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jcastrocyphermox: so your multi monitor stuff works?03:56
jcastroI look forward to trying it tomorrow!03:56
didrocksgood morning07:47
oSoMoNgood morning08:04
MacSlowhey folks08:05
apwnjpatel, morning, filed a bunch of bugs on the keyboard layout indicdator last night, wanted to make sure they were on the right package ... people weere unsure last night ... what one should they be against?08:08
njpateldidrocks, ^ ?08:09
njpatelapw, it's one of the gnome packages but I can't remember the name08:09
* didrocks looks08:09
apwgnome-control-center was the one suggested, and where they are at the mo08:10
apwoh and whats the package for the clock applet08:11
apw(these menus really could do with a 'report bug' option or something)08:12
didrocksapw: g-c-c is fine, not 100% sure it's this one its the one, but yeah08:13
didrocksand right, indicator-datetime for the clock indicator08:13
didrocksapw: what would be awesome is a "click the component getting troubles" :)08:13
apwdidrocks, yeah that would work08:15
apw7 bugs in 5 minutes after that updates to unity/compiz last night ... not our finest our08:16
apwcompiz seems to be a crashy heap at the moment08:16
didrocksapw: the decoration? or something else?08:17
apwdidrocks, not sure i know the answer to that, though the whole thing core-dumps when doing window operations at itmes, bugs fileed on the cores08:18
didrocksapw: ok, can you point smspillaz to them, please?08:19
apwsmspillaz, had two coredumps in unity and one in nux reported last night after the latest compiz,unity updates: bug #726840 and bug #72315808:22
ubot5Bug 726840 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/726840 is private08:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 723158 in nux (Ubuntu) "unity_support_test crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::IOpenGLAsmVertexShader::IOpenGLAsmVertexShader()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72315808:22
apwyay fir t08:22
apwyay for the retracer not doing its job08:22
smspillazgimmeh a backtrace08:23
* apw chats to martin about the retracer ... hrm08:24
* apw notes one of his bugs is gone now ... i wonder where it went ... anyhow, the retracer was sick and on the case now08:26
apwsmspillaz, ahh the other compiz one has dup'd itself in the last 10 mins or so: bug #72687308:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 726873 in compiz (Ubuntu) "unity-window-decorator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT() (dup-of: 724874)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72687308:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 724874 in compiz (Ubuntu) "unity-window-decorator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72487408:28
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smspillazapw: ok, they aren't compiz crashes at least08:34
smspillazstill decorator crashes08:34
smspillazbut I'm not sure what is going on here08:34
smspillazapw: is there a particular way you can "tickle" this problem ?08:34
apwthe one which duplicated itself, that i am pretty sure i triggered by having a window get stuck, then force killing it08:35
apwsomeone else on the bug says something similar ...08:35
apwthe other one, was triggered by me full screening a chromium window i think08:35
apwbut it is hard to be 100% sure08:36
apwwhen one right clicks on a docked unity appy thing you get a right menu, how do you get rid of it without clicking something in it08:39
apwalso isn't Terminal meant to have a 'open new window' which seems to be gone08:39
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apwalso i note that terminal's menu has moved back into the terminal, except for file quit which is on the global bar08:41
apware these all bugs?08:42
* apw has no confidence he knows what expected behavoiur is anymore as it changes every upload, and the changlog isn't helping me08:43
smspillazapw: ok, I'll try this one then :)08:44
smspillazapw: thanks!08:44
apwalso is the terminal icon meant to have a golden flare round it, and does it mean something or is it purely asthetic08:45
smspillazapw: it is for keyboard nav08:46
apwmeaning?  that that one has a special key sequence or something ?08:47
smspillazpress up and down08:47
smspillazit navigates the launcher08:47
apwhow do i get focus into the launcher to make that work08:48
smspillazthe super key08:48
apwnope, that gives me the new 'numbers' on the panel items, but up and down dont work08:49
smspillazapw: strange, it worked the other day08:49
smspillazMacSlow can tell you about that I guess08:50
didrocksapw: with the next release coming in a few hours, alt + F1 show and focus the launcher08:51
didrocksthen, press up and down08:51
