cyberangerhey vychune00:15
vychunehow you been man00:16
cyberangerand you?00:17
vychuneok but i been at work since 83000:17
cyberangerday not over yet? heh00:18
cyberangerjust think of the overtime00:19
cyberangeror at least the stable work00:19
vychunethey cut my overtime00:20
cyberangerbeats a layoff00:20
vychunetrue true00:21
vychunehows the server going?00:23
cyberangerand I know it beats looking for another job :-/00:23
cyberangerserver? I got a few00:23
vychunegtg got caught00:25
cyberangeruh...ok, chat later00:25
cyberangeroh, irc work, ah00:25
cyberangerhey elijah-mbp00:56
cyberangerhow's it going00:59
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cyberangerhey vychune04:08
cyberangerwhat server were you asking about?04:08
techMileshey cyberanger./04:08
cyberangerhey techMiles04:08
techMilesand hey vychune04:08
vychuneyou said you were  doing a repository04:09
vychunehey tech04:09
cyberangerah, right, mirror04:09
cyberangergoing well, gotta upgrade some things before it's fully running04:10
cyberangerbut it's covering two lts releases now04:10
cyberangerand some04:10
cyberangertechMiles: where did we leave off04:10
techMilescyberanger: I installed the alternate ISO to the laptop.04:10
techMilesthat's the last I got it04:11
cyberangeryou did a full install too?04:11
techMilescyberanger: hmm? I did a format/install using a disc I burnt the alternate ISO to04:12
cyberangerok, that equals a yes then04:12
cyberangerI'd presume04:13
cyberangertechMiles: that disc can also do a command line install04:15
techMilesis that what I ought to have done? lol.....04:15
cyberangerso if you install virtualbox04:15
cyberangerand try out some custom installs too, that's one of two ways I do04:16
cyberanger(other is a net install)04:16
cyberangerno, you did what you planned on doing04:16
cyberangerjust letting you know that disc is useful for a few reasons04:18
techMilesalso, my server seems to have a hardware problem. lol04:20
cyberangerI use alternate for full disc encryption, custom installs, and with jigdo and zsync, keep the load off the servers, and get the newest releaes too04:22
techMilescyberanger: what do you use for a server? and do you host your own or rent hosting space?04:28
cyberangertechMiles: both, linode vps04:42
cyberangerubuntu, debian04:43
techMileswould you recommend linode to a semi-novice ?04:43
cyberangerdepends on the wallet, and needs a little04:43
cyberangerbut it's the one I would, for most people04:44
techMilesheh. very empty wallet (for now. working on that) and needs, mostly just to play. would like to have some "production" stuff on it.04:44
cyberangerwell, 20 a month, mostly to play, is there a spare desktop?04:45
techMilesthat's what is currently failing on me04:46
cyberangermight be good to try on that, narrow down your thoughts04:46
cyberangeroh, well, 10 dollars is as low as I've seen04:48
cyberangerbenifits for a bigger co, extra features too, 20 a month, linode is who I'd recommend04:48
cyberangeralso they focus on linux, which is real good04:49
techMilescan you choose where you have your hosting?04:50
techMilesat least country?04:50
techMilesi'd like to have a site up, and since this server I've been hosting myself is failing me.04:50
cyberangertechMiles: they've got a few DC's one london04:52
cyberangerothers all in the US04:52
techMilesthey list US04:52
cyberangertechMiles: yeah, and london, uk04:55
techMilesI'd at least like US. if I can't choose more specifically than that.04:55
techMilesam looking to get a job soon, or enough for 6+ months of hosting and job next august04:56
cyberangernewark, atlanta, dallas04:56
cyberangerfreemont ca04:57
cyberangerand one more?04:57
techMileswould prob go with atlanta04:57
techMilesas it'd be stuff mostly for my area04:57
techMilescollege learning I'd gotten and collected to put up for others04:58
cyberangerI can't remember if it was 5 DC's or 5 US DC's04:58
cyberangerdon't grab ATL04:58
cyberangerthat's the limit04:58
cyberangernot limit, sorry, advise against04:59
cyberangerthere's a few restrictions at that DC05:00
cyberangernot linode's fault05:00
cyberangerport restrictions05:00
techMilesso dallas05:01
techMilesnext closest to my area05:01
cyberangeror newark05:01
techMileswhere's newark again? >.>05:01
cyberangernew jersey05:02
techMilesmethinks dallas is closer, idk05:02
cyberangernetworks are milliseconds apart05:03
