BUGabundogud naite00:11
soreauvivid: I tried the mini.iso from a pen drive but the installer still fails when it goes to start the partitioner.00:20
sidneiare the nvidia drivers working now?00:34
Spirits-SightAnyone know status of NVDIA driver or running / installing 11.04 on system with NVIDA card00:56
yofelworks fine now00:57
Spirits-Sightyofel: do you know when it was fixed?  Also what daily build should I use to create a live CD?01:02
yofeldoesn't matter, since the driver isn't on the disk and you'll get the newest one from the archive01:04
Spirits-Sightreason I ask is last time I tryed the ISO for 11.04 I had corrupt type looking screen where it was many many many little blocks and I didn't know if this was fixed01:07
yofelah, I don't use gnome myself so I didn't see that - nivida works fine for me though01:11
Spirits-Sightyofel: thanks01:18
mhall119does natty's livecd not have the 2d gnome fallback in place?01:33
mhall119trying it out in virtualbox and it failed pretty hard01:34
charlie-tcatodays images are broken02:16
charlie-tcathey have been all week02:16
mhall119I've got it working now, except gSettings keeps crashing and leaving me with an ugly 1990's theme02:19
charlie-tcathis ?  bug 72688902:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 726889 in gconf2 (Ubuntu) "gsettings-data-convert crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72688902:22
mhall119okay, the super key for calling the unity launcher is nice02:29
mhall119I have to try this on my EeePC 70102:31
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cpatrick08i cant get the installer for ubuntu 11.04 to go past preparing to install ubuntu page the one after the localization page02:59
cpatrick08stuck on it for 10 minutes03:03
aberhowso it appears that i can't add the indicator plugin to my panel in xubuntu? anyone elase have this?04:08
charlie-tcaaberhow: is the the xfce4-indicator-plugin?04:20
aberhowcharlie-tca: yup the xfce4-indicator-plugin04:35
charlie-tcaI did not realize it was packaged already04:36
aberhowyup, apparently04:38
soreauCan anyone help me install natty? I cannot get the partitioner to start. Ubiquity sits with busy cursor and mini.iso net installer 'hangs' when it goes to start the partitioner too.06:11
nit-witsoreau, the daily's are broken.06:16
soreaunit-wit: Is there a way to install natty?06:17
nit-witsoreau, I think it will be resolved soon, I was looking for a earlier part of the release and didn't really find anything.06:18
soreaunit-wit: Ok thanks06:18
soreauI heard it might be fixed soon but I heard so many things06:18
soreauI never tried installing ubuntu before it's official release all these years using it.06:19
soreauand the one time I try, it's broke as a joke06:19
nit-witYeah to many big changes I guess,06:20
soreauOh well, change is good etc06:20
repeteCan anyone give me a pointer to a how-to for troubleshooting suspend issues/09:53
susundbergWell it kind of depends on the issues09:53
repeteI have a new laptop running Natty an want to get some good debugging information09:53
repetesusundberg, yea, I'm first trying to figure out what log files to explore to see if I can narrow it down09:54
Konstigtis it still the xorg 1.10 uploads that breaks starting X? Will this be fixed before alpha3 or is it not happening to the majority of users? The system has a Intel GPU.09:54
repetesusundberg, I've been trying that haystack, thx. :-)09:55
repeteKonstigt, should work fine with Intel GPU, afaik09:56
repeteKonstigt, it is NVidia and ATI w/ the proprietary drivers that breaks w/ Xorg 1.1009:56
Konstigtrepete: ok.. my system won't start X and Xorg.0.log says it can't load any modules (http://paste.ubuntu.com/571313/)09:57
Konstigtbut maybe something has broken during some upgrade which I need to manually fix09:57
susundbergrepete: isnt the second link ok: http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt09:58
susundbergAnd always you can check the distributed documentation: /usr/share/doc/pm-utils/README.debugging10:00
