safiyyah96 or 173?00:00
HazRPGI'd recommend the 173 over the 96, but that's me00:00
hamitronI think it also depends what card you got00:00
hamitronall mine are old ;)00:00
safiyyahis have geforce 840000:00
safiyyahi * have00:00
HazRPGhamitron: yeah its because she's on a 840000:00
HazRPGyeah :)00:00
ali1234if you get a black screen, try ctrl-alt-f7 instead of livecd00:01
safiyyahthank you00:01
hamitronbetter to move back 1 at a time I'd guess00:01
safiyyahi am very grateful really really truely00:01
HazRPGhamitron: if I recall the 8400 worked best on the 17300:02
HazRPGnot sure what it would be like under 9600:02
safiyyahput the brakes on!00:02
safiyyahthe recommended one is still installed and is currently active00:02
ali1234that's a lie00:03
ali1234you deleted xorg.conf00:03
HazRPGsafiyyah: yeah, but xorg isn't configured to use it :)00:03
ali1234installer is just confused00:03
ubuntuuk-planet[Matthew Garrett] Further adventures in mobile Linux - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/134457.html00:03
HazRPGwhat he said :P00:03
safiyyahokay okay.... full speed ahead again00:03
HazRPGali1234: hmm, should safiyyah remove the current one first and then activate 173?00:04
ali1234i dunno00:04
ali1234it used to remove the old ones automatically00:05
safiyyaham installing the new one00:05
safiyyahthe new old one rather00:05
safiyyahokay brb restarting00:06
HazRPGmake sure you have the remove xorg written down00:06
HazRPGany joy?00:08
safiyyaham back00:08
safiyyahright now i take it it's time to use popey's disk because the resolution is off by a million00:08
safiyyahpopey's xorg.conf i mean00:08
ali1234is it actually using the nvidia driver?00:09
ali1234check /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:09
* HazRPG apologies to safiyyah00:10
ali1234seems like you solved the problem to me00:10
safiyyah[    10.939] (II) Loading extension DRI200:10
safiyyah[    10.939] (II) LoadModule: "nvidia"00:10
safiyyah[    10.939] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so00:10
safiyyah[    10.985] (II) Module nvidia: vendor="NVIDIA Corporation"00:10
safiyyah[    10.985] compiled for 4.0.2, module version = 1.0.000:10
safiyyah[    10.985] Module class: X.Org Video Driver00:10
safiyyah[    10.990] (II) NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  173.14.28  Wed Sep 29 09:55:18 PDT 201000:10
safiyyah[    11.001] (II) NVIDIA Unified Driver for all Supported NVIDIA GPUs00:10
safiyyah[    11.001] (++) using VT number 700:10
safiyyah[    11.004] (II) Loading sub module "fb"00:10
safiyyah[    11.004] (II) LoadModule: "fb"00:10
safiyyahoh damn00:10
safiyyahsorry i meant to paste bin00:10
ali1234so yeah, popey's xorg.conf now00:11
ali1234and it should be all good00:11
safiyyahokay just gonna do that now00:11
HazRPGali1234: hmm, yeah I guess00:12
safiyyahokay rebooting00:12
HazRPGali1234: but could have saved her the hassle if I'd asked which card she was using from the get-go00:13
hamitronis there going to be a Gbuntu when unity is default?00:13
ttaduring the installation of ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop when i choosed the language and clicked on "install" the screen displayed a message contening "Ubi-language failed with exit code 2. further information maybe found in/var/log/syslog. please what does that means and what do i have to do?00:13
ali1234what language did you choose?00:14
* hamitron doesn't know if he dare say "try English"00:14
HazRPGsafiyyah: \o00:14
HazRPGguessing everything is working good?00:14
safiyyahyes it did!!!!!!!!!!!00:15
safiyyahthank you all soooooo much00:15
safiyyahso in future stick to version 17300:15
safiyyahand that is what was different this time00:15
HazRPGsafiyyah: yeah, sticking with 173 will probably be your best bet00:16
safiyyahokay am writing some notes for myself00:16
safiyyahthere is something i didnt get00:16
hamitronhow organised ;)00:16
HazRPGhamitron: I do the same ;)00:17
safiyyahi have to write it because, next time i face this will be in my next upgrade00:17
HazRPGhamitron: helps with understanding new stuff00:17
safiyyahand i wont remember most of what happened today00:17
safiyyahnotes help00:17
safiyyahthats why i was able to relay a lot of what happened before when popey helped me00:17
ali1234tta: have you tried asking on #ubuntu-fr?00:17
ali1234tta: also have you verfied the install CD has no errors?00:18
ttano errors00:18
safiyyahsorry you said geforcee 8400 had driver issues right?00:18
ali1234could be language specific, i have never seen anything like this, but then i have never picked french...00:18
ali1234safiyyah: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=15841800:19
ali1234(nobody answered that post)00:19
ali1234bug 66059600:20
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 660596 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Black screen after installing Nvidia drivers on 10.10" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66059600:20
HazRPGsafiyyah: Yeah, the 8400 series has been known to have issues.00:20
HazRPGits mainly nvidia adding support for new cards in the driver pack, but not checking properly for support issues with older cards00:22
hamitronshame it isn't still one driver for all :/00:23
HazRPGhamitron: it is, that's the main reason00:23
safiyyahokay i have one other question00:23
HazRPGI think the current windows version is a 200MB download >_<00:24
* hamitron point HazRPG to his Geforce 1+2 and TNT cards00:24
safiyyahi dont get why when working off the live disk we use ~/target00:24
HazRPGI wish they'd just make drivers on a per-series-basis00:24
safiyyahi know we made the target directory first00:24
ali1234TNT is like 15 years old00:24
hamitronand still works fine ;/00:25
lubotu3`mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount00:25
ali1234tl;dr you need to make a directory where to mount a disk00:25
hamitronmy 1980s motorbike still works, why shouldn't my graphics card that is newer? ;)00:25
popeyali1234: done00:26
ali1234your 1980s graphics card still work perfectly fine with 1980s software00:26
HazRPGsafiyyah: ali1234 can probably explain this better, but when your on the LiveCD you need to mount the partition you want to work with so that you can gain access to it, essentially you can name the directory anything you like (not necessarily target)00:26
safiyyahso the directory is like a nickname?00:26
HazRPGsafiyyah: I guess you could say that00:26
ali1234technical name is "mount point"00:27
HazRPGsafiyyah: your use to windows right?00:27
ali1234same thing00:27
HazRPGsafiyyah: think of the "target" as basically making a "C:\" or "D:\" drive00:27
hamitronali1234: depends on your view of "current" software I suppose, but it is this moving target that puts some devs off targeting linux :/00:27
safiyyahali1234,  can you retype the command you gave me to delete xorg.conf ... sorry i was on live CD so it isnt in my xchat history00:27
safiyyahHazRPG,  I have been purely ubuntu for 4 years00:27
safiyyaham just not as technical as u guys00:27
safiyyahi just want to use it and set it up00:28
safiyyahend of00:28
HazRPGI understand that :)00:28
HazRPGI was just trying to explain it in something you might be familiar with though00:28
ali1234safiyyah: rm?00:28
safiyyahyes but the whole directory00:29
safiyyahrm ~target what was it00:29
ali1234well you know how it normally goes in /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:29
ali1234when / is mounted on ~/target00:29
ali1234it becomes ~/target/etc/X11/xorg.conf00:30
ali1234everything normally in / would be in ~/target00:30
hamitronbrb, chip butty and coffee time00:30
HazRPGguessing my explanation was bad then :(00:30
safiyyahwhy did we do sudo apt-get install at the beginning?00:33
safiyyaham so sorry if am annoying00:33
ali1234dunno, i wasn't there00:33
ali1234what did you install?00:33
safiyyahlol check in the room popey opened00:33
ali1234i closed it00:33
safiyyahthats like step 200:33
ali1234pastebinit is a command line tool to copy text files onto pastebin.com00:34
lubotu3`pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:34
HazRPGsafiyyah: from what I can see from your paste, you were meant to put pastebinit00:36
HazRPGbut you were pasting stuff into paste.ubuntu.com manually :P00:36
ttaduring the installation of ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop when i choosed the language and clicked on "install" the screen displayed a message contening "Ubi-language failed with exit code 2. further information maybe found in/var/log/syslog. please what does that means and what do i have to do?00:37
safiyyahit rejected me so i manually paste binned00:39
hamitrontta: have you tried using English?00:39
HazRPGtta: I recall ali1234 asking if you checked the CD for errors, you said you there was no errors. Did you use the CD's in-built checker to get that result? Or how did you check it?00:40
ttai tryed english and i burned the cd at the speed of 4x00:41
hamitronI'd do as haz/ali said then00:41
HazRPGtta: When you load the CD there are several options, one of them is to check that the CD was burnt properly - sometimes even if the software you used to burn it says it was successful, doesn't mean that it actually was.00:42