techMilesyes, but there's latency and jitter w/ distance05:03
techMilestakes more lag time to get to a server in London than it does to one in Canada05:03
cyberangerlondon has times beating newark dallas05:03
techMileseven though they both ahve to go through customs..05:03
techMilessorry, wejoke at my college05:04
techMilesthat our elearn system has to go through customs, so that's why it takes so long to load05:04
cyberangerand atlanta just barely better, and my needs rule that out05:04
techMileswhat are you needs w/ it, if I might ask?05:04
cyberangerthe IRC port 6667 is blocked and I keep the possibility open for that05:05
cyberangerI have proxies on it, for british tv05:05
cyberangerand testing geoip blocks05:06
cyberangeron us systems05:06
techMilesyou'll hafta tell me more about all of that sometime.05:06
techMilesI know about the IRC stuff (some).05:06
cyberanger(by testing, I mean breaking)05:06
cyberangerrunning opennic dns server05:06
cyberangersmall apache server, personal site on it05:07
cyberangerand this irc client05:07
cyberanger(some testing, bittorrent on a rare day)05:07
cyberangerit gets utilized05:09
cyberangertechMiles: what are you thinking?05:16
cyberangerand for linode, your not gonna find any major difference in locations, atlanta aside05:17
cyberangerbut idk if your planning for anything more sensitive than most05:22
cyberangerI know dallas is good, opennic has some servers there05:23
techMileshow do you mean more sensitive?05:24
cyberangeryou metioned latency as a concern, but my tests showed minute differences between all linode datacenters plus four other data centers05:26
cyberangeratl won, barely, due to routing, everything heads to the meet me room in atl05:27
cyberangerfollowed by newark or london05:27
cyberangerwe're talking millisecond difference, extremely close05:28
cyberangerbut ntp is something where that matters, it's more sensitive05:29
cyberangerbut I wouldn't host an ntp server on a vps05:29
techMilesnah no ntp05:32
techMilesmillisecond difference is fine05:32
cyberangerthey'll let you move data centers too05:34
cyberangerI'd choose dallas or newark, if you want a US server05:34
cyberangerare you thinking of any projects to try first05:37
techMileshave thought about DNS.05:39
techMilesthinking more on the opennic dns05:39
techMilesbut I know || that much about opennic05:39
cyberangerit's worthwhile05:40
techMileshow so?05:41
cyberangerwell, gives you a chance to learn about bind, dns05:42
techMileshave been thinking about running a local DNS server that caches the top, say, 100 hits at my house05:42
cyberangeroffers free domains, non-icann tlds (the downside here is lack of usability outside opennic, but that's fine for expemermental and personal projects)05:43
cyberangertechMiles: what's your router?05:44
techMilescyberanger: a 2wire05:44
techMilesit sucksssss harddd05:44
cyberangerah, yeah05:44
techMilesI swwear one day I'll put every device I can on it and burn it up.05:45
cyberangerdns cache is all or nothing, but that's ok for dns05:45
cyberangerit sounds like squid is something to learn for that05:45
techMilesI know so little!05:46
cyberangersquid proxy05:46
techMilesI knew that, but didn't know the scope05:46
cyberangercacheing proxy05:46
techMilesah yeah that rings a bell now..05:46
cyberangerkeeps a certain amount of http data cached05:48
cyberangershould cover your needs and some05:48
techMilescyberanger: I'd like to run an IRC network, but that'd technically be against a non-competition agreement I have with a network for which I'm staff. so would probably just setup another server for them if I did so. or host a private network that would be outside of the non-competition bit.05:49
techMilesbut I'd like a website, probably wordpress, maybe opennic.05:50
techMilesprobably, after i get the hang of it.05:50
cyberangertechMiles: your staff on an IRC network that made you sign a non-compete?05:50
techMilescyberanger: not made. And actually I could agrgue the non-compete would be null and void on me05:50
techMilesas I am voluntary help, and don't run a server.05:50
cyberangeryou signed it though05:51
techMilesaggitating, but I do more work than those that do run a server. others have a set it and forget it method. -_-05:51
cyberangera non compete for that?05:51
techMilesI had/have no aspirations to run an IRC network of my own.05:51