repeteKonstigt, your log says the modules don't exist for some reason.  Try `sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel`10:00
repetesusundberg, hmmm... I stand corrected.  I've been searching for "suspend troubleshooting ubuntu".  Thx for the pointer.10:02
* repete is a bit embarrassed10:02
Konstigtrepete: thanks for the tip, I'll look into that possibility. just assumed they couldn't load because of mismatch with Xorg 1.10..10:02
susundbergrepete: np, have fun while debugging!10:03
repeteKonstigt, don't think so.  I'm using a laptop w/ Intel graphics and have no such problems.10:03
repetesusundberg, it's always a joy. ;-)10:03
coz_hey all10:23
jmlI'm getting 404s when upgrading, (update-manager 1:0.146.1).10:30
mvojml: 404 for what url?10:32
jmlmvo: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/update-manager/update-manager_0.146.1_all.deb for example10:33
jml(there are seven others)10:33
mvojml: interessting, this just worked for me, I guess one of the servers we hvae is out of sync10:33
jmlmvo: I guess I'll try again later in the day.10:34
jmlmvo: thanks.10:34
SeverianHowdy.  I have tried the first 2 alphas and neither installed.  I need to use the alternate installer.  Does anyone know if alpha 3 is likely to at least create a bootable system to start testing on?  Don't take this as a complaint.  I know things don't always work during testing and I have reported my problems through launchpad.10:51
coz_Severian,   mmm  did you check the md5sums on those cd's and did you check the cd itself ?10:52
coz_md5sum on iso rather10:52
SeverianI checked the sha256sums.  Everything was fine.  And, yes I checked the CD.  The tests I did were sometimes using VirtualBox and no physical CD was needed.  The bug was not on this end.  It was replicated acros at least 4 machines.10:54
SeverianI saw bug.  It was different bugs on alpha1 and alpha2.  alpha1 had video problems on hardware not rated for unity.  Alpha2 won't finish the install because grub fails to write.10:55
coz_Severian,  ooo whoa...  I will have to redonwload an iso and try it to see if there is an issue,,, so far I have not had issues with installation  with the daily builds10:55
SeverianAre you using the alternate installer, coz_10:56
coz_Severian,  no I actually used the live cd for it10:56
coz_Severian,  although I will download the alternate dialy build to check10:56
coz_if there is an alternate daily ,,, let me check10:56
SeverianI think I tried the live CD, but maybe not.  It is not useful for me, so I don't usually mess with it.10:57
coz_yeah there's an alternate one as well for daily10:57
coz_Severian,  well... 2 months it will be released then most likely the minimal install cd will be available10:58
SeverianI was debating about trying the daily alternate cd.  I have 2 machines I use just for Ubuntu testing on new releases.  But, they have been quiet this release cycle.  I just wanted to see if there were any reports of success before I went ahead.  I have tried the install with Alpha 2 many times.11:00
coz_Severian,  I have 11.04 on one of my machines from a daily build live cd already,,, its functioning well11:01
coz_ Severian of , as you know.. there are always glitches :)11:01
protihggdh: morning.11:02
Severiancoz_,Thank you.  I am asking about the alternate installer.  I can't use the live CD.  It won't produce a usable system for me.  Usable here means one that meets my needs, not that it boots.11:02
coz_Severian,  understood... well... I am most likely going to try the alternate,, but so far I havent .. I am sure someone here uses it11:03
protiI used to.11:03
protiFor LVM and raid.11:03
coz_too bad there is not minimal install cd prior to release11:04
protiI prefer netboot / netinstall cd.11:04
coz_proti,  I have not tried that yet11:05
SeverianMaybe they will be so kind as to let me know if it worked for them.  I need the encrypted filesystems and non ext filesystems.  I frequently try LVM, but so far, no release has got that down quite right.  I want a pretty complicated setup, and it is beyond what is tested for.11:06
