_bastidraZor: I think I'm following you. So I should generate that sources list as root, alter the first line to read "maverick," then run sudo-apt-get update, then exit out of sudo bash and use sudo nano etc to see the new sources list?06:10
gaelfxc_nick: gparted says 6.3GB free for what partition?06:10
ActionParsnipc_nick: what does: df -h   say?06:11
gaelfxc_nick: if your '/' and your '/home' folders are on different partitions, then the free space will be different06:11
* ActionParsnip doesn't trust gui apps for stuff like that06:11
bastidraZorandy_: sudo will make you do things as root. the first line does not matter since it is looking for a CD.. add a # before that line. the rest of the file is the concern06:12
StarminnI tried setting up a PAE kernel -- upon GRUB boot it lists it as PAE (and boots successfully), but my machine still does not recognize the RAM it should be seeing. Any pointers?06:12
nroy1i could really use some help regarding the readjusting of the partitions... :(06:13
Starminnnroy1: Ask it again and see if anybody can help. Just say what you said earlier.06:14
gmachine_24nroy1, you've been here before?06:14
ActionParsnipc_nick: does the df-h command make things clearer?06:15
gmachine_24nroy1, I imagine everyone has already suggested gparted from a live boot disk?06:15
gmachine_24oops. sorry.06:15
nroy1Starminn:  ok06:15
d03boyI'm dumb. I am installing ubuntu server right now and I accidentally didn't install openssh. How do I go back and install it from CD?06:15
nroy1gmachine_24:  gparted is unable to seee the partitions on sdb. disk utility does06:16
gmachine_24which disk utility?06:16
nroy1i just want more space for a new ubuntu install.06:17
nroy1gmachine_24:  gnome disk utility06:17
andy_bastidraZor: I am very sorry, but I think that I misled you accidentally. The first line in the source list has a # mark in front of it, which I guess marks it as a comment? The fifth line is: "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick main restricted"06:17
gmachine_24nroy1, and what does gnome tell you?06:17
andy_bastidraZor: the first line preceded by a # is the one which mentions 9.1006:18
nroy1it is a gui partition manager, which shows all the primary partitions and the extended partition, but fails to see the logical partitions inside the extended partition.06:18
c_nickgaelfx: ActionParsnip: sorry for not getting back to you earlier.. whats df -h ? gparted says 6.3 GB free for my main disk (disk of my concern)06:19
ActionParsnipc_nick: it's a terminal command06:20
c_nickok wait i will try that06:20
ActionParsnipc_nick: don't confuse disks with partitions06:20
c_nickActionParsnip: ok df -h gives /dev/sda1 as 2.7GB free06:21
fudoghas anyone tried gparted boot off usb and found that it hangs on start up?06:22
c_nickActionParsnip:  Gparted says for the same partition /dev/sad1 as 6.33GB free06:22
gmachine_24nroy1 and you have tried the !df -h command?06:22
gmachine_24nm I see that someone suggested that.06:23
nroy1gmachine_24: bash: !df: event not found06:23
fudogis gparted iso and unetbootin not working?06:23
babaiI have manually installed the nvidia binary drivers from the .run file, how do I uninstall it now?06:24
ActionParsnipc_nick: i'd trust df personally, but thats me06:25
mobius2ckserv identify cobalts06:25
Flannelmobius2: You'll want to change that06:26
mobius2if someone really wants to vandalize my tech supprt chat box they can have it  :P06:26
mobius2greetings channel06:26
mobius2is there an alt for libopenal0a that anyone knows about?06:26
mobius2i seem to get broken and garbled sound when playing my video games :)06:26
gmachine_24nroy1, ok you need to leave the ! out of it06:27
mobius2namely a game called astromenace06:27
gmachine_24nroy1 but try this one fdisk -l /dev/xxx  where xxx is your hd as in sda and you might have to be sudo to run it06:27
c_nickActionParsnip: ok I will go with that :) 2.7 worst case 6.33 best case :)06:27
mobius2anyway it uses libopenal0a06:28
mobius2just wondering about any alternatives06:28
gmachine_24libopenal sounds dirty06:28
nroy1gmachine_24: no response to the fdisk06:28
mobius2yea it really does06:28
gmachine_24nroy1, did you try to run it prefaced by "sudo"06:29
mobius2gmachine_24,  is there anything better that I could use for sound on games with spatial 3d sound?06:29
gmachine_24mobius2, dude, no idea.06:29
nroy1gmachine_24:  YES06:29
gmachine_24nroy1 and you got no response?06:29
gmachine_24as in none?06:29
nroy1gmachine_24:  yes. and sorry for caps06:30
gmachine_24nroy1, np06:30
gmachine_24nroy1, is your drive @ /dev/sda or what?06:30
nroy1gmachine_24:  sdb06:30
gmachine_24nroy1, so sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb yields what?06:31
nroy1gmachine_24:  nothing. another prompt06:32
nroy1ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb06:32
gmachine_24it should give you info on your sda drive06:32
gmachine_24sorry, sdb06:32
nroy1well, it doesn't. :(06:33
gmachine_24this is what I get: erikm-desktop:/home/erikm# fdisk -l /dev/sda06:33
gmachine_24Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes06:33
gmachine_24255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders06:33
gmachine_24Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes06:33
gmachine_24plus another couple of lines06:34
FloodBot1gmachine_24: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
nroy1but the gnome diisk utility can see the partitions, and all the partitions are accessible from windows, and my ubuntu iis on sdb1, which is bootable06:34
gmachine_24I didn't use enter as punct... on never mind06:34
gmachine_24ok so don't get mad here............06:34
glitchdanyone know how to add an entry to grub2 to boot a cd?06:35
glitchdinstead of setting the bios to boot cd06:35
gmachine_24but.......... you've checked your /dev/sda under filesystem/dev/sdXX ?06:35
nroy1gmachine_24: my sda is fine. i just need more space for my ubuntu on /dev/sdb106:36
gmachine_24nroy1, ok06:36
gmachine_24nroy1, omg.......... you sdb partitions.... are windows partitions?06:37
glitchdcan someone answer a question for me?06:37
glitchdActionParsnip, i need to steal some knowledge from u06:37
nroy1gmachine_24: i have some ntfs primary partitions on sdb. but ubuntu is on ext406:37
suprscottdoes 10.4 have exFAT mount capabilites?06:38
tripelbabyhello is there a linux that can run on 48M of RAM????06:39
rwwtripelbaby: http://www.tinycorelinux.com/faq.html#req06:40
andy_bastidraZor: thanks for your help. I will try a few more things before giving up: "Jump off bridge (Y/n)?"06:40
andy_night all - thanks for the hospitality and good luck.06:40
gmachine_24nroy1 and when you do a live boot from Puppy Linux or something you can see sdb and the partitions?06:40
gmachine_24night andy06:40
theoshi! i need some help to auto-mount a partition at startup. i am using storage device manager. but it sets root as the owner. so i cant execute file :/ halp06:40
glitchdanyone know how to add boot cd into grub2??06:40
sacarlsonglitchd: I've added grub2 entry to just boot an iso file wouldn't that be better,  then you don't need to burn a cd06:40
tripelbabyrww the guy who's taking the win-98 compaq laptop thanks you!06:41
Blou_Aapi use ubuntu at work right, but i go home,  next morning im back at office and it seems my pc is in sleep mode, but no mouse clicking keyboard tapping would bring it back. Ubuntu crashes every ight for some reason, how can i stop this, im also getting tired of having to set up the correct resoltuion for my other monitor too when i restart06:41
glitchdsacarlson, well honestly that was gonna be my next question, id like to add both if possible. im not always gonna have the option to use an iso.06:41
theosumask and dmask must be the key? or how to edit the fstab?06:42
theosBlou_Aap, did you try ctrl+alt+f1 then ctrl+alt+f7. it should bring it back?06:42
Blou_Aapeven tried 1-706:43
theosdidnt work?06:43
Blou_Aapinope :(06:43
glitchdsacarlson, well how did u add the option to boot an iso to grub?06:43
Blou_Aapits like a sleep mode that fails06:43
nroy1gmachine_24: I AM on a live cd now. ubuntu has gparted and disk utility. du sees them , gparted doesn not.06:43
mickster04Jordan_U: it is now fixed :D you legend :D06:44
sacarlsonglitchd:  this is a start http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860406:45
mickster04Jordan_U: i am now booting back into iwndows, thanks tfor the link06:45
Jordan_Umickster04: You're welcome.06:45
=== robin is now known as Guest32166
mickster04!cookie | Jordan_U06:45
ubottuJordan_U: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:45
glitchdsacarlson, thats just adding a boot from usb to the grub06:45
theosanyone plz halp me with fstab? :)06:45
glitchdsacarlson, i was looking for more specifically boot cd or boot file on machine currently06:46
nroy1Jordan_U: can you help me with the resizing of the partitions please?06:47
sacarlsonglitchd: it's simply a manter of editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom  with your entry06:47
ActionParsnipglitchd: the xpud site shows how you can add an ISO to grub206:47
JeffCBRDoes Ubuntu include anything to check my CPU temp?06:47
glitchdsacarlson, ActionParsnip ok thx guys06:48
gmachine_24can someone pastebin theos  so he can post his fstab file please?06:48
Jordan_Unroy1: No, I don't know how to resize partitions on failing drives.06:49
gmachine_24nroy1, yes, I'm wondering the same thing - if you drive is failing.06:49
* c1truz istirahat06:49
nroy1Jordan_U: just for the time being... until i get a new drive06:49
Blou_AapIf i restart my machine i have to re-setup my ati under System>Pref>Ati Catalyst center to setup the resolution, EVERY time i restart. Kind of getting tired of this why can't it just stay on the resolution i set.06:49
gmachine_24nroy1, I would spend my time making sure I had everything backed up. Which I'm sure you do. :)06:50
twitchJeffCBR: acpi -t06:50
josefigwhat kind of hardware would work on ubuntu for controlling 12 LCD Monitors as multimonitor ?06:50
nroy1gmachine_24: i will, when i have a new large-enough drive06:51
ActionParsnipjosefig: a motherboard with a tonne of pci express slots06:51
mickster04Jordan_U: nope06:51
gmachine_24nroy1, yeah, I know. it's a pain.06:51
mickster04Jordan_U: sorry wrong nick06:51
josefigActionParsnip: haha06:51
gmachine_24I bought a slew of 1T drives a month or two ago and now they are small06:51
josefigI was reading this article: http://www.junauza.com/2010/12/50-monitor-setup-powered-by-25-node.html06:52
nroy1so, no way to move, resize partitions?06:53
Geoffrey2can anyone tell me what file I need to install to provide a Synchronize on Ubuntu One option?  I have the application installed and an account set up....06:53
gmachine_24I saw a computer a guy built to back up all his TIVO recordings ... and it was a special case with like 8 hard drives stacked.... one atop the other... this guy seriously needed a life06:53
JeffCBRtwitch: Thanks. :D06:53
twitchjosefig: wow .. that would get a bit warm though06:53
gmachine_24nroy1, not on a failing drive.06:53
Geoffrey2I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, by the way06:53
twitchJeffCBR: nps06:53
gmachine_24nroy1, do what I do. Take a hammer and electric drill to it.06:54
josefigtwitch: yes, I want to do something like that :)06:54
nroy1well, my disk actually has some important stuff, otherwise i would not be wasting my time here.06:55
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sacarlsongmachine_24: I think gparted might have also worked in nroy1's case06:57
twitchor livecd06:57
gmachine_24sacarlson, he tried gparted06:57
cbilljonesWhats the best way to convert .ape to .flac?06:57
sacarlsongmachine_24: oh didn't read back that far06:58
gmachine_24nroy1, I suppose you don't have access to ontrack tools06:58
gmachine_24sacarlson, yeah, some disk utilities won't read the partitions, etc. on his drive06:58
sacarlsongmachine_24: s/he left06:58
gmachine_24sacarlson ok thanks06:58
dubeyI am suing ubuntu 10.10 on my Acer Laptops. I am noticeing since last 15 days that, In a single day at 4-5 times my wifi connection goes down and system hangs, then i have to hard reboot. What would be the problem ?06:59
gmachine_24I've had to use Ontrack in the past. It takes FOR freakin ever ... but it does pull off your data06:59
gmachine_24you're suing them?06:59
gmachine_24oh. using. nm.06:59
baegleJordan_U: Net Install is failing on disk partition. It's failing on handling the swap partition for some reason06:59
kyosth wrong with my iptux,i can't open it for the 2nd time.is there somebody can fix it.06:59
ActionParsnipdubey: instead, restart the x server, if you are able07:00
Jordan_Ubaegle: Can you get to a terminal and run "swapoff -a"?07:00
ActionParsnipdubey: also test your ram using memtest in your grub menu07:00
twitch!info shntool | cbilljones07:00
ubottucbilljones: shntool (source: shntool): multi-purpose tool for manipulating and analyzing WAV files. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0.7-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 66 kB, installed size 264 kB07:00
dubeyActionParsnip: No, even keyboard hangs, totally dead07:00
baegleJordan_U: yup07:00
ActionParsnipdubey: does ALT+K+PrintScreen make the X server restart?07:01
twitchcbilljones: install it then use shnconv -h07:01
cbilljonestwitch ok thanks07:01
scottnychow can install xemacs on ubuntu07:01
dubeyActionParsnip: I haven't tried that07:01
sacarlsondubey: I've only seen that when  ndiswraper is used07:01
ActionParsnipdubey: didn't think so07:01
baegleJordan_U: Didn't seem to help, though. the attempt to mount failed07:01
dubeyActionParsnip: I have to try this next time07:02
Jordan_Ubaegle: When are you seeing an error about mount failing?07:02
ActionParsnipdubey: i'd test your ram too07:02
baegleJordan_U: During the disk partition step during install07:02
JeffCBRscreen is flipping out...07:02
mickster04scottnyc: sudo apt-get install?07:02
JeffCBRor putty is...07:02
dubeyActionParsnip: Using memtest ? Can i test mem during running system ?07:02
whitefirehow to boot with modeset=1?07:03
ActionParsnipdubey: no, hold shift at boot, before grub shows. You will then see the grub menu and you can choose memtest07:03
cbilljonestwitch would "shnconv -o flac *.ape" do all files?07:03
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=== am0nrahx|work is now known as THEBRODOZER|WORK
mickster04scottnyc: or software centre, or go to the wbsite and look for instructions07:04
twitch!info xemacs21 | scottnyc07:04
ubottuscottnyc: xemacs21 (source: xemacs21): highly customizable text editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 21.4.22-3.1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 16 kB, installed size 52 kB07:04
ActionParsnipdubey: you cannot memtest a running system as the ram changes may make false positives be detected07:04
mickster04!nick | THEBRODOZER|WORK07:04
ubottuTHEBRODOZER|WORK: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.07:04
dubeyActionParsnip: Ok, thanks i will try both next time when system hang, and update you07:04
ActionParsnipdubey: enjoy :)07:05
twitchcbilljones: don't know mate, give it a go but make sure you have back ups .. it might compile it all into one output07:05
cbilljonestwitch ok will do thanks07:05
scottnycok thx gor it07:05
NinjaJeffI killed screen somehow.07:06
=== NinjaJeff is now known as JeffCBR
Jordan_Ubaegle: Can you take a picture of the error as well as the partition setup screen?07:07
Geoffrey2ok, once again, I set up the Ubuntu One service in Ubuntu 10.10, and am even paying for the streaming service...problem being, there's nothing to stream, because I've never been able to discover the secret to UPLOADING anything to the cloud.....07:08
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone07:08
mickster04Geoffrey2: see above...does that help?07:09
baegleJordan_U: not really, I'm going to try from the top and see what happens07:09
NinjaJeffI tried to enable CPU Temp in byobu, and it broke.07:09
baegleJordan_U: taking it from the top appears to have resolved the issue for some reason07:10
baegleJordan_U: Thanks for being available to assist07:10
Jordan_Ubaegle: You're welcome.07:10
gmachine_24ok everyone. have a good night.07:10
Geoffrey2not really, because the site assumes it just works....if it doesn't, you're left scratching your head as to why it isn't....07:10
Blou_AapIf i restart my machine i have to re-setup my ati under System>Pref>Ati Catalyst center to setup the resolution, EVERY time i restart. Kind of getting tired of this why can't it just stay on the resolution i set.07:11
ohsixBlou_Aap: because the driver probably doesn't do xrandre07:12
mickster04Geoffrey2: what's not working? and how do you know it isn't07:12
twitchNinjaJeff: hurm check logs i guess and check if there is a current bug on it07:12
mickster04Geoffrey2: also /join #ubuntuone07:12
Blou_Aapohsix, xrandre ?07:12
Geoffrey2mickster04, is someone actually alive in there tonight?  the several times I've been in there, it's been a room of lurkers, period....07:13
ohsixBlou_Aap: xrandr, type xrandr --query in a console and see if you get any output07:13
mickster04Geoffrey2: iunno07:13
mickster04Geoffrey2: have you actually asked a question with an appropriate amount of detail, "it doesn't work" isn't really detail, what have you tried, what didn't work etc07:14
Geoffrey2mickster04, supposedly when I right click on the Music folder, I should get an option to synchronize the folder, I get no such option...07:14
Blou_Aapohsix, http://openetherpad.org/dhmj6ngilM07:15
mickster04Geoffrey2: i assume you have rebooted?07:15
mickster04Geoffrey2: is the service started?07:15
Geoffrey2hundreds of times.....trust me, this has been ongoing for...months07:15
