RAOFYeah.  lp:python-fstab will be just the code, not the debian packaging.00:00
acarpineraof: In this way I cannot test the package with bzr bd -- -S ... and I cannot use debcommit00:01
acarpineif i'm right debcommit makes some changes at changelog...so I imagine is for this that I cannot use it00:02
RAOFThat would be correct, yes.  You'll need to use plain “bzr commit”.00:03
acarpinei didn't use it...and when I push the code to my lp I get a warning message00:05
RAOFWhat's the warning message?00:06
acarpine...Uncommitted changes will not be pushed.00:06
acarpineall the msg was "Working tree "/home/andrea/Ubuntu/bugsFixing/python-round2/python-fstab/" has uncommitted changes (See bzr status). Uncommitted changes will not be pushed."00:06
RAOFAh, right.00:06
acarpinebut bzr status show me that the script was modified00:07
RAOFYes, you'll need to use ‘bzr commit’ to commit those changes.  That's one of the things that debcommit does.00:07
RAOFbzr status is showing you what's changed since the last commit, and bzr push only pushes commits.00:08
acarpineShould add a link to my branch in the bug report?00:09
RAOFIf you want to.  It's not particularly important one way or the other.00:10
RAOFIf you “bzr commit --fixes=lp:$THE_BUG_NUMBER” then launchpad will automatically link the branch.00:10
RAOFAgain, not particularly important one way or the other.00:10
ari-tczewtumbleweed: I think tht00:14
ari-tczewthat at this moment easier is use syncpackage instead manually making request sync.00:14
ari-tczewLaney: because that my opinion/.00:24
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wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate to fix all problems about which micahg and mok0 complained. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn04:42
nigelbabuRhonda: poke?07:14
dholbachgood morning08:01
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Rhondanigelbabu: peek?08:29
nigelbabuRhonda: PM? :)08:29
RhondaPeter Moosleitners interessantes Magazin?08:32
nigelbabuRhonda: haha, Can I PM you?08:33
tumbleweedbdrung, geser: poke (re u-d-t launchpadlib 1.9 branch)09:26
c2tarunCan anyone please tell me how to forward a patch to debian?09:26
tumbleweedc2tarun: you could go to Rhonda's talk on the subject, tonight :)09:26
tumbleweedc2tarun: submittodebian is a good start. Have you used Debian's BTS before?09:27
c2taruntumbleweed: nope, its my first time, I was about to upload a patch on bug 726405, artur wrote in comment to forward it to debian.09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 726405 in kbarcode (Ubuntu) "package kbarcode_2.0.7-3 failed to build from source" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72640509:28
tumbleweedc2tarun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Bugs09:28
c2taruntumbleweed: and what about the bug number I should include in closes (please look at the last comment)09:30
tumbleweedc2tarun: I sometimes do that, but as long as the Debian bug is linked from the Ubuntu one, that should be enough09:33
Rhondac2tarun: You'll receive a notification of your submitted bugreport which gives you the number of the bug09:33
tumbleweedc2tarun: whoah, that patch. Should you not be using -lkio instead of /usr/lib/libkio.so.4 (for example)09:34
c2taruntumbleweed: yup, i'll upload a new copy within few minutes, that includes -lkio09:35
tumbleweedc2tarun: same for the others09:35
c2taruntumbleweed: but I dont know what to write in Bug-Debian tag in patch header.09:35
tumbleweedoh, artur told you that09:36
RhondaWasn't -lkio part of what ari suggested?09:36
tumbleweedc2tarun: as Rhonda said, you'll get a- enmail09:36
c2taruntumbleweed: so it means that first I have to submit it to debian, than I'll get a bug number then I'll enclose that number and submit debdiff to LP?09:37
tumbleweedc2tarun: sounds good09:37
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate to fix all problems about which micahg and mok0 complained. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn09:37
c2taruntumbleweed: thanks :)09:37
Rhondac2tarun: also submit debdiff to the Debian bug, and tag it patch09:37
c2tarunRhonda: sure09:37
Rhondac2tarun: Please check wether there is a Debian bug about it already, so you don't open a duplicate.09:38
c2tarunRhonda: how to do that? googling?09:38
RhondaSo http://bugs.debian.org/kbarcode in this case.09:39
RhondaGladly there seem to be only 6 open bugs there currently, so it should be easy to check :)09:39
c2tarunRhonda: yup :) there is no FTBFS bug in there09:40
tumbleweedc2tarun: for bonus points, usertag it no-add-needed http://wiki.debian.org/ToolChain/DSOLinking#Notresolvingsymbolsinindirectdependentsharedlibraries09:41
RhondaDon't overflow him with information which makes him explode. :)09:42
c2taruntumbleweed: I read that page, BTWwhat do you mean by usertag?09:42
