mgzspiv: thanks. posted some mps for you to look over at your leisure.00:24
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lifelessspiv: hi06:39
lifelessspiv: did you check for a branch.conf with %7E, or was it clearly stacking?06:40
spivlifeless: there was a %7E in one branch.conf06:40
lifelessspiv: the 11 second thing sounds suspiciously like sftp + branch locking + the url changing issue that broke checkouts06:40
spivlifeless: but the stacked-on locations were definitely pointing to each other (modulo how the URL was escaped)06:42
lifelessspiv: is that even possible, even with branch renames?06:42
spivSo maybe the %7E is a problem, but there also appears to be a stacking loop.06:42
spivWhich is surely a problem too :)06:42
spivlifeless: I think so06:43
spivlifeless: with changing the dev focus around and enough rename steps06:43
spivSee also <https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/692085>, which features someone doing a complicated dance with dev focuses and renames (not sure why!) and ends up with a self-stacked branch.06:46
spivlifeless: I agree it sounds simliar to that checkout issue too, although I haven't managed to dig up the relevant bug yet06:47
spivlifeless: I perhaps don't remember enough details, and I stopped looking for it when I saw the apparent mutual stacking.06:48
lifelessthe 'same branch' check looks for url string equality06:48
lifelessa normalise call was either added/removed- I don't remember - on the lookup of something checkout related06:48
lifelessit made 'bzr update' blow up06:49
lifelessfullermd remembers the bug06:49
fullermdI don't recall ever being involved with any bugs on stacking...  I have it on my mental "do not touch" list.07:21
lifelessnot stacking07:21
lifelessbzr update and the %7E vs ~ thing07:21
fullermdHm.  I vaguely remember hearing of such a thing, not sure I got anywhere near it.07:22
* fullermd checks what LP has to say...07:22
lifelessfullermd: last time this was discussed here, Ithought you piped up witht he bug #07:24
lifelessperhaps it was peng07:24
fullermdHmmm...   here's an ugliness about co's of co's with local vs remote paths: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/32529607:26
fullermdNothing about recursive livelocking though.07:26
fullermdUnrelated, but on a bug gardening note: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/58265607:29
fullermdStill showing a 'New' status on one of its product/effects/whatever's.  Should it?07:30
fullermdAnnoying how LP shows the same bug multiple times (and widely separated) in its listout   :|07:32
lifelessthats the per context thing07:35
lifelessthere is a bug on it07:35
lifelessit has a reasonable reason behind it, solvable with some good ui work07:35
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Manikandanwhen i use this cmd09:39
Manikandani got the following error09:40
Manikandanroot@cdac[openstack]#bzr branch lp:nova09:40
Manikandanssh: connect to host bazaar.launchpad.net port 22: Connection refused09:40
Manikandanbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.09:40
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spivManikandan: the service is up for me09:42
spivManikandan: you may have a firewall between you and bazaar.launchpad.net:22?09:43
techbreak_bzr branch lp:ubuntu/maverick/computer-janitor11:01
techbreak_Permission denied (publickey).11:01
techbreak_bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.11:01
techbreak_help me with this please11:01
spivtechbreak_: the SSH authentication is failing11:06
techbreak_spiv, what am I supposed to do ?11:06
spivtechbreak_: have you added your SSH public key to your Launchpad account?11:06
techbreak_spiv, yes11:06
spivtechbreak_: try 'ssh -v -l YOUR_LP_USERNAME bazaar.launchpad.net' and take a look at which keys it tries11:08
techbreak_spiv, http://paste.ubuntu.com/573882/11:09
spivAlso, what's your launchpad username?  I can take a look at your equivalent of https://launchpad.net/~spiv/+sshkeys and see if there's any really obvious problem.11:10
spivWell, it's trying a key (/home/techbreak/.ssh/id_rsa), but it apparently doesn't match your publickey(s) on Launchpad.11:12
ChrisCauserHi guys11:13
ChrisCauserJust wanted to say that I've just downloaded the PPA of the bazaar 2.4 and it is fantastic. It's so much zippier than the 2.2 I was using before. Keep up the good work. You have a fantastic codebase11:14
spivChrisCauser: thanks! :)11:14
