bassojust inactivity mate00:23
fmfhi everyone00:45
fmfi am searching volwheel or obmixer for ubuntu00:46
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Unit193Still night for me08:17
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red_yo, leszek14:58
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tuhinhi all16:19
tuhinhow much ram lubuntu uses right after boot?16:19
head_victimtuhin: good questions, not much is my response but I'll go see if I can find something more concrete16:20
tuhinin Mint10 Gnome it takes abt 280MB after boot, i am looking for a lighter os which can work with 128/192 MB ram old pcs16:21
head_victimI think it really dpeneds on what installation method you use, there is the normal one, the alternate one and the minimal one. If you use the minimal one then you're going to get a much smaller footprint than with the other 2.16:21
jmarsdentuhin: I think around 185MB on a P4 machine I looked at that on.16:21
tuhinhmm that sounds good16:21
head_victimtuhin: I would look into https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall for you16:21
head_victimIt sounds like the best way to achieve a really small memory footprint16:22
tuhindoes it have GUI or only terminal16:22
head_victimThat will use a text based installer yo give you a GUI environment when it's installed.16:23
tuhinif i try that minimal install*16:23
tuhinok , anyone installed that way and can report the ram usage?16:23
head_victimIt sohuld be much less than 280MB, I'm using 420 MB and I have xchat, skype, amsn, multiple chromium windows and some other stuff running.16:25
red_how to tell wheter opengl is working in lubuntu?16:26
tuhinhead_victim , u mean the hdd install size is 420MB with those programs installed?? how much ram usage?16:27
head_victimtuhin: that's the ram usage16:27
head_victimWith all those programs running16:28
tuhinand the 280 MB ???16:28
head_victimI have less than 4gb on my /16:28
craigbass1976How do I shut off system sounds?  I can't find it anywhere.16:28
tuhinthere is no mute?16:28
head_victimcraigbass1976: Menu > Customise Look & Feel > Other and there are tickboxes for system sounds16:29
tuhinhead_victim, how much ram usage right after boot?16:29
head_victimtuhin: I can't say mate, I haven't rebooted this pc in weeks16:29
tuhinhmm Lubuntu sounds rock solid stable16:30
craigbass1976tuhin, well, I'll want to listed to streaming audio, I just don't care to hear that ubuntu drum whenever something important is going on.16:30
craigbass1976head_victim, I dont' see sucha  choice in my menu16:30
head_victimcraigbass1976: Ah crap I missed one, my bad.16:30
head_victimcraigbass1976: Menu > Preferences > Customise Look & Feel > Other and there are tickboxes for system sounds16:30
craigbass1976head_victim, I don't see the customize look and feel there either.  I'm on 10.04, does that matter?16:31
head_victimred_: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/5682616:32
head_victimcraigbass1976: hmm I don't have a 10.04 to test on sorry, this is only 10.10 :/16:33
head_victimShould be one of the last menu entries.16:33
craigbass1976head_victim, http://thebestcabinetsite.com/screenshot.png16:38
head_victimHmm your "appearance" has the same icon as my "customise look and fee" so it may be there?16:39
craigbass1976head_victim, is there a text file in /home/me somewhere?16:40
head_victimcraigbass1976: I'm sorry mate I'm not that advanced. https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop has all the mailing list details I'm sure someone on there would be able to give you a response reasonably quickly16:41
craigbass1976I'll keep annoying my boss for now.  mwahahaha...16:42
tuhinhead_victim ,which lubuntu version u using?16:46
head_victimcraigbass1976: no worries mate :)16:47
tuhinwhich is the lightest ubuntu based distro? i want to use the ubuntu repository coz its rich, but want to use in 128/192 MB ram pc16:47
wolfpacktuhin: go for lubuntu16:48
head_victimtuhin: I'd really recommend Lubuntu and install it via the minimal install link I posted earlier. All the other versions are too heavy for that much ram or are not updated regularly enough.16:48
tuhinhmm thanks for advice, i noting the link16:49
tuhinso lubuntu will work fine in 128MB RAM pcs16:49
head_victimAs long as you aren't going to try and open 200 websites and run 30 games, etc, etc it will function as well as a computer with 128MB ram can function.16:50
head_victimI see Lubuntu as a good balance between the usability of Ubuntu and the lightness of LXDE. There are other lighter linux distro's out there but they aren't as user friendly in my experience.16:51
tuhinthanks , thats the answer i was looking for16:51
tuhinlubunut can be "Installed" (not live usb) in USB ?16:52
head_victimit can do both16:52
head_victimWell it's 3am here so I'm off to get some shut eye. If you have further questions hopefully someone else is around if not try the mailing list at https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop16:54
wolfpackhead_victim: have a good sleep. I will be here to help him :)16:55
head_victimThanks wolfpack, cheerio16:55
tuhinhave a sound sleep Head_victim16:55
wolfpackhey tuhin , you can take help of TAB while typing name.16:56
tuhinthanks wolfpack16:57
tuhinlubuntu becoming official canonical distro?16:57
wolfpackSoon it will become official part of ubuntu17:00
red_is that a good thing?17:06
jmarsdenred_: YES!   It will mean we can use Ubuntu build servers and other infrastructure, for one thing (that affects me)...17:08
jmarsdenIt also will mean increased visibility and publicity for Lubuntu17:08
jmarsdenBut I need to go to work, so I can't discuss this any more right now :)17:09
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red_hello all19:46
wolfpackhi red_  , silverarrow19:50
silverarrowI am struggelig with installing opera, and opted for firefox in stead, at least it is in package manager19:51
red_i have opera 11.0119:54
red_running ok19:54
red_with flash and java19:54
mark76Yes there are people here21:28
red_its a party, allrite21:28
mark76But they might be distracted21:29
bravo033when i apply updates and a update requires for me to reboot, the restart option on the update menu doesn't work.21:29
bravo033also, will there be an option to lock your computer under the logout menu?21:30
mark76No idea. Sorry21:32
CamciHello, Do I just burn the iso to a CD to try as Live-CD?22:03
mark76That's why it's called a "live" CD22:07
Camciwill be trying out this linux thing for the first time22:10
CamciI have one question, will by KVM switch still work between windows 7 and lubuntu?22:11
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