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boxybrownany idea why I would be able to login to gnome with a local user, but not an NIS authenticated user?01:21
twbDoes it work in login(8)01:22
boxybrowntwb: let me check01:34
boxybrowntwb: i'm not exactly sure how to test this..., keeps complaining about 'cannot possibly work without effective root'?01:37
twbI don't know what that means or where you're seeing it.01:37
boxybrowntwb: i have an ssh session open on the machine.  I'm trying 'login username' and 'exec login username'.01:38
twbUh, are you root?01:38
twbAlso, it's "login", not "login username".01:39
twbOtherwise you're not testing pam nis auth, are you?01:39
boxybrownI'm not using pam nis, just nis01:39
twbYou *are* using PAM.01:40
boxybrownhaha, okay01:40
twbUnless you're on Windows or OS X or something, in which case you can go ask another channel..01:40
boxybrownwell, i never messed with any of the pam configuration stuff. permissions and such is all set through the usual /etc/passwd, shadow, sudoers channels01:41
boxybrownand nsswitch.conf01:41
boxybrownI can't get a hold of the user who claimed they couldn't login.  However, with my login I have the following problem: I CAN login at the GUI as an nis authenticated user, but the xsession is all messed up.  The theme is wrong, the mouse works but mouse clicks do not.01:44
boxybrownLogging in as a local admin user everything is fine.01:44
twbThat doesn't sound like a server issue.01:45
boxybrownwell, its on the ubuntu-server distro01:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #726901 in euca2ools "euca-run-instances gives stacktrace if user-data-file doesn't exist" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72690101:57
boxybrownI think I found the problem, via https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNISHowTo02:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #726927 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72692702:06
boxybrownmaybe NIS users not being part of the video & DRI groups could cause the problem?02:07
twbboxybrown: I don't know; that's a GUI issue.02:07
twbIf you can reproduce the problem on the tty, I can help.02:07
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WirelssNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:44
twbWirelssNot: rfkill list02:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #726938 in cloud-init (main) "config resizefs fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72693802:46
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WirelssNottwb, i am sorry for late response.02:55
WirelssNothold on please02:55
WirelssNottwb, just have hard time transfering terminal results from one computer to the next02:56
twbJust look at it.02:56
twbWirelssNot: is your wifi device there?  Is it blocked?02:56
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/109206/  <-- example blocked02:56
WirelssNotactually i have ubuntu-desktop.02:56
WirelssNotbut noone can help at #ubuntu.02:57
twbIt is not appropriate to ask -server just because #ubuntu is busy.02:57
banker247whats a good / easy way to share photos with ubuntu? i notice it doesn't work too well with photobucket any other easy optoins?02:57
WirelssNot1: phy0: wireless LAN       soft blocked: yes    hard blocked :no02:57
twbWirelssNot: ok, so "rfkill unblock phy0"02:58
WirelssNotalso  0:   hp-wifi: wireless land  soft blocked: yes   hard blocked :yes02:59
WirelssNotwhen i do rfkill unblock phy0             bogus unblock argument 'phy0'02:59
WirelssNotwhen i do wifi-hp         boguns unblock arument 'hp-wifi03:00
twbWirelssNot: try "rfkill unblock wifi"03:00
WirelssNoti tried it, it did not show any result.03:01
twbIf a Unix program emits no output, that means it succeeded.03:02
WirelssNotshould i restart? because nothing changed. still "no network connection" when i hover over wireless icon with red exclamation mark03:03
twbUh, once you unblock the wifi you need to raise the interface.03:09
twbWhich would be "ip link set hp-wifi up" and "dhclient hp-wifi", or possibly wpasupplicant, but because you're in a GUI I don't know.  Probably NM plays silly buggers.03:10
hallynkim0: I haven't tested the latest build (and won't until after server mtg tomorrow), but spice and qemu+spice are built in ppa:serge-hallyn/spice03:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #726951 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saída de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72695103:41
zimiei need some help in setting up a transparent squid proxy server03:48
zimiewhere should i start03:48
thesheff17zimie:  I have used this site for a good reference.  I haven't done a ton with squid but do some testing: https://calomel.org/squid.html04:23
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uvirtbotNew bug: #726973 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72697305:11
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uvirtbotNew bug: #727000 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.8 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72700007:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #727015 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72701508:11
Sheepherdhey guys ive installed the ubuntu server 10.10 on my virtual vmware player machine but all my settings are lost on reboot.08:13
Sheepherdis this a commen issue?08:13
Sheepherddoes $reboot do that by default or is there another reason?08:13
sorenSheepherd: What settings?08:14
Sheepherdkeyboard layout or aliases as example08:15
Sheepherdinstalled packages stay08:15
Sheepherdkeyboard layout was set with $dpkg-reconfigure console-data08:20
