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ekoekothis might seem picky but is there an easy way to turn the number lock key on by default when i boot up01:56
ekoekoim using ubunu 10.1001:56
ekoekoubuntu rather01:57
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szczurekoeko, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock02:28
ekoekothanks szczur02:31
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zimiei need some help to setup a transparent proxy server03:43
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Guest66286Im getting a "Cound not initialize the package information" error in update manager ubuntu 10.10. Any ideas anyone? thanks06:51
Cheri703it may be due to an error in a source, did you recently add a ppa or repository?06:54
Guest66286not sure.. i can past the specific information along with it06:55
Cheri703that could help06:55
Guest66286'W:Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages), W:Duplicate sources.list entry http://ppa.launchpad.net/dockbar-main/ppa/ubuntu/ maverick/main i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_dockbar-main_ppa_ubuntu_dists_maverick_main_binary-i386_Packages), E:Encountered a06:55
Cheri703ok, go to your software sources list (you may need to go via synaptic or software center)06:57
Cheri703do you know how to get to it?06:57
Guest66286im getting a similar error when opening synaptic06:58
Cheri703can you open it though?06:58
aveilleuxGuest66286: You can use the ppa-purge package to remove the duplicate source06:59
Cheri703ok, that works too :)06:59
Guest66286alright how to a use that?06:59
Cheri703you'll have to take that one aveilleux, I'm not familiar with it07:00
aveilleuxGuest66286: open Terminal, run "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge" (without the quotes). Then run the command "sudo ppa-purge ppa:dockbar-main/ppa07:00
Guest66286tcrippen@tcrippen-Studio-1555:~$ sudo apt-get install ppa-purge [sudo] password for tcrippen:  Reading package lists... Error! W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://ppa.launchpad.net/dockbar-main/ppa/ubuntu/ maverick/main i386 Pa07:02
Cheri703I think the other way is going to be most straightforward07:02
aveilleuxGuest66286: type "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" without the quotes07:03
Guest66286with the dockbar part included you mean?07:03
aveilleuxGuest66286: And use that07:03
aveilleuxGuest66286: It should bring up a text file with a bunch of lines. Try to see if there are any duplicate lines (probably near the bottom)07:03
Guest66286got it but im not seeing any duplicate lines..07:07
Cheri703Guest66286: you could search for "dockbar" and see if there are duplicates07:07
Cheri703sometimes easier than trying to scan over it visually07:07
Guest66286ya theres only one dockbar deb package07:09
aveilleuxGuest66286: You may have a duplicate in /etc/apr/sources.list.d/07:10
Guest66286same gksudo gedit command right?07:12
aveilleuxGuest66286: do "ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/"07:15
aveilleuxGuest66286: Since it's a directory, not a file07:15
Guest66286whats the command? is?07:16
Cheri703but lowercase07:17
Guest66286my bad07:17
Guest66286no such file or directory07:18
Guest66286I checked out the error report again and part of it was "Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists" i ran ls /var/lib/apt/lists and got a whole list of packages and stuff07:24
Guest66286W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages) W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://ppa.launchpad.net/dockbar-main/ppa/ubuntu/ maverick/main i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_dockbar-main_ppa_ubuntu_dists_maverick_main_binary-i386_Packages)07:28
Guest66286those are the two duplicates according to snaptic. do i need to remove them or what?07:28
bioterrorremove another one07:29
aveilleuxGuest66286: I'm hesitant to touch anything in /var, but I'm not very well-versed in apt problems07:29
bioterroryou have it twice there07:30
Guest66286bioterror: so would removing one of the dupicates fix the problem?07:30
coolbhavihey laxmi08:28
laxmiu r there08:28
coolbhaviplease tell us your problem if any08:29
laxmimy wireless network works but wired network does not work08:30
coolbhavilaxmi: which is your provider?08:31
laxminepal telecom08:32
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simar_Hello everyone I have already introduced myself as a new prospective member of ubuntu-beginners team and would like to work in development focus group. I would need a master (My timezone is +5:30) and for that  I have already added my name in seeking masters list. )09:45