protiSeverian: What do you want to achieve?11:07
coz_Severian,   then hanging out here is probably your best shot at getting this answered ..yes?11:07
SeverianIdeally, I would hace three primary partitions. /boot would be ext2.  an encrypted swap next, and then an encrypted LVM.  Or, maybe just encrypted filesystems in an LVM.  My root would be JFS or btrfs11:09
SeverianI don't do them all the same, because I am testing combinations.  But, I have a few basics, like to encrypt as much as I can and avout ext3 and ext4.11:10
hypehi there11:11
Severianavout -> avoid11:11
SeverianI alway hear it is best to avoid the hype.11:11
hypejust wondering, from those running natty, is it possible to run gnome3 into a normal desktop session ? (ie no unity, and if possible, no gnome shell)11:11
protiSeverian: Use the netinstall cdimage.11:12
hypeSeverian, dont listen to what people say, just follow what you think ^^11:12
SeverianI'll try the netinstall.  It is dated 28 Feb.11:15
protiSeverian: 2 tips -> when choosing language (first panel of the installer) choose to go back and select low priority to debconf questions.11:18
protiIt'll give you full control.11:19
Severianproti, are you the kind of person who tweaks everything, or are the defaults not all well chosen?  I'll follow your advice, but I have a feeling I'll be answering a lot of questions.11:24
protiYes, but unfortunately, the important questions are stored as low priority.11:24
protiLike woud you like separate filesystems....11:25
SeverianOK.  Thanks.11:26
protihggdh: A follow up to bug 72348211:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 723482 in mountall (Ubuntu) "system hangs on boot after updates from 2011-02-22" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72348211:47
protiHappens only when upgrading from maverick.11:47
protiReduced the problem to those 4 packages -> libc6, linux-image, grub, mountall11:48
jmlmvo: all good now.11:50
hypeis there away to activate "indirect rendering" for compiz? i used to use fusion-icon to do that, but it's not instalalble on natty12:04
coz_hype,   compiz --replace --indirect-rendering ccp &    ?12:09
hypethanks coz_ !12:11
hypefeels much better now12:11
jmlnow I'm getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/573899/12:12
hypeis there a way to start compiz automatically with the options?12:12
jml(sagdu == sudo apt-get dist-upgrade)12:12
coz_hype,  not sure of the best way but you could set that as a start up application12:13
coz_hype,  or create a launcher12:13
hypeokok , i'll for a start script12:15
hypei'll go*12:15
hypemerci coz_12:15
mvothanks jml12:16
coz_hype,   pas de probleme12:16
Ian_Corneok laptop is broken now :p12:18
soreauAre the natty images installable today?13:53
hypesoreau, there has been some big updates to ubiquity, so try again http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/ubuntu-live-cd-will-let-you-upgrade-to.html13:56
soreauhype: Thanks a lot13:57
PiciOh neat, upgrade support.13:58
soreaumeh, I could do without that. I actually need the partitioner to *start* to do anything useful14:00
hypesoreau, you can try in a VM, as it failed in vmware for me too14:00
hypeso if it works in vmware, you're good to go :)14:01
soreauhype: I'd rather just try it for real14:01
soreauno since in messing around with a vm14:01
hypeenjoy :)14:01
* soreau is on natty live session running since a couple days now14:01
soreauand still can't figure out how to install the damn thing :p14:02
hypei did upgrade from maverick as installer failed ^^14:02
hypeinstall maverick, then upgrade14:02
soreauhmm, that might be an idea14:02
soreaujust install maverick and upgrade it14:02
hypeinstall maverick, then just start "update-manager -d"14:02
hype2h later, you're done :D14:03
soreauindubitably :)14:03
hypeyou can use the "create a bootable disk" using a maverick iso from your live session14:03