Sheepherdoh well i just read that aliases are transient so nevermind that part08:21
Sheepherdbut the keyboard layout shouldnt08:22
laxmiubuntu wired network problem08:23
laxmiwireless works08:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #727026 in samba (main) "apt-get upgrade fails on samba-common if smb.conf is missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72702608:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #727028 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72702808:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #727029 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72702908:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #727034 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72703408:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #727038 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: подпроцесс установлен сценарий post-installation возвратил код ошибки 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72703809:01
Davieyhallyn, Are you planning to chase a MIR on ebtables?09:42
Davieyhallyn, it's a new recommends of libvirt by the looks of it.09:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #727061 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72706110:02
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tap-outhi,  any i dea about this error " fatal : Module vmhgfs not found" , Module vmmemctl not found.10:39
fakhirhello. my server (ubuntu server 10.10) has high load averages (1.69) but now CPU usage (0%). i gather this is likely an IO problem. how care i figure out what is going on?10:39
joschitap-out: you need to install the vmware (or openvm) kernel modules10:40
joschitap-out: be more patient10:40
tap-outu mean this apt-get install openvm10:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #727079 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade:subprocess "installed post-installation" script returned exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72707910:41
tap-outjoschi , i get this error after installing vm-open-tools is that different10:43
joschitap-out: you still haven't installed the kernel modules10:43
tap-outok i try to installed10:43
tap-outjoschi, thanks now it work10:47
smoserhallyn, 'lxcguest' rocks, and i learned something new: mount bind a file.10:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #727091 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "Select on table with two colums cause empty result." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72709110:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #727092 in samba (main) "Samba is not built against CTDB" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72709210:56
smoseri need someone to swap scribe for me11:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #727108 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package clamav-base 0.96.5 dfsg-1ubuntu1.10.04.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocesso instalado o programa post-installation retornou erro do status de saída 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72710811:46
aazerthello there ?11:50
aazerthow to check what version on ftp server that i have on my server ?11:50
Davieysmoser, regarding lxcguest... can you give a snippet that can be copy and pasted into the meeting?11:51
jkg'telnet <servername> 21' should give you a banner, which may well tell you the version (mine reports ProFTPD 1.3.2e)11:51
smoserDaviey, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting updated11:52
aazerttelnet myserverip 2111:53
aazertconnection refused11:53
Davieysmoser, are you looking for someone to do it?  Or interest conceptually?11:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #727114 in nmap (main) "nmap only recognizes IPv6 resolvers by specifying "--system-dns"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72711411:57
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zuli said i was going to do it :)11:59
Davieyzul, ah - i missed that12:00
phsiare there security.ubuntu.com mirrors?12:12
phsiopenjdk at 60kb/s is fun12:12
phsiless even :P12:12
binBASHphsi: I had 16 Kb/sec, so you're more lucky than me :D12:23
jamespagezul: morning12:27
jamespagezul: sponsor a bug fix for me?12:27
zuljamespage: sure when i get back from dropping liam off at daycare12:28
jamespagezul: thanks - I'll ping you with the link12:28
zuli think Daviey also has core-dev access now as well12:28
* jamespage falls off his chair12:28
jamespagewhen did that happen Daviey?12:28
Davieyjamespage, oh, ages ago! :)12:28
jamespagefancy a bit of sponsoring?12:29
Davieyat least 16 hours ago.12:29
Davieyjamespage, try me! :)12:29
jamespagebug 687979 - merge proposal is here - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/ubuntu/natty/jug/fix-687979/+merge/5163812:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 687979 in jug "[FTBFS] package 'jug' (2.0.0-1) failed to build on natty" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68797912:30
jamespageDaviey: also I have not been able to reproduce the FTBFS in libproxool-java - bug 68798212:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 687982 in libproxool-java "[FTBFS] package 'libproxool-java' (0.9.1-4ubuntu1) failed to build on natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68798212:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #523211 in eucalyptus "[patch] another memory leak in node controller" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52321112:31
jamespagewhat did you do to make it fail?12:31
* Daviey looks12:32
jamespageDaviey: congrats on the core-dev membership BTW12:33
Davieyjamespage, thanks :)12:33
