micahgochosi: mr_pouit: finally, success with git + gmusicbrowser :)11:48
ochosihey micahg 12:12
ochosiso you packaged gmusicbrowser from squentin's git-repo for debian/ubuntu?12:13
mr_pouitfeel free to upload, then I'll s/exaile/gmusicbrowser/ in the seeds and in the panel launchers :)13:45
ochosimr_pouit: so if gmusicbrowser from upstream gets packaged (btw, there are still a few important updates to come until thursday) we can later patch it for xubuntu?13:47
ochosimr_pouit: just in case not everything necessary makes it upstream for the freeze13:47
mr_pouityeah, we can still patch if needed13:48
ochosiok, that's fine then13:48
ochosisquentin started applying patches from my repo yesterday, but he's not done yet13:49
charlie-tcaGood morning15:06
micahgochosi: no, I was importing 1.1.615:55
ochosimicahg: yeah, but 1.1.6 from what repository? https://github.com/squentin/gmusicbrowser ?16:14
mr_pouitthe released tarball I guess16:16
ochosimr_pouit: right, i guess that was a misunderstanding because micahg said git + gmb16:18
mr_pouitochosi: that's the same, he has probably imported the v1.1.6 tag from git16:30
charlie-tcamr_pouit: anything known about the alternate images failing to work for a kernel mismatch error?17:21
cody-somervilleI think d-i is just borked today18:57
charlie-tcayup, there is bug filed that cjwatson is working18:58
davmor2cody-somerville: charlie-tca: yeap it's borked today18:58
charlie-tcabug 72314818:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 723148 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "Natty server ISO images fail to install" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72314818:59
charlie-tcadesktop images do install, though19:02
surreal7zhi guys.. when I plug in my external HDD this is what happens... It's called "The Cube" and I have a folder \media which has "The Cube" folder, but owner is root... and when I want to access it... I don't have permissions and the "The Cube_" is created which is good... 20:14
surreal7zwrong channel20:14
micahgochosi: the big issue for this week is feature freeze, since you're fixes are UI improvements, I think we're good if we get 1.1.6 upstream in by thursday22:18
ochosimicahg: ok that's fine. in fact if you don't take the tarball but the latest git-version on thursday that might save us some patches for later (at least if that's possible)22:37
ochosimicahg: i'm also checking on a mpris2 plugin to make the sound-indicator work22:37
ochosimicahg: i might be able to get that upstream till thursday22:37
ochosimicahg: please let me know whether it's worth a try22:38
micahgochosi: well, I'm doing this through Debian, and idk how to package git snapshots yet, and we're about 24 hours out, so I'd rather run with what we have, as long as we're not adding features, we're fine uploading new bug fix/UI  versions22:39
ochosimicahg: hm, i don't know but wouldn't the way i package for ubuntu work for debian as well? (simply using debuild, the rest (rules etc) should be contained in git already)23:08
micahgochosi: yes, but works vs proper are not necessarily the same thing, Debian requires proper packaging23:10
micahgi.e. standards compliant/lintian clean23:10
ochosii'm afraid adding a plugin for mpris2 might be considered a "feature" not a fix...23:11
ochosiright, that's true23:11
ochosior could we argue that the mpris plugin is a ui-change?23:11
ochosimicahg: ok, the mpris2 plugin works, i just tried it. would really be cool if we could include that23:17
micahgochosi: ugh, that's a feature :(23:18
micahgwe can probably sneak it in though23:18
micahgochosi: do you know when the new upstream version will be ready?23:19
ochosii'll check that out, i think that we can really get most of the stuff that would be needed done by tomorrow23:20
ochositomorrow being wednesday23:20
ochosimicahg: until when would you need it?23:22
micahgidk, the sooner the better, if I have an estimate, I can go to skaet and say we'll have this done by this date, can we get an exception23:23
ochosiok, i'll quickly check with upstream, give me a few mins23:23
ochosibut the thing is that this might need some testing, at least tonight23:24

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