cato37there is a way to restore kubuntu back to its default settings and restoring the desktops  without reintslling the system, but i cant remember what words to use to look up the instructions. Can anyone help?00:11
yofelcato37: the KDE settings are stored in ~/.kde - so removing that folder will reset most of the desktop to the defaults - resetting the whole desktop would be removing your home folder and using /etc/skel as base for a new one00:16
yofelcato37: unless you mean reset the system and keep the desktop intact - I don't know how to do that without reinstalling00:18
cato37yofel: thanx. there was an instruction guide on one of the linux forms that used the shell to do it in two simple commands, but i can't find it amidst all of the "kubuntu to ubuntu" instructions.00:18
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yofelcato37: you mean removing gnome?00:19
cato37yofel: yes, it reset the system, and cleared the user accounts, which is okay.00:19
cato37no, it restored the kde (kubuntu) back to how it was when it was first installed (and all the updates added), with some simple commands.00:19
yofelcato37: you mean the set of installed applications too or just the desktop settings?00:21
cato37yofel: everything, not just the desktop settings.00:25
cato37yofel: i wish i could be of more help.00:25
yofelnot sure how to do that, sry00:26
cato37yofel: its okay. i should have written the link down. i have installed and unistalled so much stuff, that in order to remove some things, i have to remove the kde desktop to get rid of some of it.00:27
somekoolcato37: you want to kill user settings back to default ?00:28
cato37somekool:  yes. including user accounts00:29
cato37without reinstalling00:29
cato37without reinstalling00:29
somekoolyou want to kill something else than user accounts ?00:29
cato37somekool: the link gave instructions to reset the system, and everything as though it were installed for the first time (it even got rid of the extra user accounts) without reinstalling kubuntu. it was pretty simple.00:31
somekooldo you want to kill something else than user accounts ?00:32
cato37somekool: yes. all i would like to go back to the default software.00:32
cato37somekool: but i wouldnt mind killing the user accounts including the main account as well.00:33
cato37whatever i did in the 1000 account, i can no longer for example use quassel-- i have to make a second account to use it.00:35
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somekooltry this00:35
somekoolPATTERN=":[1-9][0-9]\{3\}:"; grep -v $PATTERN /etc/passwd > /tmp/keep_these_lines; grep $PATTERN /etc/passwd | while read LINE; do nuser=`echo $LINE | sed 's/:.*//'`; echo rm -fr /home/$nuser; done ; echo mv /tmp/keep_these_lines /etc/passwd00:35
cato37somekool: what did i just do?00:37
somekoolkill all user accounts00:37
somekoolwell, my line just echo commands00:37
somekoolyou need to remove the two 'echo' word and you will lose all your home directories with all files and documents00:38
somekoolyou might want to replace the 'rm -fr xxx' by 'mv xxx somewhere'00:39
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cato37somekool: ok. that helps. thanx. is there a way to restore the system back to the default programs?00:40
cato37i found a similar link. thanks all. have a good day.00:51
shady_can i save the updates i did & reinstall it later without downloading?00:54
cato37here is the link, btw. http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3109861.000:56
cato37thanx again.00:56
yofelshady_: well, you can save the files in /var/cache/apt/archives and copy them back later again00:56
yofelyou'll need a network connection though for the apt-cache00:56
shady_but there will be no downloding cuz my connection here is bad<<00:57
yofelif there are no new updates apt will re-use the files in /var/cache/apt/archives00:58
shady_ty bro00:58
shady_one more thing>>00:59
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shady_when i plug my headphones, i can't hear any sound, any ideas?01:00
snypzzhello all01:01
heinkel_111how do I trigger a full reinstall of initramfs-tools package (any package really) using apt package system?01:02
yofelheinkel_111: sudo apt-get install --reinstall  initramfs-tools01:03
yofelunless you want to wipe all configuration files01:03
yofelthat would be sudo dpkg apt-get purge  initramfs-tools && sudo apt-get install  initramfs-tools01:03
heinkel_111the problem is my /boot partition was full so I got an error message during first installation01:04
heinkel_111I deleted some older kernel versions (again, using the apt system)01:04
heinkel_111I did not realize how many I had, must be dating back to version 2008.something of kubuntu01:05
heinkel_111then I want to install newest initramfs again to avoid incompatibilty issues (if any) with the rest of kernel-related stuff01:06
heinkel_111sounds like a good strategy?01:06
yofelah wait, you just want to regenerate the initrd?01:06
yofelheinkel_111: that should go with sudo update-initramfs -u -k all01:07
heinkel_111yofel, to be honest, not sure what the initrd and initramfs really does01:07
heinkel_111for me, these things just work 99,99 % of the time01:07