Davieyjamespage, libproxool-java marked fixed released :)12:34
jamespageDaviey: great :-) love it when I work really hard on an issue to make it go away!12:35
Davieyjamespage, You did *awesome* :)12:35
Davieyjamespage, fancy doing the same with euca?12:35
jamespagewell I'm always up for a challenge.... ;-)12:36
hallynDaviey: oh, bother.  I guess I'll have to look into ebtables12:47
Davieyhallyn, Do you have enough time?12:48
hallynDaviey: I have no idea what that takes.  I'm also not 100% sure how needed it is (it was pulled in by the Debian package)12:49
hallynDaviey: i can look at it after the server meeting.  it'll be educational.  (though if you have time right now, I won't be offended if you do it)12:51
hallynDaviey: thanks for pointing it out.  I hadn't thought of it12:51
Davieyhallyn, Hmm.. if we don't /need/ it, we can move it from Recommends to Suggests meaning we don't need to to MIR it12:52
Davieyzul or jdstrand, With your work on libvirt, have you seen a need for us to carry ebtables?12:53
hallynDaviey: right now I need to get kids ready - bbl12:56
Davieyhallyn, no worries o/12:56
david506Does vga= in the kernel parameters still work in Ubuntu 10.04 ?13:12
pmatulisDaviey: try it and see13:30
zulDaviey: what about ebtables?13:31
* zul is back13:31
pmatulisDaviey: sorry, wrong nick13:32
Davieypmatulis, ah, no worries13:32
Davieyzul, It's a new recommends of libvirt... Am i right in saying you don't need it for lxc on OpenStack?13:33
david506Hey, I have a program running on tty1, how can I remove the login from tty1 ? ( ubuntu 10.04 lts )13:33
zulDaviey: i wouldnt drop it13:33
Davieyzul, We either need to MIR it, or drop it to Suggests.13:33
Davieyzul, it's currently universe.13:34
Davieyzul, If we don't /need/ it, we shouldn't MIR it IMO.13:34
zulDaviey: gah13:34
Davieyzul, being a recommends of libvirt in Debian suggests to me we probably don't need it.13:34
zulright drop it to suggests for now when its needed again we will do the MIR13:35
Davieyzul, i /suspect/ it will be needed next cycle13:36
zulDaviey: oh i *know* it will be needed in the next cycle13:36
Davieyzul, a universe package you care about explicitly Depends on it, so it'll get installed anyway.13:37
zulDaviey: right13:37
zulDaviey: well worry about it then...im in agreement13:37
jdstrandDaviey: aiui, ebtables should not be explicitly required, which is why it is Recommends. you can read about what it does here: http://libvirt.org/firewall.html13:53
* jdstrand should really look at that in more depth13:53
Davieyjdstrand, oh aye, i read that page.. i just wondered if you knew of anyone that would scream if it was demoted to Suggests13:55
Davieyjdstrand, as it's a new thing, i doubt it13:55
jdstrandDaviey: no. I doubt anyone would really notice in terms of install images. curious why you want that delta?13:56
Davieyjdstrand, ebtables is in Universe13:58
Davieyjdstrand, Don't want to MIR it unless we /need/ it.13:59
Daviey(This cycle at least, next cycle i think we will need it)13:59
jdstrandDaviey: hmm, I guess I forgot the policy on Recommends vs Suggests wrt MIR13:59
sorenebtables are in universe?14:00
jdstrandie, while a package in main has a Recommends will install it if universe is enabled, if universe is not enabled it won't14:00
Davieysoren, yes14:00
sorensrsly? How the heck does Eucalyptus protect against arp/mac/ip spoofing?14:01
jdstrandand it shouldn't, afaik, affect cd image buildability14:01
Davieyjdstrand, Well.. yes.. it's like a soft depends i guess... should be renamed to 'flood-my-machine-with-stuff-i-don't-need:"14:01
zulsoren: magic! :)14:01
Davieyjdstrand, lemme check with the release team14:02
sorenzul: I remember how Eucalyptus' magic works.14:02
zulsoren: hehe14:02
sorenREcommends needs MIRs for sure.14:02
sorenebtables in universe is silly. The filtering (i.e. the tricky bits) are in the kernel. ebtables is just a tool to adjust the stuff in the kernel.14:04
Davieysoren, that is what i thought... but jdstrand raises a valid point.  Just checking from the release team14:04
phsiI want to prefer same-version packages from a certain mirror, is this possible with pinning?14:04
Davieysoren, For natty, it shouldn't matter - right?14:04
sorenDaviey: Whether ebtables is in main? Not that I know of...14:04
Davieysoren, For -compute, it depends on it already.. so will still get pulled in.14:06
sorenDaviey: Certainly.14:06
sorenDaviey: But (again, this is just AFAIK) that's unrelated to its being-in-main-ness.14:07
jdstrandDaviey: fwiw, I think a MIR on ebtables is long overdue, and would be easy to achieve14:08
Davieyjdstrand, I totally agree... and natty+1 i think it will be one of the first things we chase i expect14:09
jdstrandDaviey: there are no CVEs in the userspace tool: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=ebtables14:09
* jdstrand would think it could happen this cycle if you wanted it14:10
RoAkSoAxmorning all14:10
Davieyjdstrand, Are you trying to make me scream? :)  I /just/ uploaded the demotion. :/14:10
jdstrandI am not14:10
jdstrandI thought discussions were still ongoing14:10
* jdstrand shuts up then14:11
Davieyjdstrand, Oh no.. i wasn't saying that..14:11
* jdstrand was just teasing14:11
sorenjdstrand: Are there ufw+ebtables plans?14:11
Davieyjdstrand, You sir.. will get a slap!14:11
jdstrandsoren: I'd like to, but it isn't as high as some other ufw stuff, which unfortunately isn't as high as other work14:12
jdstrandsoren: it is on the raodmap though14:12
sorenjdstrand: Does this roadmap have a url?14:13
jdstrandsoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap#Unscheduled%20Wishlist%20Items14:14
