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plain-userHello all!04:44
plain-userCan anyone tell if there is some analogs of guitar pro, transcribe and guitar rig in ubuntustudio, or where can i read about the packages that are included in the distro?04:46
TechnicusHello . . . does Ubuntu Studio have a seperate repository?04:49
holsteinplain-user: hey04:53
holsteinwhat functionality are you looking for?04:53
holsteinTechnicus: the ubuntustudio metapackages are in the main buntu repos04:53
holsteintheres not really an official seperate ubuntustudio repo04:53
holsteinplenty of PPA's04:54
holsteincommunity PPA's04:54
plain-userholstein: 1) work with guitar pro format and midi files. 2) work with audio formats in a fashion that transcribe! does: play slowly, shift pitch, etc. 3) play electric guitar/or mike up the cabinet and record into pc through my m-audio card. that's pretty much it.05:03
holsteinim not sure what guitar pro is05:03
holsteinyou can check winehq though05:04
holsteinsee about running it in wine05:04
plain-userholstein: midi based guitar tab editor software.05:04
holsteinplain-user: check out #opensourcemusicians05:04
holsteintheres tuxguitar05:04
holsteinlots of other stuff05:04
holsteini dont do any of that05:04
holsteinand havent really explored them05:04
plain-userholstein: i'm doing that in my current installation in another distro, i just thought ubuntustudio would be like everything at once and everything handy - isn't it the idea of it? instead of having lots of configs of this and taht through emulators05:05
holsteinbut, i see folk discussing them occasionally in that channel05:05
plain-userthank you, i will visit that channel.05:05
holsteinplain-user: sure05:05
holsteinyou should ask whoever makes guitar pro to support linux05:05
holsteinand im sure ubuntustudio and other distros will be happ to include it05:05
plain-userholstein: they do, but for a fee))05:06
holsteinif its something a lot of users would like05:06
holsteinplain-user: theres a linux version?05:06
plain-userthey have support but not oss05:06
holsteinim sure there is some grey area then05:07
holsteinthat will prevent its inclusion by default05:07
holsteinbut, feel free and join #ubuntustudio-devel05:07
holsteinand bring it up05:07
plain-useryep, you download a deb package, buy the activation code and play. but that's not good enough - has to be free, so that people can stuff it up with random skins ))05:07
holsteinplain-user: if it can be in the software store05:08
holsteinthe ubuntu software store05:08
holsteini would think that would be a step in the right direction05:08
plain-userholstein: what about other 2 functions - recording live sound and posibly putting on a vst plugin on top of that signal?05:09
holsteinrakkarack too05:09
plain-userthank you05:10
holsteinJACK is what you will want to read about05:10
holsteinand learn05:10
holsteinafter you get JACK running stable05:10
holsteinmost other things are much easier05:10
plain-userok, thanks for the hint, i go and rtm. =)05:11
holsteinplain-user: we'll help you get it started sometime too :)05:11
holsteinplain-user: does guitar pro have jack support?05:13
plain-usernot sure05:15
holsteinwell, tuxguitar does05:15
plain-userwhat about watching SAT TV - is that considered as multimedia too?05:16
plain-userobviously, running the dish trhought the card and the pc...05:17
holsteinfor the most part05:17
holsteinubuntustudio is about creating media05:17
holsteini would look at mythbuntu for what you are talking about05:18
plain-userso it must have good suport for a variety of weird hardware internals that are aimed at specific task, right?05:18
holsteinit = ?05:19
plain-usermyth thing is probably the right appliance, thanks again for the hint05:20
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu05:20
holsteinmythbuntu = all of that to05:21
holsteinits all the same repos05:21
holsteinsame kernels too usually05:21
holsteinfor the most part05:21
holsteinits more about the vendors who make the hardware05:21
holsteinand those cable cards are tricky i hear05:21
plain-userok, well, i go and explore some of this new info you gave me. !05:22
Strykerany1 know how to install 10.10 from usb? the installer tells me it is unable to mount the disk, which doesn't exist, as i am using USB06:08
holsteinStryker: hey06:08
holsteinthe easy way to do that is to just get the vanilla buntu live disc and check out06:09
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation06:09
holsteinlet me find a link though...06:09
Strykerwhat does it do06:09
Strykersounds delicious06:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 697774 in Ubuntu Studio "cant install ubuntustudio from USB stick" [Undecided,New]06:10
holsteinStryker: add yourself to that bug if you dont mind06:10
holsteinthats the link that talks about how to make the ubuntustudio installer disc work06:11
holsteinwith unetbootin06:11
holsteinstill, easier to just to vanilla06:11
holsteinand add what you want06:11
holsteini usually install ubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins06:12
holsteinStryker: im heading out06:12
Strykerwhat is vanilla06:12
holsteinvanilla = just plain old ubuntu06:12
holsteinubuntustudio is ubuntu06:12
Strykerwithout all the bulk?06:12
holsteinjust with some packages added06:12
holsteinand some taken out06:12
holsteinand customized06:12
Strykerhow can i get all that is in ubuntu studio?06:13
holsteinStryker: its all in the repos06:13
Strykerwhat package(s)06:13
holsteinyou just add the metapackages06:13
holsteinubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins are the ones i use06:14
holsteinmostly only those06:14
holsteinyou dont have to do it that way though06:14