cyberangerI figure you don't want to say what network05:52
techMilesit's kind've a moot point to try and run a new network now, rather than run a server linked to an existing one.05:52
techMilescyberanger: if you ask directly. lol. Not sure a difference that it makes, but if you ask directly I would tell you.05:53
techMilescyberanger: was probably not the best move to agree to the terms of that, but is easily enough undone with resigning as staff. Honestly, very little is done w/ the network that I'd like to see done anyway.05:54
cyberangerwell, I'm more suprised by the non compete really, I've run some servers, consider linking to some small network if I get another going again05:54
techMilessee I'd like to do that. just for the experience, I s'pose.05:55
techMilesbut everyone goes to huge servers nowadays anyway05:55
techMilesgrowth is so slow05:55
cyberangerwell, I'm on mutiple servers, so that doesn't hurt really05:56
techMilesthis one is tiny, in comparison to the top 1005:56
techMilesbut honestly I like little on freenode but this channel and the xchat channel05:56
techMilesdon't much like undernet or quakenet, either.05:56
cyberangerI'm suprised the non-compete is that limited05:57
techMileshow do you mean?05:57
cyberangermost have some idea of protecting profit, how do you profit from irc05:58
techMilesthis is mostly parallel with the NDA.05:58
cyberangerand seems rare that you resign and done05:58
techMileswell, the NDA holds even after resignation.05:58
cyberangerusually it's resign and 30 days05:58
cyberangeran NDA is the same, protect bussiness intrests05:59
techMilesbut the non-compete... it can't really be held after we resign. for full operators it might be afterwards.05:59
techMilesbut mostly it's that I can't take what is applied there to other networks. at least the proprietary.05:59
cyberangerwhat could be proprietary, irc has had little proprietary involvement, now I gotta ask what the network is06:00
techMilesI have no desire to resign, so I haven't remembered the exact policy.06:00
techMileslol. proprietary as in, setup-specific, server configs that would violate security, then there's hand-written code they've used.06:01
techMilesproprietary was a bad word there.06:01
techMilesintellectual property would protect what I am talking asbout06:01
techMilesI'm actually not sure if I signed a non-compete/NDA for 201106:02
techMilesspecifically for 201106:02
cyberangerI've never had a non compete (the NDA wasn't a true non compete, more of a protection I'd not harm their security)06:02
cyberangerbut plenty of NDA's, and mimicking a config never was an issue, even for DoD grade smartcards06:04
techMilesthis one uses... ehh.. some more specific stuff? heh.06:05
cyberangernot sure what IP they have exactly, hand written code makes sense under that06:05
techMilesand ofc server-setup is NDA06:07
techMilesidk if there's be an issue with running another network so long as I did no advertising whatsoever about it.06:08
techMilesI know there's one guy who does. but he's like me, voluntary help made staff. but his was pre-existing06:08
cyberangerthe whole thing is volentary06:10
cyberangererr... voluntary06:10
techMilesI say voluntary meaning unpaid/only semi-official06:10
techMilesbut yes.06:10
cyberangerclaims years of exp.. in irc, nobody gets paid06:11
cyberangerclaims openness06:11
techMilessorry. I specify voluntary so much because most hear 'staff' and think 'employed' and think 'paid'06:11
cyberangerand yet an NDA, non compete06:11
cyberangertechMiles: understand, but of what I read, nobody is paid on this06:12
techMilesI've never heard of anyone getting paid06:12
cyberangerwhen does the NDA and non compete expire06:12
techMilesI think it is yearly, and/or when you resign. the pages where they NDA was hosted in the forums aren't accessible. at least -I- can't find them.06:13
techMilesI need to actually request those..06:13
cyberangerso, your currently not under them it sounds like06:14
techMilesif I don't have access to the documentation, no, not really.06:14
cyberangeryou might want to read over that closer, and ask a bit more this time06:14
techMilesI incquired where they'd gone and said I couldn't remember saying anything about 2011 directly, and that they aren't availasble anymore where I can see.06:15
cyberangernothing wrong with NDA's (I have issues with some non competes)06:15