ohsixBlou_Aap: try the Monitors applet in the preferences to set the resolution07:15
mickster04Geoffrey2: are there right-click options on the ubuntuone logo that give clues away etc?07:15
mickster04Geoffrey2: alternatively dropbox07:16
ActionParsnipdefinately dropbox :)07:16
Blou_Aapin gksudo mode ?07:16
ohsixBlou_Aap: no ... it's a user setting07:16
Blou_Aapit gives me the correct resolutions atm07:17
Blou_Aapbut you say i must try next time it's not set correctly ?07:17
Blou_Aapxorg.conf the resolution is also set correctly thats why I don't understand why I have to set the resolution after every restart07:18
ilonhow can i mount a ext3 filesystem as rw for a user?07:18
garcia_Any had any luck in synching iPod Touch 4.1 in Ubuntu? I can see the iPod within Rythmbox, and apparently I can drag/drop mp3s, but they do not sppear o nmy iPod07:18
twitchBlou_Aap: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8146023&postcount=207:18
twitchBlou_Aap: wrong person sry07:19
ohsixBlou_Aap: because if you're not using the regular applet that actually purports to do that, you're doing something else07:19
twitchGeoffrey2: give this a try http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8146023&postcount=207:19
Blou_Aapi was like what had that to do with the price of eggs ^_^07:19
Eryn_1983_FLallright peeps  i need to remove the  enrypted  disk stuff from my /home its  broen and its  cauing auisance07:19
gaelfxEryn_1983_FL: indeed, it seems to be blocking different keys on your keyboard at different times07:20
Eryn_1983_FLfunny funny07:20
Blou_Aapohsix, it's 2 monitors with different resolutions07:20
FuchsBlou_Aap: have a look at your ~/.config/monitors.xml07:20
Blou_AapI never had this problem with nvidia card before only with ati it seems07:20
ohsixBlou_Aap: you're not hearing me, use the monitor applet and it will be restored at log on07:21
ohsixBlou_Aap: nvidia's driver doesn't use xrandr07:21
Blou_Aapwow Fuchs ur on to something ^_^. it says both my monitors are on 1280x102407:21
FuchsBlou_Aap: then change it to the resolution you would like to have07:22
twitchEryn_1983_FL: follow this mate .. it's not an easy "do" http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113412107:22
Blou_Aap4 settings for 2 monitors :/07:22
gaelfxBlou_Aap: just wait til 3-d becomes common, then you have at least 9 per screen07:23
Blou_Aapgoing to try a restart and see if that did the trick07:23
twitchlol ^07:23
aminhelp for seting up a pptp vpn server plz07:24
Eryn_1983_FLi am not  esaily discouraged07:24
twitch!vpn | amin07:24
ubottuamin: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN07:24
_skplcan someone tell me how to get last-exit to play music?07:25
=== wampire__ is now known as WamPIRe__
Blou_AapFuchs, that worked thanks07:26
Fuchsno problem07:26
Blou_Aapwas grasting my tits07:26
* gaelfx wonders if he wants to know what that means07:27
aminno how to setup VPN server07:27
twitch_skpl: you just want to play last.fm?07:27
gaelfxamin: did you read what twitch sent you?07:27
aminyes it is to set up vpn connection not vpn server07:28
twitch!caps | amin07:28
ubottuamin: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:28
navinany one help me for solve the error coming in cross compilation07:28
navini am cross compiling for arm07:28
navin with host x8607:28
ohsixBlou_Aap: use the desktop settings before other applets, cuz people have put a lot of work in making the desktop settings work as they should, where those other applets need manual setup to apply your preferences when you want to, that includes at login time07:28
aminooh caps = shout excuse07:29
Fuchsohsix: the desktop settings do not work well with several proprietary drivers07:29
gaelfxamin: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-pptp-vpn-server-with-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html is this what you wanted?07:29
ohsixFuchs: those proprietary drivers (nvidia) are broken, ask them to support xrandr07:30
navinamin: do u hav any idea about cross compile07:30
twitch!openvpn | amin07:30
ubottuamin: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!07:30
Fuchsohsix: they work far better than any "free" drivers here, but I guess this is offtopic07:30
ohsixFuchs: anecdotes are really offtopic07:30
inasheenhi, anyone knows how to add menu entries completely from terminal07:31
aminhelp  PPTP vpn server and how to add account after for unti-filtering07:31
ohsixinasheen: you need to add .desktop files to .local/share/applications07:31
gaelfxsometimes I feel like I have no idea what anyone in here is talking about :(07:32
ohsixFuchs: but if you consider "working", like, working, supporting xrandr; they're broken on their face07:32
twitchamin: man openvpn07:32
aminopenvpn is great if Your local Isp Ban Openvpn port07:33
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Geoffrey2twitch, thanks, I ran through the steps, no Ubuntu One folder was even created when everything was reinstalled, and I still have no options to synchronize anything...I suspect I'll have to file a bug report, and see what they can come up with...07:34
Fuchsohsix: we can discuss this in #ubuntu-offtopic if you like.07:34
ohsixnot much to discuss07:34
gaelfxamin: pretty sure if you check the man pages, you'll see how to change the port07:34
twitchamin: configure it to run on a different port ..07:34
Guest37553I have installed ubuntu netbook 10.10 on my asus netbook and when i want to change the appearance effects it does not allow me to shows mutter is running cannot change effects07:35
Guest37553please help07:35
twitchGeoffrey2: wow really ... yeah i guess yo will have too mate :(07:35
amintwitch: is it possible to install pptp and open vpn on one server07:35
twitchamin: pptp is an auth method07:36
aminopenvpn is also too isn't it?07:36
ChuI'm having problems upgrading from Ubuntu 10.04 to Maverick07:37
vadimkiselevWhats episode of the it crowd is the best?07:37
ChuCould someone help me?07:37
twitch!ask | Chu07:38
ubottuChu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:38
KB1JWQ!ot | vadimkiselev07:38
ubottuvadimkiselev: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:38
vadimkiselev<ubottu> thanks07:38
ChuOkay. Hello, I'm having problems upgrading from Lucid to Maverick. I've copied the required files and compressed them for analyses. Could someone help me?07:39
KB1JWQChu: Define problems.07:39
gaelfxChu: What method are you using for upgrading?07:40
ChuI'm using the same method: update manager. I'm unable to Upgrade07:40
ChuIf you'd like, I could send in the files07:40
gaelfxChu what does it say when you try to upgrade?07:40
Chu"An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade: E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages."07:41
ChuI've even tried removing every package not provided by Ubuntu, and yet no luck07:42
lanksis it possible to use the hash symbol '#' inside a config file as part of a value rather than the start of a comment?07:42
Jordan_Ulanks: It depends on the syntax of the config file.07:42
cdbslanks: for that, use \#07:43
raidolanks: yes, it depends what program is parsing the config file07:43
cdbslanks: that escapes the hash and you can use it as part of a value/key07:43
ChuWould you like to see the log files? The error asked me to copy them just in case07:43
lanksok thanks07:43
ActionParsnipLanks: I'd say not. The guys in #bash may know different07:43
gaelfxChu: if you pastebin them, sure07:43
ChuUm, I have no idea what pastebin is07:44
Jordan_UActionParsnip: It's certainly possible in bash.07:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:44
ActionParsnipJordan_U: apparently so. Personally I wouldn't and stick to the KISS ideology07:45
ChuHere you go07:45
ChuThat's from Main.log07:46
ohsixlanks: they're preserved in here documents, and they're documented in the man page07:46
gaelfxChu: well, I'll tell you how I upgraded. I just used a LiveUSB and installed over my old '/' partition and mounted the same '/home' without formating it07:49
gaelfxChu: of course, with that method, you have to reinstall anything special you might have had, but that probably won't be an issue for you07:50
Chugaelfx: I see. I don't mind reinstalling the software, but unfortunately It'll take ages for me to redownload the ISO. I was hoping for an upgrade method.07:50
ohsixChu: you can make sure nothing is pinned, purge any ppa's then look for conflicts in what's left07:51
crlcan81I don't know what I did to my GPG signatures, but whenever I try to reload to check for updated packages, or when I add new package sources and reload for them, I get a GPG error: http://mirrors.cavecreek.net maverick Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2GPG as well as six or eight other GPG errors.07:51
gaelfxChu: even with bittorrent?07:51
Jordan_UChu: It usually takes more bandwidth to upgrade than to download the latest iso and re-install.07:52
ohsixthat message is what you get when the upgrader can't find a solution with the dependencies07:52
ChuAh, how do I do that? I have disabled Ubuntu Tweak from the software center, but I don't know what else07:52
crlcan81in synaptic it gives me those errors via gui, in terminal it just says there's errors you may need to update your..07:52
ChuSoftware sources*07:52
crlcan81how do I fix that though? it didn't happen until after I added a more learning focused Ubuntu tweaker.07:53
crlcan81Didn't actually change any of the gpgs or software sources other then adding to.07:53
Chugaelfx: Even Torrents wouldn't help. It says it'll take over 2 hours. I'm downloading via direct method, since it'd be faster.07:53
gaelfxI guess we have different ideas about what "ages" means07:54
crlcan81Hate when I screw things up.07:54
Tweakyhi everyone. bought a new pc, came with windows 7................ trying to get to the bios screen (hp laptop) to enable the cd drive to boot first so i can install ubuntu, it doesnt even give me text saying press f10 or anything to enter bios mode just goes straight to loading windows. any idea how i can get around this so i can install ubuntu already :/07:54
gaelfxcrlcan81: have you tried disabling all the ppa's or whatever? Maybe if you write them down and re-add them, things will be ok07:55
crlcan81you know how many of those I have..?07:55
twitchTweaky: from boot keep spaming f12 or del07:55
ohsixTweaky: if theres no bios you can try holding C, or pressing f9; it depends on the bios what brings up the menu, hitting escape just after it boots might show the actual boot screen and key combos too07:56
gaelfxTweaky: if you google for your particular model, you should be able to find out which key to press to get into the BIOS on startup, then make sure you change the settings to display the POST screen in the future07:56
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
gaelfxcrlcan81: you know how easy it is for those to screw up your GPG signatures?07:56
ActionParsnipChu: if your packages are weird, try the large command block I suggested here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/14634807:56
ActionParsnipTweaky: try F1107:57
ActionParsnipcrlcan81: please see above07:58
ActionParsnipChu: sorry bad tab07:58
suprscottDoes 10.4 have the ability to mount USB drives formatted as exFAT?07:58
gaelfxI hate how Windows 7 notebooks are all preconfigured to keep you from knowing the BIOS exists. I want UEFI dagnabits07:58
crlcan81which part of above?07:58
crlcan81your command block part?07:58
gaelfxcrlcan81: he was talking to someone else07:59
ActionParsnipcrlcan81: yes07:59
Tweakyi have tried every key i cannot get to the bios.... question: if i format the hard drive will this give me access?07:59
ChuTweaky: Try ESC key07:59
gaelfxTweaky: no. What model is your computer?07:59
Tweakyhp pavillion dv5-2129wm08:00
Jordan_Ugaelfx: UEFI can be just as bad, in fact in my experience [U]EFI implementations have been more annoying than BIOS ones far more often than not. <3 OpenFirmware though.08:00
Tweakyi have tried escape, all f keys, and del, during startup08:00
Jason1Hey all. Can someone give me some advice about a network connectivity issue?08:00
ActionParsnipTweaky: as long as Cd is a boot option, yes. I suggest you find your manual to see which button you need08:00
ActionParsnipJason1: ask away08:01
ohsixTweaky: that machine should have the insyde uefi bios, f9 for boot menu, f10 for bios; hitting escape at first splash will show the boot messages08:01
gaelfxJordan_U: this is probably true, but at least with UEFI, there is some hope of it growing in any way08:01
osmosis_paulMorning, somebody know where is the error or this query??08:01
osmosis_paulssh -i /home/ubuntu/.ssh/booster_aws.pem ubuntu@REMOTE_MACHINE mysql -uweb -pweb -e "PURGE BINARY LOGS BEFORE  '2011-02-18 13:23';"08:01
crlcan81what's bin/bzip2/ returned 'Error Code 2' mean?08:02
Jason1ActionParsnip: thanks man. Someone else on another channel just jumped in.08:02
osmosis_paulif i execute that query local in the machine works\08:02
crlcan81well, returned an error code (2) actually08:02
Tweakyohsix : i just want to access the bios screen so i can change to cd drive as first boot to install ubuntu ><08:02
ActionParsniposmosis_paul: surely aski08:02
osmosis_paulbut when i try remotely does not works08:02
osmosis_paulActionParsnip, what?08:03
ActionParsnipNg in #sql would be wiser, osmosis_paul08:03
crlcan81because I did what was listed in the text block, and still got the same error.08:03
osmosis_paulthe mysql sentence works if i use in the local machine08:03
osmosis_paulbut if i use as a ssh command dont, so the problem is ssh08:03
crlcan81It's not that the GPG key isn't available, it's that it doesn't exist, anymore.08:04
ActionParsniposmosis_paul: do you have ssh keys setup?08:04
osmosis_paulActionParsnip, yes, i can connect by ssh, the most funny thing is that the response is the command option of mysql like if i dont execute correctly the command08:05
osmosis_paulbut as i told you if execute that command without the ssh stuffs in the local machine works08:05
osmosis_paulis wierd08:05
ActionParsniposmosis_paul: have you asked in #ssh too (or a channel for ssh)08:06
osmosis_paulActionParsnip, dont know that exist thanks!08:07
ActionParsniposmosis_paul: its worth a try08:07
=== eugene is now known as Guest6983
gaelfxTweaky: There should eb a manual here that tells you how to get into BIOS: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=101&contentType=SupportManual&docIndexId=64255&prodSeriesId=4210545&prodTypeId=321957#408:09
gaelfxapologies about the spammy link folks08:09
Tweakythank you08:09
gaelfxplease lodge any complaints with the good folks at HP08:09
Tweakylol yeah08:10
ActionParsnipYeah hp don't make pretty urls08:10
_skplrww: hi08:10
rww_skpl: hi08:11
_skplwhat's up?08:11
Jason1Hey there. Can someone give me some advice about a network connectivity issue?08:11
rww_skpl: not the size of #ubuntu's ban list ;P08:11
gaelfxJason1: describe your issue and we'll give it a shot ;)08:11
Jason1configured opendns this morning and now a connection doesn't last longer than about 20 minutes. Have to restart or at least put the computer to sleep.08:13
gaelfxTweaky: looks like you need to hold the ESC key as you turn the laptop on08:13
Tweakygaelfx : ok, will try08:13
kisukeok is any one else having trouble with nividia-current?08:15
Tweakyi guess the issue is that its totally skipping the post screen08:16
mickster04!details | kisuke08:16
ubottukisuke: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:17
crlcan81Well it's corrected on the 'can't recognize' part, but now software sources and the rest says I have duplicate entries. How do I remove copies of the same software sources?08:17
nallideHi guys08:18
gaelfxTweaky: well, there really ought to be a way around that though, I had a lot of trouble with my netbook at first, but eventually I got it08:18
gaelfxcrlcan81: 'Software Sources' under Administration08:18
kisukemickster04: im tring to be, its not cooperating.08:18
gaelfxcrlcan81: oops, or in Synaptic Package Manager08:18
nallideIs it possible to extract XML from PDF, like Adobe08:19
gaelfxcrlcan81: in Synaptic, it's Settings -> Repositories08:19
gaelfxI have no idea why they chose to hide Software Sources in 10.1008:20
Tweakygaelfx: yeah i need to figure out how to get the post screen up so i can edit the bios since it doesnt try to auto boot from cd.. i cant stand this windows garbage! lol08:20
crlcan81Witch part though? in Ubuntu software tab, other software, updates?08:20
kisukeok let me phrase that, has any one tried to install nvidia-current and gotten a dmesg full of "NVRM:rm_init_adapter(0) failed"?08:21
mickster04kisuke: you didn't tell us anything about your problem08:21
mickster04kisuke: better08:21
gaelfxcrlcan81: "Other"08:21
kisukemickster04: i had to dig out a keyboard to drop to a shell08:21
theoshi all! i am not able to connect to my wireless modem after i restarted my system. can i get some help? :)08:22
crlcan81all the extra ppas are disabled, only things active are conical and independent third party.08:22
mickster04theos: have you turned it on?08:22
theosmickster04, yes its turned on08:23
gaelfxcrlcan81: you might also check under "Authentication" to see if it has any keys duped08:23
mickster04theos: my point is we need more details, what have you tried doing08:23
crlcan81once I let sudo apt-get update run.08:23
crlcan81to double check08:23
theosmickster04, ok. dmesg shows "[  890.920773] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready"08:24
mickster04theos: good , now see if anyone can help08:24
mickster04wait and see*08:25
gaelfxtheos: could you pastebin 'ifconfig' or 'iwconfig'08:25
theosthe network manager applet is not searching for wireless networks this time :/08:25
