jribtim167: where are you reading this?00:00
silkand changing the reference in reprepro provides the update00:00
silkin short, i think there is a problem with the us-east1 ec2 repository00:00
tim167jrib: http://www.bakefile.org/wiki/Debian , but i think i'll have to build it from source anyway...00:00
StereocaulonDoes anyone know a GUI file manager that allows me to create hard links with a simple [modifier] + Mouse button?00:01
tim167jrib: there's only a Hardy binary apparently00:01
geoffmccsilk: could be. im still pretty newb so i am not fam w/ changing to a different one - glad u figured out00:01
Starminnone_question: (It's !ohmy is what you're looking for I think)00:01
jribtim167: in any case the instructions for adding the key are there in step 100:01
gsp2009Stereocaulon: nautilus scripts?00:02
tim167jrib: yes, but the _key_ is not00:02
tim167jrib: or is the key just '-' ?00:02
Stereocaulongsp2009, any pointers on that?00:02
jribtim167: look at what comes first, before the pipe.  You download the key with that command and feed it to apt-key00:02
magicianlordI was happy to see that 10.04.2 includes the updated firefox 3.1300:02
Stereocaulongsp2009,  you mean http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/   ?00:03
jribtim167: is this software maintained currently?  The packages don't seem to be00:03
tim167jrib: i think that page is a bit outdated...i get gpg: no writable keyring found: eof00:03
nathicI'm stuck on Windows 7 because I have overwritten grub by installing win7,    now i'm on holidays  and i need a way to install grub WITHOUT any medium like cd or flashdrive as i don't have any of it00:03
magicianlordIs there a way to take the 10.04.2 iso and remove openoffice and add vlc, and third party drivers?00:03
[thor]tim167: the key is in key.asc00:03
magicianlordthen rerollup the iso00:03
jribtim167: what exactly did you type?00:04
gsp2009Stereocaulon: that be the one. Anything in there that helps?00:04
Stereocaulonmagicianlord, yes, you could bake your own iso00:04
tim167jrib: i typed literally: "curl http://apt.tt-solutions.com/key.asc | apt-key add -"00:04
magicianlordStereocaulon: i would need an easy and quick way to do it00:04
jribtim167: you need "sudo apt-key"00:04
fadaxi have a dual boot system with windows 7 on one partition and ubuntu installed on the other.. i want to be able to backup my whole computer (both OS's) as a system image onto a portable hdd. does anyone know  a good tool which can do this?00:04
geoffmccnathic: im sure u dont wanna spend any $ but if u go to radioshack (if in states) plus many others can get flash drive for $1000:04
Stereocaulonmagicianlord, there is no quick and easy way.00:05
tim167jrib: ok, i'd expect a 'permission denied' message then :p00:05
Stereocaulonmagicianlord, sorry to disappoint you on that...00:05
tim167jrib: alas gpg: no writable keyring found: eof00:05
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Stereocaulongsp2009, I'll look around a bit before reinventing the wheel.00:06
jribtim167: what does « sudo apt-key list » do?00:06
magicianlordStereocaulon: there should be a way to do it00:06
nathicgeoffmcc :D i have lots of flashdrives at home... that's what's getting on my nerves00:07
geoffmccnathic: neverf did it but found -- http://ubuntu.sabza.org/2008/03/21/fixing-grub-from-within-windows/00:07
Jordan_Unathic: I can think of some pretty convoluted ways to do it if you're desparate.00:07
geoffmccnathic: time to put one of em on your keychain :-P00:07
tim167jrib: i do get something that looks like a list of keys00:07
jribtim167: dinner time, but make sure everything is okay with /etc/apt/trusted.gpg (man apt-key)00:07
gsp2009Stereocaulon: is this what you are mean? http://g-scripts.sourceforge.net/nautilus-scripts/File%20System%20Management/create_symbolic_links00:08
fadaxi have a dual boot system with windows 7 on one partition and ubuntu installed on the other.. i want to be able to backup my whole computer (both OS's) as a system image onto a portable hdd. does anyone know  a good tool which can do this?00:08
tim167jrib: bon apétit :)00:08
geoffmccnathic: the post looks easy enough to me00:08
nathicgeoffmcc :D yeah absolutely .. thanks for the link gona test that00:08
nathicJordan_U thanks can i referr to u if geoffmcc's link doesn't work for me00:08
Stereocaulonmagicianlord, I agree, but I know of no such possibility. There are a few specialised programs for it, but they are not quick, but maybe more easy than editing the software source list yourself.00:08
geoffmccnathic looks like if dont fix grub will at least allow u in ubuntu till get home too00:08
* gsp2009 wonders what happened to his english. One minute he is a pirate, the next english is not his mother tongue... ugh.00:09
Stereocaulongsp2009, No, thanks for the suggestion, I need *hard* links, not symlinks. Symlinks can be made easy enough.00:09
allblurryQuestion: When you hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a virtual terminal, how do you change the resolution of that terminal in ubuntu 10.10?00:09
Stereocaulongsp2009, I may just have to accept that it is hard to create a nautilus shortcut that creates hard links (Dodges rotten  *'s  :-P )00:10
ttaduring the installation of ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop when i choosed the language and clicked on "install" the screen displayed a message contening "Ubi-language failed with exit code 2. further information maybe found in/var/log/syslog. please what does that means and what do i have to do?00:10
magicianlordis 11.04 stable enough to use now00:11
Picimagicianlord: no.00:11
johnny77I'm having trouble setting up a wireless network. Here is the error I receive: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/573728/00:11
geoffmccmagicianlord: getting there :-)00:11
Starminnmagicianlord: Not for production machines (so they say). Ask in #ubuntu+1 for Natty Q's.00:11
mr-johni having problems with my apache00:11
Stereocaulongsp2009, still...going from a script for symlinks to a script for hardlinks is as easy as omitting the "-s" in the code after ln, so you migh have just helped me tremendously . Thx! :-D00:12
mr-johnit downloads the php scripts instead execute them00:12
mr-johni have all modules installed00:12
mr-johnwhat could be wrong?00:12
g0r33kI understand your away so respond when you can :P Ill be back later to check :) /00:12
miketomdooland you got php5 installed?00:12
magicianlordPici: are you familiar with the Sega Pico?00:12
g0r33kHow can you exit from a virtual terminal?00:12
gsp2009Stereocaulon: haha.. I was just going to ask why not change that script a bit... do you absolutely need hard links? permissions issue or something?00:12
miketomdoolare your php files ending with php or hrml?00:13
drexlmr-john: are you loading the module in your apache2.conf file?00:13
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Starminng0r33K: CTRL+ALT+[F1->F6] are virtual terminals. F7 is the GUI.00:13
shizzletta,  what language did you choose?00:13
allblurryQuestion: When you hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a virtual terminal, how do you change the resolution of that terminal in ubuntu 10.10?00:13
xcyclisthttp://pastie.org/1618857 is a bug I think in some software in 10.10.00:14
Starminng0r33k: Yeah sorry about just saying your name and nothing else. I missed Shift and hit Enter.00:14
javahornStarminn: screenlets should be how long to install from software centre? almost 1 hr here!00:14
g0r33kThanks Starminn00:14
zeroelixisallblurry: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=215566 back when I did it I had to add a vga= paramater to grub00:14
Starminnjavahorn: It installed in about 20 seconds for me.00:14
drexlDirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php00:14
drexlAddType application/x-httpd-php .php00:14
Newbie101I have an ssh with another machine through the command line, is there anyway of viewing through a gui which isnt vnc00:14
Starminng0r33k: Yep, sure thing.00:14
shizzletta, are you using the DVD?00:14
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Stereocaulongsp2009, Hard links can be used within rockridge extensions of CDFS and are relative, rather than absolute. You can use them to provide for instance different categories for say...photo's without having to copy each photo in each directory seperately. Call it a crude form of a tag database00:15
drexlmr-john: did you add those items above in your config00:15
mr-johndrexl: did u say extension=libphp5.so ?00:15
javahornStarminn: waiting for apt-get to exit it says ?00:15
Starminnjavahorn: Do you have a slow connection?00:15
javahornStarminn:  no00:15
drexlmr-john:LoadModule php5_module  modules/libphp5.so00:15
mr-johnim using centos00:15
mr-johnits a holy shit hosting00:15
gsp2009Stereocaulon: ah.. so you are going to link each one manually?00:15
shizzletta: do you have internet connection to download the language files for the install?00:16
Starminnjavahorn: Close everything out and try again. Just Software Center then Screenlets00:16
allblurryzeroelixis: I tried those but that is for the old version of Grub00:16
Starminnmr-john (Family friendly please)00:16
ttabut broadband huawei modem00:16
shizzlethat is weird I have only heard of the exit code 14100:16
mr-johnStarminn: ohh sorry00:17
newbie101I have an ssh with another machine through the command line, is there anyway of viewing through a gui which isnt vnc?00:17
Stereocaulongsp2009, well, I know how to script in bash, but my father does not. I don't have much time, but my father (who is soon to be retired) will have lot's of time on his hand.00:17
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Starminnmr-john: Not a problem. :)00:17
gsp2009Stereocaulon: gotcha. well good luck. Seems to me that you change the name of that script and remove the -s and you are set.00:17
allblurryQuestion: When you hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a virtual terminal, how do you change the resolution of that terminal in ubuntu 10.10?00:17
miketomdoolmr-jon did you restrat apche after you installed php!00:18
Stereocaulongsp2009, thx for the help on this (slightly?) off-topic issue.00:18
gsp2009:) yw00:18
Starminnallblurry: I'm not sure if it matters much for the Terminal, but look into xrandr00:19
Stereocaulontta, do you use a wireless USB stick as modem for GSM internet?00:19
zeroelixisallblurry: Yeah you're right its deprecated, had a look on the debian page and found this http://wiki.debian.org/GrubTransition ubuntu docs seem still out of date about this00:19
Stereocaulontta, then you might be in luck. I have configured such a thing this summer in Switzerland00:20
Stereocaulontta, what model are you using?00:20
javahornStarminn: no improvement.00:20
allblurryStarminn: Thanks but I am straight framebuffer here.00:20
allblurryzeroelixis: trying this now http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167355100:20
ttaorange (huawei)00:20
Stereocaulontta, please pastebin relevant lines of "lsusb" that relate to your modem00:21
Stereocaulon!pastebin | tta00:21
ubottutta: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:21
ex0ais there a gnome applet like cpu frequency scaling monitor that will monitor more than one core? i don't like having to update 6 applets if i want to change all my cores from on demand to performance00:22
jribtim167: thanks, have you figured out the issue?00:22
ttasterocaulon:it's ok? i paste it00:23
Stereocaulontta, could you please give the link to you pastebin snippet?00:23
fadaxi have a dual boot system with windows 7 on one partition and ubuntu installed on the other.. i want to be able to backup my whole computer (both OS's) as a system image onto a portable hdd. does anyone know  a good tool which can do this?00:23
tim167jrib: i compiled it from source, it was easy enough, thanks...now i'm trying to build ARToolKitplus, i'm stuck at "/usr/include/ARToolKitPlus/TrackerImpl.h:662: fatal error: ../../src/extra/FixedPoint.h: No such file or directory" ...00:24
ttawhich link00:24
zeroelixisex0a: I think whatever CPU performance mode you set in the applet is applied to all cores00:24
ex0ait's not00:24
Stereocaulontta, did you read the ubottu message I have forwarded to you about pastebins?00:24
ex0ai can set the core 0 to a specific frequency and the rest stay a the previous frequencies00:25
Stereocaulontta, if not, here it is again:00:25
Starminnjavahorn I'm not sure then.00:25
Stereocaulon!pastebin | tta00:25
ex0as/a the/at the/00:25
ttastereocaulon: yes and i paste "lsusb"00:25
miketomdoolfadax you can use "dd" from a live cd00:25
ttai mean "pasted"00:25
Stereocaulontta, OK, but right after you have posted something on a pastebin channel, it returns a link to what you pasted.00:26
Stereocaulontta, http://paste.ubuntu.com00:26
jribtim167: strange that you are building it but it's in /usr/include/, no?00:27
tim167jrib: why is it strange to build it? is there a binary ?00:28
miketomdoolfadax from live cd you can type dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb.... or you can turn into a iso with dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/removabledrive/image.iso00:28
Stereocaulontta, your link would look similar to this one: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573730/00:28
jribtim167: I mean it's strange that you would have the files in /usr/include/00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
Blue11i have my mouse selectivity set to the lowest, but my mouse is still to sensitive (touchpad) suggestions?00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
rwwtta: Stop repeating yourself.00:29
ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put?00:29
vismundCygnustta, chill00:29
Stereocaulontta, please refrain from repeating the same message00:29
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ttastereocaulon: which url did i suppose to put? grrr00:30
monkeyDI have a sis card and I activated the sis driver and I set the picture rate but I still have the vertival and horizontal lines that shakes all the time00:31
drexltta: when you pasted and hit submit, it returned the address00:31
IdleOnetta: after you paste the info, you clicked on the paste button on the site. what is the url ?00:31
zeroelixisex0a: Nice, just realised some CPU models support that kind of core stepping granularity00:31
Stereocaulontta, let's keep this civilized will you, I'm trying to help you, but me fingers are not as fast as my ADSL uplink :-P00:31
shizzleI am using xchat... how can I turnoff the quit and joined messages?00:32
tim167jrib: yes, in fact i think they are in ~/Downloads/artoolkitplus/src (where i put the source, i changed that path to that in TrackerImpl.h manually...but now i get another error00:32
IdleOneshizzle: right click on the channel name, settings > hide join/parts00:32
monkeyDplease guys, I am new in linux and I need your help, could anybody help me with my VGA problem00:32
drexlshizzle: http://i.clintecker.com/disable-irc-msgs.html00:32
vismundCygnuswhats up, MonkeyD?00:32
monkeyDI have a sis card and I activated the sis driver and I set the picture rate but I still have the vertival and horizontal lines that shakes all the time00:33
shizzleIdleOne, drexl: thanks!00:33
Stereocaulontta, this link just *might* help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85834000:33
Stereocaulontta, ignore that it describes Swisscom and try to exchange the relevant data with your Orange account data00:34
zeroelixisex0a: seems theres some discussion about the failings of the CPU freq applet family here00:34
ttai have send the link00:34
booii installed the timer-applet but it doens't show up under "add to panel". do i need to do something special to add it?00:34
vismundCygnusMonkeyD, whats the model on the card00:34
agustinyanuhuem... hi00:34
agustinyanuwho can help me?00:35
agustinyanui ve got a problem00:35
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geoffmccagustinyanu: have to ask ? to get the help00:35
Stereocaulontta. could you please *paste* the link you've got?00:35
vismundCygnusMonkeyD, SiS is a company not a model, lspci | grep VGA00:36
monkeyDsis 662/761Gx00:36
cube1what is the command for the ubuntu proprietary drivers downlaoder?00:36
agustinyanuive got a problem with my internet card00:36
ex0azeroelixis: where?00:36
agustinyanuin other distribution, kubuntu00:36
Stereocaulongeoffmc, that is a snide remark, I lik it!00:36
Stereocaulongeoffmc, that is a snide remark, I like it!00:36
ttastereocaulon:it's ok now?00:37
geoffmcc!details | agustinyanu00:37
ubottuagustinyanu: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:37
agustinyanui cant connect me to internet00:37
geoffmccStereocaulon: did not mean it in a negative way. that problem with text. often things come off as prickish00:37
agustinyanurigth now im on xubuntu00:37
agustinyanuthe problem is on kubuntu00:37
Stereocaulongeoffmcc, actually, I rather liked your remark, no worries :-)00:38
agustinyanuits a encore wlan card00:38
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seurosHow can i force a wifi card to stay a defined bitrate : "iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5" don't fix it.00:38
agustinyanui think is the driver00:38
agustinyanudont you think?00:38
ttastrereocaulon:please tell me if every things are right00:39
agustinyanui ve got the same problem at windows xp00:39
shizzleagustinyanu, did you download the drivers from the encore website?00:40
Stereocaulontta, no it's not OK. I'm trying to help here, But I can only do so if you paste the link to your pasted pastebin page (don't know how else to put it)00:40
shizzlefor xp anyways00:40
agustinyanuwhen i tri to do it00:40
fadaxok thanks mike00:41
Stereocaulontta, just like you, English is not my native language, but I'm trying.00:41
agustinyanuthey say"the driver you re looking its not available at the moment00:41
agustinyanui have downloaded it from another page00:41
shizzlewhat is the model of the wlan card?00:41
agustinyanuwhen i install it00:41
agustinyanuive got the messenge"no internet card detected"00:41
monkeyDI have a sis 662/761Gx VGA card and I have horizontal and vertival lines that dont go and that are shaking00:41
