YoBoYarf pidgin always have this bug00:01
Ronniewhat bug?00:02
YoBoYyou have to mark all the chan as favorites on pidgin, otherwise it quit the chans when you quit pidgin ^^"00:05
YoBoYthat's not a big issue00:06
RonnieYoBoY: you mean, add to your contacts, or select "stay connected after clode"00:06
Ronniei got that, for most of my channels00:08
Ronnieill try tomorrow again, thx for the patience YoBoY00:11
YoBoYgood night00:12
YoBoYi play a bit with gource and go to bed too00:12
YoBoYfunny to see it on loco-directory project :)00:12
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YoBoYgood morning06:33
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dholbachgood morning08:01
cjohnstonmhall119: bug 72707311:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 727073 in summit "Can't log in with my current Launchpad username (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72707311:10
cjohnstonDaviey: you may also be interested in that one... ^ I'm not sure if that's the bug that mhall119 was able to fix yet or not.11:16
Davieycjohnston, will look... thanks11:17
Ronnieping YoBoY13:20
mhall119cjohnston: I have a fix to django-openid-auth for that13:42
YoBoYRonnie: pong13:51
Ronnieim online with bip now13:52
Ronniebut still running local13:52
Ronnieif i want to install it on a server, how would i create an autostart on boot?13:52
YoBoYRonnie: have you a file /etc/default/bip  ?13:55
Ronnieill ahve a look13:55
Ronnieyes, with ENABLED=013:56
YoBoYchange it to =113:56
YoBoYyou need to put your conf file in the /etc/ directory also13:57
YoBoYI think that's all you have to do13:57
Ronniejust in /etc/ not in a subfolder?13:57
Ronnieoh, there is already a conf ile13:58
YoBoYno, on /etc directly13:58
YoBoYyes :) the default one13:58
RonnieYoBoY: where should i place the .pem file?14:00
YoBoYRonnie: in /etc/ssl/certs/14:02
Ronnieok, thx14:02
YoBoYand don't forget to add a ssl_check_store="/etc/ssl/certs"; if it doesn't work on your user section14:03
YoBoY(french documentation is so helpful ^^")14:04
RonnieYoBoY: and ssl_check_mode14:08
* Ronnie wishes he was better in french14:08
* YoBoY wishes he was better in english and python and pgsql and js and html and css and ... ;)14:09
RonnieYoBoY: it works perfect14:29
YoBoYgreat :)14:29
RonnieYoBoY: do you know a way to supress the "topic" and "join" messages in the backlog?14:30
YoBoYbacklog_msg_only = true;14:30
YoBoYit's a global option14:30
RonnieThat should be solved now14:33
nigelbCoyote finally caught me -> that sounds like bip14:34
nigelbRonnie: ^^14:34
Ronnienigelb: its BIP indeed, i like that message14:34
Ronnieyour also using bip nigelb?14:36
nigelbno, but I have far too many friends using it14:36
nigelbI just use irssi on a server and ssh into it14:36
Ronnieeven more hardcore ;)14:37
nigelbswitch to irssi, listen to your inner geek!14:37
Ronniei like to have things graphical14:37
* Ronnie now starts on the RSS feed reogranisation for loco.ubuntu.com14:38
Ronnieand hope to join some developerweek classes14:39
* nigelb hopes Ronnie will talk next time at dev week14:39
Ronniemaybe i will14:39
nigelbI'll remember that the next time when I'm recruiting :p14:40
Ronnienext month i give a local class about siging the code of conduct (pgp stuff)14:41
nigelbbtw, you can give an IRC class any time about jquery or something like that14:41
nigelbclassroom is always open for session :)14:42
Ronniejquery can be very interesting indeed, maybe i will do some. Or the jquery-google-map plugin to allow maps on your site. both very intersting14:45
Ronnieill think about it14:46
nigelbJust drop by at #ubuntu-classroom-backstage when you decide to give a class so we can set you up for it14:47
Ronnieoke, ill think i will join a few classes myself, to see how its done14:49
Ronnieping mhall119, cjohnston15:00
Ronnieabout the RSS,ATOM feeds, it is a good idea to create a Feed app, instead of an urls.py RSS item for each app separate?15:01
YoBoYthis doesn't already exist on django ?15:09
RonnieYoBoY: yes, it does, therefore is can be easy to create one app which handles feeds trough the SyndicationFramework15:12
Ronniel.u.c now uses its own generated XML files (very ugly implementation)15:13
RonnieRSS for both meetings and events for one team in a single feed is almost the last thing i need to change to get a working "My Teams"15:15
mhall119pong Ronnie 15:31
Ronniemhall119: ^^15:31
mhall119Ronnie: I'm in favor of using a better developed library for our feeds15:32
Ronniemhall119: what feeds do we want to have 'all', 'meetings', 'events'15:35
mhall119we need at least a combined feed15:39
mhall119for now lets keep separate meetings and events feeds too15:39
mhall119that's per-team as well as global15:39