HazRPGtta: the option says "Check disc for defects"00:44
kewxedge_Guys - bit of a longshot question... any of you guys sync ur iPods using anything other than WINE+iTunes ?00:44
ttayou can be sure that the sofware was good; my problem is to know how i can do to resolve that problem00:44
safiyyahali1234, ctrl-alt-f7 would have returned me back to this screen00:44
safiyyahactually nevermind00:45
safiyyahi will just note ctrl-alt-f100:45
HazRPGkewxedge_: I don't personally own an iPod, but I know someone who uses Rhythmbox to sync their iPods00:45
kewxedge_and/or succesfully got Airport Express working? :)00:45
safiyyahas that was supposed to be an alternative to live disk00:45
ali1234ctrl-alt-f1 switches to a terminal ctrl alt-f7 switches back to graphics mode00:45
kewxedge_thanks HazRPG thats what Ive just been setting up :) It looks alright actually - quite iTunes like as well00:45
safiyyahso no1 knows why i was supposed to do sudo apt-get install pastebin00:46
HazRPGkewxedge_: I really like Rythmbox, another one you can try if you want is "Amarok"00:47
kewxedge_Amarok, noted *adds to download queue*00:47
HazRPGkewxedge_: which has a lot more features00:47
hamitronis there one that is good for a large collection?00:47
hamitronover a network00:48
HazRPGkewxedge_: if you check the ubuntu software centre, there's a screenshot available for Amarok00:48
ali1234safiyyah: it installs pastebinit00:48
hamitronsay 70,000 songs00:48
HazRPGkewxedge_: not sure about Airport Express00:48
kewxedge_yeh just looked it up, HazRPG00:48
HazRPGkewxedge_: That's the wireless card iirc right?00:49
kewxedge_airport express is an annoying one - google and ubuntuforums tell me that pulse should work fine - but it was a bit dodgy for me and crashed the AE :/ lol00:49
popey00:44:42 < kewxedge_> Guys - bit of a longshot question... any of you guys sync ur iPods using anything other than WINE+iTunes ?00:49
popeyI use a Mac, OSX and iTunes :D00:49
HazRPGtta: I'm having a look into your problem00:49
* hamitron spanks popey teh traitor00:50
Seeker`I use windows and iTunes00:50
ttayes poppey00:50
kewxedge_Seeker`, so did I until this weekend lol p;)00:50
AzelphurI use non traitor OS with non traitor hardware00:50
Azelphurdid you hear rockbox is making it's way to android? :D00:50
safiyyahali1234, thanx00:50
popeyAzelphur: hows that binary nvidia driver you're using there.. traitor :p00:51
hamitronnothing wrong with nvidia ;/00:51
hamitronnot much right either, but nvm00:51
Azelphurgreat, it's not that much of a traitor when there's no viable alternative :D00:51
hamitronexactly Azelphur00:51
popeyThere is no viable alternative to iPad IMNSHO00:51
Azelphurexcept over nine thousand android tablets00:51
popeywhich _all_ suck00:52
popeywithout exception00:52
hamitronnot all00:52
popeythey are either00:52
popeya) too small00:52
popeyb) too short battery life00:52
safiyyahali1234,  ctr-alt-F1 then I would have had to key in start x or xinit?00:52
popeyc) old version of android00:52
popeyd) have no google marketplace00:52
popeyand so on00:52
ali1234safiyyah: there are many ways to run X00:52
ali1234just "X" will do it if you are root00:52
hamitronc and d can normally be undone00:52
popeyhamitron: shouldn't have to00:53
hamitronvery true00:53
ali1234you won't see any programs, just a grey background and a small X in the middle00:53
popeybut I agree00:53
popeyanyway, bed :)00:53
Azelphurpopey: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/10-2-3G-ePad-Android-2-1-1080p-WiFi-GPS-MID-Tablet-PC-/290537605420?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43a564092c#ht_5804wt_1020 :D00:53
Azelphurdo I win?00:53
hamitronnn popey00:53
popeybroken link for me :)00:53
Azelphur3.2k mAh battery, android 2.1 and seems like a decent size00:53
Azelphurtook me all of 20 seconds to find :P00:53
popeythat is hideous00:54
Azelphur1024x600 resolution on the screen too00:54
ali1234but isn;t the ePAD rubbish?00:54
popeyseriously, its awful00:54
hamitronmy cars fuel tank is twice the size (but I only get 2mpg)00:54
AzelphurI thought it looks quite nice, what's wrong with it? o.O00:54
popeyethernet port, on a tablet, _really_?00:54
* hamitron wants ethernet more than wifi00:54
safiyyahali1234,  if you are root how do you go back to being a user at the terminal?00:54
popeyno 3g00:55
ali1234safiyyah: "exit"00:55
popey4 hours battery00:55
Azelphurpopey: yes 3g? o.O00:55
popeyso fails at b)00:55
HazRPGtta: Might be worth asking in #ubuntu-fr like ali1234 said, since I can't find that problem00:55
popey3g is a usb dongle00:55
Azelphuroh fail :(00:55
ali1234half the ebay description is probably lies anyawy00:55
popeyno, you do not win00:55
ttastereocaulon:i pasted it in #ubuntu-fr00:55
ali1234it's probably even worse than that00:55
safiyyahali1234,  that didnt work00:55
safiyyaham still root00:55
ali1234sure it did00:55
safiyyahi did su root00:55
popeyanyway, we'll do this again some time00:55
* Azelphur cries00:56
safiyyahpopey are u saving the doc ?00:56
hamitronhe will be researching this all night now Azelphur ;)00:56
hamitronso he can beat you00:56
HazRPGtta: There shouldn't be any problems if the disc is fine though.00:56
ttathe disc is fine00:57
hamitronwtf is a TF card?00:57
safiyyahali1234,  definitely am still root00:57
ali1234safiyyah: type it again then00:57
HazRPGtta: Can you work me through the process before that problem happens please :).00:57
HazRPGtta: step by step, what happens00:57
HazRPGgoing to try the same thing on my spare machine00:58
safiyyahali1234, thank you!00:59
safiyyahsorry i have eaten 3 apples and half a melon00:59
safiyyahand several pieces of spinach flan00:59
safiyyahsince this mvidia drama00:59
hamitronand now you need to relieve yourself? ;/00:59
safiyyahi dont want another episode so.... i am making notes to avoid the headache... or help me understand the headache next time00:59
safiyyahno now am thinking..... my terminal say safiyyah@Pink-Geranium:$01:00
safiyyahwhy did i name it pink-geranium01:00
safiyyahand i tried changing hostname and got nothing01:00
tta i downloaded the software on http://ubuntu.com/netbook/get ubuntu/download, i burned it with "nero" at 4x for the speed and i tried to install it and the problem occurs01:01
ali1234hostname doesn't permanently change it01:01
safiyyahhamitron, i ate so now am wide awake lol01:01
safiyyahali1234,  so what does one do?01:01
HazRPGsafiyyah: that's easy to change01:01
ali1234gksudo gedit /etc/hostname01:01
HazRPGwas just about to say that01:01
ali1234then reboot01:01
ali1234(you can restart some service but i can't remember which one)01:02
HazRPGwould be not have to change /etc/hosts ?01:02
hamitronmine only have localhost in01:04
hamitronso I'd say just /etc/hostname01:05
safiyyahso is there a website with commandline arguements for ubuntu?01:05
HazRPGhamitron: I had to change both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts on my sister's machine the other day01:06
HazRPGsafiyyah: just general command line tools?01:07
hamitronI like the book Linux In A Nutshell01:07
hamitronyou can bet you can't always get online when you need the commandline ;)01:08
safiyyahhamitron,  that is like super true01:08
hamitronbut tbh, these days you often don't need the commandline01:08
ali1234"how to get online when computer is broke" is the most useful skill you can learn01:09
hamitronyeh :)01:09
HazRPGI like the O'Reilly Pocket Reference books01:09
ali1234on ubuntu "sudo dhclient" is usually enough01:10
ali1234unless you use wireless, then it's time to go find a network cable01:10
safiyyahlol ali123401:10
hamitronand an ethernet port (note this down Azelphur)01:11
hamitronuseful arguement against the iPad ;)01:11
hamitronyou need an ethernet port sometimes01:11
HazRPGsafiyyah: I'd recommend this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Linux-Pocket-Guide-Essential-Commands/dp/0596006284/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1298941732&sr=8-101:11
ali1234if you're trying to hack some tablet device you need serial01:12
safiyyahhamitron,  u had to pick an expensive book01:12
ali1234not ethernet, not usb... rs232 serial01:12
hamitron20 quid?01:12
ali1234the reason for this is you can easily write to serial port with only machine code01:13
hamitronbut ethernet normally works ;)01:13
ali1234not if you are porting linux01:13
hamitronwhat has that got to do with it? ;)01:14
ali1234well ipad doesn't run linux01:14
hamitronso true01:14
ali1234why buy one unless you intend to port it?01:14
HazRPGsafiyyah: its basically a small reference book with all (if not most) linux commands01:14
hamitronit is a tough choice01:14
hamitroniPad is very expensive to brick :/01:15
ali1234brick is not problem01:15
ali1234after you discover serial, next look for jtag01:15
hamitronfry ;/01:15
safiyyahthank you01:15
safiyyahso to ask... do each of you guys own linux books?01:16
ali1234i don't own any linux books01:16
safiyyahwhat just google?01:16
hamitronI have 801:16
ali1234i just read the manual pages01:16
safiyyahhamitron, how old are you?01:16
safiyyahgod we are old01:17
safiyyahwe like books01:17
safiyyahur my age mate btw01:17
safiyyahthat makes me feel better because i prefer a book01:17
