KB1JWQHe's missed.00:47
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from mathbrain)02:08
rwwWhat. on. Earth. Did someone really just say in -ot that gravity is just a theory and think that two balls not attracting each other is a counterexample to it. o.O02:48
Jordan_Urww: I think you've been troll'd.02:49
rwwI hope so, but I don't think so :(02:50
tonyyarussorww: well, it is just a theory, but as for the latter I suspect people really are that stupid.02:56
rwwAlthough, on reflection, I have seen people in #ubuntu-offtopic who believe in perpetual motion.02:58
tonyyarussoI was arguing with some idiot about that just a few days ago.03:00
tonyyarussopossibly outside of #ubuntu* though03:00
rwwwhat the platypus just happened in -ot03:02
rwwah, n0tix happened in -ot. I thought that nick sounded familiar.03:02
Jordan_UI thought floodbot was supposed to prevent that type of thing.03:03
rwwonly #ubuntu and #kubuntu are floodbotted03:03
Jordan_U19:04 < Exploiter> HI, GUYS, looking for tools like SENDBLASTER ( mass email sender ) for ubuntu, any suggestion or idea??03:04
Jordan_UMight be a reasonable request, but with a nick like "Exploiter"...03:05
rww"this is a check to ensure that you're human and not a spambot: Is P=NP?"06:05
rwwoh lawd.06:05
h00krww: "Nobody knows" -- would that be acceptable07:12
h00kor "maybe"07:12
rwwh00k: I suspect it's one of those ones that matches against /.*/07:12
Jordan_Uh00k: I thought it was proven false recently.07:17
Jordan_Uh00k: Clearly you are a bot.07:17
h00kJordan_U: no, just not really proven at all ;)07:17
bazhangnash__ was asking earlier where to download OS X for free, so I'd take his questions with a grain of salt12:11
LjLi say troll12:16
jribah ubottu how you bring back memories of 56k16:18
jribtonyyarusso: note I have (had?) an exemption on kunwon1 I think because of kunwon* spamming16:19
jriblooks like that was already removed16:20
tonyyarussojrib: Are you trying to tell me you think kunwon1 is a different person than kunwon*?16:25
jribtonyyarusso: no, I just didn't want my ban exemption to get in the way of your ban.  I have no idea if kunwon1 was responsible for kunwon* but kunwon1 wasn't spamming on february 1st and replied in pm so I placed the exemption for that reason16:26
jribI could have phrased my original statement better :)16:27
tonyyarussoWell, I'm assuming they're the same for the moment - we'll see if that's wrong I guess.16:29
xabrx_hi, guys. can you please tell me the reason why Bshellz is banned from #ubuntu?17:24
macorepeated abuse by its members, and the owners being unwilling to fix it17:25
macoiirc, there's a lack of consistent naming for the same user so banning individual users just means they log off and back on and suddenly have a new host and ban evade17:26
maco(whereas like freenode's webchat shows the ip address in the host so you can ban a user for more than just "until they log out")17:26
xabrx_ok, I understand. So there's not going to be a remove of the ban any time soon then?17:27
macogenii-around: having problems?17:27
macono, the recommendation is to find another shell provider17:27
xabrx_ok, thanks maco17:27
maconecreo: same question as xabrx_ regarding bshellz ban?17:28
xabrx_I saw him at bshellz =)17:29
macorepeated abuse by its members, and the owners being unwilling to fix it17:29
macoiirc, there's a lack of consistent naming for the same user so banning individual users just means they log off and back on and suddenly have a new host and ban evade17:29
maco(whereas like freenode's webchat shows the ip address in the host so you can ban a user for more than just "until they log out")17:29
tonyyarussoxabrx_, necreo: You can of course avoid this by registering for a !cloak from Freenode.17:34
macotonyyarusso: oh right! thanks for having your brain turned on :)17:35
genii-aroundmaco: Yes. Konversation, Quassel, and XChat all want to segfault on me whenever I open certain pages in Firefox :(17:37
genii-aroundAnd extremely annoying17:38
xabrx_ok, thanks guys17:39
necreotonyyarusso: I got a cloak18:04
necreoBut the shell provider cloak overtakes it each time18:04
necreoWhen I start issi I see a message from freenode after I identified myself like: your (hidden) host is now ...unaffiliated..18:05
necreoAnd right after that it changes the cloak back to #bshellz one :(18:05
necreoI really would appreciate a solution18:06
necreoMaybe I should try #freenode18:06
KB1JWQnecreo: Right.18:07
KB1JWQGateway cloaks will override unaffiliated cloaks.18:07
necreoIndeed :(18:07
* tonyyarusso didn't know that18:10
PiciHeads up on archive.canonical.com being unresponsive, Canonical is looking into it.18:18
Tm_TPici: been rather unresponsive for 12 hours or so (:18:38
necreo#freenode told me to ask you (#ubuntu-ops) for a ban exemption for my IRC account19:28
necreoIs that possible?19:28
macoi can try19:30
maconecreo: see if you can join now19:30
necreomaco: I'm afraid not : "[Freenode] ==> Cannot join to channel #ubuntu (You are banned)"19:31
Picimaco: What command did you try?19:32
