jcastroTechnoviking: hah, awesome01:23
paultagTechnoviking: hahaha, what?01:23
paultagstory time01:23
* mhall119 gets the popcorn01:32
pleia2jono: will you be around for the CC meeting tomorrow afternoon to help clear up some of the FUD around banshee? Vincent Untz added the issue to our agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda02:23
pleia2jono: a follow-up to comments on ubuntu-news.org would be appreciated too (this is why it's better to post on your blog first, less chance for such fragmented discussion :)) http://ubuntu-news.org/2011/02/24/banshee-in-natty-to-ship-multiple-stores-and-contribute-to-gnome-foundation/02:24
jonopleia2, will do02:29
pleia2much appreciated02:30
nigelbabujussi: "IRC rockstar Jussi..." OH YEAH!06:02
nigelbabumorning dpm :)07:07
dpmmorning nigelbabu :)07:08
dpmgood morning all07:08
dholbachgood morning08:01
nigelbabuhey dholbach :)08:01
dholbachhi nigelbabu08:01
dholbachgreat to see you're back08:01
nigelbabuyeah, great to be back08:01
nigelbabuthough my laptop isn't working yet08:01
dholbachhola dpm08:11
dpmhey dholbach :)08:11
dpmfreaking router... brb08:14
kim0morning everyone\08:20
dholbachhey kim008:21
kim0dholbach: hey, how was yesterday08:21
dholbachexcellent :-D08:21
kim0indeed, I was half attending hehe08:22
dholbach320 people last time I counted08:22
kim0awesome :)08:23
nigelbmorning kim008:24
nigelbdholbach: wow, that's awesome08:24
kim0nigelb: Morning how's your day so far :)08:24
nigelbkim0: not bad.  I can't work for 2 more days thanks to a broken power cord.08:24
kim0is that good or bad :)08:25
nigelblol, I'm not sure yet08:26
nigelbI'm going to get 2 more days of rest and good sleep08:26
nigelbwait, I have a udw session tonight, so scratch good sleep :p08:26
nigelbabuok, wow https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78514#c1908:31
ubot2Gnome bug 78514 in general "copy item in edit menu" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]08:31
duanedesignmorning all09:32
nigelbhello duanedesign09:33
duanedesignnigelb: cool link you posteds09:39
nigelbduanedesign: :D :D09:39
* duanedesign waves at Pendulum 12:30
Pendulumhi duanedesign13:28
mhall119jcastro: got Unity running on my tiny netbook13:44
mhall119so far I'm liking it13:44
mhall119a bit slow at times though13:44
jcastrohey alright14:52
jcastrowhich netbook?14:52
nigelbjcastro: \o/14:53
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
Technovikingdholbach and pleia2: going to try to make the CC meeting, in real life work meeting at that time, and my lappy is in the shop15:38
dholbachI won't be able to make it - sorry15:39
popeygonna be a quiet one :S15:40
popeywhich is annoying given how much we have on the agenda15:40
jcastrowhen is the meeting?15:41
nigelbisn't the amazon and banshee thing up this time?15:41
nigelbI suppose you'd have a lot of people turn up to watch15:41
Technoviking2100 utc15:41
popeyWe are doing uupc at 20:30 for 1 hour15:41
popeyso I will only be at the cc meet for the last half15:41
nigelbooh, UUPC time!15:42
popeyListen live! D:15:43
popeyer :D15:43
popeywe're having a quiz, which should be fun15:43
Technovikingdholbach or jcastro: is there a reason you heard from the business side we could active the Ubuntu foundation and have the money going there from Amazon15:43
nigelbgah, can't listen live, too late in my TZ15:43
jcastroTechnoviking: I don't know anything about the business side15:43
nigelbat least too_late_when_I'm_at_home15:43
dholbachTechnoviking, the Ubuntu foundation is not a body that is doing anything15:45
dholbachit's a trust15:45
dholbachthere's no functionality, people or anything else connected to it15:45
dholbachbut maybe you might want to ask Mark about it15:45
dholbachhe'll be in the best position to answer the question15:46
Technovikingdholbach: the reason I asked, that it people don't mind money going to Ubuntu, just not Canonical15:46
TechnovikingPeople don't see it is really the same thing15:46
dholbachI don't think it's that easy to divide Ubuntu into "ubuntu without canonical" and "ubuntu with canonical"15:47
dholbachthat doesn't work15:47
macoisn't that kubuntu?15:47
* maco runs15:47
dholbachor needs loads of money, thought, effort and time to make it so15:47
dholbachI don't think it's a good way to solve any problems, but I might be wrong15:47