theosgaelfx, do you need the wlan0 part of both? or whole?08:25
twitchtheos: pastebin "lspci -v"08:25
gaelfxtheos: just wlan is fine, but whatever's easiest08:26
crlcan81as far as I can tell, no, no duped keys.08:26
theosok i will pastbin it . just a moment :)08:26
gaelfxcrlcan81: then I have no idea what it's talking about when it says you have dupes :P08:27
gaelfxsorry, wish I were more helpful08:27
crlcan81that's alright, I think I DO know what it is, but no clue HOW it happened.08:27
* gaelfx lulls08:31
mickster04wow, did i just fall off the end of the planet08:32
EvilPhoenixmickster04:  ?08:32
gaelfxif you did, you'd probably end up where I am08:32
mickster04it just went really quiet08:32
EvilPhoenixmickster04:  that sometimes happens08:32
theostwitch, gaelfx http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=FwruN3Ts08:33
twitchtheos: what ubuntu are you running?08:34
theosthe network manager applet is also missing most of the time. i have to put my laptop to sleep to get it back08:34
Tweakythank you everyone who tried to help me, i think i will just take the pc into a shop and pay them to install it then it will be fine. thank you all very much for trying08:34
Lintwhich program work with .in files?08:35
theostwitch, its lucid (10.04)08:35
gaelfxtheos: did you try just adding it back to the panel by right-click and Add to panel...?08:35
theosgaelfx, i couldnt find it there. so cant add :(08:35
gaelfxTweaky: apologies about not figuring it out!08:35
navinany one help me in cross compile of webkit for arm08:35
Tweakygaelfx : thank you!08:36
gaelfxtheos: oh, that's my bad :P08:36
navinmoritz:will you solve the error of cross compile08:36
gaelfxI didn't check that before I said it08:36
twitchtheos: uname -a08:36
theostwitch, Linux illusionist 2.6.32-25-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 19:48:22 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux08:37
theosdoes it show that i messed up with the kernel before restarting? :D08:37
gaelfxtheos: you said it worked before, right?08:38
theosyes. perfectly well :)08:38
twitchtheos: i have the same chipset as you in a lappy i dont use ... either get maverick or update kernel though external drives etc usb etc08:38
denayviawutmihi, is there anyway someone can create interference on wifi bands? 2.4 GHZ08:38
gaelfxtheos: you could try installing backports-compat-wireless package?08:38
theosok thanks twitch . i just wanted to find the reason why it doesnt work just after 1 restart. i didnt change anything08:39
gaelfxdenayviawutmi: really big magnets?08:39
sacarlsontheos: I suspect it's a network manager thing.  maybe try wicd08:39
theosoh lemme try thanks :)08:39
kisukedenayviawutmi: some wireless telephones, and some ham equiptment08:39
denayviawutmigaelfx: will it affect 5GHZ bands too? i have came to the conclusion that my connection was due to the band08:40
navinmake: Leaving directory `/home/navin/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Release/WebCore'08:40
navinFailed to generate WebCore's derived sources!08:40
navin get the error when cross compile for arm08:40
navinany sol plz?08:40
gaelfxdenayviawutmi: sorry, that was meant as something of a joke. I don't really know08:40
sacarlsontheos: also is your network encrypted? from this it would apear not08:40
boota2hello, guys08:40
boota2anyone understatnds bind9 and dns?08:40
theossacarlson, no. its not encrypted. it used to work 30 mins ago. i restarted the system and it cant find any wireless devices now :(08:41
navinboota2:what u want to ask about dns?08:41
denayviawutmikisuke: i have replace an old router 2.4GHZ with a new dualband one.. when it was 2.4 same problems arose... when i use 5GHZ no slow network.. even if 5GHZ signals suck alot..08:41
theosthe network manager applet says "device not managed" does that help?08:41
mickster04!ot | boota208:42
ubottuboota2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:42
sacarlsontheos: well as we see in iwconfig and ifconfig they are seen,  I assume you mean wlan008:42
gaelfxwhat's the command to scan wireless in terminal?08:42
boota2navin: i want you to ask me about it. i've got job interview about it today08:42
mickster04!ot | boota208:42
denayviawutmikisuke: thats why i say someone might be messing w/my wifi 2.4GHZ connection and would like to know how can one do it.. i have googled and googled with not much luck08:43
sacarlsontheos: the other funny thing is that wlan0 already has an ip address maybe you configured static or manualy in /etc/network/interfaces ?08:43
navinboota2:for that google is always for u08:43
boota2navin: it's not the same, and you do understand it. anyways, already google in parallel08:43
theossacarlson, hehe. yeah i only did "ifconfig wlan0 up" :D08:44
boota2*i already08:44
navinBelea:do u hav any idea about cross compile08:44
Lintnavin, try #gcc08:44
mickster04navin: i am not sure that is entirely ubuntu related either08:44
navinmickster64: i am doing cross compilation...do u hav any idea about it08:45
twitchtheos: u pastebin it yet?08:46
twitchtheos: sry u did .. ok gimme a min08:46
theostwitch, sorry. what should i pastebin?08:46
theosit used to show "default" before in the network connections. then connected to default. pppoeconf would find the modem then and connection was easy08:47
twitchtheos: sry doing a few atm :P .. like i said prolly install maverick instead of lucid08:47
lone_wolfIIcould someone please tell me how I can attempt to reinstall the folder sharing program and service on ubuntu 10.10?08:48
lone_wolfIII'm currently getting the following error:08:48
lone_wolfII 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot create tmp file /var/lib/samba/usershares/:tmpX907JI08:48
mickster04navin: i'm pretty sure thats not ubuntu support08:49
theostwitch, i wanted to stick to the lts. maveric must be good too. i just found it funny that just 1 restart can mess with the system :)08:49
mickster04navin: like Lint suggesteded #gcc or find an arm dev channe;l08:49
crlcan81Finally figured out the problem.  At least it was a learning experience.08:50
haagaHello. I have a machine with 2 NICs with UFW enabled. When i look in kern.log my logs is full with Feb 22 08:41:19 www kernel: [1804669.103704] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=XX:XX:XX:XX SRC=XX.XXX.XXX.XX DST= LEN=52 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=59 ID=19534 PROTO=TCP SPT=35564 DPT=80 WINDOW=1032 RES=0x00 ACK FIN URGP=0. This is my UFW status: http://pastebin.com/fkxXbd4408:50
haagaIs there a reason for this be blocked?08:50
twitchtheos: imho marerick is better than lucid but each to their own .. whats "dmesg |grep -i wlan" say?08:51
theostwitch, 3 events with --> [  890.920773] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready08:52
sacarlsonhaaga: from what I see there,  you don't need a ufw running at all,  all you need do is turn off applications that listen on ports you don't need08:52
haagasacarlson: Well, turning it of a always an option08:53
navinmickster04:i got the following error when i build webkit for arm as cross compile...mickster04>08:54
someonelikemehello: when i connect my cellphone sony ericsson w300i networkmanager does not respond. i am on 10.10 64bit. it worked fine on 8.04 32bit... how can i fix this08:54
twitchtheos: to get it working there posts advising how to fix intel 5100/5300 AGN cards but like i said goto maverick it will fix it .. btw 11.04 will be out in 2 months :P08:54
navin'import site' failed; use -v for traceback08:54
navinTraceback (most recent call last):08:54
navin  File "/home/navin/WebKit/Source/WebCore/html/parser/create-html-entity-table", line 30, in <module>08:54
navin    import csv08:54
navinImportError: No module named csv08:54
FloodBot2navin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
navinmake: *** [generated/HTMLEntityTable.cpp] Error 108:54
PriyankHi I am new to linux, and want to install it, but need help ?08:55
gaelfxare you asking or telling?08:55
PriyankI am unable to figure out drives?08:55
theostwitch, oh thanks :)08:55
farciarz84hi, how many parallel sftp connections the ssh server can handle?08:56
PriyankI have to drives of same size D: / and G:/08:56
navinFloodBot2:what is your problem08:56
PriyankBut i want to install on G:/ , but linux setup dont show like it08:56
NinjaJeff'night, all.08:56
theosPriyank, you want to install ubuntu? we call them partitions in linux. different names like sda1 etc08:56
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lone_wolfIIcan someone tell me how to reinstall the samba client?08:57
Priyanktheos:  so how do i figure out my partision08:57
someonelikemewhen i connect my cellphone sony ericsson w300i networkmanager does not respond. i am on 10.10 64bit. it worked fine on 8.04 32bit... how can i fix this08:57
theosPriyank, use the ubuntu livecd. open gparted. it will show all your drives/partitions. you can find out which is D: or G: by looking at their sizes etc08:58
Priyanksizes are exactly same08:58
gaelfxon a side note, is there a reason that the default install doesn't put '/' and '/home' on separate partitions?08:59
theosPriyank, then open the folders/partitions in ubuntu and match the data. you know which drive has which data.08:59
syn-ackgaelfx, It's not that "common" of an option, though it ought to be09:00
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: via wifi or bluetooth?09:00
Priyanktheos:  So you mean to say that , While setup I will be able to view contents09:00
someonelikemegaelfx: ?09:00
theosnavin, dont paste so many lines. use pastebin.com :)09:01
someonelikemegaelfx: i want to use the phone a a modem09:01
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: are you connecting to the phone using bluetooth or wifi?09:01
sacarlsonPriyank: you can mount each partition and look inside at the files to determine what might be your g: disk09:01
someonelikemegaelfx: a sorry USB it is09:02
theosPriyank, no. you can use the livecd before installing ubuntu. its like using ubuntu and enjoying it without installing.09:02
PriyankThats what i am doing right now09:02
PriyankI am try Ubuntu09:02
sacarlsonPriyank: oh yes as theos: said you will have to boot a cd first to look inside your disks09:02
PriyankI am on try Ubuntu09:02
theosPriyank, great then. go to menu>places>home09:02
Priyankwait i check !!09:03
someonelikemegaelfx: in ubuntu 8.04 i just connected the phone throug usb and a was on net.. now NM does not see the phone'09:03
theosPriyank, you can see a list of mounted and unmounted partitions on the left side panel. they are your drives09:03
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: hang on09:04
gaelfx!cn | xinxin09:04
ubottuxinxin: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk09:04
PriyankIts is not showing the new empty partition I had created09:04
PriyankIt was 10 gb blank one09:04
someonelikemegaelfx: ok, tnx09:04
navintheos:thanks for your kind information09:04
xinxinthis is my first time use unbutu09:05
sacarlsontheos: did you try this for your wlan0  device  sudo iwlist wlan0 scan  to see if it see's your access point?09:05
Priyanktheos:  It is not showing me the partition I had created esp. for UBUNTU , It was a NTFS 10 gb09:06
navinPriynka:where u get problem?09:06
theosxinxin, ni hao ma :)  您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn (i hope thats correct)09:06
PriyankIts Priyank dear09:06
sacarlsonPriyank: can you pastebin us what you see with sudo fdisk -l ?09:06
Priyanknavin:  I am unable to figure out my drive09:07
twitch!torrent > amin09:07
ubottuamin, please see my private message09:07
twitch!p2p > amin09:07
naiveuserhey guys i need help with maverick..........09:07
Priyanksacarlson:  how to do that, I am a Newbie09:07
naiveuserhey help me too.... please... syslog has error09:07
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: can you pastebin 'lsusb'?09:07
vega-!ask |naiveuser09:08
sacarlson!paste | Priyank09:08
ubottunaiveuser: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:08
ubottuPriyank: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:08
navinPriyank:use magicdrive for this09:08
naiveuserinstall is failed several times... i dont understand the error09:08
twitch!p2p > amin09:08
ubottuamin, please see my private message09:08
gaelfxnaiveuser: pastebin the error please09:08
Priyanknavin:  magidisk on UBUNTU09:09
theosPriyank, you can open menu>system>administrator>gparted it shows you your all partitions. :)09:09
Priyanktheos:  wait , btw thanks09:09
twitchtheos: use "!cn | username"09:10
naiveuserguys help me out here.. i cant boot........09:11
navinPriyanka:yes dear this will work for Ubuntu also with the help of wine09:11
hagiorπαιδιά ξέρει κανείς πώς μπορώ να κατεβάσω το  ITunes?09:11
theosPriyank, alternatively you can go to menu>places>computer it shows you your mounted partitions09:11
gaelfxnaiveuser: how did you try to install?09:11
Priyanktheos:  yes it is there, its /dev/sda609:11
theostwitch, thanks09:11
naiveusergael i am trying it through usb loader09:11
PriyankBut it is nested in other partition, so is there any problem09:11
theosPriyank, ok good. so you can open it and verify. remember the name /dev/sda6. you have to use it while installing ubuntu.09:12
gaelfxnaiveuser: and what does the error say?09:12
shal3rClient is telling me that his server is configured to mirror data on both hard drives. Am i right that it's using only SDA drive? http://pastebin.com/eJ6gtYD809:12
shal3r# cat /proc/mdstat \ Personalities : \ unused devices: <none>09:12
Priyanktheos:  thanks a lot dear:))09:12
hagiorhello do you know how to download and install iTunes for Ubuntu?09:12
theosPriyank, you can assign a small partition as swap too if you like :)09:12
gaelfx!rs | hagior09:13
ubottuhagior: Molimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.09:13
naiveuseri dint understand.. it installed almost and then one error window popped up...09:13
jess_I want to change my netbook visual effects but it does not let me09:13
DJones!itunes | hagior09:13
ubottuhagior: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee09:13
jess_it says09:13
Priyanktheos:  How09:13
jess_mutter is running cannot switch to other visual effects09:13
vega-naiveuser: nobody is going to be able to help you if you don't give the error. it has been asked for several times now09:13
gaelfxhagior: you should check out wine09:13
hagiorI have wine09:13
theosPriyank, use gparted. you can make new partitions, delete them. increase or decrease their size , label them etc using gparted09:13
naiveusercan i check out the error again through some log files..??09:13
vega-naiveuser: "help, error, fix my problem" is NOT very informative09:13
gaelfxhagior: I'm not sure about how well iTunes works with it, but you can check the appdb on their site09:14
naiveuservega can i use syslog?09:14
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hagiorooo ok09:14
hagiorthank you09:14
theosPriyank, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq09:14
jess_hello can i get some help?09:15
blagis there an easy way with grep to output the rest of a file after a matched line?09:15
gaelfxjess_: with what preciesly?09:15
jess_with monitor visual effects09:15
anonimcan somebody help me with a little script please09:15
arupjoin #csp cention09:15
anonimhow can i detect a sd card if it is ro or rw?09:15
gaelfxjess_: go on...09:15
anonimhow can i detect a sd card if it is ro or rw sau i can mounted manualy?09:15
jess_I cannot switch from normal effects to other effects it says mutter is running09:16
jess_and the visual effects now is set to none09:16
naiveuserI had a different error then.. but now when i am trying to install it gies this: ubi-partman failed with exit code 1009:16
theossacarlson, "iwlist wlan0 scan" gives http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=gF7rg6uv09:16
Priyanktheos:  When i selected /dev/sda6 to install it says   "No root file system is defined.Please correct this from the partitioning menu."09:16
jess_and I cannot change it i'm running ubuntu netbook10.1009:16
jess_pls help09:17
someonelikemegaelfx: http://pastebin.com/TTNqFUkr09:17
theosPriyank, you should format the partition to fat32 or ext3 or 4. ubuntu doesnt like ntfs much :)09:17
someonelikemegaelfx: seems phone not present09:17
gaelfxjess_: well, I don't think you can use desktop effects with mutter running, so you either should 'stop' mutter or uninstall it09:17
naiveuserpriyank:you should select a free space for that..09:17
twitch!info vnc | amin09:17
ubottuamin: Package vnc does not exist in maverick09:17
Priyanktheos:  i try it09:18
twitch!vnc > amin09:18
ubottuamin, please see my private message09:18
Bipul`HOw can i know which kernel  source i am  using now ?09:18
jess_gaelfx: and if i do so will i be able to use the effects?09:18
naiveuserguys help me too error:ubi partman failed code 1009:18
pguhi whatz new with ubuntu, i happen to installed ubuntu  10.10 meravick around 6-8 months back ever since then im left chasing with ubuntu news, is there any new ?09:19
gaelfxjess_: I'm not too sure, but it seems there's only one way to find out09:19
jess_gaelfx: how?09:19
naiveuserERror:ubi partman failed code 1009:19
gaelfxnaiveuser: you are trying to install using wubi?09:19
twitchnaiveuser: you got windows still bootable .. if so scan your hdd for badsectors etc09:19
Priyanktheos:  I try it, i will be back later, btw thanks a lot09:19
pgui was using virtualbox 3.2 , now 4.04 has come up .............using virtualbox 4.04  but its over all new to me now09:19
theosPriyank, np :)09:19
naiveuserI just got a new HDD09:19
gaelfxjess_: stop mutter and try again, or uninstall it, restart and then try again09:20
naiveuserno errors...09:20
