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HugoKuoSC and CC terminated by init ~"~02:11
HugoKuother fatal error is   FATAL [SystemClock:SystemClockTimer] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space02:12
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HugoKuoshould I install bridge on CC+SC ?10:12
HugoKuoor just install it on NCs ?10:12
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TeTeTHugoKuo: depends on your plans. If you only have one CC, bridge on the NC is good enough. If you have multiple CC's, they can utilize a bridge as well12:21
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kim0Edulix: hey16:21
kim0Edulix: Can you scribe your name here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/Timetable16:22
kim0for the hadoop session16:22
kim0that would be lovely :)16:22
kim0hallyn: what about a lxc session in the Cloud Days .. everyone I know of can't wait to learn more about it16:26
hallynkim0: yeah, I think so16:36
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hallynwoudl then prolly want to do a screencast16:37
hallynkim0: I'll just write it down as 'linux containers' now, may change the title if I think of a good angle16:37
kim0hallyn: awesome! :)16:40
kim0I don't even know what Daviey is working on, to suggest a topic :)16:41
hallynman, ubuntu wiki does not like me the last few weeks16:41
kim0ew, can't edit ?16:41
jamespageI'm having trouble running cloud-init scripts on natty images in ec216:41
hallynno it lets me edit, but always sends me to an error page saying it couldn't.  But, when i resend, it says it already committed16:42
jamespageany ideas? looks like something todo with the source archive....16:42
kim0hallyn: same here .. it always saves the data16:42
kim0it's not just you .. the wiki hates everyone :)16:42
hallynmust be the WIKI TIKI (scooby doo)16:43
pmatulismy instance is not booting properly.  it's having trouble contacting the meta-data service.  troubleshooting ideas?16:43
kim0hallyn: you mentioned spice builds in ur ppa, but you didn't have time to test it ?16:44
hallynkim0: right, they're up.  I"ll get to testing them soon.  you can certainly try.  ppa:serge-hallyn/spice16:44
kim0hallyn: I got the virtio drivers from http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/virtio-win/latest/images/bin/16:45
kim0I wanna make a couple of blog posts about that16:45
kim0but it would be nice to have those come from your ppa as well16:45
kim0is it ok to have that iso and vfd packaged as well ?16:45
kim0or is that against the way we package things somehow16:45
kim0hallyn: is fedora it's a package 'yum install virtio-win'16:46
hallynthese are the windows virtio drivers?16:46
kim0to have the boot partition over virtio disks16:47
hallynyou've looked at the license?  totally ok to redistribute?16:47
kim0um no I haven't16:47
hallyni don't mind putting them in my ppa if they are unencumbered16:47
hallyndid you have to do anything fancy with them?  is it less than 3 steps in your blog entry to use them from http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/virtio-win/latest/images/bin/ itself?16:48
hallynwe might want to seek guidance from Daviey here :)16:49
hallynmaybe an empty package which just wgets those files from fedoraproject.org?16:49
kim0hallyn: nothing fancy .. you just boot windows installer, feed it the vfd driver, rescan, installs16:50
kim0then pass the iso, install the virtio-{disk,net}16:50
kim0hallyn: after that, I install spice et voila .. sweetness16:50
hallynkim0: then maybe the simplest way (for the end-user) is to have them, fromthe windows VM, go to your blog, click on the URLs for those files from fedoraproject, and d/l.16:54
kim0hallyn: hmm, it seems those drivers are signed by M$, redhat paid them for that, it seems it's not gonna be easy to redistribute that, although I still dont exactly know16:54
kim0yeah, I guess I'll just put the paths, I don't really care16:54
hallynkim0: if we were to package those in my ppa, they'd then still have to copy the files over to the windows partition, right?16:54
kim0well no16:54
kim0the iso is mounted16:54
kim0by kvm16:55
hallynwhat's the other file16:55
kim0vfd .. that's a floppy disk image16:55
kim0kvm mounts that too16:55