ttathanks ; i am francophone but i will succeed00:41
edwardteach!enter| agustinyanu00:42
ubottuagustinyanu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:42
monkeyDI installed the sis video driver and set the picturerate00:42
rwwtta: try in #ubuntu-fr...?00:42
agustinyanusorry T_T00:42
Stereocaulontta, then please paste it in French in a private channel, I can read French, but I'm not good at speaking/ typing it.00:42
rwwmakes more sense than crossposting to #ubuntu-uk, anyway :\00:42
zeroelixisex0a: basically it seems that neither cpu-freq applet or cpu-indicator have been updated to support multicore scaling00:42
torsionHi folks. Linux n00b on Maverick; occasionally when I log in some of the GUI icons are different, and now my keyboard's volume up-down buttons aren't working and the audio slider isn't in the top-right corner.00:42
agustinyanuwell, i think not solution, goodbye, thanks anyway00:43
sysadmhello, i have ubuntu iso, i have ubuntu already installed, but i want to install again [new installation], but i only have 1 disk, what do i do URGENT....00:43
ex0azeroelixis: okay ty00:43
monkeyDcould anyone please help me00:44
sysadmmonkeyD, what was ur qn ?00:44
shizzleagustinyanu, what is the model # of the card?00:44
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ZenGuy311sysadm: do you want to keep your old settings?00:44
sysadmZenGuy311, no00:44
Stereocaulonsysadm, if you just install it again from the liveCD, that would work, but you would loose your settings00:44
agustinyanuits a encore enpwi-pn internet card00:44
one_questionfor laptop should I download desktop edition?00:45
sysadmStereocaulon, there is no cd, no usb, no floppy00:45
ZenGuy311sysadm: bootup with the CD then reinstall00:45
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org00:45
agustinyanumore secify : wlan cardbus adapter00:45
ZenGuy311one_question: yes00:45
sysadmZenGuy311, , there is no cd, no usb, no floppy00:45
gnewbtorsion: Have you tried a Restore Session?00:45
Stereocaulonsysadm,  you're talking netbook here? Or server perhaps?00:45
sysadmStereocaulon, server00:45
one_questionZenGuy311: the cpu is i5 is this 64bit ?00:45
ZenGuy311sysadm: the pc with ubuntu on it doesn't have a CD/DVD/USB/floppy?00:46
rwwone_question: i5 supports 64-bit, yes.00:46
ZenGuy311one_question: yes00:46
monkeyDhey guys, why do you ignoring me, I am very new in linux and I tried to fix the problem since 3 days with googel and I found no solution00:46
torsiongnewb: um I don't know,sorry, what's that?00:46
ex0amonkeyD: you haven't asked a question yet00:46
ZenGuy311monkeyD: whats the problem?00:46
monkeyDI asked it but ok00:47
pastubbsyep yep food time then CHUCK00:47
monkeyDI have a sis 662/761Gx VGA card and I have horizontal and vertival lines that dont go and that are shaking00:47
joshmclvl1sysadm: would a pxe boot work/be practical? I dont have much experience in that sort of thing, as I only use my laptop.00:47
sysadmZenGuy311,  its  aserver got nothing but ssh and cloud access, but no permission to add disks, and its unmanaged, so i have to setup everything again using vmware conosle [no cd or floppy] and ssh00:47
Stereocaulonsysadm, I'm afraid you'll need either physical access or access through a serial line connected to your server. On top of that you'll need to able to (re)start your server from WakeOnLAN, or WakeOnCall00:47
gnewbtorsion: On boot up if you hold the Shift key, (I think) a Recovery Console is launched. let me find that page for you.00:47
drexlmonkeyD: did you try Xorg -configure to generate an xorg.conf for your card?00:47
monkeyDdrexl: no sir00:47
ZenGuy311pastubbs: I'm watching chuck but not as enthusiastically as previous seasons..looking forward to Chicago Code00:48
sysadmStereocaulon, i have limited cloud access to server, i can see installation process and set it up, but cant insert any cd00:48
monkeyDhow can I do that drexl ?00:48
sysadmStereocaulon, i just need to work with what i have, ssh and console00:48
ZenGuy311monkeyD: try change the refresh rate in the monitor settings00:48
Stereocaulonsysadm, could you mount a remote ISO image on the loopback device?00:48
ex0amonkeyD: sorry i see where you asked above now.. i missed that and only saw the "can you help me" msg00:48
torsiongnewb: okay thanks I'll try it. Any guess why the icons changed on me?00:48
sysadmStereocaulon, yes i can00:48
Stormx2Hey all. I'm having trouble getting a connection to a router. Specifically, I don't seem to be gettin a DHCP response. however, I can get a connection on windows just fine. Communicating via ethernet.00:48
bstarekhow can remove grub?00:48
sysadmbstarek, you have windows and wat to restore access ?00:49
joshmclvl1bstarek: why would you want to remove it? It's fairly vital..00:49
monkeyDI changed the picture rate with adding a xorg.conf.d folder in the X11 folder00:49
sysadmStormx2, did you try sudo dhclient eth000:49
bhueywhat's the command line program for launching the GUI adminstrative stuff for adding/removing users00:49
Stormx2sysadm, no, what would that do?00:50
bstareksysadm, joshmclvl1, i dont know what happened to grub, its not showing anything anymore...its only showing Error 2200:50
bstareksysadm, joshmclvl1, I cannot access windows anymore...00:50
gnewbtorsion: I am thinking that there is a configuration error in the kernel, that Rescue Command at boot can usually and most often does repair such errors.00:50
sysadmbstarek, you removed ubuntu, only windows is installed ryt ?00:50
shizzleagustinyanu, I am guessing you would need the ndiswrapper for it to work00:50
ZenGuy311bhuey: try users-admin00:50
torsiongnewb okay thanks I appreciatethat. Have a good one!00:50
bstareksysadm, I havent removed ubuntu00:51
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g0r33kHow can i check my laptop's battery from the terminal?00:51
Stereocaulonsysadm, if you have full root access, you might add an extra option to GRUB/ lilo that enables you to boot the remote image.00:51
barfxrandr tells me the following: http://pastie.org/private/rssfnqsnhg5mzc90veqq while I would really like to change the resolution to 1280x72000:51
gnewbtorsion: You are very welcome, have a nice time.00:51
sysadmStereocaulon, i cudnt get that to work, using grub 2, if you can help do that00:51
ClankBotCLANK OUT00:51
magicianlordHas anyone tried install Ubuntu on the 3DS?00:51
geoffmccbstarek: boot win disk if have - choose recovery - then cmd then type bootrec.exe /fixmbr00:51
sysadmStereocaulon, iso needs to be in ram all time, as all drives will be formatted00:52
Stereocaulonsysadm, sorry, I don't have that advanced knowledge, only trying to brainstorm along with you.00:52
monkeyDhow can I creat a but how can generate a xorg.conf for my sis card?00:52
sysadmStereocaulon, thanks :)00:52
monkeyDwith sudo Xorg -configure00:52
monkeyDor how ?00:52
geoffmccbstarek: that will put back windows bootmngr but will not have access to ubuntu00:52
sysadmHow do i mount iso in ram with grub 200:52
andai1wanna play [the original] quake. whats the fastest easiest way (i really want the original)00:52
bstareksysadm, bootrec.exe and /fixmbr on the same line?00:52
bhueyZenGuy311: thanks, it still doesn't work from the GUI though00:53
geoffmccbstarek: yes all one command00:53
gnewbtorsion: Here is a site with the Recovery Mode option: http://ubuntulook.com/2011/01/24/expanding-ubuntu-recovery-mode/00:53
sysadmbstarek, just install your windows dvd and repair00:53
bhueyclicking some items doesn't have an action attached to it00:53
bstarekgeoffmcc, but i am planning to reinstall ubuntu from fresh again00:53
sysadmbstarek, it will fix boot00:53
bstareksysadm, allright i apreciate your help00:53
Stereocaulonsysadm, if your Cloud system works anything like a VPS, you would need access to a metaserver/ superserver that has direct control over the node you are trying to install00:53
geoffmccbstarek: that command will just get you back into windows - then when you go to install ubuntu will prob have to delete the partitions from old install00:54
bstareksysadm, on the other hand.....how can i fix grub? i have tried google and stuff but nothing...00:54
ZenGuy311bhuey: did you lover the refresh rate to something like 60hz?00:54
sysadmStereocaulon, unmanaged cloud, no one there till end of march00:54
geoffmccbstarek: easily if u have a ubuntu livecd00:54
Stereocaulonsysadm, if it concerns a physical server, you would *need* a physical serial line between superserver and target server.00:54
geoffmccbstarek: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows00:54
bstarekgeoffmc, sure i got burned somewhere00:55
bstarekgeoffmc, thank you!00:55
sysadmbstarek, supergrubdisk.org\00:55
sysadmHow do i mount iso in ram with grub 200:55
geoffmccbstarek: not to long ago refered someone to http://ubuntu.sabza.org/2008/03/21/fixing-grub-from-within-windows/ but not sure if worked for him00:55
mickster04sysadm: grub help will tell you that00:55
bhueyZenGuy311: don't know, why ?00:56
geoffmccbstarek: can try that if cant get hands on cd00:56
geoffmccbstarek: if u do and it not a pain - lemme know if worked for ya00:56
bhueyZenGuy311: is there a bug related to this ?00:56
Stereocaulonsysadm, You can't just "start" a Cloud system without having setup a superserver/ controller that manages your virtual target server without physical access, afaik00:56
ZenGuy311bhuey: i got my advice mixed up sorrfy00:56
=== zeroelixis is now known as neonninja
ttastereocaulon: i paested it in #ubuntu-fr00:56
bstarekgeoffmc, sure ill keep u posted!00:56
bhueyok later00:57
* bhuey presumes nobody has a fix for this...00:57
sysadmStereocaulon, i know, its not my cloud, i only have 1 server tehre00:57
sysadmStereocaulon, i wasn't given much, but i try to work with available resources00:57
sysadmHow do i mount iso in ram with grub 200:57
mickster04sysadm: check the grub2 pages00:58
sysadmmickster04, werent usefull, tried them over and over, yielded nothing00:59
ex0asysadm: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984700:59
Stereocaulontta, please paste again, I was not connected to ubuntu-fr when you pasted.00:59
mickster04sysadm: well last time i checked the iso stuff it worked fine for me00:59
Stereocaulontta, now I am though00:59
sysadmex0a, i like what am seeing, i will give you feedback01:00
dolphin_noel_Hello :)01:00
A|i3NHello :) Newbie here, kinda. Looking for a program for ubuntu that will simply convert MPG files to AVI format... preferably in the software center01:01
ex0asysadm: the link fairly early in that first post (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1599293) may be of interest to you as well01:01
ZenGuy311A|i3N: winff01:02
snypzzwhere is the KUBUNTU Channel01:02
gsp2009A|i3N: search transcoder in software center01:02
dolphin_noel_When i'm try to install ubuntu it says it install but the "forward botton" to continue the instalation dont turn on so i cant finish the instalation any idea? is know this for some bug?01:02
snypzzI did that no one there???01:02
ex0aA|i3N: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66850601:02
mickster04sysadm: bad luck01:03
A|i3NI see it's a GUI for  WinFF do I need to install WinFF first?01:03
gsp2009anyone know of a good dynamic dns service that is free and doesn't expire?01:03
geoffmccA|i3N: it a gui for ffmgeg01:03
A|i3Noop think I found what I want, transmageddon hehe01:04
mickster04gsp2009: no-ip01:04
A|i3NJust didn't know what term to search for :)01:04
gsp2009mickster04: googling now. thanks.01:04
mickster04gsp2009: da01:04
drexlgsp2009: http://www.no-ip.com/ I used to use this I don't know if things have changed since then01:05
sysadmex0a, i got an error file not found , need to load kernel first01:05
sysadmex0a, file is incorrect place01:05
gsp2009drexl: thanks.. dyndns.com requires user intervention like every five days for free accounts... it is a pain. I will check out no-ip01:05
A|i3NOK I guess now I need codecs... is there a good all in one codec package out there?01:05
ex0asysadm: during grub boot?01:06
eossis there security concern giving execution mode to al users that login onto a box like if they can execute it cant they try and find buffer overflows or something01:06
geoffmccgsp2009: must be something new, cause i got one that i never use- but just loaded it up no problem01:06
drexlgsp2009: I had a web server running on xp with no-ip and it worked really well01:06
sysadmA|i3N, sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg01:07
sysadmex0a, yes01:07
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:07
ex0asysadm: did you check this link (the second link i pasted) as well? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159929301:07
ex0ait's specific on the ubuntu install via grub201:08
gsp2009geoffmcc: hmmm.... I got the snotogram.. "please confirm by clicking this link" every five days... didn't click it last time (was on holidays). Trying to get my mom to get her IP is like advanced nuclear physics.01:08
ex0agsp2009: several dynamic dns providers offer utilities you can install that automatically update the ip address which basically eliminates the expiracy01:09
geoffmccgsp2009: my ip last updated Nov. 08, 2010 10:23 PM and i just went to the address for the first time in months (since buying my own domain) and pointed right to me01:09
=== MTecknology is now known as billmeye
dolphin_noel_vismundCygnus , snypzz in ubuntu (sorry the time)01:09
=== billmeye is now known as MTecknolgoy
geoffmccgsp2009: maybe cause i had the account for years. only thing i ever got from them (and it was recently) was to re-register threw an email msg they sent me but that was first time i ever had to do that01:10
=== MTecknolgoy is now known as MTecknology
StereocaulonEvryone, sysadm, gsp2009, thanks for the wonderful time. I got to sleep now, only 6 hours of sleeping time left...01:10
gsp2009ex0a: goeffmcc: ok.. good to know. I will check them out again. Thanks.01:10
A|i3Nsysadm, thanks, trying that now :)01:10
gsp2009Stereocaulon: gnight01:10
sysadmStereocaulon, :)01:10
vismundCygnusdolphin_noel_: sup brah01:11
jxshxxGreetings!  Up front, I'm new and learning slowly.  So, installed a DVD drive (look at me, ma!) but was getting "cannot find mrl plugin" message.  Tried a few things and cleared that hurdle, but now the error is "Error reading NAV packet".  I'm feeling more lost on that one than the first error message.  Any suggestions?01:12
ex0agsp2009: another thing to look into is whether your router's (if you use one) firmware and support for dynamic dns services.. i have aftermarket firmware on mine so i can't remember whether the original firmware supported it or not, but mine can automatically update to multiple dynamic dns providers01:12
evilaimI farted:(01:12
evilaimI sowwy01:12
dolphin_noel_vismundCygnus yes that strange it looks the ubuntu it works all the install until the end but less the "forward button" to finish the install i was thnking if this is ome bug or what01:12
geoffmccgsp2009: now that i think of it =- it probably cause i still have it setup in m dd-wrt router to update if it ever changes01:12
ex0as/and support/has support/01:12
A|i3Nok Next question - I also need mplex and vcdimager accordoing to Brasero (trying to make a VCD to see if it works on my DVD player) - Do I use apt-get to get those to?01:12
sysadmex0a, i try to use ls (hdX,Y)/      i get error,  i obviously wrote ls (hd0,1)/       but still error01:13
vismundCygnusdolphon_noel_: never heard of it01:13
=== Krempy is now known as [Jpeg]666Sector
=== wolfric_ is now known as wolfric
gsp2009ex0a: I only use it for my mom's machine, so I can remote in (she needs a ton of support). She has an archaic cable modem... I shudder at the thought of trying to configure it remotely.01:14
geoffmccA|i3N: i have had success with this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-create-video-dvds.html01:14
gsp2009ex0a: good thought though.01:14
dolphin_noel_vismundCygnus yes that true... it is happening here i allready burn another cd to test if it is some cd problem... but it that same01:14
geoffmccex0a,gsp2009 as does dd-wrt can check their database and see if your router is supported or try what ex0a suggested01:15
sysadmA|i3N, sudo apt-get install mjpegtools vcdimager01:15
ex0asysadm: hmm let me read over the guide real quick01:16
geoffmccgsp2009: i use logmein to help my family01:16
geoffmccgsp2009: access their computer with a click of button after loging onto logmein webpage01:16
ex0asysadm: you were doing that from the grub rescue prompt right?01:17
gsp2009geoffmcc: my mom is running 10.10 (coolest granny on the block) will that service work?01:17
geoffmccgsp2009: lol i assumed cause it was your mom it was windows. prob not01:17
A|i3Nthank you sysadm. I'm a windows person lol. I really like ubuntu though and just now got it on the internet through my cell phone so I can start *using* it.01:17
geoffmccgsp2009: no offence to your mom01:18
gsp2009geoffmcc: HAHA! No offense taken.. hilarious.01:18
sysadmA|i3N, =D01:18
sysadmex0a, no, it didnt say taht did it ?01:18
A|i3Nit's pretty cool that the MetroPCS cell phone was ready to go with it except for proxy servers.01:19
ex0asysadm: are you following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1599293 ? if so at the beginning it describes that all of this is to be run from the grub rescue prompt01:19
sysadmex0a,  you are missing that i cant boot any cd/floppy/usb, i am working on server with nothing but ssh access and a console01:19
geoffmccgsp2009: just glanced at it but found - se i still have it setup in m dd-wrt router to update if it ever changes01:19
geoffmcc20:12 < ex0a> s/and support/has support/01:19
geoffmccoops -- sorry01:20
seurosHow can i force a wifi card to stay a defined bitrate : "iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5" don't fix it. ??????01:20
gsp2009geoffmcc: I moved my mom away from windows when she came for a visit last. I was so sick of having to fix things "just because" (fragmentation, applications, virii, malware, etc.) She loves it and it just works.01:20
geoffmccgsp2009: my family can barley run windows, i would be afraid to set them up on ubuntu. plus i dont think there a decent enough solitary game for em to play01:21
