mterry_chrisccoulson, did you want a review of the patch?00:31
chrisccoulsonmterry_, if you don't mind ;)00:31
mterry_chrisccoulson, link me00:32
chrisccoulsonmterry_, https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/dbusmenu/lp723873/+merge/5164800:32
mterry_chrisccoulson, seems fine.  and it works?00:39
chrisccoulsonmterry_, yeah, it's working ok here00:40
chrisccoulsonthe message filters item in thunderbird is active again :)00:40
mterry_chrisccoulson, that's all I needed to hear.  ;)00:41
mterry_chrisccoulson, oh, I can't actually approve in LP00:41
mterry_chrisccoulson, were you going to distro-patch it?00:41
chrisccoulsonmterry_, yeah, i can do00:42
rodrigo_pitti, (re sponsor bug #718805) yes, please, and thanks for doing it00:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 718805 in libcanberra "[Natty] system-ready and login sounds do not play" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71880500:45
dobeykenvandine_: the old default u1ms patch is removed in my change. my patch wasn't getting applied?00:59
cyphermoxTheMuso, hi01:58
cyphermoxTheMuso, I was looking at the accessible description stuff for nm-applet01:58
TheMusocyphermox: Yes.01:59
cyphermoxit's great for the indicator stuff, but how can I add the description to each of the menu items ?01:59
TheMusocyphermox: Unfortunately that will require work in libdbusmenu, which has not been done yet. That will have to be a project for next cycle.01:59
cyphermoxah, I see. so I wasn't just hallucinating stuff when I thought there was no good way ;)02:00
TheMusoNo you weren't.02:00
cyphermoxTheMuso, I'm not overly familiar with how all of this works... do you get the name of the icon at this point?02:02
TheMusocyphermox: No, you simply send through a textual description of what the icon represents, i.e number of bars for wireless strenght, whether the ocnnection is wired, etc. The icon name is not used at all in teh code dealing with accessible descriptions.02:05
TheMusoIf it had to deal with icon names, then things would get messy rather quick.02:05
cyphermoxTheMuso, atm at least in nm-applet the icon for wireless items and all should be very close to the current status of the connection02:07
* TheMuso -> lunch.02:09
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achiangdo recent versions of evolution come with pre-configured settings for popular webmail services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.?02:44
achiangchecking on lucid/maverick says "no"02:44
cyphermoxachiang, there are *some* settings, I've seen them in the code02:58
kenvandine_dobey, you have quilt problems i think02:59
kenvandine_you need to add a gconf-defaults file02:59
kenvandine_like rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store has02:59
kenvandine_look in the debian dir02:59
achiangcyphermox: interesting, i'll look harder02:59
cyphermoxachiang,  I'll point you where I mean if you give me a minute ;)03:00
achiangcyphermox: great, thanks03:00
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cyphermoxachiang, http://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution/tree/capplet/settings/mail-autoconfig03:03
achiangcyphermox: ta!03:04
dobeykenvandine: no, the gconf-defaults isn't necessary03:06
kenvandineoh right03:06
kenvandinethat stuff changed03:06
dobeykenvandine: i have no idea what is up with the quilt crack though :(03:06
kenvandinehumm, even with your patch applied it isn't getting registered right03:06
dobeykenvandine: maybe banshee isn't triggering update-desktop-whatever right?03:09
kenvandinemust be03:09
kenvandinenot sure why though03:09
dobeyif you re-run update-desktop-database by hand does it work?03:10
kenvandinei can look at it for you tomorrow if you need a hand, i gotta finish something else right now03:10
kenvandinei'll try03:10
dobeyyeah i think we'll have to poke at it tomorrow. i'm about to head off to sleep in a bit anyway03:10
kenvandinesudo update-desktop-database  /usr/share/applications/03:11
kenvandineno joy03:11
kenvandineand it is u1ms://03:12
kenvandinehas to be... no idea03:12
kenvandinethis is weird03:12
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pittiGood morning07:17
didrocksgood morning07:47
pittibonjour didrocks07:55
didrockshey pitti07:55
glatzorhuhu mvo08:03
pittihey glatzor, wie gehts?08:04
glatzormvo, using lintian to check packages before installing seems to have some corner cases.08:04
glatzorpitti, quite busy - like always. but the rest is ok :) and yourself? back in dresden?08:04
pittiglatzor: yes, since end of Jan already08:04
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glatzorpitti, have you learned any Bavarian slang words?08:05
glatzordo your neighbors still understand you :)08:05
pittiglatzor: not a lot really -- I've just been there for three weeks in total, and most of which at my wife's home :)08:06
mvoglatzor: yeah, I stumbled over the bug the other day08:06
glatzorpitti, in aptdaemon I use lintian to check local packages before installing, since there seem to be really a lot of broken packages around08:06
mvoglatzor: it looks like its best to select only a subset of the tests - or we just add more code to python-apt08:07
glatzorpitti, so is there a chance that lintian will make it to the default installation? furhtermore there are some linitian checks that we could ignore (e.g. no copyright file, files in opt)08:07
SweetsharkMorning all!08:07
glatzorhi mvo08:09
glatzormvo which tests would you like to add to python-apt?08:11
mvoglatzor: some stuff like missing packagename in control, missing arch, missing version is dead-simple08:12
pittihey Sweetshark08:13
mvoglatzor: its worth going over the list and checking, some stuff we definitely want to allow is use of non FHS (/opt is encouraged for third party stuff)08:13
pittiglatzor: well, I need to fight for every MB on the CD :)08:13
Sweetsharkpitti: kakadu gracefully denies me entry. Anything special needed to get access to the porter machines?08:32
pittiSweetshark: what's kakadu? armel porter box?08:32
pittihm, works here08:32
pittissh porter-armel.canonical.com08:33
Sweetsharkpitti: yep. same for davis (PPC)08:33
pittiSweetshark: does ssh porter-i386.canonical.com work?08:33
pittipitti@kakadu:~$ id bjoern08:33
pittiid: bjoern: No such user08:33
pittiSweetshark: I'm afraid that needs an RT ticket08:33
Sweetsharkmeh, can remember my password. :/08:37
pittiSweetshark: password? you aren't supposed to have one08:40
pittifor ssh08:40
Sweetsharkfor RT08:41
pittiSweetshark: it's sent via email08:45
pittibonjour seb12808:56
seb128pitti, hey pitti, meeting reminder day ;-)08:56
pittiah :)08:57
* pitti still wrestling with CD builds, will do ASAP08:57
seb128hey rodrigo_09:03
rodrigo_hi seb12809:03
seb128rodrigo_, how are you?09:04
rodrigo_seb128, I'm fine, and you?09:05
pittihey rodrigo_09:05
rodrigo_hi pitti09:05
seb128rodrigo_, I'm fine thanks09:06
seb128does anybody has a clue if bug #726880 would be easy to fix?09:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 726880 in gnome-utils "Screenshot taken befor application fades away" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72688009:07
seb128it's nothing new but one of those bugs which doesn't give a first nice impression09:08
dbarthpitti: hi; not-so-shameful plug for a pending FFE request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/683688 for your consideration09:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 683688 in unity-2d "Touch window management gesture previews" [Medium,Confirmed]09:18
dbarthpitti: didrocks has the changes ready for the last image update09:19
didrocks(not ready as "now" but as "coming in the next 2 hours :))09:19
rodrigo_hey didrocks09:20
didrocksmorning rodrigo_09:20
rodrigo_didrocks, have we patched gnome-session for the unity startup, or are we just using a gdm session?09:20
rodrigo_didrocks, I'm trying to see if upgrading to gnome3's gnome-session might break it09:21
didrocksrodrigo_: we have patched it09:21
didrocksrodrigo_: some pieces or from the gnome3's one09:21
didrocksrodrigo_: but we get some diff, I separated that in another patch called "enhance…#09:22
didrocksrodrigo_: this is for the fallback mecanism09:22
rodrigo_didrocks, debian/patches/00_new_session_configuration_system.patch is the backport from 2.91.*, right?09:24
didrocksrodrigo_: right, but they changed it slightely in the latest commits and it's incompatible with ours, so better to check09:25
seb128pitti, did you ask for bug #726889 to be assigned to you?09:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 726889 in gconf2 "gsettings-data-convert crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72688909:28
pittiseb128: no, it just happened09:28
seb128pitti, could we ask qa to stop doing that?09:29
pittiI tried to retrace it in a chroot, but the binary doesn't match the core for some reason09:29
pittiit should have been assigned to c-d-t09:29
seb128pitti, it's a duplicate and it's harmeless out of the apport noise09:29
seb128pitti, do you mind if I unassign it from you and close it as duplicate it as it should?09:29
pittiseb128: I'd love you forever if you did09:30
pitti(not that I wouldn't already..)09:30
seb128rodrigo_, bug #93234 is assigned to you for now, it's low priority but would be one of those thing nice to fix since they are easily noticable for new users09:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 93234 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot should not take a screenie of itself" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9323409:50
rodrigo_seb128, ok09:50
seb128smspillaz, ^ quick question about that, would it be possible to tell compiz to not do an animation on gnome-screenshot to fix that issue?09:53