heinkel_111first time in several years as a kubuntu user I encountered any problem at all with it01:07
heinkel_111i think the install that faulted stopped at some dpkg -- configure step or something?01:08
yofelheinkel_111: it contains a set files used by the kernel before the root directory is mounted01:08
heinkel_111I am not sure then, if I have a partial install of something on disk right now01:08
yofelheinkel_111: you might want to run sudo dpkg --configure -a too then, just to be sure dpkg is ok01:09
heinkel_111partial installs usually create trouble01:09
heinkel_111that is why I thought a full reinstall would do it?01:09
snypzzunable to install kubuntu 9.10 or higher on virtualbox 4.04r, can someone help me...?01:09
heinkel_111I mean full reinstall as 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall  initramfs-tools'01:09
yofelwell, reinstalling initramfs-tools won't fix the initrds I think, just run the command I told you, if it finishes fine it should be ok01:10
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heinkel_111ok, thanks yofel01:10
yofelor reinstall the kernel - that will trigger a initrd update01:10
yofelsnypzz: where does it fail?01:11
snypzzafter installed it asks for name and PW in terminal mode01:13
snypzzI entered the name and PW and it keeps asking01:14
snypzzafter I entered it correctly...01:14
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_ussherhow can i change the mouse cursor to move faster for the distance i move the mouse.  Just plugged a different mouse in and the speed is really slow. Tried in the control panel settings under mouse, but it wont speed up.02:45
natapointer acceleration adjust to >7 test. at system steetings/input device02:48
_ussherchanged it to 20 to see if it makes a differnce -> APPLY = same speed02:49
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natathen that is your mouse speed problem i think.02:50
_ussherah.  ok.  thanks02:50
knight_So quiet.... too quiet.03:14
* Daskreech points at the library sign03:15
knight_Good boys... reading their books.03:15
DaskreechLibre Libra03:16
DaskreechFree books?03:17
knight_Don't know. You tell me Library prefet ;-)03:18
knight_I want money to buy books :(03:18
Daskreechapt-get install diveintopython03:22
knight_hehehe. Yeag Python is good03:23
knight_though I am a beguinner.03:23
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pulaskiHi, Can anyone offer a comment about why, on the kubuntu download page, the 32bit version is recommended while the 64 bit version is not?04:40
natasome people don't known which type of their computer is04:42
pulaskiI see, yes that makes sense thanks for responding nata.04:43
Daskreechpulaski: 32 bit will always work04:43
natamay be the developer stil got another reason04:44
DaskreechIf you already know you are getting 64 bit then you have enough info to make an informed choice04:44
pulaskiDaskreech, this is interesting because I, certainly no expert, recently purchased an amd64 box. I was working on the assumption that an application or OS for that matter had to be written for one or the other.04:49
Daskreechpulaski: it;s a matter of how high you can count, If you can reach to 64 then you can obviously count to 3204:50
Daskreechcounting to 32 is no assurance that you can get to 6404:51
natafuture will be in 64 :)04:51
natamy old computer also is 64 :) sempron 2800+ vy old enough04:53
pulaskiDaskreech: lol, the reason I'm even thinking about this now is that I've been having trouble installing first kubuntu 10.04.2 and now I'm going back to 10.10. If I ever get my system stable again, I'll do future distro upgrades using apt-get.04:54
pulaskiI've done that once before and it was sort of painless. I just have to remember its not always a good idea to be first out of the box as it were.04:56
pulaskiThanks nata and Daskreech for chatting tonight. Be seeing you.04:56
Daskreechpulaski: Sometimes :) but you do get kinda restless once you are in FOSS for a while04:56
FloodBotK2Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:56
natapulaski: here is afternoon :)04:57
natahehe,Daskreech, bot warnning you :)04:58
DaskreechI expected it to04:58
knight_64-bit is not the future. It is the present ^_^05:26
Daskreechipv6 is the future :)05:29
natavisible light CPU only is future :)  no overheating problem05:50
DaskreechI thought we would just use the excess energy from the multiple universes around us in alternate dimensions05:51
natabut multiple universal still lack of proved..05:52
* Daskreech continues daydreaming of porting doom to it05:52
nata-*- is bot ma?05:52
AYJHBearhi is anyone here?08:32
AYJHBearmay I ask some help regarding Docky? it doesn't seem like I can find a solution regarding the issue.08:32
AYJHBearwhenever I right click on a program that is on docky and it is not pinned to docky. Docky disappears.08:33
AYJHBearI don't know what to do.08:33
sistem_errorada yg dari indonesia08:51
sri13Hi to all , why it takes lot of time for copying files from one place to another place in kubuntu , when compared with gnome ?08:56
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shady_says Only one software management tool is allowed to run at the same time10:01
shady_Please close the other application e.g. 'Update Manager', 'aptitude' or 'Synaptic' first10:01