jdstrandsoren: some of what is in there was not added by me, but all is worth investigating at some point14:15
sorenjdstrand: Cool.14:17
azizLIGHTSwhats the point of the iso i downloaded when it wants to use the internet to retrieve files in setup14:23
joschiazizLIGHTS: you have to boot something, don't you? there are also minimal CDs which only contain the boot files and the debian installer and everything else is being fetched from the net14:29
azizLIGHTSbut the iso is like 700mb, thats all botting?14:30
thesheff17_azizLIGHTS: The full iso cd doesn't even require you to configure networking. so if anything is down with the internet is option during install.14:31
thesheff17_azizLIGHTS: the iso contains tons of software....at the end you can select all types of extra packages that are contained on the cd.14:31
joschiazizLIGHTS: I already wrote: there are also minimal ISOs…14:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #727189 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72718914:36
zulhallyn/Daviey/smoser: MIR filed14:42
smoserjust for the lxcguest ?14:42
smoseror all of lxc ?14:42
Davieyzul, ^14:44
zulall of lxc14:44
smoserwell thats a bit of a bigger deal14:44
smoserbug number ?14:44
smoserbug 72720014:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727200 in lxc "[MIR] lxcguest in main" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72720014:45
zulsmoser: you dont need all of lxc on the images just the lxcguest stuff14:47
smoserbut you've said you wanted to MIR it all14:47
smoseri think you can (maybe i'm wrong) just MIR for the specific binary14:47
zulyou can ill talk to the MIR team when the review is going to happen14:48
smoserso you want me to toss that into the builds ?14:48
ograyou need to MIR the source package, but can opt in to only include certain binaries in the supported set then14:49
smoserright. thank you.14:51
smoserzul, ^^14:51
zulsmoser: right14:51
zulthats what i meant :)14:51
smoserdo you want it to be added to the images "right now"14:51
zulno i dont14:52
zulsince its still being reviewed by upstream14:52
smoseryou openstack patch is being reviewed, you mean14:52
zulyeah i need more caffine14:52
smoserso, if it were up to me, and hallyn and zul  had reasonable confidence that there would not be issues caused by this (i've sniffed it on an ec2 instance), then i would rather put it in prior to alpha314:54
smoseras we'll get more testing of it then.14:54
zulfine with me14:54
andygraybealwhat do you guys recommend for the amount of space and memory for a mail server that will host the mail of around 20 people15:04
andygraybeali want to run the clamav, spamassasin, postfix, dovecot and have apache with roundcube15:05
Davieysmoser, Are you around to talk about debian/patches/22-uec-multiboot-kvm.patch?15:14
Davieyhttp://pb.daviey.com/qAeU/raw/ Does that make sense to you?15:16
Davieysmoser, a patch on a patch :)15:16
smoseryou're adding '--basepath' ?15:17
smoseroh, for natty.15:17
smoserfyi, the MAX_PATH stuff is completely busted15:17
Davieysmoser, Is that a bad change then?15:17
smoserMAX_PATH=4096 (or whatever the max path is), but they append to it all over the place.15:18
Daviey /safe/ change?15:18
smoseryour change is probably ok.15:18
smoseri'm just saying that they use that size but keep appending files to it15:18
smoserso while 1 path is < MAX_PATH, they keep appending15:18
Davieysmoser, That patch was having me scratch my head for ages15:19
smoserdo you happen to have the 2 files ?15:19
smoserthat i can look at15:19
Davieysmoser, two moments... i'll push it15:19
Davieyurg... is LP readonly?15:21
smoserthe world is hosed right now15:21
zulhmm...i wonder what happened15:22
smoserits a good thing we're not trying to make a release this week.15:23
smoseroh, and by the way, Daviey zul there is a release on thursday. so  you can't complain that you diddn't know you were supposed to be testing :)15:24
zulsmoser: arse15:26
Davieysmoser, :)15:26
smoserDaviey, ok. re-reading that pathc15:31
smoseryou're chaning lines that i did not change15:31
smoserright ?15:31
smoserDaviey, so, yeah, this is what i was talking about15:33
Davieysmoser, no... refreshing your patch against upstream15:34
smoserthey keep appending, but not shrinking the MAX and such15:34
smoserthere, i guess, upstream fixed that issue15:34
Davieysmoser, cool15:34
smoserthat make sense ?15:35
Davieysmoser, I won't test that change... if you are happy with it, and this build goes well - i'll upload it.15:35
smoseroh yeah, no reason to test anything15:37
smoseri surely dont make mistakes15:37
smoserbut that interdiff does look pretty straight forward15:37
* zul__ throws his laptop out of the window15:57
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iggiWhen I try to start a storage pool with libvirt I get a permission denied, even though the directory has rwx for everyone and the user libvirt is running as owns the directory, can anyone help?16:06
Italian_Plumberanyone else experiencing lag on the update servers?16:13
patdk-wkbeen horrible this week16:17
binBASHmaybe update servers have been relocated to egypt16:18
patdk-wklibra maybe?16:18
binBASHItalian_Plumber: Sponsor bandwidth maybe?16:24
Italian_Plumbergood point16:25
jkgwhat sort of available diskspace / monthly bw allowance would one need, in order to help out?16:25
jkg(I suspect I have the latter in spades but not the former)16:25
iggiNot sure about ubnutu, but for CentOS it was something like 1TB space and 5mbit commit on a 100mbit line16:28
jkgyeah, I could easily do the latter but the former would be a problem. ho hum, it was a thought.16:31
iggiYou can't handle 1TB of space, but can handle 100mbit line?16:34