tumbleweedc2tarun: The debian bug tracker has two types of tags, official tags, and usertags https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/Usertagging09:44
Rhondasbeattie: Btw., this is totally strange. I have the patch file sitting properly in debian/patches, but dpkg-source -b doesn't like to pick it up. Do you know if there is some filename specific exclude or such anywhere?09:44
tumbleweedsubmittodebian will usertag the bug, to say that the bug came from an Ubuntu developer09:44
tumbleweedthere's also a usertag for the kind of issue that you are fixing. Unfortunatly you can't easily set both while you are filing the bug09:44
tumbleweeds/easily/at all/09:44
tumbleweedc2tarun: so maybe ignore that bit for now :)09:45
RhondaI don't buy that "at all" :)09:49
tumbleweedRhonda: how do you set usertags for two different users during submission?09:49
RhondaAh, different users? That wasn't clear to me, why are different users used?09:50
c2tarunwell what should I choose the severity?09:50
RhondaLeave it as normal, it doesn't FTBFS in Debian (yet)09:50
tumbleweedRhonda: submittodebian will usertag bugs to say they came from Ubuntu09:50
LaneyI thought that change did happen in Debian already09:51
tumbleweedit's certainly been announced a couple of days ago09:51
c2tarunWhat should I write in report? I never wrote one.09:51
tumbleweedc2tarun: but yes, you shouldn't filea bug in debian saying a package FTBFSs, unless you've tried to build that package on Debian09:52
Rhondagnangnanga. sbeattie, I know why dpkg-source didn't pick up the patch. You named it gitolite-<comittish>.patch, and my -i.git does exclude that (otherwise it would pull in the .git directory itself too, which obviously fails)09:52
c2taruntumbleweed: then what should I write there "FTBFS in ubuntu or on natty machine"?09:53
* c2tarun I cannot try on debian, I dont have debian chroot09:53
tumbleweedc2tarun: FTBFS with ld --no-copy-dt-needed-entries09:53
tumbleweedand yes, say on Ubuntu natty09:54
c2taruntumbleweed: what should I write in report section and in the section that tell "In ubuntu, the attached patch was applied to achive the following:"09:55
c2tarunI get this error while submitting to debian :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/573861/10:00
tumbleweedc2tarun: I've checked. it does FTBFS in Debian, you can make the bug grave, if you want :) http://people.ubuntu.com/~stefanor/kbarcode_amd64_sid.log10:01
tumbleweedc2tarun: you have an unconfigured postfix on your system10:01
c2taruntumbleweed: what do you mean by make the bug grave? :/10:03
c2taruntumbleweed: well I am getting only four here, I'll choose important than10:04
tumbleweedc2tarun: there should be a special category for FTBFS10:05
tumbleweedthe reason you are only seeing 4 is that reportbug has multiple modes. It defaults to "novice"10:06
c2taruntumbleweed: dont know :( I am getting only four and a message of saying something about novice mode10:06
c2taruntumbleweed: yup exactly10:06
tumbleweedthat protects you from doing things that would make people shout at you :)10:07
c2taruntumbleweed: ok, I am getting this error on my system as well as on chroot, how to configure postfix?10:08
tumbleweedc2tarun: as to the sending issue, you could try putting "smtphost bugs-master.debian.org" in your .reportbug.conf, to totally bypass your local postfix10:09
c2tarunwhere is this file .reportbug.conf? in home folder?10:09
tumbleweedRhonda: what do we normally recommend for people running into this?10:09
tumbleweedc2tarun: yes10:10
tumbleweedthe reportbug.conf manpage says "smtphost localhost" will use an internal MTA. That might be a good option10:11
Rhondatumbleweed: Why to bypass the local postfix instead to configuring it?10:11
c2taruntumbleweed: I am installing sendmail right now. should I add "smtphost bugs-master.debian.org" in my .repor* file?10:12
Rhondaplease don't choose sendmail, for your own good!10:12
c2tarunRhonda: then what?10:12
RhondaWhat's wrong with your postfix?10:13
Rhondassmtp is also a quite cheap option.10:13
Rhondaah, unconfigured.10:13
c2tarunRhonda: actually I am not familiar with any of it :(10:13
tumbleweedRhonda: the reason I didn't go into configuring it is that it may not be trivial10:13
RhondaIt's a *lot* easier and a *lot* less painful to configure your postfix instead of sendmail, trust me. :)10:14
tumbleweedmany ISPs block outgoing SMTP, and many people block mail from DSL IP-ranges10:14
RhondaAnyway, using smtphost in ~/.reportbugrc is a very good choice.10:14
tumbleweedc2tarun: if you know your ISPs SMTP relay, you should configure your postfix to mail out through that. You could also use gmail's SMTP service, etc.10:15
RhondaPersonally I have configured my local postfix to use a smarthost with smtp authentication.10:15
RhondaThat way it doesn't matter where I am, my mail always goes out properly. :)10:15
