karniJamesTait: hi! you unknowingly unfolded another bug00:46
karniJamesTait: the log file didn't attach probably because it was deleted to spare some space00:47
karnitime to sleep. night!03:06
Geoffrey2folks, I've been trying to upload files to the Ubuntu One Cloud, but I never get Synchronize options when I right click on any of my folders....07:18
apwanyone know how one configures the OSDs that U1 is producing, i really don't need 45s of reminders that i've just resumed my laptop08:28
apw(especially now that with unity i can't find the app at all)08:28
duanedesignapw: you should only get one notification09:07
apwduanedesign, you get three, one saying the connection was lost, one saying it was restored, and one saying syncing is complete09:08
apwplus two from network manager telling me my network went and came back ...09:08
apwthats 15sx5 of stupid boxes which are not informing me of anythig i didn't know because i opened the lid09:08
apwoh during which my CPU is pegged and my battery being drained ...09:09
duanedesignapw: i have heard that in the final erlease you will be able to turn those notificatiopns off09:10
apwduanedesign, what i don't understand is why these notifications are replacing one09:10
apwones ... the OSD support handles such things, and is used for brightness etc09:11
apwwhy the 'latest state' cannot just override and replace i do not know09:11
duanedesignapw: right. Might see if their is a bug report. If not you should file one09:13
duanedesignapw: still a little while till Natty is released so it is a work in progress09:14
ralsinagood morning people11:33
duanedesignhello ralsina11:52
duanedesignmorning all11:52
nessitahello people!11:52
nessitaso, my system is not very stable, do not panic if I suddenly disappear. Just pray for me :-P11:53
duanedesignnessita: are you running natty?11:53
duanedesignI had a bit of trouble yesterday when I updated11:53
duanedesignI had to use my windows machine all day till I had a chance this morning to fix my Ubuntu box11:54
nessitaduanedesign: I installed it from scratch twice, and the second one I was getting (before any grub screen) 'error: no such partition'11:54
nessitaso I had to live boot a CD, chroot, regenerate the grub.cfg which wasn't working due a synctax error in one file11:54
nessitaI fixes that and reinstalled grub, and then it work11:55
nessitais was a fun night -not- :-)11:55
nessitaaaaaanyways, here I am all nattyed11:56
duanedesigni have been using an older kernel because wifi is broken for me on kernels newer then 2.6.37-1111:56
duanedesigni need to take the time to make sure it is reported11:56
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espen77is there anywhere to find information on the protocol tomboy uses for syncing to u1?12:10
beunoespen77, it uses tomboy's API12:11
beunolet me see if I can find the docs on tomboy's website12:11
espen77I am looking for info to get the data on a system that dont have tomboy12:11
beunoespen77, so, if it has ubuntu one installed12:12
beunothe notes will be in couchdb12:12
espen77hmm...it is a little cellphone project, so kinda have to start for scratch12:13
beunoespen77, http://live.gnome.org/Snowy12:13
beunoespen77, there's also an android client: https://launchpad.net/tomdroid12:14
espen77playing with symb12:14
=== jefferia is now known as jefferai
espen77figured tomboy notes was a good place to start....then try for contacts later12:16
beunoespen77, aquarius may be able to help you access couchdb over http12:17
espen77thanx, will google some more about couchdb, then i'll ping him, thanx12:18
aquariusespen77, excellent. Can you talk about which phone platform you're working on?12:21
aquariusespen77, cool. You may want to read more about couchdb, certainly; once you want to talk, I am happy to chat :-)12:23
espen77cool, seems google have some info on it too.12:23
aquariusespen77, or I'm happy to talk about what you want to do and how that'll fit in with Ubuntu One12:24
karniJamesTait: hi! you around?12:30
karniaquarius: if you've seen the "possibly-more" screenshots I e-mailed - heh.. well, I should use the ActionBar progressbar instead of putting another progressbar to the left of "possibly more" text12:31
beunokarni, he just went off to lunch12:31
karniaquarius: but more or less, that was what you meant, wasn't it?12:31
karnibeuno: tnx :)12:31
aquariuskarni, it was, but I'm a bit confused by your response to lucio, because that suggests that you get the names of all the UDFs first? So why not show all the UDF names right at the beginning?12:32
karniaquarius: I realized today that - I should just force transactioned writes to db after I process volume names, that should do it :D12:33
* karni checks12:33
=== hito_jp0 is now known as hito_jp
karniaquarius: checked. the thing is, I fetch a (single) volume name, and then process it's getDelta, then the next volume name, and it's delta. I know how to improve that, but it'll need a bit of work.12:36
karni(rephrasing: I save the volume root name first, then process the rest of it's meta contents)12:37
karniaquarius: I had a closer look, I'll work on that (and what Lucio suggested)12:40