HazRPGsafiyyah: I've got 301:17
safiyyahto manual pages for the most part01:17
hamitrontbh, manual pages are better01:17
ali1234or --help01:17
safiyyahi'll borrow it from the library first01:17
ali1234if that doesn't work i get the source and read that01:17
safiyyahsometimes --help serves to confuse me further01:17
safiyyahthe source?01:18
hamitronto me, it is nicer to read a book on a train, than a man page01:18
hamitronor on the toilet01:18
HazRPGsafiyyah: ali can code, so he can read the source code that made the command01:18
HazRPGsafiyyah: and you can see, line by line, what its doing01:19
hamitronand reading a book is sort of more human like, not just a reference01:19
ali1234if there's no code, there's always objdump -d01:19
safiyyahhamitron i think we r more alike on that01:19
safiyyahali what do you do for a living?01:20
safiyyahoh hamitron.... we r alike but i dont read anything in the loo01:20
safiyyahi get in and get out01:20
ali1234anything involving computers01:20
safiyyahno hanging about there01:20
hamitronI didn't dare ask... ;)01:20
safiyyahi noticed the loo comment afterwards lol01:20
safiyyahand i thought "hell no.... not me"01:21
safiyyahdid u go to uni doing computers?01:21
safiyyahsoftware engineering?01:21
ali1234computer science. got a 3rd01:21
ali1234rest of year went to work at transmeta making http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosetta_%28software%2901:22
hamitronit is nice to see a computer scientist who is a proper programmer tbh01:22
HazRPGali1234: I wish I did computer science... "computing" it turns out, isn't the same thing - they failed to mention that to me when I did it :/01:22
ali1234sorry, transitive, not transmeta01:22
ali1234most of computer science is kind of boring01:23
hamitronI did it at A level, that was enough for me01:24
ali1234at A level it's totally different01:24
hamitronI was all computers, until I did that01:24
HazRPGI never had the choice, most of my computing knowledge I had to learn myself01:24
HazRPGwhen I lived in saudi01:24
safiyyahyou got a 3rd and you are a genius at this?01:24
safiyyahhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubuntu-Linux-Toolbox-Commands-Debian/dp/0470082933/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b what about this book?01:24
ali1234if you think i am a genius you should meet the people who got 1sts01:24
HazRPGcomputing class consisted of everyone sat around various computers playing either "prince.exe" or "quake.exe"01:25
ali1234prince of persia lol01:25
hamitronmost people who get better than me on my degree just cheated ;/01:25
HazRPGali1234: haha yeah01:25
hamitronthinking about it, most cheated :/01:26
ali1234someone from my year won the obfuscated C contest one year01:26
ali1234actually i think he won it twice01:26
safiyyahwhich uni?01:26
HazRPGsafiyyah: thing about degrees, you need to be good at writing stuff - and memorising key words - if you can do that, you can pass... my step-dad has 7 degrees in completely not related stuff01:26
safiyyahit makes me feel dumb just hearing about the people who got firsts01:26
hamitronwhat is the point of making code hard to read btw? ;/01:27
safiyyahHazRPG,  if you lived in Saudi that would be why they were playing01:27
hamitronI know it is clever01:27
hamitronbut bit pointless?01:27
safiyyahtypically arabs dont want to actually learn, they cram... pass the exam and go back to life01:27
ali1234hamitron: of course it is pointless01:27
safiyyahor shall i say go back to playing01:28
hamitronselling dodgy gear? ;)01:28
HazRPGsafiyyah: sadly yes, but considering I was at a british school... you'd think more wouldn't you01:28
safiyyahdoesnt matter british school01:28
safiyyahculture is like that01:28
safiyyahtheir parents are Arabs01:28
HazRPGsafiyyah: also, tread lightly - my mothers an arab :P01:28
safiyyahthere ends the case01:28
safiyyaham sure she is01:28
ali1234i used to have a job in a building 100 yards from this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Alan_Turing_Memorial_Closer.jpg01:29
safiyyahits a culture within Arabs01:29
safiyyaham not insulting anyone01:29
HazRPGsafiyyah: fantastic midwife, and an even better doctor - she's good with law too01:29
safiyyahi didnt say it fits everyone01:29
safiyyahsome of the best doctors i know are iraqi... but hang on arent they persian?01:29
HazRPGsafiyyah: guessing you've hung around them though :P01:29
ali1234persia = iran isn't it?01:30
safiyyahi am a convert into islam01:30
ali1234that's what an iranian guy told me01:30
safiyyahoh yes, thank you Ali01:30
HazRPGsafiyyah: typically arabs, as you said, cram/memorise just to pass their exams01:30
safiyyahbeing a muslim slung me full force into a range of cultures01:30
hamitronsafiyyah: you mean "alah" ;)01:30
safiyyahand then being black.... you experience their ugly side alot01:30
hamitronor however it is spelt01:31
HazRPGsafiyyah: I hate the term convert - technically according to the religion, you're a revert01:31
safiyyaham a convert .... we wont word play this01:31
safiyyahcos i will argue01:31
safiyyahi consciously made a choice to change what i knew01:32
safiyyahwhat i knew before that was church and christianity01:32
safiyyahit was definitely a conversion01:32
safiyyahone which uprooted all things familiar in my life01:32
safiyyahfamily etc01:32
safiyyahu going back to something implies familiarity01:33
safiyyahalthough i know the whole arguement about the fitrah etc01:33
safiyyahthis is my position01:33
hamitronall this talk of going back...01:33
hamitrontalking me out of using ubuntu :/01:33
HazRPGhamitron: lies :P01:34
hamitron<-- unhappy01:34
safiyyahbut anyway my point was, being black... all races are in unison... they have all decided that blacks are inferior on some level. you will be surprised what people say and do01:34
HazRPGsafiyyah: also, my parents never told my school about my religion because they wanted me to pick too01:34
safiyyahmoreover some people don't get i am black because of the hijaab and they come out with some sh**01:34
safiyyahlucky for them, am not aggressive01:34
safiyyahhamitron lol, windows01:35
hamitronhow dare you!01:35
safiyyahdoes the blue screen make you feel welcome01:35
hamitronkernel 2.4 too01:36
safiyyahi think it's time i understood the paces with ubuntu01:36
safiyyahthis book you like, linux in a nutshell01:36
safiyyahthe networking mish mash01:36
safiyyahi never understood it01:36
safiyyahdoes this work within ubuntu or should i get an ubuntu book01:37
hamitronubuntu have many built in tools to make it easier01:37
HazRPGsafiyyah: so primary school, etc I learned about Christianity/Buddhism/Jew-ism/Islam here in the UK, and then when I went to Saudi because my mum got a job there, I learned more about other religions01:37
HazRPGsafiyyah: might be better off getting an ubuntu-based book :)01:38
hamitronimo, there is no point01:38
hamitrongetting a ubuntu book is like getting a newbie guide01:39
safiyyahhamitron show me ur book vote then01:39
safiyyahwhich book are you voting01:39
hamitronit depends what you want to learn01:39
hamitronthe OS or distro is only part of the story01:40
safiyyahnetworks, setting up a home network and just the commandline arguements01:41
safiyyahi will get the little book for that01:41
ali1234HazRPG: you forgot hinduism and sikhism, or don't they teach those any more in RE?01:41
hamitronI've personally found most books to do with any linux or distro is just not in depth enough01:41
hamitronso you have to get specialist books for what you want01:41
safiyyahhmm thank you for that01:42
safiyyahokay we will start with the command line book01:42
HazRPGali1234: RE is saudi mainly consisted of Islamic studies and Christianity01:42
safiyyahi will pop to the library and see what i can borrow01:42
safiyyahand when am ready i will get the networking books01:42
ali1234HazRPG: i mean in the UK01:42
HazRPGali1234: everything else I learned at primary school, and generally talking to people of different cultures01:42
hamitronfor the command line, I'd use some online tutorials01:42
HazRPGali1234: in primary school I only learned the 4 I mentioned01:42
hamitronto learn it01:42
HazRPGsafiyyah: hmm, as hamitron said it depends what you want to learn, however believing that ubuntu books are only "newbie" guides is incorrect01:43
HazRPGsafiyyah: Ubuntu Hacks, a book I own, goes into some nice details about the ins and outs of things01:44
HazRPGsafiyyah: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ubuntu-Hacks-Tools-Exploring-Tuning/dp/0596527209/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298943627&sr=1-701:44
hamitronnot all no01:44
hamitronjust most ;)01:44
HazRPGsafiyyah: you can browse the chapters straight from amazon01:44
hamitronI also don't believe in restricting your training to the ways of 1 distro01:45
ali1234command line stuff transfers, GUI stuff does not01:45
ali1234even ubuntu changes the whole GUI around every couple of years01:45
HazRPGali1234: that book I mentioned does have stuff that transfers01:46
hamitronrunning a commandline server is probably the best way to learn the commandline01:47
HazRPGali1234: first 4 chapters is usual stuff, chapter 5 to 10 is advanced stuff01:47