smspillazdidrocks: thanks :)08:52
didrocksapw: if the menu isn't exported, its a bug, indicator-appmenu for those08:52
apwsmspillaz, i think just triggered another compiz crash using the window you get from a tap of the windows key08:52
apwtap super, type keyb, then hit esc seemed to do it08:53
apwsmspillaz, yeah did it for me again, about 2 from 6 times08:53
didrocksapw: I think it's a dash search crash, we fixed a lot in trunk, so hopefully, check again later today08:54
apwdidrocks, sigh, we need to get someone in qa to test some of this stuff, if i can find 8 bugs with 10 mins of use it would be found by someone with test experience before upload08:55
smspillazapw: the problem is that we are under intense pressure to get lots done. A lot of us are working far extended than normal hours08:55
didrocksapw: those bugs are really machine specific08:55
didrocksapw: so, if you want to shift with me, working 14 hours a day, welcome08:56
didrocksand don't tell "someone with test experience before upload"08:56
apwsmspillaz, yep and a lot of us cannot test what we are working extended hours too cause our test boxes won't let us use them cause the window manager is broken08:56
didrocksnow, back to work08:56
smspillazand while we make every effort to review and test, there is really only so much you can do when you have deadlines that are 2 hours away08:56
apwif i shipped my kernels with that way you'd never be able to boot08:56
didrocksapw: that happens quite often to me08:57
smspillazapw: and you think I'm not working extended hours to fix the window manager? writing window managers is very difficult, especially when you need to change a lot at the last minute08:57
didrockslike kernel panics at start…08:57
didrocksso if you want to play the blame game…08:57
smspillazapw: also, we all deal with broken things. For example, I get kernel panics every time I resize a window08:57
apwsmspillaz, interesting, got a bug number for that, i am all ears08:57
smspillazapw: its a bug in nouveau 3D, not worth filing a bug report over08:58
smspillazI had to use nouveau 3D for a long time because eg, the nvidia dirver was broken08:58
apwyep, those pesky 3d requirements are a b*tch08:58
MacSlowapw, Alt-F1 is the default08:59
apwand i'm not trying to play any kind of blame game, we all have pressures i know, just wondering if some focus from QA could help catch some of these08:59
apwits worked well for our stable kernels, reducing regressions and catching odd use cases much earlier08:59
smspillazapw: we're wroking on things like auto-testing, unit testing etc09:00
didrocksapw: the thing is that unity and compiz aren't stable at this point of the release09:00
apwperhaps we can do the same, as people who know how to test know how to tickle things and know how they tickled them09:00
didrocksand for the kernel, you have an upstream having a longer dev cycle between releases09:00
smspillazcompiz doesn't really have these things ... unfortunately writing them is going to take a while and it is just not priority right now09:00
didrockswith already some QA09:00
didrockswe are doing everything possible here to get the best unity and compiz09:00
apwi am sure you are, don't think otherwise09:00
didrocksbut you have to understand that the scale of people working on it is small09:01
didrocksand most of issues are machine-dependant09:01
didrocksif I had a search crashing, I won't upload it09:01
njpatelDon't we have a release to do today?09:01
didrocksbut I don't have this kind of effects09:01
apwandi am putting myself in harms way to test it, to get you wihining bugs as soon as possible :)09:01
didrocksapw: and we really appreciate that, so just files bugs to help us, thanks :)09:03
* apw goes back to his team of one working on the development kernel09:06
smspillazdammit, can't reproduce the u-w-d one09:14
om26ercando_, are you still working on the dodge active window fix?09:35
cando_om26er, now i'm pretty busy...i should be able to work on it in the weekend...you can take it if you want...:)09:36
om26ercando_, ha ha, what is c++ :D09:37
cando_om26er, ahahah...ok! :)09:37
cando_om26er, i'll let you know asap...09:38
dbarth_apinheiro, rodrigo_: ping? you guys there for the weekly catch up?09:41
rodrigo_dbarth_, yes, give me 5 mins, if possible09:41
didrocksom26er: you rocked as usual on the dup effort! thanks!09:42
didrocksom26er: and sorry for that dancing launcher, the bug is there for 4 weeks, weird that we got all duplicates in a short period of time (but FF should have help :))09:43
om26erdidrocks, the latest upload the one before yesterday make is worse though is fixed with the latest update na?09:45
didrocksom26er: yeah, I cherry-picked it09:45
didrocksom26er: we plan to have another release in a couple of hours09:45