ex0asysadm: then you can't use the grub2 recovery prompt method.. the first link i pasted would be the only hope you have of booting the iso with grub2 afaik.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984701:21
landingonwaterwhat is a "bad" temperature for a GPU ? mine is sometimes at 102 degrees celcious when im pushing It. sometimes the screen goes black for some seconds, then a frozen screen, and i have to reboot.01:21
sysadmex0a,  am back on track, am on grub command line01:21
mickster04landingonwater: yeah 100+ is too hot01:21
=== scarface is now known as Guest87110
sysadmex0a, nothing but lost+founf01:22
dolphin_noel_vismundCygnus maby i shoud try the "alternated install"01:22
landingonwatermickster04: thanks. i better get some extra cooling then :( HP Pavilion tx1000. bad design I guess.01:22
gsp2009geoffmcc: haha.. my moms biggest challenge was wrapping her mind around some things in evolution. I still get email occasionally from her that she meant to send elsewhere. It is all good though. Way less headaches for me. She just uses mail, web, skype and pidgin.01:22
geoffmccgsp2009: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx -- alt for logmein. works with ubuntu01:23
gsp2009geoffmcc: nice! thanks. will check it out.01:23
mickster04landingonwater: if it's new i suggest taking it back for repair perhaps...01:24
mickster04landingonwater: otherwise give a good clean that'll help01:24
sysadmex0a, nothing but lost+founf01:24
geoffmccgsp2009: if u have a static ip i would use ufw to block all access to it except from you if u use that01:25
geoffmccgsp2009: wish u could feed ufw ddns instead of ip range01:25
sysadmam at grub2 command line, how can i boot an iso01:25
landingonwatermickster04: I think I will clean It. Its from 2007. one of the most hated designs. still struggling to get wireless back to life. but impressive 13" considering Its so old.01:26
gsp2009geoffmcc: security is a whole other ball of wax for my moms machine.01:26
johnny77Hello, I've been trying to set up a wireless network, but having a bit of trouble. Here is what I get what I run dhclient http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/573728/  - Thank you.01:26
=== lol is now known as ________________
ex0asysadm: are you in the recovery console or just the grub command line (are you booted into your os or just into grub?)01:27
geoffmccgsp2009: right01:27
geoffmccgsp2009: first thought, allow from lan and then pptp into her lan but then you open up pptp01:28
gsp2009geoffmcc: hey..on a different note, you ever use gnome shell?01:28
geoffmccgsp2009: no, i spend alot of time in server shell with just a virtualbox install of ubuntu01:29
landingonwaterGot a smooth Ubuntu running here. hardly ever need windows now. but.. some weird issues. like x server config. I write to the file, but when i reboot the settings are gone. also.. when I punch It admin passwprd when installling or upgrading, the alert window stays open and ask for password, even though Its already passed.01:29
geoffmccgsp2009: if ubuntu ever runs ableton live without a hitch i will make the full switch over01:29
landingonwaterwell.. minor glitches. not important.01:30
drexl_johnny77: i got that message I started using a static ip address instead01:30
gsp2009geoffmcc: she is running a really old cable modem... like 10 years old. it is wide open, and really, if her machine gets hacked it is really no loss. I have her set on a gmail with imap, so her mail is preserved. As for her pictures and docs, I made sure that everything goes into her ubuntu one folder.01:30
geoffmccgsp2009: by the way makes no sence to me cause it runs on osx and what little time i spent on an osx machine reminded me an awful lot of linux01:30
g_0_0 !wireless | johnny7701:31
ubottujohnny77: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:31
mickster04!hi | ross01:31
johnny77drexl_: I've tried setting up a static. maybe I'm setting something wrong01:31
drexl_johnny77: how are you connecting? there are so many ways in linux..01:31
mickster04oh yeah i forgot abuot that01:31
mickster04hello ross01:31
geoffmccgsp2009: loves my ubuntuone - not so much the client part01:31
drexl_johnny77: can you get into the router to investigate settings01:32
gsp2009geoffmcc: you mean ableton for music production etc.?01:32
geoffmccgsp2009: yea b4 i was saying that only reason i dont use just ubuntu01:32
gsp2009geoffmcc: ah. I tried the demo on win before... had no idea what I was doing.01:33
jdmcclungdrexl_: I'm in a CLI trying to set up the wireless network01:33
drexl_I use an arbitrary static ip address and subnet mask and default gateway of
landingonwatermickster04: thanks for advice. at least I find It sporting to see how many kills I can get in UT before my GPU overheats. MAkes me a fast gamer :)01:33
drexl_because that's what my router says01:34
geoffmccgsp2009: heard u can get it working with wine but with latency. then i also have komplete so if i throw that in the mix im sure would just bog way down01:34
=== joel is now known as Guest17909
gsp2009geoffmcc: latency and that type of app don't go well together01:34
geoffmccgsp2009: i was same way but then one day it clicked and was all downhill from there -- but we getting off topic, better stop b4 we get asked to01:34
gsp2009geoffmcc ;)01:35
drexl_johnny77: I also use the dns server numbers from the router.01:35
drexl_there are three of them01:35
=== jdmcclung is now known as johnny77
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
tacomasterim sorry in advance if this sounds dumb to some of you but im just not sure and cant find anything real detailed on it but do things like usb need modules i know how to configure then in the kernel01:36
MightOfTermQuick question, I'm having a bit of an issue with the restart/shutdown of my 10.10 laptop, I click restart/shutdown, and all it does is log me out of my current user, I have to hit restart/shutdown again for it to actually do so.01:37
=== chris_ is now known as Guest11992
johnny77drexl_: I've tried setting up a static config in /etc/network/interfaces then restart the network with /etc/init.d/networking restart - is this right?01:37
=== Guest11992 is now known as chris9812
g_0_0johnny77, that would be right yes01:38
xmoviesany freenas users ?01:38
drexl_johnny77: O sorry I don't mess with those I let nm-connection-editor do all that work for me. or on my other system I use WICD01:38
g_0_0johnny77, pastebin the result of  iwconfg01:39
mickster04g_0_0: what the difference between what johnny did and sudo service networking restart01:39
gaelfxI used a liveusb to resize one of my windows partitions with gparted, and gparted shows the correct size for the drive, but winsdows 7 still thinks it is 122GiB, instead of the 172GiB that it should be, anyone know how to fix this?01:40
=== Tabstar is now known as Tabmow
AhrotahnteeIs it possible to limit how much bandwidth a particular user is permitted to use?01:41
g_0_0mickster04, nothing really, service runs the init script01:41
g_0_0Ahrotahntee, yes01:41
MightOfTermI'm having a bit of an issue with the restart/shutdown of my 10.10 laptop, I click restart/shutdown, and all it does is log me out of my current user, I have to hit restart/shutdown again for it to actually do so. Is there any sort of configuration issue I could solve to fix this functionality?01:41
Pewthi, I need to install the graphical display (monitor) setup tool from ubuntu into lubuntu, but I don't know the deb package name, can you help me with its name?01:42
Ahrotahnteeg_0_0: is it a package I need to install to manage it, or an iptables thing?01:42
mr-johni cant execute php files, the server send me the file :\01:43
mr-johncan somebody help me?01:43
g_0_0Ahrotahntee, see here --> http://lartc.org/howto/index.html01:43
=== num is now known as dotblank
Ahrotahnteeg_0_0: thank you kindly01:43
g_0_0Ahrotahntee, you're welcome01:44
drexl_mr-john: do you have these settings in your config? http://paste.ubuntu.com/573748/01:44
geoffmccgaelfx: not an answer to your question but u can resize partions in win7 from admin tools/computer managment/disk managment01:44
johnny77g_0_0: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/573750/01:44
gaelfxgeoffmcc: no, that sounds like a pretty good answer to my question, thanks :D01:45
geoffmccgaelfx: i mean now that u did it with linux and windows not recignising it may not allow you to in windows - but is worth a shot i guess01:45
drexl_mr-john: did you check error logs?01:46
gaelfxgeoffmcc: no, windows recognizes it, it just doesn't seem to realize how big it is01:46
g_0_0johnny77, you're connecting to a wireless router yes? has it got mac address filtering configured?  have you got the right password? can you see it if you do --> iwlist scan   ?01:46
geoffmccgaelfx: i mean recignise your change not the drive01:46
gaelfxgeoffmcc: gotcha. I'm gonna try to undo the growth of space and then redo it with the tool you told me about, thanks01:48
geoffmccgaelfx: ps right click the part u want and then choose shrink and on other choose expand. it not a slider like ubuntu install uses01:48
mr-johndrexl_: no errors01:48
=== derp is now known as {}
mr-johnjust gives me the php file in plain text for download01:48
xmoviesanyone have time to talk about differences between freenas01:48
drexl_mr-john: funny mines full of them..01:49
mickster04mr-john: where is the file on your server01:49
mickster04xmovies: that's not relly ubuntu realted help01:49
LeTronique_hi can anyone help me, i got into a bit of a bind trying to fix my audio01:49
mr-john /var/www/web01:49
drexl_does it say: PHP/5.3.4 configured anywhere in the log01:49
mr-john /var/www/vhosts/myvhost.com/web01:49
mickster04mr-john: and what does your php config say about document root?01:49
mr-johnlet me check01:50
mickster04!ot | xmovies01:50
ubottuxmovies: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
LeTronique_um... hello?01:50
mickster04LeTronique_: welcome01:50
LeTronique_i need a bit of help with my audio01:50
mr-johnmickster04: php config file doesnt have DocumentRoot string01:50
g_0_0mr-john did you install libapache2-mod-php5?01:51
mickster04mr-john: well what about apache01:51
geoffmcc!details | LeTronique_01:51
ubottuLeTronique_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:51
LeTronique_ah okay01:51
mickster04!enter | LeTronique_01:51
ubottuLeTronique_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:51
LeTronique_I'm running Maverick Meerkat01:51
zombie_I need some help with the my mp3 player linux can't see it01:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:52
bezaoanyone can recomend me a FREE good domain handler to run under ubuntu? like cpanel/plesk ?01:52
mickster04bezao: that01:52
mickster04's off topic01:52
bezaomickster04 where can i have that tip? :)01:52
mickster04!ot > bezao01:52
ubottubezao, please see my private message01:52
mr-johng_0_0: yes01:53
zombie_Can I get some help http://paste.ubuntu.com/573752/01:54
jake_Hi!  is there a way to install ubuntu on one partition while running ubuntu on another (ie, use my computer during the installation?)01:54
g_0_0mr-john and you enabled it with a2enmod ?01:54
mickster04zombie_: how about places>pendrive?01:54
zombie_What do you mean, sorry I'm new on linux01:54
mickster04jake_: you can test it out first using the disk, and use it that way, then install at the same time but you can't boot off two installas at the same time01:54
Jordan_Ujake_: If you use the liveCD (the normal way to install Ubuntu) you can use the live system during install.01:55
mickster04zombie_: panel at the top, places > pendrivenamehere01:55
jake_okay, thanks huys01:55
LeTronique_I'm completely new to ubuntu. At first, I couldn't hear any sound thru my headplone jack. So I tried removing ALSA and installing OSS... Bad Idea, so I tried reinstalling ALSA and pulseaudio but now I can only hear music thru my headphone and not my speakers. I also have no volume control.  I saw at some website to include my also scrip so here it is. http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=98726213c47cddefe25cd0501c73b376cd166dc401:55
alphaos[alpha@tux, Linux 2.6.37-gentoo x86_64]01:55
openbeeszombie : go to places menu on ur top panel it should show ur mp3 palyer01:55
zombie_I don't see anything for pendrive on the mp3 player01:56
Lasivianany suggestions for an ubuntu "desktop publishing" program?01:56
drexl_zombie_: mabey your usb_storage module isn't loaded type: modprobe usb_storage into the command prompt01:56
mickster04zombie_: what do you see listed?01:56
mr-johnphp_admin_flag engine off ??01:56
mickster04Lasivian: take that offtopic01:56
ZikeHi, I'm looking for an utility that monitors daemons and restart them if they are not running anymore, do you have any reocmmendation ?01:57
zombie_All it shows Is my Flash Drive 8GB and a Dvd in the drive, nothing shows the mp3 player that is plugged in01:57
g_0_0mr-john you did sudo a2enmod php5 ?01:57
mr-john-bash: sudo: command not found01:57
mickster04zombie_: you have an 8gb pen drive stuck in as well then01:58
deenawhat is the use of txqueuelen in eth0 interface ?01:58
g_0_0mr-john, did you restart the apache after installing php?01:58
zombie_I have a flash drive that pops up01:58
mr-johnyes, i did all these stuff :\\01:58
mr-johnits very strange01:58
rwwmr-john: which version of Ubuntu are you using on that server?01:58
zombie_I just need to know how I could get my mp3 player to work too01:58
Lasivianmickster04: fair enough :)01:58
drexl_zombie_: mabey your usb_storage module isn't loaded type: modprobe usb_storage into the command prompt01:58
mr-johnCentOS release 5.5 (Final)01:58
mr-johnits a 1and1 hosting01:59
zombie_It popped up01:59
rwwmr-john: then ask #centos?01:59
rww#ubuntu is for Ubuntu help...01:59
mr-johnthey doesnt know01:59
mr-johndoesnt answer01:59
LeTronique_can no one help me?01:59
mr-johnbut i think its a apache configuration or something01:59
mickster04mr-john: well get ubuntu server then installlamp, then tell us it isn't working :p01:59
sanborhello guys01:59
johnny77g_0_0: sorry for the delay - Yes I am connecting to a wireless router. It does have MAC Address filtering on, but I've already added the MAC Address of the computer and I've tried it when it's off. Password for what? Yes if I do a iwlist scan I can see it.01:59
lwizardlanyone here work with nextel cell phones in linux ?01:59
rossi have just bought a computer with meerket installed, what do I need to do to update to the latest patches and such?01:59
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:00
KB1JWQ!sound | LeTronique_02:00
ubottuLeTronique_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:00
rossi want my computer to be up to date, what are the steps that i need to take?02:00
KB1JWQross: sudo aptitude update, or run the package update manager.02:00
KB1JWQIt should prompt you automatically though, ross.02:00
geoffmccross: sudo aptitude update and then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade02:00
mickster04ross: system > adin> update manager02:00
KB1JWQross: Who sells machines with Meerkat on them though?02:01
LeTronique_i dont have a volume applet02:01
geoffmccor what mickster04 said... aparently i am very command line oriented02:01
Lasivianross: yeah, where did you get that? I want one :)02:01
sanborone question, I want to pass a password to a command as argument, so I want to know if there's any chance to do os.system("prpgram "+"argeumtns") and avoid to see that arguments with ps -fe02:01
mickster04geoffmcc: aptitude might not be installed? aot-get will be though02:01
rosslasivian: from system7602:01
rosssystem76 makes them02:01
sanborit's an script in python02:01
Lasivianross: thanks02:01
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:02
gaelfxgeoffmcc: thanks man, it figures only linux folk would know that there's a semi-decent partitioning tool in windows02:02
rosslasivian: you're welcome, the pangolin performance is an amazing machine02:02
rosslasivian: i just got it today and I am loving it02:02
openbeesleTronique: right click on panel where u wanna add sound applet the add the indiacator applet02:02
geoffmccgaelfx: np. i was excited when that feature got added cause used to have to use things like partition magic02:02
geoffmccmickster04: your right, my bad02:03
rossbesides the sudo apt-get update and upgrade, is there anything that I can do to get the latest programs and such?02:03
geoffmccross: system > adin> update manager02:03
LeTronique_i guess not then....02:03
mathbraini need help on a math problemmmm02:05
mickster04ross: sudo apt-get update/upgrade does the same as the update manager02:05
mickster04mathbrain: offtopic then02:05
geoffmccLeTronique_: maybe your usb device is set to be the default right now?02:05
FloodBot3mathbrain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
geoffmcc!details | mathbrain02:06
ubottumathbrain: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:06
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic02:06
mathbrainShift the function f(x) = x^2-x+202:06
mathbraini. Shift f(x) to the right 2 units, what is the function now?02:06
mickster04!ot | mathbrain02:06
ubottumathbrain: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:06
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:07
mathbrainhello -_______-02:07
FloodBot3mathbrain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
FloodBot3mathbrain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
mickster04plut0: is there not a default on on the grub site you can copy?02:08
mickster04is omeone gonna kick mathbrain02:08
FloodBot3mathbrain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
Picimathbrain: Are you done?02:08
geoffmccplease stop - what is the point in disrupting chanel02:08
danny_i need help with ubuntu 10.10, i have been trying for a week to get games to run properly. now my question is i have installed wine and winetricks, but the games i do run are laggy for example Steam: Half Life 202:08
geoffmcccan someone kick him02:09
plut0mickster04: i'm not that great with grub2 configs02:09
mickster04thanks pici02:09
mickster04plut0: well why do you need to be to copy paste?02:09
