qwebirc26086I am using mythbuntu 10.10 and I have a hauppauge 850 usb tuner.  I must remove my tuner card before a reboot or the card does not function.  Thus I must exit out of the frontend and enter into the backend config and rescan channels everytime I loose power.  Is there a fix?01:51
mycosyssuspect you may have an issue with the card needing firmware but neing detected as warm01:53
mycosystry switching off the power to the machine during a reboot see if it makes a diff01:53
mycosysbefore you do - can you pastebin the output of dmesg please01:53
qwebirc26086sorry...so you'd like an output of dmsg?01:54
mycosysyes please01:55
qwebirc26086sure just a minute01:55
mycosysone now with it working, one after a warm boot, ideally01:55
mycosyscan you give the output of lsusb too please01:56
qwebirc26086will do01:56
qwebirc26086im rebooting now02:04
qwebirc26086ok mycosys02:12
mycosyspastebin links?02:13
Zinn[mythbuntu.pastebin.com] Working..... [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup - Qwebirc2608602:18
qwebirc26086was that a question, observation, or solution??? LOL!02:20
mycosysis a bit that is stating the title of the link you posted02:23
qwebirc26086got ya02:28
mycosysstuffed as to why the system is taking 30sec in one case to initialise it, 60 in the other02:34
mycosysalso - did you remove and reinsert it in the first instance?\02:34
mycosysactually - in the instance it didnt work, it wasnt initialised til 83 seconds after boot02:35
qwebirc26086to get it working ..yes i had to remove and reinsert the device02:37
qwebirc26086however i left it inserted for the second capture02:37
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mycosystry running 'sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart'02:41
mycosysjust to check a hunch that the backend is coming up before the card is02:41
qwebirc26086ok...now should I test the device?02:42
qwebirc26086That seems to have worked.02:43
qwebirc26086I know when the frontend starts at bootup it comes up faster that the nic makes a connection to my network02:44
qwebirc26086so if thats the issue...what can I do to fix it?  Script or something?02:46
mycosyscould add a delay to the init script but that is nasty02:46
mycosysif you are usin 9.10 or later upstart should be able to wait for the card init to finish02:47
qwebirc26086im on 10.1002:47
mycosysrhpot1991 are you around?02:47
mycosysqwebirc26086 i am still on 9.04 so dont know upstart, but it is one of the issues it was introduced to address02:48
mycosyshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1626997 there is a solution in the mytbuntu repos that makes mythbackend wait for udev to finish before starting02:52
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [SOLVED] How to delay launch of mythbackend?? (video device not found) - Ubuntu Forums02:52
* tgm4883 pokes his head in02:53
tgm4883mycosys, quick summary?02:53
mycosyshe needed to replug his tuner to get myth to work02:53
mycosysi suggested restarting the backend and it worked02:54
mycosystuner is taking 80sec to get up02:54
tgm4883mythtv version?02:54
mycosysnoticed post in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1626997 that mentioned a repo fix that made mythbackend wait for udev02:54
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [SOLVED] How to delay launch of mythbackend?? (video device not found) - Ubuntu Forums02:54
mycosysonly know he is on 10.1002:54
tgm4883qwebirc26086, run "dpkg -l mythtv-backend"02:55
mycosysqwebirc26086 what mythtv version are you running?02:55
tgm4883make the terminal full screen when you run it02:55
tgm4883because I need the full version, not just 0.23.102:55
tgm4883qwebirc26086, thanks, Can you also look in /etc/init mythtv-backend.conf and see if this line matches02:58
tgm4883that file02:59
tgm4883see if you see this line02:59
tgm4883start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=lo and started udev-finish)02:59
tgm4883and not just this02:59
tgm4883start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=lo)02:59
tgm4883also, you are on the shipping 0.23.1 build, I'd update to the latest using the mythbuntu-repos package03:00
mycosyswould it be a good idea to add waiting for mysql to start too?03:00
mycosyshave had an issue before where mysql was coming up after the backend03:00
qwebirc26086yes I have the udev-finish03:00
qwebirc26086I saw something about changing the Iface to eth0 since it comes up later that lo03:01
qwebirc26086think that would work?03:01
mycosysand just running 'sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart' without replugging fixes the issue?03:01
qwebirc26086yes I did not replug and was watching tv fine03:02
tgm4883ok, so just restarting the backend makes it work fine?03:03
tgm4883shouldn't need to change the Iface, although we may need to adjust exactly what we are waiting on03:03
tgm4883I'm surprised waiting for udev-finish isn't enough03:04
mycosysme too03:04
qwebirc26086can I tell it to wait for the specific device?03:04
mycosyshttp://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/NZ3i5g5y is his demsg, both working and then not03:05
Zinn[mythbuntu.pastebin.com] Working..... [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup - Qwebirc2608603:05
mycosyssorry qwebirc26086 i am assuming you are a he - i apologise if this is incorrect03:05
qwebirc26086you assumed correctly...but thanks for the political correctness!  LOL!03:06
mycosyscould you pastebin /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log please03:07
mycosysyw lol03:07
qwebirc26086will do03:07
mycosysok - tech is here to replace some parts on this so bbs03:08
tgm4883qwebirc26086, does this fail to start correctly on every reboot?03:09
tgm4883lets see the backend logs03:10
tgm4883it might be the mysql issue03:10
tgm4883is so, we can test it03:10
qwebirc26086I finally read somewhere to unplug the device reboot and the plug it back in and that worked03:10
Zinn[mythbuntu.pastebin.com] 2011-02-27 00:01:19.648 UPnpMedia: BuildMediaMap - Qwebirc2608603:14
tgm4883hmm, I see a single can't connect to db error, but it connects right after that03:18
tgm4883still looks like the tuner isn't up in time for the backend03:18
tgm4883superm1, ^^03:18
qwebirc26086if i update using the mythbuntu-repos will that affect your troubleshooting?03:25
tgm4883qwebirc26086, no, it's something we recommend anyway03:30
tgm4883we'll probably need superm1 to weigh in on this though. Having it wait for mysql may fix it, but since that doesn't appear to be the issue it would be a side effect of the change03:30
qwebirc26086I am reading about a sleep script in mythtv-backend.conf...think that would fix my issue?03:33
tgm4883qwebirc26086, it would fix the issue, but it's more of a hack than an actual fix03:33
tgm4883not that it would be bad for you, but it's not something we should put in the packaging03:34
qwebirc26086got ya.....03:35
qwebirc26086looking at my logs and times how long of a sleep would it take?03:37
tgm4883IDK, thats something you probably need to test03:40
tgm4883maybe start with 10 seconds, if it works go to 503:40
qwebirc26086ok I'll try it.03:41
qwebirc26086Thanks guys!  I just added a sleep 10 to my mythtv-backend.conf.  I appreciate all the assistance.03:55
mycosystgm4883 - he got it all figuted?04:29
superm1we can't have it wait for mysql05:04
superm1that breaks the non mysql case05:04
superm1maybe a secondary job can fix this though, will have to think abou tit05:05
tgm4883superm1, yea but somethings odd about it06:42
tgm4883like why waiting for udev wasn't working06:42
superm1theres a udev finish thing that it can wait for instead14:58
tgm4883superm1, yea, thats what it's currently set at14:58
superm1upstart would have to be booted in debug mode to find out what's really happening14:59
superm1it's a kernel command line option that puts it in debug mode14:59
qwebirc65487I am attempting to put mythbuntu onto my pc using a Hauppauge nova-s-plus card but I can't find channels19:42
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