c2tarunwhat just happened :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/573865/ I thought to give sendmail a try. What is Tarun <tarun@localhost6.localdomain6>10:16
tumbleweedc2tarun: sendmail is horrible. Seriously, avoid it.10:17
Rhondac2tarun: check /etc/mailname and output of "hostname -f"10:17
tumbleweed/usr/sbin/sendmail is not necessarily sendmail, though10:17
gesertumbleweed: pong10:17
tumbleweedgeser: I followed your suggestions10:18
Rhondatumbleweed: Ah, for that part, set DEBEMAIL environment variable. :)10:18
c2tarunRhonda: output of hostname -f is tarun-kubuntu and there is no file with mailname in /etc10:18
c2tarunI have DEBEMAIL env variable set. :/10:21
c2tarunRhonda: ^^10:21
c2tarunGuys my laptop is about to discharge :( I'll come back when electricity will come , Sorry10:23
c2tarunRhonda: ping10:33
bdrungc2tarun: where do you live?10:33
c2tarunbdrung: India. Why?10:34
c2tarunCan anyone help me in configuring postfix?10:35
bdrungbecause i can imaging how it would be to have no stable electricity supply10:35
coolbhavibdrung: I am also from India :)10:37
c2tarunbdrung: it feels awful :(10:37
bdrungand solar energy is too expensive, right?10:38
c2tarunneed help with this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/573874/10:38
c2tarunbdrung: yup.10:38
coolbhavibdrung: even battery backups come at quite a cost here10:39
bdrungdo you have laptops for this reason or a desktop with battery backup?10:40
coolbhavibdrung: I do have both but with only a 2 hr backup10:41
c2tarunbdrung: laptops are portable :) and for students they are best10:42
acarpineraof: I'm sorry...was sufficient look into the branch to see that nothing was committed10:47
tumbleweedbdrung: something I changed in u-d-t is breaking pylint on natty10:47
acarpineraof: Anyway the Julian's message says "This branch is abandoned. Debian does not have this package anymore, and I don't know what it's needed for in Ubuntu anymore."10:47
bdrungtumbleweed: do you refer to http://launchpadlibrarian.net/65093854/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.ubuntu-dev-tools_0.118~daily%2Bbzr1031~natty1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?10:47
tumbleweedaah, I didn't see that10:48
tumbleweedI only saw it locally10:48
tumbleweedok, good to know it wasn't a local change10:49
tumbleweedanyway, I've let pylint skip if it fails, in the launchpadlib-1.9 branch10:49
c2taruntumbleweed: can you please help me in configuring postfix?10:49
acarpineraof: I imagine you are in vacation now :)10:49
tumbleweedI'm going to land the thing and upload if there are no nobjections. It's not tested as thoroughly as it could be, butit's better than the status quo10:49
tumbleweedc2tarun: dpkg-reconfigure postfix10:50
bdrungtumbleweed: let me have a look at it.10:50
tumbleweedbdrung: thanks10:50
bdrungtumbleweed: can you check if we need to bump the version of launchpadlib?10:51
tumbleweedbdrung: it still works on my wheezy box10:51
tumbleweedI've avoidid making changes that'll actually cause trouble with older launchpadlibs (such as passing the program's name to launchpadlib instead of "ubuntu-dev-tools" everywhere)10:52
c2taruntumbleweed: how can i check whether it is configured and configured correctly?10:53
tumbleweedc2tarun: use the mail command to send yourself an e-mail10:54
tumbleweedsee if you get it10:54
acarpineraof: Anyway I re-committed the changes and re-pushed the branch and now should be correct...10:56
acarpineI am curious how this report should be handle now. I hope to see you tomorrow (in your next 8 hours :) )10:56
acarpinetks for your help10:56
bdrungtumbleweed: maybe we should adjust the name later, e.g. "ubuntu-dev-tools <program name>"10:56
tumbleweedyeah, that's what I'm thinking10:56
c2taruntumbleweed: what network block should I give while configuring postfix?11:05
tumbleweedc2tarun: you don't want other machines using your postfix, I suggest just
c2taruntumbleweed: this is the default text in there [::1]/128 [fe80::%eth1]/64___, should I change it to what you said?11:07
tumbleweedleave it as is11:07
tumbleweedoh, maybe remove the last one11:08
c2taruntumbleweed: by last one you mean from [::11:08
tumbleweedoh, and
tumbleweedyou only want and [::1]/12811:09
tumbleweedsorry, not paying enough attention :)11:09
c2taruntumbleweed: np :)11:09
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate to fix all problems about which micahg and mok0 complained. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn11:19
c2tarundon't know how but my terminal is using nano by default as text editor while submittodebian. How can I change it to vi?11:26
debfxc2tarun: export EDITOR=vi11:28
c2tarunI was trying to submit a patch to debian, when I was doing it few hours back there was no FTBFS bug listed there but now I am able to see this bug http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=554936 its very old bug with FTBFS. What should I do now?11:34