smspillazseb128: yes09:53
seb128smspillaz, the issue is that gnome-screenshot takes the screenshot when you click but it often grab the screen before compiz is done with the animation09:53
pittidbarth_: lookign (sorry, had to wrestle with image builds until now)09:53
seb128smspillaz, would that be the right way to fix it you think?09:54
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smspillazseb128: add & !(class=gnome-screenshot) to the end of the first line of "close animation" in the animations plugin09:58
chrisccoulsongood morningeveryone10:00
seb128smspillaz, thanks10:01
seb128rodrigo_, ok, I'm reassigning this bug to compiz and didrocks then, ignore me10:01
didrocksseb128: just copy the IRC dialog from there10:02
seb128pitti, is now an ok time for some uploads which will not break installabily (telepathy-logger and gsettings-desktop-schemas)10:02
didrocksthat will be fine :)10:02
seb128didrocks, ok thanks10:02
pittiseb128: as usual, just be careful, but it's ok10:02
seb128hey chrisccoulson, how are you?10:02
pittihey chrisccoulson, good morning10:02
seb128great work fixing some libdbusmenu issues10:02
seb128pitti, right, I was just checking if now was not an ok time for some reason10:03
chrisccoulsonhey seb128/pitti, i'm good thanks10:03
chrisccoulsonwe got permission to ship the globalmenu-extension for firefox btw ;)10:03
rodrigo_seb128, ok :)10:04
dbarth_pitti: ok thanks10:06
chrisccoulsonpitti - can you approve feature freeze exceptions? :)10:10
chrisccoulsonbug 727068 ;)10:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 727068 in firefox "FFe: shipping globalmenu-extension by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72706810:10
pittichrisccoulson: yes; ooh, did we get it from mozilla now?10:10
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah. jasoncwarner did some whip-cracking yesterday ;)10:11
pittichrisccoulson: no reason for a separate bug, I'll dup it to the existing noe10:11
pittichrisccoulson: done10:12
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks :)10:13
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent, thanks :)10:14
didrockspitti: hey, can we discuss on bug #683688 ?10:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 683688 in unity-2d "Touch window management gesture previews" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68368810:14
didrockspitti: so, we are about doing the unity release (just testing a lot now)10:14
pittihey didrocks10:15
didrockspitti: this is merged in trunk in some days and picking it out will take some time10:15
didrocksthe feature isn't enabled by default10:15
didrockswhich means,10:15
didrocksthe plugin is10:15
didrocksbut the keybinding not affected10:15
pittididrocks: you mean "this will be merged in some days" or "it was merged some days ago"?10:16
didrocksit was merged some days ago10:16
didrocksso, moving it out now is kind of ackward if we want the other fixes as discussed yesterday on #ubuntu-release10:17
pittididrocks: why would you want to move it out?10:17
didrockspitti: because yesterday, we planned on #ubuntu-release that if we get enough testing this morning, the unity upload will be acked for alpha310:18
didrocksdbarth_: ^^10:18
pittiah, I missed that10:18
pittiso if someone else already ack'ed it then, please go ahead10:18
didrocksand the whole team is testing trunk right now :)10:18
didrocksok, thanks a lot :)10:18
pittibut NB that we are currently building a3 candidates, so it's not guaranteed that it'll make it10:18
didrockshum… not sure Riddel follow the discussion yesterday10:19
seb128jibel, did you have any chance to test if today's issue fix the svg issue?10:22
dbarth__pitti: do you need something else for unity10:24
pittidbarth__: just discussed in #u-release with didrocks, we'll sort it out10:24
dbarth__pitti: ie, a list of fixes that we're still proposing to go into the a3 images10:24
dbarth__ah sorry, need to log there10:25
pittidbarth__: np; I didn't see yesterday's conversation in #u-r where it already got discussed and approved10:25
jibelseb128, it was fixed with yesterday evening isos10:26
seb128jibel: \o/10:26
seb128jibel: thanks for confirming10:26
jibelseb128, thanks for fixing :-)10:27
dbarth__\o/ great!10:27
pittithat was a fun thing to untangle10:27
seb128pitti, yeah, 'fun' ;-)10:28
jibelseb128, but this morning I get the gsettings-data-convert error on login and a fresh install10:32
seb128pitti, btw the shotwell guys rolled a 0.8.90, beta for the new serie 0.9 which is planned for natty10:32
seb128jibel: right, I just debugged that locally, will upload a fix in a bit10:32
pittiseb128: does it have tag searching at last? :-)10:32
pittiseb128: do you want me to do the update? or do you ask because of FF?10:33
seb128pitti, well first I was asking because of the ff and a310:34
seb128do you think we should try to get it in or after a3?10:34
pittiafter a310:34
seb128pitti, btw do you know if robert_ancell is ok?10:34
pittilet's not stack up too much churn at the same time10:35
seb128pitti, ok, usually he does the shotwell updates10:35
seb128the plan for the yorba to roll their tarball yesterday and him to do the update during his day so it will be in by now10:36
tjaaltonI'm getting compiz segfaults without unity. is there a preferred procedure for getting a meaningful backtrace?10:40
chrisccoulsonit's all ready to go after alpha 3 now - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-4.0.head/revision/805 :-)10:40
seb128tjaalton, use apport and report a bug10:40
tjaaltonseb128: it doesn't trigger apport10:40
seb128tjaalton, are you sure it's a crash?10:40
seb128it should trigger apport10:40
tjaaltonwell the window decorations vanish, but I can still change windows/workspace10:41
seb128ok, it's a decorator crash10:41
seb128did you upgrade today?10:41
seb128the most frequent crasher has been fixed yesterday10:41
seb128tjaalton, well run unity-window-decorator in gdb10:42
seb128to get a stacktrace10:42
tjaaltonyeah I noticed that one, but didn't think I was using the same with the classic desktop10:42
tjaaltonbut I see it's running, so will attach gdb to it10:43
seb128not sure if classic use gtk-window-decorator or the unity one10:43
seb128didrocks, ^10:43
seb128tjaalton, smspillaz is working on fixing another crash which happens when you force close a dialog10:43
tjaaltonu-w-d is running here after doing a 'compiz --replace'10:43
tjaaltonso it's probably using it10:43
didrocksseb128: u-w-d is used everywhere10:44
pittichrisccoulson: whee!10:45
seb128(gedit:12812): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: (../../libdbusmenu-glib/menuitem.c:1760):dbusmenu_menuitem_property_is_default: code should not be reached10:47
seb128that seems buggy10:47
chrisccoulsonseb128 - want me to investigate?10:50
seb128chrisccoulson, if you want that would be nice10:50
seb128chrisccoulson, EDITOR=gedit dch -i10:50
seb128in any source10:50
chrisccoulsonyeah, i see that too10:51
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ok, that's caused by my patch yesterday, but the warning is harmless10:59
chrisccoulsonit's a side effect of signalling when a property is removed now11:00
seb128thanks for checking11:01
chrisccoulsoni'll fix that in the branch i proposed for merging11:01
seb128still would be nice to drop the warning if it doesn't make sense11:02
seb128rodrigo_, do you co-maintain gsettings-desktop-schemas upstream? i.e can you commit directly or do you need approval to do it?11:10
rodrigo_seb128, I don't maintain it, but I can commit11:13
rodrigo_seb128, what you want to commit?11:13
seb128rodrigo_, the [org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.browser] section in schemas/gsettings-desktop-schemas.convert11:14
seb128rodrigo_, the key has been dropped from the schemas and that makes gsettings-data-conversion abort, see bug #72578511:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 725785 in gsettings-desktop-schemas "GSettings Data Conversion crashes on login" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72578511:14
seb128"GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.browser' is not installed"11:15
rodrigo_yes, right11:16
seb128rodrigo_, I can open a bug upstream with the diff if you prefer11:16
rodrigo_seb128, no need to, I'll just commit it11:16
seb128rodrigo_, thanks11:16
seb128rodrigo_, I've uploaded the debdiff I copied to natty for now11:17
seb128chrisccoulson, the libdbusmenu fix you did this night is not enough11:19
chrisccoulsonseb128 - oh? are there still other issues?11:19
seb128chrisccoulson, in the gnome-bt case, if you turn it off and on again the devices menus are still empty11:20
seb128they don't get repopulated11:20
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i hadn't noticed that11:20
seb128do you have any bt device configured?11:20
seb128can you try?11:20
chrisccoulsoni'll investigate that too. that might be a separate issue from the one i fixed last ngiht11:20
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can recreate that here too11:21
rodrigo_seb128, http://git.gnome.org/browse/gsettings-desktop-schemas/commit/?id=ed64b3168fd93df5f137de34c26323eb4abcef4711:21
seb128rodrigo_, thanks!11:21
rodrigo_seb128, that's the same you uploaded to natty right?11:23
seb128rodrigo_, yes11:23
rodrigo_ok then, all set :)11:23
chrisccoulsonseb128 - the bluetooth-applet broke with the same commit mentioned in bug 723873 didn't it?11:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 723873 in libdbusmenu "indicator menu items missing since the recent natty update" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72387311:41