gaelfxok, fine two ways :P09:20
jess_ok thanks let me try09:20
jess_thank you09:20
naiveuserI am installing in dual boot mode by usb stick09:20
theossomeone got pissed off? :D09:20
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: is the phone set up to be a modem right now? have you tried connecting it in mass storage mode?09:21
cyclobshey guys, need a bit of help installing a nic onto my server09:21
naiveuserubi partman failed code 1009:21
theossacarlson, you there? :)09:21
someonelikemegaelfx: i did not try that yet09:21
twitchnaiveuser: more fool you ... "new hard drive i have no bad sectors" ... hurm ?09:21
naiveusertwitch:what do u mean by that09:22
twitchnaiveuser: how do you know it doesn't ?09:22
twitchnaiveuser: becuase it's new .. giggle09:22
naiveuseri checked it in vista before installing09:22
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: if it recognizes it in storage mode, then it's a driver issue, if not, it's probably hardware09:22
shutznew hdd's can have bad sectors as well...09:22
someonelikemegaelfx: now i tried and it still does not appear in lsmod or in browser09:23
twitchnaiveuser: ohhh vista ... ohh ok ... lolzr09:23
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: have you tried putting it in a different socket?09:23
naiveusertwitch: whattt is it... i am totally a beginner.. help09:23
Bipul`Any one tell me which kernel version i am using now ? is there any command to know about it09:23
glitchddoes anyone know how to modify grub2/burg to add an entry to boot from cdrom??09:23
gaelfx(I might be going to hell for saying that)09:23
someonelikemegaelfx: yes09:23
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: have you tried it in a different computer?09:24
twitchnaiveuser: are you using a livecd to install ... if so .. use disk chek09:24
someonelikemegaelfx: yes, but not recently09:24
cyclobsokay need help installing this http://dusted.dk/?view=Sundance-Technology-Inc-IC-Plus-IP1000-Family-Gigabit-Ethernet-driver onto a server kernal for ubuntu 10,1009:24
naiveuserI downloaded super os 10.10 x64 version ... booting it through USB stick09:24
gaelfxsomeonelikeme: well, you should try that again sometime soon09:24
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naiveuserhow can I check errors on HDD by ubuntu??09:25
someonelikemegaelfx: ok thanks09:25
twitchnaiveuser: when the boot menu comes up ... check disk09:25
amitany adventerious game in ubuntu s/w centre like alien arena ?09:25
Bipul`amit Try IGI -2 ;)09:25
gaelfxnaiveuser: System -> Administration -> Disk Utility09:25
amitis it in ubuntu s/w centre09:25
naiveusertwitch:i just get usuntu install menu09:25
glitchdno one knows how to add boot cd to grub??09:26
naiveusertwitch:how to go about this disk utility??09:26
amitBipul: i think igi is not in s/w centre?09:26
gaelfxamit: search for it and see09:26
amithave searched09:26
twitchnaiveuser: so on boot you dont get a menu for 5-10 sec's?09:27
amitbut it is not in s/w centre09:27
naiveusergael:cant understand this utility09:27
theoshmm how can i make the system search for wireless devices?09:27
naiveusertwitch:no it doesnot boot to any.. so i use ubuntu usb installer stick09:27
gaelfxtheos: iwconfig09:28
amitgaelfx:IGI-2 is not in s/w centre09:28
theosgaelfx, wlan0     IEEE 802.11abgn  ESSID:off/any09:28
twitchnaiveuser: yeah and when it goes to the USB it doesnt give you a menu to boot from memtest etc etc09:28
gaelfxamit: there is a whole section in s/w center for games, I would imagine any that are available would be there09:28
amitgalefx: ubuntu is not providing more good games09:29
naiveusertwitch:no i just see ubuntu options.09:29
gaelfxamit: tried nexuiz? it's pretty decent I think09:29
naiveusergael:disk utility benchmark error: deamon inhibited09:29
twitchnaiveuser: what ubuntu options09:29
naiveusertwitch:for trying or installing09:30
amitnexuiz: ok i will09:30
twitchnaiveuser: did u buy or self install the usb stick09:30
sogeking99hey guys, will ubuntu work ok with this laptop? http://www.ebuyer.com/product/23773909:30
naiveuseri did a self install by using unetbootin.09:31
duncan_amit: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/10.10 stumbled across it today might be worth flicking thru09:32
naiveuserdisk utility gave up error... what to do now???09:32
dante2hey guys, will ubuntu will ever become a rolling release09:33
gaelfxsogeking99: sheesh, the longest list in there is the software! Looks fine though, usually Asus laptops work pretty well with ubuntu09:33
twitchnaiveuser: did you see what errors or just GUI errors09:33
gaelfxamit: no prob09:33
naiveuserit said deamon inhibited09:33
twitchon boot or install?09:33
naiveuseri tried benchmarking test again.. same error:deamon inhibited09:33
kevin_naiveuser: sudo killall udisk09:34
dante2does anybody know if ubuntu will become a rolling release ?09:34
naiveusertwitch: I tried disk utility in "trying" menu09:34
sogeking99thanks gaelfx, yeah it will all be uninstalled when it gets to me, postal force better come!09:34
twitchdante2: reallyhave you looked at release dates09:34
Priyanktheos:  hi, are u their09:34
naiveuserkevin: what is that?09:34
kevin_run it in terminal09:34
theosPriyank, yes :)09:34
kevin_what are u trying to do?09:35
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dante2twitch: I mean I dont want to wait every 6 month for updates, I am using arch and gentoo which have rolling release09:35
naiveuserkevin:udisk: no process found09:35
Priyanktheos:  I am still getting same error even on fat3209:35
gaelfxdante2: it sure seems like it won't, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. If you want the latest of a certain program, chances are there's a PPA that has it09:35
theosPriyank, which error?09:36
Corey-NeedHelpHello i need some help, Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?09:36
Corey-NeedHelpim trying to get my touchpad scroll gesture thing to work09:36
twitch!release | dante209:36
ubottudante2: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases09:36
twitchdante2: updates come out all the time depending on performance / security / sys resc09:37
naiveuserno help :(09:37
twitchdante2: per release .. as long as it is supported09:37
dante2gaelfx: sure but I want an os that keeps it self online, not like windows where you have to update every singel program09:37
naiveuserinstaller gives error:ubi partman code 1009:37
YankDownUnderCorey-NeedHelp, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160365709:38
twitchnaiveuser: so u r sitting in boot menu usb drive and cannot proceed?09:38
kevin_does anyone know where to find touchpad settings...? they're not found in mouse09:38
naiveuseri am in "trying ubuntu mode" tahts how i can use this chat09:38
YankDownUnderkevin_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160365709:38
naiveusertwitch: i did the benchmark read test on hard disk. nothing strange.09:39
Corey-NeedHelpthanks YankDownUnder09:39
dante2where can you read the reason why its good that ubuntu is not a rolling release ?09:39
YankDownUnderCorey-NeedHelp, Coolbeans09:39
theosanybody knows where the network connections files are stored?09:39
YankDownUnderdante2, http://www.ubuntu.com09:39
dante2even opensuse has it09:39
YankDownUnderUbuntu is Ubuntu. OpenSuSE is OpenSuSE.09:40
joaopintoand opensuse is not a rolling release either :)09:40
joaopintoyou can use ppa's or getdeb to make ubuntu "rolling"09:40
dante2YankDownUnder: do you have an exact link where you can read why its good not to be a rolling release ?09:40
Secret1222As you did not allow me to connect to the internet you need to supply a valid CPAN URL now.09:40
twitchnaiveuser: ohhh you benchmarking sry .. i cna only help with getting you to install/fix :P09:41
YankDownUnderjoaopinto, Yes - just have to read up on it.09:41
sogeking99if i make 3 partitions ('/' 'swap' 'home') can i change to another linux OS without affecting my data?09:41
dante2joaopinto: do you have a link with a tutorial ?09:41
Secret1222what do i put down for that09:41
YankDownUnderdante2, If you're not able to dig through the Ubuntu site, mate, I really can't help ya.09:41
jattsogeking99: yes09:41
Secret1222As you did not allow me to connect to the internet you need to supply a valid CPAN URL now.09:41
Secret1222what do i use for the url?09:41
Lintsogeking99, if you'll be careful09:41
sogeking99careful of what?09:42
naiveusertwitch: help in that... I got error ubi-partman failed code exit 1009:42
joaopintoYankDownUnder, dante2 , there is no such statement about rolling releases, there are common sense problems related to rolling releases, you should be able to find some information about it on forums, etc09:42
=== Corey is now known as Corey-needhelp
overcluckersogeking99: as long as you don't have an encrypted home, you can use it dirty. . .09:43
Corey-needhelpYankDownUnder, the pointing device's program wouldn't work, and for the comment by Slyon "And setting desktop->gnome->peripherals->touchpad->scroll_method to 2 in gconf-editor did the magic for me!09:43
Corey-needhelp" what does he mean09:43
joaopintodante2, not a tutorial, learn about ppa's and getdeb, there are plenty of resources on the web for that :)09:43
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.09:43
twitchnaiveuser: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1498417 .. have a read and try .. i'm off bro09:44
depeszit seems I can't uninstall java. when I remove sun-java6 - openjdk is installed. and when I remove openjdk - sun-java is installed. how can I check why is that, and get rid of java altogether?09:44
kevin_sogeking99: you shouldnt have much problems.. except home stores more than just data09:45
theoslooks like wicd foind it. brb. thanks everyone :)09:46
twitchnaiveuser: sounds like parts ain't going right wrong space/location/format09:46
twitch!es | ALEJANDRO09:47
ubottuALEJANDRO: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:47
pc07Hola grego09:48
pc07eseee gregooo09:48
twitchsuddup dora's :P09:48
alumno_tu vieja09:49
pc12la del niñoooo09:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:49
pc12placa placa09:49
pc12el niño09:49
pc12es un pupitaaaa09:50
eubeyi have an install of ispconfig 3 on an ubuntu operating system that in the systemlog says that is making a new connectio  to pure-ftpd every 5 minutes then immediately logging out, is that a sign of some sort of security hole or is that normal?09:51
twitcheubey: shouldn't it be .. localhost09:52
recoil_I want to have different wallpapers for my workspaces, i already searched a lot but the only solutions seems to let compiz draw the wallpapers and disabling that for nautilus, but conky would gat disabled to, any other workarounds?09:52
eubeyyeah sry typo, twiitch09:52
eubeyi have an install of ispconfig 3 on an ubuntu operating system that in the systemlog says that is making a new connectio  to pure-ftpd every 5 minutes then immediately logging out, is that a sign of some sort of security hole or is that normal?09:53
twitch!ot | recoil_09:53
ubotturecoil_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:53
aphrekhi all09:53
recoil_why is this ot?09:53
theoswicd works. it scans my modem. i dont know what happened to network manager applet :/09:53
ZykoticK9_recoil_, i don't think conky would be disabled (if it's transparent, it might not show the right background)09:54
twitcheubey: error .. not secruity .. you main secruity hole is running an "app" that trys to control your deamons .... install them direct and config them direct09:54
sacarlsontheos: cool deal09:54
theosthanks :)09:54
theosdonno what borked network manager though :D09:55
recoil_well then i have a different problem compiz doesnt draw the background for some reason and i see all the windows and animations in it as i move them around09:55
twitchwicd ... aint that kde .. ? ..09:55
jussiHow do I format/partition a usb hd from the command line?'09:55
theosit works :D09:55
recoil_jussi: man format09:56
tdhfox21Hi everyone - got a some questions regarding setting up a 2 node HA virtual server environment09:56
tdhfox21anyone up to the job of assisting?09:57
eubeytwitch, first server I've configured via SSH, basically just glad it can run PHP/sql and host several domains without fucking up. Just making sure that error wasn't someone just messing with my files or something09:57
recoil_!ask | tdhfox2109:57
ubottutdhfox21: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:57
Priyanktheos:  Sorry for long disconnection09:57
jussirecoil_: jussi@warhawk:~$ man format09:58
jussiNo manual entry for format09:58
theosPriyank, its ok :) did you manage to install ubuntu? what was the error09:58
twitchjussi: you cant do it from gui?09:58
theosgparted for gui :)09:58
jussitheos: no09:58
llutzjussi: man mkfs09:58
jussitwitch: no09:58
Priyanktheos:  No still unable....09:58
silverlightningI gave up on Ubuntu for my laptop, it was to large and resource taking,09:58
Ademandoes anyone know how I can write raw bytes to a CD-R ? everything, including the sector information is already in my data, I'd dd it if I could, but I've been told that doesn't work for CD writers09:58
twitch!fdisk | jussi09:58
silverlightningI have installed lubuntu and it seems to work better09:59
tdhfox21anyone here have enterprise cloud setup experience?09:59
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recoil_!ask | tdhfox2109:59
ubottutdhfox21: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:59
silverlightningdoes anyone know if the Cerelon M processor just doesn't go well with Ubuntu at all, and a duo core 2 would have better drivers in ubuntu?10:00
twitchjussi: are u in ubuntu or windows wtc10:01
silverlightningI notice that package manager and update manger runs much lighter in lubuntu10:01
sacarlson1Priyank: you should just delete that 10gb partition you planed to use and let ubuntu pick the format that will default to ext410:01
tdhfox21I am looking for assistance with enterprise cloud configs10:01
jussitwitch: given this is a ubuntu support channel, Im in ubuntu.10:01
mikebeechamjust did a update-manager -d and notice that 11.04 is available.  Is it adviseable to download yet?10:02
tdhfox21In particular HA for virtual machines10:02
recoil_jussi: why is format missing??? its installed by default10:02
twitchjussi: u wouldn't believe other questions that's all10:02
DJonesmikebeecham: I wouldn't yet unless you're willing to test bugs, its still in Alpha, you'd be better asking in #ubuntu+1 though if you can test it10:02
mikebeechamDJones, ahhh didnt realise that10:03
mikebeechamthanks dude10:03
sacarlson1mikebeecham: It's not really ready full of bugs,  but it also depends on what you plan to do with it.  also you might be lucky with your hardware with it10:03
mikebeechamsacarlson1, Ubuntu is my day-to-day machine, and have now managed to transition my kids onto it...so I better not mess with it until it's ready10:03
mikebeechamit'll ruin their homework life, etc10:04
twitch!msg | jussi10:05
ubottujussi: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:05
jussitwitch: ?10:05
Priyanktheos:  It says http://img818.imageshack.us/i/screenshotgj.png/10:05
twitchsry ... was for another10:05
twitchtabbed wrong10:05
Priyanktheos:  It says http://img818.imageshack.us/i/screenshotgj.png/10:06
twitch!msg | recoil_10:06
ubotturecoil_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:06
sacarlson1Priyank: for one thing you can't run ubuntu from fat32,  just delete that partition and let ubuntu default to ext410:07
sacarlson1Priyank: with the partition deleted ubuntu will assume you want to install it there and just let the defaults guide you10:08
Priyanksacarlson1: Can I delete it using GParted10:08
sacarlson1Priyank: yes10:08
PriyankOkay I try It10:09
Tito0096Anyone know why gparded adds letters to my lable change?10:09
theosPriyank, use manual install. dont go for automatic10:09
Priyanktheos:  how10:10
Tito0096I try and name something "Titos SD" and it adds random letters10:10
sacarlson1theos: Priyank: if you choose manual partition then use ext4 and setup a swap partition the size of your ram size10:11
theosPriyank, oh you are already there. format the partition to ext3 or 4. and choose "/" as mount point10:11
PriyankI have 4gb10:11
sacarlson1Priyank: you will also be required to manualy select the root partiton location10:11
theosyou had 10gb partition?10:11
theosPriyank, you can add more space to your partitions. decrease the size of unwanted partitions. eg. windows partitions :P10:12
PriyankOkay I try using manual method :D:D10:13
Tito0096theos, is there a manual way to change partition labels via the terminal?10:13
theosyou should make partitions before installing. use gparted10:13
Tito0096I am getting really frustrated with gparted adding random letterings after the labe i want10:14
mevvis  I am human and have read and agree to the terms of service.10:14
sacarlson1Tito0096: if you need to use a terminal you can use fdisk of cfdisk but be warned you would probly loose all data in the partition if you do10:15
Tito0096not worried about data10:15
Tito0096what would be the command?10:16
theosTito0096, or you can try fstab. there are many utilities. whats your filesystem?10:16
Tito0096hmm the filesystem i am on is nfts and the one i want to format the sd to is fat3210:16
Tito0096and the mount point is /dev/sdg110:16
theosTito0096, try out e2label or tune2fs10:17
Tito0096what would i enter in the terminal?10:17
Tito0096(its a 16gb card space avaliable 14.93gb)10:17
theosTito0096, sudo mlabel -i <device> ::<label>10:18
allooshHello, does anybody know how to fix the php problem (not being parsed)? this really need to be patched.10:19
Tito0096theos this is what returns10:19