holsteinyou can just add the packages you want06:14
Strykerokay, i don't care about video, is that all i need to get all the audio stuff06:14
holsteinpretty much06:14
Strykerthks holstein06:14
holsteinStryker: im heading out for the nite06:14
holsteincheck out06:14
holsteinif you need more info tonite06:15
holsteinStryker: enjoy :)06:15
Strykerokay, thx06:16
plain-useryes, you were right, holstein, i need some help getting it started )10:51
StrayfolkI'm on kernel 2.6.31-11-rt and I'd like help running the rtirq script12:02
ScottLStrayfolk, ailo has expereience with the rtirq script, maybe he can help you12:26
ailoScottL: I don't need help with it. Just pointed out, it isn't uninstalling.12:28
ailoWhen you do apt-get remove rtirq-init it isn't removed12:28
ScottLailo, Strayfolk asked for help with rtirq script12:28
ailoOh, sorry12:28
ailoStrayfolk, what's up?12:29
Strayfolkyes, I downloaded the .sh from http://www.rncbc.org/jack/12:29
Strayfolkcan't run it...12:29
ailoWhat system are you on?12:29
ailoThe rtirq script is a startup job that should be run at bootup. Not as a user.12:30
StrayfolkI'm on ubuntu studio 10.04 64 bit12:30
Strayfolktrying out the 2.6.31-11-rt for the first time12:30
Strayfolksony vaio f12 + edirol fa6612:31
ailoStrayfolk: You have rtirq in the repo. Just install the package rtirq-init12:31
StrayfolkI've done that12:31
Strayfolkshould I be set?12:31
ailoIt's automatic, so no need to tune it. Are you using firewire?12:32
Strayfolkwhat if I've been fiddling with the /etc/default/rtirq manually?12:32
StrayfolkI am.12:32
ailoBut is Lucid running the juju stack?12:32
ailoWhat is it you want to adjust in the rtirq?12:33
StrayfolkI want to make the magic happen :)12:33
ailoIt's already set to do that. No need to adjust it12:33
ailoThe script in /etc/init.d/rtirq will detect your sound devices and add priority to them12:34
ailoI'm not sure if you need to have firewire plugged in during startup or not, though.12:34
ailoHaven't investigated. I use pci cards, so they are always plugged in12:35
Strayfolkokay! I'll try to reboot with the firewire on. I didn't do that12:35
Strayfolkbb in 512:35
Strayfolksame amout of xruns12:40
StrayfolkI'm never getting this to work12:40
ailoWhat's your latency setting?12:40
StrayfolkI've tried them all12:40
StrayfolkI just ran 3x128 for testing12:41
Strayfolknormally I have to use 3x256 for normal use12:41
Strayfolkand 3x512 for mixing12:41
Strayfolkbut always with random xruns12:41
Strayfolkregardless of everything12:41
ailoCould be network-manager is doing that.12:42
ailoIt used to cause problems.12:42
StrayfolkI don't have network manager12:42
StrayfolkI use wicd12:42
Strayfolkeven at 3x1024 I get xruns12:43
Strayfolkand I don't want to work at that latency12:44
ailoDo you know what is sharing the firewire irq?12:45
Strayfolkusb and graphics12:46
Strayfolksince I've tried everything else, I'll try getting an expresscard firewire controller12:46
ailoStrayfolk: I cant vouch for that the rtirq is working for you, so it would be nice to find that out first, I think12:47
ailoWhat firewire chip do you have, btw?12:47
Strayfolkit's a ricoh something, deemed to work by some12:47
Strayfolkthis is my thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1665701&highlight=vaio+edirol12:48
Strayfolkhow do I check whether the irq prios are in order?12:48
ailoStrayfolk: Try #opensourcemusicians. I'm know too little about both firewire and rtirq to give you any real help. I've never had any problems myself, so i've had no reason to find out.12:50
Strayfolkok, thanks anyway!12:51
ailotertl3 probably knows something about rtprio, and the guy who wrote the script is sometimes logged in too.12:52
Strayfolknow it's working ok for a few seconds @ 3x128...12:52
Strayfolklet's see for how long :)12:52
StrayfolkI'm fiddling with jack settings now12:52
ailoAutoStatic: Do you have experience with -rt firewire and rtirqinit?12:54
StrayfolkAutoStatic, you helped me @ the forumm12:54
StrayfolkI'm trying the realtime kernel now... I got something going now :)12:54
AutoStaticI´ m rereading the thread Strayfolk12:55
AutoStaticMartin Trulan is a knowledgeable user so it's not your FireWire controller12:56
StrayfolkI'm sort of inclined to think that my system Should work! since now I've been running ardour + renoise for five minutes @ 3x128 without xruns12:56
AutoStaticCool! If you do get some xruns every now and then try the Tango Studio real-time kernel12:57
StrayfolkAutoStatic, on your advice I installed the tango ppa12:57
Strayfolkand afterwards the rt kernel12:57
AutoStaticThe 2.6.31--11-rt?12:57
AutoStaticTry the one from Tango Studio12:58
AutoStaticPerforms better on all my systems12:58
AutoStaticAnd significantly better on my notebook and netbook12:58
AutoStaticThe Tango Studio real-time kernel is in the lucid-lowlatency repository12:59
AutoStaticBut if 2.6.31-11-rt works for you, then stick with that one :)13:00
Strayfolkokay! I can't find it though13:00
Strayfolk33-29 I find13:00
StrayfolkI'll be back for more tweaking later! I'm late for an appointment13:01
Strayfolkthanks for your help!!13:01
AutoStaticOk :)13:01
AutoStaticYou're welocme13:01
holsteintertl3: lol14:16
holsteinwhat do you want ;)14:16
AutoStaticHello tertl3!14:16
holsteinAutoStatic: o/14:16
AutoStaticHello holstein14:16
holsteintertl3: are you using ubuntustudio?14:19
tertl3no, but I go to ubuntustudio preperation page to get all of the things I need after a fresh install14:20
tertl3the only reason i dont use the ubuntustudio iso is because I dont use all the extra programs14:29
tertl3but I think I heard ScottL saying he was keeping it up now14:29
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