pittidbarth__, didrocks: btw, nice to have win+shortcut back!12:04
didrockspitti: heh, there are some enhancement as well coming for that in few minutes :)12:06
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pittididrocks: hm, I just created a fresh 'test' user and logged in; I got unity with an additional gnome panel at the bottom, is that intended?12:14
pittilogin also took very long (10 seconds or so, normal is 1.5)12:14
didrockspitti: hum, no, it's not, I bet that the tester timeouted12:15
didrockspitti: can you look in ~/.xsession-errors12:15
didrockspitti: you should have a warning on gnome-session12:15
didrockstelling you are fallbacking12:15
pittididrocks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573901/12:18
didrockspitti: and you are in the unity session, isn't it?12:18
pittididrocks: I have unity, anyway12:19
didrocksoh wait…12:19
* didrocks checks something12:19
pittididrocks: it's a fresh user, so I guess I am, yes12:19
didrockspitti: env | grep GDMSESSION12:20
pittididrocks: sorry, $GDMSESSION = gnome-classic12:20
pittijust checked the same12:20
didrocksit's my fault12:20
pittiweird, gdm should default to unity12:20
didrocksgrrr for changes at 11PM12:20
didrocksI need to upload compiz12:20
pittididrocks: for gnome-classic, why do I see unity then?12:20
pittiah, you got it already? good12:20
didrocksstupid issue :/12:20
didrocksand stupid me12:20
* pitti hugs didrocks12:21
* didrocks hugs pitti back12:21
didrocksit's not Friday isn't it? :-) /me needs a week-end I guess ;)12:21
didrocksI think I saw a bug about it, wait12:22
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, this fixes the warning in gedit: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/dbusmenu/lp723873/revision/24212:38
chrisccoulsoni just removed it ;)12:39
chrisccoulson(well, sort of)12:39
rodrigo_hmm, the gnome-*-themes packages in the gnome3 ppa are failing because of a missing dependency on gtk3-engines-dev, but I see all gtk3-engines packages are gone12:57
mvohey pitti - gtimelog in gi mode gives me a exception on get report for a previous day http://paste.ubuntu.com/573918/ - should I revert the force gi patch?13:04
pittimvo: I'd much rather just fix it properly13:05
pittimvo: mind creating a bug and assign it to me? I'll sort it out with upstream then, too13:05
mvopitti: I have a quick look now13:06
pittilooks like an easy fix, wrong number of arguments13:06
mvopitti: in C you pass int pointers, how is that done in gi ?13:07
pittimvo: you don't13:07
pittiusually that's for out arguments, which are just annotated properly13:07
pittimvo: ah, is that a GTK method, not a gtimelog one?13:08
mvopitti: right, so the calendar is probably not anotated13:08
mvopitti: yeah13:08
pittimvo: or wrongly annotated, presumably13:08
pittimvo: I'm happy to fix this13:08
* mvo nods13:08
mvocool, I file a bug13:08
pittibut I'd like to test it with gtk3 as well, and fix it right upstream, etc.13:08
pittithanks mvo13:09
mvopitti: bug #72715813:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 727158 in gtimelog "get_date() fails in gtk introspection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72715813:11
pittimvo: thanks13:11
nessitahum, after installing today's update, I have 2 icons for the network manager13:13
nessita(hello everyone!)13:13
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, thanks13:15
seb128rodrigo_, does those themes still work with gtk or should they be dropped?13:16
seb128nessita, hey, try restart your session, it's not a new issue seems to happen randomly to some users with random indicators13:16
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
nessitahey seb128, thanks13:17
seb128chrisccoulson, right, gnome-bt broke with that commit13:17
nessitanjpatel: guess what! :-) I installed all updates (just now) and rebooted. And I still can't type in the Search box in the dash, nor I can scroll using the mouse wheel in it13:18
njpatelnessita, we haven't released yet, sorry :)13:19
seb128didrocks, bug #72686213:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 726862 in unity "unity launchs itself on the classic desktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72686213:19
seb128didrocks, you asked the bug number about the classic session issue13:19
nessitanjpatel: ah! is ok, I'll keep testing :-)13:19
didrocksseb128: yeah, already uploaded, I knew there was one :-)13:20
didrocksseb128: can you fix released it, please?13:20
* didrocks looks for "start" and "classic", it seems that launchpad wasn't kind with me :)13:21
seb128didrocks, ok13:22
seb128didrocks, it was on unity and not compiz13:22
didrocksseb128: yeah, I look on both, but prefered to not spent to much time on this13:22
seb128didrocks, no worry13:23
didrocksthanks for pointing it :)13:23
seb128didrocks, yw13:24
seb128rodrigo_, does the preferred application capplet has a custom value entry in gcc3?13:49
cyphermoxpitti, thanks for reviewing my ffe for network-manager14:06
cyphermoxpitti, I'd have another for nm-applet, if you have time: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/72717914:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 727179 in network-manager-applet "FFE: network-manager-applet 0.8.4~git.20110228t141430.abba62f-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,New]14:06
pitticyphermox: will have a look14:07
cyphermoxwas the other one okay? I didn't have much prior exposure to requesting FFe's :)14:08
pitticyphermox: are there any new features in it? just looks like bug fixes14:09
cyphermoxit's just bug fixes, but a snapshot from upstream. I take one wasn't needed in this case14:10
cyphermoxwell, sorry for the trouble ;)14:11
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ok, i think i see the issue with bluetooth-applet too14:13
chrisccoulsonjust about to test a patch for that14:13
seb128chrisccoulson, oh nice, and tedg is back so you can get things reviewed ;-)14:16
tedgchrisccoulson, Cool!14:17
seb128chrisccoulson, do you think your appmenu-gtk fix which is pending review is worth trying to get in today?14:24
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, that would be good to get in. it makes empathy work :)14:24
seb128can you upload?14:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think so14:24
seb128ok, so feel free to do it ;-)14:24
seb128it might solve the pidgin case as well14:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, i should think so, although i didn't test that14:25
* chrisccoulson installs pidgin14:25
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, it works for pidgin too14:27
seb128if you close the buddy list and reopen it from the indicator it's not in the indicator-appmenu14:27
chrisccoulsonseb128 - and my patch for dbusmenu also fixes the bluetooth-applet case :) \o/14:28
* chrisccoulson is on a roll this week!14:28
nessitahi all, is there any way of checking if a given package is in the CD?14:28
seb128you can maybe try to sneak that with the warning fix in ;-)14:28
* pitti ^5s chrisccoulson, go go go!14:29
seb128nessita, check the manifest on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:29
pittichrisccoulson: is that bug 720895?14:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 720895 in libdbusmenu "bluetooth-applet crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_builder_add_value()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72089514:29
nessitaseb128: thanks!14:30
seb128nessita, you're welcome14:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - no, there is another bluetooth-applet bug where the submenus don't appear after toggling the kill-switch14:32
chrisccoulsonpitti - but i have another merge proposal which *might* fix that crash14:32
chrisccoulson(by checking the return value of gdk_keyval_name)14:33
chrisccoulsonbut it's difficult to know for sure, as that trace isn't very good14:33
chrisccoulsonmaaaaaaaaaan, i've got dbusmenu branches everywhere now ;)14:35
chrisccoulsoni'm getting really confused14:35
chrisccoulsoni don't know how tedg copes ;)14:35
tedgchrisccoulson, I don't, I just merge everything and throw it in a package and see what happens ;)14:36
tedgchrisccoulson, Usually I make a "me packaging" branch and track the patches that way.  Then I can have the latest of everything on my system14:36
seb128tedg, isn't that what trunk is supposed to be? ;-)14:37
tedgseb128, Trunk is for people who can't take the heat ;)14:38
tjaaltonseb128: the u-w-d crasher I'm seeing is bug 724874, triggered every time I send an email from tb :P14:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 724874 in compiz "unity-window-decorator crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72487414:42
tjaaltonjust fyi14:42
seb128didrocks, smspillaz: ^14:42
didrockstjaalton: seems to be the same known bug14:42
didrockssam reproduced it and is on it14:42
tjaaltondidrocks: yeah there are already dupes etc14:43
* bcurtiswx waves to room14:46
seb128hey bcurtiswx14:49
bcurtiswxhey seb12814:49
chrisccoulsonok, appmenu-gtk is uploaded14:53
rodrigo_seb128, custom value for what?15:02
seb128rodrigo_, the preferred browser15:03
rodrigo_seb128, no, it uses the g_app_info_* API, no gsettings for it15:03
rodrigo_seb128, as with the mailer15:03
seb128right, but it doesn't give you a way to add a custom value?15:03
rodrigo_hmm, not sure how that can be set as default15:03
rodrigo_let me find out15:03
seb128well you can create a custom .desktop but it's not really user friendly15:04
seb128rodrigo_, it come as a bug of something which was working and doesn't anymore, it's especially annoying if upstream .desktop didn't get update to be listed in the capplet15:04
seb128pitti, mterry_: ^15:04