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
aquariuskarni, that's what I thought, which is what I'm complaining about :)12:41
karniaquarius: I'll try to do the inserts of volumes to files table (on which all file list activitys base their info) already on getVolumes stage.12:42
aquariusbeuno, do you think that we should be trying to show UDF names as early as possible, or to add a "stll loading..." indicator instead?12:42
beunoaquarius, I'm all for as early as possible, if possible  :)12:44
karniI'll do my best.12:45
mandelralsina: ping12:52
ralsinamandel: pong12:52
mandelralsina: I think I know how we can get the progress bar from the msi, we can use custom action in the msi that let the UI know, maybe through a pipe12:53
ralsinaif we can do it through a pipe, then I will get cracking on the UI12:54
mandelralsina: pass the string with the current status, and the percentage12:54
ralsinathat'd the just perfect :-D12:54
mandelralsina: is not beatiful, but would work hehe12:55
ralsinawork >>> beautiful12:55
ralsinaFor beautiful we have Ivanka's design :-)12:56
mandelralsina: hehe true, I'll work a little on the client side code for the IPC and then will write a small msi that prints the progress on the screen as a POC12:57
ralsinacool, I am trying to make our two widgets right now.12:57
mandelralsina: perfect then12:58
JamesTaitkarni: Looks like I just missed you. Ping me when you get back. :)13:04
alecuhello all13:11
nessitahi alecu!13:17
alecunessita, hi there! would you mind reviewing the i18n branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/i18n-notifications/+merge/5066613:18
nessitaalecu: I'll be happy to!13:18
alecunessita, I just copied the gettext stuff from the only other place in u1-client where it was i18n13:18
alecunessita, should I update the .po or something like that as well?13:19
alecu(oh, and I added my file to po/POTFILES.in)13:19
nessitaalecu: as far as I know the .po is automatically updated. You do have to list the files that require translation in the po/POTFILES.in13:19
nessitaah, that :-)13:19
alecumandel, ping13:20
mandelalecu: pong13:20
mandelalecu: did you see the errors I'm getting?13:21
alecumandel, thanks for your review. Since you have the "exceptions.TypeError: must be an interface" error, I guess that libunity has not been packed for natty yet.13:21
alecu(the fixed libunity, that is)13:21
alecumandel, would you mind uninstalling the unity-gir package, and re-running your tests again?13:22
mandelalecu: not at all13:22
alecumandel, gir1.2-unity-3.0 is the package.13:23
nessitaalecu: one thing to fix in this branch: translatable messages should use dictionaries for string formatting13:23
alecunessita, and .format as in python2.6 ?13:23
* alecu loves .format13:24
nessitaalecu: so, for example, FINAL_UPLOADED = Q_("%d file(s) were uploaded to your personal cloud.") should be FINAL_UPLOADED = Q_("%(total_uploaded_files)d file(s) were uploaded to your personal cloud.")13:24
nessitaalecu: nopes, then you use a dict13:24
nessita{'total_upload_files': 30}13:24
alecunessita, why not .format?13:25
nessitaalecu: I guess to ease the backporting to lucid, which we still support in nightlies13:25
nessitaalecu: just FYI, the named string format params is for translators to have more context to know what's the meaning of the phrase13:26
alecumandel, if you are really brave, and want to test it right: bzr branch lp:libunity; cd libunity; ./autogen.sh; sudo make install13:26
alecunessita, cool13:26
mandelalecu: do i need to have u1 credentials in the machine I'm testing your branch with?13:26
alecumandel, and run the syncdaemon...13:27
alecumandel, no, it should ask for the credentials just like normal.13:27
mandelalecu: hmm ok, I'm getting some funny errors from ubuntu sso and zeigehgeigehg crashed13:28
alecumandel, can you paste it?13:28
mandelalecu: testing a branch with so many things failing is kinda not ideal...13:28
mandelalecu: sure, give me a sec13:28
alecumandel, yes, there's some zeigehgeigehg bugs that are still lurking... we'll deal with those after feature freeze.13:29
mandelalecu: np, compiz chrashed, I'll boot the machine and get your output, thakfully it was >> :P13:30
mandelalecu: I was wrong, those messages where from the looging that was going to stdout, so not big deal, now all tests are skipped becuse libunity is not present13:33
alecugreat. If all tests pass now and you are feeling brave, try installing libunity trunk (as above) and re-running the tests and running the syncdaemon in that branch.13:34
mandelalecu: sure, on it13:35
alecuthat syncdaemon should show a progressbar in the unity launcher when it is active, and show an emblem when it loses connection to the server13:35
alecu(you can do that with u1sdtool -d and then -c)13:35
* mandel wonders if compiz hates him...13:36
mandelalecu: I'l update you asap13:36
alecunah, it hates everyone. It's like a nazi wm.13:36
nessitadobey: so, after a  sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntuone-client, I can't do ./autogen.sh on the client becasue13:44
nessitaYou need to install gnome-common from the GNOME source repository13:44