drexl_isn't the command update-grub?02:09
plut0mickster04: im using lvm and encryption so not sure what it should look like02:09
ClankBotCLANK IN02:09
plut0mickster04: what am i copying?02:09
mickster04plut0: did you try running sudo update-grub?02:09
mickster04plut0: wait are you using grub2?02:09
plut0mickster04: yes grub202:10
rossis it ok if I install windows on a linux machine?02:10
mickster04plut0: then you don't write grub.cfg do you?02:10
mickster04ross: yes02:10
mickster04!dualboot | ross02:10
ubottuross: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:10
ma5t3rw1ttAnyone here use conky??02:10
plut0drexl_: won't help me generate a grub.cfg with the error i'm getting02:10
plut0mickster04: i'm not familiar with grub2 configs02:11
rossmickster04: thank you02:11
mickster04plut0: you don't touch that file02:11
mickster04ross kk02:11
WirelessNotHelp: internet/wireless stopped working02:11
plut0mickster04: grub.cfg exists but its missing a lot of stuff02:11
moonbeamhi earlier today i was having problems with qutecsound/csound in ubuntu 10.1002:11
mickster04plut0: you edit /etc/default/grub and then run update-grub02:11
geoffmccma5t3rw1tt: not saying dont ask here, but there is tons of info on conky on forums02:12
WirelessNotHelp: help internet stopped working02:12
moonbeami updated the kernel to low latency kernel for 11.04 as suggested02:12
moonbeamit didnt make a difference02:12
plut0mickster04: doesn't help because i'm getting an error02:12
WirelessNotCan someone please help help me with internet problem.02:12
moonbeamplaying back csd files is replete qith click and staggered sounds02:12
mickster04plut0: and what's the error again?02:12
moonbeamlet alone making my own files02:12
plut0 /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'02:12
mickster04!patience | WirelessNot02:12
ma5t3rw1ttgeoffmcc: My question is super simple, for some reason when I save a file, I have little squares at the end of my txt file02:12
ubottuWirelessNot: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:12
geoffmcc!details | WirelessNot02:12
ubottuWirelessNot: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:13
WirelessNotInternet stopped working, no wireless02:13
mickster04plut0: and have you edited your grub file at all? (not grub.cfg02:13
moonbeami have been using csound on mac for a while and it worked perfectly out of the box02:13
mickster04WirelessNot: well turn your router back on02:13
moonbeami would like to be able to use it on linux and throw out my mac02:13
moonbeamcan anyone help02:13
plut0mickster04: what grub file are you referring to?02:13
geoffmccma5t3rw1tt: im not good with conky help. was just letting u know forums filled with the topic. ask again but dont refernce me... sorry for confusion02:13
mickster04plut0 /etc/default/grub02:13
ma5t3rw1ttgeoffmcc: Its all good, I'll search forums as well02:14
WirelessNotmicker04: which router? i have a laptop. my internet on other computers works.02:14
mickster04WirelessNot: you haven't told us anything useful so far02:14
geoffmccma5t3rw1tt: def ask here. in no way was i trying to refer you off, just to be clear.02:14
geoffmcc!details | WirelessNot02:14
ubottuWirelessNot: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:14
WirelessNotmickster04: the wireless icon has red exclamation mark.02:14
moonbeamoh im on an asus eee pc 1015 pem with 2 gig ram02:14
WirelessNotmiskter04: it was working fine 45 minutes ago.02:15
plut0mickster04: no i haven't02:15
ma5t3rw1ttgeoffmcc: Yeah I know02:15
mickster04WirelessNot: well how do you get internet?02:15
geoffmccma5t3rw1tt: :-)02:15
ma5t3rw1ttAnyone here use conky on a daily basis?02:15
mickster04WirelessNot: and when you mouse-over the icon, what does the pop up say02:15
WirelessNotmiskter04: wireless. from other home.02:15
moonbeamand sound works dine on 10.10 otherwise02:16
moonbeamand one more q02:16
WirelessNotmisketer04: No Network Connection02:16
mickster04WirelessNot: and when you clikc on it can you see the wireless network?02:16
moonbeamwould the new kernel somehow interfere with me conneting to internet02:16
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:16
WirelessNotmickster04: device not ready02:16
WirelessNotno list of wireless connections.02:17
moonbeami cannot connect to internet when connected to newer kernel02:17
mickster04WirelessNot: well then your wireless is turned off02:18
WirelessNotmiskter04: My device is not working now, i restarted several times.02:18
WirelessNotmickster04: how can i turn my wireless on?02:18
mickster04WirelessNot: do you have a wireless button on your laptop, it may be a fn key or a physical button02:18
coledoes anyone know of a graphical commandline based web browser02:18
geoffmccmoonbeam: new kern could def be the problem. did u manually compile or did it get pushed threw an update?02:18
WirelessNotmikster04: yes but it does not work. I have a button next to the power button. It is blue always.02:19
geoffmcccole: linx02:19
moonbeamthrough abogani ppa02:19
mickster04cole: that makes no sense02:19
moonbeambut i am now on the 36 one02:19
shashi859cone: lynx02:19
geoffmccsorry lybnx02:19
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:19
=== wagle_ is now known as wagle
geoffmcccone: lynx cant type anymore -- need a break02:19
deenais there any tool in linux to check the healthy of cable ?02:19
moonbeami am on the newest one for 10,10 whatever that is i think ending  in .3602:19
moonbeambut anyway it doesnt amtter the kernel02:20
moonbeamcsound is not working correctly02:20
mickster04WirelessNot: what does ifconfig in the terminal output?02:20
geoffmccmoonbeam: mew kernel from update or manual compile?02:20
moonbeamlike i said i have no problem in audactiy or with other programs02:20
mickster04deena: define health of cable?02:20
moonbeamil stay away from newer kernel02:20
moonbeamhow do i unstall that one02:20
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:20
moonbeamjust do apt-get remove02:21
deenawhether my cable is faulty or not...02:21
WirelessNotmickster04: i am on a different computer. I have to type all that. hold on02:21
moonbeamand what do i do about sound issue02:21
mickster04plut0: so you can't boot into the ubuntu install already there?02:21
coleheres my problem i need to access my router from accross state lines and ill im getiing so some text giberish when i try and connect to the router from my media-server that is across state lines02:21
plut0mickster04: i'm in the livecd right now02:21
mickster04WirelessNot: just 'ifconfig'02:21
mickster04plut0: follow the grub instructions on how to repair grub after a windows install02:22
mickster04!grub | plut002:22
ubottuplut0: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.02:22
geoffmcccole: router webpage may be to complex for lynx02:22
deenaif the cable is defective, is there anyway check from OS level ?02:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:22
mickster04deena: what cable?02:22
colethats what i was thinking it spits out a bunch of java script..is there anythingi cant do tonight till i make it back to charleston tomorrow and straighten it out02:23
geoffmcccole: can you shell into a box that is connected to the router?02:23
deenaethernet cable02:23
WirelessNotmickster04: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:23
mickster04cole: a text based graphical browser, that makes no sense02:23
mickster04deena: just ping something on the other end02:23
DouglasKWhat (if any) types of auto ipv6 config does Ubuntu support? eg, DHCPv6, SLAAC, RDNSS?02:24
geoffmcccole: first thing comes to mind setup pptp to allow access to local network, connect and access threw usual local address02:24
mickster04WirelessNot: yeah your wireless device is turned off, check the bios02:24
colewell i was looking at something that looked like it had some somesort of xserver02:24
mickster04cole: so why not just run a normal browser?02:24
deenasee i am taking system from remotely i am not in the position to do visually inspect the cable... it is in DMZ so ping not possible02:25
colecause i dont have remote access enabled to the router02:25
geoffmccmickster04: router prob turned off for remote assistence02:25
plut0mickster04: thanks for the links but neither address the error i'm experiencing02:25
moonbeamin the csound irc no one has been able to help02:26
moonbeamthis is really frustratig02:27
=== newbie is now known as Guest33616
colewill pptp work with 2 linux machine02:28
=== AK|wut is now known as Andorin
billy_ran_awayCan anyone tell me how to make a user account for a daemon?  Specifically the sabnzbdplus daemon?  It runs fine as root, and even my regular user account, but as sabnzbd (my first attempt) it can't open the port.  And yea, there are no other sabnzbdplus processes running...02:30
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:30
WirelessNotmickster04: right now i can not those options in bios02:30
WirelessNotmickster04: see02:30
mickster04gepltry running the grub fox for after a windows install02:30
mickster04plut0: try running the grub fox for after a windows install02:31
mickster04cole: is it ubuntu to ubunutu?02:31
mickster04WirelessNot: uhm then i have no idea, but your hardware is turnewd off02:32
mickster04WirelessNot: is all i can summise02:32
sysadmI LOVE GRUB02:32
mickster04sysadm: me too02:32
WirelessNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking02:33
moonbeamgeoffmcc, are you still there?02:33
johnnytxhow do we constraint a user1 in /etc/sudoers for the box to ask user1`s a password when user1 executes /bin/cp ?????02:33
plut0mickster04: correct me if i'm wrong but that guide is for grub1 not grub202:33
sysadmmickster04, just installed a server with nothing but a linux kernel and grub02:33
geoffmccmoonbeam: yes. prob will work however not sure how to do as i only connected from remote windows to ubuntu --- sounded like mickster04 may have an answer02:33
rondonany idea why i get no signal when trying to install 10.04.2-desktop? i get a weird icon that looks like a keyboard and a person icon then no signal.02:34
moonbeamok thanks geoffmcc02:34
mickster04cole: try running firefox in the remote terminal, you may get automaticaaly get it on your screen thru x-forwarding02:34
moonbeamill wait02:34
WirelessNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:35
geoffmccmoonbeam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient may help02:35
nimbioticsis there a "noisier" channel for sqlite than #sqlite?02:35
ahylianhumanHey guys, I'm stuck in a tty session02:35
geoffmccmoonbeam: oh wait, that gui and your on a shell huh02:36
WirelessNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:36
ahylianhumanI need help with recovering from an Intel DPMS screenlockup without killing X02:36
gaelfxahylianhuman: did you try ctl+alt+f7?02:36
ahylianhumanthat does't kill X, does it?02:36
moonbeami dont have a prob with connectin gto internet now02:36
mickster04cole, try just running firefox in the remote session02:36
moonbeamas long as im not in new kernel02:36
gaelfxahylianhuman: what is a DPMS screen lockup?02:36
MagizianQuestion, what's the command to make it so users don't have to be invited to the room?02:37
moonbeamnewest real time low latency kernel02:37
ahylianhumanbasically, a certain DPMS command is causing my screen to lockup02:37
moonbeami really just want to get csound up and running02:37
ahylianhumanwell, X more specifically02:37
mickster04Magizian: THAT'S NOT UBUNTU HELP02:37
moonbeamand the prob with sound is just strange02:37
mickster04Magizian: sorry about the caps lock02:37
moonbeamsame exact files work great in my mac02:37
WirelessNotcole: are you setting up remote connection, i have experience.02:37
moonbeamand i have no other sound issues with ubuntu 10.1002:37
geoffmccmoonbeam: maybe http://www.ehow.com/how_2284708_secure-shell-ssh-as-vpn.html will work02:37
moonbeamaudacity s far has run fine02:37
Magizianfuck ubuntu.. it's slow, WMHT OS Zx86!02:38
gaelfxahylianhuman: well, you probably need someone else's advice then02:38
karabaja4hi, does someone have rtorrent configured like this: check for downloaded data with schedule, if data isn't there remove the torrent. (is this possible?)02:38
geoffmccmoonbeam: sorry wrong person i think02:38
gsp2009wow.. that is an interesting advertising campaing.02:38
moonbeami think so02:38
moonbeamno prpb02:38
moonbeami think you want wirelessnot02:38
geoffmcccole: http://www.ehow.com/how_2284708_secure-shell-ssh-as-vpn.html  maybe will work02:38
XXI get the message that package kubuntu-desktop is not available but referred to by another package02:39
=== XX is now known as Guest61741
JasonnWhat is a useful program that i could install on my linux server?02:39
geoffmccmoonbeam: you did reference me, did u need something02:39
geoffmccmoonbeam: that were i got confused02:39
moonbeamyes i said i have a prob with csound02:39
moonbeamno other prob with sound02:39
moonbeamand i really dont know how to solve it02:40
moonbeami said i installed newest real time low latency kernel as suggested by someone here02:40
moonbeamit didnt fix prob02:40
moonbeamim not on that kernel now02:40
jbwiv___at some point i installed a 3.6 pre version of firefox on my machine. How can I restore it to the default firefox browser that comes with Maverick (which I'm running)?02:40
Starminnmoonbeam: Try to keep it all on one line please. :) Thank you.02:41
rshackleCranhello, I am using gedit with the console and python interpreter plugin, how can i switch from editing to the console plugin without the mouse?02:41
Guest61741I get the message that package kubuntu-desktop is not available but referred to by another package02:41
geoffmccmoonbeam: im not fam with it but was doing some reading here http://csound.1045644.n5.nabble.com/Lua-and-csound-on-Ubuntu-td2740150.html02:41
WirelessNotwho called me?02:41
geoffmcc moonbeam: not sure if any of that info will help u as i dont think u getting any errors02:41
JasonnGuest61741: what package?02:41
WirelessNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:41
Guest61741Jasonn: It doesn't mention.02:42
JasonnGuest61741: what package are you trying to install?02:42
Starminnjbwiv___: Install the new one and kill the old one? OR try looking in Tools or PReferences for an update option.02:42
WirelessNotstarminn: Need help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:43
Guest61741Jasonn: kubuntu-desktop02:43
StarminnWirelessNot: Who said I could help? Lol. I don't know anything about Internet, sorry.02:43
moonbeamso the csound files playback with clicks and clacks and hiss. i dont have this issue with any other program. i am ona new asus ee pc 1015pem 2g ram. these same files playback fine on mac version of csound - 0n a 6 year old mac to boot. so what do i do. i have no isues with audacity or the built in recorder.02:44
PhotocopyLast time I was in here I was trying to solve a problem with vlc and other video players display outputs having suddenly started to display green lines all over video output. Someone suggested updating my driver from the xorg-edgers ppa but i didn't do it02:44
Photocopynow I want to do it02:44
moonbeami have no toher clicking or hissing sound issues at all02:44
Photocopybecause nothing else I tried first worked02:44
JasonnGuest61741: my recommendation is just install ubuntu-desktop since kubuntu-desktop is probably not in the ubuntu repos. Otherwise, you can just reinstall kubuntu02:44
Photocopylspci|grep VGA results in: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]02:44
Photocopycan anyone help me out with figuring out what I do?02:45
Guest61741This mentions that it is right there : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE02:45
gaelfxPhotocopy: there's your problem right there, you're using ATI02:45
rshackleCranWhere would I go to ask a gnome specific question, namely gedit. Do they have an IRC channel?02:45
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde02:45
WirelessNotNeed help: my network hardware is turned off, internet not wokrking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573758/02:45
zombie_Hello, I need help once again02:45
Photocopygaelfx; nothing can be done. i'm not here to have my computer's parts judged or frowned upon, I'm just looking for some guidance02:45
mickster04Redmono: #gnoem maybe02:45
geoffmccWirelessNot: what is the wireless card provider again02:46
zombie_My mail icon in the top right task bar is gone, how do I get it back??02:46
gaelfxPhotocopy: well, if you're wanting to install a PPA, first you need to find it. Have you done that yet?02:46
mickster04!panel | zombie_02:46
JasonnGuest61741: did you install the "other required packages" section?02:46
mickster04!panels | zombie_02:46
ubottuzombie_: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:46
WirelessNotgeofffmcc: hold on.02:46
Jasonnmickster04: how do i get the ubottu commands?02:46
Photocopygaelfx; all I know is that it's called xorg-edgers but there seem to be multiple versions of this ppa floating around for different reasons and I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do02:46
drcrshackleCran: #gedit on irc.gnome.org02:47
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: when i run system test, it said Nvidia02:47
Guest61741Jasonn: My system agrees with what it says so I don't need to.02:47
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Starminnzombie_: sudo apt-get install indicator-messages //// maybe? Not sure02:47
gaelfxPhotocopy: my advice is select the simplest one, the one that changes the fewest possible packages02:47
mickster04!bot | Jasonn02:47
ubottuJasonn: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:47
zombie_Okay cool man02:47
zombie_that did it02:47
rshackleCranPhotocopy, I have a Radeon HD 5770, both the open source and proprietary02:47
JasonnGuest61741: did you try uninstalling ubuntu-desktop?02:47
Starminnzombie_: Which one did you try?02:47
rshackleCrandrc, Thank you :-)02:47
Jasonnmickster04: thank you02:47
Photocopygaelfx: i have no idea what packages from it I am supposed to install.02:48
gaelfxPhotocopy: in general, PPAs are not the safest thing in the world, but you can minimize any damage they might do by selecting the one that changes thew fewest things02:48