techMilesI remember clearly reading it, and that I had no issues with it.06:16
cyberangerthey both can be overly broad, but usually NDA's can only cover what's not public under law06:16
cyberangerthus configs are hard in this context to cover06:17
techMilesI think it covers passwords, salts, etc06:17
cyberangerdue to limited ways to config, sooner or later you'll get it close06:17
cyberangernow that is good, approate for an NDA06:17
cyberangerirrevalant for a non compete06:18
techMilesI just hope this doesn't make the owner paranoid about me. :P06:18
techMilesHe's also become a friend. He's the first owner of a network i've ever actually seen active on the network06:18
cyberangergood, I hope he'd not be paranoid about this, or asking for clarification on a non compete or nda06:19
cyberangera non compete in IT that's too broad can be a job killer06:20
cyberangerbut for tn, usually tossed out in court, right to work state06:21
techMileshe lives in NL, but yeah US law would apply as I am a resident here06:21
cyberangerhard to say with international law, all the more reason to clarify then06:22
cyberangerI don't doubt his intentions as protecting his effort, if it's just salt info and passwords, maybe a spefic config value06:26
techMilesI think it's mostly to protect the network.06:26
techMilesi.e. : don't steal my users, don't steal my methods, don't steal my security information06:26
cyberangeryeah, but that can be too much there06:27
cyberangerI mean, I'm on 5 networks, did freenode steal me from oftc06:27
techMilesare you staff?06:28
cyberangerthere are similarties, differences, I'm on both networks06:28
cyberangernot on those two06:28
techMilesand no it means things like me advertising. or saying things like 'hey come over to techMilesnetwork.com for a better chat'06:28
cyberangerwhich is why I chose them06:28
cyberangerok, so you leave account related info alone, maybe metion your learning about ircd's, maybe peering with a friend (as a disclaimer, before you do anything)06:30
techMilesI will see.06:30
techMilesHe gets paranoid, as many have screwed him over.06:30
cyberangerset boundries, he explains any methods he has protected, you don't advertise, keep the peace06:31
cyberangerI do get that06:31
techMilesI'd love to do moer with networks, etc.06:31
techMilesthere's nothing against the NDA/non-compete to help on others.06:31
techMilesI'm not entirely sure it's against it to be staff.06:31
techMileson another one06:31
techMilesI'd love to help more places grow and get better than they are.06:31
techMilesbut it takes sooo long.06:32
techMilesthe one network I was made an admin of once, I was the main one doing work06:32
techMilesthere was a root who didn't even fix a tiny netsplit. I fixed it.06:32
techMilesand He was the one who supposedly helped recompile the network.06:32
techMilesit -still- aggitates me06:32
techMilesvery much an A-H, he was06:33
cyberangeryeah well, you find that everywhere it seems06:34
techMilesit'd have been fine, if he didn't attempt to lord over me that he was root and I wasn't.06:34
techMilesroot admin*06:34
cyberangerI'm not saying build an irc network, btw, just that the nda and non compete seems odd06:34
techMilesit does.06:34
techMilesbut I think it's because he is, as I said, used to getting screwed over and wants to protect himself and his network as best as he can.06:35
techMilesMost of his income was from his freelance work06:35
techMilesis from his freelance work*06:36
techMilesand his communities which are tied into the IRC network06:36
cyberangeryeah, I understand why NDA's exist, and also how they can be abused06:36
techMilesI honestly kept hoping eh'd turn me over to a netadmin position, so I could do more, esp when the first person he thought was good for the job turned out to not take is as seriously as need be.06:37
techMilesknow of any networks that need good help?06:37
techMiles :P06:37
cyberangerwell, question is if they want it too06:38
techMilesI meant to answer questions in a #help channel06:38
cyberanger#freenode could at times06:39
cyberangerreally any network has a channel like that, could06:40
cyberangerperhaps the north american pirate party network06:40
cyberangerand due to the fairly limited focus of that network06:40
techMilesthe what?06:40
cyberangerthat'd be a good pic06:41
techMileswhat's it for?06:41
cyberanger(also covers the US and Mexico)06:41