seb128mterry_, not sure pitti got your reply since the bug was assigned away from the team when you commented15:05
mterry_Yeah.  That's an upstream GNOME 3.0 thing.  I assume the intention was to offer a way to write custom .desktops through the UI but they didn't do it yet?15:05
rodrigo_seb128, yes, the apps need to be updated to support the urls15:06
seb128rodrigo_, mterry_, pitti: I'm wondering if we should go the debian way and revert the url handler change for this cycle15:07
seb128they did revert it in their glib15:07
seb128we would probably need to revert the gvfs commit as well15:08
pittiseb128: and go back tothe xml?15:08
seb128pitti, it was using gconf before15:08
pittihm, I thought I saw an xml file referenced in the bug; but anyway15:08
seb128the xml are to populate the combo15:08
pittiseb128: reverting would make sense if in the future it'd be easier for us to properly migrate user settings15:09
seb128they list the known handlers15:09
pitti(like as part of the gsettings migration)15:09
seb128there is no migration for that15:09
mterry_Yeah.  That's why I figured biting the bullet earlier was better15:09
pittibut then it's just a question when we do the breakage, it's not going to get any better?15:09
seb128pitti, well over time an increase number of applications will have their .desktop adapted for the new system15:10
seb128pitti, not sure if they will bring back the "custom handler" entry though15:10
seb128not sure how much we care about it either15:10
rodrigo_ok, so the info is stored in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list15:11
seb128rodrigo_, right15:11
seb128the issue is not that15:11
rodrigo_trying to find out if there's a system wide thing we can tweak15:12
seb128we set the default in defaults.list15:12
seb128that's not the issue15:12
seb128the issue is what if I want to use "w3m" as my default browser15:12
seb128or "$custom_browser"15:12
seb128you use to be able to write "w3m" in a text entry15:12
seb128now you need to create a .desktop and register it15:13
rodrigo_yes, that's gone, and I don't think it'll be back15:13
rodrigo_so w3m should have that in his .desktop15:13
seb128do we want to polute the list with it15:13
pittimvo: GI_TYPELIB_PATH=/home/martin/upstream/gtk/gtk gtimelog -> happy again15:13
seb128there is always cases we will not cover15:13
rodrigo_seb128, it will only show up in the list if it's installed15:14
seb128rodrigo_, mterry_, pitti: so do we think there is enough of an usecase for custom handlers that we should try to get that back?15:14
dobeyseb128: i guess the UI should provide a 'custom' entry, and have that write out the appropriate things in the defaults.list in user's home15:14
rodrigo_anyway, users that use w3m as browser can probably just edit ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list15:14
seb128rodrigo_, well, replace w3m with "chrome"15:15
pittiseb128: TBH I find it surprising that upstream gnome even accepted the new system without a migration path..15:15
seb128but the chrome case will be fixed if not already15:15
rodrigo_seb128, for chrome, I think the best would be to update its .desktop15:15
mvopitti: cooool15:15
pittiseb128: but if backing it out buys us anything, then sure15:15
seb128rodrigo_, it's not something we ship or can update15:15
dobeyseb128: well, google will have to update chrome15:15
rodrigo_we don't ship it?15:15
seb128rodrigo_, no, we ship chromium15:16
dobeyseb128: they will have to do it to support suse/redhat/etc... anyway15:16
rodrigo_ah, ok15:16
seb128dobey, right, again it was an example15:16
seb128the question is to know if there is a valid usecase for setting a custom value15:16
dobeyi suppose a better example is "what if i install IE or Safari under wine"15:17
rodrigo_seb128, I think it's only for advanced users, afaics15:17
dobeyand i want to use that as the default :)15:17
seb128pitti, not really, it's a follow up on the bug you reassigned to mterry earlier15:17
rodrigo_or yes, crazy corner cases as the one dobey just pointed out :)15:17
mterry_Well, do we know GNOME plans for future?15:17
mterry_Is this something we deal with for one cycle or many?15:17
rodrigo_mterry_, plans for now are no cuistom entry15:17
seb128you are back in the "technical enough to edit the list with your text editor" though15:17
seb128so we have 2 issues15:18
seb1281- that pitti just raised, is migration15:18
mterry_rodrigo_, right, for 3.0?  but what about 3.2?15:18
dobeymterry_: GNOME's plans are the same as with every major release. the X.0 is "drop the bomb" and the X.2+ are always "clean up the fallout"15:18
seb1282- custom handlers setting15:18
rodrigo_mterry_, no concrete plans for 3.2, but since it was removed on purpose, I don't think it'll be back soon15:18
rodrigo_unless a lot of people complain15:19
seb128rodrigo_, I guess the question is, "is the decision to remove the custom handler entry a design one or a thing which is not back yet"15:19
dobeyi doubt it will come back really15:19
rodrigo_seb128, it's a designers' decision15:19
mterry_Do we know if Ubuntu Design has an opinion?15:20
dobeywhat is KDE doing with it? i presume they're moving to the same system since it's an fd.o thing?15:20
rodrigo_dobey: afaik, yes, but not 100% sure15:20
dobeythe custom setting is not really useful any more15:20
seb128mterry_, not sure, that would be the next step15:21
rodrigo_mterry_, some people from canonical design team have been involved in some of the designs, not sure about this one though15:21
nessitaoh, the windows decorator keep crashing!15:21
rodrigo_nessita, yes :(15:21
seb128mterry_, can you try to see with ivanka or mpt or #design?15:21
dobeyit was only there before, because all the different browsers used to have crazy different command line args for opening new windows vs tabs or whatever15:21
=== seiflotfy_ is now known as seiflotfy
dobeyand since in the browsers that do need to deal with that, it's an internal setting now, instead of using an argument, it's not so useful15:24
rodrigo_mterry_, ckpringle was the design guy who got involved in reviewing the new g-c-c designs15:26
mterry_rodrigo_, he was Ubuntu-affliated?15:28
mterry_seb128, sure, I'll poke into #design in a sec and if no response will mail with CC:s15:28
seb128mterry_, thanks15:29
rodrigo_mterry_, he works for canonical afaik15:29
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
dobeykenvandine: should we try to figure out what's going wrong with quilt/etc in banshee, or just wait for 1.9.5 release next week, and hyperair to upload it?15:39
kenvandinedobey, hang on, in a meeting15:40
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ok, dbusmenu uploaded too :)15:40
chrisccoulsonand tedg has lots of reviews to do ;)15:40
seb128tedg, be ready for reviewing ;-)15:41
seb128kenvandine, hey15:41
dobeyok i need to run for a few minutes anyway15:43
chrisccoulsonright, i must do some mozilla-related work now ;)15:44
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, the appmenu dbus address changed in natty didn't it?15:47
chrisccoulson(ie, it's different to maverick)15:47
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yes15:49
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, cool, thanks15:49
kenvandinechrisccoulson, fun isn't it :)15:49
chrisccoulsonthat makes things simple for me actually. i want to add the menu to the firefox nightlies, which build on all releases15:50
chrisccoulsonat least i know the menu will fall-back on pre-natty ;)15:50
chrisccoulsonit definitely doesn't want to be enabled on maverick, else it won't work very well ;)15:51
seb128chrisccoulson, btw no need to add patch systems when you backport things from a vcs, just bzr merge the revisions you want15:53
seb128the new upgrade should deal with it fine if the vcs you backported is merged in trunk15:53
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ah, ok :)15:53
seb128it might need a bit of fixing if it gets other changes before being merged but that's not lot of work15:53
seb128easier than to deal with patch system fiddling usually15:53
chrisccoulsonhow long does unity take to build?15:54
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure i can wait for the builders!15:54
seb128do you wait on today update?15:56
seb128or do you have a custom ppa build?15:56
ftais there a way to have the favorites *before* the recents in the files dash? i have far too many recents (it's slow), and most of the time, i need the favorites, not the recents15:58
ftawheel scrolling in the dash(es) would be nice too15:59
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i'm just waiting on todays update16:00
chrisccoulsonbut i don't want to wait, i want it now ;)16:00
seb128fta, no16:00
seb128fta, the scrolling will be likely done for natty16:00
seb128chrisccoulson, it's built on i386 but I guess you don't use that ;-)16:01
chrisccoulsonseb128, i could try and install that, but i don't think it would work too well ;)16:01
ftaseb128, good for the scrolling. bad for the favorites. is that a design hard choice?16:01
chrisccoulsonoh, amd64 is sooooooo close too16:02
seb128fta, not sure16:02
seb128chrisccoulson, it's likely that amd64 just missed the publisher run though16:02
chrisccoulsonseb128 - that's ok. i just grab the debs from launchpad ;)16:03
chrisccoulsonit's a shame that the firefox menu didn't make alpha 3 :(16:03
seb128did you try asking the r-t about uploading today?16:04
seb128but I guess they will say no now16:04
chrisccoulsonseb128 - pitti said to upload it after a3. i'm cool with that though, it would be a bit tight for me to fix issues ;)16:05
pittior even to get it built on armel, etc.16:05
chrisccoulsonyeah, armel is pretty slow16:05
