lithprevery time i switch users, i get xscreensaver asking me for my password.  is there anyway to disable this behavior?01:41
halaszvarighi all03:53
halaszvarigI just created a bluebird like chrome theme (only the frame color was changed to match the color from the theme): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hedddjdackneeciinimepakidindpgdd03:54
nsgnhello. why on earth wont glslideshow read a jpg from a folder i point it to?04:05
nsgnthe only jpgs i can get it to read on the whole system are the ones in the default background folder04:06
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lnxg33kguys i have just installed xbuntu natty05:11
lnxg33khow to switch between keyboard layout ?05:11
bazhanglnxg33k, #ubuntu+1 for natty support05:23
Jason1Hey there. Can someone give me some advice about a network connectivity issue?05:44
Sysisomebody using 10.04 with alex2000 xfce 4.8 ppa?11:43
Sysiactual question: does it work?11:43
lithprSysi, i'm using the koshi ppa for 4.8, and it's great12:08
lithpr(for 10.10)12:08
Sysidifferent ppa and different xubuntu12:09
Sysii know from natty that 4.8 is nice12:09
Sysii might as well *could* try since i moved mainly to kde12:10
lithpri've tried Natty Alpha 2 for kde and Gnome, but both were very unstable on my box12:11
lithprso i decided to side step it for xfce12:12
Sysikde shouldn't be very bad, but xfce works maybe even better12:14
Sysiunity is stil in development afaik12:15
lithprright, i had tons of crashing on kde 4.6 w/ natty, did better with ppa on maverick12:17
lithprstill too unstable though12:17
lithprthe biggest problem on kde 4.6 MM is that it all crashes on logout, other than that, it's good12:18
jigynethow do i configure / confirm proper installation of intel gma?13:14
jigynetis the gma fully utilized in ubuntu's?13:15
Sysiintel drivers should be there by default13:20
jigynetwell it seemed to improve a little when i install the drivers..13:37
jigyneta settings ap isnt obvious, dont know any commands to configure things lik antianiliseing13:38
jigynetthe i965 va drivers??13:41
jigynetplus there are many other settings that need adjusting memory footprint, shared memory settings..13:43
andy_Good day all. I'm trying to solve a problem I created: I'm running ubuntu 10.10 on a netbook (Asus eee 900A; 16GB SSD, 1.6 ghz atom). I switched to XFCE, then tried to eliminate the extra apps left over from gnome by deleting them via synaptic package manager. Not too bright: now I get a command line on startup and cannot start xubuntu desktop or get updates. Any suggestions?14:01
lithprandy_ certainly the simplest and most robust way to recover from a situation like that is to reinstall14:04
Sysiplug it to wired internet and (re)install xubuntu-desktop14:04
Sysisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop14:05
andy_lithpr and Sysi: thanks. Can't install either; neither sudo apt-get update nor sudo apt-get install xubuntu desktop work.14:05
Sysiwhat does it say?14:06
andy_I get a long list of unmet dependencies and "failed to fetch" messages.14:06
andy_I've tried to fix the sources list, to no avail.14:06
Sysisounds like reinstall..14:06
andy_Can't boot from a flash drive either. You suggesting reinstall the OS?14:07
andy_Sysi - thanks. That's about what I figured. Now I need to figure out how to do that when I can't boot the thing from a USB drive. Any suggestions there?14:07
lithprhow did you get it on there in the first place?14:08
brouschboot from external USB CD-ROM14:08
Sysiyou've created usb stick with unetbootin or usb-creator and press esc on boot?14:08
andy_lithpr: I used the flash drive. I've somehow borked its ability to do even that.14:08
andy_Sysi: yes14:09
lithprthat should be a bios issue- you couldn't have killed it from the OS14:09
Sysiwhat does it do?14:09
andy_Sysi: just boots into the command line despite the presence of the USB drive.14:09
Sysido you get the boot device selection menu?14:10
lithprandy_, have you gone into the bios and made sure that booting from usb has the highest priority?14:11