Ronniemhall119: working on it15:43
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Ronniemhall119: the pre 1.2 django version of the rss framework does not really support dynamic urls in templates, should it be an option to define them static ?17:06
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dakerRonnie, note : in our production server we use django 1.1.1 (the one presente in Lucid)17:43
Ronniedaker: thats why i asked the question. for 1.2+ it wouldnt be a problem17:43
dakeri just want to notify you :)17:44
Ronniethanks :)17:45
dakerso our code must work with django 1.1.117:46
YoBoYhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrenchTeam/TeamReports/11/February team report done18:09
dakerYoBoY, do you accept non-french people in your team ?18:14
YoBoYdaker: what do you mean by "non-french people" ?18:15
dakerYoBoY, i mean someone who speaks French but he is not French (like me)18:16
YoBoYsomeone like one of our documentation admin who speak french but it's in Quebec ? ;)18:16
dakerthat's answer my question18:17
YoBoYeveryone is welcome, you only need to speak french in fact18:17
YoBoYfor the documentation we have Gemnoc in Quebec and YannUbuntu in Japan for example, and have some other people around the world helping for everything "online"18:18
YoBoYwe send french live CDs and goodies all around the world also and if some other french LoCo Teams want to participate in the creation of all these goodies or on the live CD that will be awesome :)18:20
dakerthat's good18:21
dakerYoBoY, maybe i'll try someday to get involved18:31
YoBoYdaker: when you want, you can start contributing on the documentation, or helping with our bugs, ...18:33
dakeri am a webdeveloper :)18:34
YoBoYgreat :D18:34
YoBoYhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu-fr-website-project << our project are here18:35
dakeri'll take a look at it18:36
YoBoYwe try to use the same workflow used in Ubuntu development18:37
YoBoYso if you can patch and have time to do it, branch, commits, push and merge proposal :)18:38
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mhall119paultag: ping20:59
mhall119itnet7: ping21:00
mhall119whomever appears first21:00
cjohnstonhmmm.. i was hoping to make someone appear21:02
mhall119you don't count21:02
mhall119well, you technically could, I suppose21:02
paultagmhall119: hey21:02
paultagmhall119: what's up21:02
mhall119hiya paultag 21:02
cjohnstonit worked!21:02
paultaghowdy cjohnston 21:02
cjohnstonhey paultag 21:03
mhall119April is coming up fast, I think we should go ahead and make a Natty Release Party global event in LD, so teams can start planning21:03
paultagcjohnston: just got out of the water :)21:03
paultagmhall119: I think it's set up. Let me tripple check for you21:03
* mhall119 sees global jam and ubuntu hour, not release party21:03
paultagroger doger21:03
paultagOhhhhh I thought you ment UGJ mhall119 :)21:04
paultagsorry, let me do that now!21:04
mhall119thanks paultag 21:05
paultagthank you mhall119 21:05
* mhall119 still loves seeing that map on /events/21:05
mhall119but I see some distinct geographic holes in our events coverage21:06
paultagmhall119: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/744/detail/ <-- I'll send the email ou21:07
cjohnstonmhall119: i think we need to do some planning on how to administer HoF.. and who is going to administer HoF21:08
cjohnstonwhat was the response on the ugj event mhall119 21:09
mhall119planning done21:09
mhall119cjohnston: what response are you talking about?21:09
cjohnstonfrom the Mrs21:09
mhall119oh, I set us up at the local starbucks, mostly because I didn't want my home address publically available21:10
mhall119as long as the house isn't a complete mess, I'm sure she'll be fine with us doing it there though21:10
cjohnstonare we going to do it at the starbucks?21:10
mhall119you know she's working for the cheeseburger network now, right?21:10
cjohnstonwhats the cheeseburger network21:10
paultagmhall119: give me a poke if you need anything else. I'll be sitting around21:11
paultagshould be taken care of / message sent21:11
mhall119thanks paultag 21:11
cjohnstonuggh...  tagspam21:11
paultagcjohnston: dude, I had no idea you dove until I saw your facebook page the other day21:12
paultagcjohnston: rock on, man21:12
paultagmhall119: spam from this guy :)21:12
cjohnstonwhat does she do for them mhall119 21:12
mhall119cjohnston: managing one fo their websites21:13
mhall119so she's working from home too21:13
Ronniewhy all the locodir-users have no patience22:36
Ronniemaybe we should display a message that it can take more than 2 minutes to recieve an answer22:37

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