zombie_ gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel  That fixed it02:48
geoffmccWirelessNot: pastebin lspci -v | less02:48
drcrshackleCran: but maybe some one here can answer your question if you'd ask02:48
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: hold, i will have to copy from the other computer. transfer02:48
Photocopygaelfx; great. I need very specific advice describing which packages are correct for my video hardware in question so general advice is only going to get me so far02:48
* Jasonn pokes Guest6174102:48
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Starminnzombie_: Gotcha. Yeah, that just completely resets everything. The one I gave is for the mail icon in particular. Either will work02:49
rshackleCrandrc, I did ask its an obscure question though. All I want to know is what is the keyboard shortcut for switching between the console plugin and the editor for gedit02:49
Guest61741Jasonn: yeah?02:49
Photocopygaelfx: no offense intended, I'm looking for someone with the same or similar video hardware who has experience with this ppa02:49
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:49
JasonnGuest61741: did you try uninstalling ubuntu-desktop first?02:49
gaelfxPhotocopy: talk to rshackleCran then02:50
drcrshackleCran: obscure is right...I have no idea02:50
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keyns12 milion OO02:50
rshackleCrandrc, :P02:50
zombie_I have another question02:50
rshackleCrandrc, thanks for pointing me in the right direction though.02:51
rshackleCranzombie_, Just ask :-)02:51
Jasonn!help | zombie_02:51
ubottuzombie_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:51
zombie_I'll use paste so I don't use too many lines02:51
PhotocopyrshackleCran: how different is your card than mine?02:52
Jasonn!pastebin | zombie_02:52
ubottuzombie_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:52
Jasonnzombie_: e.e. i just learned how to use the bot so..02:52
keynsif I install ubuntu on my laptop it will automatically read the hardware02:52
rshackleCranPhotocopy, What card do you have?02:52
keynsit can recognize my hardware or where  Ifind drivers?02:52
johnny77I'm having a hard time setting up a wireless network. iwlist scan shows it, I've connected to it before can't get DHCP to give me a lease or correctly set up a static IP. Can anyone help.02:52
geoffmcckeyns: most things will just work. but you may run into problems with wifi card02:53
Starminn!botabuse > Jasonn (you're not abusing it or anything, but I thought this would be informative and helpful)02:53
ubottuJasonn, please see my private message02:53
PhotocopyrshackleCran: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]02:53
JasonnStarminn: sorry about that02:53
keynsok thanks geoffmcc02:53
PhotocopyrshackleCran: I can't really comprehend what I need to install from the xorg-edgers ppa...02:53
geoffmcckeyns: do u know what kind wifi card u have?02:53
colebasically i just need to access port forwarding on my router which im not sure can been done unless i can install the minumal gui and loging using vnc, is there a way toconfigure vnc remotely?02:54
rshackleCranPhotocopy, What are you trying do do? Just get a driver installed?02:54
Jasonncole: for security reasons - no02:54
StarminnJasonn: Nope, no problems man lol. You just said you were new with the bot and I forget commands too so whenever I'm unsure on a command I try to run /msg ubottu !<command> as it's really helpful. Just trying to help out a fellow ubottu'er.02:54
JasonnStarminn: how long have you been here?02:54
gaelfxStarminn: actually, when you message it directly, you don't need the !02:54
PhotocopyrshackleCran: Video output in every video player program went from working fine one day to outputting a ton of weird green lines and stuff, and when i came to ask for help a few weeks ago I was told about this ppa but decided to wait and see if it would fix itself02:55
plut0my grub.cfg got wiped out, trying to recreate it in the livecd using grub-mkconfig and i get the error: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no mapping exists for 'root'"02:55
StarminnJasonn: *shrug* Lemme grep my logs and I'll let you know.02:55
PhotocopyrshackleCran: someone figured this could fix it.02:55
Jordan_Uplut0: Follow http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide .02:55
JasonnStarminn: haha, with this much traffic, i can expect an answer by next year ;)02:55
geoffmcccole: did u see my prev link or did u miss it or it not work -- http://www.ehow.com/how_2284708_secure-shell-ssh-as-vpn.html02:55
rshackleCranPhotocopy, hmmm... did this start happening after an update?02:56
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573766/02:56
PhotocopyrshackleCran: it might have, my update manager updates almost daily so... I have no idea.02:56
DouglasKWhat (if any) types of auto ipv6 config does Ubuntu support? eg, DHCPv6, SLAAC, RDNSS?  I've got my router playing nice with the tunnel, it can ping ipv6.02:56
coz_DouglasK,   does this help?  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/aiccu.1.html02:57
StarminnJasonn: I've been here a month. I just kinda lurk in my spare time and help out when the usualy "gods" of this channel aren't here. (Yeah, it gets busy. But by the way for small talk (because it gets so busy in here) we try to keep it in #ubuntu-offtopic)02:57
geoffmccWirelessNot:  Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. // lemme do some lookin02:57
DouglasKcoz_ I think it does, thanks!02:57
zombie_Heres my Question  http://paste.ubuntu.com/573768/02:57
coz_DouglasK,   if not just google  "ubuntu auto ipv602:58
JasonnStarminn: dont ya wanna use the ubottu command for that ;)02:58
banker247whats a good / easy way to share photos with ubuntu? i notice it doesn't work too well with photobucket any other easy optoins?02:58
Jasonnbanker247: with the world, or between computers?02:58
mickster04plut0: you need to just reinstall grub, that will fix it02:58
coz_banker247,   mm  via  flickr maybe?02:58
coz_banker247,  not sure what you want02:58
StarminnJasonn: It's so impersonal and the !ot call just makes the channel scroll faster.02:58
banker247well went on a family trip and want to share it with 5 or 6 people02:58
banker247but i'd like to eventually be able to publish albums for access to my family02:59
geoffmccWirelessNot: oops didnt copy whole line in case u wanna look too -- its a  Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)02:59
gaelfxbanker247: that sounds like a real good job for flickr02:59
coz_banker247,  well flickr offers free account and if on gnome  you can install frogr  which is a flcker desktop application02:59
rshackleCranPhotocopy, Your card is an older ATI card, im not going to lie to you they were a bitch and still probably are. I would first try to boot up with an older kernel that worked, then from there if that does not work reinstall the video drivers02:59
coz_banker247,  if on kde  kflickr02:59
banker247ahh so i was using photobucket and it doesn't seem to work that good with ubuntu.. flickr is the solution?02:59
Jasonnbanker247: are they computer savvy? if not, i would say imageshack - if they are, try something like an ftp server, if its local, maybe a samba share?03:00
PhotocopyrshackleCran: I don't know how to boot with an older kernel that worked or if that was updated or anything03:00
DouglasKcoz_: looks like I'll need to reconfigure to use sixxs.net instead of tunnelbroker.net if I'm to use aiccu, yes?03:00
coz_banker247,  I just started using flickr  ..its fast ,,,easy  and not bad to deal with03:00
gaelfxbanker247: either that or you can use Picasa, if you really wanna03:00
pnk|aftershavescrim 5v5 pm me03:00
coz_DouglasK,  oh ok,,, I am probably the biggest "doof"  with any type of networking  :)03:00
pnk|aftershavescrim 5v5 pm me03:00
pnk|aftershavescrim 5v5 pm me03:00
banker247whats the desktop app for flickr that any good?03:00
zombie_http://paste.ubuntu.com/573768/  Heres what I'm asking03:01
coz_banker247,   I use   frogr   here03:01
rshackleCranPhotocopy, Simplest way would be to reboot and select one of the older versions at the grub boot screen.03:01
banker247does picaasa work well with ubuntu?03:01
rshackleCranPhotocopy, This also might be a problem that is better suited for the forums.03:01
coz_banker247,  it looks somewhat simple but a few minutes and you will get the hang of it,,, it also uploads  mulitple photos and descriptions  at one time03:01
PhotocopyrshackleCran: my laptop doesn't display grub on startup... it just launches straight into ubuntu03:01
PhotocopyrshackleCran: can I force it to show grub's menu?03:02
gaelfxPhotocopy: hold shift while booting to get grub menu03:02
geoffmccWirelessNot: u still here03:02
Jasonnzombie_: dont know of anything03:02
coz_banker247,  if you install   frogr it shows up in the graphics  menu  as  flickr Remote Organizer03:02
Photocopythanks gaelfx. rshackleCran: i'll try booting with an older version then, if I can make that work03:02
DasEigaelfx: left ctrl it is for grub 203:02
zombie_No themes or anything?03:02
ExploiterHI, GUYS, looking for tools like SENDBLASTER ( mass email sender ) for ubuntu, any suggestion or idea??03:02
Photocopygaelfx: i saw DasEi's message too. will try both03:03
coz_banker247,  go to flickr  and create an account..you can always delete it any time03:03
banker247coz_,  flickr vs picasa?03:03
Photocopybe right back..03:03
gaelfxDasEi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527503:03
coz_banker247,  flickr03:03
ExploiterHI, GUYS, looking for tools like SENDBLASTER ( mass email sender ) for ubuntu, any suggestion or idea??03:03
rshackleCranPhotocopy, alright03:03
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: yes03:03
coz_banker247,  I really dont like picassa  unless you want an onboard photo viewing application03:03
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: someone said do this: rfkill list03:03
Starminnzombie_: The closest thing to that is the Compiz "Window Preview" effect, but there is no (to my knowledge) any application for switching between windows in the style.03:04
geoffmccWirelessNot: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146979903:04
geoffmccWirelessNot: start at zuperman1 post03:04
coz_banker247,   I prefer other applications for photo image viewers  over picasa  but for flickr ,, frogr is the way to go  or upload directly to flickr03:04
zombie_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCgEPihr0NE  I want something like that03:04
Starminnzombie_: However, if you use Avant Window Manager (a dock) and maybe some other ones, you can get a list (like in the second or third preview on the MS page) to choose between the windows of an app03:04
banker247coz_,  do people need flickr accounts to view your albums03:05
Jasonnbanker247: no03:05
coz_banker247,   no   they just need the address03:05
Starminnzombie_: Yep, that would be a dock03:05
banker247same with picasa?03:05
zombie_A dock03:05
coz_zombie_,   which part of that video did you wa nt to recreate?03:05
zombie_how do I get a dock03:05
coz_zombie_,   that looks like cairo dock03:05
coz_zombie_,    sudo apt-get install cairo-dock  cairo-dock-plug-ins  I believe  or you can use the weekly bzr PPA03:06
coz_banker247,  on flickr make sure you set the account for public or private viewing... if private only the people you want to view it can view it03:06
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: aver-wmi...   no such device03:07
triplebabyhow can I tell if I installed skype?03:07
Starminnzombie_: just open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for "dock"03:07
coz_zombie_,  if you want the PPA let me know   I would also open synaptic package manager  and search for cairo dock to make sure you install all of the necessary packages for it03:07
Starminncoz_: Why always the Terminal path?03:07
geoffmccWirelessNot: typo or did u run modprobe acer-wmi03:07
Starminncoz_: GUIs should go first03:07
coz_Starminn,  sorry   which are you speaking of?03:08
zombie_How would I load windows xp in this?03:08
zombie_I seen in the video he loaded windows xp out of his linux dock03:08
Starminncoz_: Zombie's thing. The dock. People always go for Terminal installs and never Software Center.03:08
coz_zombie_,  via  virtual box  I would assume03:08
Starminn!vb | zombie_03:08
zombie_I would need more then 20 gbs ehh03:08
coz_Starminn,  ah ok... well  I always push the bzr version since it installs a few experimental plugins as well as being much more up to date03:09
neiz_zombie_: you could set up XP with less than 20GB of space03:09
Starminn!virtualbox > zombie_03:09
ubottuzombie_, please see my private message03:09
DasEi!virual | zombie_03:09
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: yes twice, now i can not even do  "sudo modeprobe -v ath5k"   i removed and i can't recover03:09
triplebabywhat's this mean? --> Selecting previously deselected package skype.  ---does that mean it is a reinstall? or wot?03:09
coz_banker247,  I have my account set to public  http://www.flickr.com/photos/coz_03:10
coz_banker247,  with that link you should be able to view the images03:10
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: i can do sudo modprobe -c ath5k.   but still no acer-wmi03:10
coz_banker247,  if that were set to private I believe you can send the link privately but not sure you will have to read about that part of it03:10
geoffmccwhat if do the two modprobes without the acer one... but im looking for other references to this card in meantime03:12
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geoffmccWirelessNot: what kernel r u using03:13
WirelessNotubuntu 10.10 idk which kernel.03:14
coz_WirelessNot,  in terminal  uname -r03:14
StarminnWirelessNot: uname -a03:14
StarminnNo, coz_ you were right03:14
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: 2.6.35-2503:14
geoffmccWirelessNot: from what i see sofar should work. and now i think of it didnt u say it works in xubuntu or something and not kubuntu03:15
ExploiterTurn my mic up louder I got to say something03:16
ExploiterLight weights step to the side when we come in03:16
ExploiterFeel it in your chest the syllables get pumping03:16
ExploiterPeople on the street they panic and start running03:16
ExploiterWords on loose leaf sheet complete coming03:16
ExploiterI jump in my mind and summon the rhyme, I'm dumping03:16
FloodBot1Exploiter: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
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zombie_Is there any free software on ubuntu like adobe photo shop cs3?  and I'm not talking about gimp 203:16
geoffmccWirelessNot: also see refernces to madwifi working with your card03:17
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: i only use ubuntu: it was working 2 hours ago.03:17
geoffmccWirelessNot: based on your pastebin Kernel driver in use: ath5k03:19
geoffmccWirelessNot: Kernel modules: ath5k03:20
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: the fast it was working 2 hours says what?03:20
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: fast*03:20
geoffmccWirelessNot: i dont know how but now that we know the card and driver that should be working maybe someone here can tell you how to reinstall03:20
geoffmccWirelessNot: either something got mucked in kernel or card died03:21
gaelfxWirelessNot: you are, I assume, having wireless issues?03:21
geoffmccWirelessNot: did u download the latest kernel today or otherday when came out?03:21
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: i might have download update yesterday but not today/03:22
geoffmccgaelfx: yea here his pastebin -- wifi at end http://paste.ubuntu.com/573766/03:22
gaelfxWirelessNot: have you tried installing the backports compat wireless package from synaptic?03:22
geoffmccjust noticed Capabilities: <access denied>03:22
ki__Hi. I want to put my screen to my webcam output03:22
ki__is that possible?03:22
the20yrIs there a way to make a USB stick drive from ubuntu?03:24
WirelessNotgeolfx: my internet was working fine 2 hours ago. so i did not particularly download backports copact wireless package from synaptic.03:24
geoffmccki__: im not reading what your writing, can u elaberate03:24
ki__geoffmcc: I am in a video chat. People on windows are able to set the output of their webcam to their desktop or to a window. I want to do this.03:25
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: I fixed it, thanks to someone from #ubuntu-server03:26
WirelessNotgeelfx: my problem was fixed,03:26
geoffmccWirelessNot: if not hard can u say what was done?03:26
geoffmccki__: sorry, not sure03:27
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573774/03:27
geoffmccWirelessNot: of course when im not on both to see it on my own, lol03:27
geoffmccWirelessNot: ty03:28
WirelessNotgaelfx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573774/ FIXED03:28
geoffmccWirelessNot: makes sence that why was saying Capabilities: <access denied>03:29
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: and you have to restart ofcource.03:29
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: thank you very much for you effort.03:29
WirelessNotgeoffmcc: we both learned something today.03:29
geoffmccWirelessNot: im sure it will come up again too.. so although took us a while can help someone else in  flash03:30
WirelessNotwell bye.03:30
olskolircwhere are my gaim logs kept please so that i can view past history ims03:32
TaymonHi. I'm having some sound problems.03:32
olskolircwhat distro Taymon03:33
TaymonUbuntu 10.10, on a Dell Studio 14. I'll elaborate.03:34
FluttershyI'm assuming by gaim you mean pidgin03:34
olskolircyes Fluttershy03:35
TaymonMy sound system has essentially vanished; the icon is gone from the GNOME indicator widget, and opening the configuration dialog just gives me "Waiting for sound system to respond".03:35
Fluttershyis there not a .pidgin folder?03:35
Fluttershyin your home folder, I mean03:35
FluttershyI don't use it but that's where I'd look03:35
olskolircno Fluttershy03:35
coz_make sure you hit  ctrl+h  to show hidden folders in home03:35
