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DarkwingDuckIs the Ubuntu Docs CC-BY-SA 3.0?03:11
rwwDarkwingDuck: CC-BY-SA 2.5, according to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/natty/view/head:/debian/copyright03:18
DarkwingDuckAh, okay. Thanks rww03:20
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DarkwingDuckmdke: any plans to update the docs from 2.5?22:08
mdkeDarkwingDuck: 2.5?22:09
mdkeah. I thought we use 3.022:11
DarkwingDuckmdke: ill do some more digging and let you know... in ou rdocs (kubuntu) its still listed as 2.522:17
mdkeDarkwingDuck: If I get a moment I will try and track back to the last discussion we had22:17

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