hype(if you have a spare usb key)14:04
soreauI have a spare key but it's only 500mb14:04
soreauIt has the mini.iso live net installer where the partitioner also fails14:04
* soreau reboots into maverick to resort natty14:04
dannyLopezhow I can update to natty?14:52
charlie-tcadannyLopez: Start by reading the release notes as referenced in the topic: Alpha 2 Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha214:57
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
genii-aroundWeird. Whenever I open firefox, other apps are segfaulting.16:55
soreauupdate-manager -d showed nothing in maverick so I'm doing it the old fashioned way with sources.list and dist-upgrade17:59
arandI don't know if they disable it initially and haven't enabled it yet...18:00
soreauThe partitioner is broken in natty for whatever reason18:00
genii-aroundsoreau: You didn't use: sudo do-release-upgrade -d                 ?18:00
soreaugenii-around: nope18:00
soreaunever heard of that one18:01
soreaulooks like a script18:02
soreauyep, python18:02
soreauIf my method explodes maybe I'll try that nest18:02
DaekdroomThis is so unfair. During this short time evdev broke my X server I learned that FF4 looks prettier in Win7 than in Natty :(18:08
nemoDaekdroom: erm18:14
nemoDaekdroom: that can be mitigated to some extent18:15
DaekdroomI'm talking bout default18:15
DaekdroomTho Ubuntu ships FF by default and Win7 doesn't :p18:15
nemoyeah, but adding an addon isn't too painful18:15
nemounfortunately ubuntu is unlikely to ship a menu button addon18:15
nemoof course, the theme you pick matters too18:16
nemofirefox theme if using firefox buttons, or ubuntu theme if using system ones18:16
nemoaaaand the persona, if any18:16
wzssyqalo-menubar shows all ???? ???18:59
wzssyqafor Chinese18:59
Aikarthe biggest difference is firefox on windows 7 has a chrome appearence with tabs in the title bar, where as ubuntu doesnt19:09
Konstigtcould someone please look at bug #720281 and tell if I have done everything that is expected of me for the bug to continue it's process?19:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 720281 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] Power manager is unable to determine battery status" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72028119:43
genii-aroundWeird. kubuntu-debug-installer-dbg is installed but when KDE Crash Handler itself crashes, says that debug libraries for drkonqi are not installed19:47
genii-aroundRunning 64bit Natty , Kubuntu ppa. kubuntu-debug-installer-dbg is installed but when KDE Crash Handler itself crashes, says that debug libraries for drkonqi are not installed. Usually it is plasma crashing first, then the crash handler itself goes19:50
genii-aroundOops, sorry meant for #kubuntu-devel19:51
nemoDaekdroom: http://m8y.org/tmp/natty_ff.png http://m8y.org/tmp/natty_ff2.png  - that's with no firefox specific themes and default ubuntu theme for buttons...20:00
nemoDaekdroom: 2nd one uses a quick persona20:01
nemoDaekdroom: I think it looks better than default settings20:01
nemooh. and using an addon for the firefox menu in the lower right20:02
nemoin this case, personal menu 5.020:02
nemomy SO's laptop uses another one for firefox 4 under ubuntu, has the menu in upper left, next to back button20:02
nemoshe also uses a panda persona20:03
Daekdroomnemo, latest firefox build has black tab and navigation bar by default20:10
nemoDaekdroom: pretty sure it is just using your system theme20:10
nemoyou must be on a dark theme20:10
nemoI didn't change the ubuntu default20:10
nemoDaekdroom: and, even though it inherits that colour, you can still use a dark persona too...20:11
nemothe animated lightning one looks kinda cool, but I think it'd be distracting after a while.20:11
nemomaybe occasionally.20:11
ubuntu_i cant install kubuntu with the daily image from 20110301.320:11
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Daekdroomnemo, I'm using ambiance20:12
Daekdroomnemo, It's a very recent change20:12