Tito0096tito@Tito-MintBox ~ $ sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdg1 ::Titos SD10:19
Tito0096[sudo] password for tito:10:19
Tito0096Mtools version 4.0.12, dated November 3rd, 200910:19
Tito0096Usage: mlabel [-vscVn] [-N serial] drive:10:19
FloodBot2Tito0096: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:19
theosTito0096, first format the partition to the desired filesystem.10:20
Tito0096its at fat3210:20
Zeu5hi there, i was told that there is a pdf GUI editor called pdfedit10:20
Tito0096already, and formatted10:21
Zeu5i installed it via synaptic but i cannot find the GUI version of it in the Menus10:21
Zeu5please advise10:21
=== WHiZ is now known as NayanShah
dnivraZeu5: try pressing "Alt+F2" and type in "pdfedit" in there.10:21
theosTito0096, what does this give "sudo mlabel -i <device> -s ::"10:22
=== NayanShah is now known as Nayan_Shah
Tito0096tito@Tito-MintBox ~ $ sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdg1 -s ::10:22
Tito0096 Volume label is TITOS SDú10:22
Tito0096gparted added an extra character10:22
Zeu5dnivra: it works10:22
Zeu5but how do i get it to show up in the menus10:22
theosTito0096, so it worked :)10:23
Tito0096no that was what gparted did10:23
AxlinZeu5: look under the "graphics" menu10:23
Tito0096gparted kept adding extra characters10:23
Axlinshould be called "PDF Editor"10:23
Zeu5Axlin: oops. its there. i thought its under Office10:24
Zeu5thanks Axlin and dnivra10:24
Tito0096theos I couldnt get the label to apply with the terminal command it just kept showing the fuctions mlabel did10:24
Tito0096tito@Tito-MintBox ~ $ sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdg1 :: Titos SD10:24
Tito0096Mtools version 4.0.12, dated November 3rd, 200910:24
Tito0096Usage: mlabel [-vscVn] [-N serial] drive:10:24
theosTito0096, try sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdg1 ::"Titos SD" if that works10:24
Tito0096that seemed to work10:25
Tito0096leme mount10:25
theosuse blkid10:25
sacarlson1Tito0096: what even will see the label of your disk?  everything I see on my screen is just directory names10:25
Tito0096nope. . it named it as "TITOS SD4"10:25
Tito0096why does it add extra characters!!10:25
theosTito0096, it doesnt take spaces. use titos_sd10:26
Tito0096leme try that10:26
sacarlson1Tito0096: I think your right I see names in Places so I think I'm wrong10:26
Tito0096the under score trick worked10:26
Tito0096its good enough10:26
Tito0096but i would like a space lol10:26
theossacarlson1, yeah you see labels instead of boring sda123 :)10:26
Tito0096sacarlson1 I checked gparted to make sure it was /dev/sdg1 that was being labeld and not my HDD10:27
Tito0096the thing i dont understand though is that using a drive that was previously formatted in windows with the name "Media Drive" has no problems10:28
Tito0096why wouldn't it accept spaces now?10:28
Ademandoes anyone know how I can write raw bytes to a CD-R ? everything, including the sector information is already in my data, I'd dd it if I could, but I've been told that doesn't work for CD writers10:31
lone_wolfIIhey guys, i'm attempting to set up a samba server on my ubuntu 10.10 machine. i've installed samba but there's no configuration files in /etc/samba. what do i need to do in order to get a configuration file in there?10:32
erUSULAdeman: see if cdrdao can do what you want. but i doubt it10:32
lone_wolfIIapt-get suggested that i install the following packages10:33
lone_wolfIIopenbsd-inetd inet-superserver smbldap-tools ldb-tools10:33
lone_wolfIIshould i do it?10:33
llutzAdeman: maybe "readcd" (which also can write cds) from cdrtools10:34
Miri28fHello, I've installed Ubuntu on my new laptop "HP 620" and for some reason the wireless not working, any idea?10:35
boreksiema. co tam?10:36
erUSULMiri28f: what wireless chip does the mchine have?10:36
erUSULMiri28f: lspci | grep -i inet10:36
erUSULMiri28f: lspci | grep -i net10:36
erUSULMiri28f: sorry first one has a typo10:37
WamPIRe__Miri28f: and check hardware button for wireless if you have it10:37
theosturn on your wireless modem too10:37
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: it might just work if you try nautilus and right click on the dir you want to share and select share10:38
AxlinMiri28f:  here's a forum thread for you. at the end, somebody posts a link which they say solved their problem. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158452510:38
Miri28ferUSUL:RaLink RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe10:39
lone_wolfIIyeah i have no idea why, but that option isn't on the context menu when i select a folder10:39
lone_wolfIIi tried reinstalling samba, i got this error:10:40
lone_wolfIIsmbd start/running, process 308010:40
lone_wolfIIstart: Job failed to start10:40
theoslone_wolfII, right click folder > properties>share tab10:40
sacarlson1Miri28f: most ralink work out of the box,  try sudo iwconfig  and see if it can be seen10:40
lone_wolfIIlol there's no share tab either10:40
lone_wolfIIany ideas?10:41
lone_wolfIIdo i need to reinstall some package?10:41
kholis1hi, how ubuntu automount usb storage? where can i get the udev rules?10:41
theoslone_wolfII, menu>system>preferences>personal file sharing10:41
lone_wolfIIhaha, nothing called personal file sharing in preferences10:42
theosMiri28f, try "ifconfig wlan0 up" it worked for me. donno about you10:42
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: make sure you have install  sudo apt-get install nautilus-share10:43
lone_wolfIIwill try that, thanks10:43
Miri28ftheos:SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy10:43
lone_wolfIIlooks like i didn't have nautilus-share10:43
sacarlson1Miri28f: it looks good so best install wicd10:44
lone_wolfIIwill i need to log out, log in?10:44
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: I'm not sure10:44
theosMiri28f, hmm install wicd. "apt-get install wicd-daemon"10:44
insanity99hey guys how do i make it so windows is default boot option instead10:44
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: i'll give it a go, i assume it adds the context menu item?10:45
theosMiri28f, i had the same issues. wicd solved them :)10:45
insanity99of ubuntu, like after 5 seconds just boots to windows10:45
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: can't hurt to try10:45
llutzinsanity99: edit /etc/default/grub10:45
=== denny- is now known as denny
llutzinsanity99: sudo nano /etc/default/grub    change line "GRUB_DEFAULT=0" to whatever entry your win is10:46
theosinsanity99, terminal> type sudo gedit  /etc/default/grub10:46
llutzinsanity99: sudo update-grub after it10:46
=== root is now known as Netw0rkBug
insanity99not certain what number windows is, is last one on list10:47
lone_wolfIIokay so partial success, i have the context menu item but when i select "Create Share" it gives the error:10:48
lone_wolfIISamba's testparm returned error 1: Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf10:48
llutzinsanity99: grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg        count the results starting with 010:48
lone_wolfIIrlimit_max: rlimit_max (1024) below minimum Windows limit (16384)10:48
lone_wolfIIparams.c:OpenConfFile() - Unable to open configuration file "/etc/samba/smb.conf":10:48
lone_wolfIINo such file or directory10:48
FloodBot2lone_wolfII: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:48
lone_wolfIImy /etc/samba contains no files10:49
lone_wolfIIso how can i get pristine samba config files?10:49
llutzinsanity99: or:         grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg  |wc -l      and let GRUB_DEFAULT=  the given number-110:49
insanity99neil@neil-P5Q:~$ grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:49
insanity99menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os {10:49
insanity99menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic (recovery mode)' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os {10:49
insanity99menuentry "Memory test (memtest86+)" {10:49
insanity99menuentry "Memory test (memtest86+, serial console 115200)" {10:49
FloodBot2insanity99: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:49
mix22891hello, how do i change my login password ?10:49
llutzmix22891: login, "passwd"10:50
insanity99so i want default value 4?10:50
lone_wolfIImix22891: System -> Administration -> Users and Groups10:50
llutzinsanity99: if there are 5 lines, yes10:50
lone_wolfIImix22891: Then select the third change... button10:51
Netw0rkBughow can i add10:51
Netw0rkBugnetwork manager10:51
Netw0rkBugto panel :S10:51
insanity99ok thanks, if this is wrong will it course boot issues?10:51
theosNetw0rkBug, you cant. use wicd10:51
Netw0rkBugwhat is wicd10:51
llutzinsanity99: it shouldn't10:51
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: is everything intalled? sudo apt-get install samba samba-common 10:51
Netw0rkBugi removed panel with network manager10:51
theosNetw0rkBug, "apt-get install wicd-daemon"10:52
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: i'll try it10:52
insanity99sorry how do i save from ternimal?10:52
mix22891<lone_wolfII> thank you10:52
Netw0rkBugbtw i have mint :)10:52
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: both are installed :(10:52
orbitNetw0rkBug nm-applet10:52
lone_wolfIImix22891: nps10:52
insanity99i entered 4 but dont know how to save10:53
Netw0rkBugwhere is nm-applet10:53
Netw0rkBugthere is no at add to panel10:53
orbitjust hit alt+F2 and type in nm-applet10:53
orbitshould start it in your panel10:54
lone_wolfIIsurely there must be some way to reset a particular package so that it redownloads a pristine copy of the config files, bin files etc.10:54
Pumpkin-I think you want apt-get purge <package>10:54
insanity99llutz how do i save those changes?10:55
lone_wolfIIPumpkin-: thanks :D10:55
Netw0rkBugorbit no :(10:55
Netw0rkBugthere is no10:55
llutzinsanity99: ctrl-x10:55
brachiosaurushaving an issue with new install of maverick meerkat (netbook), don't know what on earth to search for, but basically the computer won't do anything unless i'm either holding the spacebar (or any other key) or moving the mouse... soon as i stop doing either of those it pretty much freezes... any ideas?10:55
orbitNetwo0rkBug: i apologize then because that is how i start it in LXDE.10:56
Netw0rkBugnever mind10:56
llutzinsanity99: sudo update-grub      then10:57
theosbrachiosaurus, boot ubuntu without startup screen. and see the errors10:57
theosbrachiosaurus, maybe your keyboard and mouse freeze? you can do ctrl+alt+f1 then ctrl+alt+f7 if it works10:59
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: yes there is you can --purge11:00
lone_wolfIIguys, i just want to say thanks a lot. purging and reinstalling samba and samba-common along with nautilus-share did the trick11:00
lone_wolfIIthanks for your patience :D11:00
Pumpkin-cool :)11:00
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: apt-get remove --purge samba samba-common; apt-get install samba samba-common11:00
brachiosaurusok, thanks. i'll give it a go. it was a problem the whole way through the install...11:01
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: yeah that one worked :D11:01
ray_I wanted to learn how to remove ubuntu from a hard drive that has 2 versions of ubuntu installed on it. So I decided to try it out and learn how to do it. How is it done?11:01
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: now the only issue is that i can only access the top level of the folder11:01
ray_I have no worry of losing data, as all my info is backed up11:01
lone_wolfIIany ideas on what i need to do in order to allow the permissions to all folders in the hierarchy?11:02
ray_What's the name of the folder?11:02
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: you may also have more problems if you try to share files in an ntfs file system11:02
ray_I know some commands that can help him out maybe11:03
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: it's on my ubuntu partition which is set up to whatever the default is (ie not ntfs)11:04
ray_sudo chown -R username /the/path/to/thefolder  sudo chgrp -R username /the/path/to/thefolder   sudo chgrp -R username /the/path/to/thefolder  find /the/path/to/thefolder -type f -exec chmod 640 \{} \; find /the/path/to/thefolder -type d -exec chmod 750 \{} \;11:04
ray_oops sorry11:05
ray_I will be back11:05
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: nautilus>properties>permision>apply permisions to enclosed files or ...11:05
llutzray_: shorter "sudo chown -R username:groupname /the/path/to/thefolder "  no extra chgrp needed11:06
brachiosaurustheos: naw that didn't really do anything11:06
brachiosaurusno errors on boot either11:06
ray_ha ha, ya, I was pasting from a text file I haven't used in a little11:07
ray_I modified it first though11:07
immyim tinkering around with netstat but can't figure out how to lookup the hostname of
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: worked like a charm, so the permissions don't propagate when selecting "share folder" which is a shame :(11:08
sacarlson1ray_: I'm not sure what you are atempting to do, but can't you just use gparted and reformat the disk that has the now uneeded install of ubuntu?11:08
Pumpkin-host <ip> (for the DNS reverse entry for it)11:08
llutzimmy: host
Pumpkin-whois <ip> (for what might be more useful information that you actually want) :)11:08
immywhat does nxdomain mean?11:09
sacarlson1lone_wolfII: cool11:09
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llutzimmy: not-existing-domain11:09
lone_wolfIIsacarlson1: thanks again for helping me out :D11:09
immywell i know it is google11:09
llutzimmy: google, but not assigned to an official hostname11:10
ray_I am just trying to learn. I can just as easily re-install Ubuntu 10.04 instead, but for fun I wanted to learn how to remove one and leave the other which I just set up to do. I don't know what the proper way is so I can't argue whether what you are suggesting is the best way. I should just Google it for a while. There are so many answers on Google it's crazy11:11
immywhen i do dig google.com it comes up in the answer section...11:11
immyi think i understand11:11
sacarlson1ray_: well for one I would need to see like sudo fdisk -l ; to get an idea of the locations of each;  then just to delete all in the root of the disk should be as easy as sudo rm -r /path/to/delete/11:13
immyactually i don't... if i run 'host google.com' that ip address pops up among others... so why doesn't 'host ip' resolve back to google.com?11:13
sacarlson1immy: google.com might be a bad example to play with in this case since google will redirect you depending on your location on the planet11:17
MOTOPtuka is be11:19
MOTOP :D11:19
FloodBot2MOTOP: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
Jonii^So, I have my hd partition table all messed up11:19
ray_What about opening the other half by the gui by going to place, and right below where it says computer it is there just like when a flash drive is there. Then open, then the mounted part of the hard drive with pop up on the desktop then I can right click it and format it?11:19
ray_Just something I thought of11:20
Jordan_UJonii^: Messed up how?11:20
AdemanerUSUL: thanks (sorry for the lag)11:20
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ray_I have nothing to worry about if things go wrong. I have everything backed up on another hard drive11:21
ray_And I have DBAN on a disc11:22
sacarlson1ray_: well to format a disk I think it can't be mounted11:22
ray_OK, so the Disk Utility then11:22
sacarlson1ray_: there are also other ways to test ideas like this by doing them in a virtualbox so you don't damage a working system11:23
ray_OK, now I see how that thing is layed out11:23
ray_I didn't see it before.11:23
sacarlson1ray_:  to see what you are now using you can see with the command mount  that will show what drives are mounted to what directory11:24
ray_I haven't tried a virtual system yet. It's something someone suggested for doing something else I asked abou recently11:24
ray_OK, but how do I see this by size also in the terminal in GB? I made the installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron have 20 GB and the rest for this install.11:26
sacarlson1ray_: virtualbox is cool you can play with toys you don't even have yet,  like raid systems that need 6 hard disk to try,  even though you don't have the disks yet you can setup a virtual system to test it11:26
mix22891hello. how do i enter as a root in terminal ?11:27
erUSUL!rootshell | mix2289111:27
ubottumix22891: Using !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)11:27
erUSUL!sudo | mix2289111:27
ubottumix22891: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:27
ray_When I want to move files I do gksudo nautilus11:28
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sacarlson1ray_: you should take a look at gparted,  it will display what is mounted and the size of each partition and enable you to format if needed11:28
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mix22891<erUSUL> thank you11:29
ray_OK, so GPart needs to be installed I am guessing?, which is no problem to me.11:29
brachiosaurusman... not liking Maverick11:29
brachiosaurusnothing seems to want to work :/11:29
DesertFox1You can download a   live disk and use it11:29
sacarlson1ray_: it was default installed but maybe needs install in later versions,  there is also a disk utility that might have replaced it11:30
YankDownUndersodapanda, /join #ubuntu-cn11:30
bazhang!cn | sodapanda11:30
ubottusodapanda: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:30
DesertFox1gparted I believe is installed on all ubuntu distros but like carlson  not sure about later   modeeels11:31