dholbachmaco, ...15:47
macoi ran away!15:47
macobut that was just because the kubuntu team has only one canonical employee which is quite a lot fewer than ubuntu desktop15:48
nigelbmaco: lol15:50
dholbachI won't take the bait15:50
popeygood man15:50
nigelbdarn, we tried :p15:50
nigelbbut I gotta say, that was pefect timing.15:51
nigelbwe need a quote site just for Ubuntu channels ;)15:52
dholbachhey jono16:00
* popey cuddles jono 16:00
dholbachjono, can we get UDW on the Ubuntu facebook page another time? maybe just link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek?16:00
jonodholbach, will do16:02
jonohey popey :-)16:03
jonodpm, one sec16:03
* dholbach hugs jono16:03
popey\o/ cuddlefest!16:03
dpmjono, sure16:03
* dpm starts hugging popey16:03
=== m4n1sh is now known as manish
jcastro"dholbach: the reason I asked, that it people don't mind money going to Ubuntu, just not Canonical"16:04
jcastroTechnoviking: I don't get that16:04
nigelbthats because its twisted logic16:05
=== manish is now known as manish__
Technovikingjcastro: I have been been reading people thought on the Banshee issue16:06
=== manish__ is now known as manish_
Technovikingmore that one person has stated "it work be ok if we knew the money was going toward Ubuntu development, and not the Canonical general coffer"16:07
jonodholbach, posted16:07
dholbachjono, rock!16:07
jonodpm, firing up Skype now16:07
jcastroTechnoviking: I think people think we just blow it on parties instead of ubuntu development16:08
jcastrodpm: hey when you're done I need to talk work items with you wrt. unity docs and APIs16:08
dpmjcastro, sure16:09
macoTechnoviking: sounds like they want it run like a publicly traded company would, with published financials and such, and possibly also wanting to see budgets, like "so does money go more to ubuntu dev or LP dev?" and such, but...no stockholders, no requirement...16:09
Technovikingmaco: seems to be16:09
jcastromaco: I keep waiting for people to ask for my pay stub so the community can judge my value and then fire me16:10
mhall119jcastro: sadly, that exactly what would happen16:12
nigelbjcastro: I thought the community might ask for your pay stub and they say 'bless his soul, he needs to be paid more for the kind of stuff he's dealing with'16:12
popeyMeanwhile... back on planet earth.16:12
nigelbtrue, I tend to think mhall119 is right16:12
mhall119and I don't even know what jcastro is paid16:13
mhall119it could be $100/year, and someone would write about how it's excessive16:14
* mhall119 hopes it's more than $100/year16:14
senseOr is it in euros? What currency does Canonical actually use internally?16:14
Technovikingpink ponies!16:15
paultagvish: ha!16:15
popeyTears of Banshee developers.16:15
sensevish: How much Marks would one earn a year? :)16:15
mhall119pink narwhals?16:15
paultagDeutschmarks ;)16:15
TechnovikingJono get paid in pennies, cause that is more metal:)16:15
nigelbsense: its more like how many fractions of marks one earns a year :p16:16
jcastroI've been paid in kilos of powder made from the ground up bones of unicorns before16:16
nigelbjcastro: I thought you got paid in keybaords for banging on the head ;)16:16
senseA shame you're not beign paid in Zimbabwean dollars, you'd been a billionaire by now.16:16
mhall119a zimbabwean billionare16:16
mhall119which isn't the same as a real billionare16:16
senseYou could try to erase the words 'zimbabwean'  from the bills and pretend they are USD.16:17
mhall119dang, my second to last week at work, and I'm going to blow it all following UDW16:17
* popey is amused to discover that jcastro posted the very first mail to the sounder list16:18
jcastropopey: yep16:18
nigelbmhall119: hah, good idea16:18
jcastroI love the things we used to consider awesome back then16:19
jcastro"* User account already in the audio group (yay!)"16:19
jcastro"Desktop Preferences Menu Entry is getting crowded these days, but you16:19
jcastroremoved the HUGE debian menu, which is good."16:19
* vish wonders why jcastro hides his @ubuntu id and uses @whiprush.org ;) 16:19
jcastrostill not fixed16:19
vishmaybe easier to deny its not him? ;p16:20
jcastrothat was my old domain, it expired like years ago16:20
macojcastro: Utopia?16:20
jcastroproject utopia16:20