ChrisCauserSpiv: No problem. I use bazaar everyday to integrate with a subversion repo and it does it much better than any other solution out there. I like how it made subversion faster even before I upgraded to 2.4!11:17
techbreak_spiv, so what am I supposed to do ?11:31
spivtechbreak_: <spiv> Also, what's your launchpad username?  I can take a look at your equivalent of https://launchpad.net/~spiv/+sshkeys and see if there's any really obvious problem.11:32
techbreak_spiv, gupta-chandan111:33
spivtechbreak_: but basically, as I said above, the SSH public key(s) you have imported into Launchpad don't match your local SSH key.11:33
techbreak_spiv, how am i suppose to import matching one then  ?11:34
spivtechbreak_: um11:36
spivtechbreak_: you should remove that publickey11:36
spivtechbreak_: and read https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair11:36
techbreak_spiv, how do I remove that publickey ?11:36
techbreak_spiv, same link I followed earlier and created key11:37
spivtechbreak_: no, you didn't create that key11:37
spivtechbreak_: that's a key from paramiko's demo's directory11:37
techbreak_spiv, huh? whats that now ?11:37
spivtechbreak_: it's important for your security that generate your own key11:37
techbreak_spiv, hmmm11:38
techbreak_spiv, ok now tell me what shall I do now and how  ? bare my Noobity, I am just a beginner11:39
spivtechbreak_: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair11:39
spivtechbreak_: it explains things more clearly than I can :)11:40
techbreak_spiv, ok I will do that :)11:40
spivtechbreak_: I'd like to know how you found that publickey to upload, though11:40
spivtechbreak_: it seems like an unusual thing to do!11:40
techbreak_spiv, wait i will tell you :)11:40
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techbreak_spiv, gpg --fingerprint gupta.chandan1@gmail.com11:41
techbreak_spiv, and then gpg --send-keys <mykey>11:41
spivtechbreak_: that's GPG, that's a different set of keys entirely11:42
techbreak_spiv, huh ? am I suppose to send some other key too ?11:43
spivAt a technical level the public key cryptography GPG does has a lot in common with SSH, but it's different software with different keys.11:43
spivAt some point you presumably went to https://launchpad.net/~gupta-chandan1/+editsshkeys and pasted in the contents of 'user_rsa_key.pub' from the demos/ directory of a library called paramiko.11:44
spivYou almost certainly *meant* to paste in the contents of ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub11:45
spivtechbreak_: I'm off to bed.  Good luck!11:47
techbreak_spiv, thaks a lot :) good night.. have sweetest dream :)11:48
jelmerg'night spiv!11:48
spivtechbreak_: (and if you figure out where you went wrong, feel free to tell me in this channel, I'll see it in the morning)11:48
techbreak_spiv, can i have your email id ? or anything to contact if i get further problem ?11:48
techbreak_spiv, okie fine if you are regular in this channel :) i will surely tell .. whether i succeed or not ;)11:49
spiv(perhaps it's something we can improve)11:49
zygaI'm trying to push a branch to lp:~zkrynicki/ubuntu/lucid/launch-control/packaging12:29
zygaI'm doing this for a number of my packages (I push the debian packaging to a branch under ubuntu lucid)12:30
zygayet for some reason it fails on this branch, the error message is: "bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~zkrynicki/ubuntu/lucid/launch-control/packaging": No such source package launch-control."12:30
zygaam I doing something wrong? The patter is ~username/distro/series/package/branch-name12:30
maxbzyga: Why not push the Debian packaging under debian?12:31
maxbAlso, apparently there is no such source package as launch-control12:32
zygamaxb, that's not my problem - let's solve one problem first12:32
maxbYou know you can push to lp:~zyga/debian/sid/sourcepackage/branch right?12:32
zygamaxb, there are no source packages for any of my things (I'm writing packaging for the first time) but previously it also accepted launchpad project names12:32
maxbzyga: I'm fairly sure it never did that12:32
zygamaxb, it did this for about half dozen other packages I made today and yesterday12:33
zygamaxb, please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~zkrynicki12:33
jelmerzyga: are you sure those were packaging branches, not "regular" branches?12:33
zygaat the ubuntu/lucid brnahces12:33
zygajelmer, please explain the difference12:33
maxbI infer that source packages already existed for the ones you've pushed already12:33
maxbzyga: An "interesting" "feature" of launchpad is that source packages in PPAs count for this12:34