coolbhavisimar_: hello and welcome09:50
simar_coolbhavi, thanks ..09:51
simar_coolbhavi, you are a member?09:51
zkriesseJa he is09:51
bioterrortechnically coolbhavi is a correct person to talk with09:51
zkriessesimar_: I'm a member too...but also a BT Master, BT Mentor, and FG Lead for the Wiki FG09:52
bioterrorlots of dev guys coming, but not enough mentors/masters09:52
simar_i think then this should not be a problem cos coolbhavi already knows me well..09:54
bioterrorsimar_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/gaurav-pawaskar this is my padawan who is also interested in development, if you see him on IRC, have a chat with him09:56
simar_bioterror, thanks..09:57
bioterrorhe's from mumbai09:57
simar_bioterror, hmm I'm going to that place on 12th that would be for the first time ..09:58
simar_bioterror, otherwise its a far off place from where i live(in india).09:59
simar_coolbhavi, what specifically do you do coding for.. in what language?10:02
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coolbhavisimar_: sorry mate had gone out for lunch10:26
coolbhavisimar_: m more of a packager than a coder10:27
simar_coolbhavi, now I know you a great everything ):10:28
simar_coolbhavi, have you checked you gmail chat..10:28
coolbhavisimar_: because m a sysadmin at work at the day :) yes mate10:28
simar_coolbhavi, hmmm10:29
Cowboy79Morning everyone are there any problems with the update servers?11:16
Puck`Cowboy79: you can switch between servers, so you can pick another one. Sometimes mirrors are down11:18
Cowboy79Thank puck already did that with pick best server11:19
Cowboy79Problem is not getting the packages its unpacking them it just sits doing nothing in terminal and update manager any idea why?11:20
bioterrorhi szczur11:29
szczurhi bioterror11:29
johnny77Can you uninstall apps without internet?13:19
JoeMaverickSettof course13:19
* JoeMaverickSett walks the path of slowness again... :D13:20
bioterroryeah, you have them in your genes13:20
bioterrorthere's nothing much that you can do about it13:20
bioterrormy friend is totally slow13:21
johnny77I thought so, but I tried sudo aptitude remove network-manager-gnome and it gave me an error - dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a to correct the problem.13:21
bioterroryour dpkg is messed up13:21
bioterrordo as it says13:21
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johnny77bioterror: You're so helpful :)13:22
bioterrorI am13:22
bioterrorI think I'll go now watch myself from mirror13:22
bioterrorhi cprofitt13:23
gaurav_pawaskarHi guys, I am getting this error while pushing code..14:56
gaurav_pawaskarPermission denied (publickey).14:56
gaurav_pawaskarbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.14:57
gaurav_pawaskarneed help14:57
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gaurav_pawaskarbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.15:13
gaurav_pawaskarneed help.. can not push code15:13
johnny77I have an wireless connection that I know works. But if I reboot it will not reconnect. Then after a day or so it will connect again. What could be wrong?15:14
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: you using launchpad?15:14
stlsaintjohnny77: sounds like hardware issue15:14
gaurav_pawaskarhow come its hardware issue..15:14
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: have you let bzr know "who you are"15:14
gaurav_pawaskaryes its showing correct15:14
gaurav_pawaskarits related to ssh key..15:15
gaurav_pawaskari am not able to figure it out15:15
gaurav_pawaskar1st time I am pushing code15:15
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: try here: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/mini-tutorial/15:15
stlsaintssh key?15:15
gaurav_pawaskaryes i have uploaded to launchpad15:15
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: is this your branch you are pushing to?15:16
johnny77stlsaint: What would be wrong in the hardware that would cause that?15:16
stlsaintjohnny77: faulty nic15:16
johnny77stlsaint: It is an old notebook.. so the nic card could just be going bad?15:17
gaurav_pawaskarwell thing is, i have written code for a tool15:17
stlsaintjohnny77: possibly15:17
gaurav_pawaskarnew tool15:17
gaurav_pawaskarbzr push lp:~gaurav-pawaskar/randy-qt/MD5_Matrix_code/15:17
johnny77stlsaint: is there a way to test?15:17