andy_Sysi: just tried again and this time it worked. I didn't get the boot device menu before but now I do. Weird stuff. Thanks again. I'll reinstall. thanks all!14:11
jigynetwhy not sudo dpkg-configure?14:37
jigynethe may also have other usb's plugged in at boot?14:37
Sysicould have been worth a try, but reinstall takes half an hour and after that he has pure xfce system14:38
Sysihe also got usb-boot to work14:38
jigynetdpkg reconfig also needs to be run from the usb os xD14:38
jigynetotherwise it would only rebuild the root os14:39
jigynetnot other installs14:39
jigynetlol is there a command for that hehe14:39
jigynetbut i always use that if things get quirky or unfixable and i got terminal still.. much less time then download/reinstall14:40
jigynetand you keep everything xD14:41
jigynetmaybe 30 min depending on connection and traffic14:41
jigynetselected packages xD14:41
jigynetjust wish i could find a fan control for a samsung netbook..14:42
Jason1I configured opendns this morning and now my connection keeps dropping after 10 or 20 minutes of use. Any ideas on how to diagnose the issue?15:37
jigynethow do i share my wifi locally?..like coffe shop / home users16:58
jigynetplus my bro needs help secureing his pc =/16:59
charlie-tcayou want to allow any user to use your wifi?16:59
jigynetif they are given a password..and a key preferably17:00
charlie-tcathen you should just give them the password and key they can connect with17:00
jigyneti'd use bluetooth but his pc is older..17:00
jigynetthat connects a pc directly  to the router..not my pc in a way he can use the internet via one of 2 ap's17:01
jigynetad-hoc right?17:01
jigynethaveing random people use the router directly would be kinda bad =/17:03
xubuntu012hello.  I'm installing xubuntu.  However I've reached a snag.  it says "Downloading pakckages (5015:47 remaining)".  I do not have that long to wait.18:19
charlie-tcalose a connection?18:19
xubuntu012same conection I'm using to talk to you.18:19
xubuntu012There is a hyper-link that directed me to this irc.18:20
xubuntu012on the installer18:20
charlie-tcaMaybe the connection dropped and came back18:20
charlie-tcaIt should be a constantly updating time18:21
xubuntu012It jumped down to 15 mintues, but only for a few secounds18:21
xubuntu012Most of the time it's still.18:21
xubuntu012Is there a way to switch mirrors?18:21
charlie-tcanot during trhe install18:26
xubuntu012thanks for your time18:26
lithprbacked up system... installing compiz... hope it all works out18:48
jigynethow do i share internet hime wifi?18:59
jigynethome xD18:59
lithpryeay!  compiz + xfce runs flawlessly!19:20
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Guest34418i am trying to get the tv out working on my19:22
lithprunfortunately, the session manager doesn't know how to return windows to the correct virtual desktop19:23
surreal7zhi guys.. when I plug in my external HDD this is what happens... It's called "The Cube" and I have a folder \media which has "The Cube" folder, but owner is root... and when I want to access it... I don't have permissions and the "The Cube_" is created which is good...20:14
surreal7zI didn't do anything.. it was working till now... except I had to access it first from thunar before using it in rhytmbox and other applications'20:25
surreal7zThe Cube_ has good permissions of a user20:25
surreal7zany way to fix that?20:25
Sysiwhat filesystem20:25
surreal7zokey... i have fixed it... but still when I log in I need to access thunar first before I use it in other applications20:26
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dvanstonetext browsers recommendation anyone22:10
dvanstoneor a proper <channel> would be fine22:10
Unit193dvanstone: elinks isn't too bad...22:13
dvanstoneis it rpm or deb based?22:13
Sysiw3m, links22:14
SgrAMy friend used WUBI to install Xubuntu but after that was done and he rebooted, X server couldn't be started and some frequency error was reported.22:16

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