nessitaCan you please update the dep list?13:44
nessitadobey: same for ***Error***: You must have gtk-doc >= 1.0 installed13:48
mandelme no notes14:00
alecume (no notes yet either... writting!)14:01
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nessitaralsina, alecu, dobey, thisfred?14:01
ralsinasorry, no notes because I was on mumble getting the definitive OK for the sprint until 5 minutes ago :-)14:02
ralsinathisfred has the flu14:02
* mandel has notes14:03
ralsinaSo, nessita, please?14:03
nessitaDONE: several reviews, landed the first functional branch for u1fileapi and created the package branch (is awaiting for sponsorship). Started natty migration on desktop, it was very traumatic :-).14:03
dobeynessita: you don't have the nightlies ppa deb-src active14:03
nessitaTODO: complete the install of all the development envs. More file storage api branches.14:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes, though I get random crashes in natty and no 3d support14:03
nessitaNEXT: mandel14:03
nessitadobey: probably not yet, yes14:03
* nessita enables14:03
mandelDONE: X-rays, bindwood reviews. Investigated how to report msi status to other process. Reviewed alecu branch regarding libunity14:03
mandelTODO: propose ipc client branches + network ones14:03
mandelBLOCKED: no14:03
mandelalecu, please14:03
alecuDONE: fixes for the libunity branch, a branch for i18n that will need reviews after I fix what nessita asked.14:03
alecuTODO: find out libunity status, get every branch merged, return to droidcouch14:03
alecuBLOCKED: fixed libunity not yet packaged (as of now)14:03
alecuLOVE: my office14:03
alecuNEXT: ralsina14:03
ralsinaDONE: broke Natty, fixed Natty, sprint approval, worked on the Win Installer UI.14:04
ralsinaTODO: reviews, management stuff, sprint planning, triage another 5 tons of bugs, some coding (my days are all alike)14:04
ralsinaBLOCKED: no14:04
dobeyλ DONE: holiday14:04
dobeyλ TODO: banshee mustic store fixes14:04
dobeyλ BLCK: on-call for jury duty14:04
ralsinaok, comments!14:04
nessitaralsina: shall we book tickets?14:04
ralsinaYou will all get mails about booking flights to BA in the next few days14:04
* nessita is on a booking trips racha14:04
ralsinaI have Parrino's approval so now I have to ask Marianna to start working n arrangements14:05
ralsinamandel: you and I will have our mini sprint in London14:05
ralsinathat is approved too14:05
ralsinaOTOH, I have not seen a list of people for Budapest. The only ones I know for sure are going  are nessita and me14:06
ralsinaI expect that list to get much longer, but I have no hand on the choosing yet14:06
mandelralsina: you and me? only? Just toe keep things hones, I just kiss after 3 dates, and there most be cinema tickets in one of them.14:07
mandelPS: I like leo di carpio movies :P14:07
ralsinamandel: even if I take you to that big fancy ferris wheel? You prig14:07
ralsinaok, let's add John, Cristian and maybe Ivanka to that ;-)14:08
* nessita imagines14:08
* nessita stops imagining14:08
ralsinanessita: STOP! :-)14:08
nessitait was too much, you should know14:08
mandelnessita: it was sexy, wasn't it? wink wink14:08
mandelI think I just ruined my own lunch....14:09
ralsinaOk then, back to the salt mines all of ye!14:09
dobeywhy does it have to be so cold today14:19
karniJamesTait: hi James, I had to leave for a while14:22
JamesTaitHey karni. :)14:22
karniJamesTait: tell me about that last log submission please :)14:22
karniJamesTait: did you use the gmail mail app?14:22
JamesTaitkarni: OK, so I did it through the app somehow.14:23
JamesTait"Send logs" from "Debug settings".14:23
karniJamesTait: Preferences->Debug settings->Send logs14:23
karniJamesTait: right. that uses the mail app (whichever you prefer) and attaches the debbug.log file14:24
karniJamesTait: did you see that file attached right above the email body?14:24
JamesTaitRight. I don't recall removing debug.log from the e-mail - it was definitely there when I started.14:24
karniah good. then either something was 'by accident', or it was the mail app then..14:25
JamesTaitI entered more info in the main e-mail body, then hit send. I'm pretty sure the attachment was still showing.14:25
dobeyhrmm, let's see if i can actually work on banshee plug-in today14:25
karniJamesTait: could you please try sending themagain, please?14:25
karniJamesTait: right,thanks for the additional message as well :)14:26
JamesTaitSo the specific details I was seeing.14:26
JamesTaitI went into Synced Folders.14:26
* karni listens14:27
JamesTaitAh, it just Force Closed. :( Hang on.14:27
karniok.now I *need* those logs ;)14:27
JamesTaitAlready one step ahead. :) On their way.14:28
JamesTaitRight, that was triggered when I hit Sync from the menu, btw.14:28
karniJamesTait: right. that option needs a little work. please base on the auto-sync for now :)14:28
JamesTaitI got "Syncing...", then it crashed, then I saw the status icon.14:29
karniJamesTait: you can set the sync freq. to 5min14:29
karniJamesTait: it autostarts sync when you start the app and periodicaly14:29
karniJamesTait: you don't need to hit that sync from menu14:29
