coz_good day all03:13
darkmatterheya coz_03:16
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy :)03:16
darkmattercoz_: for all my dislike of cloning a mac, lions new default wally is <3 http://osxdaily.com/2011/02/24/mac-os-x-10-7-lion-fuji-mountain-wallpaper/03:17
coz_darkmatter,  that's not bad wallpaper... its simple ...not too distracting03:18
coz_darkmatter,  some of this guy's work is attractive also   http://wasimagined.deviantart.com/gallery/26836503#03:18
coz_I dont know why he chose to show the wallpaper on an image of a monitor  but ...there it is :)03:19
darkmattercoz_: they all do that. 'cuz it's a 'mac' thing. lol03:21
coz_oh!!  no wonder I didnt like it :)03:21
darkmattercoz_: ah yes. I actually have a few of his on my hdd03:22
coz_darkmatter,  seems he uses a lot of photoshop plugins but thats fine by me... I am using one he made now.. although I a bit jealous of the fine linel texture he as on it :(03:23
darkmatterekua, abha, and gale iirc. to lazy to check ;)03:23
coz_darkmatter,  here is a screenshot of my present desktop   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/blackivory.png03:24
coz_not great but relaxing  which is what I needed these past 2 weeks :)03:24
coz_it's the texture he achieved,, I cant do that    in photoshop ...yet03:24
coz_but its quite clear it is there03:24
coz_but subtle enough to be unobtrusive03:25
darkmattercoz_: nice03:25
coz_darkmatter,  it's relaxing ,, as I said,,, so for now "it's nice"  :)03:27
darkmattercoz_: I _just_ started work on a hybrid murrine/pixmap theme.  willnice and lightish (not white). clean, no "divisions" (basing it on my sketches). green buttons for default selections. blueish glow on mousovers. you can probably imagin it somewhat. as you've seen my experiments to a degree. I hate busy ui03:28
coz_darkmatter,  yes :)  and I almost always like your visions,,, and the green buttons sound real nice  :)03:29
darkmatterno screenies since I literally just started. lol. but my panel bg "sorta" matches it. light/airy03:29
coz_darkmatter,  i can wait :)03:29
coz_darkmatter,  I have gotten away from completely dark themes...no one does them well enought for my tastes  and the few I edited were a PITA so i stopped03:31
darkmattercoz_: going to try to get gtk to replicate myt feel (I mean as in the app overrides). bye bye big fat panel separators. by example, nautilus sidebar will match the content. with a nice gradient 'stripe' that is 'just' noticable enough and fades top/bottom. only the toolbars will have a bit of distinction (since I have to tolerate their existence :P)03:32
coz_darkmatter,  ooo  I like the sound of it :)03:33
darkmatterclean ala things like feedly if you want an example from the web03:33
coz_feedly is the name of the a theme?03:33
darkmattermake the "I has chrome!" bits feel almost chromeless03:33
darkmattercoz_: its a feed reader (website)03:34
coz_oh lol sorry  didnt know that :)03:34
darkmattercoz_: it looks kinda like a magazine. bg is textured grey (like paper. content is on a 'page'. all the online pics suck though. have the old look03:35
darkmattersec. I'll screeny my feedly03:35
coz_darkmatter,  slow upload?03:41
darkmattercoz_: was munching. lol :P03:43
coz_yes food first please :)03:43
darkmattercoz_: http://i.imgur.com/10g8x.png ignore the content (haven't beautified it yet). but note the 'ui'03:43
coz_ah yes thats ok to lok at ... dam elementary :)03:44
coz_darkmatter,  are you sticking with button on the left?03:44
darkmatterbut coz. I mean the readers "toolbar" and how most the ui is "in page" not the exact aesthetics03:45
coz_darkmatter,  yes I see that  :)   very minimal ,, very nice03:45
darkmattercoz_: lol. only until I get my stuff done :P03:45
coz_darkmatter,  oh ok :)03:45
coz_darkmatter,  I always switch t hose darn button positions03:45
darkmattercoz_: and it blends with the content. that's how I've always thought apps should "feel" not just the web. screw this <chome> chrome <bit of content> more chrome <bit more content> crap ;D03:46
coz_darkmatter,  yes I agree.. I like it looking much more integrated like that03:47
darkmatterkill the tab bar and you get a better idea. toss in a bit of readability and you get an even better idea (<3 readability. best bit of sanity on the web)03:48
darkmattercoz_: more integrated an "prettier" without needing 20lbs of bling to bling it. hehe03:48
darkmattercoz_do you use readability? the extension is free. just the "save" thing is monthly rental :P03:49
coz_darkmatter,  yes something nice and fast as well an pretty03:49
coz_darkmatter,  no I dont  I should check into it?03:49
darkmattercoz_: convers articles (from any sute) to a readable state. basically "book like" to an extent. themeable. sec. I'll screeny something fugly like an omg! page03:50
coz_darkmatter,  I see that ,, reading about it now... mm an "R" in the status bar... I already have an "R"  :)  oh well installing anyway03:51
coz_darkmatter,  nice :)03:52
coz_ok I am off to bed,,,  need extra sleep this week,,, darkmatter   keep me up to date on this :)03:54
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coz_hey all10:23
coz_hey all15:02
darkmatterheta coz_15:20
darkmatterfingers. hate them.15:20
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coz_hey all23:42

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