iggiWhat data center are you in lol, for 5 mbit I could buy a 1TB every month16:34
* binBASH needs to pay 19 Eur / GB :(16:35
Italian_Plumberiggi, I officially envy you immensely. :)16:35
binBASHsorry, TB :D16:35
Italian_PlumberI have 1/2 mbit upload.16:35
iggiI own a server hosting company, multi gigabit is what I have, but still costs me quite a bit.16:36
jkgiggi: I'm with Hetzner, we get about 4TB/mo, which is 12.5ish Mbps average16:36
binBASHWell 1 GBit Flat I was offered for 1,30 Eur / MBit16:36
jkgbut storage is far more expensive16:36
binBASHhetzner = 6,90 Eur / TB :)16:37
iggiAhh yes, I am in the states. Detroit to be exact, our problem is less space and more bandwidth heh16:37
binBASHiggi: what are mbit prices in us?16:38
binBASHI heard us is quite expensive...16:38
iggiThe problem is more with the quality16:38
binBASHiggi: Is there something equivalent to hetzner in US?16:39
iggiI have a postcard from hurricane electric, they want to give me 1gbps for $1500 (0,80 euro iirc)16:39
\shbinBASH: don't compare hetzner with a real datacenter provider with isp functionality like equinix ;)16:39
binBASH\sh: yeah, equinix. Those are the most expensive I've seen yet.16:40
iggiIn large cities, i.e. NYC, Chicago, LA, DC its like $6/mbit @ 100mbit16:40
\shrealiable bandwith and network costs more then server4you or hetzner or 1&1 can offer16:40
binBASH\sh: I was hosted at Abovenet. Was quite stable16:40
binBASHHower that was in 2001 :P 1 MBit was like 185 Eur16:41
iggiWhere I am at your talking $15/mbit at 100mbit :( But we are primarily level3, savvis, global crossing with a best path routing16:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #727257 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72725716:41
\shbinBASH: abovenet was MCI worldcom wasn't it?16:41
binBASH\sh: No no, Metromedia.16:42
binBASH\sh: You know they hosted UBS swiss bank at the same datacenter I was in.16:43
RoAkSoAxzul: btw I already provided branches for vsftpd bugs I was pointing to you yesterday :) so they should be ready for sponsorship16:43
zulRoAkSoAx: yeah i saw i just havent gotten a chance to do it yet16:44
binBASH\sh: nowadays I host at www.interwerk.de. It's quite nice for the prices they have.16:44
RoAkSoAxzul: no worries then :).16:46
binBASH\sh: I will get into second datacenter in Summer I hope http://www.first-colo.net/DE/?site=rechenzentrum16:46
iggibinBASH: How is pricing over there?16:47
binBASHiggi: Where? First-Colo?16:48
binBASHiggi: At my current datacenter 1 TB = 19 Eur incl. 19% taxes or 3,50 Eur / Mbit16:50
iggibinBASH: We have been looking for a European location. London wanted $2500 for a ful lrack with 10mbit (I could get something like that with 100mbit for less than that here)16:53
RoyKiggi: http://www.thordc.com/ is said to be quite decently priced16:56
RoyKnot in England, though, a bit further north16:56
iggiRoyK: I will have to check who it was, but they were in downtown london17:02
RoyKthose icelanders (thordc.com) have very low power costs17:05
iggiRoyK: Geothermal power is cheap there eh?17:09
RoyKiggi: more important is that they can't export their power17:14
RoyKpower is theoretically cheap in Norway as well, but since it can be easily exported, prices balance with other European countries17:14
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ping17:15
DavieyRoAkSoAx, o/17:15
RoAkSoAxDaviey: o/ could you please take a look to bug #72676917:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 726769 in eucalyptus "package eucalyptus-common 2.0.1 bzr1255-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72676917:16
DavieyRoAkSoAx, yeah.. i know about that one... sadly17:17
chrislabeardHey guys for some reason ehcp is not creating directories when i create a new domain any ideas?17:21
RoAkSoAxDaviey: any ideas why?17:26
RoAkSoAxDaviey: i would guess it might be related to new upstart upstream release?17:27
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Seems to be related to the upstart job17:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #723871 in qemu "qemu-kvm-0.14.0 Aborts with -vga qxl" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72387117:27
Davieyeither the upstart job is buggy (it is scary), or it's related to euca having ld issues which should now be fixed17:27
RoAkSoAxDaviey: I don't think might be about the ld issues. I just commented the "instance $IFACE" line in the upstart job, then dpkg --configure -a and configured correctly and everything is working nice17:31
RoAkSoAxDaviey: what's the exact use of that line though?17:31
RoAkSoAxjhunt: any ideas?? ^^17:32
Davieyjhunt, This is the issue  i was pinging you about the other day17:33
Daviey$IFACE hasn't been expanded at that time17:33
DavieyI don't /exactly/ know the issue17:33
RoAkSoAxDaviey: for what I can read in the documentation, maybe "instance $IFACE" is no longer17:34
DavieyRoAkSoAx, does this help - http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/States ?17:35
* RoAkSoAx reads17:37
bdmurrayzul: since you opened releases tasks for bug 725672 does that mean it isn't new anymore?17:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 725672 in php5 "PHP 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3 with Suhosin-Patch crashes (segfault) when using big SplFixedArray" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72567217:45
* genii-around checks his php version17:45
zulbdmurray: ill update the bug i was working on it and my laptop powered off17:50