JamesTaitSo I clicked on Synced Folders, and it showed Music and Pictures, which was right. Currently it's only showing Music, so I won't be able to reproduce the exact test.14:30
karninot good. I still dont have an email from you :<14:30
karniJamesTait: ok. I'll update you today/tomorrow with a version that shows better whensync is on-going14:31
karniJamesTait: and we'll start from there,how about that?14:31
JamesTaitSure, no worries. :) It's still early days, so I'm not especially worried.14:32
karniJamesTait: me either (although I badabout every bug),because I know what still needs work (e.g.the sync buttom from menu, which should be visible only if periodic sync is set to manual)14:33
JamesTaitFWIW, the files appear to be downloading just fine now.14:33
karniJamesTait: great :)14:33
karniJamesTait: thanks for all your feedback, it's grately appreciated!14:33
JamesTaitYeah, I just downloaded an MP3 from my Music share.14:34
karnigreat :)14:34
JamesTaitSo I don't know quite what was going on before.14:34
karniJamesTait: we'll pinpoint that :) (you can check out one thing too. mark a file as syncable to  the right [the arrows]), leave the app open14:35
karniJamesTait: and change it on the PC. it should sync in few seconds automatically (8secs after it stopsreceiving notifications from the servers)14:36
JamesTaitI'll give it a go. :)14:37
JamesTaitThe icon is coloured, "Downloading...", file size updated.14:37
=== zyga-food is now known as zyga
JamesTaitHeh, my PC lost connection to Ubuntu One.14:39
karni^ ^14:39
nessitaalecu: I'm fianlly running the test suite for your branch :-) (it took long since I had to setup all my env)14:40
karniyes, coloured icon means it should redownload whenever it changes.14:40
alecunessita, which branch?14:40
alecunessita, the i18n one?14:40
nessitadid you push your changes?14:41
JamesTaitWell that seems to have worked.14:47
nessitadobey: is bug #720696 fixed or in progress? would you please update the status in that case?15:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 720696 in ubuntuone-control-panel "control panel nightlies doesn't work on Lucid. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72069615:19
nessitaalecu: did you push your changes to i18n so I approve?15:20
alecunessita, no, there were a few changes that are needed in the tests... I'll push in 15'15:21
dobeyit is wontfix15:22
nessitadobey: can you please comment on the bug the reason and set to wontfix?15:23
dobeyi did15:23
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=== evilduanedesign is now known as duanedesign
ryewe are seeing some api slaves (syncdaemon) server-side, investigating, if your syncdaemon disconnects with SSL error - that's the thing we are observing.15:47
zygaypu probably know this already but u1 keeps dis/re-connecting all the time15:49
rye<rye> we are seeing some api slaves (syncdaemon) server-side, investigating, if your syncdaemon disconnects with SSL error - that's the thing we are observing.15:50
ryezyga, ^15:50
jmlmy computer is telling me that the connection to the Ubuntu One server was lost, then restored, lost, then restored.15:51
jmlhow do I make it stop?15:51
alecujml, in the ubuntu one control panel, go to devices tab15:55
alecujml, and uncheck "show notifications"15:55
alecu(that's on nightlies, not sure if it's already packaged)15:56
alecunessita, i18n branch pushed15:56
jmlalecu: it's not :(15:56
jmlalso, it shows the notices even after I've explicitly disconnected in the control panel15:57
dobey10:47 < rye> we are seeing some api slaves (syncdaemon) server-side,  investigating, if your syncdaemon disconnects with SSL error -  that's the thing we are observing.15:57
dobeyjml: ^^15:57
jmldobey: glad to know it. how do I stop getting the error message?15:58
nessitaalecu: ack, thanks!15:58
alecujml, probably those notices were queued and are showing right now... try restarting notify-osd.15:58
dobeyjml: disable file sync from the control panel for the time being, i think15:58
ryejml, we are back online now, investigating what has happened.15:58
jmldobey: doesn't work. see above.15:59
zygajml, it works the messages are queued15:59
jmlalecu: 'killall notify-osd'?15:59
dobeyjml: not disconnect, totally disabled15:59
zygajml, I just got a notification to what rye said above15:59
alecujml, that should work.15:59
dobeyanyway, rye says it should be fixed now, so it should stop15:59
zygajml, if you wait the stream will end, they are waiting in the notification daemon now15:59
dobeyalecu: hrmm, if that's true, that's a bug in the way we're using libnotify then16:00
dobeyalecu: we should not queue those messages16:00
ryedobey, we issue the messages, not update them i suppose16:00
ryealecu, do we do .update() on pynotify messages or just show() or something like that?16:00
* zyga found another bug :-)16:01
jmldobey, for reference, how do I "disable" in a way that's different to "disconnect"?16:01
alecudobey, sounds like a bug, yes.16:01
alecurye, we only update the message when new files are found while showing the new files notification.16:02