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: want to add some detail to your problems?11:31
brachiosaurusat the moment: computer stops doing anything if i stop using the mouse or keyboard11:32
BrokerHi Everyone11:32
Jordan_U!cn | Guest1880811:32
ubottuGuest18808: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:32
brachiosaurusit won't boot unless i'm holding spacebar (tried booting without the splash screen, no errors, just nothing happens until i do stuff on the keyboard)11:32
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: well that sounds normal if I don't move my mouse or keybourd my system seems to stay the same11:33
immyi'm running dm-crypt with full disk encryption and I'd like to backup my data - can you recommend a programme? if i need to restore will encryption pose a problem?11:33
Broker Hi11:33
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: you sure your just not waiting long enuf?  try reset go take a leak and come back and see what you see11:35
brachiosaurusyes. hours.11:35
sodapandahate Cn?11:35
brachiosaurusbut then the second i press the spacebar it continues to boot11:35
brachiosauruslet it go, it stops11:35
DesertFox1When I installed backtrack on my system I was unable to use the  mouse with the gui, and my keyboard double types characters as well on occasion but never had any issue with the  keyboard while using the gui. I would probably try to find the device drivers and install them  using the  CLI11:35
bazhangsodapanda, no, it's english only here. chinese in #ubuntu-cn11:36
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bazhangDesertFox1, check the backtrack support channel then11:36
bazhang!backtrack > DesertFox111:36
ubottuDesertFox1, please see my private message11:36
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: strange,  must be a usb keyboard?11:36
DesertFox1no I dont have the issue any longer11:36
brachiosaurussacarlson1: nope, on my netbook11:36
DesertFox1just stating I had a  issue like the other  ussser11:37
brachiosaurusit's super weird. don't have a clue how to search for the issue. feeling like it's too much hassle11:37
DesertFox1The funny thing is  I had no issue using it in Virtual Box11:37
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: sounds like you have text on at boot can't you see at what points it stops?11:38
DesertFox1You could use VM ware and troubleshoot the issue11:38
DesertFox1hit f211:38
brachiosaurussacarlson1: naw. i booted without the splash, it stops on just about every line, but isn't prompting for anything11:38
DesertFox1what fails11:39
brachiosaurusDesertFox1: me?11:39
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: I'm sure you didn't setup encryption,  I'm clueless11:39
brachiosaurusnothing fails, it just doesn't do anything unless i'm holding the spacebar down. it's mental11:39
brachiosaurussacarlson1: it was doing it during installation as well, would stop doing anything if i stopped moving the mouse...11:40
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DesertFox1Try hitting F2 when it boots and see what fails11:40
brachiosaurusDesertFox1: booted without splash. nothing fails.11:40
Gunnii have this laptop running ubuntu 10.10, how can i make it remember i want the screen brightness always to be 100%, the battery is broken so it never can run without being plugged in. So i want it to kind of "think" it's a pc. :P11:41
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: so does it finally boot up and work normal then?11:41
brachiosaurussacarlson1: kind of. boots up but still stops doing stuff if i'm not moving the mouse.11:41
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: sounds like some custom kernel with added debug or something11:41
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: try another kernel if posible11:41
brachiosaurusthere's nothing custom? it's a straight Maverick netbook edition install11:42
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psycho_oreos!cn| Guest5496611:42
ubottuGuest54966: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk11:42
Sinisteranyone know why when i open a program its not on top it goes to the bar on the bottom anyone know how to fix ?11:42
DesertFox1Are you using the ubuntu 10.10? A buddy of mine had a   similar issue11:42
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: oh take a look at /var/log/system and see what can be found there also11:42
DesertFox1He has a dell netbook11:42
brachiosaurusDesertFox1: yes, 10.10 - this is a toshiba nb200 if it makes a difference to you11:43
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brachiosaurussacarlson1: /var/log/system doesn't exist11:44
brachiosaurusmaybe /var/log/syslog?11:44
ariwighi, after installing the ttf-mscorefonts i cant find any arial, or other microsoft core fonts? im using ubuntu lucid lynx11:44
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: yes syslog11:44
jukhow to pull package plus it's deps from /var/cache/apt/archives *properly*11:46
jukso called *common* way11:46
Gunniusing aptitude?11:47
bazhangjuk, for aptoncd?11:47
brachiosaurussacarlson1: nothing noteworthy there...11:47
jukbazhang: no, lets say in a lesser scale11:48
bazhangjuk, could you clarify please11:48
jukbazhang: like in 20M range11:49
bazhangjuk, wanting to install some package offline?11:49
jukbazhang: yes, i thought there's some wheel aleady been made, for this purpose11:50
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: well there are a few other logs to check like Xorg.0.log but if nothing seen in syslog I'm not sure you will see much else11:51
bazhanghttp://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ juk11:51
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: what kernel are you running?  uname -a  to find out11:52
NET||abusehey there folks, i'm in desperate need of help, I need to to work on a macro in OpenOffice (3.2 on ubuntu 10.04) that connects to mysql to do some queries. but the mysql connector for openoffice won't work :(11:53
bazhangNET||abuse, try #openoffice.org11:53
brachiosaurussacarlson1: doesn't look like anything weird in the Xorg log, although my webcam is being registered as a keyboard apparently... lol11:54
jukbazhang: yes, download will download whole list?11:54
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: oh wow that sounds like a problem try disable the webcam in your bios11:54
etfbSometimes, when I click on a menu and open a submenu, the menu doesn't come up, or the shadow around the menu appears but the text doesn't.  Sometimes the shadow stays there until I xkill it.  Does anyone else get this behaviour?11:55
FACCIADICAZZOtihs is a blul shitt11:56
bazhangFACCIADICAZZO, no cursing11:56
jukbazhang: is it perl or python where's the script, so i can do it from my apt archives11:56
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:56
sodapanda2what's wrong?11:56
FACCIADICAZZOexscuse me but i'm really neurvous becous my linux doesn't work well11:57
jukbazhang: ah, nevermind, looks like php11:57
brachiosaurussacarlson1: can't :/11:57
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: why not?11:57
brachiosaurussacarlson1: no option :P stupid laptop11:57
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: it's built in isn't it?11:57
ray_I now have 20 GB of allocated free space11:58
brachiosaurussacarlson1: yup. just a not helpfup bios ftw11:58
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: never heard of a device that's built in that can't be disabled from bios but ok must be a way to do it in xorg.conf then11:58
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: I don't even recall how to auto create a xorg.conf file11:59
sodapandaI think I have been stuck11:59
brachiosaurussacarlson1: where is xorg.conf in 10.10? it's not in /etc/X11 ?12:00
brachiosaurusi tried it about 15 mins ago... can't remember what i used but it wasn't terribly effective (nothing happened :P)12:00
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: well to start this isn't one but yes that's were you will put it /etc/X11/xorg.conf  with this http://www.osguides.net/operation-systems/217-how-to-create-xorgconf-in-ubuntu-910.html12:01
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sacarlson1brachiosaurus: but after it creates it you will have to figure out how to modify it so that webcam won't become a keyboard12:01
LogicallyDashingI made a custom install CD out of the 10.04.2 i386 desktop CD. I booted the CD in a virtual machine (kvm) and it seemed to work. Then I used that disc image to make a USB bootdisk... and instead of booting it says: "vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image". What?12:02
brachiosaurussacarlson1: ty. i'm not sure the issue is in X though, seeing it happens during boot before X is loaded :/12:02
sacarlson1LogicallyDashing: well what did you use to install the image to a usb disk?12:03
LogicallyDashingsacarlson1: Startup Disk Creator, in Kubuntu12:03
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: ya sounds like the keyboard problem starts early on12:04
LogicallyDashingsacarlson1: The startup disk creator was on a different machine than what I used to make the image so I guess that might be a thing, the Kubuntu machine is 64 bit...12:04
cutiyarJordan_U, hello did u fix the undelflv script?12:04
sacarlson1LogicallyDashing: well that sounds like it should have worked as long as it's a ubuntu destro iso file12:05
jukany idea how i pull pack + deps from apt archives?12:05
LogicallyDashingjuk: by installing like normal?12:05
LogicallyDashingjuk: if you want to download the packages and NOT install them, Synaptic has a checkbox for that, the packages will end up in /var/cache/apt/archives12:06
jukLogicallyDashing: aren't you smart, you think i didn't think of that in the first place12:06
jribjuk: what do you want to accomplish, i.e. once you have these packages, what do you want to do with them?12:06
sacarlson1LogicallyDashing: I think I found your problem http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-mint-84/trying-to-boot-linux-mint-9-from-usb-flash-drive-vesamenu-c32-not-a-com32r-image-829397/12:06
jukjrib: move to offline machine and install in deps order12:07
jribjuk: have you explored your options in the !offline factoid?12:08
LjLjuk: why doesn't what LogicallyDashing said work?12:08
jukjrib: doing :/12:08
jukLjL: because like you php script it generates list, which is no use, when hell lot of deps12:09
brachiosaurussacarlson1: naw no help... i don't think i'm going to resolve this one...12:09
brachiosaurusthanks though12:09
surialHow do I figure out with (aptitutde) why something has been auto-installed? I'm trying to remove all signs of the GUI (currently xfce) and neither apt-get remove xfce4 nor xubuntu-desktop is doing the trick (neither is installed).12:10
LjLjuk: why? just do "dpkg -i *.deb" and it'll sort things out automatically, always did for me...12:10
jukjrib: it says will generate download list, but it's offline machine i need to move on, and if it would online i would bother doing...12:11
jribjuk: right, so you download on a machine that is online, then copy to the offline machine and do what LjL said12:11
dnivrahello. I would like to know is the file /etc/lsb-release created by installing of some application or is it existent by default?12:11
jukLjL: ah, i didn't know :/12:11
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: well find out what driver it uses for the cam and just delete it from the kernel,  then it can't even try to use it as a keyboard12:12
jribdnivra: base-files seems to own it12:12
jribdnivra: (installed by default)12:12
jukjrib: fare enough, thanks12:12
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: you might see with sudo lshw12:12
surialOkay, looking at the sheer number of packages explicitly installed (no A in aptitude search), I don't think apt-get remove (anything) is the appropriate way to turn an ubuntu install back to a command-line only version. WHat is the right way?12:12
brachiosaurussacarlson1: it's not the problem i think. just tested and the cam works fine anyway.12:12
jribsurial: apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop (for example) and then apt-get autoremove12:12
sacarlson1brachiosaurus: oh ok, ya could be something totaly different cuasing the problem12:13
surialjrib: ubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop, xfce4 all not installed.12:13
jribsurial: but they were at some point?12:13
dnivrajrib: installed by default good-that's what I wanted to know. but something else too-is it dynamically created? cos I extracted the file lsb-base.deb and i didn't find the file in the /etc folder inside it.12:13
surialjrib: No. And yet when this machine boots, I see a gdm login and if I do, xfce.12:13
cutiyarJordan_U, the script will work in firefox?12:13
surialgdm also is installed according to aptitude.12:13
jribsurial: so how did you install xfce, what packages did you install?12:13
brachiosaurussacarlson1: i think so. anyway, bedtime. thanks for the help. bye12:14
surialjrib: Fairly sure xubuntu-desktop, but I guess not.12:14
jribsurial: why do you guess not?12:14
surialBecause apt-get -s remove xubuntu-desktop says: Package not installed.12:14
jribsurial: sure you didn't remove it earlier?12:14
surialPossibly. But the system still boots into a gdm login screen. and most GUI related packagesa re still installed.12:14
jribdnivra: it's in base-files package12:15
jribsurial: so do the second step (apt-get autoremove)12:15
surialjrib: Did it. Didn't do much.12:15
surialjrib: I see xfdesktop4 is installed with the A flag. How do I check why it's on A?12:15
surialperhaps that'll lead me to the package.12:15
arvind_khadrisurial, did you remove gdm ? A is for automatic12:15
surialarvind_khadri: I know - how do I figure out which package is dependent on it?12:16
jukjrib: one more moment apt-get says i have pack installed so wont download, what now :|12:16
jribsurial: probably xfce4?12:16
arvind_khadrisurial, apt-cache rdepends <packagename>12:16
dnivrajrib: oh okay got the package name wrong :). thanks a lot!12:16
surialjrib: xfce4, xubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop are all not installed.12:16
arvind_khadrisurial, first of all xubuntu and ubuntu-desktop are meta packages.12:17
jukjrib: is there way to point it to look in cache first12:17
jkgtry to remove xfdesktop4 and see what else it wants to get rid of? (this may not be the "right" method, but it's what I'd try)12:17
jribjuk: which method are you trying?12:17
surialsigh. removing xfdesktop4 just removes that.12:17
jribsurial: what ubuntu version is this?12:17
surialkarmic koala.12:17
surialI think. hold on.12:18
jukjrib: apt-get -d (do NOT install)12:18
surialYeah. 9.1.12:18
jribsurial: are you an aptitude or apt-get user?12:18
surialusually apt-get.12:18
surialI thought they amounted to the same thing.12:18
khussein78is there application under ubuntu work like cd roller in window ( recover multiple disks )12:18
arvind_khadrisurial, no12:18
jkgaptitude remembers what got installed automatically, so you can ... uh, yeah :-)12:19
indeedam i connected ?12:19
jribsurial: not with the auto-removal stuff.  I think if you use one to install and the other to remove, they don't "know" what the other knows as far as auto-removal goes12:19
surialarvind_khadri: It's our home server and various people have been playing around with it. I usually use apt-get. I believe a roommate usually uses aptitude. Did we screw this system up beyond repair?12:19
* juk wanna see super cow powers in action12:20
arvind_khadrisurial, no you haven't . Are you getting any errors when you run apt-get/aptitude ? And here is why to use aptitude "aptitude has more advanced conflict/dependency resolution and will often find a solution where apt-get gives up. It can be used from the command line like apt-get plus an interactive resolver makes it much easier to recover from broken dependencies."12:20
surialNo errors.12:20
surialand autoremove doesn't remove anything (I did that before).12:21
arvind_khadrisurial, do you get a GUI when you login through GDM ?12:21
jribjuk: doesn't that mean you already have the packages in archives?12:21
surialWell, let me try.12:21
jrib!who | surial12:21
ubottusurial: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:21
jukjrib: right, what i was saying prevously12:22
jukjrib: is there way to point it to look in cache first12:22
jribjuk: apt-get -d will download to archives, won't it?12:22
surialI see xfce.12:22
surialIt doesn't look what it used to, and I get an error that it can't talk to the wastebasket service... so I guess it's about half of an xfce.12:23
jukjrib: right unless i have it installed already12:23
surialjrib, arvind_khadri: It doesn't look what it used to, and I get an error that it can't talk to the wastebasket service... so I guess it's about half of an xfce.12:23
kwci have a school i want a software to generate results for students12:23
jribjuk: so it's already in archives, why not just copy your archives over to the other computer and then use apt-get to install.  If the computers are the same ubuntu version, should be fine12:24
kwcany ideas guys12:24
surialjrib, arvind_khadri: Hey, 'xinit' is installed.. what if I remove that?12:24
kwci have five subjects12:24
indeedI have installed  new kernel on Ubuntu 10.4.. How can i disable old kernel menu from boot please?12:24
jrib!enter | kwc12:24
ubottukwc: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:24
erUSULkwc: maybe more ideas in #edubuntu ?12:24
kwcif it could be web based it would be fine12:24
erUSULindeed: remove the old kernels12:24
arvind_khadri!puregnome | surial12:24
ubottusurial: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome12:24
erUSULindeed: i use synaptic for that12:24