TaymonI did the troubleshooting on the site and it looks like I don't have the ALSA drivers installed, so I downloaded the source.03:36
Fluttershysorry, it's .purple03:36
Fluttershyshould be ~/.purple/logs03:36
TaymonHowever, when I try to compile, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573776/03:36
Taymon(This is just the last part of the output of make.)03:36
TaymonDoes anyone know why this is happening?03:37
zimiehi I am trying to setup a transparent squid proxy server with ubuntu 10.10, So what so i do??03:38
bisu[Shield]can anyone make sense of this: I am on a x64 machine. I ran mysql --version and got error: mysql: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.so.16: undefined symbol: yaSSL_connect.  any suggestions?03:39
asdfhow do i get ufw to log to syslog? i'm running 0.30.0-203:39
asdfg0nz0|Boston: hola! ita ? :)03:39
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TaymonMy sound system's gone. I think I'm missing the ALSA drivers. When I try to compile them from source, I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573776/03:40
Lando-SpacePimpHow is the "the Official" support channel?03:42
=== Daemonicc is now known as Daemonic
Lando-SpacePimpWhat makes it official?03:42
=== ClankBot is now known as ClankBot|AFK
coz_Taymon,   ah you need to compile with specific cards as I recall   but you should probably check in #alsa or #pulseaudio channels03:42
shcherbakLando-SpacePimp: What, um... Topic?03:43
Lando-SpacePimpTopic Official Ubuntu Support Channel03:44
EmuAlertIs there any way to abort a running program in the terminal other than closing the window?03:44
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mickster04EmuAlert: ctrl+c03:44
Lando-SpacePimpEmuAlert: Turning off the computer03:44
=== clank714 is now known as ClankBot
EmuAlertI think I'll go with ctrl+c most of the time, thanks03:45
mickster04Lando-SpacePimp: that and we only have one #03:45
zimiei need some help to setup a transparent proxy server03:45
mickster04zimie: squid?03:45
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Lando-SpacePimpSo is the the official ubuntu support channel on freenode03:45
shcherbakEmuAlert: Youcan use kill PID or killall Progarm Name03:45
Lando-SpacePimpOr in all of the universe?03:45
mickster04zimie: well what's the problem?03:45
zimiemy client cant access the internet03:46
mickster04Lando-SpacePimp: you can do irc.ubuntu.com but that is basically the same thing03:46
zimiei add the iptables rule03:46
mickster04zimie: well that'll be config settings03:46
Lando-SpacePimpGood bye03:46
zimiesquid config?03:46
* mickster04 thinks lando will be back03:46
mickster04zimie: prossibly, but this is actually a squid problem. not ubuntu, you should find squid related help :/ sorry03:47
EmuAlertIs there generally no difference between single and double quotes when typing a string in the terminal?03:47
coz_EmuAlert,   which string?03:48
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EmuAlertWell I'm just doing some stuff with find, and a handful of other commands say that you can use either03:48
coz_EmuAlert,  ah ok,, well... if it works  it works ...yes?03:49
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EmuAlertI know they're not 100% interchangeable, but I think that "./my folder" usually equals './my folder'03:49
shcherbakEmuAlert: try: echo "$hello" and echo '$hello'03:49
EmuAlertAh, not with everything03:50
EmuAlertSingle quotes are more often used in the terminal, right?03:50
TaymonThere appears to be no one in #alsa or #pulseaudio. Is there anywhere else to ask about my ALSA compile error?03:50
shcherbakEmuAlert: Hm, used to pass string 'literaly'03:51
TaymonAre there any known issues with the latest Linux headers?03:52
zazzyjournaling fail... my ubuntu is broken :-(03:54
maukarusok xchats transpearant bg is ccool03:55
ndxtgdoes anyone know what package name to download the compress/uncompress thing that is shipped with Ubuntu desktop? I installed from Xorg and minimal so I dont have it03:56
eppahello; I'm trying to use LTS as an NFS client to a RHEL box. RHEL box exporting 50G partition to Ubuntu, but when mounted on Ubuntu it only shows a size of 10GiB, says 2.8GiB is used (it's not, only 10MiB is!).  Anyone any idea what's going on?03:56
maukaruswhy is add/remove asking me to fix broken packages-then synaptic wont apply when i "fix broken packages"03:56
maukaruseppa do you have a partition editor?03:57
maukarusno idea what nfs or rhel is..03:58
zazzysolved with an ubuntu cd... can't understand why recovery shell won't work allwayais freeze03:58
maukarusbad memory/drive?03:59
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shcherbakndxtg: I think, frontier is called file-roller, why do you want to download it?04:00
brian_hi guys04:01
ndxtgshcherbak: no its not that I guess, I just need to install a zip/unzip thing ( I just installed a minimal verson+Xorg so it does not have any app comes with as normal desktop version)04:01
maukaruswant to play mine craft,, =c04:01
brian_fuck minecraft04:01
brian_no offense that game is rediculous04:02
maukarusy f mc?04:02
IdleOne!language | brian_04:02
ubottubrian_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:02
MrcheesenipsNot the place to argue about that04:02
shcherbakndxtg: sudo apt-get install zip unzip04:02
maukarusy not f roblox?04:02
brian_hey iar04:02
Iarfenhow I can configure the host tables??04:03
brian_hey brian04:03
ndxtgshcherbak: no its for command line, I need the one that when you right click on the folder it has "compress option"...04:03
brian_whats a good browser to use, im kind of an ubuntu newb04:04
brian_i think firefox is running slow04:04
willcan anyone tell me where SMB shares are mounted in the file system when you use the GUI to connect to them? I am trying to use a bash script to move some files around04:04
maukarusi'm wondering too04:05
maukaruswhat this seamonkey?04:05
shcherbakndxtg: That would be file-roller, it gives Compress... option in context menu04:05
maukarusand i like rediculous games04:06
shcherbakndxtg: or maybe gzip does it too...04:06
maukarusit wouldnt be much fun if something rediculous didnt happen xD04:06
=== phuzion_ is now known as phuzion
shcherbakbrian_: Be good boy, use Opera (for ultimate speed get links2)04:07
maukarusopera has java, can play minecraft and such games?04:07
IarfenAnyone can help me to configuere host table??04:07
brian_shcher : Thanks, thats what I use under Windows x64, but wasn't sure how it was supported on linux04:08
amh345how do i specify a specific version when using apt-get?  i need mysql v 5.1.55.    is there a way or do i need to build from source?04:08
ndxtgshcherbak: no idea, I installed both gzip and file-roller (as told before) but it does not show up in right click04:08
AndorinI appear to have a booting problem. I installed Windows alongside Ubuntu today, so I've just followed the wiki's steps on restoring GRUB. However, when I boot from my hard drive, I get a totally black screen. What do I do?04:08
shcherbakndxtg: one sec (something is missing in Nautilus)04:08
zazzywhy ubuntu kernel freeze when I try to start in single mode(recovery console)?04:09
jakehi!  i'm trying to set up a *really* lightweight ubuntu- installing openbox/xinit on ubuntu server 10.10 gets me to about 75 megs.  One of the biggest users of memory at this point is rsyslogd.  Can i run ubuntu w/o it?04:09
maukarusandorin-install on a nother drive and recover the  partitions?04:09
maukarusmbr is @$$%#04:10
Andorinmaukarus: I don't have another hard drive available.04:10
AndorinI have a 4 GB flash drive... why?04:10
maukarusdo you havd a win cd or restore?04:10
maukarusmin install size is about 3.6 gb04:11
AndorinYou're not going to tell me to reinstall both systems, are you?04:11
maukaruswell hopefully u didnt mess up a recovery partiton..04:11
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AndorinI can restore Windows if I need to. However, it would be a serious pain to reinstall Windows and Ubuntu tonight.04:12
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maukarusthe usb install would be handy to see whats left on the drives04:12
zazzyAndorin, I have the same problem with windows... solved with virutal box ;-)04:12
AndorinWindows in a VM isn't what I need, tho04:12
maukarusso is it tru updates sometimes break grub on wubi innstalls?04:13
AndorinIf I try reinstalling GRUB from the live CD again, might it work?04:13
shcherbakndxtg: need nautilus-sendto, http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/gnome/nautilus-sendto04:13
maukarusgrubs should see the partitons..should be an option to boot grub?04:13
AndorinNo. When I start my computer, I get my BIOS screen, then a moment of a dark screen with a blinking cursor, then the display goes entirely black. Like I unplugged my monitor.04:14
ReallycoolOften when I wake up from suspend, the physical buttons on the touchpad stop working, yet I can still click by tapping the touchpad itself. Any idea what could be causing this?04:14
shcherbakAndorin: It should, if not try to chroot system (if this fails you have a problem)04:15
AndorinAnyway, booting into live CD... *waits several minutes*04:15
Andorinshcherbak: What is chrooting the system?04:15
maukarusthere is no bootable media..or something is shorting out?04:15
maukarusone of the 2 xD04:15
joadriHi guys... new doing this.... help04:15
maukarusif u can boot an os and run.. it shouldn't be anything serious04:15
joadriunable to connect to facebook trhu ubuntu 10.04... help04:16
maukarusu do updates yet?04:16
Starminnjoadri: What browser are you using and does your Internet work for everything else? (Just trying to get more info so others can help too)04:17
Starminnjoadri: And what browsers have you tried it with04:17
shcherbakAndorin: Way to start system via liveCD04:17
joadriI m using mozilla and yes, it works for evething else04:17
Andorinshcherbak: I can boot from live CD or USB just fine04:17
joadriI ve tried using chrome with same results04:18
gibss37I am new to world of linux, is it good to have it installed within window04:18
Starminngibss37: No, you don't want ot use WUBI if you can help it04:18
maukarusStarminn, why?04:18
shcherbakAndorin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB 2 (method 3 is chroot)04:19
Starminnmaukarus gibss37: I mean, it's fine if you use it on occasion, but the "proper" way is to install it to a partition (which it does automatically for you), plus if something were to happen ot Windows, your Ubuntu would be fried too04:19
Starminngibss37 maukarus: In addition, it will run slower in WUBI than if you had done a proper install.04:20
maukarusStarminn, so it's fine..do you know how to increase the swap file size?04:20
gibss37Starminn: yeah that is the main thing. when ever i tried ubuntu like this and recovered window ubuntu also gets currupted04:20
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info04:20
Andorinshcherbak: Okay, when I get booted up from my live CD (which is taking some time), I'll give it a try04:20
joadriStarminn... I am able to connect from work, not from home04:20
gibss37i do have 500 gb free memory04:21
needhelp1can anyone tell me of a media manager that will pull the metadata │ adaptr04:21
Starminngibss37: That's because Ubuntu is *inside* of Windows. If you were to do a proper install then it wouldn't matter what Windows does.04:21
needhelp1                   | and rename my music file names, having an issue with pulling      │ ader1004:21
maukarusgibs recovering windows creates a new mbr/partiton table for windows04:21
Starminnmaukarus: But it doesn't matter because in WUBI if Windows dies, and Ubuntu is in Windows, Ubuntu dies too.04:21
gibss37if i do make 20 gb free new  parition using windows, can i install a fresh there04:22
maukarusStarminn, my point is either way..both would be fried04:22
needhelp1can anyone tell me of a media manager that will rename my music file names by pulling the info from the metadata.. im having issues with getting my music off of my ipod. all the file names are .. garbage.04:22
Starminngibss37: Yeah, I think my Ubuntu is sitting on 30GB and I'm only using 15GB (150GB HDD) while Windows has 90GB since it has my music04:22
maukarusany reason the drive would fail, would make it useless xD04:22
Starminnmaukarus: So Windows dying == drive fail?04:23
maukarusgibs u can also use usb devices to store stuff on04:23
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
Starminnneedhelp1: That's because iTunes encrypts them when its added to your iPod. I honestly have no idea why.04:23
shcherbakneedhelp1: easytag , have a look: http://techii.wordpress.com/2008/05/16/mp3-tag-editors-for-ubuntu/04:23
gibss37Starminn: so you also have windows04:23
needhelp1shcherbak: thanks04:24
GFXdisabledHi Linux gurus. Can anyone tell me how to delete any Nvidia drivers and restore my x server settings to their default in Ubuntu 10.10?04:24
maukarusStarminn, quite often...it's data loss or something that made the table curropt..that would make the system not boot randomly04:24
Starminngibss37: Yes, I dual-boot.04:24
maukarusi dual boot my samsung n150..which is fryed much the same way04:24
Starminnmaukarus: Point taken. I at first couldn't install Ubuntu because I had to defrag Windows twice and CHKDSK once04:25
maukarusblank screen no boot..but it did have 275*f temps last i ran it..04:25
gibss37so if i make a new partition using windows management utility and boot using CD, then ?04:25
DasEiGFXdisabled: sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia && sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:25
Starminngibss37: You don't even have to do that much.04:25
shcherbakneedhelp1: and cowbell (used this one on few occasions), if you use gtk-pod and anyplayer your tags should be ok04:25
DasEiGFXdisabled: also you might want to delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:25
gibss37so what should i do, please tell me in explanation04:26
GFXdisabledDasEi, you rock so very much!04:26
Starminngibss37: If you pop in the LiveCD and boot from it just hit "Install" and it'll do all that for you. Just hit "Install alongside" drag tohow much space you want to give it, and it'll take care of the rest.04:26
GFXdisabledI thought Ubuntu 10.10 didn't have a xorg.conf by default?04:26
Starminngibss37: Hit "Show me how" on #3 here: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download04:26
Joe___Cho peeps04:26
gibss37so is it safe, you sure it will make a new partition and install it there04:27
Starminngibss37: I'm sorry, I meant on #404:27
DasEiGFXdisabled: true, but drivers set them up, also users can still use them04:27
Starminngibss37: IF you don't trust it you can manually do it yourself, certainly, but I've installed it twice on this machine while Windows is on it and I've never once had a problem.04:27
kothaguy_ubuntuI am using acer aspire one 532h,with ubuntu 10.04,i am unable to record input sound,i am able to play the songs,but i am unable to record the input to the netbook,can any one suggest me what to do,it is very important to me04:27
maukarushow do i repair packages? add/remove keeps asking me to i thought i did04:27
DasEimaukarus: can try from init1, by dpkg04:28
gibss37Starminn: I was afraid as I have extremely imp data04:28
GFXdisabledDasEi: Ah. Gotcha. I'm fairly illiterate when it comes to the CLI. What is the command to "delete" a file from the CLI? (My GUI is dead, which is why I have to do this in the first place).04:28
Joe___Anyone having glitching problems with DE 10.10?04:28
DasEimaukarus: (command logs you off x!) sudo init 1 brings you there04:28
faryshtaHi. How can I purge the wine directories? apt-get purge wine failed.04:28
=== beau__ is now known as Guest77370
joadriUnable to connect to fb from home, able to do it from work... Using Firefox, ubuntu 10.04... help...04:29
DasEiGFXdisabled: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:29
Starminngibss37: If it's that important then you can do it yourself, yeah. YOu'll need two partitions. One that is however many GB you want to give Ubuntu formatted as ext4 (as opposed to Windows being NTFS) and another for swap abotu 2GB04:29
maukarusjoa something at home is blocking fb04:29
maukarushave u called your isp?04:29
maukarusor done anything to a firewall in linux?04:29
Jordan_Ugibss37: You should have backups of important data no matter what you're doing.04:30
kothaguy_ubuntuI am using acer aspire one 532h,with ubuntu 10.04,i am unable to record input sound,i am able to play the songs,but i am unable to record the input to the netbook,can any one suggest me what to do,it is very important to me04:30
maukarusgibs and multiple bootable drives/devices xD04:30
gibss37so if i create a new fresh free space with windows, unformatted, will ubuntu install there04:30
Jordan_Ugibss37: Yes.04:30
Starminngibss37: If you tell it to. You'll have to choose "Manually specify partitions" but yeah04:30
joadrimaukarus... did not call my isp... I have not done anything to firewall... don't know how :)04:31
Jordan_UStarminn: You don't need to do manual partitioning to just use free space.04:31
maukarusjoa does the isp package this software for you?04:31
gibss37Jordan_U:  Starminn so you mean to say that it will auto format it to ext404:31
maukarusjoa try ?isitdownorjustme.com?04:32
gibss37now what about swap04:32
GFXdisabledDasEi: RM! How sad I've forgotten even that. I need to play with CLI again and more thoroughly. Thank you so much for your time and patience.04:32
joadriwhich package? Software for the router?04:32
StarminnJordan_U: Really? I never tried it, but I was always under the assumption thatit just equally grabbed and allocated space for itself. (For example, if I were to have Windows and SUSE it would only show one of the two on the new slider installer)04:32
Jordan_Ugibss37: If you tell it to install to the free space it will create a root and swap partition automatically.04:32
Jordan_UStarminn: Yes, but he's talking about creating free space before hand.04:33
maukarusjoadri, yes, or at the isp itself, they may advertise they have norton or mcaffe etc or something04:33
faryshtaHi. How can I purge the wine directories? apt-get purge wine failed.04:33