Rhondac2tarun: Is it related, the same cause?11:35
c2tarunRhonda: don't think so, the error log is different than mine.11:35
RhondaThen that's fine. If it's different issues, seperate bugreports are absolutely fine.11:36
c2tarunwhat is bin/dash?11:44
tumbleweedc2tarun: a shell11:45
c2taruntumbleweed: I configured postfix properly and checked. still I am getting this at the end   "Tarun <tarun@localhost6.localdomain6>" why so?11:47
tumbleweedc2tarun: you exported DEBEMAIL?11:47
tumbleweedoh, postfix won't let you provide your own domain part, via /sbin/sendmail11:48
tumbleweedsmtphost should get around that11:48
c2taruntumbleweed: shit, I exported that in chroot and I was on my system. :(11:48
tumbleweedc2tarun: I recomennd putting DEBEMAIL in yoru .bashrc11:50
c2taruntumbleweed: done :) and submitted again,  waiting for email now.11:53
bdrungtumbleweed: I: ubuntu-dev-tools: debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk11:57
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bdrungtumbleweed: bug 72712712:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727127 in pylint (Ubuntu) "pylint crashed with AttributeError in visit(): 'TreeRebuilder' object has no attribute 'visit_set'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72712712:15
bdrungtumbleweed: would it be useful to split the pylint call into separate calls for each script?12:16
tumbleweedbdrung: aah, thanks12:22
tumbleweedbdrung: splitting it would probably be very expensive. It's already very slow. It still works on sid, so I'm happy for now12:27
Rhondahah, bdrung. do you feel attached to audacious?12:34
bdrungRhonda: a little bit12:38
RhondaIf you join my session tonight you might pick up a todo list. ;)12:38
bdrungRhonda: why?12:52
bdrungaudacious is in sync with debian12:52
RhondaJust wait, I don't want you to destroy my examples. :P12:57
tumbleweedbdrung: ok, I'll fix NEWS and upload13:01
bdrungtumbleweed: you forgot to tag the release13:10
tumbleweedbdrung: just hadn't got there yet :)13:10
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psusiwhat is the difference between motu and "contributing developers"?15:02
LaneyMOTU can upload, UCD can not15:02
Rhondacontributing developers need sponsors for uploads15:02
Laney(at least, not from their UCD status)15:02
RhondaLaney: Are you around tonight? ;)15:02
psusihrm... so what's the difference between ucd and my current status ( just bugcontrol )?15:03
LaneyRhonda: No sorry, I've got a meal for a friend's leaving15:03
LaneyRhonda: is it your session? :-)15:03
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Laneypsusi: UCD gives you Ubuntu membership15:03
psusibecause I get sponsorship for plenty of fixes now ;)15:03
psusiohh... so basically it means I get an @ubuntu.com email?15:03
RhondaAnd voting right, yes.15:04
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership15:04
RhondaAnd possibility to add your blog to planet ubuntu15:04
Laneythat stuff15:04
psusiI've been reading it, which is why I was a bit confused on what ucd is... last time I read this I don't think that was there, just motu... think I finally need to become a motu so reviewing the process15:05
macoLaney: PPU get membership automatically, right?15:05
LaneyPPUs get added to ubuntu-dev, which I think gives membership15:05
psusiPPU?  does that mean you can now get upload rights for a specific package in main without being a core developer?15:06
RhondaI think UCD is meant as intermediate state to give contributors sooner membership option and through that motivae them to contribute more. Something like that. :)15:07
LaneyIt's about recognising that someone has made a “significant and sustained” contribution, and that their contributions are through development work.15:07
sorenpsusi: That's been that case since PPU's came into existence.15:08
psusioh neat15:08
psusiwhen did that get added?15:09
RhondaActually I still need to apply for PPU for logcheck  %-)15:09
* Rhonda . o O ( and irssi )15:10
sorenpsusi: As I said: That's been the case since PPU's were invented.15:22
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
effie_jayxtnanks dholbach15:37
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psusiok, I think I did this right.. can I get a review? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhillipSusi/DeveloperApplication15:54
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ari-tczewpsusi: are you a Debian Developer?16:01
sbeattieRhonda: doh, sorry about that.16:02
psusiari-tczew: nope16:04
ari-tczewpsusi: why are you going to join MOTU right now? what are your plans as MOTU?16:04
psusiari-tczew: well, like I mentioned in the app, I'd like to get the defrag package back into the archive, and of course, continue fixing bugs in other areas I usually work on16:05