hamitronyou are forced to learn, to do stuff01:47
safiyyahi found one for free on pdf01:48
safiyyahif anyone wants01:48
HazRPGsafiyyah: Ubuntu Hacks?01:48
safiyyahno no ubuntu and debian 1000+ commands01:49
lubotu3`Error: Debian bug 1000 could not be found01:49
safiyyahhave u got ubuntu hacks?01:50
HazRPGhmm, that website killed my browser!01:50
ali1234mine too01:50
safiyyahwell i got no probs01:50
hamitronshe hax u ;)01:50
HazRPGsafiyyah: I've got the actual book yeah :)01:50
safiyyahyou do01:50
safiyyahwell this is a full pdf of the book01:51
safiyyahwell i can e-mail it to you if you want01:51
safiyyahif the browser is murdering you01:51
safiyyahopera browser is really good for stuff like this01:51
ali1234here's some of the computing books i own that are good:01:52
safiyyahguys am really grateful for helping me fix nvidia01:52
safiyyahmakes my monitor feel like home01:52
safiyyahthanks so much01:52
hamitronthe C book01:53
ali1234that's about it :)01:53
ali1234the others... i wish i had not bought01:53
HazRPGsafiyyah: its fine, I got the site working01:54
safiyyahComputational Geometry01:54
HazRPGsafiyyah: no problem01:54
safiyyahthat one... it may as well be space engineering01:54
safiyyahthe rest are great01:54
hamitronI liked this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Linux-Networking-Roderick-Smith/dp/0201774232/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298944519&sr=1-101:55
hamitronbut maybe dated01:55
HazRPGsafiyyah: I'd still recommend Ubuntu Hacks01:55
ali1234computer networks is probably a bit dated, don't think it covers ipv6. mine doesn't anyway01:56
HazRPGkeep meaning to re-read mine to refresh my memory, since I bought it back when I didn't really do much in ubuntu (6.06 days)01:56
safiyyahhamitron : what the ubuntu hack book?01:56
hamitronI have no ubuntu books01:56
hamitronis there really a need to cover IPv6 when learning?01:58
HazRPGsort of... I mean IPv4 is almost all used up01:59
hamitronnn saf01:59
safiyyahand thanks again guys01:59
hamitronbut hosting services on a local IPv4 network is good way to learn01:59
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] textmockuptool - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2011/03/01/textmockuptool02:03
kaushalis there a way to create a installer which installs apache2,mysql and php and all the dependencies ?05:46
Myrttiit's not rocket science to install them without such an installer05:56
=== soneill_ is now known as soneill
ballWhat videoconferencing software do people use on Ubuntu?06:41
* ball gives up and goes to bed06:56
ballHappy St. David's Day!06:56
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
DJonesMorning all08:34
MooDoo3hello all09:01
MartijnVdS4hi MooDoo09:03
=== gmb` is now known as gmb
dwatkinsHappy Tuesday to one and all.09:23
MooDoodwatkins: indeed09:23
* mungojerry has been up with a feverish baby all night..hoping for an easy day at the office09:24
MooDoomungojerry: finished work at midnight, up at 6:30 with my two year old, hard works isn't it ;)09:25
dwatkinsmungojerry: aww :(09:25
MooDoomungojerry: hugs any way :)09:26
mungojerrypoor little munchkin was delirious and giggling like a maniac09:26
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:26
mungojerryat least the heating is on in the office today..man it's cold again in london09:26
mungojerrystarting the day with an aptitude upgrade on my natty box :)09:27
mungojerryMooDoo: why working so late? shift work?09:28
screen-xmorning :)09:28
MooDoomungojerry: yes09:30
screen-xmorning popey :)09:39
* screen-x updates bigcalm's tzdata09:40
MooDoomorning popey09:48
JamesTaitHappy first of meteorological Spring (Northern Hemisphere)/Autumn (Southern Hemisphere)!09:49
JamesTaitCatchy, huh?09:49
MooDooJamesTait: er yeah same to you ;)09:49
* bigcalm ponders hybernation09:50
screen-xbigcalm: bit late for that09:50
bigcalmMaybe just a nap then09:50
* screen-x testdrives testrdrive09:50
nigelbmorning UKites09:50
screen-xhmm read that as "you kites"09:51
=== dipl0 is now known as diplo
danfishyet another gloriously cloudy and grey day to enjoy :(09:54
JamesTaitThe sun keeps trying to break through here.09:56
MooDooit's cloudy here, still dry so i'm happy on my motorbike09:57
danfishand procreate'09:58
danfishoops - were'd the rest of that sentence go? nvm09:59
danfishtime to make CAKE09:59
MartijnVdSdanfish: And a looooooong jacket10:00
MooDoocake o/10:00
* bigcalm enjoys the sun while he can10:00
dutchieyou have sun?10:00
* dutchie jealous10:00
* mungojerry is huddled around a radiator to keep warm10:01
danfishdutchie: just get the physics department to whip up an artificial sun ;)10:02
bigcalmA SAD lamp?10:02
MooDoobigcalm: didn't know what one of them was until i saw one at my mum and dads10:04
danfishbigcalm: nah - he's at Oxford - a few grams of hydrogen, a few volts and boom, a little hydrogen fusion machine!10:04
dutchiedanfish: heh, the physics department *is* only next door10:14
screen-xdutchie: I'm not sure thats a safe distance10:16
bigcalm1st March always surprises me due to Feb being short. Direct Debits hover the join account quite effectively10:19
danfishdespite being married for a 'gbh' term, still no joint account10:20
MooDoodanfish: makes things a little easier,10:21
bigcalmdanfish: you surprise me10:21
MooDoodanfish: get paid, DD the lot to the joint account ;)10:21
popeyi only have a joint account10:22
bigcalmMooDoo: very much so. We pay all of our bills and buy food on the joint yet keep our own independent accounts10:22
MooDoobigcalm: yeah we do that too10:22
danfishI'm not trusted with the finances - wife's an accountant10:23
screen-xdanfish: 10 years?10:23
danfishscreen-x: yup10:23
bigcalmdanfish: that sounds handy10:23
danfishher b'day today, so hence the cake making10:23
bigcalmHappy Birthday Mrs Fish10:24
* danfish puts on a high voice and says 'Why thankyou bigcalm':P 10:24
danfishall ready for the show 2nite popey?10:26
bigcalmBroadcasting Live In 00 Days, 10 Hours, 04 Minutes, 07 Seconds.10:27
screen-xheh in my calendar for tomorrow, I have uupc release, and ipad event..10:28
bigcalmYou think that the show will be edited down and ready for release tomorrow?10:29
screen-xbigcalm: well, it's in the uupc calendar..10:29
danfishbigcalm: you did volunteer to do the editing......10:30
mungojerryalso 9 days to go before somebody does a rm -rf / on opensuse.org10:30
mungojerryshame, i liked their logo10:31
MooDoomungojerry: huh?  it being closed down?10:32
bigcalmSuse was the 1st boxed linux distro that I bought back in the late 90s. Odd times with only dialup connections10:32
* screen-x has a fluffy cameleon from oggcamp \o/10:32
bigcalmI should have nabbed one myself10:32
bigcalmHo hum10:32
mungojerryMooDoo: was a little bit tongue in cheek...don't know what will happen to suse after the novell sale to attachmate10:33
MooDoomungojerry: ah!10:33
dutchiebigcalm: i donated that to my sister :)10:35
mungojerrydid popey disclose the new venue for oggcamp yet?10:36
bigcalmNot that I've seen10:37
MooDoomungojerry: down south, that's about all we know10:37
screen-xsecretive popey is secretive10:37
popeymy son has a fluffy Suse cameleon from oggcamp too10:37
popeyhe really likes it10:37
* AlanBell wonders if it will be announced in tonights podcast10:38
* mungojerry checks on ebay for fluffy chameleons10:38
mungojerryi'm going to a trade show on friday..best i'll get is a couple of naff stress toys10:40
dutchienot even a mug?10:40
mungojerrylast year i got a vmware leatherette folder and nice pen.10:40
mungojerrynow i'm a paying customer i think i deserve the umbrella10:40
mungojerryredhat gave me a notebook10:40
screen-xmungojerry: was that a vforum?10:40
mungojerryinsight show10:41
daubers\o/ oggcamp10:42
mungojerryi have loads of redhat gear from when i did a RHCE and there were only 4 in the class, so we got promo gear for 20 people divided up between us10:43
mungojerrywrote an email this morning in the wrong frame of mind only to discover 1hr later i had not sent it. phew...deleted all the incriminating bits10:55
MartijnVdSmungojerry: http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/new-in-labs-stop-sending-mail-you-later.html10:58
bigcalmI used that for a while for some amusement10:59
mungojerryMartijnVdS: maybe i need a mood test before sending mine10:59
bigcalmSadly I shite at mental maths, bloody dyslexia, so removed it10:59
mungojerryis getting rogered from all sides at the moment11:00
MartijnVdSmungojerry: go for a run.. after 10-20km you'll feel at peace with the world :)11:00
daubersmungojerry: Or paint! Nothing as relaxing as letting your mind wander while you paint some models11:00
mungojerrypointy haired bosses are still here when i come back11:01
mungojerrydaubers:  i agree - i do like making and painting airfixes :)11:01
bigcalmI juggle to clear my mind11:01
mungojerrymaybe i should bring some to work11:01
mungojerryfeels rather pointless working on projects when you think everything is about to be canned11:02
mungojerrythat's probably why i'm not lurking on irc lately :(11:02
daubersmungojerry: I've not built airfix in years. Took up Warhammer after christmas though11:03
mungojerryis that like games workshop stuff?11:03
