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ScottLholstein, and ailo , dickmacinnis emailed me about artwork and possibly being art director02:55
holsteinthat would great right?02:55
holsteinhas anyone seen the dreamlinux desktop?02:55
ScottLhe sent me some images of stuff he has been working on along with links to other works he's done02:56
ScottLit seems to be a good move, but a few items probably need to be hashed out to make sure expectations are understood on both sides :)02:56
ScottLfor example, i don't think either side would be very happy if he only desired to make ubuntu studio look like dream linux02:57
ScottLi was also going to blog about needed artists and an art director tomorrow, i'd like to see what kind of response i get02:58
ScottLmy last blog post got over 1,000 hits over three days02:59
holsteinyeah :)02:59
* ScottL shakes his head and is amazed at that02:59
holsteini saw some link-backs02:59
ScottLreally?  like what?02:59
holsteinsomewhere like that02:59
ScottLit's good though, my goal was to get onto planet ubuntu so ubuntu studio would get publicity...well, we seem to have it :P03:01
ScottLbut sometimes i just stand back and wonder about it though...i'm nothing special really, why do people click on it?03:02
holsteini got #ubuntustudio03:02
holsteinin tweetdeck03:02
holsteinlots of non-english buzz actually03:02
holsteinnot sure if its positive ;)03:02
ScottLi also mentioned to dick macinnis about pushing some of his changes "upstream" to us as persia suggested03:06
ScottLi still want to email some of distros about it as well though03:07
ScottLor someone else could as well ;)03:07
persiaScottL: I'm a little confused about the combination of "dickmacinnis emailed me about artwork and possibly being art director" and i don't think either side would be very happy if he only desired to make ubuntu studio look like dream linux""03:17
persiaI may not have background, but presuming that dreamlinux is the expression of dickmacinnis' art, if you appointed him art director, I'm unsure why you would want to limit his expression.03:18
persiaI'd also hope he might do more, if there are useful patches as derivative, etc., but I'm just not sure that the idea of delegating authority over some area is compatible with restricting the application of that authority03:19
ScottLpersia, i think if he wanted to make ubuntu studio look like dream-linux in a wholesale manner that would not be optimal03:22
ScottLand i think there should be some restrictions03:23
persiaAh.  You critique the method, rather than the expression.  I'm wholeheartedly behind that :)03:23
persiaI just misunderstood.03:23
ScottLwe do have some branding for consideration and a pink, pretty pony theme probably wouldn't follow it :P03:24
holsteini really like KXstudio03:25
holsteini think it looks slick03:25
persiaOK.  I just get worried easily when I see potential conflicts, and strongly believe in delegation.03:25
holsteinid like to see dreamstudio03:25
holsteinand see where it is 'out of the box'03:26
* persia wonders if the KXStudio themes can be brought into Ubuntu as a selectable choice for users.03:26
holsteini dont think so03:26
holsteinmaybe some of it03:27
holsteinwe can ask03:27
holsteinpersia: thats a great idea03:27
holsteinsome of our own theme options03:27
holsteinin addition to an awesome one out of the box03:27
persiaMaybe ask falktx when he's around.03:31
persiaI know there are several folk who prefer KDE and run our application stack, and if someone is willing to do the work to make this look nice, I think we ought to show off their stuff.03:32
ScottLholstein, persia:  i bet if we talked to falktx he would be willing to try to work to get his theme into ubuntu studio03:37
ScottLi don't know if it being developed for kde will have any problems03:37
persiaOughtn't: Ubuntu has a complete KDE stack.03:37
persiaI'm not sure if can go on the DVD without making it hugely bloated, but that's a separate issue.03:38
persiaIf nothing else, it ought be available as a post-install option03:38
holsteinwe should check03:38
ScottLbut i had also considered this avenue for dick as well, making dream linux theme installed and available as an option03:38
holsteinit might actually be lean03:38
holsteinsomewhat lean03:38
persiaI'm entirely in favour of bringing extra packages into Ubuntu, especially themes and similar, if someone wants to maintain them.03:39
persiaThere's no real downside, because the packages don't have to be in place by default (unless some flavour manager chooses them), and there's a potentially unlimited upside as the creator becomes more familiar with working directly in Ubuntu rather than outside Ubuntu.03:40
ScottLpersia, one thing i mentioned to dick was that there would probably be collaboration between me and perhaps one/two others with the art director just to develop an art direction03:51
ScottLand maybe a spec if other artists are involved03:52
ScottLdo you think that is too strong?03:52
persiaI think that's fine.  The more specificity you can add to the semantics of "art director" in the context of Ubuntu Studio, the less chance there is for assumptions to cause misunderstanding.03:52
persiaFor instance, if you indicate that you expect the overall direction to be established by a committee including flavour leadership, the branding team, and the art team, with the "art director" being expected to execute that strategy it is likely to be interpreted differently than an indication that the "art director" is responsible for specifying and promoting a consistent direction for artwork to be included in Ubuntu Studio.03:54