shady_can any1 help me get rid of this^^10:02
AYJHBearI am installing KDE 4.6 I am checking out and comparing my current configuration and the new KDM10:02
AYJHBearand then I am stuck I cannot go back out10:02
AYJHBearcan someone tell me what I should do?10:02
superwizardcrypto про10:03
AYJHBearone more question if I stopped 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'10:05
AYJHBearhow do I resume?10:05
MamarokAYJHBear: run it again, then if it gives you error messages, do that:10:20
Mamaroksudo dpkg --configure -a10:20
AYJHBearI get the following output for running it again10:21
AYJHBearE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:21
AYJHBearE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?10:21
MamarokAYJHBear: check if you have no other shell or app running it10:21
Mamarokif not, do the following:10:21
AYJHBeardpkg: status database area is locked by another process10:22
AYJHBearI am sure a shell is running it.10:22
AYJHBearhowever I cannot find the shell anymore I want to open it10:22
AYJHBearby the way how do I just chat with you?10:23
MamarokAYJHBear: well, it must be on your desktop if you have an open shell10:23
MamarokAYJHBear: this here is a support channel, it's not for chatting10:23
AYJHBearyeah that's why I don't want to bug everyone10:24
Mamarokyou can use #kubuntu-offtopic for that, but keep in mind it should be Kubuntu related and the Code of Conduct applies10:24
Mamarokjust a moment, I have to look up my notes10:24
AYJHBearok thank you.10:24
AYJHBearI think I closed the other shell? at least the GUI without closing the update?10:25
AYJHBearit was an accident10:25
Mamarokwell, if you closed it it is not running anymore10:25
AYJHBearappearantly it is?10:25
AYJHBearI don't know what is happening10:26
Mamarokunless you used the non-GUI Linux shells10:26
Mamarokthat is the command to unlock: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock10:26
AYJHBearh but it is going to kill the process10:26
AYJHBearis it possible to go back to the previous process? or should I just let it kill it?10:27
Mamarokthere is not much of a choice10:27
AYJHBearsince it is a dist-upgrade I don't want it to screw up10:27
Mamaroklet it kill it, else you can't get control back10:27
AYJHBeargot it back10:28
Mamarokyou can't screw a dist-upgrade, kust don't reboot or logout of KDE before it is done10:28
AYJHBearworks now10:28
AYJHBearit actually resumed after killing it10:28
Mamaroknice :)10:28
AYJHBearthank you so much10:28
MamarokAYJHBear: you are welcome :)10:29
AYJHBearI need to go look up the guide in using this IRC10:29
AYJHBeardon't wannt to get kicked out10:29
AYJHBearsee you10:29
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superwizardмногоуважаемые члены сообщества кто что может  сказать про crypto pro10:45
rork!ru | superwizard10:45
ubottusuperwizard: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:45
superwizardcrypto pro in kubuntu10:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:27
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Jim-65802hello chan11:33
Jim-65802who is active?11:34
james147Hello Jim-6580211:36
Jim-65802u linux guru?11:36
james147!ask | Jim-6580211:36
ubottuJim-65802: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:36
Jim-65802buntu 10,8 how do i enable mic via rear connect?11:37
Jim-65802so there11:38
Jim-65802ubottu: help11:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:38
Jim-65802james147 : where u?11:39
james147!wait | Jim-6580211:39
ubottuJim-65802: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.11:39
james147^^ I am doing other things while watching, give me some time11:39
james147Jim-65802: firstly, check "alsamixer" (run it in a terminal) and make sure the capture channels arnt muted11:40
susundbergand if you have pulse audio then its different story?11:40
susundbergthe program called 'pavucontrol' can do miracless .. ( i changed mic to rear with that as kde mix cannot do it)11:41
Jim-65802have alsamix in term window11:49
Jim-65802mm mic vol is dark11:49
Jim-65802master center line is maxed11:50
Jim-65802susundberg : pavucontrol run over top of alsamix?11:51
susundbergno, pavu is for pulse audio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PulseAudio11:53
susundbergno sorry, i am wrong -- pulse really runs on top of alsa11:54
susundberg"In a typical installation scenario under Linux, the user configures ALSA to use a virtual device provided by PulseAudio. Thus, applications using ALSA will output sound to PulseAudio, which then uses ALSA itself to access the real sound card."11:54
susundbergWell this isn't that clear -- does the alsa mixer really configure the physical or is it connected to pulse audio server ..11:55
susundbergit would be nice if someone with more knowledge would tell which it is ..11:55
susundbergthis suggests that alsamixer connects directly to kernel layer -- "If you experience no audio output via any means while using ALSA as your default device, you may have to unmute your sound card. To do this, you will want to launch alsamixer and make sure each column has a green 00 under it"11:57