gibss37Jordan_U: thats great i try it meanwhile, i will be back if i face any probs again04:33
Jordan_Ufaryshta: mv ~/.win ~/.wine-bak04:33
StarminnJordan_U: So he wouldn't have to "Choose partitions manually?" at install prompt? And just do "this is ext4 mounted at root", etc., et.c?04:33
StarminnJordan_U: It'll fill the space itself?04:34
Jordan_UStarminn: Yes.04:34
StarminnJordan_U: That's super! :)04:34
faryshtaJordan_U, already deleted .wine but everytime I reinstall wine it loads with the previous settings.04:34
joadriNo, maukarus... Since I'm using ubuntu i have none of those packages04:34
DasEifaryshta: you can manually remove the .wine - dir04:34
Jordan_Ufaryshta: What symptoms are you seeing?04:35
faryshtaDasEi, already deleted the /home/faryshta/.wine/ but the settings still load with every reinstall.04:35
maukarusjoadri, xD04:35
joadriwhat's that website you told me? What do I do once I get there?04:35
maukarusjoadri, type in facebook.com04:35
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faryshtaJordan_U, wine simply doesn't load, an error message appears saying "X Error of failed request:  XF86VidModeExtensionDisabled"04:36
maukarusit wil then tell you if the site is blocked or you should be fine04:36
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=== pfSensory is now known as MTecknology
joadriBut what you ve typed is not clear... starts with "?". Is that writh?04:37
maodunI'm on an ubuntu box that lists /sbin/init as having 81 link counts. Any idea why that might be?04:37
maukarusxD that is me saying it might or might not be spelled correctly04:37
joadriLet me try... I will be back04:38
DasEijoadri: use a proxy, case blocked04:39
Spirits-Sighthow do you find out the device path thats connected through USB (Win CE 6 device)04:39
kothaguy_ubuntuinternal mic is not working,tried pavucontrol also,what to do04:39
Jordan_Umaodun: Is this on a computer not controlled by you? There are many backup solutions that use hard links.04:40
DasEiSpirits-Sight: open it, type mount in trml04:40
faryshtaIs someone familiar with this error message from wine? X Error of failed request:  XF86VidModeExtensionDisabled04:40
maukaruscase blocked?04:40
maodunJordan_U: ah, yeah, it's a VPS04:40
DasEifaryshta: sorry, I'm not , maybe also ask in #winehq04:40
maodunJordan_U: and I just looked at another VPS from the same provider, and it too has many /sbini/init hard links, so I don't think it's problematic04:41
DasEimaukarus: in case FB is blocked, he could tunnel via proxy to access it04:41
=== secoif_ is now known as secoif
joadrimaukarus.... the site seems to be a movies, entertaiment site...04:42
Joe___how is everyone liking Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.10?04:42
Spirits-SightDasEi: it does not seem to be showing when typing "mount"04:42
syrinx_Joe___: i think its fantastic04:43
maukarusjoa xc04:43
DasEiSpirits-Sight: you opened the devices under places ?04:43
Joe___you haven't had any issues with installation?04:43
Joe___or glitches?04:43
syrinx_not at all04:43
AK|ltOkay, now I have a problem with my flash drive. When I select it in gparted it says the space is unallocated. If I try to create a filesystem, it asks me to create a partition table. If I go Device > Create a Partition Table, it gives me an error.04:44
maukarusjoa, u can google it.. it's a site lookup and testing site04:44
Spirits-SightDasEi: I know the device won't show as mass storage device as its a display  so would it still show using mount?04:44
StarminnJoe___: Runs like a dream over here.04:44
syrinx_Joe___: past month ive installed it on a 10 year old server, a 3 year old laptop and a day year old netbook04:44
joadrixc? Ok... Let me try...04:44
Joe___and you've had no issues at all?04:45
syrinx_are you?04:45
faryshtaDasEi, do you know where can I find a tutorial to install a virtual machine with XP?04:45
Joe___yes and i'm not sure why04:45
DasEiSpirits-Sight: ah, no I assumed storage, lsusb will show device, and for mountpoint either guess under /dev or grep it out the output of hwinfo04:45
syrinx_whats the problem?04:46
DasEifaryshta: yes, go to virtualbox homepage, and pm me for further questions on it04:46
Joe___Installation froze at least 4 times and once it was installed it froze/glitched out so I upgraded my hardware and the glitching persisted04:46
joadrimaukarus... went to websitepulse and the result came back with status ok04:46
DasEifaryshta: also there is #vbox04:46
syrinx_Joe___: how are you installing it04:47
venkateshhello everybody....04:47
kothaguy_ubuntuany one please solve my issue with internal mic04:47
StarminnJoe___: Is Windows installed on the machine already? The same thing happened to me and apparently I had to defrag and CHKDSK Windows then it worked fine.04:47
faryshtaDasEi, all the other irc seems dead. I asked this same question yesterday on winehq and still haven't got answer.04:47
joadriNot able to connect thou04:47
DasEifaryshta: are you  using latest wine from ppa  ?04:47
AK|ltWas it a bad idea to use dd to write an Ubuntu .iso to my flash drive?04:47
Joe___I'm installing using a burnt disc made with ImgBurn04:47
maukarusjoa, ok then something in route or on pc blocks it.. have u cleared tmp or cleaned the drive?04:47
faryshtaNo, wine1.2 from repositories.04:48
DasEiAK|lt: depends which iso, a few only boot this way,if that was the question04:48
Joe___yessir. on a completely formatted HDD04:48
maukarusare u able to login to the router? this is where the isp comes in..04:48
syrinx_Joe___: when does the installation freeze?04:48
faryshtaDasEi, no, wine1.2 from repos.04:48
joadriI have 2 computer with ubuntu. Both the same problem at home. The laptob able to connect from work04:48
maukaruscleareding cache and cookies may help04:48
Spirits-SightDasEi: how would I get the information using grep  I got the ID stuff Bus 001 Device 008: ID 1c71:c00404:49
maukarusisp needs to know04:49
Starminnmaukarus: I think saying "joa" is confusing "Joe." Just hit TAB to auto-complete04:49
joadriAlso, both able to connect with windows thru the same router04:49
AK|ltDasEi: The standard 10.10 x86 iso. Anyway, as I said, I seem to have lost the ability to use this flash drive. Gparted reports that it's all unallocated space but I can't create partitions or partition tables04:49
Jordan_UAK|lt: dding an Ubuntu iso to a flash drive won't lead to anything bootable, but it doesn't hurt the flash drive.04:49
Proxima|Centauriis there a Ubuntu Server edition and a Ubuntu workstation ?04:49
Proxima|CentauriI am going planning on installing Ubuntu on this new drive I got.04:49
DasEifaryshta: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubntu-wine/ppa04:49
AK|ltJordan_U: Okay, good... any tips on fixing it?04:49
maukarusnvm then04:50
Proxima|CentauriI'm a developer - and I'd like to play around with this cloud stuffs from Oracle.04:50
DasEifaryshta: sudo apt-get update04:50
Jordan_UAK|lt: What error do you get when you try to create a partition table?04:50
Joe___i'm not sure exactly when the freezing starts04:50
Joe___maybe about 1/4 of the way through04:50
StarminnProxima|Centauri: Server: http://www.ubuntu.com/server Not sure about "workstation"04:50
AK|ltJordan_U: Input/output error during write on /dev/sdb04:50
Proxima|CentauriI don't know if there is one version of Ubuntu that I want.04:50
DasEifaryshta: sudo apt-get remove --purge wine04:50
Jordan_UAK|lt: That means that there is a hardware problem with the flash drive.04:50
Proxima|Centaurithanks Starminn04:50
ReallycoolOften when I wake up from suspend, the physical buttons on the touchpad stop working, yet I can still click by tapping the touchpad itself. Any idea what could be causing this?04:50
maukarusdo the devices have an ip address?04:50
DasEifaryshta: sudo apt-get install wine1.304:50
maukaruscheck by looking at connection info04:51
syrinx_Joe___: need more information, 1/4 through initializing, or copying files, or partitioning?04:51
DasEimaukarus: no, but a devicepath04:51
AK|ltJordan_U: And this coincidentally happened when I dd'd the Ubuntu .iso onto it?04:51
Jordan_UAK|lt: Yes.04:51
faryshtaWill try.04:51
Proxima|Centaurihmm - what might be something I'd notice I want server for if I install regular Ubuntu ?04:51
* syrinx_ requires more minerals04:51
DasEiSpirits-Sight: sudo hwinfo | grep SearchWordHere,  f.e. manufacturer04:51
AK|ltJordan_U: I ran dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb and it seemed to write to it alright04:51
faryshtaDasEi, thanks, will try.04:52
Proxima|Centauriplaying Starcraft II Syrinx ?04:52
Jordan_UAK|lt: That's odd, maybe there is a different problem then.04:52
Jordan_UAK|lt: Are you familiar with fdisk?04:52
joadriI have to connection info open... What should I be looking at?04:52
syrinx_Proxima|Centuari: i wish...crappy onboard intels04:52
AK|ltJordan_U: No, not really04:52
joadriIp address is for my laptop   I guess...04:53
maukarusthere should be a connection icon in the top right depending on what os exactly u have, like i have xubuntu04:53
syrinx_Joe___: so are you trying to install alongside windows or? clean install?04:53
joadriI have open04:54
maukarusjoadri, right click it04:54
joadriI have to window open04:54
bastidrazorAK|lt: aren't you missing a partition number? /dev/sdb1  ?04:54
StarminnProxima|Centauri: YOu mean the difference between Server and Desktop? I'm rpetty sure Server = no GUI. I'm unfamiliar with the server Edition though so just compare the feature list between http://www.ubuntu.com/server and http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop04:54
joadrisorry.. I am saying I have to connect info window open04:54
AK|ltbastidrazor: Perhaps, but I don't know what's wrong with the drive at all04:54
DasEiStarminn: server edition has gui, too, but another packet-selection and default-kernel04:55
maukarus?? ah right04:55
Jordan_Ubastidrazor: No, he doesn't have any partition table at the moment, thus no sdb1.04:55
kothaguy_ubuntuhow to know which kernel i am suing,command to know which kernel i am using04:55
StarminnDasEi Proxima|Centauri: Ah, gotcha. It has a GUI, just not the same as Desktop or anything04:55
maukarusso it doesnt even list a device?04:55
DasEiStarminn: it's just what comes preselected on cd,you can from apt mangle this back and forth04:55
StarminnDasEi: Yeah, I know you can add a GUI. ;) Just saying by default it's not too pretty from what I've heard.04:56
maukarusdoes the laptop have a wifi switch? can u connect with a wire?04:56
joadriI can use a wire yes04:56
Jordan_UAK|lt: Run "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb" to start fdisk, it should give you some warnings that there is no disklabel yet, that's expected.04:56
Proxima|Centauriyeah, I read for server here:  Ubuntu Server on Amazon's Elastic Computing (EC2) cloud allows you to build on-demand virtual systems on almost any scale with minimal in-house hardware requirements. Amazon EC2 fits perfectly with Ubuntu Server Edition's modularity, virtualisation capabilities, range of applications and optimised performance.04:56
DasEiStarminn: surface is same in default install, for headless you must use alternate installer (terminal only, expert install mode)04:56
Proxima|CentauriThis is what I want04:57
tristanckothaguy_ubuntu, uname -a04:57
maukarusjoadri, try it with that wire04:57
joadriBut remenber... The PC is connected with a wire and doesnt connecto to fb neither04:57
StarminnDasEi: Ah.04:57
joadriI'll connect the wire if you want me to04:57
AK|ltJordan_U: "Unable to open /dev/sdb"04:57
maukarusbut it should be given a new ip..04:57
joadriok... Let me get the wire04:58
Jordan_UAK|lt: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?04:58
maukarusif its not too much trouble xD04:58
Joe___my apologies. i'll brb04:58
DasEimaukarus: , joadri: ifconfig shows connection info04:59
maukarusmaybe too much..04:59
maukarusbut it didnt detect or use devices..both laptops can't connect to facebook, but net is fine otherwise05:00
AK|ltJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/sEBcG7rU05:00
DasEijoadri: you can't call http://www.facebook.com in browser ?05:00
maukarusno pc's @home could connect..joadri's isssue05:01
DasEimaukarus: so you are the FB fan then, ah05:01
maukarusuh no... not right now..05:01
maukarusi check on it, but dont browse or post at this time xD05:02
Gibss37Jordan_U:  Hi now i am getting an error that "No root file system is defined.........."05:03
stignatiuscan anybody please tell howto configure wifi in ubuntu10.04?05:03
Jordan_UGibss37: Don't select manual partitioning.05:03
Jordan_UGibss37: Just select the option to use the free space.05:03
maukarusstignatius, its auti config'd??05:03
DasEimaukarus: I'm wondered, it was you or joad.. that couldn't get to FB ?05:04
Jordan_UAK|lt: Does /dev/sdb exist?05:04
maukarusjoadri xD05:04
Gibss37the free space is not as an primary one it is as exteneted one05:04
AK|ltJordan_U: How can I determine that?05:04
Jordan_UAK|lt: ls -l /dev/sdb05:04
DasEijoadri: you can't call http://www.facebook.com in browser ?05:05
AK|ltJordan_U: Yup, I got output for it05:05
StarminnDasEi: He left 2 minutes ago05:05
maukarushe may be afk =/05:05
danny_i need help trying to get games to work properly on ubuntu 10.10 i got half life 2 to work but its laggy and i have to shut it off using system monitor, any ideas on what i can do to fix this?05:05
DasEiah, thanks Starminn05:05
stignatiusmaukarus, some of the laptops of my school are autoconfigured ,but not all05:05
Jordan_UAK|lt: Did you use sudo? "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb"?05:05
stignatiusmaukarus, which are the packages needed for that?05:06
StarminnDasEi: I'l let you know if I happen to see his /join again tonight05:06
Gibss37so what i should do now05:06
AK|ltJordan_U: Yes... except now I'm getting different output05:06
maukarusstignatius, how strange...maybe some installs were bad, or some got mad @ their laptops xD05:06
AK|lt"Device contains neither a valid DOS partition table...." and I'm at a new command prompt (presumably fdisk's)05:07
maukarusstignatius, depends on hardware05:07
=== crow is now known as Guest35688
Jordan_UAK|lt: Like I said, that error is expected, as you don't currently have a partition table.05:07
maukarushow do you re-detect hadware?05:07
Jordan_UAK|lt: type "c" then hit return, then type "u" and hit return.05:08
stignatiusmaukarus, which r the basic pkgs that I should look for?05:08
AK|ltJordan_U: "DOS Compatibility flag is not set" and "Changing display/entry units to sectors" respectively, for outputs05:08
Jordan_UAK|lt: Good, now "n".05:09
tristancwhen my thinkpad t23 is unplugged, it causes the kernel to panic. any ideas?05:09
maukarusstignatius, i'm not sure what part of ubuntu specifically controls network hardware..but a normal install does all this on it's own05:09
Jordan_UAK|lt: And accept the default start and end positions, which should use the entire drive.05:09
joadrimaukarus... I lost you for a second05:09
maukarusotherwise, you will need to install specific drivers..and supported things will install with it..05:10
joadriI think I have the router's IP05:10
StarminnDasEi: joadri is back05:10
AK|ltJordan_U: n gives me "Command action: e extended, p primary partition (1-4)"05:10
stignatiusmaukarus, thanks, I need some support in this matter05:10
danny_is anyone available to help me with a gaming issue?05:10
maukarusjoadri..why do u think that?05:10
AK|ltAnd I'm not back at fdisk's prompt... I think n is waiting for further input05:11
joadriBecause I did a traceroute and I can see it05:11
Gibss37free space is like this http://itspriyank.com/Capture.PNG05:11
maukarusjoadri, is it all o.o.o.o??05:11
=== brandon__ is now known as IvanBliminse
Jordan_UAK|lt: p05:12
joadriIt's almost the same as the IP address for the PC, but 1.1 at the end05:12
jmwpcif I want a cron job to run every monday, I specify * for the day of month, and 1 for the day of week, correct?05:12
maukarusjoadri, should be as host and 198.x.x.1 or other number05:12
joadriIn the 19805:12
Gibss37any help ?05:12
maukarusjoadri, k thats fine05:12
IvanBliminseI have a quick question about repositories... i want to install docky.. and every website I read says I need to include the repository, but when I go to the software center.. it lets me download and install it.. why do the sites say to include that repository?05:12
AK|ltJordan_U: Then it wants a partition number... 1?05:12
Jordan_UAK|lt: Yes.05:13
maukarusjoadri,  is the device detected and able to browse?05:13
AK|ltJordan_U: Okay, I accepted its defaults, now I'm back at fdisk's prompt05:13
joadri I am able to get to any website but fb05:13
Joe___syrinx_: still around?05:13
Jordan_UAK|lt: "w" to write the changes to disk.05:13
joadriI've been looking for a rule that prevent me from connecting but I can not find anything05:14
maukarushmm verizon..05:14
maukarusso you do have a firewall?05:14
joadriIt's the router, I'm possitive, but I don't know how to address it05:14
StarminnIvanBliminse: A lot of guides are either a.)outdated or b.)just say it in case it isn't there already.05:14
joadriI don't think so05:14
AK|ltJordan_U: lolwut? "WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 0: Success." Then it says the kernel will use the old table until I reboot or run partprobe(8) or kpartx(8)05:15
maukarusin the browser itself05:15
maukarusverizon may not have this feature05:15
IvanBliminseStarminn: I did check my software sources and the repositories they tell me to include are not there.. am I missing out on updates?05:15
StarminnIvanBliminse: It's basically the equivalent of people in here, there's the GUI way and the Terminal way. Both will work, but the GUI paths can change depnding on customization, but CLI is fool-proof.05:15
joadriI look in the browser and I don't see anything like a rule or fw05:15
syrinx_Joe___: yea im here05:15
StarminnIvanBliminse: The repos may have been merged together into newer ones?05:15
danny_How do i update my video card drivers without having my old drivers clash?05:16
Jordan_UAK|lt: Try running "sudo partprobe".05:16
joadriUnable to connect with chrome neither...05:16
maukarusi'd ask you to reset the router but verizon is weird.. it may be a big headache i have no idea05:16