ari-tczewpsusi: maybe PPU for particular packages is better way?16:06
Rhondasbeattie: Not your fault, but it took me a lot of thoughts and time to figure it out  %-)16:06
psusiari-tczew: well I was thinking of asking for a few PPUs on top of motu16:06
psusibut figured I'd start with motu and see where we go from there16:07
ari-tczewpsusi: so please start work on MOTU stuff16:07
ari-tczewpsusi: are you familiar with merging with Debian?16:08
psusiari-tczew: I think so... these days it seems to be mostly down to a bzr merge from the debian branch right?16:08
ari-tczewpsusi: merging with Debian is usually by debdiffs, check merge-o-matic16:09
ubottuMoM is the Ubuntu Merge-O-Matic, a website helping the MOTUs keep Ubuntu in sync with Debian. See  https://merges.ubuntu.com/16:09
Laneyyou can merge using the UDD bzr branches as well16:09
psusiI thoguht that was the old way, and the new UDD way was with bzr merge?16:09
ari-tczewpsusi: it can be16:09
ari-tczewas I wrote: usually16:09
psusiok... I like the new ways better ;)16:10
ari-tczewpsusi: don't you think that 8 uploads is too small to get full universe upload access?16:10
psusiI didn't... I mean, I've been working on things for years now and am starting to feel confidant that I've got it down now after a number of successful sponsored uploads, so... figured the next step was motu16:11
chrisccoulsonwell, it's not just about quantity. quality of work matters too, and you can't just assume quality if there is quantity16:12
Rhondaari-tczew: Don't you think that's something for the membership board to judge?16:12
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: IMO quantity means the level of expierence.16:12
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, not really16:12
RhondaSheer quantity is a very back ruler16:12
Rhondaari-tczew: IMO it doesn't.16:13
ari-tczewRhonda: this is MOTU channel, psusi is asking here so I'm answering my opinion. can't I?16:13
chrisccoulsonif somebody does 100 very simple trivial merges, it does't demonstrate much experience16:13
cody-somervilleari-tczew, They're just sharing their opinion too :)16:13
Rhondaari-tczew: Sure you can, but like said, the amount of uploads is just a number and doesn't say much.16:13
ari-tczewok last question.16:13
ari-tczewpsusi: are you Canonical employee?16:14
RhondaAnd if you like to book that rule of expressing opinions, so can others.16:14
psusiari-tczew: nope16:14
c2tarunchrisccoulson: what kind of merges or fixes necessary for good experience?16:14
ari-tczewoh! I'm suprised16:14
psusiyou are?16:14
psusiif I were, I'd be a core-devl wouldn't I? ;)16:14
chrisccoulsonnot necessarily, i'm not a core-dev ;)16:14
psusithough Keybuck did tell me I should apply once...16:14
ari-tczewpsusi: yes, Canonical staff like to join directly core-dev16:14
psusiI'll get there eventually most likely16:15
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, that's just not true i'm afraid16:15
ari-tczewpsusi: well, I've been disagreed here. Let's complete endorsements from your sponsors.16:15
chrisccoulsoncanonical employees go through the same process as everybody else16:16
ari-tczew(on wiki page)16:16
RhondaSure, but just because they go through the same process doesn't mean that they can't apply directly to core-dev :)16:17
psusiso the page is complete and correct so far?16:17
chrisccoulsonindeed :) but the same also applies to people who aren't employed by canonical ;)16:18
RhondaIt's all a matter of the quality and visibility of the contributions, not the quantity.16:18
ari-tczewpsusi: Things I could do better and Plans for the future are empty16:18
RhondaI have no number at hands of how few sync requests I did send before I applied for MOTU, but I doubt that they were very many.16:19
ari-tczewpsusi: and of course there is not any endorse, you have to ask your sponsors16:19
psusiright... that's next step16:20
LaneyIt's not surprising that people who work on main all day every day end up asking for upload rights to it...16:21
ari-tczewRhonda, chrisccoulson: well, I mean that if someone works often on bugs, there is no point to give full upload access16:21
ari-tczewsorry, no often16:21
ari-tczewrarely, I mean16:22
RhondaActually, bugs have to get applied eventually. Having to look for sponsors all the time, when one fixes the bugs, can be quite tedious and depressing.#16:22
Rhondaof course, the bug *fixes* have to get applied, not the bugs. %-)16:22
chrisccoulsonari-tczew, i spend a lot of time on bugs, shouldn't i have upload access? :/16:23
ari-tczewchrisccoulson: typo, I mean rarely working bugs, no often16:23
chrisccoulsonah, ok. thanks for clarifying16:23
ari-tczewRhonda, chrisccoulson: don't you agree with my opinion?16:24
c2tarunWhat kind of bugs are good to work on for good experience?16:25
