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danilosgmb, hi, for bug 720826 I need to add some text for the matching filters in the email body as well (for the benefit of gmail users); do you have a minute to discuss this?12:11
_mup_Bug #720826: Add subscription description header for bug notifications <qa-ok> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by danilo> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/720826 >12:11
gmbdanilos: I'm just grabbing some lunch; I'll be happy to talk when I've grazed, though.12:16
danilosgmb, sure, thanks12:17
gary_posterhi y'all.  I'm having to flex time it a bit this morning because Karyn has a doctor's appt.  I'll be in and out until about an hour from now.  I do intend to be around for the call.13:01
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb mumble/kanban in 1-ish13:29
gary_postergmb and danilos, yoo hoo13:30
gmbdanilos: You still there?13:40
danilosgmb, https://code.launchpad.net/bugs/72082613:40
_mup_Bug #720826: Add subscription description header for bug notifications <qa-ok> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by danilo> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/720826 >13:40
danilosgmb, https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug-720826-emails/+merge/5174713:42
gmbbac: My dsl has dropped out. I'll ping you when I'm back online.14:06
bacgmb: ok14:06
gmbbac: I'm back in the land of the online. Firing up mumble now.14:13
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* gmb -> afk for a little bit to run some errands15:08
danilosgmb, yep15:31
danilosuhm, wrong channel, wrong person15:32
gmbbac: This might be a rabbit hole we don't need to descend into, but do you have any idea why the height increases by 17px with every close/open cycle?15:54
gary_posterIt's a feature.15:54
bacgmb: no idea15:55
baceven on my little example it increases by a few pixels each time, which i attribute to a border, perhaps15:56
gmbHmm, possibly.15:56
gmbI guess we needn't worry until we've sorted the other stuff out.15:56
gary_posterthough probably worth highlighting as an issue if we have the attention of a/the dev15:57
gmbFair point.15:58
bacgmb: would you have a look at  bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bac/%2Bjunk/accordion_test and see if you think it demonstrates the problem minimally and clearly?16:19
gmbbac: Sure16:20
gmbbac: I think that demonstrates our problem, but it might help if the second item in the accordion had a note telling you how many lines should be displayed. It's hard to tell at first glance where it's going wrong.16:27
gmb(Whereas in our LP code it's far more obvious first-up).16:27
bacgmb: have you noticed how the accordion behaves nicely with the overlay when initially loaded?16:28
bacit is only after the forced resize that it gets dumb16:29
gmb(That's kind of what I mean)16:29
bacyeah, ok16:29
gmbThere's a danger that someone might lazily say "what? That works fine"16:29
gmbWithout actually looking.16:29
gary_posterHave we tried setting display on and off, and cropping an enclosing div, and random stuff like that?  I expect so, but I can't stop from asking16:30
gary_posterOr maybe it is not even pertinent/appropriate16:30
bacdisplay on/off works nicely16:31
bacbut it is not animatable16:31
bacand, yes, we're performing the resizing on an enclosing div16:31
bacbut i've tried removing the wrapper and operating on the accordion itself16:31
bacwell it'd be cooler if it worked!  :)16:32
gary_posterI wonder if the display on/off thing points to some acceptable hack.  Won't worry about it till later; justa passing thought.16:33
* bac lunches16:50
* benji lunches.17:01
* danilos -> off, enjoy the rest of the day all17:17
benjiso... what is the state of the art in JS testing?19:52
gary_posterI suspect that's a question for Deryck.  Maybe bac has a pointer.  I think LP does currently have some answers.20:20
bacbenji, gary_poster: i just looked for a wiki page that i thought was helpful but  cannot find it20:21
baccurtis' page is an brief intro:20:21
gary_posterThat looks good to me, thanks bac20:21
baci *thought* i'd edited that page in the past to show how to run those tests from the command line20:21
benjithanks guys; I'll see what Deryck says.  I guess this means that none of y'all have started your testing yet either. :)20:22
gary_posterI'm not writing JS right now :-)20:22
gary_posterbenji, I'm going to have my call with Francis soon so I'm trying to tidy up the kanban board.  You have three cards active on the board right now.  Are all of them in fact in progress, or are some of them mistaken, possibly because of crazy card shenanigans I've pulled in the past?20:25
benjigary_poster: looking20:25
benjigary_poster: I moved "implement accordion panes" back to tasks an unassigned myself; if you'll remember, I did a little work on it but we decided the optimum would be for me to work on other things20:26
gary_posterright, cool, thanks benji20:26
benjithe "wire up" card isn't done and I'm not actively working on it, but I expect I will when the accordion panes are done; perhaps marking it blocked is the right thing to do there20:27
benjigary_poster: ^20:27
gary_poster(AIUI) blocked means you can't work on it because of things outside of you--you couldn't start it regardless of your own availability.  So, on the face of it it doesn't sound blocked to me, benji.20:28
benjigary_poster: well, I can't finish wiring up the form until the accordion panes are done, and I'm not doing them, is that not blocked?20:29
gary_posterah, yes, it is, benji :-)20:29
gary_posterthank you20:30
bacbenji, gary_poster: i found the command-line invocation21:30
bacxvfb-run ./bin/test --layer=RegistryWindmillLayer -cvvt test_yuitests21:30
bacruns all lp.registry YUI tests -- not windmill21:31
baci'll add this to the wiki now21:31
gary_posterah-ha, bac!  that looks golden.  How do we run Bugs only--BugsWindmillLayer?21:31
bacnote there is no way to specify a single test -- you can only get granularity of a subsystem21:31
bacgary_poster: i believe you've cracked the pattern!21:31
bacthank god i've got my history file set to 'forever'21:32
bacin bash, i mean21:32
bachttps://dev.launchpad.net/JavascriptUnitTesting -- now even better22:08
gary_postersehr awesome, bac22:23
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