zygaI've started packaging the stuff I'm writing for linaro12:34
zygaso if I push a package to a ppa first12:34
zygathen it's enough :D12:34
zygathat's something I might have done earlier12:34
zyga(build with pbuilder, push to ppa, push to lp)12:34
jelmeryeah, that's a bug :-/12:35
maxbsee https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/launch-control-tool for example12:35
maxbjelmer: But it's such a *useful* bug :-)12:35
zygaI like this bug :>12:35
zygabut in fact there are two bugs :/12:35
zygathere is no sane way to push packaging in a way that would link it from the project12:35
zygaand project -> packages is a messy path with possibly different names12:36
zyga(it just happens that some projects have same source package name as lp project name)12:36
zygamaxb, now what is the advantage to pushing to debian/sid?12:36
zygamaxb, my situation is rather strange as I need to target lucid explicitly and I cannot use more recent features without backporting things like dh_python2 that I'd rather not do (packaging is not my expertise)12:37
maxbYou said "debian packaging". I inferred you meant "Packaging for Debian"12:37
zygamaxb, well I meant the packaging as in the debian directory for bzr-builddeb in merge mode (should have mentioned that)12:38
maxbah :-)12:38
zygawhile I'd love to push those packages to debian too12:38
zygaI do not know the way12:38
zyga(that would also solve future problem for the next LTS as I'll need to target that and it would come from debian for free12:39
zurguttQuestion: is there a size limit for bzr controlled project? i have one that is around 9 Gb, 18Gb with repository, 50 revisions, biggest file around 1Gb of sql.  bzr commit has started to segfault.  Ideas?13:32
jelmerzurgutt: there shouldn't be a size limit13:33
jelmerzurgutt: there are some issues with memory usage, but you should just get a MemoryError in that case13:34
jelmerzurgutt: Can you file a bug about this, with a gdb backtrace?13:34
mgzcould be the dirstate pyx bug.13:38
zurguttif you tell me how to do it13:38
mgzgenerally sizes > 4GB aren't well tested.13:38
zurguttit has actually created a big problem for me so need to find solution, either fix problem, drop some history or convert to other system if thats only option, im used to bzr tho13:40
mgzis there a general guide about how to file bugs on actual crashes anywhere? does apport do the right thing?13:45
* mgz doesn't know gdb13:46
mgzzurgutt: if nothing else, file a bug with the details on your repo and however much of .bzr.log gets output during the commit before it dies, and ask for more instructions13:49
viciousprimatejoing #ubuntu-devel14:53
jelmerviciousprimate: boing :)14:55
jelmerzurgutt: something like "gdb --args /usr/bin/bzr commit" should land you in a gdb prompt14:55
jelmerzurgutt: after that, "run" to start bzr and then "bt" to print the backtrace when it's crashed14:55
zurguttjelmer: roger, thanks, ill try14:58
zurguttgdb --args /usr/bin/bzr commit15:03
zurgutt(gdb) run15:03
zurguttStarting program:  commit15:03
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jelmerzurgutt: sorry15:06
jelmerzurgutt: gdb --args /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/bzr commit15:06
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maxbjam: Thanks for the bzr-cvsps-import review (though that MP was already Merged). In that instance I considered the commit message itself to convey sufficient information, hence not supplying an explicit cover letter.20:00
quotemstrWhy does bzr complain about a " valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository." when trying to upload to launchpad?20:01
quotemstrThe local branch is fine.20:01
jammaxb: when reviewing via email, you don't see the commit message20:01
jamI actually reviewed it about a week ago20:01
maxbhmm. that seems like a bit of a flaw in the process20:01
jambut launchpad rejected it for various reasons, so I was resending my "Submit Request Failure" queue20:01
maxbquotemstr: Can you show the whole error message please?20:02
quotemstrbzr: ERROR: At lp:~dan-colascione/emacs/misc-23/ you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again.20:02
jammaxb: given that almost 100% of my submissions involve many commits, I think it is intentional20:03
jamthe point of the review is to summarize what happened20:03
jamit *does* tell me if you set an explicit recommended commit message for the proposal20:03
maxbquotemstr: I would imagine a previous attempt to upload the branch failed, leaving only the basics of a .bzr control directory.20:03