dobeyjml: there should be a checkbox on the applications tab or whatever it's called in the control panel, for toggling whether file sync is enabled or not (and one for music, and some for the different desktopcouch databases)16:03
alecudobey, I believe the problem thisfred had with updating notifications is that once they were automatically hidden, they could not be shown again.16:03
jmldobey: I had already unchecked that, it's labelled "disconnect"16:03
jmlanyawy, as predicted, the messages have stopped. my computer is now usable again. thanks.16:04
alecujml, for reference, you may stop the syncdaemon completely with "u1sdtool -q"16:04
ryealecu, i think you should use notification.update(); notification.show() all the time... in this case there may be possibility of showing some info for too small amount of time but on other hand making a backlog of notifications is not that great16:07
alecurye, yes, it sucks.16:08
alecurye, would you mind opening a bug for that, and asigning it to me?16:10
alecumandel, were you able to finish the review?16:10
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
dobeyalecu: yeah what rye said, you have to update, then .show16:11
dobeyyou never just do .update16:11
mandelalecu: uh, sorry I fogot to try again, on it right now16:11
dobeyif you're just doing .update somewhere without a .show after, it's a bug16:11
alecudobey, would you mind adding that to that bug report? rye: let's assign it to eric then, that worked on interfacing with libnotify.16:12
alecuhmmm... I might as well work on that now, to try to get it by the feature freeze.16:13
dobeywell it's a bug, so if there are actual features to work on, work on the features first :)16:14
ryebug #72322716:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 723227 in ubuntuone-client "SD creates new notifications instead of updating one (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72322716:16
ryeassigned to eric16:16
dobeyoh i don't have to comment since rye pasted what i said there anyway :)16:22
mandelalecu: my syste crash everytime I use more than one app.. i'll fix that and will continue with your review...16:24
alecumandel, don't worry about fixing that. Were you able to run the tests with unity-gir uninstalled?16:25
mandelalecu: yes, I was16:25
alecumandel, that should be enough to approve, because we have to get this into trunk before ff16:25
alecumandel, and we can fix any bug later.16:25
ralsinaalecu mandel: cool :-)16:25
mandelalecu: on it then16:26
mandelalecu: via libre16:26
alecumandel: great, thanks.16:26
mandelalecu: np16:26
dobeylunch time, bbiab16:30
joshuahooverCardinalFang: ping16:39
* nessita -> lunch16:53
nessitaalecu: approved16:55
alecunessita, thanks16:55
alecucan I get another review on that branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/i18n-notifications/+merge/5066616:55
alecuI'm pretty sure ralsina will find some brave soul to do it :-)16:55
ralsinaalecu: I'll review it16:56
alecu\Q/ <- happy bearded alecu16:58
ralsinaalecu +1 just looking at it17:01
ralsinaalecu; you are the current owner of tomboy?17:02
* ralsina needs to actually print that freaking owners list17:02
alecuralsina, I supposedly am17:02
alecuralsina, even though I only did a bit of proxy support on tomboy client and never touched any part of the tomboy sync server :-)17:03
ralsinaok, rye found a problem on the server side, but it may actually be in be beuno's side of things17:03
ralsinaActually, this one is not that hard :-)17:03
ralsinaIt's about lists. The WYSIWYG editor is creating some weird HTML that tomboy server is converting to tomboyXML but is breaking17:04
ralsinaSo, I wanted to decide whether it's to be fixed on the editor, on a filter or in teh converter.17:04
intrader_Anyone, from experiments with two computers connected to ubuntuone, if I create a file in computer one, it is several hours before it appears in computer two. Same with updates of one file in one computer and to see the update on the other computer.17:04
ralsinaLater, when you have 5 minutes, could you talk to rye?17:04
nessitaintrader_: we're having some issues with our servers, I think, let me confirm17:15
nessitarye: ping17:15
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ryenessita, no issues as of now, we had a ~30 minutes api slave outage 1.5h ago17:24
nessitarye: ok, thanks17:24
nessitaintrader_: you shouldn't have delays bigger than seconds when our server are operating normally17:24
nessitadobey: trying to build a package for u1cp I'm getting dh_install: python-ubuntuone-control-panel missing files (debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.*/*-packages/*/ubuntuone/__init__.py), aborting17:30
nessitadobey: did you change something last time you released it?17:30
dobeyi changed it to use .pth files, but it's building on maverick (and yes, the nightlies are failing on narwhal with the same error)17:31
dobeynessita: btw, where are all the options for which desktopcouch DBs to sync in u1cp?17:32
nessitadobey: hidden, will be enabled in this release I'm making17:32
nessitadobey: if I manage to build the package, which so far I can't due to the error above17:32
dobeynessita: try to change the "python2.*" part of that line to "python*"17:33