sodapandayes that's a good idea12:25
jukjrib: here we go again, we came to point i aked about wheel to generate list of deps...12:26
SmokeyDhey everyone. I installed the ntp package to sync the date/time of my ubuntu server machine with the internet pool.ntp.org servers12:26
jukjrib: no from LjL's database12:26
SmokeyDbut how do I force a sync right now12:26
jribjuk: why?  You shouldn't need to.  Just copy everything and use apt-get.  Why would that not work?12:26
Pumpkin-SmokeyD: you want ntpdate12:26
SmokeyDbecause after installing, the date/time of my ubuntu server machine is still off by 10-15 minutes12:27
jukjrib: *everything* how you know all the deps, do you remember everything12:27
jribjuk: copy everything in your archives folder12:27
SmokeyDPumpkin-, on https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/NTP.html I read ntpd is better since it checks it more frequently12:27
Pumpkin-SmokeyD: yeah, ntp sets the time slowly by lengthening/shortening a second slightly. If your clock is off by miles, stop ntpd, run ntpdate, then start ntpd again.12:27
SmokeyDPumpkin-, ah, ok, now I understand12:28
Pumpkin-ntpdate gets the time right, ntpd keeps it right (if that makes sense)12:28
SmokeyDPumpkin-, thanks12:28
jukjrib: ah, ok, yeah why not just take the hard to hook to offline machine, no problem, nevermind12:28
=== CrystalLinux is now known as Guest63800
SmokeyDPumpkin-, cool. That worked.12:28
indeederUSUL, yeah .... But i need help12:29
indeederUSUL, How?12:29
indeederUSUL, man explain it please12:29
erUSULindeed: search for linux-image ( the packages are named linux-image-version-foo )12:29
erUSULindeed: right click the old ones you do not want and mark for removal right click12:29
sacarlson1juk: I create a list of package after I have installed what I wanted with dpkg --get-selections > installed-software  then to recover with a new install dpkg --set-selections < installed-software ; dselect12:30
sacarlson1juk: I'm not sure this is related http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/  to put the packages on a cd or other media before install12:32
bazhangsacarlson1, thats in repos as well12:32
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline12:32
juksacarlson1: it's on the repo, not exactly what i need, you talking about system backup12:33
surialHow do I check what runlevel the machine would boot to?12:33
sacarlson1juk: no offline repository12:33
juksacarlson1: that's basically, how we just solved this with jrib12:33
=== Tichodroma is now known as sttmjoc0
juk!info aptoncd | sacarlson112:34
ubottusacarlson1: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98+bzr117-1 (maverick), package size 260 kB, installed size 1944 kB12:34
ajayanyone free for clarifying a doubt12:34
cak054ajay extensial angnsts have there place, u have a question please ask12:38
Jonii^Ok, so how do I fix partition table of my system disk?12:39
gaelfxJonii^: probably the best way is with a livecd and gparted12:40
gaelfxer, I shouldn't have said best, I should have said easiest12:40
Jonii^I have my Windows C: drive end on the same block as D: drive begins, plus my system drive partition table has some unknown, starts-out-of-nowhere -partition12:40
fruitwerksnew / up to date lucid install and php / pdo_pgsql.so12:41
fruitwerkswill not load12:41
Paddy_NIsacarlson1: Hey man cheers for your help last night... it's always something obvious aint it :)12:41
Jonii^gaelfx, gparted does think my entire disk is unallocated12:43
gaelfxJonii^: what does fdisk say?12:43
Jonii^It lists five different partitions, 4 of which windows shows, and one that is totally weird and should not exist12:44
=== Kraln- is now known as Kraln
surialOkay guys, xfce is gone. But, the boot procedure still goes through a splash screen of sorts with the xfce mouse. Now, turns out, linux hard-crashes if there's no display connected... which is _really_ annoying. I'm hoping its that mouse splash screen. How do I get rid of that?12:44
Paddy_NIsurial: You will probably have to remove plymouth.. from what I hear it is not a pleasant experience12:46
surialPaddy_NI: plymouth?12:47
Paddy_NII am yet to find a simple way of disabling the splash screen or just having verbouse/text boot12:47
surialPaddy_NI: Whatever it is, it's not xsplash.12:47
Paddy_NIsurial: plymouth is responsible for the mouse :)12:47
surialPaddy_NI: Do you know which apt package this is?12:47
surialNo such package.12:48
Paddy_NIwhich version of ubuntu are you running?12:48
RamonMirandaHi all12:48
surialPaddy_NI: 9.1 (karmic koala).12:48
surialI'm pretty close to just reinstalling this whole thing from scratch.12:48
Paddy_NIthere is no 9.112:48
RamonMirandaWhich is the size needed to make a partition for ubuntu?12:48
surial9.10, sorry.12:48
Paddy_NIsurial: I dont think that uses plymouth12:48
RamonMirandai am using Vista but i want to test the ubuntu 10.1012:49
surialPaddy_NI: Evidently not - no such package around.12:49
surialRamonMiranda: I assume you want a graphical shell?12:49
Paddy_NIsurial: I think its usplash although I might be wrong12:49
Klaus_Dieterhello world.12:49
Paddy_NIsurial: you should opt for a recent release of ubuntu anyway12:49
gaelfxRamonMiranda: best way is either make a LiveCD or LiveUSB12:49
surialPaddy_NI: Yeah.12:49
Klaus_Dieterthere is this great software called miniupnp and there is no ubuntu package for it. How can I create one?12:49
surialPaddy_NI: I'll guess I'll have to find the time to put meerkat on this thing.12:49
RamonMirandasurial: i want to make a "real" space for my ubuntu 10.1012:50
Paddy_NIsurial: Yeah that is always a problem.. time12:50
Klaus_Dieterthis is not about installing it on my system, it is about creating a package for ubuntu to be used in the repositories12:50
jrib!packaging | Klaus_Dieter12:50
ubottuKlaus_Dieter: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports12:50
RamonMirandagaelfx: i have tried the live release , but i want a better performance installing on my computer12:50
surialWhoa. I'm running remove usplash and it's writing a new kernel. That sounds interesting.12:50
Klaus_Dieterthanks jrib  ubottu  :)12:51
gaelfxRamonMiranda: fair enough, then use the installer that should be on the desktop when you are running ubuntu12:51
toniadminkaj si12:51
rlp10How do you update a package beyond the version that's in the official repos?12:51
gaelfxrlp10: best way is to find a PPA for it, which package are you wanting to update?12:51
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: you can also share it in ppa with the world12:52
RamonMirandagaelfx: but which is the best size without giving too much hard disk?  :S12:52
llutz_rlp10: build yourself, find a repo with newer version, prepare to break your system12:52
rlp10newsbeuter - the never version (2.4) syncs with google reader12:52
gaelfxRamonMiranda: a typical install shouldn't need more than 15-20GB I would say12:52
rlp10llutz_: were they alternatives? or a to do list?12:52
Klaus_Dieter! ppa12:53
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.12:53
llutz_rlp10: not really, all stuff not in the official repos will possibly break something. thats the risk12:53
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: is anyone actually using those?12:53
llutz_rlp10: ppa is the best way to try12:53
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: ya me12:53
Ghostlyhas any one used Lrzip, i recently installed it and now i tried to compress a folder but i only got the error: Failed to map buffer in rzip_fd12:54
rlp10gaelfx: i'm looking to update newsbeuter to v2.4 so i can use google reader syncing12:54
tr43ndanyone tell me command to look my firs time install ?12:54
rlp10llutz_: thanks, do you mean find someone else's PPA, or make one myself?12:54
RamonMirandagaelfx: that is for the OS and the Swap file?12:54
Paddy_NIsacarlson: Hey man cheers for the help yesterday night.. my head was fried.. :)12:54
llutz_rlp10: 1st try to find a ppa offering the stuff you want12:54
rlp10llutz_: just google?12:54
gaelfxrlp10: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/newsbeuter see if it's there12:55
sacarlsonPaddy_NI: no problem,  I don't even recall what I did,  glad it worked whatever it was12:55
Paddy_NIsacarlson: 2 hdds dual boot12:55
llutz_rlp10: launchpad or google12:55
Paddy_NIsacarlson: was the drive order in the end up as you originally thought :P12:55
sacarlsonPaddy_NI: oh very good12:55
gaelfxRamonMiranda: well, for swap, they usually say twice the size of your physical RAM, for system, 15GB should be plenty, if you're just trying it out12:56
tr43ndhow I can see how long time I have ubuntu in computer ?12:57
AttivismSalve a tutti12:57
pcperson1I have installed Ubuntu, but the GRUB bootloader says Grub Rescue> Out of disk. I am not sure what to do.12:57
rlp10gaelfx, llutz_: i'm using lucid and the natty package is the right version. can i cross install?12:58
gaelfxrlp10: not suggested12:58
gaelfxreally really really not suggested12:58
Paddy_NIyou mean recommended12:58
gaelfxI'm not in a position to recommend anything to anyone12:59
Paddy_NIpcperson1: what is the package?12:59
gaelfxbesides, haven't you heard of the power of suggestion?12:59
pcperson1ubuntu 10.1012:59
rlp10gaelfx: there's an untrusted PPA with v2.3, which does include the functionality I want. could i try that?12:59
pcperson1I have tried the Live CD install and the alternative install and I get the same problem12:59
Paddy_NIpcperson1: no the natty package you are trying to install on lucid12:59
tr43ndhow I can see how long I use ubuntu on my comp ?12:59
gaelfxrlp10: of course13:00
netechtr43nd: uptime?13:00
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: so how does that work. to use the package in the archive I create you have to subscribe to my archive? or is there a meta ppa?13:00
tr43ndhi, yes, uptime all13:00
ankurny1 have ny idea how to use AIRCRACK-ng  ......... ??13:01
gaelfxtr43nd: system monitor should show you how long you've been up13:01
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: you just add the ppa of the desired package to you repository list13:01
tr43ndI need to knov my time install,13:01
Paddy_NIankur: If your wifi card capable of scanning?13:01
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: until at some point in time an ubuntu package  has the pity to include it in universe?13:02
Klaus_Dieter! universe13:02
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories13:02
Klaus_Dieter! multiverse13:02
Klaus_Dieterforgive my probably stupid questions, I am kinda new to ubuntu land13:02
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: example  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily13:02
rlp10gaelfx: ah, the PPA package is for maverick not lucid :(13:02
Ghostlypcperson1, i had a similar problem, i fixed it using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20GRUB%20213:02
gaelfxtr43nd: scratch that, I was disillusionating13:02
tr43ndI knov command uptime in terminal, but I wanna knov my first time install13:02
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: ah cool there is acommand to do the editing of the apt sources file :)13:03
rlp10gaelfx: is there anything I can do to help upgrade the package in lucid?13:03
pcperson1okay, thanks Ghostly13:03
pcperson1I will try that13:03
gaelfxrlp10: you could contact the guy who's running the ppa13:03
Ghostlypcperson1, more spesifically chroot13:03
Faustus2When using the arrowkeys to jump from file to file, and when reaching the end of a row of files, nautilus used to jump one row down. It does not do this anymore. Is there an option for this?13:03
gaelfxrlp10: alternatively, you could just install it by hand right now13:03
Klaus_Dieter! ppa13:03
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: you can also add it within synaptic13:03
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.13:03
Morltr43nd: stat /*  (the earliest date listed)13:03
aminhow knows NginX13:04
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: no cli is perfect, I just installed a natty box without X on an old p213:04
rlp10gaelfx: download, make, make install?13:04
gaelfxrlp10: or if they have a .deb that might be a little safer/easier13:05
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: rather than upgrade I use backports and ppa to get my new stuf that I need or want13:05
dr_sporkDhcp has stopped working for me, and I can't connect to my wireless network. Any ideas on how I might troubleshoot this?13:05
Klaus_Dieterdr_spork: most integrated route boxes are plain pieces of shit that need to be rebooted regularily13:06
gaelfxdr_spork: my first thought would be with an ethernet cable, do you actualy have access to the router or not?13:06
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: with this method you can backout if something doesn't work easier13:06
rlp10gaelfx: is the website pkgs.org well known? considered vaguely trustworthy?13:06
Klaus_Dieterdr_spork: try this first13:06
rlp10gaelfx: i've found a package on there13:06
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: that is a good idea - ok so I will have to register to create an own ppa?13:06
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jukwhatsup with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/570562/ i enabled disable execute bit, in bios protection13:07
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: yes to create one,  or you can become a part of a team that modifies a group or one package13:07
gaelfxrlp10: um, I think that one's ok, but might wanna ask some other folks13:07
Klaus_Dietersacarlson: so if there is no miniupnp ppa already I better create one?13:07
dr_sporkI tried rebooting the router but it's working for other machines just not one.13:08
jukand i have that 'pae' flag in cpuinfo13:08
dr_sporkNo ethernet cable here unfortunately13:08
ryan_nick comeback8913:08
=== ryan_ is now known as comeback89
sacarlsonKlaus_Dieter: yes if none exist you would just create one,  or if yours is much different than what someone else has already you can still create one13:08
aminany one knows Nginx plz help13:09
Ubuntu_JSwhat is the command to updte all of the security and patches when i first log into my ubuntu server?13:09
comeback89hey guys13:09
jrib!apt | Ubuntu_JS13:09
ubottuUbuntu_JS: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)13:09
surialUbuntu_JS: apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade13:09
surialUbuntu_JS: with sudo in front, of course.13:09
aminnginx help needed13:10
comeback89anyone know how to set up remote access to a ubuntu server from a laptop? to access mysql, preferrably from terminal??13:10
juk!openssh | comeback8913:10
ubottucomeback89: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:10
sacarlsondr_spork: so wifi?  maybe show us sudo iwconfig  and add sudo lshw if nothing shows there13:10
gaelfxcomeback89: ssh13:10
surialYES! Finally, it worked. Updated grub scripts to not request a splash screen and finally this damn machine will boot without a monitor plugged into the back.13:10
Paddy_NIsurial: :D13:10
comeback89anyone know how to set up remote access to a ubuntu server from a laptop? to access mysql, preferrably from terminal??domain?13:11
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:11
comeback89gaelfx: ssh then domain?13:11
dr_sporkIwconfig shows access point: not associated. But the rest of the interface looks healthy13:12
jigynethow do i adjust settings on the intel gma in xubuntu?13:12
dr_sporkIt sees the networks but can't associate13:12
Ubuntu_JSsurial: thank you13:12
Ubuntu_JSjrib: thank you13:12
sacarlsondr_spork:  maybe try sudo iwlist wlan0 scan  ; change wlan0 to your device name13:13
dr_sporkSyslog says "activation (eth1) failed"13:13
ruanis there a way i can completely remove the trash feature?13:13
Ubuntu_JSsurial: does the dist-upgrade upgrade my version? I only want to only update my 10.04 and not go to the next version13:14
ruanand just delete permanently13:14
jukruan: what it did to you?13:14
aminHow is familiar with NginX13:14
ruanjuk: i prefer things to delete instantly13:14
jukruan: ah, nice13:14
comeback89gaelfx: sorted it, thanks for your help13:14
dr_sporkI don't have sudo privileges on this machine but wiliest eth1 scan returns "interface doesn't support scanning"13:14
jukruan: you set it think in nautilus to force remove13:15
strigoi66admin: Try this site for info wiki.nginx.org13:15
ruanjuk: how? i only got the command that bypasses trash13:15
ruanjuk: and that command isn't used when i press del on the keyboard13:15
jukruan: you talking trash from nautilus?13:15
ruanjuk: yes13:16
=== administrator is now known as Guest82323
sacarlsondr_spork: well I'm not sure how you can scan then without having some sudo priv13:16
Ubuntu_JSdoes the 'apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade' upgrade my version? I only want to only update my 10.04 and not go to the next version13:16
jigynetno one answered my question =c13:16
r1tzIt updates your apt-get repos13:16
dr_sporkNetworkmanager sees networks fine though just doesn't get an ip address properly13:17
strigoi66ubuntu_JS: apt-get update is what you want to use13:17
ruanupdate updates the repos, and upgrade does an upgrade13:17
aminNginx helppppppp13:17
jukruan: :/ i dont see it in nautlus prefs either13:17
Ubuntu_JSstrigoi66: damn it.. so what does the second command do?13:17
gaelfxcomeback89: np, sorry about afk13:17
ruanhmm i did a google13:18
Jonii^Ok, so how do I fix partition table of my system disk?13:18
Jonii^It lists five different partitions, 4 of which windows shows, and one that is totally weird and should not exist13:18
Ubuntu_JSstrigoi66: I typed it in just like that as someone suggetsed and now it seems to be doing a lot more than just update13:18