psusiI've been pretty happy lately with the new udd branch linking and merging, and patch pilot program... been getting sponsorship quickly and easily.16:25
psusibeen such a smooth process I figure I must be doing it right ;)16:26
ari-tczewc2tarun: it's not straightforward to tell what you should do to get expierence. every person is another.16:26
Rhondaari-tczew, usually not. Where did you pick up that "rarely" from?16:26
psusiused to be a pita though...16:26
Rhondaari-tczew: And if your opinion is the one of quantity over quality, I couldn't disagree any stronger with.16:27
ari-tczewRhonda: https://launchpad.net/~psusi/+uploaded-packages16:27
ari-tczewRhonda: uploads twice a year16:27
ari-tczewdoes it need to get upload access?16:28
RhondaDepends, and again (for the last time) not judgable only by that quantity marks.16:28
RhondaPlease try to be less demotivating.16:28
psusihrm... I don't think that list is complete...16:28
ari-tczewRhonda: I'm not going to demotivate.16:29
ari-tczewRhonda: psusi asked for feedback, he got it.16:29
RhondaThat might very well be, but you come across like that.16:29
cody-somervilleari-tczew, add smiley faces to your messages. :)16:30
MTecknologyAmpelbein: I'm trying ot have the packaging remove /etc/logrotate.d/nginx-{full,light,extras}. Things install fine; but the file doesn't go away. Packaging that I'm testing with.. http://tinyurl.com/ngx-pkg-testing16:30
ari-tczewRhonda: sorry, I won't lie.16:30
cody-somervilleari-tczew, I don't think Rhonda was asking you to. :)16:30
RhondaNoone ask that.16:30
ari-tczewRhonda: go send message to community council that I say my opinion, because it's demotivating!16:31
ari-tczewsorry, simple joke16:32
cody-somervilleari-tczew, Not funny.16:32
cody-somervilleari-tczew, :(16:32
psusiyea, there's definitely a few kernel patches missing from that list16:32
RhondaI wonder how you come down that road, and if you like to wave that flag around all the time, it isn't helping you in any way.16:32
ari-tczewRhonda: I don't care.16:32
ari-tczew I won't lie to keep CoC.16:33
c2taruncan anyone please help me with this error. http://paste.ubuntu.com/574005/16:33
RhondaAgain, noone asks you to lie. All that is asked to be less demotivating and more encouraging to others.16:33
ari-tczewRhonda: OK I'll do it just for YOU!16:34
ari-tczewpsusi: It's very very great that you are involved with making Ubuntu better!16:34
AmpelbeinMTecknology: I'll have a look now.16:34
ari-tczewpsusi: However, I guess it's too early to get full upload access for universe.16:34
ari-tczewpsusi: I encourage you to do something else for universe.16:35
psusisuch as?16:35
cody-somervilleari-tczew, I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic but that approach is much better! +1 :)16:35
Rhondaari-tczew: You shouldn't do it for me, you should do it for yourself and for the community.16:35
debfxc2tarun: the lib order is wrong, -latom4 and -lxatom4 have to be the first libraries16:36
ari-tczewpsusi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU#MOTU%20Processes16:36
debfxc2tarun: like that: ... -L/usr/X11R6/lib -latom4 -lxatom4 -lt++ -lpanel -lncurses -lX11 -lXpm16:37
MTecknologyAmpelbein: thanks; I'm really fumbling around16:37
c2tarundebfx: ok, it worked. Can you please help me in finding the file in which I should make change in order to fix this bug? I tried but failed, there are no Makefiles here16:38
debfxc2tarun: if you tell me which package it is :)16:39
c2tarundebfx: sure :) its atom416:39
psusiI had done a merge of lvm2 but before it got reviewed and sponsored, someone else did the same... that was a hairy one...16:39
ari-tczewdebfx: how do you check which library is missing if got error undefined reference?16:40
debfxari-tczew: usually either ld tells you which library is missing or the order is wrong16:43
c2tarundebfx: in one package it told that to add /usr/lib/libkio.so.4 , it worked but on adding lkio also it worked? what's the diff16:45
MTecknologyAmpelbein: to test.. I do this... debchroot sid sid; chroot sid; aptitude install nginx-full; echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/package-testing/ubuntu lucid main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list; aptitude update; aptitude full-upgrade    That file 'should' be gone.16:46
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debfxc2tarun: in the file Construct you need to change this line: $LIBS     = "$PROGLIB $NCURSESLIB $X11LIB -latom4 -lxatom4";16:47
c2tarundebfx: two questions, one I asked few seconds ago and other is how  you find this Construct file?16:48
debfxc2tarun: you should use -lkio, it's more generic16:49
debfxc2tarun: I've just searched for "x11" in the package files16:50
AmpelbeinMTecknology: yeah, I have a similar setup for testing.16:50
MTecknologyAmpelbein: the 0.8.54-3 in the last version is what's in sid right now16:51