stlsaintjohnny77: look up the nic card and see if there are any bugs out in launchpad with it on the OS you are using15:17
gaurav_pawaskarthis is the command i am issuing15:18
gaurav_pawaskari created ida_rsa and ida_dsa files in .ssh dir15:19
gaurav_pawaskarbut its not able to authenticate me15:19
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: remove that last / from command15:19
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: also why do you have id_rsa AND ida_dsa keys?15:20
stlsainttta: yo15:20
gaurav_pawaskarstill same error...15:20
ttaif a problem occur during the installation when i select the language, how can i solve the problem?15:20
gaurav_pawaskari guessed its failing my ssh authentication15:20
stlsaintyou should only be authenticating with one key15:21
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: ^^15:21
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: did you properly upload your key to lp?15:21
stlsaintno issues with that?15:21
gaurav_pawaskaryes i did that freshly once again yesterday15:22
gaurav_pawaskarbit still its giving me same15:22
gaurav_pawaskarstlsaint: ^^15:22
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: have you tried the dsa key then?15:23
gaurav_pawaskarhow to change encryption. I mean i have both keys15:23
gaurav_pawaskarhow to force bzr to use dsa or rsa?15:24
gaurav_pawaskarstlsaint: ^^15:24
stlsaintremove the rsa key and leave only the dsa then upload it to bzr15:24
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: also to test you may want to create new branch, push code to that branch then merge the two15:26
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: also see here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+question/8079215:27
gaurav_pawaskarI already saw this :(15:28
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: did you try making new branch?15:29
gaurav_pawaskarstlsaint : i am getting a fresh branch and try it again. let me check this time15:30
gaurav_pawaskarstlsaint: I am not able to get code too15:32
gaurav_pawaskarbranch command throwing same error15:32
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: so you have made new keys and tried with new branch and still same error?15:34
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: ssh -v yourlpname@bazaar.launchpad.net15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: authmethod_lookup publickey15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: remaining preferred: keyboard-interactive,password15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: authmethod_is_enabled publickey15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Next authentication method: publickey15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Offering public key: gaurav@gaurav-Mini-Monster15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: send_pubkey_test15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Offering public key: gaurav@gaurav-Mini-Monster15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: send_pubkey_test15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey15:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug1: Trying private key: /home/gaurav/.ssh/FE8DAC7115:36
gaurav_pawaskardebug3: no such identity: /home/gaurav/.ssh/FE8DAC7115:36
stlsaintyou have something set wrong with the creation of your keys15:37
stlsaint"no such identity: /home/gaurav/.ssh/FE..." is there not a key there in your .ssh folder? and if so can you verify it is the same that is on lp?15:38
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: ?15:42
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: what is link to your lp account?15:43
stlsaintgaurav_pawaskar: are you keeping all your info the same between your computer and lp?15:44
gaurav_pawaskarhey guys.. it worked.. :)15:45
gaurav_pawaskarsome trial and errors15:45
duanedesigndo you know what it ended up being, I am curious15:46
stlsaintanyway you can do a mini write up on how you did it?15:46
gaurav_pawaskarbut thanks a lot stlsaint..15:46
stlsaintduanedesign: lol, i want to know as well15:46
johnny77stlsaint: If I got a USB wireless adapter would that bypass the problem with faulty built in nic or cause more problems?15:46
gaurav_pawaskari removed everything from .ssh15:46
gaurav_pawaskaragain created rsa key15:46
gaurav_pawaskaragain uploaded.15:46
duanedesigngaurav_pawaskar: well third time is a charm15:47
gaurav_pawaskargaurav@gaurav-Mini-Monster:~/randy-qt$ bzr push lp:~gaurav-pawaskar/randy-qt/MD5_Matrix_code15:47