ruanalright google helped13:18
sacarlsondr_spork: oh ok so is your network encrypted?  try install and use wicd package13:18
jukruan: you can install nautilus scripts though and write script for you puropse13:18
Jonii^fdisk, I mean. Also, Ubuntu installer and gparted think my entire disk is unallocated13:18
ruangconf-editor apps/nautilus/preferences/enable_delete13:18
Ubuntu_JSstrigoi66: did i screw my ubuntu 10.04 os?13:19
Jonii^So, what do I do?13:19
ruanwait nvm13:19
strigoi66ubuntu_js: no you should be ok13:19
dr_sporkYep it's wpa. Can't install any packages without wifi though. Interestingly I was able to connect by manually setting an ip address but couldn't access the Internet13:19
cryptops1how can i get 1920x1080 console resolution? can vesa do it?13:19
ruanAdmin > sys > shortcuts > delete.. hmm i'll try that13:20
=== Kramer is now known as Guest14507
Ubuntu_JSstrigoi66: ok whew thank you13:20
dr_sporkAnyone know what the stock numbers are for "netmask" and "gateway"?13:20
Ubuntu_JSstrigoi66: i just got my new server and they gave me some wierd pasword how do i change my root pass?13:21
sacarlsondr_spork: do you have another system that does have access to the net?  maybe aptoncd could be used to install what you need offline13:21
dr_sporkJust my phone which I don't think can run apt13:21
LjLdr_spork: there isn't really a stock number, but try and (or or other simple numbers), and and (or .100 etc) respectively13:21
Paddy_NIsacarlson: I highly recommend Keryx over aptoncd13:21
strigoi66ubuntu_js: sorry man im still new give me a sec ill try to search for the info!13:22
=== Guest14507 is now known as Kramer__
overcluckerUbuntu_JS: do you wanto change your password or root's password?13:22
sacarlsonPaddy_NI: seems nether of those options will work without another system13:22
Paddy_NIsacarlson: oh... gah13:22
Ubuntu_JSoverclucker: both13:23
jukwhatsup with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/570562/ i enabled disable execute bit, in bios protection13:23
sacarlsondr_spork: oh can you just turn the encryption off on the router long enuf to install wicd ?13:23
overcluckerUbuntu_JS: it's recommended that you not change root password,13:23
sacarlsondr_spork:  that's was stupid of me without another system how could you13:23
Ubuntu_JSoverclucker: they gave me some strange root pass13:23
overcluckerUbuntu_JS: but if you feel you must, run: passwd13:24
Ubuntu_JSoverclucker: thank you.  Is there an easy command to use for createing a user id for my admin to come in using his own password? so I dont have to share my root pas with him?13:25
sacarlsondr_spork: you must be thinking if  you setup a static address it will work but I don't think it will13:25
jukis there any tools i can use to play with bios, like patching etc.?13:25
Paddy_NIjuk: dosbox i guess13:26
dr_sporkYup it's connecting to the router that way but still not Internet13:26
ruanhow do i make the delete key delete a file permanently without going to trash?13:26
sacarlsondr_spork: can you ping the router?13:26
ruani dont feel like pressing shift every single time.13:26
=== mixntrix is now known as Laif
Paddy_NIruan: hold shift when you press it13:27
overcluckerUbuntu_JS: sudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash username13:27
ruanPaddy_NI: i want to press one key.. windows could do this13:27
juk!info dosbox13:27
ubottudosbox (source: dosbox): A x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.74-1 (maverick), package size 787 kB, installed size 2340 kB13:27
Paddy_NIruan: there is an option for it on kde not sure about gnome13:27
jukPaddy_NI: sure?13:28
sacarlsondr_spork:  I think all you have is a wifi access point Associated connection,  that's before encryption13:28
Paddy_NIruan: look in gconf-editor under apps>nautilus13:28
jribUbuntu_JS: just use: adduser USERNAME13:28
Ubuntu_JSoverclucker: thank you, so where you have 'username' i put his user name correct? and what password do i set for him? or i should say where?13:28
overcluckerUbuntu_JS: if you wn;t them to be able to login, you should set a password for them with sudo passwd username13:28
Paddy_NIjuk: yes as most bios flashing tools are for use with windows13:28
Paddy_NIjuk: well dos13:28
Ubuntu_JSoverclucker: ok got yea13:29
sacarlsondr_spork: otherwise you could use something like dhclient wlan0  to create a full connection13:29
jukPaddy_NI: that doesnt looks good, dosbox is a dos games emulator, not particulary related to what i asked13:29
Paddy_NIjuk: woops I meant freedos13:30
mer_gestupid question, but can I change my password as usual, when I choose to encrypt my home (during install)?13:30
Petfroggi have a hard time figure why i can not "Enable wireless"13:30
strigoi66mer_ge: yes13:31
Ubuntu_JSin order to use x11vnc, do i have to also install ubuntu desktop into my ubuntu server? I already have ubuntu server 10.04 on it already13:31
sacarlsonmer_ge: your encrypted password can be different than your login password,  if you change one it will cause problems13:31
Pici!fishing | juk13:31
ubottujuk: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:31
jukPici: thanks, he doesnt know anything about these13:32
sacarlsonPetfrogg: it might be an rfkill thing13:32
ruanwow, i accidently pressed ctrl alt f213:32
ruanwent into some console..13:33
Paddy_NI!info freedos | juk13:33
ubottujuk: Package freedos does not exist in maverick13:33
mer_gesacarlson so when I encrypt my /home during install, I can't change my password later on without problems?13:33
Petfrogggonna google it13:33
AbhijiTruan, you can come back using ctrl alt f7 or f813:33
Klaus_Dieteris webmin available for ubuntu?13:33
jukPaddy_NI: yeah already checked13:33
ruanAbhijiT: thanks13:33
Petfroggjust that on ubuntu 9 it came up by itself13:33
ruanis there a way i can disable ctrl alt f2?13:33
Petfrogggonna google rfkill13:33
jukPaddy_NI: you confusing with dos games mate13:33
Paddy_NIjuk: nope13:33
overcluckerraun, haha, think xserver is on c-a-f7 of f813:33
sacarlsonmer_ge: I have seen people here that have changed later and found that changing there login password broke the encryption setup in there home dir13:34
AbhijiTruan, there are 6 ttys you can acces them via ctrl alt f1/2/3/4/5/613:34
AbhijiTruan, i dunno how to disable them13:34
ruanAbhijiT: ok13:34
researcher1Is it possible to avoid  displaying usernames on welcome screen of ubuntu?13:34
ardchoilleresearcher1: yes13:34
researcher1ardchoille: how can I do that?13:35
sacarlsonmer_ge: you should create a nonencyrpted user just in case13:35
ardchoilleresearcher1: System > Administration > Login screen13:35
ardchoilleresearcher1: uncheck "show list of users"13:35
researcher1ardchoille: thanks13:35
mer_gesacarlson okay good to know13:36
sacarlsonmer_ge: I mean to add a spare user that isn't encrypted in the event of failure of your normal account13:36
Petfroggsacarlson: Soft blocked: yes Hard blocked: yes13:36
Petfroggi suppose that is a problem13:36
Klaus_DieterAbhijiT: man inittab - there you will find that the thing is configured the ubuntu way in /Etc/init13:37
sacarlsonPetfrogg: ya that's bad13:37
sogeking99hey guys, i made a bootable usb with ubuntu on it for my asus laptop(http://www.ebuyer.com/product/237739) switched boot priority to usb but i just get a messege 'boot error'13:37
Klaus_Dietercheck the tty files there13:37
overcluckerruan: you should be able to rename them in /etc/event.d/ and they sill stop working13:37
andreamorimalguem consegue configurar o Kismet13:37
ruanoverclucker: ok13:37
=== WamPIRe__|2 is now known as wampire__
sacarlsonPetfrogg: there must be a botton the changes a light someplace to fix the hard block part,  the other soft block can be fixed with rfkill13:38
ardchoille!br | andreamorim13:38
ubottuandreamorim: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:38
jukPaddy_NI: i meant smthing like http://www.coreboot.org/Welcome_to_coreboot13:38
ruanis there a way i can recover files from ntfs > ext?13:38
Petfroggsacarlson: this is a Thinkpad Z61p so suppose there is something that it does not start as default13:39
ruanif it has been converted13:39
overcluckerruan: i meant /etc/init.d13:39
Petfroggmaybe i can fix it in bios13:39
sogeking99anyone know what i can do?13:39
Ubuntu_JShow do i ad someone to the sudoer file?13:39
andreamorimalguem fala portugues13:39
jribUbuntu_JS: just add the user to the admin group (sudo adduser USERNAME admin)13:39
overcluckerruan: gr again, it;s /etc/init/13:39
sacarlsonruan: yes cp -a /path/to/ntfs/  /path/to/extX/13:39
ruansacarlson: i mean on a drive that converted to ext13:40
Ubuntu_JSjrib: does that add the user to the sudoer file so they can use sudo access?13:40
strigoi66sogeking99: what did u use to create the usb disk13:40
ardchoilleandreamorim: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:40
jribUbuntu_JS: it adds the user to the admin group.  In a default ubuntu install the admin group is in sudoers13:40
sacarlsonruan: what is ext?  external usb drive?13:41
ruansacarlson: ext is the filesystem13:41
neofangubuntu_js what is your problem13:41
strigoi66sogeking99: maybe try a different source or try to re-create the boot disk13:41
Paddy_NIjuk: Yeah the free linux bios... nice if you can get it to work on your hardware :)13:41
madjoehow can I check available disk space on disk? df -1 ?13:42
ruanlinux bios...?13:42
jigynetis there nm10 fan control for ubuntu?13:42
sacarlsonruan: you can copy files from ntfs to ext4 the only difference is that when they become ext4 files they will now have user names and priv13:42
sogeking99it worked when i dested it on my pc, though i added a folder to it by mistake, i have deleted it. would that affect it?13:42
Ubuntu_JSneofang: i am new and trying to set up so that my admin can come in and work on my server to get me set up13:42
jukPaddy_NI: yeah, but my chances not much13:42
billmaniaAnyone have an external USB webcam working with Skype beta with ubuntu 10.10? My camera works fine with xawtv and Skype sees the /dev/video0 device, but Skype can't read the video stream from it.13:42
neofangUbuntu_JS,  you must set up x server13:43
elisa87is anyone familiar with disk tracing?13:43
Paddy_NIjuk: well providing it does not brick your motherboard I would say give it a go... and remember it is not supported by canonical13:43
strigoi66sogeking99: it may have I have not tested one yet due to the pc I use is pre 2k13:43
ruansacarlson: i mean, my ntfs was formatted into ext4, can i recover the files that were on the old ntfs before they were formatted?13:43
jribneofang: why do you say Ubuntu_JS needs an x server?13:43
Ubuntu_JSneofang: set up x server? is this same as x11vnc?13:44
sogeking99ok thanks i will redo it13:44
jukPaddy_NI: hope so, i'll give it a shot13:44
neofangUbuntu_JS,  yes13:44
neofangUbuntu_JS,  desktop13:44
sacarlsonruan: oh IC sounds like a job for the FBI foresic lab,  I sure couldn't do it13:44
ruansacarlson: lol13:44
researcher1how to identify IP address of thje netowrk printer13:44
khrmruan: Try testdisk13:44
ruankhrm: where is that available13:45
Ubuntu_JSneofang: so in order to do that do I need to install ubuntu desktop when i type 'tasksel'13:45
khrmruan: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download13:45
ruankhrm: ah found it13:45
ruankhrm: ubuntu soft center13:45
jribUbuntu_JS: you only need to do that if you actually want ubuntu-desktop13:45
ruani hope the files still exist on there13:46
neofangUbuntu_JS,  yes13:46
Ubuntu_JSjrib: ? i dont know. I want to install x11vnc on my server so i can use vnc to admin my server13:46
jrib!vnc | Ubuntu_JS13:46
ubottuUbuntu_JS: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:46
sacarlsonruan: you could try dd the disk and if you have a txt file with a book you wrote you might do a string search for a phrase to find a point to start a data grab13:46
jribUbuntu_JS: well you can install ubuntu-desktop if you want, but you could also install some lighter window manager along with X13:46
Ubuntu_JSneofang: so I need to install ubuntu desktop even though I have ubuntu server already loaded? this will allow me to use x11vnc to have gui interface to it?13:46
sacarlsonruan: other than text I would say hopeless13:47
DarkSectorI'd like to instally python-webkitgtk on 10.04 but its not present in the repository. Its available in 10.10 though. How can I find this package/repository for 10.04. Google doesn't show this, except a tarball to compile from source13:47
neofangUbuntu_JS, yes13:47
andreamorimcomo se configura o kismet13:47
andreamorimplease kismet13:47
jrib!pt | andreamorim13:47
ubottuandreamorim: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:47
sogeking99whats the best usb creator?13:47
juk!info kismet13:47
ubottukismet (source: kismet): Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2008-05-R1-4.1build1 (maverick), package size 938 kB, installed size 2324 kB13:47
jribDarkSector: python-webkit is in lucid13:48
jrib!info python-webkit lucid | DarkSector13:48
ubottuDarkSector: python-webkit (source: pywebkitgtk): WebKit/Gtk Python bindings. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.7-1 (lucid), package size 42 kB, installed size 188 kB13:48
Ubuntu_JSneofang: ic, yes my admin insist that i have x11vnc loaded for adminstring the server ... so i should then load ubuntu desktop and then install x11vnc on the server correct?13:48
DarkSectorjrib: oh shit, thanks13:49
ruanwhat does "write partition structure to disk" do?13:49
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: all you need on the server is X and a window manager13:49
gsfaiIs there a way to setup my computer so when i start it up, it will automatically log in my account, start up startup programs, then lock screen ?13:49
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: installing ubuntu-desktop for that would be overkill13:49
ruanit sounds as if it is overwriting my partition with ntfs13:50
ruanbut it probably isnt13:50
sacarlsonraun: sounds like something that will do a dd of about 512 bytes of a disk to preserve to allow for a recover if needed13:50
gsfaiI probably have to put the "gnome-screensaver" thingy in the startup applications, but it will run everytime i login, not only when i start the PC up13:50
deuteriumdoes anybody know a good replacement for gnome's virtual pager? one like that we used in the old days with fvwm2 that supported moving windows on the same virtual page too?13:50
ruanwrite partition table?13:50
Ubuntu_JSpaddy_ni: IC.. but will the X-server give all the rich interface as the Ubuntu desktop with similar look and feel?13:50
Klaus_Dietergsfai:  configure your display manager to autologin, then setup your .xinitrc13:50
Klaus_Dietergsfai: in your xinitrc you want to run xlock or something like that13:51
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: if you choose to install gnome13:51
Ubuntu_JSpaddy_ni: yes I think gnome was installed on my old server as well13:51
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: then fire ahead let us know how you get on13:52
Ubuntu_JSpaddy_ni: in fact he tar balled my entrire old server that was 10.04 lts ubuntu and said that I can down load the tarball to my new server and just creconfig it13:52
sacarlsonruan: oh or it could be the reverse taking a prestored or created structure and writing to the partition sectors of a disk13:52
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: who?13:52
jukPaddy_NI: also fyi http://www.openfirmware.info/Open_Firmware13:53
Ubuntu_JSpaddy_ni: the guy who administered my old server13:53
jribgsfai: well a kludgy way would be to create some file when your computer boots then have a script run when you login that checks for that file, if it exists: lock screen and delete file.  You can use gnome-screensaver-command --lock by the way to lock the screen.13:53
Paddy_NIjuk: ah yeah nice :)13:53
gsfaijrib: yea i was thinking of a lock file too13:53
andreamorimalguem aqui fala portugues13:53
Paddy_NIUbuntu_JS: then you should really ask him13:53
Ubuntu_JSpaddy_ni: he stated he wrote a lot of custom scripts so to save all that i needed to tarball my entire server and i can replicate it on the new server13:53
khrmruan: It will write the original partition table and delete the existing one. Backup everything before proceeding with that step else if you want to just recover some files use photorec or foremost13:54
jribandreamorim: aqui nao.  faz « /join #ubuntu-br » para ajuda em portugues13:54
dtcrshr!pt andreamorim13:54
AzizLighthi everybody13:54
dtcrshr!portuguese andreamorim13:54
gsfaidtcrshr: its !br :P13:55
dtcrshr!portuguese | andreamorim13:55
ubottuandreamorim: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:55
dtcrshroh, sorry13:55
AzizLightI read somewhere about a notational velocity clone for linux, but I forgot the name, could someone please remind me of the name please?13:55
dtcrshrill quit, flooded enought :D13:55
Petfroggsacarlson: yes the button for activating the wireless does not work13:55
andreylosevthis channel is for casual conversation, you might have more luck in #linuxmint-help13:56
dtcrshrwhereas portuguese and br goes the same way13:56
andreylosevoops sorry13:56
Piciandreylosev: No, this channel is for Ubuntu Support.13:56
andreylosevI know pici13:56
Piciandreylosev: okay :)13:56
sacarlsonPetfrogg: does it work in windows?13:56
andreylosevbut since #linuxmint-help doesn't have a bot I've set up a text replacement system.13:56
andreylosevand right now it's working against me. ok no more offtopic13:57
gsfaijrib: well i concluded, ill place a script in init.d, to place a file somewhere, a startup bash script will search for it each time i login, and if it finds it, it will delete it, and lock screen.