kim0and passes it to the installer16:55
kim0so it knows how to work with a virtio disk in installation16:55
hallynok.  so we want to give them a 3-line shellscript that wgets the two files, then fires up kvm with those arguments (plus $1 as the disk iamge)16:56
hallynkim0: how about you put that script as text in your blog right now, and once it's all finessed I can make a trivial package for it16:57
kim0hallyn: got it .. I think that's the way to go16:58
hallynkim0: for now, lemme know if the packages work for you :)  We wnat to pursue MIR asap if so...16:58
kim0btw, didn't find it in ftp://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/rhel/beta/6/x86_64/os/Packages/16:58
hallyn(I'm off to finish some SRU proposals)16:58
kim0thanks a lot16:58
hallynthank you :)16:58
jamespagesmoser: any chance you can help me out with a natty/ec2 issue (see above)?17:11
smoserW: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/us-west-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_source_Sources  Hash Sum mismatch17:12
smoserit is what it says17:12
smoseri've opened an IS ticket. i had only seen it in us-east-1.17:12
jamespageSeems the same in eu-west-1 as well - have not tested the other zones.17:12
smoserfyi, right now many mirrors are hosed17:12
jamespagemah - just when I was getting going with some automated testing17:13
jamespageis that just natty mirrors? I've not seen issues with maverick or lucid17:13
smoseri've seen this on maverick and lucid in us-east-1.  i'm not sure about 'archive.canonical.com' wrt lucid or maverick. but i can't build an image with debootstrap at the moment from it on natty.17:14
smoseryeah, lucky its not like i need a build for an alpha "like right now"17:17
jamespageeven nicer :-(17:18
smoseryeah maybe i should look at your testsuite rewrite17:19
jamespageits coming on OK - have now added support for running and monitoring multiple instances17:21
jamespageand a yaml based config file for running a big test.17:21
jamespagejust figuring out how to plumb it into jenkins....17:21
kim0smoser: ping, can you please fill a session on Thu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/Timetable17:23
smoserjamespage, i just pulled lp:~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev/+junk/ubuntu-server-ec2-testing17:25
smoserkim0, what do you want me to talk about ?17:25
kim0smoser: whatever you're happy to ? rebundling images ?17:25
smoserTeTeT, are you planning on talking about the uec-persistency ?17:27
kim0smoser: I think he mentioned talking about that new excercise thing you guys did17:29
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TeTeTsmoser: yes, would love to, just waiting for mgr to approve17:30
smoserright. i just didn't see his naem there. (that is uec-persistency is what he is calling it)17:30
TeTeTsmoser: or if you want to present it, fine for me!17:30
kim0there's enough sessions for everyone :)17:32
smoseri've got to work on getting that better together and put a blog post up on it though.17:32
TeTeTok, good17:33
smoserTeTeT, just fyi, i've got it working (the kexec-loader stuff) on the Eucalyptus Community Cloud (http://open.eucalyptus.com/CommunityCloud)17:38
smoserthere are smoser-ubuntu-images and smoser-ubuntu-images-testing buckets there.17:39
TeTeTsmoser: nice!17:39
smoserand, since they limit lifetime of buckets and such, all of it is scripted to re-populate17:40
kim0awesome :)17:42
kim0Edulix: ping18:14
Edulixkim0: hey! I was away, I just come back =)18:14
Edulixkim0: I'll do the hadoop session :P18:15
kim0Edulix: awesome :)18:16
kim0Edulix: can you edit the wiki, or should I do it18:16
EdulixI'll do it18:16
kim0Edulix: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/Timetable18:17
Edulixkim0: I have no perms18:17
kim0Edulix: are you logged in18:17
Edulixah no, I can edit it18:17
kim0I always get confused as well :)18:18
Edulixkim0: Connecting Organizations with Multiple Availability Zones << sounds interesting18:19
Edulixfor agora :P18:19
kim0Indeed sounds interesting, no idea about it though18:19
kim0if however is presenting that is around .. ping me :)18:19
Edulixwhoops, Internal Server Error18:20
kim0Edulix: refresh and it should be there18:21
kim0not uncommon :)18:21
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