gaurav_pawaskarUsing default stacking branch /~randy-dev/randy-qt/Randyqt at lp-65725392:///~gaurav-pawaskar/randy-qt15:47
gaurav_pawaskarCreated new stacked branch referring to /~randy-dev/randy-qt/Randyqt.15:47
gaurav_pawaskaris this expected to come?15:47
duanedesignthat is ok15:48
gaurav_pawaskarohh great. Finally I did it. :D15:48
* gaurav_pawaskar clapping for himself15:48
* stlsaint gives own pat on back :P15:48
duanedesignthere is is \o/15:48
duanedesigngaurav_pawaskar: and it is showing up here as well :) https://code.launchpad.net/randy-qt15:50
gaurav_pawaskarI am loving it.15:51
stlsaintjohnny77: anything having to do with network will pass by nic15:57
jamiedmattinglyhas anyone had issues with audio drivers on hp computer??16:36
holsteinjamiedmattingly: hp mininote16:39
holsteinvia hardware16:39
holsteinbetter recently though16:40
holsteini use that machine with JACK and a firewire device usually though16:40
holsteinso i dont really get a lot of testing time16:40
jamiedmattinglyi have a hp touchsmart 300 dont care about the touch screen stuff but i would like to hear it16:40
holsteinjamiedmattingly: do you see the hardware in lspci?16:41
jamiedmattinglyok help me out here what is lspci?16:41
holsteinjamiedmattingly: open a terminal16:42
holsteinand run16:42
holsteinyou should see something that looks like your audio hardware16:42
holsteinthat doesnt really mean anything though16:43
holsteinTHEN, you can run in a terminal16:43
holsteinaplay -l16:43
holsteina record -l16:43
holstein^^ those last 2 are very telling16:43
holsteinIF you see the hardware there, you have a *much* easier time16:43
holsteinjamiedmattingly: i dont have much time to hang16:43
holsteinbut try those16:43
holsteinand you can also run alsamixer16:44
holsteinand check the levels on everything16:44
holsteinthe labels can be wrong16:44
* holstein gotta run...16:45
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NRWlionhello again17:41
xycloQuestion: After removing PulseAudio, which is not working too good, how do I manage my sound cards? I have a Zoom H2 that I use for Skype and other things, that I'd rather not use with Jack.18:46
aveilleuxxyclo: You can use ALSA (uses alsamixer and alsamixer-gtk)18:47
xyclogreat, I'll try. Thanks, aveilleux!18:48
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yoyoi cant see wireless connection on ubuntu netbook :/19:23
yoyocan anyone help me ? :s19:23
holsteinyoyo: is this a fresh install?19:23
holsteinor did wifi break?19:23
yoyoits fresh install19:23
holsteinyoyo: the easy way19:23
holsteinplug the computer in wired to internet19:23
yoyoi have plug it19:24
holsteinyou might need to restart to trigger the prompt19:24
yoyoafter plug in to wired make restart ?19:24
holsteinim assuming several things when suggesting that19:24
holsteinyoyo: what hardware?19:24
yoyoafter i install ubuntu19:25
yoyoi connect to wireless19:25
yoyotoday i make all updates19:25
yoyoand after restart19:25
yoyocant see the wireless network19:25
yoyojust wired network19:25
yoyobut on Network Tools in Wireless section i can see Auto Mywireless name19:25
yoyoubuntu 10.1019:26
yoyowhen i open connection list up show just Auto eth019:26
yoyoand when i make ipconfig19:26
yoyoshow just lo and eth019:26
yoyobefore show to wlan019:26
yoyo iwconfig19:27
yoyolo        no wireless extensions.19:27
yoyoeth0      no wireless extensions.19:27
holsteinyoyo: OK19:28
holsteinso not a fresh install then19:28
holsteinits soemthing that worked19:28
holsteinand then broke19:28
holsteinyoyo: when booting19:28
holsteinif you dont see the GRUB menu19:28
holsteinhit the shift key19:28
holsteinand choose an older kernel to boot into19:28
holsteinand see if the wireles works19:28
holsteinthen, you'll know a little more about what you need to do19:29
yoyook but first i have to wait for update finish19:29
yoyoand one problem more19:29
holsteinwell, resart after the update19:30
holsteinthat might fix it19:30
yoyoand my keybord didnt work19:30
holsteinor doesnt?19:30
yoyonot work19:30
holsteinor did and does now?19:30
yoyosry for my english19:30
holsteinno worries19:30
yoyowork before19:31
holsteinim just making sure i understand19:31
yoyobut after update and restart not working19:31
yoyosame with wireless19:31
holsteinyeah, but you are doing another update?19:31
holsteintry rebooting after that update19:31
holsteinthen, next19:31
holsteintry and older kernel19:31
yoyook iam waiting :)19:32