om26erdidrocks, the feature release?09:45
didrocksom26er: but looking at the code, I don't know how it made it worse :)09:45
didrocksom26er: there is mostly bug fixes in it, the only feature added is this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/09:46
om26erdidrocks, the new dash design is also in this release or is it coming after alpha-3 seems to be merged in trunk09:49
didrocksom26er: it's in this release09:50
didrocksom26er: do you use chromium?09:50
om26erdidrocks, yes its my default browser09:51
rodrigo_dbarth_, apinheiro: ready09:51
didrocksom26er: ok, can you reproduce that: bug #72706009:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 727060 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Damage events not received when chromium opened automaximize" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72706009:52
om26erdidrocks, confirmed09:53
didrocksom26er: ahah, intel/nvidia?09:53
om26erdidrocks, intel09:53
didrockssmspillaz: see ^09:53
didrocksand not only nvidia, so you should be able to reproduce it :)09:54
smspillazseb128: awesome09:54
didrocksom26er: ok, milestone for next week, thanks a lot!09:54
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rodrigo_dbarth_, call dropped10:03
rodrigo_dbarth_, ?10:10
rodrigo_apinheiro, ?10:15
apinheiroapinheiro, yep?10:15
apinheiroanyway, you didn't miss too much on the call10:15
rodrigo_dbarth dropped the call, right? or is it me?10:15
apinheirono it was you ;)10:15
apinheiroI mean that we were still on the meeting10:16
apinheirobut nothing new, we were finishingh the meeting10:16
rodrigo_dbarth__, apinheiro: ok, so the other thing I was goin to mention is me being on vacation next week10:21
rodrigo_apinheiro, dbarth__: I'll still do some work on my bugs, but won't be much online10:21
coz_hey all10:23
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aruizis it me, or are dbusmenus broken in Natty?11:22
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kenvandineklattimer1, did you see my comments on that bug?13:21
klattimer1kenvandine: not yet13:21
klattimer1I was just cracking on doing the recurrence stuff13:21
klattimer1kenvandine: got the bug number handy?13:21
kenvandinebug 72660313:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 726603 in Indicator Date and Time "Appointments displayed might not be the next 5 " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72660313:23
kenvandineseb128, i'll be out taking one of my kids to an apt for the next hour or so, bbiab13:23
kenvandineklattimer1, hopefully my comments help save you some time13:23
seb128kenvandine, hey, ok13:23
klattimer1kenvandine: I actually woke up with a fairly good way of fixing this in my head, must have had some dream about it last night or something13:24
klattimer1but lets see what you've got13:24
klattimer1kenvandine: well that breaks my entire plan for a fix13:25
klattimer1excuse me while I go had punch an eds hacker13:25
aruizdoes FrameJob as a class name have any sexual connotations?13:27
aruizDon't want to make the same mistaken as RIM Jobs13:28
klattimer1aruiz: it would just add to the charm13:30
klattimer1we have libido and liboobs13:30
aruizklattimer1, I invented liboobs13:33
aruizwell, I gave it its name13:33
aruizgarnacho did the rest13:33
tedgkenvandine, Hey, klattimer1 and I were talking about using libjana in indicator-datetime.  But it's in universe.  Is it too late to add that dep?14:32
kenvandinewhat does it do?14:32
kenvandineif it solves some of the pain of eds then maybe14:33
tedgkenvandine, It's basically a time and date helper library.  Yeah, basically.14:33
kenvandineoh... very interesting then14:34
kenvandinebecause dealing with eds for this stuff is rather painful14:34
kenvandineso it is a simpler way to deal with eds?14:35
klattimer1kenvandine: in theory14:36
klattimer1but, I've also got a way of doing it pure eds14:36
klattimer1it just takes manoeuvring some code, there's also the question of the size of the package and stuff which I haven't even considered - and also memory usage and stability of it14:37
klattimer1personally, I'd rather pure eds right now14:37
kenvandineit can be done in eds, gnome-panel does it14:37
klattimer1and scope out libjana for a future release14:38
kenvandinebut the api is kind of a pain14:38
kenvandineok, that would be good14:38
klattimer1kenvandine: the panel, as far as I could tell uses eds-ui widgets a14:38
kenvandinetrying to figure out wtf was happening there was painful14:38
klattimer1and monkeys with them in various ways14:38
kenvandineit does basically what you do14:38
kenvandinebut it generates instances for the recurring events14:38
klattimer1I never saw that14:38
klattimer1maybe I was blinded to it14:38