bdmurrayzul: that's exciting17:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #727293 in bind9 (main) "/usr/sbin/postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory cp: `/etc/resolv.conf' and `/etc/resolv.conf' are the same file run-parts: /etc/resolvconf/update-libc.d/postfix exited with return code 1  * Reloading Squid HTTP Proxy 3.x configuration files    ...done. run-parts: /etc/resolvconf/update.d/libc exited with return code 1 invoke-rc.d: initscript bind9, action "restart" failed." [Undeci17:51
zulbdmurray: P17:51
chrislabeardWhat is used for firewall in ubuntu I forgot?17:53
thesheff17_chrislabeard: iptables & ufw17:54
chrislabeardahh ufw17:54
RoAkSoAxDaviey: i think it is an issue with upstart17:57
DavieyRoAkSoAx, yeah.. just not sure /what/ issue yet18:03
RoAkSoAxis it just me or the archives are slow today?18:13
DavieyRoAkSoAx, yes...the whole internet seems slow today18:17
Aisonsomething wrong with security.ubuntu.com?18:30
Aisonhere it's very slow18:30
jdstrandAison: known issue. bombarding with requests. it will be resolving in the coming hours18:31
jdstrand(waiting on mirrors)18:31
Aisonok, maybe I should stop requesting also :)18:31
photerranis that re: slow updates today?18:32
Aisonwell, i'm downloading with 35.7kB/s18:32
Disconnectanyone familiar with netbooting/preseeding? trying to automatically partition a vm and it keeps kicking back to the guided-partitioning prompt. the partition script is https://gist.github.com/849593 and there are no errors on console 4.18:40
BlackZzul: ping18:43
BlackZzul: do you mind if I try to fix the xen-3.3 FTBFS?18:44
zulBlackZ: be my guest18:45
BlackZzul: ok :)18:46
Disconnectthats exciting. when i hit manual it just cycles through 'no root partition defined'18:51
Disconnect(/proc/partitions shows the unpartitioned device though)18:52
georgie_bhow to do port forwarding from a modem/router to a machine in local lan connected to modem19:21
georgie_bhow to do port forwarding from a modem/router to a machine in local lan connected to modem19:22
Picigeorgie_b: Thats not really something thats Ubuntu specific but....19:22
Pici!portforward | georgie_b19:22
ubottugeorgie_b: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall19:22
georgie_bportforward.com has info only abt few popular applications .. hav written my own java prog using sockets nd it works well within lan but gives error when connected over internet19:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #727356 in tftp-hpa (main) "tftp-hpa crashes on natty (buffer overflow) (dup-of: 727357)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72735619:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #727357 in tftp-hpa (main) "tftp-hpa client crashes when fetching file" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72735719:26
georgie_b@ubottu: i've disabled the firewall19:27
georgie_bhello ne body there?19:29
georgie_bne special features in  ubuntu server regarding port forwarding?19:30
photerranyou can use iptables for that19:30
photerrangeorgie_b: 'man iptables' read the part about the 'nat' table, the PREROUTING chain, and the DNAT target19:30
georgie_b@photerran how exactly?19:30
PiciThere are no iptables rules by default, so if your application is listening on a port you should be able to connect to it.19:31
photerranhe's gone19:40
zul_stgraber: ok fixed19:41
=== zul_ is now known as zul
Picioh well19:42
aazerti create several user for ftp access, those user can see every folder on my system from / to end,  my question how to specify a user to just allow on only one folder19:44
aazertand not the rest on my system , what i have to do ?19:44
photerranwhat ftp server are you using?19:44
stgraberzul: cool19:45
photerranwhat you want to do is called "chroot" for the user's home dir19:45
aazertok i create an user, i just want to alow him on /var/www i don't event want that user see the rest of the folder19:46
photerransee the man page for vsftpd.conf and check out the section called "chroot_local_user"19:47
aazertwhat is the correct syntax for that ?19:47
lenios!google vsftpd chroot19:48
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/19:48
aazertok i put chroot_local_user=yes on /etc/vsftpd.conf19:48
aazertbut still that user can see the rest of the folder19:49
photerranyou may need to restart the vsftpd service for it to read the new config19:49
RoyKaazert: did you restart vsftpd?19:49
aazerthow to restart vsftpd ?19:50
aazertservice vsftpd restart this one not working19:50
aazertit says unknown instance19:50
lenios/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart?19:51
aazertneither working19:52
Disconnectstill fighting this partitioning. selecting auto works, except it allocates 4 gigs (out of 4.5) for swap. (its not reading the script, I updated the max size to '200%' and its a 512M vm..) I'd really like partman to just do what I tell it. (swap 2x ram, rest to /)19:52
thesheff17Disconnect: can you pastebin your script?19:54
Disconnectjust added the first line, waiting to see what it does now..19:55
photerranaazert: try 'ls /etc/init.d | grep ftp' to see what services have ftp in their name19:56
photerranmaybe it is called something else (vsftp?)19:56
Disconnectmight be running through inetd19:57
thesheff17Disconnect: here is my example: not sure if it will help.  Yes partman is very aggravating https://www.frackingtubes.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_preseed.cfg_installs_off_PXE_Boot19:57
RyanPDisconnect: Just so you know, I'm dealing with exactally the same thing at the moment.19:58
Disconnectlol. yah. unless you use auto, its a complete disaster with missing docs (that weren't correct to begin with)19:59
Disconnecthmm. method 'regular' is new, lets see what that does20:01
aazertthe service is runing as vsftpd20:01
aazertbut can't restart20:02
aazertok i reboot my syst20:02