mungojerryi've seen some great stuff11:04
daubersIt is games workshop stuff11:04
mungojerryyou can enjoy that stuff and every age and ability11:04
daubersIndeed :) Currently painting one of these http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440247a&prodId=prod185000011:05
dauberswhich is incredibly fiddly11:05
mungojerryare they pre-constructed?11:05
daubersNope. Same as airfix11:06
daubersSome of the models are metal, which are preconstructed, but the majority are plastic parts on frames11:06
bigcalmAirfix sounds more appealing to me. I'm not into stats and such11:07
daubersbigcalm: I know someone who does it just to build and paint them. Doesn't actually play the game11:08
BigRedSyeah, I've known a couple of people do that11:08
BigRedSfind it quite relaxing11:08
daubersI find it _the_ best way to relieve stress11:09
mungojerryone of my more recent efforts11:09
bigcalmMaybe I'll start with this one: http://www.airfix.com/search/?searchguid=2011311183211:10
BigRedSI used to do a bit of airfix, but I was never anywhere near happy with the painting :(11:10
mungojerrybigcalm: link didn't work :(11:10
bigcalmThe one that James May built (with help) is at the local RAF base, looks cool11:10
BigRedSsome of their fast jets models use plastic that's aready the right colour, though :)11:10
mungojerryBigRedS: i did it when i was a kid, then took it up again a couple of years back11:10
mungojerrypainting improves with time and patience11:10
mungojerryand good paint and brushes11:11
mungojerryif anyone likes wallace and gromit, then airfix do a great kit11:11
BigRedSmungojerry: I have recently had a hankering for a hurricane hanging from my ceiling again...11:12
mungojerrybigcalm: prob a nice one to start with. you might need a coat of acrylic primer spray can from halfords before you paint the model proper11:12
bigcalmmungojerry: noted, ta11:12
mungojerrythe RAF museum in hendon is superb for reference materiak11:13
Davieygmb, I felt privileged just now - getting an email: "Graham Binns wants to be your friend".... I was over the moon... Then the goodness got destroyed with "...on Gowalla."11:14
gmbDaviey: You know that I already love you in an inappropriate fashion, so don't feel too downhearted.11:15
daubersbigcalm: basecoat ++11:18
Davieygmb, we could have a slumber party soon.. eat pizza and stay up REALLY late.11:18
daubersI'll be happy once I've built this http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440252a&prodId=prod770022a and can start painting it11:19
bigcalmHayley and I should go back to RAF Cosford. Huge place we have yet to finish looking around11:19
mungojerryGW seems to provide great opportunity for weathering techniques11:19
mungojerryhmm natty is taking longer to get to a working desktop from the login prompt than windows XP11:20
BigRedSI used to live behind RAF Hendon. Now that I don't, I keep wanting to go visit it...11:20
screen-xBigRedS: yeah, it seems odd to visit places when you live too near them.11:21
mungojerryyeah, like london sights11:21
screen-xhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable-stayed_bridge (just to keep things on topic)11:23
davmor2morning all11:24
bigcalmscreen-x: which topic?11:29
bigcalmHi davmor211:29
screen-xbigcalm: /topic11:29
lubotu3`Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:29
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mungojerrywhat's the best app for ripping CDs to mp3 without needing to enter complicated parameters to the lame encoder?11:54
AlanBellrhythmbox kinda works for me11:54
DJonesmungojerry: I use sound  juicer11:57
mungojerryit's funny, i always buy music digitally now, but i've been given some CDs and realised i haven't ripped music for 3 years or so...apps have improved since then11:58
* MartijnVdS still buys loads of CDs11:59
bigcalmProgress is good11:59
MartijnVdSU1MS doesn't have 50% of music here in .nl :(11:59
bigcalmI listen to stuff on Spotify and then buy CDs of the stuff I like11:59
mungojerryalthough i still have a bunch of CDs that didn't retrieve the cddb info :(11:59
BigRedSI've only paid for music again since I got spotify a few months ago11:59
BigRedSuntil then, I'd just not bothered with new music, or listened to the raido11:59
bigcalm6music \o/12:00
BigRedShah, no, radio 4 :)12:00
bigcalmI find http://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune is good to have in the background while coding12:00
mungojerrythe 2 CDs i got were ones I have listened to probably 30 times on spotify and then chose to buy12:00
davmor2mungojerry: banshee, rhythmbox, sound juicer all do it with realtive ease,  for mp3 you need to modify the settings in RB12:00
BigRedSbigcalm: hah, I think the last CD I bought was a Ninja Tune compilation thingy12:01
mungojerrythanks, i just realised there have been imporovments..12:01
mungojerrypreviously rhythmbox required a lame command line to get decent quality (their presets were bad)12:01
mungojerryapart from a few annoyances, banshee has become my favourite music player since amarok 1.x12:10
jacobwi think still have a modify a command line string in gnome audio profiles to improve the MP3 encoding in RB12:16
Myrttipopey ♥12:18
mungojerry^^ shuttleworth posted about that banshee argument12:19
mungojerryjacobw: yeah, i have some stuff in my library that rhythmbox did a rotten job of12:21
mungojerryand even older stuff in ogg format when i thought that ogg would gain acceptance12:21
popeyMyrtti: hmm?12:22
popeymp3c is quite a good cd ripper btw :)12:23
MartijnVdSmungojerry: I have everything in FLAC12:23
MartijnVdSripped using sound-juicer (\o/ musicbrainz support/tagging)12:23
mungojerryMartijnVdS: which mp3 player do you and significant other use?12:24
Myrttipopey: recent emails on a mailing list12:24
mungojerryi have a cowon iaudio which supports ogg/flac but Mrs MJ does not12:24
MartijnVdSmungojerry: Android phone.. but banshee (and rhythmbox) converts to mp3 when putting it on the device12:24
mungojerryMartijnVdS: when i started ripping in 2001 , disk space was precious12:25
MartijnVdSmungojerry: welcome to 2011 :P12:25
mungojerryi could employ a slave to do it all again for me12:25
MartijnVdSmungojerry: I re-ripped in '06 or something12:25
mungojerryflu? broken leg? boredom12:25
MartijnVdSmungojerry: boredom, disk crash :)12:25
brobostigonafternoonings everyone.12:27
jacobwhi brobostigon12:32
brobostigonhi jacobw12:34
brobostigon726102, my first bug i have filed that has been fixed, yay, :)13:01
brobostigonthank you to the indicator-datetime guys, :)13:01
HazRPGhi all \o13:02
brobostigonafternoonings HazRPG :)13:02
HazRPGbrobostigon: afternoon :)13:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: indicator-datetime?13:04
brobostigonHazRPG: its part of unity, goes up in the top righ hand corner, to display date and time, and with a click a calandar. right next to the me menu.13:06
MartijnVdSit replaces the old calendar thingy from Gnome, I guess13:07
brobostigoni would agree.yes.13:07
brobostigoncan someone confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/726179 who are also on natty, please.13:07
lubotu3`Ubuntu bug 726179 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "stuttery adobe flash chromium video playback" [Undecided,New]13:08
mungojerryi will take a look now, chrome on natty vs lucid13:20
brobostigonmungojerry: i used chromium, not chrome. but they are both basiclly the same, do you also have said intel chipset?13:20
mungojerrysorry i meant chromium13:21
* BigRedS is a bit bemused that `apachectl start` returns 0 even when apache fails to start13:22
dutchiepopey: seem to have a bit of a 5 overload atm13:23
brobostigonmungojerry: that would be good if you could test it, thank you,13:23
mungojerryjust trying it now13:23
mungojerryfull screen flash brobostigon?13:24
brobostigonmungojerry: i had it on normal screen size, not full screen.13:24
mungojerryseems ok13:25
brobostigonmungojerry: in natty, with the same eeepc model, with the same gpu type?13:25
mungojerryalthough i don't have speakers. video seems smooth on intel 82945G13:26
mungojerryCPU is 100% though13:26
mungojerryi suspect i would get similar results on my eee 70113:27
brobostigonit is a little better than it was, but nowhere near as good as in maverick.13:27
mungojerryis your cpu flatlining?13:28
brobostigonmore or less, yes.13:29
brobostigonmungojerry: is this in natty?13:29
mungojerrybut not an eee pc...just a regular pc with intel gfx13:30
brobostigonhmmm, i suspect it isnt comparable then. because the HW isnt close enough.13:30
mungojerryi will check on my eee pc when i have time..although would need to run from liveusb though13:31
brobostigontry it with persistant, and update xorg and the intel drivers, so it is a comparable test.13:32
BigRedSheh. wrong windwo13:35
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah cool13:35
bigcalmI wish I could send emails from outlook with :wq!13:36
brobostigonHazRPG: :)13:36
hamitronafternoon :)13:54
kaushalhamitron: hi13:54
kaushalcan some one please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-March/240573.html ?13:54
screen-xkaushal: pay someone to write kernel modules faster13:57