pulaskihello, I have two drives on my amd64 box. I had installed win 7 on the first drive /dev/sda but I used fdisk to delete the partitions then I wrote the deletion to the drive. I installed kubuntu 10.10 on that drive. During the installation Kubuntu correctly recognized there were on othe OSs on the box and went ahead with the installation. After install and reboot the grub menu came up but when11:58
pulaskiI selected the default option to boot ubuntu the system hung and required manual reboot. Quest #1: Will Kubuntu install grub with no other OSs on a box? Quest #2: Did deleteing the partitions with fdisk on /dev/sda also delete the prior Master Boot Record?11:58
susundbergMBR is not installed on partitions11:59
james147pulaski: and kubuntu should install grub unless you tell it not to12:00
james147(regardless of other OSs as fara s i know)12:00
susundbergAnd the installer should see other OS (like Win7) and add grub entry for it ..12:01
susundbergBut deleting partitions might have deleted windows 7 loader, that is usually small partition containing something12:01
susundbergYou might want to check this out: http://superuser.com/questions/122658/install-ubuntu-to-partition-with-windows-7-loader-erase-partition-with-win-load12:02
susundbergbtw: if you deleted the win7 partitions how did the ubuntu installer recognize those?12:03
susundberg(it should not)12:04
* james147 notes that the mbr is fine if your got to grub... the problem was booting the os12:04
Jim-65802how shud i ctrl alsamixer? hp box, alsa 1.0.2212:04
susundbergtrue also!12:04
Jim-65802think i no have pulseaudio12:06
james147Jim-65802: its been installed by default for a while, so its unlikly that you dont have it, pavucontrol is a util that isnt installed by default however12:07
Jim-65802james147 : k, alsa is up in a win, Fkeys work, unclear how to select mic line12:10
Jim-65802master currently selected12:10
james147m un/mute, arrow keys navagation + volume control12:10
Jim-65802james147 : thats workin.. tnx12:13
pulaskisusundberg, james147: Thank you for responding. Your answers have been helpful.12:17
Jim-65802james147 : gnome sound recorder 2.30.0  gets static on rec12:25
AristidounetHi !12:25
AristidounetI have a problem with special effects in KDE12:25
AristidounetThis effects is not enable at the startup12:25
AristidounetI enable this, but i must resume this manually ><12:26
AristidounetI have a "Desktop effects are temporarily disabled" i must click on Resume Desktop Effect12:27
Jim-65802device in vol control seems respond to test12:27
Jim-65802not fgrt tho12:27
AristidounetI don't know if i'm understandable :/12:28
Jim-65802arist u ok12:28
AristidounetHi Jim-6580212:28
Jim-65802: ]12:28
AristidounetI look for a solution since 3 days12:29
Jim-65802hopin patience is key12:29
Jim-65802hopin for progress b4 wrk12:29
Jim-65802small window, but have progress...12:30
Jim-65802chan : msg me = js417827@yahoo.com... must go tnx..cu12:32
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AristidounetKDE Don't want to enable desktop's effect automatiquely... In the system settings, i have a "Desktop effects are temporarily disabled" i must click on Resume Desktop Effect12:44
AristidounetIts not fun ><12:44
AristidounetKDE Don't want to enable desktop's effect automatiquely... In the system settings, i have a "Desktop effects are temporarily disabled" i must click on Resume Desktop Effect12:49
AristidounetIts not fun ><12:49
rorkAristidounet: just an idea, is "Disable functionality checks" set in System Settings > Desktop > Desktop Effects > Advanced (or an equivalent)12:51
AristidounetHa ok12:51
AristidounetI reboot for test12:51
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AristidounetTankyou verymuch o/12:56
rorknice, you're welcome :)12:57
* Aristidounet give money to rork 12:58
* Aristidounet take the money and run away12:59
rorkAristidounet: http://www.kde.org/community/donations/13:00
Aristidounet... Please pay for this :p13:00
AristidounetNo sorry i can't i don't have enought money, i must pay my driving licence xD13:00
AristidounetIs very expensive13:01
Aristidounet1340E ><13:01
BluesKajhiyas all13:05
AristidounetHi BluesKaj13:06
AristidounetI reboot for a new test13:06
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m2techHow can i install initrd-tools in KUBUNTU 1013:56
m2techalready tried google13:56
m2techi`m installing old drbl service, cause this new with tftp is TERRIBLE!13:57
m2tech267 USERS AND NOT ONE ANSWER ?13:57
BluesKajm2tech, I have no idea what you are talking about ...doubt if that will help you14:00
m2techDiskless remote boot in Linux - DRBL BluesKaj14:02
shadeslayer!patience | m2tech14:04
ubottum2tech: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.14:04
BluesKajshadeslayer, I thought he deserved an answer :)14:05
shadeslayerm2tech: try initramfs-tools14:05
shadeslayerBluesKaj: i didn't say he didnt14:05
BluesKajit was a joke , shadeslayer14:07
shadeslayergah .. i'm bad at humor :S14:08
BluesKajshadeslayer, youg eeks gotta learn to lighten up a little :)14:09
BluesKajppl who come in ands tart spewing acronyms all over the place seldom get an answer immediately or eben in the first 5 mins , ppl are checking their sources looking for meanings14:11
kyubutsui just discovered that using the scroll wheel while hovering over the panel also cycles thru open applications14:21