* nessita tries17:33
intrader_messita, about the delay - it was exactly 10 hrs for the new file.  The file update 2 minutes.17:33
dobeynessita: i was just about to try this in the nightlies when you asked, so you can test it first :)17:34
nessitaintrader_: when was that?17:34
nessitadobey: running pbuilder right now...17:34
nessitaintrader_: are you sure both of your machines were connected to our servers?17:35
nessitaintrader_: what system are you running in each machine?17:35
nessitadobey: same error: dh_install: python-ubuntuone-control-panel missing files (debian/tmp/usr/lib/python*/*-packages/*/ubuntuone/__init__.py), aborting17:35
CardinalFangjoshuahoover, hi hi17:39
joshuahooverCardinalFang: hi! do you know what triggers desktopcouch (on lucid) to get an oauth token? (just dc replication starting up?)17:39
intrader_messita, 10.1017:40
nessitadobey: what s the command to generate all the debian/tmp stuff? debian/rules <something>17:40
intrader_messita, yes karni, and I went through a reconnecting sessions on both computers.17:41
dobeynessita: debuild?17:41
dobeynessita: or bzr bd?17:41
nessitadobey: right, but I ant to browse the contents of debian/tmp, and debuild remove it when is done17:41
dobeynessita: if you bzr bd and it fails, you can look in ../build-area/$whateveryourpackagenameandversionare17:42
dobeynessita: debuild only removes it if it doesn't fail iirc17:42
dobeybut bzr bd does it all in another directory17:42
nessitaseems like it removes it anyways, since I don't have the tmp dir. ANyways, trying with bzr bd now17:43
dobeyjoshuahoover: which oauth token do you mean?17:43
joshuahooverdobey: for desktopcouch17:43
dobeynessita: oh, maybe debian/$package/...17:43
nessitadobey: debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ubuntuone-control-panel does not exist17:44
nessitasorry, I mean17:44
dobeyjoshuahoover: do you mean the oauth token to talk to the local couchdb, or to talk to u1?17:44
joshuahooverdobey: to talk to u117:44
nessitadobey: debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ubuntuone/ does not exist, while debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ubuntuone-control-panel does17:44
nessitadobey: I don't think we should be copying debian/tmp/usr/lib/python*/*-packages/*/ubuntuone/__init__.py at all17:44
dobeyjoshuahoover: u1-preferences creates it17:45
dobeynessita: right17:45
dobeynessita: yes we should17:46
dobeynessita: i think you're overlooking the extra "*" between "*-packages" and "ubuntuone" there17:46
nessitaright, I got confused becasue of the /*/17:46
nessitadobey: exactly. So, why the controlpanel/ubuntuone/__init__.py doesn't get copied to tmp?17:47
joshuahooverdobey: ah, ok...think i need to update my instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/LucidCouchDB17:47
dobeynessita: i don't know. like i said, it works fine on maverick.17:47
dobeyand even on lucid17:47
dobeyjoshuahoover: don't know. nothing on that page about connecting desktopcouch to u1 anyway17:53
joshuahooverdobey: in theory, the couch upgrade is supposed to make replication on 10.04 possible...it does, but i'm not clear on the steps to make that happen...thought i was, but i can't reproduce what i had working previously17:54
dobeyjoshuahoover: i think you got lucky previously17:55
joshuahooverdobey: must have17:55
joshuahooverdobey: maybe i opened u1-prefs after all that and that got the u1 token for couch replication?17:55
joshuahooverdobey: i'm going to try that now...if that's the case, then it's simple...thanks for the help! :)17:56
dobeyshould be i think17:56
dobeyyou might have opened your evo address book to the couchdb address book, too or something17:57
intrader_messita, I notice that reaction time is down to seconds now. I hope it remains that way .Thanks for your help18:07
nessitadobey: can you add pylint to the build-deps of u1client, please?18:54
dobeyit is18:55
nessitadobey: it wasn't installed for me18:55
dobeyand u1client doesn't use pylint18:55
dobeyit uses pyflakes18:55
nessitadobey: ah, right18:56
nessitadobey: can you have u1-dev-tools recommends it?18:56
dobeyi think it does18:56
dobeyor it does Depends: pylint | pyflakes or something18:57
dobeyare you converting u1client to pylint?18:57
nessitanot at all18:58
nessitadobey: but Iw ouold like to fetch all the deps from one single spot18:58
dobeywell even then it wouldn't install all the deps for all our projects19:00
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
alecunessita, ping. Do you have a little while to discuss VM_UDF_CREATED ?19:24
nessitaalecu: not really, I'm running to the dentist like now19:25
nessitaalecu: is it quick?19:25
alecunessita, go, we can discuss this tomorrow.19:25
alecuit doesn't look quick...19:25
alecuhave fun :P19:25
nessitaheh, when I said dentist I meant traumatologo, dentist is next week19:26
nessitabut I have a quarter of my mind in this chat :-)19:26
nessitacan I have a couple of reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/restore-replications/+merge/50799 ?19:30
ralsinanessita: +119:44
nessitaralsina: thanks!19:44
nessitaI'll build the package later tonight19:44