maco/mode +e neocreo!*@*19:32
macoi spelled it wrong!19:32
maconecreo: try again19:32
necreoThank you!19:33
necreo:)) Finally now I can ask my question about libnotify-bin19:34
necreoThanks a lot again!19:34
rwwmaco: As far as I'm aware, we're supposed to be telling bshellz users to use another shell service, not exempting them.20:42
rwwAnd setting +e's based on nick is not a good idea :\20:42
macorww: i did say use another shell at first... then freenode people told them to tell us to +e so...20:46
macotheir hosts are non-specific though. should i change it to nick/ident combo?20:47
LjLident alone should do, it's running identd20:47
rwwsay "no" next time and point them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ShellPolicy20:47
LjLwhat is the reason bshellz is banned anyway, still not clear to me20:48
rwwLjL: per IRCC, persistant abuse/use for ban-evading, and not having contactable staff to deal with such.20:49
rwwpersonally, considering that we misspelled the ban for months and didn't notice, I'm not convinced, but w/e. :\20:49
LjLme neither20:50
LjLpersonally i think i'll set exemptions if a user seems legitimate to me, if that's not what i'm "supposed" to do i'll have the IRCC tell me that20:51
rwwin which case, yeah, +e *!ident@host is the way to go20:52
topyliLjL: maybe you should let the ircc know though, and perhaps even make the case for unbanning them20:53
rwwor +e $a:accountname if they have one, I guess.20:53
ikoniaLjL: remove the ban20:53
ikoniajust dump the network wide ban on bzshellz20:54
tsimpsonthere is an issue with setting +e, bans don't work20:54
LjLtopyli: or maybe the fact that i've accepted to add this garbage freenode Webchat to the bots even after Mibbit was banned with no reason makes me feel entitled to just set a damned exempt on the bots20:54
LjLtsimpson: they do if you set the +e using the bots20:54
rwwtsimpson: s/bans/extbans/?20:54
tsimpsonrww: no20:54
ikoniaLjL: just remove the ban20:54
rwwoh, sorry. misparse.20:54
tsimpsonI mean setting +e $:account20:55
tsimpsonthat means, unless someone checks and removes it, you can't ban them if they do become abusive20:55
rwwwell yeah, which is why I'm not a fan of exempting. but if people are planning to do so anyway, I'd rather they not base it on nick ;)20:55
LjLrww: again what's wrong with setting it with the bots?20:58
rwwLjL: I wasn't specifically talking about the bots. The bots (theoretically) remove them. Operators tend to not.20:58
rwwand there goes my oldest #ubuntu ban in BT :)20:59
LjLright, so just set exempt with the bots, that's why i put an exempt command there20:59
ikoniaLjL: there should now be no ban in #ubuntu for the bzshell host mask20:59
LjLikonia: maybe you should let the ircc know though20:59
ikoniaI'll mail them21:00
ikoniaand watch it black hole21:00
ikoniathe council have been informed21:03
ikoniano point having a policy if no-one follows it21:04
ikoniamay as well just remove it21:04
LjLthe policy isn't that you can't set an exempt if someone looks sane to you21:04
LjLfor god's sake don't stick to rules like there was glue21:04
LjLi'm sure exempts have been set for people here before, me included21:05
ikoniaactually it was to tell them to contact their shell host and ask them to update the contact details or set a usage policy that was in line with the ubuntu requirements21:05
LjLwhen i was on mibbit before the bots exempted it for example - and same with other people21:05
ikoniaI fully agree you can set excempts21:05
LjLikonia: what's wrong with their contact details?21:05
ikoniathey don't exist and they don't have an abuse policy and you can ban one account and sign up for another one 1 second later21:05
ikoniaas was happening21:06
rwwLjL: iirc, the contention is that they don't actually respond ever.21:06
ikoniafeeding time21:06
LjLikonia: they don't exist, or they don't respond? not the same thing21:06
ikoniano official contacts, and the unofficial ones don't respond beyond "we dont care, we don't want to police it"21:07
LjLand there rules at http://www.bshellz.net/register21:07
ikoniaanyway, feeding time21:07
ikoniayes, but they don't want to police them21:07
topyliso since the bshellz ban was removed, did anyone remove bshellz from the policy wiki page?21:53
* topyli goes to look21:53
LjLi have a feeling it'll be readded anyway21:55
topyliwhy? should it be banned or not?21:57
LjLthat depends on how much abuse you're willing to put up with21:57
LjLall i was really arguing for, though, was to feel free to add exempt (ideally with the bots) if someone comes forwards and asks niely21:57
LjL(which to me is just a matter of common sense and good heartedness and not something that should be strictly regulated in the first place)21:58
LjLfwiw, i have had an indirect confirmation that the bshellz ops are probably not very responsive21:59
LjLabout that, perhaps it would be a good idea to add the specific reasons why a shell is banned on the page itself? is there a reason why that was not done?21:59
rwwrww, creator of controversy :(22:00
