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CantideDoes anyone know why my Android phone won't detect? :(06:48
Cantiderunning Ubuntu 10.10 now06:49
Cantidefrom what i've read online, it should just detect .-.06:49
superflyCantide: what do you mean "won't detect"?07:08
Cantidei plug it in via usb, and nothing happens07:10
Cantidei can't find it to mount it as a drive or anything07:10
superflyCantide: what do you think is supposed to happen?07:10
Cantidebut the phone says it's connected via usb07:11
Cantideokay, maybe i should rephrase my question - how can I access the phone via Ubuntu /07:11
superflyCantide: my phone has 2 modes, "PC Suite" and "Storage Device", which I have to select when I plug it in07:11
Cantideyou just solved my problem :D07:13
Cantidei plugged it in, selected the notification area on the phone07:13
Cantidethen click on that07:13
Cantideand it asked if i wanted to mount it07:13
Cantideweird, i expected that to happen on my PC...07:13
Cantidethanks :p07:13
Cantidejust another quick question - what directory structure should it have?07:14
Cantideif i want to put music on there, and there isn't a music folder, can i just create one, or does it need a specific structure?07:15
Cantidetrial an error will help me .-.07:19
superflyCantide: I don't have an android phone, so I'm afraid I can't help you there... I have a linux phone ;-)07:20
Cantidei'm even throwing some .mod / .xm files on07:21
Cantidesee what happens :D07:21
superflymy word... that's old school07:21
linuxboysuperfly: I thought nokia started using windows now07:21
superflylinuxboy: I got my phone my phone before they sold their soul07:22
superflyer, I'm double-typing now07:22
OwkkuriCantide: I've got a Music dir on my sd card :P07:30
Owkkuridon't think it really matters, the music app / winamp scans the card for supported media07:31
Owkkuriyes you get winamp for android :P07:31
CantideOwkkuri, thanks :) I just tested out the folder I created ( It just happened to be 'Music', too! ) and it works fine :)07:31
OwkkuriI have Music and another caleld media07:31
Cantidei figured it would just scan - i'm used to using an ooooooooooooooold phone :<07:31
Cantidewell, vanilla Android doesn't play .mod files... pity :p07:32
Kilosmorning superfly  and all you other peeps08:28
superflyhi Kilos08:29
Kiloshow's the family superfly 08:29
superflyKilos: eish, the little rascal is rather sick at the moment08:29
Kilosshame man. flu?08:30
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:32
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:32
kodezmorning all, where can i get pidgin's facebook plug-ins?08:33
kodezi'm using ubuntu 10.1008:33
superflykodez: I don't know, did you google?08:36
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:36
KilosMaaz, ty08:36
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure08:36
Kiloshi kodez  in tools plugins08:36
Kilosoops no look in synaptic and typre in pidgin08:37
Kilosthen scroll down you will find it there08:38
Kilosits called pidgin-facebookchat08:39
Kilospidgin is actually a wonderful IM goodie but can do too much. you need a big screen to see all iof the buddy list08:47
* Owkkuri introduces Kilos to scroll bars ;P09:13
Kilosheee hee hee09:14
Kilosthats lotsa work Owkkuri 09:14
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zerlgiHi Kilos13:10
Cantidehas anyone else had trouble updating via the update manager in 10.10 ?15:14
Cantideoh... seems i sorted it out by hitting 'check and then trying again15:15
Cantidethere were some broken links or something :|15:16
Kiloshi nlsthzn  howzit17:21
nlsthznhi uncle Kilos :)17:28
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kodezguys, earlier today i requested assistance in regard to pidgin's facebook plug-ins. i managed to some plug-ins but my system couldn't work and i had to reformat my system. i had tried to install it again after that but it keeps on giving me an error message that either my username or password is incorrect, please help,how will i ever solve this problem17:46
nlsthznkodez: which plugin, facebook?>17:48
Kiloskodez how far does it get with installing before you get the error message or is it installed already and it just doesnt recognise your password17:48
drubinkodez: You don't need any plugins to get facebook chat working with pidgin17:49
nlsthzndrubin: not sure which plug-in yet...17:49
kodezi am using ubuntu 10.1017:49
Kilosoh the prob with pidgin?17:49
drubinkodez: Doesn't matter it will work for all version :)17:49
kodezi do install 100% but i can't configure my facebook account17:50
kodezthanks @drubin, i will try it17:50
drubinkodez: did you follow the instructions on that site?17:50
drubinbecause you don't need any additional plugins anny more17:50
Kilostry going direcly to facebook with your browser17:50
Kilosi had them block me once to for some funny reason17:50
nlsthznif it is the facebook plugin... just use your user name and password to log into the browser version first... if you use email and password in the browser than the plug in doesn't take your username and password... but better to configure without the plugin17:51
nlsthznjabber: username@chat.facebook.com password, enable ssl security ... profit17:52
Kiloshi drubin . you well?17:53
nlsthznguys, time to get some sleep... we are doing an Installfest tomorrow in the big city... I will get lost so I have to start early... good night17:57
Kilossleep tight nlsthzn 17:58
drubinKilos: Yes very well thanks17:59
drubinkinda only half around for the next 1hour though will be back at 1017:59
Kilosjust long time no hear so i was wondering18:00
Kilosglad to hear all well18:00
kodez@drubin, thanks again for your assistance. my facebook account is working now, what was more important was to use the settings as per the facebook link you provided. thanks again18:22
drubinkodez: pleasure18:23
Kilos-whew the fb pidgin plugin works but all them peeps chatting at once kills the pc19:18
Kilos-kodez1, you got pidgin working with fbook?19:21
kodez1@kilos. yes i did managed to get my account working. it was a challenge in regard to configuring my account19:22
Kilos-i got the plugin, added my mail add and fb password and it went right in but its too much for my pidgin and pc19:24
Symmetriabang, university of pretoria gets real bandwidth19:25
kodez1@kilos, not showing the offline contacts assist in managing your pidgin20:32
* Symmetria happily terminates more services from neotel21:28

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