aazertjust a sec20:02
Disconnectthat worked :)20:03
thesheff17Disconnect: sweet :)20:04
david506other than SIGINT ( CTRL+C ) and SIGQUIT ( CTRL+\ ), what signals can I send a program with my keyboard directly without the use of pkill, kill or any other command ?20:05
aazerti just reboot my server photerran but chroot still don't work20:08
Disconnectsome ftp servers require a different binary for chroot support. is there an alternate package?20:10
fakhirhello. my server (ubuntu server 10.10) has high load averages (1.69) but now CPU usage (0%). i gather this is likely an IO problem. how care i figure out what is going on?20:13
aazertno alternate package Disconnect20:15
iggifakhir: have you tried to run an IO test to see if it is actually choked? I have had a bad CPU or memory do that to me before20:20
Disconnectthesheff17: arguing with sizes but that seems to have put me on the right track. (the missing 'regular' type was my holdup) now if i could just get it to make a 768M swap and a 3.9g root (instead of the other way around..) i'd be good :)20:20
fakhiriggi, no i have not. to you have a recommended io test application?20:21
photerranfakhir: you can install the 'sysstat' package which provides the 'iostat' utility.  it will report on IO usage.20:21
iggifakhir: There is one built in, let me see20:21
iggiphoterran: Cant you use "sudo hdparm -t /dev/hda"20:22
thesheff17Disconnect: yea if you look at my example I make a 2GB swap, 512mb boot, and then it will use the rest for ext4 for root.20:23
thesheff17but yes getting it correct was very aggravating.20:23
photerraniggi: iostat reports io subsystem usage, its not a benchmark as far as I know.20:23
photerrani find it helpful in diagnosing a live system (where running a benchmark may not be practical or even possible)20:24
photerranfakhir: also you might try the 'top' command, which does not require any additional packages20:25
fakhirphoterran, top does show much beyond what i included in my question. i will test some of the io applications out there. thanks.20:26
photerranif top shows a large CPU Wait % then iostat may help track down the cause20:28
Disconnectany app that is waiting for anything -could- be contributing to load. unless the system is sluggish or otherwise behaving badly, load itself isn't a bad thing.20:28
photerranyou might also check for network interface errors using ifconfig20:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #727412 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72741220:56
=== K4k_ is now known as K4k
RoAkSoAxzul: could you also sponsor bug #727422 when you have the time please?21:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 727422 in pacemaker "o2cb RA has a killproc command not existent in Ubuntu" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72742221:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #727436 in squid (main) "package squid 2.7.STABLE7-1ubuntu12.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72743621:46
eMgz hi, I'm trying to do a GRE over IPsec. both tunnels seem to be set correctly, but the GRE traffic is not going over ipsec. I'm using NETKEY, so I'd like to know how does NETKEY finds out what should go through ipsec?21:54
DavieyRoAkSoAx, As zul doesn't seem to be around... I am happy to sponsor, but can you please add DEP3 headers21:54
RoAkSoAxDaviey: you finally applied for core dev huh? Congrats!!22:02
DavieyRoAkSoAx, :-)22:03
RoAkSoAxDaviey: i'm collecting all the bugs and stuff I've worked on to do the same soon22:05
DavieyRoAkSoAx, awesome!  Keep us posted on your progress... I do have a script for finding all the uploads you've done... maybe that will help?22:06
RoAkSoAxDaviey: cool, yes please!! I was looking into launchpadlib to do that myself, but since you already did it >P22:06
DavieyRoAkSoAx, launchpadlib won't help :(22:06
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah i found that out  >P22:07
DavieyRoAkSoAx, In order to use the LP API for that, bug #372704 needs exposing22:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 372704 in launchpad "expose Signed-by and Changed-by via API" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37270422:07
DavieyFix Released!!22:07
DavieyRoAkSoAx, I am wrong then... you can use the API :)22:08
RoAkSoAxDaviey: eitherway I'd also appreciuate your script22:08
DavieyFixed over a year ago... and I didn't know :)22:08
DavieyRoAkSoAx, I'll pull out my lplib one... The one i used until now parses mbox files of $distro-changes :)22:09
Davieyscreenscraping mailman archive interface to pull in the mbox files22:09
RoAkSoAxDaviey: it's all goo I can use that one in the meantime >P22:09
DavieyRoAkSoAx, give me a few mins22:10
RoAkSoAxDaviey: ok done! added the DEP-3 headers. Note that I'm "updating" an existant patch. So you'll have to grab the source, then quilt pop -a to unapply the patches, then patch -p1 <../pacemaker.debdiff and you know >P22:21
DavieyRoAkSoAx, Ever heard of bzr? :)22:22
RoAkSoAxDaviey: yeah but my inet connection today is not so happy and takes for ever >P22:23
RoAkSoAxand I find it much muchs faster to do it the old way >)22:24
DavieyRoAkSoAx, i forgot how big it is22:35
aazerthello there22:41
aazertafter an reboot i can't able to access to my server over ssh22:42
aazertso i reboot it with a live cd22:42
chrislabeardMy all of the mail coming from my server is being marked as spam by gmail any ideas?22:43
aazertso my question22:44
aazertis it possible to reinstall ssh from livecd to my server ?22:44
aazerti never faced this problem22:44
thesheff17aazert: why would you have to boot the live cd... does the server still boot?22:56