kyubutsucool feature.. another +1 for kde14:21
kyubutsueven if they were minimized.. they are brought up and into focus14:24
kyubutsubeen using kde for a while now and never knew i could do that14:24
kyubutsubut, if the applications are grouped, the the cycling only affects that particular group14:26
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Gargoyle1976Does anyone know where to go about errors when upgrading to 10.1014:39
kyubutsuGargoyle1976: you mean bug reporting?14:46
Gargoyle1976I can't upgrade for some reason and can't figure out why14:47
PiciPerhaps if you mentioned the exact problems/errors you're having we could provide better help.14:47
BluesKajGargoyle1976, what upgrade method or command are you using ?14:49
=== vanguard_ is now known as vanguard
Gargoyle1976just using the kpackagekit link14:51
BluesKajGargoyle1976, open a terminal and do: sudo do-release-upgrade..as long as you haven't added any ppas to you sources/kpackagekit14:53
Gargoyle1976i'll check and get back to you14:54
Gargoyle1976gotta run for now14:54
BluesKajGargoyle1976, ok14:54
=== surex|away is now known as surex
* BluesKaj thinks the upgrade with kpackagekit isn't worth all the trouble it causes, clunky14:55
kyubutsui dont think the upgrading process is too well defined for kubuntu14:56
kyubutsulots of mixed 'ways' on the google14:57
BluesKajthe cli is always best IMO, even for beginners14:58
kyubutsuright, just tried do-release-upgrade on konsole and got a reply so, that one might be best14:59
BluesKajgive them a taste of what real linux is about instead of the attempted hand holding with package installers/updaters and upgraders which try to make it "easy" for former windows users15:00
kyubutsuin this case, command line is certainly more straightforward; am on 10.10 already, the message was "no new release found" which i guess is expected [currently]15:01
BluesKajyup, unless add the -d to the command , which will then upgrade to natty , -d=development OS15:02
BluesKajstuff to do for a few mins...BL15:03
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AYJHBearis it possible to fix the trashcan not launching on docky in kde 4.6? it is a nautilus error failed to execute child process nautilus15:33
AYJHBearis there a way that I can launch it without going through nautilus?15:34
tsimpsonAYJHBear: you will want to ask in #ubuntu15:42
digiraki am having some trouble uninstalling kubuntu15:56
digiraki downloaded the package over my ubunut15:56
digirakbut now i want to go back to the ubuntu15:56
digirakbut i am having some trouble wiht that15:56
digirakafter uninstalling the basic plasma packages15:56
digirakit still logs in through kubuntu15:57
digiraki want to get back to the old ubuntu login15:57
genii-arounddigirak: Usually something like: sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop             . Although if it is still using kdm and not gdm you can also: sudo apt-get remove --purge kdm && sudo apt-get install gdm15:59
BluesKajdigirak, choose the gnome desktop on the login page before entering your pw. there's a drop down dialog16:00
digirakBluesKaj: yes i do that everytime i just want to get away from that16:00
BluesKajdigirak, if you use gdm instead of kdm then it will auto choose gnome, drop to a tty and do sudo service kdm stop && sudo service gdm start16:02
digirakhow do i drop to a tty?16:03
BluesKajthen do what genii-around suggested16:03
BluesKajdigirak, ctrl+alt+f1 , do the commands then do startx16:04
DarthFrogdigirak: Press CTL-ALT-F1 to drop to a TTY.16:04
DarthFrogdigirak: actually, any F key from 1 to 6 will work.16:05
digirakDarthFrog: will that suspend my current session?16:05
digirakgenii-around: it says Package kubuntu-desktop is not installed, so not removed16:05
genii-arounddigirak: Good. Just continue on with the other commands in the order given then16:06
DarthFrogdigirak: Suspend?  No.  It will simply switch you to a virtual terminal.  Press ALT-F7 to switch back.16:06
digirakgenii-around: but i still cant unlock my login screen options which tells me the login is still in kdm16:07
kyubutsuthis is a good guide to return back to gnome as well:  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome16:08
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome16:08
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »16:08
kyubutsuyou guys are just copycats.. am the true psychocat!   o.016:09
BluesKajthat purekde tutorial din't work for maverick , the factoid is outdated16:10
kyubutsuwell.. something's gotta give16:10
BluesKajkyubutsu, the psycocats pure kde commands dfon16:11
genii-arounddigirak: After you remove kdm with the: sudo apt-get remove --purge kdm         and then replace it with the: sudo apt-get install gdm                 you of course will not see a difference until you have restarted X16:11
BluesKajdon't work  either16:12
BluesKajthe psychocats pure kde commands don't work , I mean16:13
kyubutsuhm.. worked for me everytime16:13
kyubutsuhavent had use for it in quite sometime tho16:14
kyubutsuit used to be pretty good anyhow..16:15
kyubutsuit'll be missed16:15
kyubutsuhow about the ones from the factoid ? is that any different?16:15