jcastrothat's what they called the stack that let automounting work16:20
jcastroback then it was a big deal, in fact iirc ubuntu shipped with 2.6 and utopia before anyone else16:20
macowhen i hear "utopia," i think "the sky is like diamonds"16:21
vishoh gosh! thats 2004!!!16:21
* maco looks at popey16:21
Technovikinggood times, good times16:21
sensejcastro: Is 2.6 really that young?16:21
macosense: dapper was only on 2.6.15....16:21
jcastrosense: I think you meant to ask "am I really getting that old"16:22
macoiirc, Sarge is the release that let you choose between 2.4 and 2.616:22
mhall119jcastro: lol -116:22
* mhall119 turns 30 in 1 week :(16:23
senseI am getting old, ancient.16:23
Technovikingit is my 19th wedding anniversary today:)16:23
macoevery summer i go "WOAH, ive been at this for X years? how much time have i wast--er..spent...on this stuff?"16:23
mhall119congrats Technoviking16:23
macoand my X is much smaller than many of yours, but *still*16:23
macoTechnoviking: woot woot16:23
popeywarty shipped with 2.6.8 iirc16:23
mhall119maco: "invested"16:24
nigelbTechnoviking: wow, congrats!16:24
senseWait, what, they called HAL Project Utopia? :O16:24
macomhall119: heh16:24
mhall119maco: at least, that's what I tell myself to justify it16:24
macomhall119: i heard some news about you, so that sounds valid16:24
mhall119yeah, it did pay off ;)16:24
popeyhttp://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/warty/ retro!16:24
Technovikingyes, it is hard to believe someone would put up with me for so long16:25
jcastrokirkland keeps VM images of all the old stuff somewhere16:25
mhall119next release party, I want to try and get a computer running each Ubuntu release, side by side, for comparison16:25
mhall119maybe every other release, since that would be a lot of computers16:26
nigelbjcastro: I think pitti has all the images16:26
nigelblike all the released isos16:26
maconigelb: ubuntu museum16:26
macomhall119: all the x.04s and that one Late To Ship?16:27
popeyI am devising quiz questions about Ubuntu for the podcast this evening :D16:27
jcastropopey: talk to lifeless, he has a bunch of trivia16:27
popeyI have 20 questions so far16:28
nigelblifeless must be asleep now though16:28
nigelbor you may catch him at the other end of the day in a while16:28
popeywe're going to do this regularly :)16:28
nigelbare they shiny prizes involved?16:29
popeynah, its just for fun16:29
popeywe're quizzing eachother :)16:29
popeywe each take turns to come up with questions to quiz eachother with, and of course people listening can play along :)16:29
nigelbw00t, that sounds very interesting16:30
* popey chuckles at bug 1447516:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 14475 in linux-source-2.6.15 "Ubuntu's kernels wont boot without acpi=off" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1447516:31
popeypredates launchpad16:31
nigelbmaco: there is a museum!16:31
dpmjcastro, I'm done if you want to talk about api docs and WIs. Here or phone?16:46
jcastrohere is fine16:46
dpmlet me have a look...16:46
jcastrospecifically the A3 ones16:46
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jcastroI think Places docs can be pushed to Beta since they're still in progress upstream16:47
dpmjcastro, so let me summarize the status of api docs, to see if you can use it to tick off some wi's:16:48
dpmwe are publishing documentation extracted from the -doc and -dev packages16:49
dpmIt does not have a unified look, but gets the job done16:50
dpmSo for C-based APIs we're good, for e.g. Vala (i.e. unity) and to have docs for other bindings such as Python, kamstrup developed a tool to birng us 90% of the way16:51
jcastrois it up somewhere yet?16:52
dpmI'm publishing the output of this tool here, in the natty/GIR folder:16:52
dpmit's on a cron job, so it's updated daily16:52
jcastrois going to go on another user-visible thing for natty?16:52
dpmalthough in the future it will be updated weekly and it will go on d.u.c/api16:53
jcastrolike on ubuntu.com?16:53
jcastroah perfect16:53
dpmI've got a RT open to move it to d.u.c, but I've had to modify a couple of things on the script to be run there, so it might take until next week to be in there16:53
dpmhere's an example of the Unity api docs:16:54