LjLrww: nah this has been a pet peeve of mine for some time22:01
topylii'll just watch tv and see how things stand tomorrow22:02
elkyIt's not like there's anyone reading the logs of here who is banned who will now go make use of the knowledge schooled to them by the past two hours of discussion.22:33
elkySo yeah, it'll be back.22:34
derpGuest30213 is ~me@host-n2-73-24.telpol.net.pl * me23:07
derp[18:04] <Guest30213> Install gentoo.23:07
derp[18:06] <derp> y23:07
ikoniaI'll look at it23:08
PiciI think we should be telling regulars in #ubuntu to stop pouncing on people with !ot when they just say 'hi' for the first time in #ubuntu. Thoughts?23:26
ikoniait was a little "quick" but I don't think that's the norm (from what I see)23:27
FlannelPici: There's been a lot of premature factoiding recently, yes.  For a variety of subjects23:27
Flannelgentle nudging in private has always worked well!23:28
Flannel(except when it doesn't)23:28
ikoniawow, poor bo is confused23:28
PiciYeah, and its not the first time I've seen that.23:29
ikoniaI don't see it very often, hence why I didn't know it had become a problem23:29
LjLsimilarly to how some people (and i'm not at all referring to -ot here) give !u whenever there's so much as single innocuous abbreviation23:29
LjLi think it's not the first time i see Logan doing it23:30
LjLnot sure though23:30
PiciFlannel: thanks, sometimes I'm just at a lack of words for things on IRC.23:30
ikoniaoh really, I didn't see it as a regular thing, let alone a regular thing off one user23:30
PiciLjL: You're right, its not the first time that hes done it, but hes not the only person who does.23:30
LjLguess not23:31
LjLanother thing for that matter is this "join #pitivi", while i'm at it23:31
LjLi mean, as a suggestion is fine23:31
LjLbut why *absolutely insist* on people asking in another channel when something is about an Ubuntu package?23:31
LjLthat's another thing that is also not the first time i see, and am not entirely comfortable with23:32
ikoniano-ones insisting he asks in there23:32
ikoniahowever as no-one knows the asnwer in #ubuntu, it's worth him asking23:32
LjLi see insisting23:33
PiciI usually do something like "You may want to try asking in #bash too"23:33
LjLPici: yeah23:33
Cyddwho banned me from #ubuntu-offtopic23:33
ikoniaCydd: you have an issue you'd like to disuuss23:33
Cyddand why do you hate m23:33
ikoniaCydd: I'll have a look now23:33
ikoniaone moment please.23:34
LjLCydd: i don't see a ban on you23:34
LjLi suppose you've tried rejoining?23:34
Cyddokay it works now23:34
ikoniaCydd: where you using the nickname cydd ?23:34
LjLhe was23:34
ikonia? I thought there was no ban ?23:34
tsimpsonthere wan't23:34
Cyddi dont know im confusede23:35
LjLi do suspect he's referring to his kick23:35
Cyddoh a kick23:35
ikoniaoh, I didn't even see him kicked23:35
PiciIt was a remove.23:35
PriceyKB1JWQ: suck up *hugs*23:38
PiciSo, I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions on how to approach those who are overfactoiding.  Preferably in-channel, so that others know that its not okay.23:41
Jordan_UThis obvioulsy needs a factoid.23:41
PiciJordan_U: . . .23:41
ikoniaironic, a facotoid pointing a a guide on how to use the bot on the wiki ?23:41
ikonia\/window 423:41
PiciBut not in a way that makes it look like we're going after someone.23:41
LjLPici: if i could be bothered myself, i'd just say like "come on, he just said hello, no need for a factoid, is there?", but that does run the risk of starting an offtopic argument in the channel i guess23:42
LjLit can also be a matter of factoid choice. could give !hello instead of !ot23:43
LjLor maybe !hi or something23:43
LjLor maybe both were removed, actually i think i wanted them removed :P23:43
LjLthey were abused23:43
LjLbut they could be moderately useful when people seemed like going the "so, what's up everyone" route23:43
LjLless harsh than !ot anyway23:44
LjLstill, i think i've seen !ot given once to a simple "hi everyone" - that's entirely overboard and no factoid at all is required, clearly23:44
PiciPeople were joining and doing it, and others were doing it whenever someone joined.  Its rather silly to have the bot say hi for you when you could just do it yourself.23:44
PiciLjL: Thats sort of what happened earlier, and what sparked my suggestion here.23:45
LjLPici: earlier it was a "what's up", though, which in my mind is something in between "hi" (which is a greeting not asking for an answer) and "how are you doing" (which is a question). not sure how native speakers see it23:45
LjLto me it's a pointless phrase, but :P23:46
LjLseems like i'm splitting hair in two but words do count when you're watching for the reaction of 1500 people to something...23:46
LjLPici: not an idea i'm entirely committed to, but maybe as a middle point between !hi and !ot, a !sup = Hi! Looking for conversation? Try #ubuntu-offtopic23:51
LjLi'm not trying to say there has to be a factoid, i appreciate the point of view that people should just stop overusing them23:52

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