cyberangerPirate Party and some other groups06:41
cyberangerdigital rights type groups06:42
cyberangerPirate Party is a political party with only one focus, digital rights06:43
techMilesI see.06:43
cyberangeroutside that issue, things are independent of the party06:43
cyberangerit's not that big in the us06:44
cyberangergaining traction in canada06:44
cyberangerand other groups are on the network too06:44
techMilesI see no help channel. and their opers channel is public?06:45
cyberanger#main I think06:45
cyberangerafaik, public, not 100% though06:46
techMilesanywhere else?06:46
techMileshonestly am a bit wary given the issues digi rights brings up.06:47
cyberangernot afaik06:47
cyberangeroh, other networks, yeah06:47
cyberangerreally, any network can use it06:49
cyberangeras time goes on, quality fails06:49
techMilesmy main duty at the other network is documentation06:55
cyberangera friend in #opennic has a smaller network, unfortunately the name slips my mind atm though06:55
cyberangerI asked, he's out atm06:56
techMilesI'd love to have a server up and going to do many of the projects I've been wanting to do.06:56
cyberangerand having an ircd for this one, your current one, is an idea06:57
techMilesi've done so before06:57
techMileswas working on services, it kept dieing from the sendq06:58
techMileswas working on fixing that06:58
techMilesand idr what happened06:58
techMileswhat IRCd do you recommend?07:01
cyberangersounds like you've got a list07:01
cyberangerdepends on the network07:01
techMilesright. squid, opennic and IRCd07:01
cyberangerkinda a thing they like in sync07:02
techMileswell, personally I've found Unreal to be to my liking.07:02
techMilesmight try out the RC they have.07:02
techMilesof 3.2.907:03
cyberangersmall list then, the ircd might mean compiling it07:03
techMilesI'ev managed compiling an IRCd before07:03
techMilesI compiled xchat from source whenever there's a new release out or I redo a computer07:03
cyberangeryeah, but nice to skip when you can07:04
cyberangerjust seems cleaner to use a package system07:05
cyberangersquid for a local network, makes more sense to be on a local network07:06
cyberangerbut that's simple07:06
techMilesbut the question is, how would I have to set that up. use a proxy to the server?07:06
cyberangerto the server, or on the server?07:07
techMilesthe proxy would be the server, wouldn't it? with squid?07:07
cyberangerit'd be running on some machine07:07
techMileswell should I put it on my linux server or my windows desktop?07:08
cyberangermy network, it's on the router, firewalled from the outside07:08
techMilesoh see i can't do that, sadly.07:09
cyberangerwell I'm partial to linux07:09
techMilesI'd love to.07:09
techMileswhat router do you have?07:09
cyberangeryeah, homebuilt router07:09
techMilessee if I have a machine that could take it, I'd do that.07:09
cyberangerlinux kernel07:09
techMilesI'd basically have a server that acted as a router, DHCP server, firewall, and DNS proxy07:10
cyberangerdoesn't take much really07:10
cyberangerwell, that'd have to be local07:10
techMilesinstalling on server.07:11
techMilesat least for now it works fine.07:11
techMilesif/;when I get the money, I want to build a better server.07:12
techMileshopefully with two NICs07:12
techMilesso I can use it as a router, dhcp, firewall, etc07:12
techMilesat least, more streamlined than with only one NIC?07:13
techMileshave one incoming, one outgonig.07:13
cyberangeryeah, more than one NIC, dhcp (the kernel has iptables, there is benifits with dns being local)07:13
cyberangertoss in a serial port, gpsd, and ntpd, a compatible gps07:14
cyberangeryou can run a local ntp server even07:14
techMilesntp is.. ? I forget. :/07:14
cyberangeryeah, for the time signal07:14
cyberangernetwork time protocall07:14
techMileswould probably pass on that one.07:15
techMilesuntil I had a really primo machine07:15
techMilesand GbE07:15
cyberangeryeah, be fun to try though07:15
cyberangeryeah, at least for the LAN07:16
cyberangerwith a switch to match07:16
techMilesI have a cisco catalyst 2900XL07:16
techMilesbut oneof the fans is going07:16
cyberangerbtw, primo in my case is an old hp machine cira 199707:18
techMilesI say primo meaning one that isn't failing atm07:18
cyberangerwith a second nic07:18
techMilesthis current server is failing. I think the HDD might be.07:18
techMilesand it's terrible to work inside the case07:18