jcastrocan I move the one bullet to you?16:54
jcastroI can rename it to16:54
jcastro[jorge] Documentation complete and final on developer.ubuntu.com/api: TODO16:54
dpmjcastro, sure16:54
jcastrowant it for beta or just unmilestoned, since I'm in there.16:55
dpmjcastro, I think beta might be reasonable16:55
jcastroI've moved them both to beta16:56
dpmsounds good16:57
jcastronice, the genned stuff looks nice16:57
jcastrojust need to spit it out to a user-nice-looking thing and we're done!16:57
dpmyeah, kamstrup is a rockstar16:57
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachdpm, thanks a bunch for your feedback17:23
dholbachI'll reply tomorrow17:24
dpmdholbach, sure, no rush, and no need to reply. Just use it if you find it useful :)17:24
dholbachthanks again :)17:24
dpmyw :)17:25
manish_jcastro: your talk yesterday forms a content for a great writeup on unity17:25
jcastrowrite it up!17:26
nigelbjcastro: is the places api ready?17:27
manish_jcastro: sure. Will you post it on omgubuntu  or your tumblog?17:28
dholbachok my friends, I'm calling it a day - see you all tomorrow17:28
* dholbach hugs you all17:28
* manish_ hugs dholbach 17:28
jcastrowherever you'd like17:29
jcastrowe can OMG IT if they dig it17:29
manish_jcastro: previous ones are on http://ubuntutalk.tumblr.com17:31
jonojcastro, did you get your objectives in the system?17:44
jcastroI totally forgot this mornin17:45
jcastrodoing them now17:45
kim0jcastro: man, I just created a facebook event and can't tell if it got the timezone right17:56
kim0jcastro: can you check https://www.facebook.com/ubuntucloud17:56
kim0is the event 16:00 UTC for you17:56
jcastroWednesday, March 23, 2011 at 6:00pm17:57
jcastrosec, let me math17:57
kim0that's wrong wtf is 6pm17:57
kim0that's for me17:57
kim0not the whole world17:57
jcastromaybe you can set it at UTC time for you and trick it17:57
kim0would have been cool to adjust time for people17:58
kim0you'd think that's what it'd do17:58
kim0jcastro: do you see it 4pm-7pm now18:00
jcastro4pm still18:00
kim0jcastro: 4pm not 6pm18:01
kim04pm = 16:00 = right18:01
jcastronope, just 4pm18:01
kim0it can't UTC ..18:01
kim0just prompts for which hour18:01
kim0I've added 16:00UTC in description18:02
kim0cool thanks18:02
jcastro<--- lunch time!18:03
jcastroI mean ... TACO TIME.18:03
popeyjcastro: wait!18:03
popeyplease to be retweeting :D18:04
jcastroI look forward to the new season18:04
popeythanks dude!18:04
jcastro"the one where we're british"18:04
jcastrohave you tried upgrading nowish?18:33
jcastroeverything should be sorted18:33
=== daker is now known as daker-work
jonojcastro, where is that URL for testing GNOME Shell again?18:42
jonojcastro, and I just write this to a USB stick, just like I do with an Ubuntu ISO?18:44
jcastrothe little script at the bottom does it all for you18:44
jcastroor I suppose you can also get the latest fedora alpha or whatever18:44
vish i dont think the Ubuntu USB creator works with that iso.. their own usb image writer (instructions on that page work good..)18:48
jonoit is writing it now :-)18:48
jcastroI just used their script18:49
vishme too..18:49
jonook done18:49
jonojcastro, you got the Unity updates now?19:08
jonopretty damn sweet19:08
jcastroI wish I could resize the dash, that little widget makes me want to resize19:13
jonojcastro, yeah19:13
jcastrothey fixed the multimonitor in the panel now19:14
jcastroso I am finally almost set19:14
jcastroall I need is the web app window matching fixed in bamf and I'm all set19:14
jonoyeah it is feeling solid19:14
jcastrosuper1, chrome, super2, gmail19:15
jcastrois how I roll19:15
cjohnstonjcastro: when you mouseover the logo does unity sometimes appear but very faded?19:17
jcastroI think that's a hint that there's a launcher there19:18
cjohnstonis that a feature/19:18
jcastroI don't like it, I liked how it was before19:18
cjohnstonhow do you make it appear completely?19:18
cjohnstoncause clicking causes the other window19:18
jcastroeither turn off autohide, click the button, or hit super19:18
jcastroyeah, that's annoying19:18
jcastrothere's some dash/launcher/super interactions that need to be adjusted19:18
jcastrofor example "tap" on super is supposed to launch dash19:18
cjohnstoneven super brings up the window19:18