kenvandineusing that function i pointed to in the bug comment14:38
klattimer1but that's what I'm thinking of doing14:39
kenvandinewell,it is a very round about way of doing it14:39
kenvandinei think it is the only way14:39
klattimer1that's what I was thinking too14:39
kenvandineit is rediculous to be able to query for events in the next 7 days, but the results can't tell you when the next occurance is14:39
klattimer1well, I'll just do that really14:39
klattimer1kenvandine: believe me, at times EDS is worse14:39
kenvandineyou then have to generate instances of those events, which use the rules defined in eds14:39
kenvandinethen iterate over those14:40
klattimer1kenvandine: do you know what query language it is?14:40
kenvandineoh, i proposed a branch that simplified your query too14:40
klattimer1oh - that's going to be SO easy to find documentation for14:40
kenvandineyou don't need to touch that :)14:40
kenvandineyou already have the ecalcomponents14:40
kenvandineyou need to use that result to call that generate_instances function i pointed out14:41
kenvandinethen in the callback function do something with it14:41
kenvandinei didn't quite work that out14:41
vishs1aden: hi, is Ubuntu font complete enough to be used in documents/spreadsheets?  I'm wondering why we use TimesNewRoman, Arial as defaults in LibreOffice … would switching to Ubuntu font cause any problems?14:41
kenvandinebut... there should be a function similar to e_cal_get_dtstart to get the datetime of the next instance14:41
kenvandinei mean seriously...14:42
kenvandineklattimer1, you can also talk to rodrigo_14:42
kenvandinehe knows eds very well :)14:42
klattimer1kenvandine: yeah14:42
klattimer1but looks like I can see what I've gotta do14:42
klattimer1it's just horrible14:43
* bcurtiswx waves to room14:46
kenvandinehey bcurtiswx14:47
bcurtiswxhey kenvandine14:47
klattimer1kenvandine: I've just thought, won't the generated instances come out in no particular order14:48
klattimer1so I still need to sort them...14:48
klattimer1kenvandine: thanks for that query tip14:48
klattimer1I wish I knew/found documentation for this language because I've never seen it before14:49
s1adenvish: we're currently still at the stage where the metric (width, kerning) of the Ubuntu Fonts is still likely to change.  This would cause document flow, which is why they are set as default in any non-GUI applications yet14:53
s1adenvish: that may change post a -1.0 when a set of frozen metrics14:53
vishs1aden: ah! thanks for clearing that up … :)14:58
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jcastrodidrocks: I am confused by "Add Super to the dance"16:09
jcastroer, add shift to the dance16:09
didrocksjcastro: basically16:09
didrockssuper -> 1 <=> clicking on the icon16:10
didrocks(activates existing apps)16:11
didrockssuper + shift + 1 <=> middle click -> open a new instance16:11
jcastrooh I see16:11
didrocksjcastro: can you change the wiki in plain english please? :)16:11
jcastroso the same as either left clicking or middle clicking on an icon16:11
didrocksstill on the phone16:11
jcastroyep, I'm on it16:11
jcastroalmost done, just needed that last bit16:11
aruiztedg, about?16:19
tedgaruiz, On a call, I'll ping you in a bit.16:28
aruiztedg, I'll be around16:28
tedgaruiz, I'm back!  What's up?16:43
aruiztedg, trying to figure out how to handle the "about to show" case16:45
aruizwhat are the limitations of such approach?16:45
aruizI went for the easy one (take children and rebuild) and as you can imagine16:45
aruizit blew right in my face16:45
tedgaruiz, Well, there's no specific limitation, the problem is that we delete items then the whole menu can go away.16:51
aruizwell, if the number of items remains the same, that's not a problem16:51
tedgaruiz, So if your keeping around pointers to the objects, things *should* work out for the most part.  But I wouldn't use "take" as that removes all references.  It's better to delete and add and make sure to recycle objects.16:52
tedgaruiz, I guess it's better to say "we not figuring out what changed as much as, if the object changes, we assume everything changed."16:52
aruizgot it16:54
aruizI'll try to do things gracefully16:54
aruiztedg, can a element be hidden? even though is still part of the list?17:02
aruizthe children list that is17:02
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tedgaruiz, You can set the visibility to false, is that what you mean?17:04
aruizah, yeah17:05
aruiztedg, that way I can keep the object around and know that it'll get freed on g_object_unref of its parent17:05
nhainestedg: I got a screenshot of that bug I mentioned, but yesterday's daily ISO cleared up the problem and I wasn't confident that output from unity-panel-service was actually helpful, since I couldn't get it to quit without it restarting automatically.17:06