techMilesso basically I want a new case to shove it all into. eventually update some of the components, etc.07:18
techMilesor slowly update the stuff, so that I can have a progressively better machine for it07:19
cyberangerthere's a point where that's costlier07:20
cyberangercompared to a new build07:20
techMilesit isn't finding the squid.conf07:20
cyberangerdid you install squid with apt07:21
cyberangerls /etc/squid/squid.conf says not found?07:21
techMileswait lemme see07:22
techMilesnot found07:22
cyberangerthat's not right07:22
techMilesI used squid307:25
techMilesperhaps just squid?07:25
techMilesor squid-common ?07:25
techMilesnow there is a squid.conf07:25
cyberangerguessing you added squid the07:26
techMilesthe config file is loooong07:28
cyberangeryeah, is this on your lan?07:30
cyberangerthen it's not too hard07:33
cyberangerlocalhost is enabled by default07:34
cyberangerlocalnet is setup, all rfc1918 addresses07:34
techMilesI don't plan on giving external access w/o some form of authentication.07:34
cyberangerjust gotta remove the comment for it, under http_access07:35
cyberangerand your firewall covers that already07:35
cyberangerplus the acl07:35
cyberangersince port forwarding isn't set07:35
cyberangerthere are a few auth methods, for a lan only setup though as described, that's enough07:38
techMileswhere's the http port bit?07:38
techMilesor do I need to worry about that?07:38
cyberangerbind to
techMilesit's already setup for me.07:39
cyberangerso ifconfig addresses, 312807:39
techMilesso, I just change the proxy on this computer to server.ip.address:3128?07:40
cyberangerif it's the same machine, localhost or
cyberangerif it's a different machine on the lan, remove the comment on http_access localnet and restart it07:42
cyberangerthen it's the serveripaddress07:42
techMilesam looking for localnet..07:43
techMilesdon't see it for http_access07:43
techMilescan I just add it with the http_access allow localhost ?07:43
cyberangerif it's the same machine, yes07:43
cyberanger#http_access allow localnet#http_access allow localhost07:47
cyberangerhttp_access allow ncsa_auth_users07:47
cyberangerthose are the two default lines commented out on mine, plus my auth line added07:47
cyberangeryou should have the two, but you have localhost, that's good07:49
cyberangersuprised localnet is left out07:49
techMileshow do I know if it's working? :)07:49
cyberangertell your browser to use it, then view something obscure (I use apple, since I never seem to run into any)07:51
techMileshmm tells me access denied.07:52
cyberangerwhat's your http_access rules?07:53
techMileswhat you described.07:53
techMileslocalhost allowed, and localnet allowed.07:53
techMilesbut it lets me ping google via terminal just fine07:53
cyberangerwell, the termial isn't set for the proxy, and ping sidesteps it07:54
cyberangerdid you remove the comment tag #07:54
cyberangerwhat's localnet and localhost defined as?07:54
techMilesidk where do I define those?07:55
cyberangerlocalnet by default is all rfc1918 addresses07:55
cyberangerlocalhost is the lo address07:55
cyberangerlook for07:57
cyberangeracl localhost src
cyberangerthen three lines like it07:58
cyberangeracl localnet src ....07:58
cyberangeracl localnet src ....07:58
cyberangeracl localnet src ....07:58
techMilesI see them07:58
cyberangersudo service squid restart07:58
cyberangerand try07:59
techMilesunknown instance08:00
techMilesah it's squid308:00
techMilesstill nuttin08:01
techMilesit has two dirs. /etc/squid and /etc/squid308:02
techMilesI had been trying this in /etc/squid/08:02
techMilestht's probably the issue08:02
cyberangeryeah, that's been annoying08:05
techMiles2011/03/01 02:02:20| aclParseAccessLine: ACL name 'localnet' not found.08:05
techMilesFATAL: Bungled squid.conf line 648: http_access allow localnet08:05
cyberangerI'd purge squid308:05
cyberangerit's the newest, a bit of a rewrite08:05
cyberangerI'm slowly migrating over08:06
cyberangerthey changed enough on it08:06
techMilesIt worksssss!!!!!08:07
techMilesnow, a great feature (impo) would be a web-based management system for this....08:08
techMilesto add blacklisted/whitelisted sites08:08
techMileskeyword filter stuff mayhap08:08
cyberangerwonder if webmin fits that bill08:10
cyberangerbut I find config files better08:10
cyberangereasier to lock down08:10
cyberangerno browser expliot risks08:10