beunonessita, I've just piled another +1 on top of that one19:44
nessitabeuno: you rock!19:44
* nessita approves so it lands and is packaged tonight19:45
nessitaIT ENDS TONIGHT19:45
* beuno puts on his helmet19:45
ralsinaIs that from 300?19:46
nessitanopes, matrix19:46
nessitanow yes, bye all! see ya later19:46
ralsinaoh, from The Sequels That Don't Exist (TM) :-)19:47
ralsinabye nessita19:47
dobeythat is a cliched saying from a million different movies19:51
jdobriendobey, who in desktop would know why device names are converting spaces to %20 now?19:55
dobeyyou mean in the control panel ui?19:56
dobeyor where?19:56
jdobriendobey, for example, the ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk now lists my computers as Ubuntu%20One-Monolith19:56
jdobriendobey, yeas19:56
jdobrienyes too19:56
jdobrienhmm...those look old too. I thought I deleted those19:56
dobeynessita would19:56
dobeyi'm guessing it's just not unescaping it for display19:57
jdobrienwhat the heck19:57
dobeyor something19:57
jdobrienI have 11 devices all added the same day19:57
dobeyi guess you were a busy tester that day19:57
dobeyralsina: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/libubuntuone/print-no-tokens/+merge/5080219:58
ralsinadobey: +120:00
ralsinadobey: just for kicks, got a bzr blame on that line?20:00
dobeyno but i can tell you who did it without looking at bzr blame :)20:02
beunoalecu, ralsina, notifications are on by default, right?20:02
ralsinabeuno: yes20:02
alecuthey are, I think they shouldn't20:03
beunoalecu, if they aren't, than it'll be mostly wasted work20:04
beunowhy do you feel they shouldn't?20:04
dobeyprobably because they're buggy and not exactly trivial to fix20:05
alecuwell, most of that work was done for unity integration: showing a progressbar in the unity launcher icon, showing an emblem when u1 disconnects from the server, etc.20:05
alecubeuno, ^20:06
beunoalecu, well, that bar is not visible all the time20:06
alecuand showing items in the messaging menu when new udfs/shares arrive.20:06
beunoso if someone uploads a new file to a share20:06
beunoyou get notified20:06
alecubeuno, right.20:06
beunowhich is actually pretty useful20:06
ralsinaI like them20:07
alecubeuno, yes, but it gets annoying pretty quick.20:07
beunoif the unity bar was there all the time, than maybe20:07
beunoalecu, really?  why?20:07
dobeyalecu: if it's annoying, they are buggy.20:07
ralsinaI would like not to get one each time it connects, maybe.20:07
dobeyif we just disabled stuff that had bugs, we might as well just disable booting by default :)20:07
beunothe connect/disconnect spam we could fix20:07
dobeywe definitely should not pop notifications for connect/disconnect20:08
beunoOTOH, it's helped us realize when our servers are acting up20:08
dobeyyeah, but we can develop a heuristic for situations like that, so that we show a notification in that case20:08
beunoalecu, so, if we could, say, on the 3rd connect/disconnect just say "Connection to the servers is a bit unstable" or something20:09
dobey"There is a problem connecting to the server, after repeated attempts."20:09
beunothat could get rid of some of the smap20:09
alecuwell, I have a bug for the case when network connection is lost: that should not pop a u1 notification as well20:10
dobeyi don't know if i'd do it after 3. perhaps when the progressive delay code reaches its endpoint20:10
dobeysince syncdaemon does have progressive delay for reconnecting20:10
alecudobey, the thing is that right now it was connecting but disconnecting after a little while.20:11
beunoalecu, great, that will help a lot20:11
alecudobey, so the progressive delay never reached the endpoint20:11
dobeyalecu: well, the thing is, that right now, the updating of the notifications is broken20:11
dobeyalecu: so you might get a notification a couple minutes after20:12
dobeyalecu: well if syncdaemon is crashing, that is a separate problem20:12
dobeyyou'd need a "hey, syncdaemon is crashy" notification or something, with some more advanced heuristic than the reconnetion one20:13
alecuoh, I just remembered one missing feature...20:13
alecudobey, ralsina: what was the name of the spec to hook into the user logout?20:14
ralsinaalso, not show a notification when it first connects20:14
ralsinaalecu: oh, good question. session inhibition, help me google :-)20:15
dobeyalecu: i don't know if there's a particular spec for it exactly. but inhibit suspend/shutdown/etc20:24
ralsinaalecu: this one? http://people.gnome.org/~mccann/gnome-session/docs/gnome-session.html20:24
dobeyi think it's a dbus api and kde supports the same api now20:24
ralsinadobey: there is a standard dbus api, yes.20:24
ralsinadobey: it's in freedesktop too, somewhere20:24
dobeywhy doesn't the music store have a search by price option20:25
ralsinadobey: as in "I want to listen to an expensive song today!" :-)20:25
ralsinabeyond free/nonfree that makes very little sense, IMHO20:25
dobeyas in, "where are all the free downloads"20:25
dobeyralsina: not really, some songs actually vary in price across albums, even if it's the exact same song/artist20:25