nhainestedg: Err, the bug was the panel icons not being themed.  On the other hand, I now have natty installed on my laptop.  :)17:07
tedgaruiz, okay, it should work.  I'm not sure what GTK does with hidden items there, but it'll get directly translated into a hidden item in GTK as well.17:07
nhainessladen: I spend my life in Terminal windows.  I'm curious if there's a timeframe for the Ubuntu Monospace font.  I'm eager to start testing it!  :)17:07
tedgnhaines, Good that it works? :-)17:08
tedgnhaines, I think there was some gsd issues in general, I haven't looked into them much.17:08
nhainestedg: maybe?  :)  It would sort of work or not work from daily to daily... so I wanted to try and report it.17:08
sladennhaines: we're just going through thr third ratio today (exact 2:1 like a console font)17:08
nhainesBut I'll keep an eye on it.  I just didn't want you to think I didn't follow through.  ;)17:09
nhainessladen: neato!  I miss updates on Canonical's Design Team blog.  :)17:09
sladennhaines: I hope it'll be possibly to do a wider beta test soon, but the mono is what everyone seems to be asking for (you're not the 1st, or the 21st)17:09
nhainessladen: I'm interested in the other weights and so forth, too, but mono is going to change my life in a way.  :)17:10
sladennhaines: if it works :).  Currently you'll notice that there are some spacing issues:  http://www.paul.sladen.org/tmp/line-drawing-and-box-500.400.png17:13
nhainessladen: Well, that my change my life in another way as well, haha.  :)17:14
nhainesIt's awesome that DM and you and everyone are working together like this.  I'll wait patiently for updates.  :)17:14
nhainesAlso, "eszett" is an awesome hostname.17:15
sladennhaines: you could join the new mailing list in the meantime  https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/font17:15
sladennhaines: nobody's said anything yet17:15
sladennhaines: yeah, rename following an unfortunately HDD crash (now SSD)17:16
nhainessladen: ooh! I didn't know there was a mailing list.  :D17:17
nhainessladen: I work for WD so although I trust our drives, I trust backups more.  :(17:17
nhainessladen: although Ubuntu One helps a little too.17:18
nhainesivanka: Hello, I was noticing that there is no new-branding Ubuntu business card artwork available.  Is this something that is being planned?17:34
nhainesI didn't manage to catch any Canonical employees with new business cards over the weekend.  :(17:34
nhainestedg: maybe I should have asked Jane Silber for her card!  ;)17:35
tedgnhaines, Heh, I bet she gets new ones! :)17:36
kenvandinearuiz, do you actually use stlport in lo-menubar?  you check for it with waf but i don't see any includes17:48
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aruizkenvandine, I blind copied the build rules from an extension example that used random Makefile-include-fu17:56
aruizkenvandine, it might well be that I don't need it at all17:56
kenvandineok, i suspected :)17:56
kenvandinei see no includes for it17:56
aruizkenvandine, I did that before I actually implemented stuff, so yeah17:57
* kenvandine verifies17:57
aruizprolly safe to kill it17:57
torosI'm just testing the latest unity, and the global menu keeps crashing. Is this a known bug?18:04
htorqueDBO, hey! if you got some time, can you please take a look at the "build unity from source" guide at askubuntu?18:12
DBOI saw that htorque :)18:13
htorquebuilds fine but it won't start (starts the ubuntu unity instead, the path contains only the unity binary - i guess that's not enough?)18:13
DBOyou are a hero and a gentleman18:13
DBOokay I'll look18:13
htorquei also tried to start it from a metacity session (no effects), but no luck18:14
didrockshtorque: I think that's because compiz don't take it18:14
htorqueDBO, why thank you, but it's only a 1:1 copy of the old guide :P18:14
didrockshtorque: for now, I'm doing an evil thing: installed in /usr/local/ and using unity --distro to switch back to the distro version :)18:15
DBOi think I know the problem18:15
DBOmake that line18:15
DBOthen try18:15
htorqueDBO, thanks, on it18:16
jonoholy crap, the new Places/Dash is incredible18:19
jonothe performance is stunning18:19
didrocksjono: isn't it? ;)18:20
jononice work :-)18:20
jonodidrocks, I want to file bug against the new time and date dialog - what package name do I use with ubuntu-bug?18:21
nhainesThe new places/dash in the repos?18:22
desrtKaleo: hihi18:22
jononhaines, yup18:22
didrocksjono: indicator-datetime18:22
nhainesjono: thanks, I'll have to take a look at it.  :)18:22
jonothanks didrocks18:23
didrocksyw :)18:23
* desrt decides to check out this unity stuff again18:24