techMileswebmin DOES say it works with squid08:13
techMilesbut best to learn the hard-way?08:13
cyberangereh, well, it's the way I learned08:14
cyberangerbest is a little more defined than that08:15
techMilesI'd have it where I want it much more quickly using webmin08:16
techMilesbut I'd learn more if i use the conf files08:16
cyberangerand if webmin breaks08:17
techMilesdoes it also handle ip tables?08:17
cyberangerand what method will google cite more08:17
cyberangerwebmin, idk08:17
cyberangeragain, I issue shell commands08:17
cyberangerfor that08:17
cyberangerand learn, read08:18
techMilesit doesn't say it.08:18
techMilesbut yeah.08:18
cyberangerit seems to be repetition really08:18
techMilesokay. so question08:18
cyberangerdo it enough, burned in08:18
techMilesif I do a shift+refrresh, does that also recache the page on the server?08:19
cyberangershift refresh?08:19
techMileseh. a re-get of the page.08:19
cyberangeryou mean, hit refresh, f5 so on08:19
techMilesbia the browser08:19
cyberangerit grabs the cache bits, checks for new content08:19
techMilesshift+refresh, where it doesn't use the local cache, but redownloads the page from the webserver08:20
cyberangersome content can be told to ignore the cache, and advertisers make it look like it's allways changed08:20
cyberangerso it'll allways grab that outside the cache08:20
cyberangerbut squid trys to hand you it's cache contents if it can08:21
techMileswhat I'd like to do, is eventually get it versatile and stable enough to have the router set to use it for the DNS.08:24
techMilesnot sure if that'd be wise, though.08:24
techMileswhere do I tell it how many pages to keep? and/or for how long?08:26
cyberangerif it's stable, DNS works08:28
techMilesI'd mostly be worried about the hardware being stable.08:28
cyberangerit's set up to be dynamic nowadays, you can fix that if you'd like, but I'd advise against it for most people08:29
cyberangerhow much it can hold in ram, and how long, depends on how your ram is utilized08:29
cyberangerand makes sense since people have a habit on visiting the same site over and over, it'll cache it08:30
cyberangerwhile on the same token, so many sites are dynamic, to hold it longer, pointless, since squid has to change it anyhow08:30
techMilesI'd like it set to, say, if it gets 5 hits on same domain, cache all pages from that domain for x days, if it gets 20 hits on same site, cache that site for, say, 3 days.08:30
cyberangeras for dns, you usually want mutiple servers listed anyhow08:31
cyberangerso, lanaddress, then two opennic servers maybe08:31
cyberangerif lanaddress is on top, it'll allways get queued08:31
cyberangerif it's hardware fails, it skips on down08:32
techMilesWOW big difference atm.08:32
techMilesfrom a page I loaded a bit ago on the laptop08:32
techMilesand just now on the desktop08:32
cyberangernow, a poor config can cause issues, but the configs are simple enough and hey, that's what testings for08:32
cyberangerboth via squid?08:32
techMilesI will probably leave it how it is but for playing around now.08:35
cyberangerand that's the funny thing, nobody values a good cache system anymore08:35
techMilesI do! at least after seeing this I certainly dooo08:35
techMileswould be nice if it could, like I think you've mentinoed to me before, go out and get packages and updates pre-downloaded.08:36
cyberangerschools see it's benifits, but have no clue why (due to their filters, using squid or something in the process)08:36
techMilesmy school could use a good DNS cache for their online learning system alone.08:37
cyberangerexport http_proxy=
cyberangerexport ftp_proxy=
cyberangersudo apt-get update08:37
cyberangersudo apt-get -d dist-upgrade08:37
techMilesthat'll do the packages and etc pre-gotten?08:38
cyberangerthat'll only download, but the next machine (at least the shared packages) will use the same cache if set too08:38
cyberangerand so it's still a speed up08:38
techMilesbut I only set it in the browser.08:38
techMilesnot whole-system.08:38
cyberangerremove -d and it'll install08:38
cyberangerthus the export lines08:38
techMilesand what about on the server itself? will it use the squid proxy automagically?08:39
techMilesI'm onfused. do I put the export lines into the squid.conf ?08:39
cyberangerno, in the terminal (for all the time, one of the bashrc files, or run them as a command now, for this run)08:39