DaekdroomIt grabs metacity's colour instead of GTK20:13
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cpatrick08i cant install kubuntu with the daily image from 20110301.320:13
nemoDaekdroom: hmmm20:14
nemoDaekdroom: I use nightlies20:15
nemobut I haven't tweaked any of my settings20:15
nemosooo. gonna update my nightly and restart20:15
nemoI bet it looks the same, w/ persona disabled20:15
Daekdroomnemo, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/02/firefox-4-improves-appearance-in-ubuntu/20:15
nemooh wait20:16
nemoDaekdroom: are you using Unity?20:16
Daekdroomnemo, that too, but it looks like that as well in classic gnome20:16
nemocompiz keeps losing window chrome on me in natty :(20:17
nemoDaekdroom: hm. you're right. that's not a bad default at all20:19
nemolemme disable stuff20:19
nemodoes not look like that for me in my current profile, even with personal menu disabled. hmmm.20:20
nemo(I have minefield button in bottom right still)20:20
* nemo tries a clean profile20:20
nemoyep. in a clean profile if I disable menubar it does look like that20:21
nemoDaekdroom: ok. that *is* an improvement...20:21
nemoI'm going to have to wipe stuff out of my profile. I like the default appearance better20:21
nemo(well, once I turn off menu bar, remove home button, and set small icons...)20:22
nemokinda prefer tabs below, but not enough to change it.20:22
cpatrick08i cant install kubuntu with the daily image from 20110301.320:23
nemooh. cool. if I change it, menu button stays20:23
nemoon the other hand, I lose the dark colour20:23
nemoeh. tabs on top it is20:23
nemocpatrick08: no clue, personally, but if you want me to guess, will need more detail on "can't install"20:23
cpatrick08it is stuck on the preparing to install kubuntu after the localization page and ubiquity version is 2.5.2120:25
cpatrick08@nemo it is stuck on the preparing to install kubuntu after the localization page and ubiquity version is 2.5.2120:34
nemocpatrick08: oh. are you using a flash drive?20:35
nemocpatrick08: check your xsession errors and do an fdisk -l on the flash drive20:35
nemopastebin the latter20:36
cpatrick08how would i check my xsession errors20:36
cpatrick08i am running from the flash drive right now do i need to do that while not running from it20:37
nemocpatrick08: no. you can do this all from a terminal20:37
nemoto view xsession errors, type, oh...20:37
nemoless ~/.xsession-errors20:37
nemothen shift G to jump to the bottom20:38
nemowhat I'm looking for are gparted errors20:38
nemofor the flash drive...20:38
nemosudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb20:38
nemoit will probably be /dev/sdb if you only have one HD20:38
nemocpatrick08: there is a frequently reported bug on this with a (relatively) simple fix20:40
nemoin fact, I plan to notify a few bugs I found when trying to find the real bug, that they are dupes and there is a fix20:40
cpatrick08oh ok what is the link to the bug20:40
nemohaven't found it yet20:41
nemobut post your fdisk -l please20:41
nemoalso, this bug is not natty-specific20:41
nemoit is a bug in parted I think20:41
nemowith weird disc layouts20:41
cpatrick08fdisk http://pastebin.com/ycHA8fBU20:41
nemodamn :(20:42
nemoso much for that theory20:42
nemocpatrick08: anything in xsession errors?20:42
edgyFailed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kubuntu-meta/kubuntu-desktop_1.217_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:43
edgywhy am I getting these?20:43
edgysorry I should say hi first ;)20:44
protiupdate again.20:44
edgyproti: I updated 10 times just now ;)20:44
edgyproti: the package is really not there20:44
protiIt's there.20:45
protiedgy: have a look with a browser20:45
protiedgy: not sorry. the dir listing says it's there.20:47
protiBut getting it says 404.20:47
cpatrick08@nano xsession error http://pastebin.com/Y85xjCPG20:47
cpatrick08@nemo http://pastebin.com/Y85xjCPG20:47
nemocpatrick08: nothing jumps out at me, sorry.20:48