aazerti got conection refused during ssh authentification22:56
aazertdo you get ?22:57
thesheff17aazert: sure but booting to the live cd means you are sitting in front of the server right?  Maybe I'm confused.22:57
aazertno i m server is an remote one22:57
aazertthat's why i reboot from live cd22:59
thesheff17aazert: you have to chroot into the installed file system and then just do apt-get install ssh...it is a little hard to do...if you haven't done a ton of configuration I would just re-install and make sure to select openssh during install.23:00
aazerthow to chroot into installed file system ?23:01
thesheff17aazert: http://superuser.com/questions/111152/whats-the-proper-way-to-prepare-chroot-to-recover-a-broken-linux-installation don't copy anything around...just mount everything then use the chroot command.23:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #727478 in mysql-5.1 (main) "mysql upgrade hang at 'installing new version of config file /etc/init/mysql.conf' during upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72747823:06
MattPMcGreetings, oh geniuses of the Ubu.23:07
MattPMcSeriously, I've downloaded 10.10 server 64-bit and am having issues. I installed it on a Dell PowerEdge with RAID 5. All went well. After the reboot it brings me up to GRUB. Now, I don't know GRUB to save my bacon.23:08
aazertthanks thesheff1723:11
aazerti m on it23:11
tsrkI have a daemon that takes about 20 seconds to stop. How can I make Ubuntu wait for it to exit cleanly before finishing the shutdown process?23:11
mediaHi... I've an ubuntu server 8.04 LTS on a server. It's some time I don't find update with apt-get alse if I found some security advice about this version. Must I change any  software source.. I can only update?23:13
twbmquin: pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy"23:22
twbSorry, that was for someone that just left.23:23
kklimondatsrk: have you tried setting kill timeout in the upstart config file?23:34
tsrkkklimonda: yes, it still kills it after 3 seconds or so though23:34
twbtsrk: what was the issue/question?23:38
kklimondaweird, that's afair how similar issue with mysql has been fixed23:38
tsrkkwb: I have a daemon that takes about 20 seconds to stop. How can I make Ubuntu wait for it to exit cleanly before finishing the shutdown process?23:39
tsrktwb: * I have a daemon that takes about 20 seconds to stop. How can I make Ubuntu wait for it to exit cleanly before finishing the shutdown process?23:39
twbtsrk: ooh, good question.23:39
tsrktwb: it'd be better if i could find the answer =P23:39
kklimondatsrk: are you sure it's being killed? upstart should send the TERM signal first, then wait X seconds (defined by kill timeout) before sending KILL23:40
twbI would try a pre-stop script that kill -15'd the process, then spin-locked for up to 20 seconds23:40
twb#upstart would know better23:40
twbkklimonda: oh, upstart has a customizable timeout now.  Never mind me, then23:40
tsrktwb, kklimonda: it's actually the pre-stop script that takes the time23:40
kklimondatsrk: aiui upstart waits for pre-stop script to finish.23:41
twbPerhaps wrap the pre-stop script in a timeout(1), then23:42
twbThat's part of coreutils nowadays, so you can assume it's installed23:42
tsrkkklimonda, twb: here's my upstart config: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574211/23:43
tsrk(that's not my actual scripts of course, just trying to get that to work first)23:43
tsrki don't know much about upstart so i might be doing something horribly wrong23:43
twbpre-stop exec timeout 20s sleep 3023:47
twbAIUI the "kill timeout 60" means that it waits 60s after sending a HUP to the *script* pid (not pre-stop/start script), before giving up waiting and sending a TERM23:47
twbYeah init(5) confirms that interpretation23:48
twbtsrk: in other words, "kill timeout" has no effect on your "sleep 30"23:49
kklimondait's actually TERM and then KILL23:50
tsrktwb: ok, trying that, one sec23:50
twbTERM is 15 isn't it?23:51
kklimondatwb: yes23:51
tsrktwb: i put the "sleep 30" in a script because the real stuff will be in a script in the config file. how can i apply a timeout to the whole script?23:51
twbtsrk: timeout 30s sh -c 'your whole script'23:51
twbtsrk: or timeout 30s /usr/share/foo/foo.sh23:52
tsrktwb: i tried this: "pre-stop exec timeout 60s sleep 30", but it still reboots immediately23:53
twbDefine "reboots"23:54
twbAre you issuing "initctl reload-configuration" after each edit?23:54
tsrktwb: i've been using the "reboot" command to reboot the vm, and it comes back online within 10-15 seconds23:54
hallynkirkland: looking at bug 723871, would you agree that's worth pursuing a FFE ?23:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 723871 in qemu-kvm "qemu-kvm-0.14.0 Aborts with -vga qxl" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72387123:54
twbreboot doesn't reread the config file IIRC23:54
hallynDaviey: ^23:54
tsrktwb: no.... that might be one problem23:55
twbYou need to stop and then start23:55
Davieyhallyn, looking23:55
Davieyhallyn, why would it need a FFe?23:56
tsrktwb: even after reloading, it still reboots immediately23:56
juanito1spanish ?23:57
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.23:57
juanito1si pero necesito informacion de servidores23:57
hallynDaviey: cause we're in soft freeze?23:57
hallynDaviey: doesn't apply for bugfixes/23:58
RoAkSoAxjuanito1: en ese canal tambien puede ser que encuentres ayuda de servidores23:58
hallynDaviey: can you push that fix then?  :)  (I don't think my PPU rights are effective yet)23:58
juanito1RoAkSoAx, gracias, dime que necesito para montar una web como taringa23:59

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