BluesKajI had gnome and kde installed for a while and gnome was getting on my nerves as usual so I tried to purify to kde , wasn't possible so I just clean installed kubun16:16
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I keep all four different desktop environments, KDE, GNOME, LXDE, and XFCE :)16:17
BluesKajthe factoid links tro a old page, kyubutsu16:18
DarthFroggenii-around: How do you like LXDE?16:18
kyubutsualrighty then.. no more "purifying"16:18
DarthFrogBluesKaj: How did GNOME interfere with KDE?16:18
BluesKajgenii-around, you're a brave soul or a bugger for punishment maybe :)16:19
genii-aroundDarthFrog: I found it fast and simple, better for me than XFCE. But i still like KDE the best16:19
DarthFroggenii-around: That echos my opinion on XfCE.16:20
kyubutsuyah, i think of xfce as an uglier version of gnome16:20
kyubutsui rather go with fluxbox if thats the case16:21
BluesKajtoo many apps that I never use DarthFrog amongst other things ...never cared for it's look for another , no matter which theme or icons ..16:21
BluesKajDarthFrog, it's just a matter of taste , mostly...I mean if there was no kde then I'd probly use gnome ,but highly modified :)16:25
kyubutsuisnt that the general case of most of us here16:26
* kyubutsu chuckles16:26
BluesKajnow if chromium would just integrate it's tab and menu fonts with kde settings then all would be well in my linux world :)16:27
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Ah, so it's the mere presense of GNOME that bothers you, not that it gets in your way.  :-)16:37
MaoXiangHallo leute16:43
tuhinhi alla16:43
tuhinhi all*16:43
tuhinhow much ram kubuntu uses right after boot?16:44
=== tchangang is now known as tta
Tm_Ttuhin: depends on many different things, but ~200 MiB and more16:47
tuhinhmm , my gnome mint10 uses 280MB at boot, does it mean Kubuntu 10.10 is lighter?16:48
francesco_hello everybody16:57
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francesco_I have little problem with kwin render16:57
AYJHBearis scim really a dead project?17:05
AYJHBearI like ibus however it doesn't work with libreoffice17:06
AYJHBearI cannot type Chinese in libreoffice with iBus. Anyone have any other suggestions? or should I just revert back to SKIM?17:06
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vadraoHi all, I have a bose companion 5 speakers. I would like the system to autodetect them when ever I connect it to the system. Previous versions of Kubuntu used to autodetect it when ever I connect the speakers to the computer and then I could use amarok to play music. But now I have to connect the speakers to the system before system start and then only I could use it. Can any one let me know how I can make kubuntu to autodetect the speakers.17:58
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DarthNazgulhi i'm using kubuntu 10.10 and facing a problem trying to login18:09
DarthNazgulthe last time i logged in, i was adding widgets to my desktop, and while adding one particular widget, the screen went blank, requiring me to reboot18:10
DarthNazgulnow i cant log in to my desktop, instead it goes to the script page18:10
DarthNazguli tyoed "startx" but i get an error msg which says "kstartupconfig4 does not exist or has failed. Error code 127."18:11
DarthNazgulany solutions?18:11
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apogee91hey guys, how can I have KDE automatically log me in?18:13
apogee91without inserting password18:13
vadraoDarthNazgul@ Try and do "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get upgrade" and see if it helps18:13
nataapogee91: system/system settings/login screen/convenience/enable auto login18:15
DarthNazgul@vadrao but currently i'm not connected to the internet from my system18:15
vadraoapogee91: System Settings > Login Screen > Covienece tab18:15
DarthNazguland the computer that i'm using now has it's ip locked to the wifi network, so i cant access the network from mine anyway18:15
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DarthNazgulany other solutions please?18:20
vadraoDarthNazgul: Do you have access to the computer now with internet connection ?18:20
DarthNazgulonly from the one i'm using now, but this runs windows..my kubuntu laptop is next to me, and that's not connected18:22
vadraotry this command18:23
vadrao"rm -rf .kde"18:23
vadraofrom the home directory18:24
natagot someone known why my Front size setting in kubuntu 10.10 frquenly change back to default small front size?18:24
vadraoand then do a startx18:24
DarthNazgulwhat#s it supposed to do?18:24
rorkremove you're complete .kde (kde settings) directory, it's not wise to do that!18:24
vadraoIt will delete your kde preferences and start from scratch.. But all of your files will be there18:24
rorkrather create a new user or rename the directory18:24
DarthNazgulalright i#ll try it18:24
apogee91does kubuntu support hibernation?18:25
vadraoYeah try rork's suggestion18:25
macoapogee91: yes18:25
apogee91maco: how do I enable it?18:25
rorkDarthNazgul: don't, there are some important files there18:25
rorkDarthNazgul: e.g. your mail is stored in .kde, contacts etc18:25
macoapogee91: shouldn't have to. though if you don't have a swap partition or don't have enough swap available or you encrypted your swap then it won't work18:25