pittiespecially with the mirroring problems we are having today, which slow everything down even further16:05
seb128ok, the unity builds are done16:06
=== zyga is now known as zyga-food
rodrigo_bigon, no news on the import for upower from debian?16:10
pittirodrigo_: ?16:16
pittirodrigo_: we have the current version16:16
rodrigo_pitti, seems we don't, gnome-shell from the ppa fails to install with: gnome-shell : Depends: gir1.2-upowerglib-1.0 but it is not installable16:16
pittirodrigo_: ah, from experimental16:17
bigonrodrigo_: nope :(16:18
pittirodrigo_: can we do that after a3?16:18
rodrigo_bigon, can't we just upload it to the ppa for now?16:18
bigondidrocks: could you looks at my upower sync request?16:18
pittirodrigo_: or, I can sync it now, and it'll build and be in binary NEW16:18
rodrigo_bigon, pitti is your man, see above :)16:18
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i downloaded the unity builds already :)16:20
chrisccoulsonjust updating the rest of my system, then, time for a session restart :)16:20
kenvandineSweetshark, can you provide any insight into why my lo-menubar builds are failing for i386? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lo-menubar/0.0.2-0ubuntu1/+buildjob/228662816:22
kenvandineSweetshark, the failure is:  libreoffice-dev : Depends: libstlport4.6-dev (>= 4.6.2-3) but it is not going to be installed16:23
kenvandinebut i can install libreoffice-dev fine in a i386 vm16:23
kenvandineand it had built in pbuilder for i386 the same day this first failed16:23
didrocks(I'm on the phone, sorry)16:24
* Sweetshark takes a look at the buildlog16:25
kenvandineSweetshark, thx16:25
* kenvandine does the never advisable "before meeting reboot after upgrade" :-D16:26
Sweetsharkkenvandine: well, that looks like the build system is seriously confused16:26
Sweetsharklo-menubar uses waf, not anything from LO/OOo16:27
Sweetsharkso ... no idea really16:27
jasoncwarnermorning everyone. Ready for meeting?16:29
seb128hey jasoncwarner16:30
didrockshey o/16:30
kenvandinewow, that is always a bad idea16:30
kenvandinelots of (nautilus:2298): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: (/build/buildd/libdbusmenu-0.3.99/./libdbusmenu-glib/menuitem.c:1760):dbusmenu_menuitem_property_is_default: code should not be reached16:30
seb128didrocks, kenvandine, mterry_, pitti, chrisccoulson, others: ^ it's meeting time16:30
kenvandinein my xsession-errors16:30
seb128kenvandine, that's fixed in natty16:31
kenvandineand no unity :/16:31
chrisccoulsonoh, that time already? today has flown by!16:31
seb128kenvandine, get the upload chrisccoulson did earlier16:31
pittioh argh16:31
kenvandinegood times16:31
pittiwhat a day, things keep falling apart16:31
seb128jasoncwarner, you should really get a list of nicknames with a ping to start ;-)16:31
jasoncwarnerseb128: I'm creating an autokey for that today!16:32
pittijasoncwarner: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-desktop-team/+members16:32
jasoncwarnerreading back through the history a bit, seems most everyone is quite busy...so lets see if can make this quick!16:33
Sweetsharkhey all16:33
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] Partner Update16:33
kenvandinesorry, fumbling a bit... not used to classic gnome anymore :)16:34
kenvandineDX - Potential FFE16:34
kenvandine    places a11y (postponed probably)16:34
kenvandine    bamf transient API https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+bug/66471116:34
kenvandine    appmenu FS case https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+bug/59118916:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 664711 in indicator-appmenu "Change to new BAMF menu transient API" [Wishlist,Confirmed]16:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 591189 in indicator-appmenu "Manage the fullscreen application case" [Wishlist,Invalid]16:34
kenvandineand there is a pretty nasty bug in indicator-datetime16:34
kenvandinebug 72660316:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 726603 in indicator-datetime "Appointments displayed might not be the next 5 " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72660316:34
kenvandineif you have recurring events, it is very likely the ones displayed in the indicator are not your next 516:35
kenvandineso don't rely on it :)16:35
kenvandinekarl is working on it16:35
pittikenvandine: yeah, it's quite messed up16:35
kenvandineand for UbuntuOne16:35
kenvandinePotential FFE16:35
kenvandine    bindwood needs to be updated to work with firefox 4 (in progress)16:35
kenvandine    notifications for over quota events (not sure this will happen yet)16:35
kenvandinebindwood should happen, and it is in universe16:36
kenvandinejust never got updated for ff416:36
kenvandineand there is the issue of banshee not handling u1ms urls, which dobey has worked on16:36
chrisccoulsoni was going to update bindwood, but then found that someone already did it ;)16:37
kenvandinechrisccoulson, oh, is it ready for ff4 now?16:37
kenvandinejamesh is working on it afaik16:37
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, yeah there is a branch which supports ff4 now16:38
chrisccoulson(it's just a case of dropping nsIExtensionManager)16:38
kenvandineother than those things... of course there are plenty of bugs16:38
kenvandinetime to get to stomping on those :)16:38
chrisccoulsoni had to do it for one of mine too ;)16:38
kenvandinethat is all i have16:38
jasoncwarnerThanks, Ken.16:38
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] Unity16:39
didrocksall is on the wiki right now :)16:39
didrocksso, to sum up:16:39
didrocksnew unity today, ready for alpha316:40
didrocksnew dash, hope you will love it16:40
didrockslot of bug fixes16:40
didrocksstill few FFe that will be required (will get the list later today)16:40
didrocksI think the wiki page is quite complete actually :)16:41
jasoncwarnerthanks didrocks16:41
kenvandinedidrocks, as always :)16:41
* jasoncwarner scanning for questions....16:41
didrocksoh, and btw, if you have ever wondered of all unity shortcuts16:41
didrocksthat has all the secrets you always wanted on unity ^16:41
jasoncwarnerbtw...like the Super+shift+# addition...16:41
didrocksyeah \o/16:41
didrocksthis brought some question on some weird keyboard layout16:42
didrockslike the French one (who uses that?) :)16:42
didrocksas Shift + & is 116:42
jasoncwarnerdon't get me started on that!16:42
didrocksheh :-)16:42
didrocksso basically, this release is really solid16:42
didrocksdo not hesitate to report any issue, as always16:43
jasoncwarnerthat is going up today for A3?16:43
didrocksyeah :)16:43
didrocksafter some discussion with the release team16:43
didrocks(a lot)16:43
didrocksbut thanks to them! :)16:43
jasoncwarnerok...can't wait update :)16:43
jasoncwarnerthanks, didrocks16:43
jasoncwarnerI think we are all looking forward to it!16:43
didrocksheh, excellent!16:44
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] Software Center16:44
tremoluxso details on wiki and summary here:16:44
tremolux* Improvements to the lobby screen16:44
tremolux* Continued refinement of ratings and reviews UI16:44
tremolux* Added ability to deauthorize your computer for purchases16:44
tremolux* Lots of bugfixes16:44
tremolux* Coming soon: Details view visual improvements and speedup16:44
tremolux* We are feature complete, now concentrating on:16:44
tremolux * UI refinements and performance16:44
tremolux * Continue startup time improvements16:44
tremolux * Bugfixing and stability16:44
tremoluxactually, I have not checked recently on the status of the Unity side of launcher integration16:45
jasoncwarnertremolux: is ratings and reviews all rolled out from an IS standpoint? is there anything they are still needing to do for launch?16:45
tremoluxjasoncwarner: it's not fully rolled out, we are awaiting the next version that will hopefully land this week16:46
tremoluxit will contain, among other things, support for the new usefulness feature16:46
tremoluxwe will get an ETA tonight for the rollout16:46
mterry_tremolux, are utf-8 issues resolved?  :)16:47
jasoncwarnermterry why would we care about that?16:47
jasoncwarnerwho woudl put those in the naem of an app?16:47
jasoncwarnercome on!16:47
tremoluxmterry_: hmm, I *think* so, let me check and I'll let you know16:47
tremoluxbut that is also awaiting the next serverside rollout16:47
tremoluxyeah, sorry mterry_!!16:48
seb128jasoncwarner, trying to make friends in non-english countries? ;-)16:48
jasoncwarnernon-english? ;)16:49
jasoncwarnerthanks, tremolux16:49
jasoncwarneryou mentioned unity launcher integration? checking on that today?16:49
tremoluxyes, I will, didrocks do you happen to know more?16:49
didrocksit's not done yet16:50
didrocksdefinitively on the list16:50
tremoluxawesome, thanks  :)16:50
jasoncwarnerdidrocks: is there any eta that you know of?16:50
didrocksjasoncwarner: not for the next release in any case, but then, it will be tackled16:51
jasoncwarnerthanks, tremolux16:51
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] Kubuntu16:51
jasoncwarnerRiddell: any Kubuntu update ?16:52
Riddellcurrent waiting on alpha candidates to appear16:53
Riddellcurrently packaging KDE SC 4.6.116:53
Riddellcurrent packaging Qt 4.7.216:54
RiddellI believe KDE on ARM is broken due to bug 70568916:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 705689 in gcc-linaro/4.5 "Qt applications crash with segfault error on armel when Qt is built with gcc 4.5 on natty" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70568916:54
RiddellQt has a workaround but not kdelibs16:54
pittiRiddell: confirmed, see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html16:55
pittiactually, I meant to say that the Qt fix helped16:55