kaushalscreen-x: so it boils down to develop kernel module for the new chipset ?13:59
popeykaushal: buy stuff that works, and contact manufacturers and let them know you use Linux and would like a driver13:59
kaushalpopey: so a driver would be also called as Kernel module ?14:00
kaushalin linux terminology14:00
popeythere may already be a driver which just needs different options14:01
popeyor the existing driver may work, but might need to be called in a different way or via a different address14:01
brobostigoncuppa time.14:03
ubuntuuk-planet[Dave Morris] Reinstalling everything on Ubuntu - http://davemorris.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/reinstalling-everything-on-ubuntu/14:03
BigRedSIs there a Free alternative to Fantastico?14:11
* popey googles it14:11
=== andylock1an is now known as andylockran
BigRedSit seems to do automated wordpress installs14:11
BigRedSthat's the bit I've been asked for anyway14:11
popeythey're semi automatic already14:12
screen-xBigRedS: could you have one install and use mu?14:12
popeycan't be that hard14:12
andylockranhowdy all14:12
BigRedSnah, I just wondered if someone else had already gone to all the effort :)14:12
* brobostigon gets MooDoo a cuppa.14:13
MooDoobrobostigon: need one :)14:14
brobostigonMooDoo: you're welcome, :)14:14
MooDoobrobostigon:  :)14:14
* brobostigon scp's MooDoo a large mug of tea.14:15
MooDoowhy thank you14:15
brobostigon:) you're welcome.14:15
brobostigonTTP - Tea transfer protocol. :)14:16
BigRedSscreen-x: perhaps. I've no idea what mu is and google's not helping :)14:16
* BigRedS tries apt-cache14:16
dutchieBigRedS: multiuser14:17
BigRedSyeah, that should have been more obvious to me than it was :)14:17
screen-xoooh, sorry wasnt watching.14:18
the_evil_gungurcould anyone here help me configure lilo to boot ubuntu?14:25
gordhttp://www.joystiq.com/2011/03/01/the-humble-indie-bundle-leaving-no-customer-behind/ - makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside to hear people say "yes, if you make games for linux, people will buy them with enthusiasm!"14:25
the_evil_gungurI have a line   image = /vmlinuz in my lilo.conf , and lilo errors  Fatal: open /vmlinuz: No such file or directory14:26
screen-xthe_evil_gungur: do you have a specific need for lilo over grub?14:27
the_evil_gungurscreen-x: no, can i reinstall grub with the livecd?14:27
lubotu3`GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:27
screen-xthe_evil_gungur: yes14:28
brobostigonthe_evil_gungur: yes, you can.14:28
HazRPGAnyone here use Calibre?14:52
MartijnVdSCalibre rocks14:52
HazRPGWhat options do you guys use for conversion?14:52
MartijnVdSdefaults mostly14:53
HazRPGDoes that work out ok?14:53
MartijnVdSspeaking of which14:53
MartijnVdSI've meen meaning to tune font size a bit :)14:53
MartijnVdSlandscape fonts are HUGE on my device atm :)14:53
popeyi dont do conversion14:55
mungojerrygord: how many games from the indie bundle have you played?14:56
gordmungojerry, all of them14:56
HazRPGpopey: guessing you make sure the formats you get them in are compatible from the  get go?14:56
gordi had bought at least half of them before though so i had a headstart14:56
mungojerryi bought HIB2 and only played machinarium and a bit of the blobs one14:56
HazRPGmungojerry: all14:56
dutchiemungojerry: but lugaru is so good!14:56
gordmaybe you should play them? aquaria is a masterpiece14:56
mungojerrygord, which bundle was that in?14:57
gordthe first14:57
mungojerrydutchie: is lugaru the nija bunny one?14:57
mungojerryhmm didn't look that good14:57
mungojerrymachinarium i loved, i played it to completion14:58
HazRPGI really like Machinarium :)14:58
mungojerryhowever i just bought donkey kong returns on the wii..probably the only game i will play for a while14:59
mungojerryi should play the others or the HIB price i paid doesn't work out that well :P ..didn't get on with braid that much. wasn't sure why i couldn't complete levels15:00
HazRPGhmm, the conversion Calibre did was pretty good - however making its own ToC was a bit poor15:01
popeyHazRPG: I dont actually even think about it15:01
popeyHazRPG: it just works15:01
HazRPGconsidering it already had a ToC15:01
mungojerryoooh http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/webupd8/~3/oxTrzf26kUA/ubuntu-live-cd-will-let-you-upgrade-to.html15:03
AlanBellis that a gui option for the "don't nuke /home" thing?15:06
davmor2AlanBell: possibly it's been able to do it for a while you just had to do manual partitioning15:08
kaushalpopey: hi15:08
kaushalsaw your reply15:08
HazRPGmungojerry: Ooo, nice!15:09
kaushalI have USB Dongle connected to my Ubuntu Laptop. How do i share the Wifi or Internet to other users in the same network15:09
popeythere are other nice features in the installer with this realease15:09
popeyright, so you want to move the conversation from the mailing list to here?15:10
popeythats annoying for everyone on the list who will now never see the answers15:10
popeyand for people who search for that term15:10
popeyhey ho15:10
kaushalplease comment it in the Mailing list only15:10
mungojerrykaushal: also, for questions you haven't sent to a list already, have you seen askubuntu.com ? it's a great resource for asking and finding answered questions15:13
mungojerrytried playing the game portal the other day..i must be getting old but i haven't thought about playing it again since the inital 30 mins i spent on it15:15
popeyI've played it through a couple of times15:20
screen-xmungojerry: the cake is a lie15:20
mungojerryscreen-x: huh?15:20
MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.slashgear.com/wifi-only-motorola-xoom-pricing-confirmed-01136733/15:20
BigRedSscreen-x: you don't get that in the first half hour unless you're _really_ quick15:21
popey450 quid for a wifi only android tablet?15:21
screen-xmungojerry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_(video_game)#Plot15:22
MartijnVdSpopey: £60 cheaper than a wifi-only ipad with the same amount of storage15:22
popeyand "better" spec :)15:22
popeyflash (apparently I need this)15:22
popey[I do not]15:22
MartijnVdSit won't start out with flash15:22
popey3d graphics, camera, bigger screen.15:23
mungojerryscreen-x: i didn't get past the initial training..i got a bit bored..does it get better after that?15:23
MartijnVdSadobe are still brea^Hmaking it work15:23
popeystereo speakers15:23
* MartijnVdS wants Dutch pricing :\15:23
popeythe ipad is a year old though :)15:23
popeyI suspect a new one will overtake the xoom very shortly ;)15:23
screen-xmungojerry: not really if you aren't intrigued by the initial concept, but I haven't played that much.15:24
MartijnVdSpopey: at least Apple has competition now ;)15:24
mungojerryscreen-x: the main problem was having to boot into windows on my desktop to play it...not working on my laptop under wine :(15:25
mungojerrynever got round to finishing HL2 either though...it's a bit like novels and non-fiction books...get about 1/2 way uusually15:27
HazRPGWow, some real classics on Gutenberg.org :D15:34
HazRPGthis'll keep me occupied for months!15:35
brobostigoni would try, principia mathematica,by sir isaac newton, thats if i understood latin.15:37
danfishbrobostigon: run it through google translate ;)15:38
brobostigondanfish: it might take a while, its a big book. :)15:39
domjohnsonWhats this Partial Upgrade?15:39
HazRPGbrobostigon: I would if I could understand it ^^15:41
MartijnVdSHazRPG: try this: http://www.archive.org/details/TheVoynichManuscript15:41
HazRPGMartijnVdS: If you can read it, then I'll give that one a shot... but I highly doubt an undecipherable language is even worth looking into unless you can decipher languages :P15:43
brobostigonHazRPG: its about the basic laws of motion  and gravity.15:43
HazRPGbrobostigon: hehe I know ;)15:43
brobostigonHazRPG: :)15:43
* HazRPG likes science :)15:43
* brobostigon has a specific interest in time dilation.15:44
HazRPGbrobostigon: awesome :)15:44
dutchiebrobostigon: not much about time dilation in principia :)15:44
dutchiei understand einstein's SR paper from 1905 is surprisingly accessible though15:45
brobostigondutchie: no, einstein did most of the work on it, about bending space time, due to gravity and speed.15:45
brobostigonHazRPG: :)15:45
HazRPGdutchie: not sure about that one, but I did grab a few from here earlier: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/search.html/?default_prefix=author_id&sort_order=downloads&query=163015:46
mungojerryreading the communist manifesto on the gutenberg site ..always good for a laugh15:58
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Not sure if its to your taste, but its GeoHot's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUvuaChDEg15:59
MartijnVdSHazRPG: not quite my style, no15:59
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Heard about him taking donations for more lawyers?16:01
HazRPGto try and fix the system so that consumers have a right to do with their hardware what they see fit16:02
directhexgeohot is such a douchebag16:05
HazRPGdirecthex: interesting, why do you think that?16:05
directhexHazRPG, compare him rapping badly on youtube to the fail0verflow presentation at CCC16:06
HazRPGI guess16:07
* popey has no idea who geohot is16:09