DarthNazgulrelax, i installed this only yesterday..i dont have anything on kubuntu yet18:26
DarthNazguli dual boot with windows for now18:26
apogee91maco:  I do have enough space18:26
apogee91how would I enable it18:26
macothere is no enable/disable...18:26
macoit should be in the menu from the get-go18:26
macooh hmm well ok i guess there could be disable. if you boot with "noacpi" then you're telling the OS to completely forget everything it knows about power management18:27
apogee91oh, right, is there an option where I can choose what happens when i press the power button (to hibernate)18:27
apogee91any way to have the power buttton hibernste?18:30
DarthNazgul@rork : i only installed kubuntu yesterday, so there's literally nothing there yet..and i dual boot with windows for now18:31
DarthNazgul@rork : so shall i follow vadrao's suggestion?18:31
apogee91what is the default boot manager for kubuntu?18:31
genii-aroundapogee91: grub218:32
rorkyeah I read it, if you don't mind losing your configuration and system data go ahead. Still I think it's better to rename the folder or make a new user, it has the same effect.18:32
rorkDarthNazgul: ^18:32
apogee91how can I make kubuntu my default boot?18:33
apogee91i currently have windows, i used a gui boot config i forgot the name of the app18:33
DarthNazgul@rork : problem is, i'm new to linux..could u tell me how to make a new user/rename the folder?18:34
vadraoDarthNazgul: I also agree with rork's comment. Its usually the recommended way to do things like that18:34
vadraoDarthNazgul: try "mv .kde .kde_back"18:34
DarthNazgul@vadrao : shall i try it at username@username? or should it read username@home?18:36
kyubutsupull up system settings and look in User Management18:37
kyubutsuyou can create, delete or modify users and groups in there18:37
kyubutsushould be at the bottom of system settings, section called system administration18:39
vadraoDarthNazgul: first of all type this command.. "cd"  gets you back to the home directory whereever you are18:39
vadraothen do the rest18:39
DarthNazgul@vadrao : gotcha18:39
genii-aroundI think you want a tilde there18:39
genii-aroundeg: cd ~18:40
dfdfcan i try kubuntu on my mac?18:41
DarthNazgul"no cd~ command found"18:41
macodfdf: sure, go ahead18:41
macowe won't stop you :)18:41
genii-aroundSpace between cd and ~18:41
DarthNazgul@vadrao : i did that mv command, and then tried startx..no difference18:42
DarthNazgulalright..but anyhow it leads me to the same directory as cd..thanks18:42
vadraoDarthNazgul: what does the error exactly say ?18:43
dfdfwhat is better kubuntu or ubuntu?18:43
ristoarch linux18:43
macodfdf: depends... do you like to leave things at defaults or tweak all the settings?18:44
kyubutsusince you are here, dfdf, you probably already think kubuntu .. give it a try18:44
dfdfi like to tweak18:44
DarthNazgul@vadrao : "kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 127. Check your installation."18:44
vadraoDarthNazgul: hmm.. Could you tell me how you actually installed Kubuntu ?18:45
kyubutsuouch, that is not good, DarthNazgul.. you might have to reinstall18:45
dfdfhow can i try kubuntu on a mac?18:46
kyubutsubut, good news is you can still use the command line .. kstartupconfig4 only affects the graphical login part18:46
ristodfdf: how does it differ from other computers ?18:48
dfdfi dont know18:49
ristowell you have to make free space on your hard disk18:49
ristoyou try first time ?18:49
dfdfi just like to try the live cd18:50
dfdfyes first time18:50
ristowell on bios change the boot order like cd to first18:50
ristoor just use it from usb18:50
dfdfis kubuntu any good for hacking?18:51
genii-arounddfdf: If you have an Intel based Mac, just use the regular cd to try. If you have a PowerPC Mac, get a cd from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/ports/releases/10.04/release/           (replace 10.04 with 10.10 if you want Maverick)18:51
DarthNazgulvadrao : from my friend's cd. he's been using kubuntu for quite a while now, and he helped me install it18:51
ristodfdf: depends how you define hacking ?18:52
dfdfi have the based mac18:52
kyubutsuhe shouldnt need to change the bios .. just start the computer with the disk in the tray .. the live cd should kick in, select the first choice and then choose to 'try kubuntu'18:53
vadraoDarthNazgul: can you type this command (ls -ld .kde) and paste the resultant output18:53
genii-aroundOn older Macs you sometimes had to hold down the C key for CD booting18:53
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AYJHBearis there something wrong with my computer if i cannot find xorg.conf?19:26
james147No, there isnt one by default anymore19:26
AYJHBearoh ok.19:33
AYJHBeargood I haven't use linux in such a long time I thought I was doing something wrong19:34
Spinfuzorhello all19:34
Spinfuzormy first time on irc19:34
AYJHBearmy conky disppears as soon as I click on my desktop I googled around but I cannot fix it19:34
AYJHBearconky is still running I just cannot see it19:34
Spinfuzorseems it works19:35
AYJHBearwhat should I do?19:35
AYJHBearyes it works19:35
ecinx3my prints look like crap especially compared to windows prints on my laser.. how do i properly set it up?19:40