cyberangerthere's two bashrc files, $HOME/.bashrc08:40
cyberangerand /etc/bashrc08:41
techMilesuh oh. it's stuck on08:41
cyberangerthe difference is the user it's under08:41
cyberangeruh, what's stuck08:41
techMiles82% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (]08:41
techMilesgets stuck there08:41
techMilesah fixed that time08:42
cyberangerwhat command08:42
techMilessudo apt-get update08:42
techMilesal;ways hangs at that one.08:42
techMilesbut fixes after08:42
cyberangersecurity.ubuntu.com is only two servers, if I recall08:42
cyberangerkinda bad if they get hammered08:42
techMilesman it is NOT going to that security.ubuntu.com server08:43
cyberangerthus why I try not to mirror them, if I can (I mirror from a mirror first, then archive.ubuntu.com, then security.ubuntu.com, to try and avoid hitting it for long)08:44
techMilesmust be busy08:44
techMileseverybody doing auto-updates or something at 2am?08:44
techMileswent slooooow but finally finished08:44
cyberangerheh, that sucks08:44
cyberangerwell, 2am in the CST08:44
techMilesabnd you'll hafta teach me how to mirror.08:44
cyberanger03:44 here08:45
cyberangerthat's gonna take disc space08:45
techMilesif I could build me a home server for all the stuff I wanna do.08:46
techMilesit'd be grand.08:46
techMilesI'd have a HDD set aside for it.08:47
cyberangerhow big?08:49
techMilesidk. how big of one would I need?08:49
cyberangerdepends on how much your mirroring I guess08:49
cyberangerjust lucid and hardy is 125GB, the whole ubuntu archive is I think over 500Gb now08:50
cyberangerthe releases mirror seems to constantly stay shy of 70GB08:50
cyberangerreleases is cd images and whatnot08:51
cyberangerapt is looking at archive08:51
techMileswhat would you recommend?08:52
techMilesI keep my server on latest LTS08:52
cyberangerand the portion I'm currently mirroring (looking at grabbing a full mirror, just gotta upgrade to that) is enough for me08:52
techMilesand PC on latest stable, sometimes latest beta.08:52
cyberangerso just lucid I take it, and maverick atm08:53
cyberangerbeta seems to change so much, and you've got small amount of machines, idk if it's worth it to you08:53
techMileswould be nice to also mirror maybe, the desktop, alternate, and server ISO's08:53
cyberangera caching proxy might be enough for you08:53
cyberangerwell the iso's are simplier08:54
cyberangerand I can see that08:54
techMilesI already do a semblance of  mirroring the ISOs.08:55
techMilesI download and leave them open in torrent for seeding for a few days/week08:55
techMilesuntil the #'s go down08:55
cyberangerI've got some plans that justify a mirror more, from installfests to maintaining mutiple machines at a sci-fi convention, and I want to presume that they'll become offline, too much traffic at the hotel (killed the network by having email checked in the morning and streaming netflix at night to put everyones kids to sleep)08:56
cyberangerand I'd like to actually stick it in a datacenter, and host a public mirror08:56
techMilesit's bedtime though08:57
techMilesgreat learning session and discussions.08:57
techMilestyvm cyberanger08:57
cyberangerquite welcome09:02
cyberangerheh, whoops, missed that timing09:02
chibihogoshinoah.. tea in the am is so nice09:07
cyberangerchibihogoshino: well, the brits do agree tea time is 4 o'clock, I think your 12 hours early09:37
chibihogoshinoit is 4 tho09:37
cyberangerthus 12 hours early, not 11 or 1309:37
chibihogoshino4 o clock is 4 o clock09:37
cyberangerbut they meant 160009:38
chibihogoshinobaa.. thats to late09:38
chibihogoshinoi have tea now .. it will be cold by then09:38
cyberangerwhy? ;-)09:38
chibihogoshinocold tea isnt good09:39
cyberangerreheat it;-)10:03
XpistosWhat up peeps15:21
wrsthey Xpistos, a belated hello to you17:55
cyberangerhey orias22:01
cyberangerwrst: it's not like you to be that late22:01
cyberangertechMiles: DarkDNA IRC network22:04
* cyberanger is holding a virtual party here, virtual fake ID's will be checked22:12
cyberangeryou don't look like a bill gates, wearing a tux shirt, come in ;-)22:15
techMilesirc.darkdna.net ?23:24
cyberangertechMiles: yeah23:37
techMilescyberanger: I do not see you there.23:48
cyberangertechMiles: that's pretty much cause I'm not atm, lol23:52
techMilescyberanger: you forget the port with that?23:53

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