jcastrobut a normal super is supposed to launch the launcher19:19
jcastrobut like, the thresholds are kind of raw19:19
jcastroso it just launches crap19:19
jcastroit's much better this week19:19
macoum, maybe make it double-tap versus hold-down?19:19
jcastroI expect it'll get nicer here as we figure out the exact key thresholds19:19
cjohnstontheres a new unity update today19:19
jcastrocjohnston: oh, do you not have that?19:20
cjohnstoni got one yesterday19:20
cjohnstonbut theres another today i guess19:20
jcastroah dude19:20
jcastroupdate now19:21
jcastrooh and19:21
jcastro14:20 <Jason> open ccsm19:21
jcastro14:20 <Jason> and change it to always slide19:21
jcastro14:20 <Jason> in the experimental tab19:21
jcastro14:20 <Jason> thats how *I* think it shoudl work19:21
cjohnstonwhats that for19:21
jcastrothe funky half fade19:21
cjohnstonwas that from a pm or a channel19:22
jcastrobut you can always ask in #ayatana19:22
jcastrobut ask me, I like to traffic cop the guys so people bother me instead of them19:22
cjohnstonI always do come do you19:23
cjohnstonthats why i sent my buddy to you that night19:23
jcastroanyway, today's update is much better wrt. the super key19:24
jcastrothough it's not quite there19:24
cjohnstoni want my super space back fro do19:25
macojcastro: you know how you can test double-click speed and have a little slider to set it for like "i'm a really slow double-clicker" mode? maybe you need one of those19:26
jcastronot sure19:26
jcastroI'm behind on what's going on a11y wise19:26
macogiven things like arthritis, i suspect some thresholds could need to be raised for some people19:31
doctormoJust had lunch with mdz, fun fun19:34
macodoctormo: on which side of the pond?19:34
doctormoThis one, he was visiting Lexington19:34
cjohnstonjcastro: why does my dash show up across the whole screen19:49
jcastrothere should be a toggle thing on the bottom right corner of it19:49
cjohnstoni dont see one19:49
jcastroyou're up to date?19:50
cjohnstonit almost appears as if it goes below the bottom of my screen19:50
jcastrosounds like a bug19:50
cjohnstondid you ever find out about bug 711033 being bitesize19:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 711033 in unity "Add the ability to remove mounted drives from the Unity launcher" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71103319:53
mhall119it does that on my netbook too19:53
mhall119but I have very low-res screen19:53
jcastronot sure19:53
mhall119is there still going to be a "netbook" version of Unity?19:54
* mhall119 looks as the screenshot19:54
mhall119you have an IRC problem cjohnston19:54
mhall119there's what, 60 irssi windows open?19:55
cjohnstontoo many channels19:55
cjohnstoni skip some numbers19:55
mhall119stop trying to rationalize it and just admit you have an addiction19:55
cjohnston12 of them are pm windows19:56
cjohnstonone one fo /4520:04
jonojcastro, ping?20:31
jcastrojono: pong20:33
jonojcastro, can you follow up with Marjo and Alex L and ensure that the Unity triaging documentation is finalized and on the Ubuntu Wiki20:34
jonowe should get the word out and encourage folks to participate20:34
jonothanks, pal20:35
jcastrothat's where they live20:35
cjohnstonjcastro: did you see http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/27286/20:45
cjohnstonkim0: pm?20:46
jcastroI don't really see what I can do there20:46
cjohnstonJust showin ya mostly..20:46
vishhow did it get approved by 3 mods? i wonder how is that even an idea/question.. o.020:54
cjohnstonthe idea is to provide a better tested product i believe.20:55
cjohnstoni cant figure out how half the stuff on there gets past any sort of qa tho20:56
jcastrojono: k I asked skaet to put it in the tech overview, I'll have it finalized and stuff for the thursday push21:15
jcastro<-- caffeine, bbiab21:22
kim0cjohnston: ping21:51
kim0cjohnston: feel free to pm me21:56
popeyjcastro: not updated today, will do tomorrow, my biggest issue is nvidia edid error, so it gets my screen res all wrong23:21
popeybug 72560023:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 725600 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "nvidia EDID issue, wrong resolution selected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72560023:22

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