popeyI am clearly out of touch with the kids16:09
MartijnVdSpopey: ask your kids ;)16:10
screen-xpopey: and you even have an iphone16:10
popeythe two are orthogonal16:11
bigcalmTime on battery: 1d 16h, battery remaining: 33%16:17
bigcalmI <3 the internets16:18
bigcalmSetting the wifi sleep policy to never seems counter intuative, but looks like 3g is very hungry16:18
MartijnVdSbigcalm: *#*#4636#*#* -> set to GSM Auto (PRL)16:24
MartijnVdSbigcalm: that makes it only use 3G when there's data traffic (or something), 2G otherwise16:25
MartijnVdSbigcalm: worked on my N116:25
bigcalmMartijnVdS: are you trying out CM7rc1?16:31
MartijnVdSI have 2.3.3 stock16:32
MartijnVdS♥ stock firmware16:32
bigcalmI <3 messing about ;)16:32
bigcalmddwrt on my router16:32
HazRPGbigcalm: I wish I had a router that would let me put that on :(16:33
TommehThey aren't too expensive :)16:37
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
DeathSlingHi all, can anyone help me with ssh auto connecting. I have googled it lots but it would seem I too stupid because I still can't make it work17:06
DeathSlingI have made the keys with ssh-keygen but where should these go?  It doesn't work if I put them in ~/.ssh17:07
BigRedSyou'll need one of them on the remote server, too17:09
BigRedSdid you follow a tutorial?17:09
BigRedSIn other news, this strikes me as pretty dumb behaviour on ls's part: http://pastebin.com/7WY134by17:10
DeathSlingi did, but it's not adding up right17:10
BigRedSwhere is the tutorial? It might've missed a step :)17:11
DeathSlingI've looked at a few17:12
BigRedSyou did an ssh-keygen? then scp'd the .pub file to the remote host and appended it to authorized_keys?17:13
BigRedSand then made sure that only you may write to any of the files in ~/.ssh?17:14
DeathSlingI created the key file (which output in my home directory) and named the file after the host computer, transfered it to other host and I have tried it in both ~/host_vemail_1.pub & ~/.ssh/host_vemail_1.pub       I trust I can name them to whatever I like?17:15
BigRedSdid you append it to authorized_keys?17:16
DeathSlingarrhhh   append you say! no I did not.... This is whats wrong isn't it. I thought that file was just for the manual connections17:16
BigRedSi.e. 4 through 7 here http://www.laubenheimer.net/ssh-keys.shtml17:16
BigRedSah, no, that's where you dictate whih keys may be used for auth :)17:16
DeathSlingBigRedS: I will try that right now.... thanks!17:19
popeypersonally i woudldn't faff like that17:25
popeyssh-copy-id <remotehost>17:25
popeyjob done17:25
* BigRedS notes thsi ssh-copy-id voodoo for next time17:33
* brobostigon returns17:34
HazRPGoh, heh yeah that was something I was learning earlier last week :)17:35
HazRPGplanning on posting all notes I took down on my blog :)17:35
HazRPGpossibly making some videos for the podcast if people have read and approve of them :)17:36
HazRPGsorry not podcast... the screencast video section of ubuntu-uk17:36
HazRPGif that's even right :S17:36
* HazRPG recalls a bug about the website about not enough videos existing...17:36
HazRPGmy mistake, it was apparently the ubuntu.com site, but still :)17:41
popeyscreencasts.ubuntu.com ?17:44
HazRPGthat's the one17:44
HazRPGthinking of contributing stuff to it :)17:44
HazRPGsince I have indulged into coding for ubuntu or linux yet17:45
HazRPGalthough I know it would be much different from what I know of coding so far anyway17:45
HazRPGjust have a few more tricks to learn before I can say I'm confident enough to do them though17:46
HazRPGpopey: like I said, I'll be posting my notes on my blog first so that you guys can at least tell me what I've wrote is right before making some screencasts for it17:47
* popey set that site up :)17:47
HazRPGpopey: I know, I saw the details ;)17:47
Myrttioof, halloumi is salty++17:54
Myrttisqueek says my kidneys17:54
davmor2Myrtti: you sure that's not AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! say your kidneys17:55
bigcalmSqueeky cheese FTW \o/18:01
MyrttiFinnish squeeky cheese is better :-/18:04
HazRPGpopey: is there a way to get Calibre to open just the ebook (e.g. double-clicking it)18:05
popeyno idea18:05
HazRPGnoticed it installed LRF Viewer, but that doesn't open up epubs18:05
brobostigoni just got me n800 out again, justneed something useful to do with it.18:06
HazRPGpopey: ooo found it18:12
HazRPGand seems passing a file over works perfectly :)18:13
gingwhat happens if you boot from a live cd then take it out burn something to a cd ?18:46
marxjohnsonyou wont be able to unless you've loaded the system in to ram18:51
marxjohnsonI dont know if Ubuntu does it, but Knoppix has an option at boot to load into ram18:51
marxjohnsonAha https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM18:52
marxjohnsonoh, that's overly complicated18:53
shaunoseems out of date too.  it's in casper as of 10.04, just add 'toram' to the boot args (F6 at grub/isolinux/whatever they use now)18:54
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Pope] Ubuntu UK Podcast Returns for Season 4 - http://popey.com/blog/2011/03/01/ubuntu-uk-podcast-returns-for-season-4/19:03
gingmight download that to my kindle19:04
danfishdutchie: get a haircut ;)19:11
dutchiedanfish: :)19:13
dutchie(context: http://twitpic.com/453gxc for others)19:14
DJonesHaircut, sheep shearer more like :)19:15
Neotihi all ... can anyone tell me how to get the default right hand side things to appear as they where when ubuntu was installed... i have lost all the things on the right hand side of my task bar???19:22
DJones!panels | Neoti I think this might be the one to reset your panels19:23
lubotu3`Neoti I think this might be the one to reset your panels: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »19:23
DJonesAssuming you're using Ubuntu with gnome19:23
Neotiyes that did it ... now i just needto reset it to how it was 5 mins ago Thanks19:24
=== jamie is now known as Guest63288
nucc1there'a a program that disables the touchpd whilst typing, anyone remember its name?19:35
dmdrummondnucc1: it's an option in Gnome under Preferences->Mouse->Touchpad19:37
jacobwubuntu netbook?19:38
* jacobw has scrolled down19:38
nucc1dmdrummond, that doesn't seem to be effective on this machine19:41
nucc1its an old hp 51019:41
AzelphurIs it illegal (blackmail?) to threaten to go public with information about a security company firing Denial service attacks at people if they don't agree to stop?19:59
AzelphurI have pretty much all the info on said not so nice company19:59
AzelphurI sent them an email but they replied rather rudely indicating that they don't give a crap pretty much19:59
ikoniawhat's going on in the UK today19:59
DJonesAzelphur: I would say yes, it'd be blackmail. sensible thing to do would be to report them to 1) Police/authorities 2) Their ISP20:00
DJonesikonia: Personally, its  been pretty quiet in my part of the UK :)20:01
Azelphurindeed, looks like a better idea20:01
ikoniaDJones: not a bad way to be20:02
nucc1ikonia, DJones its practically always pretty quiet in the UK :p20:04
nucc1unless the government threatens further cuts20:04
ikonianucc1: I think it can have it's ups and down20:04
Azelphuryay, I have a lawyer on my side :P20:04
danfishor bansheegate :(20:04
Azelphurhe says contact their local DA and provide them with all the information20:04
nucc1ikonia, i think i'll go out and have a drink. it's been too quiet today. :p20:05
brobostigoncan someone who is natty with unity test this please, does synaptic put its menu's in the thingie nest to window controls, or where they used to be?20:08
DJonesikonia: No doubt how its going in the uk is a lot quieter than it is in #u :)20:13
DJonesAnd less stressful20:14
ikoniaI'm looking for some good popart/popculture type wall paper, hi res, any suggestions on good sites to see, deviantart is a bit empty these days20:21
=== Azelphur is now known as zz_Azelphur
dwatkinsikonia: http://www.wallpapervortex.com/wallpaper-13044_star_wars_storm_trooper_keyboard.html20:37
=== zz_Azelphur is now known as Azelphur
ttawhat are the parameters of "your freedom" to use a usb modem freely?please20:42
=== Azelphur is now known as zz_Azelphur
the_evil_gungurHi, I need some help configuring lilo to boot ubuntu, I dont have the livecd (or any cds) on me,20:49
lubotu3`lilo is an alternative [Li]nux Boot[Lo]ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.20:50
the_evil_gungurthats cool, im just gonna state my problem, if anyone knows the answer let me know20:53
=== zz_Azelphur is now known as Azelphur
brobostigoni would go with grub. lilo as iunderstand it, is old now, and doesntsupport certainthings. grub2 is now up-to-date, and stable, andhas modern functionality.20:55
brobostigonthe_evil_gungur: may iaskwhy you choose lilo?20:55
the_evil_gungurmy ubuntu stuff in lilo.conf  is    image = /vmlinuz root = /dev/sda1  label = ubuntu ; but when try to install lilo it errors : Fatal: open /vmlinuz: No such file or directory  ; which makes sense because its on a different partition, i tried /dev/sda1/vmlinuz but same error, how can i point lilo to my ubuntu partition ?20:56
the_evil_gungurbrobostigon: no particular reason, its just i only have this one thing to configure and i would like to get ubuntu booted right now,20:57
