reya276morning everyone15:52
maxolasersquadGood morning reya276!15:53
jck77hello everyone19:52
jck77anyone lucky enough to get a google chrome cr-4819:53
mhall119I think a couple guys in here did19:53
jck77what makes me mad is people selling it on ebay19:53
mhall119can't remember who though19:53
jck77and the reason why they are selling it19:53
jck77mhall119: cool, they must be enjoying it19:54
jck77wow this is the worst one http://cgi.ebay.com/Google-Chrome-CR48-laptop-/270711451857?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item3f07a8f0d119:54
jck77lol at reason.... I dont have to use it19:55
jck77* I dont have time to use it19:56
maxolasersquadjck77: It is pretty crappy, but I'm pretty sure Google went in knowing this kind of thing was inevitable.20:12
maxolasersquadI've got one btw.20:12
Chloricgood afternoon20:14
maxolasersquadChloric: Howdy20:15
Chlorichey maxolaser!20:15
Chloricwhen is the next community IRC meeting?20:16
maxolasersquadChloric: Have you checked the wiki?20:31
Chloricnot lately. so busy with projects20:31
Chlorici havent even been on IRC in a month at best20:31
Chloricalright, awesome, theres one on the 8th20:35
mhall119Chloric: the next florida team meeting?20:55
ChloricYeah, its the 8th. i just checked21:07
Chloricwhats up mhall? i hear youre swamped21:07
mhall119not much more than usual21:11
Chloricoh, just a tid-bit i read about putting qimo on the back burner for the moment21:12
mhall119Chloric: qimo is still being worked on, the charity is on the back burner21:13
mhall119though I'll admmit, I haven't worked on qimo in 2 months21:14
Chloricoh =/ that sucks21:14
Chlorici'm trying to raise money myself ><21:14
Chloricits a pain21:15
RoAkSoAxitnet7: applied yet?23:41

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