didrocksdesrt: you should definitively take the last version (just hit the repo 4 hours ago)18:25
jonoyeah the release that just landed is one I have been waiting for18:26
jonothe Apps / Files place is now feeling pretty useful18:26
jonoI am having some issues with U1 syncing right now18:26
desrtdidrocks: k.  will dist-upgrade18:27
nhainesjono: I installed natty on my laptop last night.  U1 felt a bit slow but I didn't notice any real problem.s18:27
didrocksjono: don't blame unity for that! :p18:27
jononhaines, give it an update18:27
nhainesMaybe a couple synced folders that should have been default... U1MS doesn't seem to have synced.18:27
jonothe app / files place is much more performant18:28
jonooh, U118:28
nhainesThat would be good news for sure.  :)18:28
jonomy bad18:28
jonodidrocks, yeah18:28
nhainesYeah, I don't have the new app/files yet.18:28
jonoI am going to talk to aq and see what the deal is18:28
htorqueDBO, half win (i guess): launcher now uses /opt/unity, but unity-panel-service comes from /usr/lib/unity18:44
DBOits not actually using /opt/unity18:44
DBOits using ~/.compiz-118:44
DBOhtorque, the panel service shouldn't really matter fortunately18:45
htorqueDBO, but it definitely uses sources from /opt/unity/share/unity/3/18:46
DBOit would18:46
DBOits a co-install kind of thing18:46
htorqueDBO, yeah, i don't know if that's a problem at all, just noted it :)18:46
htorqueso i'd say this is fixed then \o/18:47
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htorqueDBO, gotta go, thanks for your time! :-)18:52
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nhainesHuh, I'm using Firefox on the latest Unity, and the title bar only repaints when focus changes away from Firefox.19:14
bdmurraySo I've run into a situation where I can't install unity on natty19:18
bdmurrayOh ignore me its sorted it seems19:19
AmaranthDBO: I guess you got XDND sorted then?19:23
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DBOAmaranth, more or less yeah, why?19:24
AmaranthDBO: Oh, just noticed it in the desktop team update19:25
DBOi didn't even know the desktop team was aware I sorted it19:25
DBOim busy doing the drawing with xlib right no19:25
danyRis the dash supposed to be fullscreen on 1366x768 or it's just the algorithm needing some work?19:26
DBOprobably needing some work19:26
DBOits also possible that was our design requirement19:26
DBOI dont really know19:26
danyRDBO, I hope it's the algorithm. 1366x768 is a common resolution for laptops, and, you know laptos > netbooks :P19:27
danyRfail. laptops*19:28
DBOlaptoops as I like to call them19:29
danyRfair enough.19:29
jcastrolamalex: yo, so the trigaging docs20:34
vishlamalex: hey, did you get to discuss with didrocks about the use of opinion status?20:37
vish https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status for how it is used in rest of Ubuntu..20:39
vishlp folks said it was temporary trial for 3 months, but it still lives( after 6months?) ;p20:39
lamalexvish, no, i tried to ping him a few days ago but he was too busy to talk20:44
lamalexill talk to him tomorrow20:44
vishheh! /me wonders about various kinds of feedback a http://input.ubuntu.com/beta/feedback would get ;)20:47
jcastrolamalex: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/FilingBugs is going in the TechOverview20:58
jcastroso basically, make sure it's good by Thursday20:58
jcastroit looks complete to me20:58
lamalexIt's ready for people to look at it for sure21:00
lamalexIt can keep growing but it's in a good state21:00
lamalexjcastro, the only thing i might need to  update is the design bugs workflow- but I will talk to didrocks about that tomorrow21:24
* jcastro nods21:24
TchMnky76Okay, so in Ubuntu Natty a1 (I haven't tried a2 yet), when trying to have both the GIMP and Banshee installed together, the two packages' dependencies conflicted.  Has this been fixed yet?21:44
TchMnky76(I hope this is an appropriate place to ask about that)21:46
vishTchMnky76: iirc, there was an api transition during alpha1.. where there were a lot of broken packages21:48
vishTchMnky76: which might have been the cause for your issue..21:48
TchMnky76Ah, okay.21:48
TchMnky76So is it fixed in alpha 2?21:48
vishTchMnky76: however, i dont think it is still an issue now, havent heard of this problem.. also, Banshee is installed by default, so thats not a problem..21:48
TchMnky76Okay, thank you.21:49
TchMnky76Now I can have the confidence to go back to Natty from Maverick! =D21:51
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ionI love how some programs now use the indicator area as a systray. apt-cache show banshee-extension-appindicator23:43
Daekdroomion, if there only was a clear definition on what indicator area is for.23:52

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