AlanBellI am going to put together a checksheet of monthly things to do15:09
AlanBellprobably on google docs as I can't think of a better way to do it15:09
MkaysiAlanBell: Doesn't Google Docs require registration? | Meetingology is using nick meetingology┬┤ , tell it to load NickCapture and set it's nick as meetingology so it captures nick meetingology automaticly.15:13
AlanBellediting a google doc normally requires a google account, reading doesn't15:14
AlanBellcould in fact make it world writable but that is a bad idea15:15
MkaysiI hae heard that it requires registering, but I haven't tested it.15:19
valorieAlanBell: why not the wiki?23:05
AlanBellbecause it is *slow* and they won't let me fix it23:06

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