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MTecknologyAmpelbein: you see anything?17:28
AmpelbeinMTecknology: ok.. I don't know why, but putting 0.8.54-4 as version argument to dpkg-maint-helper works17:28
AmpelbeinMTecknology: but from the wording of the man page, it shouldn't17:28
AmpelbeinMTecknology: because -3 was the last version to ship that configfile17:28
AmpelbeinMTecknology: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574034/17:29
MTecknologyAmpelbein: it's that simple?...17:29
AmpelbeinMTecknology: apparently yes.17:30
MTecknologyI'll build and try it..17:30
MTecknologyAmpelbein: hm... it still exists for me..18:03
MTecknologyAmpelbein: http://dpaste.com/462477/18:04
MTecknologyLine 51 is where it should be moved..18:05
MTecknologyAmpelbein: what did you use as a base install?18:09
MTecknologysid, 11.04, ?18:09
AmpelbeinMTecknology: I used a sid-pbuilder environment (pbuilder-dist sid login)18:14
MTecknologyAmpelbein: did you first install nginx; then do the upgrade to my packaged version?18:16
ari-tczewDaviey: good point on kbarcode sponsorship18:31
Davieyari-tczew, But it's exploded in my face... :)18:34
MTecknologyAmpelbein: here's a pastebin of the whole process I took with the undesired result.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/574062/18:34
Davieyari-tczew, Someone beat me to uploading it by 10 mins... after i successfully dput'd, i pushed to lp:ubuntu/kbarcode... :/18:35
ari-tczewDaviey: can't you just use dput?18:35
ari-tczewbranch should be imported automatically18:36
Davieyari-tczew, yes - but trying to maintain bzr history and get UDD ready :)18:36
Daviey<-- food18:37
MTecknologyI wish I could just toss a simple 'rm /etc/logrotate.d/nginx-*' in nginx-common.postinst...18:39
MTecknologyI'm  starting to get very tempted to do that18:39
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AmpelbeinMTecknology: I don't know why that worked for me and not for you. I'm out of ideas tbh18:42
MTecknologyAmpelbein: could you try doing the exact same thing that I did?18:42
AmpelbeinMTecknology: k18:42
AmpelbeinMTecknology: you could post do ubuntu-motu mailing list and ask for help or debian developer, if that doesn't work18:43
MTecknologyAmpelbein: I'll do that; my fiancee just got here so we're probably going to do some wedding stuff and then eat; I'll be back later18:44
MTecknologyAmpelbein: If you figure it out; I'll kiss you (or something equivalent); otherwise that shoulds like a really good idea that I didn't think of. :)18:45
MTecknologythe DD I've been talking to doesn't seem to know, but also doesn't seem to have the time to really look18:45
MTecknologyThanks for all the help you're giving me too. :)18:45
ari-tczewDaviey: heh, ogra was faster18:55
ograwe're just discussing the impact :)18:55
ari-tczewogra: it's fantastic how Canonical staff fight for sponsorships!18:55
ograyou didnt know we get a bonus of $1 for each upload ??18:56
ari-tczewogra: I hear only about euro :D18:56
c2tarunI am working on fixing ftbfs of a package, I need to make change in a file. but that package is not following any patching system. Can I just add 3.0 quilt or should I make change directly?19:02
ari-tczewc2tarun: directly19:02
dajhornIn an Ubuntu package, what is the right way for a script to test for a 32-bit environment at runtime?19:31
ograari-tczew, bug 725933 looks fine to me (you were waiting for more info on it it seems, does it look sufficientto you ?)19:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725933 in ivtv-utils (Ubuntu) "Package ivtv-utils-1.4.1 failed to build from source" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72593319:32
micahgdajhorn: why are you doing that?19:33
dajhornmicahg:  I'm working on the zfs-dkms package.  I need to create a /etc/grub.d/ stub that sets a kernel parameter if the host is 32-bit.19:34
dajhornmicahg: I looked lsb_release and uname, but figured that there is an Ubuntu Way to check.19:35
micahgdajhorn: well, there's dpkg --print-architecture19:36
dajhornmicahg: Thanks.  That seems like a good way.19:36
micahgdajhorn: there's dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS, but I don't know how fragile it is19:40
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dajhornmicahg: That's even better.  (The problem is that vmem= must be increased on a 32 machine, even on a non-i386 arch.)19:42
ari-tczewogra: d/changelog has bug - should add LP: as well, and he didn't add DEP3 headers19:43
ogra+  * debian/patches/04_fix_ftbfs_binutils-gold.dpatch19:45
ogra+    - Fix FTBFS with binutils-gold. (Closes: #615989)19:45
ograthats not enough for you ?19:45
ograoh, heh19:45
ogracloses a different bug, fun19:45
ari-tczewogra: bug is correct19:47
ari-tczewdebian bug 61598919:47
ubottuDebian bug 615989 in ivtv-utils "ivtv-utils: Package failed to build from source on Ubuntu natty" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/61598919:47