holsteinthen, come back and we'll search around for hardware specifics19:32
yoyook thank you very much holstein19:32
yoyoiam new on ubuntu server and my english is very bad :P19:32
holsteinyoyo: sure, i might not be in here19:32
holsteinbut someone will help get you sorted :)19:33
yoyoubuntu desktop*19:33
yoyook its not problem19:33
yoyoi think after update its get fixed all :D19:33
holsteinyeah, i hope so too :)19:34
* holstein crosses fingers19:34
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NRWliongood Evening20:27
mongoxgood nite all20:29
NRWlionn8 mongox20:30
mongoxI been meesing around with my autologin in /etc/lxdm/default.conf (im using lubuntu atm) and now everytime i start20:30
mongoxi got a sign telling my something along the lines of " xsession unable to lauunch "openbox-gnome" ...20:30
mongoxif i press ok i would have the desktop but probably i delete some entry or something20:31
NRWlionmongox, sorry i am not able to help :(20:34
bioterrorsudo cp /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf /etc/lxdm/default.conf20:34
bioterroralmost works :D20:35
bioterrorwrong background20:35
mongoxalmost (soorry someone is at the phone brb20:35
mongox[sorry] someone call me20:43
mongoxis kind of weird because apears that text in a very strange videomode and after i clik okey i got the desktop as usual20:43
mongoxand the only thing i don't find is the button to sign out/ suspend switch off / etc20:44
LucyZephyrAh, hello? Can anyone help a novice figure out how to set up a router? The Help Docs seem to only discuss how to turn a ubuntu system *into* a router...22:03
seidoswhat is the most secure version of ubuntu?23:03
charlie-tcathe version as installed, before going online and adding any applications23:06
charlie-tcaseidos: I think they are all about equal, since they use the same basic packages23:07
seidoswho is allowed to add packages to an install?23:07
charlie-tcaHowever, Ubuntu has always attempted to be as secure as possible for the new user23:07
charlie-tcaanyone with the sudo password and admin rights23:07
seidosi met to the distro.  only canonical employees?23:08
charlie-tcano, canonical doesn't actually build the images, Ubuntu does23:08
seidosso it could have been compromised23:08
charlie-tcaThere is a very explicit list of names, though23:08
charlie-tcaIt is not wide open to anyone to add packages or remove packages23:08
charlie-tcaIf you are speaking in absolute terms, yes, anything could be compromised23:09
charlie-tcaIf you are being realistic, the chances are extremely slim23:09
seidoshow slim?23:10
charlie-tcaum, slim enough that it has not happened since the first release23:10
seidoshow would you know what has happened since the first release?  have you been monitoring all 12 million users?23:11
charlie-tcathat is the reason we have the md5sum checks, and other verification checks built in23:11
seidospossible it got under the radar23:11
seidosit's about who's on the motu, and trust23:11
charlie-tcaI can't say that someone could not do it, I said realistically23:11
seidosi'll reinstall.  should i format my home partition?23:12
charlie-tcahypothetically speaking, not even the pentagon in the USA is secure.23:12
seidosshouldn't have to, right?23:12
charlie-tcacorrect, should not have to reformat /home23:12
charlie-tcahowever, that does not mean your system wasn't not compromised, either.23:12
seidosno way for me to record if it has23:13
charlie-tcaThere is also the possibility that someone could compromise an image on a mirror, before you download it23:14
charlie-tcathey can also grab and modify it if you use wireless23:14
charlie-tcabut then, that applies to any distribution, doesn't it?23:15
charlie-tcaEven Microsoft has handed out compromised discs before23:16
charlie-tcaand, I seem to recall one of the antivirus companies doing that, too, at comdex one year23:16
seidosi am hypothesizing that 64bit is just as secure as 32bit23:18
charlie-tcayes, it is. But do check the md5sum23:19
johnny77If I'm doing a sudo apt-get upgrade why would a package be held back?23:19
charlie-tcabecause it depends on a package that is not ready yet23:20
NRWliongood Night from germany!23:20
charlie-tcacould be a kernel header, too, which, afair, won't upgrade using apt-get upgrade (equal to aptitude safe-upgrade)23:21
johnny77This is quite a learning experience. I installed a CLI then fluxbox. No file manager, no synaptic no a lot of things :)23:25
charlie-tcaYes, that is a good way to learn23:28
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