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bobanwhen is kde 4.6.1 coming to repositories?19:46
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AYJHBearanyone know how to calibrate a touch screen in kubuntu 10.10?19:50
=== apogee is now known as apogee91
apogee91hey guys, how can I disable the wallet Password? i donmt want this feature19:55
apogee91or have the wallet password never ask me again19:55
apogee91its annoying19:55
james147apogee91: change the password to nothing ^^ (in kwalletmanager)19:55
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ttain kubuntu what's the equivalent of "your freedom"in windows.20:10
genii-aroundtta: They have a java version20:12
genii-aroundjames147: It's an app used to bypass firewalls etc. Usually used when someone is using their laptop at work or so :)20:13
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ttagenii-around: please,the website?20:15
genii-aroundtta: http://www.your-freedom.net/index.php?id=downloads             the part that says "Java archive. Runs on every Java 6 supporting system"20:16
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ttaa genius is around20:18
ttagenii-around: thanks a lot20:19
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ttawhat are the parameters of freedom to use a usb modem freely?please20:37
ttai mean "your freedom"20:37
DrknzzHi guys! Im installing Kubuntu 10.10 right now, and as to pass away some time i decided to listen to some <html5> music online.... but nothing seems to play (using rekonq). Also, i have no sound in Amarok, but system alerts do produce sound. Is this to be expected?20:47
DrknzzAnyone herE?20:52
james147Drknzz: yes, but it would be best to wait for the install to finishes before you try to fix anything :) ... also, install "kubuntu-restricted-extras" after the install to install restricted codecs20:54
Drknzzjames147: Supposedly it is being installed as we speak as i checked to install 3rd party stuff20:54
DrknzzI guess ill have to dance to my laptop's cooler's whirly sound ;)20:55
james147Drknzz: I would say, be patient... kubntu doesn't take to long to install, you can browse around the stuff on the livecd, but its best not to do to much (it will just slow down the installer :) )20:57
Drknzzjames147: Yh, welcome to the wonders of multi-threaded processors accesing single-threaded devices :D20:57
ttawhat are the parameters of "your freedom" to use a usb modem freely?please21:23
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vanguardI am looking for a little tool that converts a LaTeX Formula in a PNG or so21:58
* james147 would render it as a pdf then convert it to a png22:01
vanguardjames147: I guess one can do that, but I am looking for something like ekee22:02
Wat_NuHi everyone.22:41
Wat_NuHello Drknzz. I am fairly new here...22:44
Wat_NuI installed Kubuntu recently and now I am here... :)22:46
oalI'm trying to enable Aurorae engine, but can't find it22:51
oalActually, I'm trying to install http://scnd101.deviantart.com/art/uniq-suite-v1-11-184479446 but it's all a mess22:51
oalShadows and desktop effects were disabled and things look really ugly. Any help? :)22:51
DrknzzWat_Nu: Welcome :)22:51
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Drknzzoal: Did you follow the creator instructions?22:52
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oalTHe ones I found, yes22:52
oalBut I can't find no aurorae22:53
oalWhere do I enable it?22:53
Wat_NuThank you for the welcome, Drknzz!22:53
Drknzzoal: Seems like his installer was broken22:53
DrknzzWait and see if the author fixes it'22:54
oalBut where do I enable aurorae in kde?22:54
Drknzzoal: Try installing this: kwin-style-aurorae22:55
DrknzzOr click this: apt://kwin-style-aurorae22:55
oalDoesn't find anything22:56
oalDo I have to add an additional repo?22:56
oalKubuntu 10.10 if that matters22:57
oalDo you find it?22:57
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oalEnabling some extra repos22:58
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ttahello! can kubuntu support firesheep?22:59
seidosask shuttleworth22:59
oalDrknzz: I find kwin-style-bespin, crystal, dekorator, qtcurve and sculpture, but not aurorae23:00
Drknzztta: No it doesnt23:00
DrknzzFiresheep depends on a windows-only driver23:00
Mase_wktta: you can probably run it on kubuntu, but as for support ...23:00
Mase_wkyou probably aren't going to get any support in this channel for it23:00
Drknzzoal: I am sorry, you will have to compile it from source23:01
Drknzz[Painful process]23:01
oalDamn... Kde looks said it was in by default from KDE 4.423:01
oalDo you know where the Aurorae source is?23:07
james147oal: i managed to install the uniq aurorae theme using the  get new decorations button in system settings on kde 4.6 :)23:10
oaljames147: how did you enable 4.6?23:10
james147^^ suggests that aurorae is already installed23:10
james147oal: see the topic ^^23:10
james147though i think it should also work with 4.523:11
oalHmm, where did you find it?23:12
oalI've added the backports thingy now. Upgrading23:13
james147searched of uniq in the get new decorations in system settings > workspace appearance > window decoration23:13
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