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ari-tczewogra: online?20:25
ari-tczewogra: seems you have been disconnected.20:25
ari-tczewogra: about iv-tv, if you want, you can complete his debdiff and upload20:26
ari-tczewogra: just add (LP: #xxxx) as well and add Bug-Debian into patch20:26
ograwell, i see he added headers to the diff20:27
ograis there a debian bug ? i dont see one linked20:27
ari-tczewFix FTBFS with binutils-gold. (LP: #725933, Closes: #615989)20:27
ari-tczewuse it20:27
ograoh, thats the debian one20:27
ograi was looking at the bug tasks20:27
ari-tczewyes he should add task on Debian as well20:28
ari-tczewyou can do it if you have time20:28
wejaegerHey, anyone up for reviewing l2tp-ipsec-vpn? It's a little applet to configure and manage L2TP IPsec VPN connections. I've just uploaded a new candidate to fix all problems about which micahg and mok0 complained. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/l2tp-ipsec-vpn20:32
MTecknologyAmpelbein: What happened?20:54
AmpelbeinMTecknology: I can't reproduce my success on a totally clean environment20:57
mok0_wejaeger: I'll take another look tomorrow21:02
wejaegermok0: great, thank you so much!21:14
xelisteris it easy to take say Ubuntu, and make a custom installation CD that executes as root some script at end of installation ?22:02
micahg!support | xelister22:10
ubottuxelister: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.22:10
xelistermicahg: this is development, not using22:10
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xelisteris it not22:10
ari-tczewmicahg: not this time ;)22:12
micahgari-tczew: huh?  I stand by my comment22:12
micahgeither that or #ubuntu-installer22:12
xelisterhmm.. how to DEVELOP addition to the ubuntu installer, in a form of a script run at end22:12
xelistersorry to interrupt all conversations here with my development question ;) if it was ot on this channel22:13
micahgxelister: sorry, lots of things going on, #ubuntu-installer would probably be a better place to get an answer to your question, we mainly deal with universe packages here22:16
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emDo any of you know why Ubuntu would put untrusted packages in the Repo?22:20
ari-tczewem: what do you mean by untrusted packages?22:20
cody-somervilleem, What do you mean?22:20
emI just did: sudo aptitude install inkscape22:20
emand I got the following warning:22:20
arandem: Have you added a PPA?22:21
emWARNING: untrusted versions of the following packages will be installed!22:21
cody-somervilleem, Can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy inkscape?22:21
emNo I have not.22:21
emcody-somerville: http://pastebin.com/FuQY2aZL22:25
emThese are the warnings it gave - http://pastebin.com/743emHBG22:26
cody-somervilleem, Can you pastebin the output of the following?: apt-cache policy python-renderpm22:27
emhttp://pastebin.com/ckKnbqSZ <-- cody-somerville22:30
cody-somervilleem, Can you pastebin the output of sudo apt-key list?22:31
emis any of this sensitive info?22:32
emcody-somerville: ^22:34
kklimondaunless you have added some secret keys22:34
emI have not22:35
emcody-somerville: the apt-key list ^22:36
emhas anything been learned here?22:37
cody-somervilleem, try running sudo apt-get update and then try installing inkscape again.22:38
emokay ive not installed it a first time because i chose "no"22:38
emwell that time it did not throw the warning.22:40
emcody-somerville: what was the issue?22:42
cody-somervilleem, Not sure. Maybe the last time you did 'apt-get update' your mirror was in the process of updating or something?22:45
emyeah im not sure22:53
seidosare only canonical employees allowed to add packages to the distro release?23:08
macothe ubuntu desktop team, kubuntu team, edubuntu team, etc decide what each of them will ship as default, usually at an Ubuntu Developer Summit23:09
macothese occur May-ish and November-ish23:09
macoand include community members as well23:09
lifelessand many canonical staff that work on Ubuntu cannot add packages23:10
lifelessthey have to go through the same process everyone else does to earn that ability23:11
porthoselifeless I beg to differ, not to pick on kate stewart, she is our new release manager, she is not a motu, she is not a core-dev but yet she is an archive admin or should I say thats what her launchpad page states https://launchpad.net/~kate.stewart.23:20
macoarchive admins don't change seeds though, do they?23:20
macojust click the green button after a motu or core-dev uploads a new package23:20
lifelessshe can't sign an upload23:21
udienzmicahg, about gkamus, rpath has been fixed and re-uploaded again in revu23:31
micahgudienz: I won't be able to look at it for a few days23:38
udienzmicahg, oh okay23:38

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