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nhandlerI'm not sure if I'll be able to make the meeting this week. I'll be traveling at the time. One thing I would like to do (if possible, before the meeting) is send out an email announcing that we need help on UWN and want to setup all of the positions as rotating positions (and then expand the table on the wiki to be for all tasks).02:35
pleia2do we want to just move the meeting?02:38
pleia2it's a slow week for me, so it doesn't matter when02:39
nhandlerThat works too. I can either do it Wednesday or we can push it back a week (which might be best)02:40
pleia2yeah, let's push it back a week02:49
nhandlerakgraner: Sound good to you ^ ?02:52
akgranerfine with me03:37
pleia2OpenID login failed: Server denied check_authentication03:44
pleia2still getting this when I try to use launchpad auth on the news site :\03:44
* pleia2 is working on posting latest FCM UW interview03:44
pleia2nhandler: with your interviews script it doesn't category the post in Interviews (just puts it in default "News")03:46
nhandlerpleia2: I can fix that (I think). Let me check03:54
nhandlerpleia2: I think I have it fixed. But I don't have a good way to test it until the next interview gets posted04:06
pleia2thanks :)04:06
nhandlerThank you :)04:07
=== nhandler changed the topic of #ubuntu-news to: for #ubuntu-news is: Next Meeting: Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 2300UTC Agenda: http://v.gd/RtyfmH | The Ubuntu News Channel - You report it, we publish it! Serving the Fridge, Ubuntu Weekly News, and other fine publications. | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewsTeam | http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN
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