persiaThere are likely hundreds of other definitions of "art director" available: reducing confusion is largely a matter of ensuring that all parties have a shared understanding of the semantic value of the terms.03:55
ScottLhe's already responded to my email and seems quite enthusiastic03:56
ScottLafter visiting his websites, listening to some of his music, and watching some of his video, i come away feeling that he is a rather creative individual :)03:56
* abogani waves all08:28
aboganiailo: Do you have rtirq installed?08:28
ailoabogani: I uninstalled rtirq, and that did change the value, but not much http://paste.ubuntu.com/570549/12:17
ailoScottL: Uninstalling rtirq-init does not uninstall it at all. It should not be a dependency to any UbuntuStudio meta's since it is meant to be used with -rt kernels.12:18
ailoI had to remove the rtirq-init files manully12:19
ailomanually* from: /etc/init.d/rtirq /etc/rc*/*rtirq and /etc/default/rtirq12:20
aboganiailo: I have some doubts: 50 is a suspicious value.12:35
ailoabogani: Doubts about the rtirq? I also have rtkit installed, which is a dependency of pulseaudio12:36
aboganiThoese are the reason why I don't like rtirq, rtkit and similar tools...12:36
persiaabogani: What do you prefer?12:38
aboganipersia: No one in particular as long as only one is installed at time.12:45
persiaAh, so the issue is using *multiple* tools, not any of the specific tools.12:46
aboganiailo: ping13:20
ailoabogani: pong13:24
aboganiabout https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime13:26
aboganiCould you confirm me that -1- don't suffer of the problem (that is the latency grows from 2.9 to 5.8)?13:26
aboganiSorry I mean -1-lowlatency13:27
* abogani is about to disable RT_GROUP_SCHED again13:27
ailoabogani: I will do some testing. I'll get back on that tomorrow, then. 13:28
aboganiailo: Thank you _very_ much.13:28
ailoabogani: Isn't it strange still, that a wireless card has those numbers?13:30
aboganiailo: Yeah. Upstream is already working on it.13:33
ailoScottL: So, we have a new guy aboard with the art bit?13:46
ailoabogani: I still have xruns, very rarely, but I cannot say if this would have happened before as well.14:53
ailoBecause I didn't do enough testing before14:53
ailoI should try the older kernel to see if I can get xruns at all from that (2.6.3714:54
aboganiailo: Yes If you want15:00
ailo_paultag: I'm a bit slow on progress, but I will be able to finish the functionality of the program today (some hours later from now). Because I am using subprocess.call(command), I will need to do all of the commands as shell commands like: gksudo -kA "sh -c 'command1; command2; command3'", which is not a problem. I will also need to use shell commands to replace text in audio.conf. If you see no problem with that, I will pr15:12
ailo_oceed to implement it.15:12
ailo_scott-work: I would appreciate to have some input on what text to add to the -controls program. If you like, you can do all the editing on that. My English is not perfect.15:17
scott-workailo_:  until now i hadn't considered that english wasn't your primary language15:54
* scott-work is presuming that it is not from your previous statement15:54
ailo_scott-work: English is in fact my third language, though I consider it my working language nowadays. Swedish and Finnish are what I grew up with.15:56
* abogani has just updated the -lowlatency kernel...16:21
ailoscott-work: I'm hoping to have a finished program evening time your time. It needs to be tested and the text needs to be edited. Someone needs to package it as well. I know a little bit about that, and we do have the original -controls to use as an example as well.16:33
ailoAs an example for packaging, I mean16:33
paultagailo: I can package, I maintain fluxbox :)16:34
paultagco-maintain * I gues16:34
paultagailo: and that's great news! :)16:34
ailopaultag: Allright. I'll ping you when the code is done. We still need to update the code after the text has been edited, though.16:36
paultagailo: no problem16:36
paultagailo: we're 1 hour from done on the code16:36
scott-workpaultag: ailo: if we plan to get this into natty we probably should just update the existing -control package then16:36
scott-workafter it's tested we can make a debdiff and get the patch into the repos16:37
paultagscott-work: aye, but standards change, I'll have to ensure it's up to spec16:37
paultagscott-work: we have to be careful with a debdiff, might want to keep it in vcs and upload a dsc :)16:38
paultagI never liked debdiff for anything but checking changes :)16:39
scott-workpaultag: i freely admit that i'm still rather ignorant about some of the processes around getting changes into the repos and will defer to your experience :)16:40
paultagscott-work: I'm green as well :)16:40
paultagscott-work: how's your day?16:40
paultagailo: you as well, how are you today?16:41
scott-workpaultag: i'm going home from a migrane in a few minutes :/16:53
paultagscott-work: aw shit. 16:54
paultagscott-work: I get migranes daily 16:54
paultagit sucks ass16:54
ailoI'm fine, just have to go over to a friend and help him with his Windows installation for his parents. He had Ubuntu on it, but he doesn't dare to keep it. That's a virtual migrane at least :)16:55
scott-worki get them four or five times a year and all i want to do is go home and sleep in a dark room for three or four hours, then i'm good to go16:55
paultagailo: aye :)16:55
paultagscott-work: yeah man, I totally understand16:56
paultagscott-work: loud noises suck16:56
paultagoh damn16:56
* ailo will be gone for a few hours. - "See ya".16:56
paultagailo: cheers!16:56
scott-upstairsabogani, ping20:08

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