brobostigoniwouldlook in /boot , the kernel images are there.20:57
Azelphuranyone know how to debug 100% CPU frozen X? :)20:58
brobostigonthe_evil_gungur: grub2 is uses as standerd, why didnt you just let uit use the supproted and standerd?20:59
the_evil_gungurbrobostigon: ok ill try that, although /vmlinuz exists on /dev/sda1 as a symlink to the actuall image20:59
the_evil_gungurbrobostigon: i did, then i installed another linux which installed lilo and didnt detect my ubuntu20:59
brobostigonthe_evil_gungur: it will be in the mountpoint that is connected to that device in /dev. not the device in /dev directly.21:00
brobostigonfor  grub this would be easy, sudo update-grub, and it mostly configures itself.21:01
the_evil_gungurbrobostigon: > mountpoint that is connected to that device    what you mean? the ubuntu kernel image i want is /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic on partition 1 of /dev/sda21:03
brobostigonthe_evil_gungur: i am not sure, i dont think i have enough knowlege,21:05
* the_evil_gungur pats brobostigon its ok. il try installing grub i guess21:06
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: ensure you run lilo after changing lilo.conf21:12
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: right thanks21:16
ttawhat are the parameters of "your freedom" to use a usb modem freely?please21:23
brobostigontta: i  dont see any logic in that question, sorry.21:23
dmdrummondtta: What USB modem?21:29
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: Have you sorted it?21:30
brobostigontta: what does lsusb say?21:31
dmdrummondtta: 3g?21:31
* AlanBell is using a huawei on orange dongle right now21:31
* AlanBell is on a train21:31
ttayes 3g21:31
brobostigoninside at terminal, type in lsusb, and press enter.21:31
dmdrummondtta: AlanBell seems to be the man to talk to21:32
AlanBellBus 001 Device 005: ID 0af0:6971 Option Globetrotter HSDPA Modem21:32
AlanBell^^ tta you will see a line just like that in lsusb21:32
AlanBellon 10.10 I just plug it in and go through the menu selecting UK then Orange Contract21:33
AlanBellif a menu does not pop up then in the netwokr manager indicator add a new mobile broadband connection21:34
ttaAlanBell:uk will work? iam in cameroon21:35
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
ttaAlanBell:the bus 001 ... that you gave me where will i see that? pls i am a beginner21:36
AlanBelltta ah, well in that case you might need to select cameroon21:37
AlanBellif you type lsusb in a terminal you see that21:37
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: hey, well I just configured and installed grub, rebooting...21:38
ttanoo iam already in lsusb but i dont see that options:(21:38
AlanBelltype this in a terminal21:39
AlanBellsudo apt-get install pastebinit21:39
AlanBellthat will give you a URL, paste that here so we can see it21:40
AlanBellwith the modem plugged in of course21:40
brobostigonAlanBell: should we look for tty modem deivces in /dev ?21:40
AlanBellbrobostigon: no, it will be hso0 or something21:41
AlanBelloption devices are more like network cards than modems21:41
AlanBellerr, actually is it option or huawei?21:41
brobostigonAlanBell: ah, most 3g usb deivces i have came across, show as tty* in /dev, so this one doesnt?21:42
ttayes the modem is plugged it's the one that i am using so to get internet connection21:42
AlanBellnot sure now21:42
AlanBelldepensds what it is21:42
AlanBelltta err, you are connected to the internet with it?21:42
ttaecxuse me i am francophone i want to perform my english21:43
AlanBellwhat is your question again?21:43
* AlanBell has little signal21:44
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: I got a black screen after trying to boot ubuntu... does do I need to set any other options for the kernel in menu.conf , like an initrd or something?21:44
ttai want to use that modem without pay the credit.is it possible on linux?21:44
ttaon windows?21:45
dmdrummondtta: so by using it "freely" you mean free as in beer?  As in without payment?21:50
the_evil_gungurcan someone help me configure grub to boot ubuntu?21:52
the_evil_gungurI have this in menu.conf, in the ubuntu part:  kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro vga=773 initrd=/initrd.img21:55
the_evil_gungurcould I have a look at someones menu.lst ?21:56
dmdrummondtta: I wouldn't have a clue, not really something that would (should) be discussed here21:58
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: what is the other distro you are using? Slackware?  What version of grub have you installed?  What filesystem is /boot on?21:59
mgdmtta: that subject is off topic for this entire network.22:00
AlanBelltta stop it22:02
ttai am sorry i just wanted a help:(22:04
mgdmtta: As I said, you will not get it on this network22:05
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: what is the other distro you are using? Slackware?  What version of grub have you installed?  What filesystem is /boot on?22:05
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: yes, version 0.97, filesystem is ext422:07
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: Grub 0.97 afaik doesn't support booting from ext422:09
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: it boots slackware fine, which is also on ext422:09
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: brb, rebooting22:11
ali1234nobody told him to set up his own picocell? i am disappoint22:11
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
mgdmali1234: No. Because that would still be off topic for the network. ;)22:13
ali1234http://openbts.sourceforge.net/ is off topic?22:14
mgdmNo, but that's not what he was meaning22:15
ali1234i know but technically it does what he asked for22:15
ali1234or it could22:15
mgdmif you're being extremely obtuse22:16
ali1234yes :)22:16
exobuzzso i missed the live ubuntu uk broadcast ? shit22:16
exobuzzpodcast i mean22:16
dmdrummondali1234: he clearly wanted free access to the Orange network22:16
exobuzznew site looks nice22:17
andylockranhowdy all22:18
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: please help22:24
dmdrummondare you sure your slackware is ext4?22:26
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: yeah,22:26
dmdrummondit's been a while since I used slackware.  Does it set up a seperate /boot partition?22:27
nucc1i'm trying to remember a business i heard of recently that will ship gizmos from the US to a UK address for a fee...22:28
nucc1i saw it on Ars Technica22:29
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: sorry, internet connection dropped,22:31
the_evil_gungurmy menu.lst looks like this atm22:32
the_evil_gungurtitle Ubuntu on (/dev/sda1);  root (hd0,0);  kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-24-generic root=/dev/sda1 ro vga=77322:32
the_evil_gungurinitrd (hd0,0)/boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-24-generic22:32
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: ?22:33
dmdrummondrecent ubuntu versions use Grub 2, Grub 0.97 was released in 2005.  Ext4 was introduced to the kernel in 2006.  Hence my thinking Grub 0.97 doesn't support it.22:33
lubotu3`GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:33
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: i formatted my slack partition as ext4, and it says ext4 in fstab22:33
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: the format of the config files changed drastically from grub 1 to grub 2, so mine won't help.22:36
dmdrummondthe_evil_gungur: do you have a livecd?  it should be able to boot the distro on the hard disk, then run grub-install to get ubuntu's grub 2 installed22:37
the_evil_gungurdmdrummond: no,  i dont have any cds either, anyway i cba anymore,22:38
dmdrummondah well.  Moral of the story is never install lilo. :-)22:40
hamitronwhat is wrong with lilo? ;/22:44
ali1234what *isn't* wrong with lilo?22:46
shaunoI always had a softspot for using a braindead mbr.  initrd's ruined that tho22:46
hamitronlilo sounds like fifo, grub sounds like a worm... I know which I would rather have22:48
hamitronI always prefered the look of lilo too22:49
hamitrongrub still confuses me too22:50
hamitrontalking of which...22:50
nucc1grub sounds like food22:50
hamitronhow are you suppose to move the root partition, officially22:51
hamitronlast time I moved the files, updated fstab, and grub22:51
hamitronthen a kernel update screwed it22:52
hamitronhmm, need food, brb :)22:59
brobostigonnos da everyone, sleep well.23:08
shaunohere's an odd one.  for ports (eg, poewrpc), where is apt meant to be pointed?  I can find the release/isos, but ppc packages don't show up in pool23:09
shaunoah nm, founds ports.u.c, it's just not on my local mirror23:10
lubotu3`GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:32
the_evil_gungurcould someone help me set up grub2 from command line?23:37
andylockranhowdy all23:43
* popey hugs dsas23:46
BigRedSthe_evil_gungur: do you have any specific questions?23:50
the_evil_gungurBigRedS: well, no, but im not sure what to do,  ive read through the grub docs,23:53

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