iheartubuntunickels have reached 7.5 cents a piece (up from 7.3 a week or so ago) thats a 3% increase00:07
iheartubuntuinvesting in nickels pays better than a savings acct00:08
pleia2does investing mean you collect a lot of nickels?00:08
iheartubuntumore or less ;)00:08
iheartubuntui bought YOKU stock a week ago.. its up 17% (the chinese youtube)00:09
iheartubuntupre 1982 pennies are worth 3 cents00:11
iheartubuntubut, my tire on my wheel barrow broke00:11
nhainesIt should be noted that the destruction of US currency is a federal offense.00:13
nhainesAnd is handled by the US Secret Service!  :D00:13
iheartubuntuthe value of the dollar has dropped something like 97% since the federal reserve was enacted00:14
iheartubuntui figure theres more chinese people doing YOKU than there are americans doing youtube (like what 14x more?) how can they not make ad money00:14
iheartubuntua youku search on "ubuntu"... http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_ubuntu00:17
iheartubuntucute KFC ads before the videos00:21
iheartubuntui would have never thought to go to KFC for breakfast00:21
iheartubuntusome interesting comments on the videos... "gorgeous", "so great", "aahhhh my eyes" and they are also talking about the dock bar wether its cairo dock or docky00:23
iheartubuntuon a compiz video someone commented "this is how the penguins boost their followers". it makes me feel like im  a penguin now! flap flap!00:25
aadityaAm I the only one not able to access fsf.org?01:49
jtatumyep. you're the only one.01:52
aaditya"It's just you. http://fsf.org is up."02:02
aadityalol. I know the site is back up.02:03
aadityathanks j.02:03
iheartubuntu_sorry if you received two email with pics. i misspelled yur name pleia202:32
pleia2iheartubuntu_: only received one, thanks :) I'll get them up in a bit02:33
iheartubuntu_i must say, it was probably easier telling people to go to IRC #ubuntu-california than it is #ubuntu-us-ca.02:44
* iheartubuntu_ misses the old irc02:44
DarkwingDuckI believe ubuntu-california forwards here still02:45
pleia2yeah, it does02:50
iheartubuntu_oh thats good02:51
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iheartubuntu_several people told me they liked the02:53
iheartubuntu_"reasons to love ubuntu" poster http://spreadubuntu.org/files/poster-01.png02:54
iheartubuntu_in fact one guy wanted to take ours home to his daughter!02:54
DarkwingDuckI couldn't believe the positive responce I got to Kubuntu02:57
pleia2iheartubuntu_: uploaded! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubuntu-us-ca/sets/72157626171093734/03:00
iheartubuntuanyone having a prob with virtualbox website? i wonder if this uni is blocking it for some reason03:14
iheartubuntuits just me03:15
* iheartubuntu adds the 50,001th website to his arsenal03:16
iheartubuntui feel like batman, but with so many weapons i cant begin to remember them all03:18
iheartubuntuim afraid freenode has become part of my memory access now, taking over googles spot03:18
iheartubuntuhmmmm. even google cache of VB is not coming up03:19
iheartubuntuall other sites work fine for me03:19
iheartubuntuhow are you jledbetter - sorry we missed you at scale03:22
jledbettergreat, iheartubuntu. And you? Hopefully next scale :)03:25
iheartubuntuseidos - if you are up to doing an ubuntu hour, you should agree to the code of conduct http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct03:25
iheartubuntuim really energized from scale03:26
pleia2just sent in my application for UDS sponsorship03:26
iheartubuntugood luck pleia2 !03:27
DarkwingDuckI'm about it.03:27
iheartubuntuakgraner wrote a nice piece about ubuntu hours here http://www.ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Amber-Graner-You-in-Ubuntu/Ubuntu-Hour-Coffee-Company-Ubuntu-and-You03:28
jledbetterpleia2, Woo hoo!03:28
iheartubuntuso is the palo alto ubuntu hour at a beer hall?03:31
* iheartubuntu heart skips a beat03:32
iheartubuntumy time here has finished. i must hop aboard my pony and ride into the cold darkness (im getting in my car and driving home in a nicely heated car)03:36
pleia2night, iheartubuntu :)03:37
iheartubuntunight lyz, night all (studying for my UCP again finally)03:37
Torikun2Gidget kitchen is ofering a Amazon Ec2 public instance. It is free until October. After that, everyone shares the cost which will make it affodable for many people. Let me know if your interested. You get http, ssh, mysql, webmail, ftp, and whatever.03:55
seidosi should've gave that 4 year old girl a ton of meerkat stickers to give to her friends at school07:45
seidosoh wait, she probably wasn't in school yet07:45
seidosi need to just talk in my head now07:45
nhainesYay, I'm running natty on my laptop computer.07:59
seidoswhat's going on nhaines?08:22
iheartubuntupleia2 - does the Ubuntu Women project have any artwork I could put up on my website?17:17
iheartubuntui want to link up to thep roject17:17
pleia2iheartubuntu: yep http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Resources17:24
iheartubuntugreat, thank you. i will be adding it in a prominent place17:24
pleia2thanks :)17:25
iheartubuntui would want to link to http://ubuntu-women.com/ correct? not the launchpad page17:29
MarkDudePics from Scale- http://www.flickr.com/photos/99725460@N00/sets/72157626170454478/21:56
MarkDudeAllison rocks!21:56
iheartubuntui am planning to place an order from the ubuntu shop if anyone is interested. http://shop.canonical.com/ Here is how the shipping prices tend to go. 1 item ordered - $9to$14 depending on whats ordered. 5 items ordered the shipping price drops to about $7 per piece. and 10+ items ordered shipping drops to about $5 each22:28
pleia2ah, nice22:29
iheartubuntui will order in a week or two, so start checking items now. theres some good "swag" in the sale section, not to mention a meerkat shirt, and the backpacks, and who wouldnt want a 4GB USB key??22:32
iheartubuntui will ship items out promptly when the box arrives, but to save myself money i will ship items to each of you the cheapest USPS method (rickshaw if i have to!)22:33
iheartubuntuif the item is big and bulky, say a backpack, i'll have to charge you exact shipping method to you (might be cheaper to buy the item yourself then)22:34
iheartubuntubut most stuff like shirts, stickers, mice, etc are going to only be a couple bucks so i wont worry about it22:35
iheartubuntuif you plan to order 100 or 200 CDs, shipping is free so i wont add these to this order, you can order them yourselves. i wouldnt want to slow down the entire order with a mass quantity CD order22:36
iheartubuntuif you are thinking of getting an Ubuntu Hour going, already have an Ubuntu Hour going, speak at LUGs, or whatever... make yourself look smarter with official Ubuntu gear :)22:41
iheartubuntupleia2 - i can post this to the mailing list if you want22:41
iheartubuntuif all goes well this time around and everyone is happy with things, I would be willing to do a quarterly shipment.22:42
iheartubuntu(california members only)22:42
pleia2iheartubuntu: yeah, go for it22:43

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