pittiit's a lot better now16:55
Riddelloh aye, kdebindings compiling on arm too16:56
pittiand KDE is actually mostly installable now (by dependencies, anyway)16:56
Riddellso at least it's all compiled now, just probably not running :)16:56
pittihaven't checked that, just wanted to point out that Qt is immensely happier now :)16:56
jasoncwarnerok, thanks Riddell!16:57
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] AOB?16:57
jasoncwarnerAnyone have anything else to discuss?16:57
Riddellare we done with that allhands.c.c thing?16:58
SweetsharkLibreOffice updates...16:58
kenvandinenot me... just that the unity update is pretty awesome!  great work guys!16:58
jasoncwarnerRiddell: I'm still trying to get my account fixed :/16:58
chrisccoulsoni'm itching to restart my session so i can try the new unity!16:58
pittiallhands> AFAIUI from heno we are just supposed to clear up the old 2010 cycle TODO items, so that they can activate the April review cycle?16:58
pittichrisccoulson: already tried in the guest sessino :)16:59
pittichrisccoulson: (I grabbed the .debs from LP, you as well I suppose)16:59
seb128just run "unity" in a running session16:59
seb128no need to restart ;-)16:59
jasoncwarnerpitti: yes, that seems to be it for allhands16:59
jasoncwarnerSweetshark: libreoffice updates would be great!17:00
SweetsharkLibreOffice status:17:00
Sweetshark- first LibreOffice 3.3.1 final in Natty (3.3.1-1ubunt4)17:00
Sweetshark- Backports for Lucid and Maverick in the ppa17:00
Sweetshark- arm still broken17:00
Sweetshark- arm porting stuff together with doko - some unfortunate discussions about the origin of patches in the debian/ubuntu build (they missed proper attribution => bad thing)17:00
Sweetshark- transitionals will get done today17:00
Sweetshark- l10n tomorrow17:00
Sweetshark- lo-menubar integration stategy: upstreaming for 3.4, building as an external extension for 3.3.X (thus for natty)17:00
chrisccoulsonseb128 -ok, i just did that now ;)17:00
pittiSweetshark: did you figure out the recursive flags variable which caused the armel ftbfs?17:01
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, the moment I saw it.17:01
Sweetsharkpitti: but there where other issues with the arm patch introduced from debian, including the nasty attribution stuff17:02
* kenvandine is looking forward to getting lo-menubar in :)17:03
chrisccoulsonfirefox might beat it now ;)17:03
Sweetsharkpitti: doko is currently building on kakadu. Lets see how it goes. So far, it is looking good.17:03
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dokostill building ...17:04
kenvandinechrisccoulson, ugh... i can't get lo-menubar to build for i386 on the buildds17:05
kenvandineworked in pbuilder :/17:05
seb128kenvandine, do you have universe activated in your pbuilder or not?17:06
jasoncwarnerthanks, Sweetshark17:06
kenvandinei don't17:06
kenvandineseb128, and it build for amd6417:06
kenvandinethe error is failing to satisfy a depends for libreoffice-dev17:06
seb128retry the build17:06
kenvandinenot something specific to lo-menubar17:06
kenvandinei have17:06
seb128it might have been a transient issue17:06
kenvandinea bunch of times now17:06
kenvandinesame errors17:07
seb128did you try in an i386 pbuilder?17:07
kenvandinelast week17:07
kenvandineit worked, same day i uploaded17:07
seb128ok dunno then17:07
kenvandineand i can install the build depends in a i386 vm17:07
kenvandineyeah, that is why i asked Sweetshark :)17:07
jasoncwarnerOk...last topic! [TOPIC] Tools and Processes17:09
jasoncwarnerpitti: anything you wanted to go over?17:09
pittinot from my side17:09
pittifor T&P anyway17:09
pittijust one question for a3 work items17:09
pittididrocks: are the a11y WIs in the new unity upload, or should I move them to b1?17:10
didrockspitti: maybe ask to rodrigo, there are nice enhancements but I didn't test it that much17:10
Sweetsharkkenvandine: hhmm, didnt see that. we gotta discuss that after the meeting17:10
didrocksso, to be clean, on a11y and unity:17:10
kenvandineSweetshark, thx17:10
didrocksall will be accessible by natty, but the places17:10
didrocks(there will be keyboard navigation, but no onbard screen reader)17:10
didrocksrodrigo_ will give a better a11y state than I can, I just saw the commits flowing in :)17:11
didrockspitti: I'll track it down to get them refreshed tomorrow17:11
rodrigo_yes, can give a state if you want :)17:11
pittididrocks: thanks17:11
pittirodrigo_: please17:11
rodrigo_ok, so panel and launcher are mostly accessible, some small bugs remaining here and there17:12
pittijasoncwarner: (sorry, just here with 1/4 brain -- this a3 takes a lot more effort than usual)17:12
rodrigo_for places, we talked with dbarth__ the other day about leaving it to the end, and if there's time, do the a11y for it17:12
rodrigo_pitti, that's a short summary, is that what you wanted? :)17:14
pittirodrigo_: thanks17:14
pittiif dbarth didrocks can translate that into updating WI states for a3, perfect :)17:14
didrockspitti: will do them :)17:15
pitti... just assume you'd read the missing "or" there17:15
didrocksheh, sure :)17:15
jasoncwarnerOk...anything else?17:17
tkamppeterseb128, Riddell, bryce, pitti, what about an O O being the first Ubuntu with color managment (ICC, ...).17:18
didrocksthanks ;)17:18
jasoncwarner[END MEETING]17:18
pittithanks everyone17:18
pittitkamppeter: just an announcement? or do we need to discuss something for that?17:19
tkamppeterpitti, perhaps someone has opinions, as we are all here ...17:19
tkamppeter... Especially that it is not only me who will work on implementing it.17:19
tremoluxthanks y'alls17:26
dbarth__pitti, jasoncwarner: so far my position is to not ask for an FFE on places a11y, and focus energies on fixing bugs instead18:20
dbarth__a11y & places bugs that is, and limiting changes here as much as possible18:21
skaet_dbarth__, did https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/709461 get fixed for A3 or is it still pending?18:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 709461 in unity "semi-random invisible window with x geometry on top layer possible, all viewport only (one ws though)" [Critical,In progress]18:23
didrocksskaet_: so, we have *one* case remaining, but no reproducible test case18:24
didrocksso nothing too harmful right now, I've run it for days without getting one…18:24
didrocksbut we know that there is still something left…18:25
didrocks(but it's not as critical as it was)18:25
skaet_didrocks, thanks!  There's a unity task that doesn't have any status associated with it,  and I'm not sure what should be documented in release notes.18:25
Sweetsharkchristoph_n: ping?/418:26
pittiwhat's 1/4 of a ping? a 'p'?18:26
didrocksskaet_: if we can make a call in the release note so that tech user to find a reproducible test case, that would be neat :)18:26
didrockspitti: you told before that you had 1/4 brain because of alpha3, I would say it's linked :)18:27
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skaet_didrocks,  come up with the words, and it will go out, its been done before for other projects :)18:28
skaet_didrocks, dbarth__, pitti - have the skeleton up for A318:28
skaet_tech overview.18:28
didrocksskaet_: excellent! :)18:28
skaet_could one of you go in and update the desktop section with the new features for Unity.18:28
didrocksskaet_: sure, can that wait tomorrow morning? I'm quite dead TBH :)18:29
skaet_didrocks,  as long as its done by 12:00 UTC we should be good,  I need to get a couple of passes of reviews on it, before it goes out.18:30
didrocksskaet_: sure, will do it as first thing tomorrow morning, with a fresh mind, will be way easier :)18:30
didrocksseems that people upgrading are enjoy the new unity18:31
didrocksskaet_: thanks for your understanding on the freeze break :)18:31
dobeykenvandine: ping18:31
didrocksI think we tested it enough to ensure it's rock solid!18:31
skaet_didrocks,  :)18:31
kenvandinedobey, pong18:31
dobeykenvandine: hey, so you tried to build a banshee packages with my changes, right?18:32
* skaet_ is keeping fingers crossed no weird interactions show up in the iso testing, but feeling hopeful again.18:32
kenvandinedobey, yeah18:32
dobeykenvandine: did you just apt-get source, and apply my patch, then debuild -S and try to pbuild that?18:32
didrocksskaet_: drop me an email in case of emergency, I'll start early tomorrow morning18:33
kenvandinedobey, at first, yes18:33
kenvandineand saw it wasn't apply the patch, etc18:33
skaet_didrocks,  will do.  have a good evening.18:33
didrocksthanks, finishing some email backlog and will go :)18:33
kenvandineso i grabbed the package with git and applied your debdiff there and built it18:33
dobeykenvandine: ok, i think quilt was doing some stupid stuff and genearting another patch which reversed my patch18:34
dobeykenvandine: i had to manually apply my patch to the tree before doing debuild -S to get a proper debdiff out of it :(18:34
kenvandinewould be nice to get our source package branch fixed18:35
Sweetsharkpitti: still around?18:35
dobeyyeah, i have no idea at all why it's doing that though :(18:35
dobeykenvandine: but the binary package i built with the patch does work; unless banshee isn't already running (but i think that's a separate weird issue in banshee)18:36
kenvandineoh... that was how it was testing it18:36
kenvandinewithout banshee running18:36
kenvandinebut actually... it was firefox giving me the error18:36
kenvandineno handler error18:37
dobeyyeah, firefox is doing that too18:38
dobeyfor me18:38
dobeyi think that's a firefox + ubufox issue or something18:38
kenvandineso how were you testing it?18:38
dobeybut if i copy/paste the link into terminal, and use xdg-open "u1ms://blahblah/" it works18:38