dobeybut searching for the song and sorting by price would still be better then20:25
ralsinamaybe just a "sort by price"20:25
dobeybut sort by price doesn't help find only free songs20:25
ralsinaright. Else you have to search at each price point :-)20:25
ralsinadobey: yup. Maybe free songs should have a tag or a separate page.20:25
ralsinaOr I can make you enter through a south american IP address. Then you get only free songs :-)20:25
dobeythey do on amazon20:25
dobeywow, "browse" is not useful :(20:25
alecuralsina, well, I totally forgot about that. Should we ask for a feature exception for that?20:26
jdobrienralsina, I think he wants a 'show me the bargains' button20:26
jdobriendobey, people will get all the free songs and make them public files whether they want them or not :)20:26
ralsinaalecu: I forgot it too.20:26
ralsinaYes, we need to ask for one, unless you can push it NOW (or is it too late already?)20:26
alecuralsina, I think that's the doc. But I remember we found a spec name, or something20:26
ralsinathere is xsmp but that's not via dbus20:26
alecuralsina, i'm not pushing it NOW, I'll be starting on it now, though.20:27
ralsinaalecu: ok20:28
alecuralsina, I'm checking in the logs, and it's only "XSMP" we mentioned back then. (1-feb)20:28
alecuso the only dbus spec is those docs you posted just now.20:28
ralsinaok then that's it20:28
ralsinaI remember it being just two dbus calls20:28
dobeyjdobrien: what i want is to be able to test the banshee store without having to try and find music that i want to buy at some point, and then buy it20:28
alecuralsina, it seems simple (two dbus calls whenever we show the progressbar), so I'll try to finish it by tomorrow, and we'll see if we need the FF except.20:28
ralsinaalecu: cool20:28
ralsinaI can't find any other docs on that API except that. Kinda obscure.20:29
alecubug #72335920:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 723359 in ubuntuone-client "Syncdaemon should inhibit session logout when busy (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72335920:31
ryeverterok, sorry, did not see the logs first time20:40
verterokrye: np, thanks for checking the bug :)20:40
=== john__ is now known as 5EXAB9F6A
ralsinaEOD for me. Have a nice evening!21:02
dobeycheers ralsina21:03
joshuahooverdobey: should nightlies be working on maverick? (don't appear to work for me)21:13
dobeywhat doesn't work?21:14
dobeycrikey, that was some netsplit21:14
joshuahooverdobey: if i go to run u1sdtool it tells me u1-client isn't installed...i try to install u1-client and then get:  ubuntuone-client : Depends: python-ubuntuone-client (= 1.4.5-0ubuntu1) but 1.5.3+r846~maverick1 is to be installed21:14
joshuahooverE: Broken packages21:14
dobeyi suspect partly because of the bipsters21:14
dobeyjoshuahoover: weird21:15
dobeyjoshuahoover: you need to apt-get update first21:15
dobeyyour apt cache is out of date21:16
joshuahooverdobey: yeah, did that21:16
dobeythe current version of u1client in nightlies is 1.5.4+r87621:16
joshuahooverdobey: yeah, strange...hmmm21:16
dobeyjoshuahoover: for some reason it looks like you're trying to install ubuntuone-client from main21:17
dobeyerr, from maverick-updates rather21:17
joshuahooverdobey: yeah, which i'm not sure why...hmmm21:17
dobeyand an older python-ubuntuone-client from nightlies21:17
joshuahooverdobey: yeah, it stopped working when i upgraded a while back and things were broke...never went back to working after that21:18
dobeyjoshuahoover: remove all the ubuntuone packages, apt-get update, then try to install21:19
joshuahooverdobey: ah-ha! i now see the nightlies ppa was not enabled...have no idea why21:19
dobeyah you probably had the new python-ubuntuone-client installed already then21:20
joshuahooverdobey: yeah...so i think i'm getting back to good now...thanks21:22
karni__lucio__: hey. I've talked to aquarius today, and he unfolded your suggestion from the e-mail to me. what I'm doing exactly right now is get the volume name, then it's delta, then next volume name, and it's delta. you meant, first get the volume names, and then the deltas. and that makes perfect sense.22:19
karni__lucio__: so thank you, and please feel free to throw more ideas at me or the application in general :)22:19
__lucio__karni, cool :)22:23
karni__lucio__: :)22:23
__lucio__karni, we could at some point do a general review of what you are doing if you want to. its easier to comment if i know what i am talking about :)22:30
karni__lucio__: that would be perfect. I think it'd be best to have you review it when I move some sync parts to AQCommands, it's dome threads, loops and deferreds at the moment.22:31
karni__lucio__: I would be very happy for you to review it at that stage, so I'll make sure to let you know at that time :)22:31
karni__lucio__: thanks!22:33
__lucio__karni, i can anticipate some comments now: i hate threads.22:33
karni__lucio__: I'll remember that :D No seriously - that's why I want to use the RequestQueue more then now. Sync works nicely, but it was still a little ad-hoc with plan to move it to AQC once I confirm it's working as planned.22:34

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