quotemstrWorked fine after I deleted the branch and recreated it.20:04
achianghello, having some issues branching based on an rspec20:13
achiangbzr tags gives me this partial output:20:13
achiang1:0.133.10           ?20:13
achiang1:0.133.11           ?20:13
achiangi want the .10 version20:13
achiangso, i say: bzr branch update-manager test -r "1:0.133.10"20:14
achiangwhere update-manager is FROM and test is TO20:14
achiangand i get: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/achiang/Projects/update-manager/0.133.10/".20:14
achiangany clues?20:21
maxbachiang: "number:path" is a revspec format, so that's what it's parsing it as20:27
maxbFor tags containing colons, you'll need -r tag:blah20:27
achiangmaxb: what value do i use for "blah" ?20:28
maxbe.g. -r tag:1:0.133.1120:28
achiangoh, i see20:29
achiangam i just being dense?20:30
achiangachiang@oak:~/Projects/charlotte-x86/update-manager$ bzr branch update-manager charlotte -r tag:1:0.133.1020:30
achiangbzr: ERROR: The branch update-manager has no revision <RevisionSpec_tag tag:1:0.133.10>.20:30
maxboh... I have a hunch20:30
maxbCould you try "cd update-manager && bzr branch . ../test -r tag:1:0.133.10" ?20:31
achiangbzr: ERROR: The branch . has no revision <RevisionSpec_tag tag:1:0.133.10>20:32
achiangdoes it have something to do with that ? in the output of bzr tags?20:32
maxbSo, there's a tag there in the branch pointing at a revision-id, but that revision-id is not present in the branch20:33
achiangthat is disturbing. i just did a straight bzr branch from lp...20:34
maxbof what?20:34
maxbachiang: thats .... interesting20:39
achiangmaxb: so, any clues on how to resolve this? i do kinda need to fork the branch at that revspec20:40
maxbbased on looking at the earlier 0.133.* tags, I would suggest that that revision exists on some lucid-updates branch20:41
putrycyHi! I think that it's is not possible to make "partial push". I.e. let's assume that I have two files - both modified. And I would like to push changes just from one of them. I think that it is impossible (=hard and not straightforward) if main branch and the main have diverged.20:43
achianghrm, ok. i guess i'll ping mvo tomorrow about this20:43
putrycyPlease, correct me if I am wrong20:43
putrycyif my branch20:44
putrycyand the main branch20:44
maxbachiang: Have you tried lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/update-manager/lucid20:45
maxbputrycy: You seem to be mixing two separate issues. If you have local modifications to two files, you can certainly commit one but not the other.20:46
maxbMeanwhile, your branch diverging from main is a separate issue20:46
maxbachiang: Yes, 0.133.11 is in that branch20:47
achiangmaxb: ok, i'll take a look. need to eat before my stomach digests itself.20:47
achiangmaxb: thanks for the help!20:47
putrycymaxb: I know I can commit. But I'm talking about situation where one change is needed to push to the main branch. Is it possible?20:48
maxbI'm sorry, you're not explaining your problem well enough for me to be able to help.20:48
putrycymaxb: It seems that I know how to explain it: As I said before I have two branches - a main one that is shared with other users and a local one. I use the local one to commit to it my small changes and from time to time I push my work to the main branch20:59
putrycyAnd now I have a part that I could push to the main brach20:59
putrycyand a part that is not ready yet20:59
putrycyQuestion: how to push to the main branch only changes that are ready to show them to other users21:00
putrycyIn version control systems like SVN I can commit for example only one directory. What would be equivlent with pushing changes from that directory in the case of usage of bazaar21:02
maxbIf you're using bzr in a svn-ish way, then you'd just commit the single directory in exactly the same way21:03
putrycyand If I don't use it in a svn-ish way?21:03
putrycywhat then?21:04
maxbIf you've already committed a mix of changes, then you have created a problem for yourself and will need to recommit changes in sensible logical groupings21:04
putrycythanks for reply21:06
* jelmer_ waves21:07
pooliehi all21:18
spivHi poolie, welcome back23:25
pooliehi, thanks23:27
pooliehow are you?23:27
spivPretty good, finally.  After the gastro last week I think my appetite has returned to normal today.23:34
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poolieand you're pilot this week?23:59

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