dobeybanshee opened from chromium for me18:39
dobeybut epiphany and firefox both aren't working with u1ms://18:39
kenvandinechrisccoulson, thoughts ^^18:40
chrisccoulsonis anything registered on the system to handle u1ms URI's?18:41
chrisccoulsoni can't find anything here18:41
dobeyyes, banshee with my patch (not currently in default ubuntu yet)18:41
chrisccoulsonhmmmm, firefox should just be doing g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri18:44
chrisccoulsonwhich, i guess should work ;)18:44
chrisccoulsoni'll need to look more at it. upstream don't enable the GIO integration, so this stuff only really gets tested by us18:44
seb128bah, pidgin is still buggy with appmenu in some cases18:45
dobeychrisccoulson: hrmm. maybe i need to restart firefox for it to work, but that doesn't really seem right18:45
kenvandinedobey, i restarted last night and it didn't work18:46
dobeyyeah i just did that and it still fails18:46
dobeyi found another issue though, but is slightly unrelated18:47
kenvandineconfirmed, xdg-open works18:47
dobeyanother issue in banshee18:47
kenvandinenot directly to the store, but it starts banshee18:47
dobeyyeah, it seems like you have to already be in the store for it to do the right thing18:47
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kenvandinechrisccoulson, so in maverick we registered the url handler in gconf, but that isn't the way we do it anymore right?18:49
dobeykenvandine: right, it's done with the x-scheme-handler/ mime types now18:49
dbarth__skaet_: not, looking back into it atm18:49
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, no, it's via the x-scheme-handler types in the desktop fule18:49
seb128grrr, can ubuntu one stop spamming me with connect, disconnect notify-osd events18:49
=== zyga-afk is now known as zyga
dobeyseb128: i think nessita put a check in the code to do that just for you :)18:50
kenvandineweird firefox doesn't do the same thing xdg-open does18:50
kenvandineseb128, indeed, that is annoying18:50
seb128ok, let me kill the syncdaemon18:50
chrisccoulsonhmmm, so, firefox asks me whether i want to open it in rhythmbox or another application. if i click on rhythmbox, it opens banshee!18:51
chrisccoulsoni take it that isn't desired ;)18:51
dbarth__skaet_: so the bug is the continuation of the stacking issues; its a resurgence on a smaller scale; and not we didn't find a fix for the last part of it18:53
dbarth__skaet_: we focused on fixing more of the decorator issues, as it was occuring way more frequently18:53
skaet_dbarth__, ok, will leave it in the release notes for now.   Feel free to update the wording of the bug though to make it more accurate in the TechOverview.18:54
skaet_s/release notes/TechOverview/18:54
dobeychrisccoulson: hrmm, if you click 'buy it' on https://one.ubuntu.com/music/l/3575523/0 it does that? or something else?18:55
chrisccoulsondobey, yeah18:56
* kenvandine needs to run out for a bit, bbl18:57
dobeychrisccoulson: that's really weird18:58
chrisccoulsondobey, what does it do for you?18:59
dobeychrisccoulson: just says "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (u1ms) isn't associated with any program."18:59
dobeychrisccoulson: i wonder is there something in firefox still poking at the gconf stuff?19:00
chrisccoulsondobey, do you have a manually editted desktop file for banshee in /usr/share/applications?19:00
dobeychrisccoulson: not exactly. i have a package of banshee installed, with my patch from bug #72396019:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 723960 in banshee "[FFE] u1ms: links are not handled by banshee" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72396019:02
chrisccoulsondobey - and mimeinfo.cache has the registered default for x-scheme-handler/u1ms?19:03
dobeychrisccoulson: i assume so. xdg-open works. midori works. chromium works. firefox and epiphany don't though19:03
chrisccoulsondobey, this is our build of firefox you're testing with isn't it? (just in case you're running an upstream build)19:04
dobeyyes it's whatever is in narwhal19:04
dobeylet me see if there's a newer version in the archive19:04
chrisccoulsonthat's ok19:04
chrisccoulsonso, i'm a bit confused now :/19:05
chrisccoulsoni get the dialog asking me whether to open it in the default handler (although, the display name for that is wrong), but it does open it in the correct player19:05
dobeythere is a new firefox-gnome-support19:05
chrisccoulsonthat doesn't contain anything useful ;)19:05
chrisccoulsonif we want to bypass the dialog, and just open the default, i think i need to set a preference for that19:06
dobeyand new firefox and firefox-branding19:06
chrisccoulsonwhat version do you have installed currently?19:06
dobeyoh i don't know, i just installed the new ones :)19:07
dobeyi think i had b11 before19:07
dobeyand 4.0~b12 still gives the same error dialog though :(19:08
chrisccoulsoncould you report a bug and assign it to me? i need to eat something now, but i'll take a look at it19:08
kenvandinechrisccoulson, i had the same problem opening u1ms urls too... on both my laptop and desktop19:20
kenvandinefully updated19:20
pittiSweetshark: hi19:21
Sweetsharkpitti: care to review the stuff I did about the transitionals?19:25
pittiSweetshark: sure; you mean the new delta to the current Debian pacakge, to get the doc symlinks out of the way?19:26
chrisccoulsonkenvandine / dobey - what do you have network.protocol-handler.external-default set to in about:config?19:26
kenvandinechrisccoulson, default true19:27
dobeydefault true19:27
chrisccoulsoni think i might know what's up19:30
chrisccoulsoneven though it's using GIO for launching with the default handler, it checks if there *is* a default handler before that19:31
chrisccoulsonbut it seems that it's not looking in the right place19:31
chrisccoulsonit works here because i have /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/u1ms/enabled=true19:33
chrisccoulsonwhich is where it gets rhythmbox from too19:33
chrisccoulsonbut it actually does the launch with GIO19:33
chrisccoulsonthis is messed up19:33
chrisccoulsonbut, fixable19:33
chrisccoulsonok, i'll sort that out19:34
dobeychrisccoulson: interesting, because it still failed for me after i installed rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store. but i also uninstalled banshee (because i wanted to see if it would open rbox); so i guess it needs both19:35
chrisccoulsonyeah, it does19:35
chrisccoulsonthis is a consequence of enabling a totally untested module in firefox ;)19:35
chrisccoulsonbut, the gconf way + gnomevfs is pretty broken now anyway19:35
chrisccoulsoni'll work on this tomorrow19:36
pittidoes anyone have a main package ready for upload? I need a small and harmless one19:37
* pitti syncs upower to get the gir package19:39
pittithat'll do19:39
dobeyok, cool19:40
dobeyshould i still file a bug? :)19:40
chrisccoulsondobey, yes, please :)19:40
dobeychrisccoulson: bug #72737219:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 727372 in firefox "FF 4 requires both .desktop and gconf entries for url handlers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72737219:42
chrisccoulsondobey, excellent, thanks19:42
chrisccoulsonb'ah, why, after emptying my trash does gvfsd-trash insist on spamming my session bus for 30 minutes19:46
chrisccoulsonmaking the rest of my desktop an unusable sticky mess19:46
kenvandinedobey, lp:ubuntu/banshee is up to date now19:47
dobeykenvandine: hooray!19:47
kenvandineshould make life better :)19:47
kenvandineso please propose a branch :)19:47
dobeyi will19:47
kenvandineare you going to fix the other problem? where it doesn't open the store if it isn't already?19:48
kenvandinedobey, ^^19:48
dobeyi am doing that right now :)19:50
dobeyor well, working on it19:51
dobeyis a bit complicated it seems19:51
dobeywell, got it partially fixed anyway19:54
chrisccoulsondpm, what's the status for firefox translations? do you need me for anything? (sorry, i've been busy with lots of other stuff this last week)20:13
dpmhi chrisccoulson, no worries, thanks for coming back to me. Shall we have a quick chat about it tomorrow? In short, the status is that they are still not working. po2xpi seems to fail in creating them and thus they are not included in langpacks. pitti was telling me yesterday he had been looking at it. I think the work that sorting this out requires is to fix the po2xpi shell scripts to generate valid FF4 translations tarballs. This can be tested loca20:20
dpmlly by downloading the translations from LP and invoking po2xpi in the same way langpack-o-matic does (through the rosetta_xpi_to_sources script)20:20
pittidpm, chrisccoulson: i started debugging it yesterday, but I had to stop, and today I worked 13 hours on CD builds :/20:21
* dpm hugs pitti20:21
pittidpm, chrisccoulson: the root of the problem is that (1) xpi2xpi doesn't deal with the non-jar xpis that Firefox now uses, and runpo2xpi (for devmode) just fails as well for yet unknonw reasons20:21
pittibut at least xpi2xpi sohuld be fixed, or ripped out entirely20:22
chrisccoulsonpitti /dpm - ok, thanks20:22
chrisccoulsoni'm getting a little worried about this :(20:22
pittiso if either of you has some time to fix xpi2xpi for non-jar tarballs, be my guest :)20:22
chrisccoulsoni didn't plan to spend any time looking at it, because i thought it all just worked ;)20:23
pittichrisccoulson: ffox 3.6 had a jar in the xpi, 4.0 just has the xpi20:23
pittiwhich upsets it20:23
pittibut I wonder whether we can do away with this xpi2xpi hack altogether -- it's a lot of shell magic around what is essentially unpacking an xpi20:23
