hot_wheelzhi guys03:57
hot_wheelzare there any ubuntu devs here?03:58
lubotu2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:58
lubotu2As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:59
lifelesshot_wheelz: there may be, but it shouldn't impact whatever you want to discuss03:59
hot_wheelzok sure04:00
hot_wheelzi am wonder if what i am about to discribe is a bug or not...When installing the arduino ide it appear in 2 groups both programming and electronics shouldn't it only be craeted in one? 04:03
hot_wheelzcan anyone confirm?04:05
head_victimhot_wheelz: what process are you using to install it?04:07
hot_wheelzsynaptic why?04:08
head_victimJust going to see if I can reproduce it for you04:08
hot_wheelzok i'm sure you will 04:09
head_victimI can't even find the package though04:09
hot_wheelzactully try getting the ubuntu team ppa first sorry04:10
nisshhhot_wheelz, you mean it appears under two categories?04:13
hot_wheelzany luck head_victim?04:13
head_victimTrying to find what ppa you mean sorry04:20
head_victimhttps://launchpad.net/~arduino-ubuntu-team/+archive/ppa   ?04:20
hot_wheelzhead_victim yep04:21
head_victimI don't have an electronics after install that04:23
head_victimIt only goes into programming for me.04:24
hot_wheelzone min04:24
hot_wheelzhead_victim mmm..strange i removed it re added it to to see if it had been fixed but still put in two palces for me i wonder why?04:28
hot_wheelzhead_victim any ideas04:28
head_victimCould be it's just populating existing fields, do you have other software in electronics?04:28
hot_wheelznope it only appaers as a group after installing the arduino ide04:30
hot_wheelzhead_victim any more ideas?04:34
hot_wheelzi would like to get to the bottom of it04:34
elkyPerhaps ask the person who made the ppa?04:35
hot_wheelzwill do04:36
head_victimSorry had a phone call, yeah I'd be asking the maintainers.04:37
hot_wheelzthanks guys04:44
kaushalis there a way to create a installer which installs apache2,mysql and php and all the dependencies ?05:49
nisshhkaushal, uhm, sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql php05:57
nisshhits easier than trying to create some weird installer05:57
firtvid20Hey, anyone get Minecraft working on Ubuntu06:18
firtvid20cause it crashed on mine06:18
firtvid20And never works06:18
* firtvid20 moves onto ubuntu channel instead06:19
firtvid20me wonders who is online06:30
blahdeblahanyone know how to set proxy for KDE3 apps on lucid?09:37
blahdeblahFor those who care, the answer was: edit ~/.kde/share/config/kioslaverc09:53
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head_victimGood morning15:54
remmiusthought this chat channel might come in handy :P15:56
head_victimAh ok, well this is the home of the Ubuntu-AU team and we use this channel for all official business (meetings, support, organising events, etc) and we socialise and hang out in #ubuntu-au-chat (Just so you know). So what can we do for you this fine morning?15:57
remmiusah wow, this is actually the official ubuntu irc? 15:58
remmiusi thought it was just an enthusiasts channel15:59
remmiusim here for linux help :p but not now, ive finished for the night15:59
remmiusso basically im in the wrong place, maybe15:59
head_victimAh good to see, no we're in the right place15:59
head_victimSo were you after help or going to offer some?15:59
remmiusnah, thats all good, i just wanted a place to go incase of trouble15:59
remmiuswanted to check out if people were friendly or not ;)16:00
head_victimAh well we're here if you need us. There is also the main support channel at #ubuntu and if you're too concerned about asking "noob" questions in there there is also #ubuntu-beginners if you feel that's better for you.16:00
remmiussweet as i'll keep both in mind16:00
head_victimYou should check out our mailing list and wiki :)16:01
remmiusi'm not totally dumb, i am just new at it16:01
remmiusand ive sorta thrown myself into the deep end with hosting a live webserver for a small community group16:01
remmiustrying to do it all myself to learn a bit here and there16:01
head_victimHah sometimes I wonder about my intelligence when it comes to Ubuntu but it's all learning.16:01
remmiusyeah, exactly16:01
remmiusi understand more now than i did when i started so im getting somewhere16:01
remmiusim struggling with getting a mailserver setup actually16:02
head_victimYeah I keep getting into things and then running out of time.16:02
remmiusit seems by default theres some sendmail-mta service running16:02
remmiuson this image at least16:02
remmiusits 9.04 or 9.10 ubuntu16:02
head_victimAh that's still on my "to do list" that is about 10 pages long.16:02
remmiusits all good16:02
remmiusi just need to find the right resource and read enough to understand how it actually all pieces together16:03
remmiusand what ports i need forwarded and stuff16:03
head_victimThere is also wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com and ubuntuforums.org :)16:03
remmiusthen i'll be able to do it16:03
remmiusi just dont get how you are supposed to serve multiple vhosts from the same ip from aliased nameservers16:03
remmiusif you get what i mean16:03
head_victimYeah I understand the concept but not really able to help you much unfortunately.16:04
remmiusnot a problem :)16:04
remmiusill keep googling16:04
head_victimYou could try the mailing list (assuming no one else is going to chip in? Anyone else awake?) or try those 3 links. If you're using a specific program to run you might even find an official channel for it to ask in.16:04
remmiuswell i'll be around16:05
remmiusim sure i'll fire off some other most likely stupid questions16:05
head_victimI'm always here just not always "here" :)16:05
head_victimThe only stupid question is the one that is never asked. 16:06

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