paultagoh man00:29
paultagwhere the dick is jacob?00:29
paultaggilbert: I gotcha covered, I did not see that nonfree license *at all*00:29
paultaggilbert: thanks so much for helping make sure fluxbox is legal :)00:30
Unit193canthus13: Ping - FreeNX02:31
Unit193I can't seem to figure out how to show the right/normal desktop in Xubuntu (xfce4-session seems to be the right command, but it's not the normal desktop) any ideas?02:33
canthus13Not sure.  FreeNX seems to be geared toward KDE/Gnome.02:39
canthus13Unit193: this is old and dated, but might help:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22366502:43
canthus13Ah.  here ya go:  http://muzso.hu/2007/05/05/connecting-to-a-linux-server-to-xfce-using-freenx02:44
Unit193canthus13: I found the second link, but it doesn't seem to load the default/normal desktop :(02:46
Unit193FreeNX seems to be real fast02:47
canthus13I wouldn't try to log in with the same user that's already logged into the computer. it makes weird things happen.02:47
canthus13That it is.. I'm loving it.02:47
Unit193And if it only has 1 user?02:48
* canthus13 hasn't tried it with KDE, mostly because he hates KDE.02:48
canthus13Dunno then. I just know that if I log in as the same user that's already logged in on the machine at home, Firefox freaks out, other programs just plain crash.02:48
* Unit193 tested with the desktop at the login screen02:49
canthus13I have a separate user set up on this machine for remote login. What's really neat is I can still get to my webcam from the remote computer, so I can use cheese to see what's going on without it showing up on the screen. :)02:51
canthus13Unit193: tried this?  http://muzso.hu/2007/05/05/connecting-to-a-linux-server-to-xfce-using-freenx#comment-123402:52
Unit193Still goes to xfce4 desktop not Xubuntu desktop02:56
Unit193In the login screen there is an option for Xubuntu Desktop and XFCE4 Desktop (with others too)02:57
Unit193More then one session type... nice....03:02
Unit193This is going to endlessly drive me crazy....03:38
Unit193Thanks for trying to help canthus13 (the login screen seems to call /usr/share/xubuntu/session.sh and that still didn't work...)03:46
canthus13No prob.03:50
canthus13Cheri703: Hey... still looking for a job?22:34
Cheri703for the most part...22:35
canthus13I talked to a Ricoh tech who said they're looking for break/fix types.22:35
canthus13I have contact info if you want it...22:35
Cheri703I didn't do that stuff before, but I could do it I'm sure, yeah, toss it in a pm22:35
Cheri703what region are they looking to cover?22:36
canthus13Not really sure.22:36
Cheri703o.O http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jrhKmB9gHAeF5m0mvXcEMH11p2Zw?docId=eaf14658d1b44ef2a0b5098394eaf47722:38
Cheri703kk, I'll look into it22:39
Cheri703counting from 2:56am, I have 438 posts in my google reader feed...22:42
* Cheri703 is trying to refrain from reading any for 24 hours, just to see how high it gets22:43

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