pittichrisccoulson: but I don't know whether the installed system actuallally needs a jar in /usr/share.., or just unpacked files20:24
pitti(jar would certainly be nicer, as it's compressed)20:24
chrisccoulsonpitti - basically, they should be installed on the system as an xpi (with no jar inside)20:24
chrisccoulsonie, we don't unpack the xpi at all20:24
pittichrisccoulson: that makes it even easier20:24
chrisccoulsoni should test that that actually works first ;)20:24
pittichrisccoulson: then I could just copy the data/11.04/firefox/*.xpi stuff from po2xpi straight into the langpacsk20:25
chrisccoulsonbut firefox 4 supports unpacked extensions now20:25
pittiof course that doesn't yet solve translation updates from LP20:25
pittibut we didn't really have them so far either20:25
chrisccoulsonpitti - would we still need to replace the install.rdf in the upstream xpi's?20:25
chrisccoulsoni think they set the min/max versions really tiht20:25
pittichrisccoulson: you tell me20:25
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think we do20:25
chrisccoulsonpitti - ok, i just downloaded a 4.0b12 xpi, and it has minVersion=4.0b12,maxVersion=4.0b1220:29
chrisccoulsonwe would still need to fix that20:29
chrisccoulsonelse we'd have to roll a new langpack for security updates ;)20:29
pittiI wonder why they do that20:30
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm not too sure20:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - the 3.6 xpi's have the versions set wider. i wonder if they just do that for betas :/20:32
chrisccoulsonah, seems so20:33
chrisccoulsonthe 3.6 betas do the same20:33
chrisccoulsonso, maybe we don't need to change those at all20:33
pittichrisccoulson: ah, because they are prone to breaking more often?20:35
pittichrisccoulson: anyway, fixing install.rdf later on is easy, should it ever be necessary20:35
pittichrisccoulson: so for now, I could radically simplify this stuff by just copying the original XPI into the langpack, and you tell me where to put it?20:35
pitti(fixing po2xpi is an independent matter, of course)20:36
chrisccoulsonpitti - they should go in to /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions20:36
chrisccoulsonand the filename *must* match the extension id20:36
chrisccoulsoneg, langpack-en-GB@firefox.mozilla.org20:36
chrisccoulson(the extension ID is in the install.rdf too, so perhaps you might still need to check that when copying)20:37
pittichrisccoulson: I'd use the upstream file names as they are; I assume they are correct?20:37
chrisccoulsonno, the upstream filenames don't work :(20:37
pittichrisccoulson: oh, you mean not /usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/de.xpi?20:37
chrisccoulsonremember, they normally go through the addons manager, which handles this stuff by itself20:38
chrisccoulsonso, the addons manager will install them in to ~/.mozilla/firefox/extensions/langpack-en-GB@firefox.mozilla.org.xpi20:38
chrisccoulsonor, something like that ;)20:38
pittichrisccoulson: would you mind emailing me some instructions what exactly to filter out of the xpi, and how to name it, and where to place it?20:40
pittiI'm afraid I'm too tired to coherently think about it tonight, will have to postpone langpack hacking to tomorrow or Thu20:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - sure, no problem20:41
pittichrisccoulson: thanks!20:41
chrisccoulsoni might even take a look at it later too20:41
pittiso I won't call po2xpi at all for natty onwards20:42
pitti(for now)20:42
chrisccoulsonlol - http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.apps.firefox/browse_thread/thread/1cde2f4c99f8ad55#20:46
chrisccoulsonJesus big love!20:46
kenvandinewhat a great name :)20:52
bryce_kenvandine, is that his name or just how he closes his email?20:54
kenvandinehehe i guess just how he closes his email, which is probably even funnier20:56
bryce_it is :-)20:56
pittigood night everyone21:16
jasoncwarnergood morning eastern edition...ready for meeting?22:00
jasoncwarnerrobert_ancell TheMuso Bryceh RAOF22:00
RAOFGood morning gentles all.22:01
jasoncwarnermorning RAOF22:01
jasoncwarnerTheMuso: bryce_ around?22:02
jasoncwarnerWell, RAOF, I think it is you and me :)22:03
jasoncwarneroh, heya bryce_!22:03
jasoncwarnernm...spoke too soon ;)22:03
bryce_sorry, was chatting with raof on #ubuntu-x22:03
RAOFHere they come :)22:03
jasoncwarner[TOPIC] X Update...22:04
RAOFA fun week in X!22:04
bryce_I mentioned about an out of memory bug previously...22:04
bryce_this is now solved.  Turned out it was a bug in ubiquity that caused a memory leak22:04
bryce_during installation or livecd usage, which quickly gobbled up memory and then X fell over and died22:05
bryce_patch was verified by the testing crew and cjwatson accepted it into ubiquity, so all should be good now.22:06
jasoncwarneranything else you want to highlight?22:07
bryce_progress on the proprietary driver front22:07
RAOFWe now have all the Xi 2.1 bits in the stack, so multitouch should work for all those people who actually have multitouch hardware and software :)22:07
jasoncwarneroh, cool...I'll test it on my trackpad ;)22:07
bryce_however with the latest xserver upstream ABI change it's added a bit of complication for driver guys22:07
jasoncwarnerRAOF: are those there now or in latest update today?22:08
RAOFjasoncwarner: They're in now.  In fact, last week, just after the meeting :)22:08
jasoncwarnerok :) I'll start testing after meeting. thanks22:09
jasoncwarnerbryce_: how are we on drivers now...seems my system is working again ;)22:09
RAOFEveryone who happens to have a non-multitouch but multi-finger synaptics touchpad noticed, because they couldn't move their pointer :)22:09
bryce_jasoncwarner, yep, we're going to need to do another ABI bump unfortunately, but I think what we should do is hold off on that a bit22:09
bryce_so people can keep using proprietary drivers that got 'em22:10
bryce_and give amd/nvidia time to roll out drivers with the new abi22:10
bryce_then when we've got those in hand, we'll can do the abi rebuild dance across the board22:10
bryce_RAOF, does that sound like a sensible approach to you?22:11
RAOFI'm (slowly) preparing the 1.10 final packages, but we might as well wait for the proprietary drivers this time.22:11
RAOFbryce_: Absolutely.  I thought we'd already agreed to that :)22:11
bryce_just checking :-)22:11
bryce_we've got hardly any bug reports against natty/xserver right now (just three! and one I reported, the other two may not be valid anyway)22:11
jasoncwarnercool...hopefully we'll get more feedback here soon if there are problems, giving us enough runway to get 'em fixed22:12
jasoncwarneralright...anything else?22:12
RAOFThere's one xserver bug I'll hunt down today which seems to be hit by hybrid graphics users (assert on startup).22:12
RAOFWe'll get a new mesa soon; the 7.10 branch will soon see a 7.10.1 release, with a bunch of extra fixes over our current snapshot.22:13
RAOFI don't believe that will need a FFe.22:13
bryce_most of my time has been in chasing the -intel gpu freeze bugs.  I've also put in a bunch of enhancements to our apport hooks again this past week.  But nothing really earth shattering to report there.22:13
bryce_oh and how could I forget...  since last meeting, Wayland is now in the archive :-)22:14
jasoncwarnerok... TheMuso, anything of particular note you want to update or are we good?22:14
jasoncwarnerbryce_: oh yeah, test away people!22:14
bryce_jasoncwarner, haven't gotten much feedback on it.  I do plan to spend some time updating it a little.22:15
TheMusoNothing major to report from me.22:15
TheMusoOne thing I should mention is that there haven't been any user reports of problems with the new audio volume initialization process.22:15
TheMusoWhich is a good thing, but I have plans to clean that up a bit more next cycle... and other audio plans too.22:16
bryce_audio's been working dandy on all my systems22:16
TheMusobryce_: yes but the recent big change was with the way that audi ovoluems are set on a fres install/live CD.22:17
jasoncwarnerdavidb mentioned something about audio last night and was going to ask TheMuso to look into it...22:17
jasoncwarnerTheMuso: would you mind talking to davidb about it and see what he was seeing?22:17
TheMusojasoncwarner: Sure.22:17
jasoncwarnerTheMuso: thank you :)22:18
jasoncwarner'aight...will give a last call ;) Anything else?22:18
bryce_my son has learned to say the word "No" now.  He says it with much gusto.22:18
jasoncwarner[END MEETING]22:18
jasoncwarnerbryce_: oh man....22:18
jasoncwarneroh man oh man oh man22:18
jasoncwarnergonna love the coming years!22:19
bryce_yeah I'm in for it22:19
jasoncwarneroh, don't forget to update the wiki with the notes from teh meeting...thanks!22:20
seb128hello there22:20
bryce_ok yeah22:20
seb128jasoncwarner, do you know where robert_ancell is?22:20
seb128^ not restricted to jasoncwarner btw22:21
seb128he didn't connect for a few days it seems22:21
jasoncwarnerseb128: yes...22:21
kenvandineseb128, your still up...22:31
kenvandinewell, guess it isn't that late :)22:31
seb128why do people keep saying that ;-)22:33
seb128it's only 11:3022:33
seb128it shows I connect less often in the evening recently ;-)22:33
seb128before it was no surprise when I was online ;-)22:34
kenvandineyeah :)22:36
jelmeris there a particular reason some of the ~ubuntu-desktop branches are still in pack-0.92 format?23:50
lifelessthey haven't been converted23:52
jelmerlifeless: you're everywhere!23:54
jelmerlifeless: ah ok, so it's just historical reasons?23:54
lifelessAFAIK yes. You'll want to coordinate with folk before changing it, of course.23:54

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