edgyproti: I browsed to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kubuntu-meta/ and the package version 217 is not thre. 216 is there20:48
nemoalthough you could perhaps try running the installer in a terminal, and see if any errors appear the instant it hangs up20:49
protiedgy: It used to. It's there on the mirrors.20:49
proti wget http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kubuntu-meta/kubuntu-desktop_1.217_amd64.deb20:49
edgyproti: so this means what?20:50
protiUse a mirror.20:50
edgyproti: may be they removed it because they figured out a serious problem?20:50
protiI don't think so.20:50
protiIt's a meta-package.20:50
protiIt does not holds any file by itself.20:51
protiOnly deps.20:51
cpatrick08@nemo that is ok you tried your best20:51
protiedgy: If there was a problem, they would'nt remove it. They produce a newer package.20:52
edgyproti: thanks for the clarification. actually the package is _now_ there ;)20:55
protiTransient problem then.20:57
DaekdroomDoes anyone know if the GNOME3 ppa is installing alright?20:57
edgynow I am getting: dpkg: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 39618 package 'libreoffice-help-en-gb':20:59
edgy 'Conflicts' field, reference to 'liblucene2-java': error in version: version number does not start with digit20:59
edgyproti: any hint?21:03
hypedoes anyone know how to deactivate the ability to maximize a window just by dragging it to the top of the screen?21:07
edgyhype: don't drag it to the top of screen ;)21:13
BUGabundoand here we go for another spin :(21:50
BUGabundogot layed off today21:50
guntbertBUGabundo: sorry to hear21:50
BUGabundoI'm a capable guy21:51
BUGabundoI'm sure ill find something quickly21:51
BUGabundoor at least I hope21:51
BUGabundoso if anyone knows of a job opening for a sysadmin, please let me know21:53
* guntbert is keeping his fingers crossed21:55
Konstigtcould someone please look at bug #720281 and tell if I have done everything that is expected of me for the bug to continue it's process?21:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 720281 in linux (Ubuntu) "[STAGING] Power manager is unable to determine battery status" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72028121:56
espen77anyone have a wacom board?22:02
emdo any of you know why Ubuntu would put untrusted packages in the repo?22:18
ubottuPlease don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.22:19
BUGabundoI tried a daily image today22:47
BUGabundolots and lots of trouble with it22:48
BUGabundoFF and chromium crashed on some Font22:48
BUGabundonetwork applet crashed too22:48
charlie-tcadid you get the latest spin? no, they are being rebuilt again...22:49
BUGabundoand the integration of the Menu bar with the Gnome Panel is too much OSX22:49
BUGabundocharlie-tca: it was this morning daily22:49
charlie-tcathat was not good22:49
charlie-tcawe are up to the second respin now22:49
charlie-tcagot to love ISO testing, huh?22:50
DaekdroomBUGabundo, I don't know if I love of if I hate the integration.22:51
Daekdroomif it wasn't so buggy with unity, I'd probably love it.22:51
BUGabundobut still strange to mee22:52
DaekdroomSwitching workspaces make a menu of the other workspace show up in there.22:52
BUGabundokept looking where the bar was22:52
BUGabundoand since it kept changing per app22:52
BUGabundowas even worse22:52
DaekdroomI got over that by having only one window per work space22:52
Daekdroomand witching with Super+e22:52
charlie-tcaI could see that22:52
DaekdroomIt's not that bad, but it freezes too much in the process.22:52
Daekdroomand if Dash shows up by accident? You're doomed.22:53
BUGabundoI find it funny that I don't have that on my current install22:53
BUGabundoprobably missing some package22:53
Daekdroomfirefox-globalmenu perhaps22:54
DaekdroomI'm using it straight from the PPA22:54
Daekdroombut I don't think it'd cause that22:54
charlie-tcahm, I did something wrong again. My fast boot in natty is up to about 2 minutes ;-)22:59

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