Joe___real quick, how do you respond to me like that?05:16
AK|ltJordan_U: No output05:16
IvanBliminseI don't know.. the guides i'm reading are for ubuntu 10.04.... the only repositories i have are the 2 regular ones.. i've never added any05:16
Jordan_UAK|lt: Good, do you now have a /dev/sdb1 ?05:16
StarminnIvanBliminse: But you said it installed fine, correct?05:16
maukarusin the end, if all computers are effected..a range of ip's is being blcoked05:16
joadriI read something about device manager in ubuntu, but I don't know05:16
AK|ltJordan_U: ls says so, yes05:17
joadriI guess if I'm able to get to the router I can check05:17
IvanBliminseSarminn, yes i'm just worried that i'll miss out on an update or what not. That and i was curious why every site says to do it ... i figured there must be a reason05:17
syrinx_Joe___: type the name of the person your speaking too first05:17
DasEijoadri: call https://vtunnel.comor similar, connect to FB05:17
joadriBunt no idea how to get to the rourter05:17
syrinx_highlights it for you to see05:17
maukarusright, and that would verify that all is ok @home05:17
Joe___syrinx_: like this?05:17
maukarusverizon would be happy to walk you thru it if they had people there to do so..05:18
syrinx_Joe___, yep much easier, then you know who your taking to and who your not, haha05:18
joadriDasEi.... call you mean try to connect to the website?05:18
maukaruslet me try my cell phone05:18
StarminnIvanBliminse: *shrug*05:18
joadriVerizon will have me waiting forever05:18
Joe___syrinx_: thanks for the tip05:18
IvanBliminselol okay thanks05:18
DasEijoadri: yes,  launch in browser (https proxy)05:18
Joe___syrinx_: anyway, we were discussing initial installation of DE 10.1005:19
Jordan_UAK|lt: Good. You can now use "sudo mkfs.foo /dev/sda1" to create a filesystem in your new partition. Replace "foo" with the filesystem type, like mkfs.ext4.05:19
AK|ltJordan_U: K05:19
maukaruswhat state are you in xD05:20
syrinx_Joe___ right so, what exactly is happening?05:20
DasEiAK|lt: and if it was sdb, stick with it ;-)05:20
AK|ltJordan_U: I think it was successful.05:20
maukarusi got a samsung n150 from verizon xD05:20
Jordan_UAK|lt: Great. You're done.05:20
AK|ltJordan_U: Thanks a ton :D Maybe I should try getting acquainted with fdisk sometime... and maybe I should just stick to Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator for creating live USBs for Ubuntu >_>05:21
faryshtaDasEi, same issue with wine1.3.05:21
joadriTryed https://vtunnel.comor and I don't get nowhere... Server not found05:22
Joe___syrinx_: during the initial installation, it freezes and doesn't complete unless i restart my PC a few times. Once I finally get the installation completed, the OS freezes after a few minutes of use05:22
AK|ltAlright. Now I can get started on my OTHER problem: Total GRUB failure on my desktop.05:22
maukaruswow, pls dont try random things?05:22
joadriwhat maukarus?05:23
syrinx_Joe___, brief specs or model of computer?05:23
Gibss37hi please anybody, please ?05:23
=== debarshi is now known as Guest41226
maukarusjoadri, do you know that site is what verizon intends its customers to use?05:24
joadriTo use for?05:24
Starminn!please | Gibss3705:24
ubottuGibss37: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude05:24
maukarusrouter maintainance xD05:24
maukarusor logging into the router..05:25
Jordan_U!details | AK|lt05:25
ubottuAK|lt: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:25
Joe___syrinx_: 8400GS graphics card, Intel Dual 3.0 processor, 4GB's of ram, 2.5 TB's of HDD space05:25
maukarusanyway.. there may be a way around this05:25
joadriNo idea... How do I fing out? Calling them?05:25
StarminnGibss37: Ask your question again, fresh, all on one line so everybody can fall, and see who answers you so everybody can read it nice and plainly what you need.05:25
PatrickC-schoolwhat is the least *safe* amount of RAM needed to run Ubuntu 10.10?05:25
Starminneverybody can follow*05:25
syrinx_Joe____: and how about the cd/dvd drive05:25
joadriIt should be the freaking router with ubuntu, because it does not happen with win705:26
AK|ltJordan_U: Alright... I installed Windows alongside Ubuntu 10.10 earlier today, which I've done before, and went to reinstall GRUB as I've done before... but now, when I boot from my hard drive, nothing happens. I don't think GRUB is even running. I've tried two fixes on the Ubuntu wiki and gotten no results05:26
Joe___a BD-ROM and DVD-ROM05:26
joadriMy entire family use fb and I dont want to shut down ubuntu because of this. No way05:26
Jordan_UPatrickC-school: It depends on your definition of "running Ubuntu 10.10". You could probably do a minimal install with less than 100 meg, but I doubt you'd want that. What are you looking to do with the machine?05:26
maukaruscalling them would be needed if you want his fixed sooner..or use windows.. it's not the router...05:27
Gibss37while new installation of UBUNTU 10.10 i am getting an error that "No root file system is defined..........", i have allocated a fresh spcae like this http://itspriyank.com/Capture.PNG, which is extended one from drive E:05:27
maukarusit's gotta be something in ubuntu05:27
Jordan_UAK|lt: Do you have more than one hard drive?05:27
PatrickC-schooljust need it to create a thing for my phone05:27
PatrickC-schooland I'm installing in VBox05:27
AK|ltJordan_U: No, just one05:27
joadriUbuntu plus home, because I can get to fb from work05:27
StarminnGibss37: When you go to install it you have to mount whatever your want your main partition to be as "/" (a.k.a. "root")05:27
maukarusi just wanted to see, if it detected anything network..means the package is fine, but may not have new drivers, or any05:27
Jordan_UGibss37: Exit the manual partitioning menu and just choose automatic partitioning using the free space.05:28
AK|ltJordan_U: The reason I noticed my flash drive problem was because I want to make a live environment on it because booting from CD takes a while05:28
PatrickC-schoolI need to create a custom "doctor" for my Palm Pre and I need a linux environment for it05:28
Gibss37okay i boot with live CD and try this05:28
mehdican some1 help me with this : http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101111105:28
tristancjoadri, were you able to access the router?05:28
joadriUbuntu is able to connect at work, not at home. Ubuntu has something that click with the router to prevent the conection05:28
joadriwhen I trace to yahoo I go pass the router05:29
NJSchultz07hello. I am have some problems with a dualboot xp/ubuntu10.10. and getting the grub2 loader to work. I was wondering if I could get a hand.05:29
maukarusjoadri... for the wifi...on top of that some protocol or specific ip, your pc doesnt get when u get home05:29
dadisNJSchultz07: ASK YOUR QUESTION05:29
maukarusthis is extreamly strange actually05:30
Jordan_U!caps | dadis05:30
ubottudadis: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:30
maukarusgotta be a bug05:30
joadriYes maukarus... it is something with ubuntu at home, but it has to be the router, because the desktop do not connect to fb neither using ubuntu, and yes using win705:30
PatrickC-schoolwhat is the *smallest* amount of RAM I can use for Ubuntu 10.10 installed in a VBox?05:30
NJSchultz07grub2 is not loading on boot up. I have tried what the ubuntu site says and it still boots straight to xp. do you have any ideas?05:31
Jordan_UAK|lt: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?05:31
dadisNJSchultz07: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB205:31
maukarushmm  ok i though win was able to..05:31
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: Do you have more than one hard drive?05:31
dadisNJSchultz07: read the Installation section05:31
NJSchultz07yes i do, two hard drives. both have two partitions.05:31
maukarushow long has it been like this joadri?05:32
PatrickC-schooldid my question get lost? just wonderin?05:32
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: Try changing the boot order, GRUB isn't installed to the drive you're bootin from.05:32
joadriYes. I can do it with win7 but I don't want to leave ubuntu05:32
AK|ltJordan_U: It says I have to run the script from my hard drive, but I can't boot into the system...05:32
joadriLike five days05:32
Jordan_UAK|lt: You can run it from a LiveCD/USB.05:32
AK|ltJordan_U: Okay, it will be a few minutes05:32
NJSchultz07in my bios settings it only give two options for boot order. HD1, which has xp and files, and cd drive.05:33
joadriI tried resetting the router, power cicling it... nada05:33
maukaruswell, is there a battery?05:33
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: Then you'll need to install GRUB to the mbr of the XP drive.05:33
joadrion the router? no that I know05:33
joadrii shoul have to open it :)05:34
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: In fact, you'll probably need to put /boot on the XP drive if the drive with Ubuntu can't be read by your BIOS.05:34
NJSchultz07so would i follow usual instructions but rather than using the ubuntu /dev/sda5 drive, use the one listed for windows?05:34
maukarusif there are any batteries it will have an obvious door05:34
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: No.05:35
joadriWhat ever it is, is on ubuntu related to the router and that IP for facebook05:35
makaveli0129can anyone help with zoneminder.....been trying for a month now to get it running....when i start it to set up a monitor i can't click on the sources tab nothing happens or does anyone have any other ideas for software for cctv in linux other than zoneminder and motion?05:35
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: Do you know why your BIOS is only listing one drive?05:35
joadriLet me look at the router...05:35
maukarusjoadri, yea and on the fios side of things05:35
intraderAnyone, as feared, my laptop fans are starting to fail after running full speed since I installed 10.10. Is there a resolution to this bug?05:35
maukarusjoadri, you should have better support 0.o05:36
NJSchultz07not for sure. but i think because its an older computer, and the HD2 is a sata drive hooked up through a sata PCI card.05:36
joadrino door05:36
maukarushehe..what kinda router is this thing?05:37
Jordan_UNJSchultz07: You're going to need to upgrade the BIOS or install Ubuntu with /boot/ on the IDE drive.05:37
sqwertleWhere should I go to ask a for help with a problem that is not related to any specific operating system, and I'm not sure if it's hardware or software?05:37
joadriLet me see if I can see any model number that I can tell05:37
rwwPatrickC-school: stop that :(05:38
PatrickC-schoolcan someone answer my question then?05:38
=== dominic349028 is now known as dominic-wong
maukaruspat has a question?05:39
=== PetePorty is now known as `\
bazhangPatrickC-school, try #vbox05:39
maukaruswhy would ubuntu not like face book all the sudden?05:39
maukarusbetter yet verizon i guess..05:40
joadriIt does away from home :)05:40
NJSchultz07I'll quick try updating the BIOS from the manufacturers website. I'll let you know shortly, in the meantime, i appreciate the help.05:40
joadriWell... I can try them tomarrow. I'm afraid they may not know their way around ubuntu05:40
gaelfxmaukarus: are you sure you aren't getting routed through Chinese DNSes?05:41
maukaruswell windows is not able to either correct?05:41
faryshtaI get this error on wine1.3: err:x11settings:X11DRV_ChangeDisplaySettingsEx No matching mode found 640x480x1605:41
joadriBut that's something I'd have to try05:41
faryshtaGoogle can't help :(05:41
abhinav_singhhow to get the time zone in linux05:41
maukarusi feel it's something they can help with05:41
joadriWindows is able to connect to fb05:41
koodoughhtpdate abhinav_singh05:41
leapy0yois there a way to change the Windows key to a laptop Function key? changing it to another key besides function is easy i think. but i want to change it to my laptop's function key it is a eee pc05:42
joadriNo problem with win705:42
sqwertleI just recently used AEUSUES(spelling?) to shrink my windows xp partition on my desktop. After doing so the xp partition still worked fine (to my knowledge). I downloaded the 32bit version of 10.04 and burnt it, placed it in my cd drive and restarted my comp. I loaded up the boot menu and told it to boot from CD. It took me to the language selection menu and the menu that asks me if I want to try Ubuntu, Install, Check disc, etc. After05:42
sqwertlethat the splash screen that has the dots that cycle under the logo came up and then my monitor died. The cd light and hard drive light stayed on for a while after that (1 1/2 minutes?). After rebooting my computer when everything stopped XP does the same thing past the xp splash screen. Can't get it to go past either of them.05:42
maukarususe the ip windows uses...05:42
joadriI started thinking of a conspiratin theory against ubuntu, but when I connected from work it was proved wrong05:42
PrinlerI need help getting my HDMI sound to come out over my HDMI? Anyone have any luck with this?05:42
maukarusjoadri, dhcp may have broken?05:42
abhinav_singhkoodough there is no such command05:43
StevezauI have a folder with many many small files which are read quite alot and written to a fair bit.. I want to somehow put this folder in ram for preformance.. Anyone know of a ramfs tool that will auto sync the ram contents to disk every x hours?05:43
leapy0yopinler, is it enabled in bios05:43
AK|ltJordan_U: Sorry about the wait. Here's the bootinfoscript results: http://pastebin.com/Z8WAEGm005:43
joadrithere was a time when I was able to get to the fb log on site, but once i tried a link it was impossible again05:43
gaelfxsqwertle: you might need to add the option VGA=775 when you try to start from the livecd05:43
joadrithat may be the problem but... only at home?05:44
tristanccan anyone help with kernel panic when my laptop is unplugged?05:44
maukarusis the router @ home even dhcp capable...05:44
joadriThe configuration is not suppossed to change when i try connecting from hme05:44
sri_how to change user login settings.. pls help me05:44
joadriIt works for the rest of the internet :)05:45
koodoughsri_: how would you like it to behave?05:45
D_Ookamihello guys, how do i install ubuntu studio ?????05:45
Jordan_UAK|lt: Did you have the USB drive plugged in when you tried to boot?05:45
Jordan_UAK|lt: Everything in that boot info script output looks fine.05:45
joadrithis problems is like a dead end, maukarus :)05:45
sri_to change login type05:45
AK|ltJordan_U: Not when I was trying to boot from the hard drive05:45
joadriUbuntu plus my router plus fb05:45
koodoughsri_: login type to what?05:46
willanyone know why I would not be able t05:46
maukaruswell it's sopposed to connect to all sites..you can connect to face profiles xD05:46
joadriUbuntu plus other router plus fb is ok05:46
maukarustry a google maybe?05:46
StarminnD_Ookami: http://ubuntustudio.org/05:46
ruanis samba preinstalled with ubuntu?05:46
sri_its automatically login in 10sec. i dnt want it.. hw to disable05:46
sqwertlegaelfx: Why sould it be doing it on windows also?05:46
D_OokamiStarminn: can't i upgrade ?05:46
ruanbecause im getting sudden security updates for samba, and i haven't installed samba05:46
kaushalis there a way to create a installer which installs apache2,mysql and php and all the dependencies ?05:46
NJSchultz07bios upgrade did not work. how would i go about installing /boot/ folder on primary IDE drive?05:47
joadriI've tried to find somebody with the same problem... Nothing05:47
triplebabyquestion will bluetooth dongle x work with ubuntu?05:47
willanyone know why I would not be able to ping my windows or or other ubuntu machines from my ubuntu laptop?05:47
maukarusit still gives you a 404 error?05:47
Jordan_UAK|lt: Odd. Do you see anything if you hold shift during boot? (Just so you know, I'll be away for a few minutes).05:47
triplebabyquestion will bluetooth dongle x work with ubuntu?  this is x = http://www.cellphoneshop.net/blusbdo.html05:47
koodoughsri_: there should be login option under administration. let me start up ubuntu. Also address my name so I see it in the chat05:47
joadriOnly pidgin and it sound different because is a chat problem05:47
AK|ltJordan_U: I'm looking over the results, and in the detailed info about sda, sda1 does not have a boot *. And yes, I tried that, with no results. Also, ok05:47
rwwruan: the client portion of it is, yes.05:47
joadrithe message is just "Loading...." forever05:47
ruanrww: can i uninstall it? i dont have a windows server or installation05:48
leapy0yois there a way to change the Windows key to a laptop Function key? changing it to another key besides function is easy i think. but i want to change it to my laptop's function key it is a eee pc05:48
maukarushave you updated any of these things?05:48
D_Ookamiguys, how do i upgrade to ubuntu studio ,, from ubuntu 10.1005:48
sri_i got it.. thank u..05:48
koodoughsri_: cool05:48
joadriwhen i traceroute to fb it gets to ny and it dies there. I comes back with "no reply"05:48
maukarusfinding the url and long load times hints.. denial of service attacks05:49
ruanok, is smbclient samba client?05:49
karlaD_Ookami, perhaps there's a meta package that pulls all of the necessary dependencies to convert your ubuntu installation05:49
rwwruan: yes05:49
ruanrww: is it safe to remove it?05:49
joadriI've updated ubuntu in my laptop to 10.04 wich is what I have in the desktop05:49
maukarusdos can sometime be broadcast and not specific =c05:49
rwwruan: yes, if you don't mind that the ubuntu-desktop metapackage will be too05:49
ubottuk/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.05:49
maukarusbut it is still weird..05:50
koodoughD_Ookami: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu05:50
ruanah thanks05:50
maukarusare you into consipracy therios?05:50
aarcanehas anyone noticed wifi issues in 10.10?  I've got two installs on two different systems with two different editions, and none of it is working well :(05:50
joadriLike what ? I know there is a market $$$ and ubuntu is taking people away from windows.05:51
faryshtaDasEi, Somebody solved it on winehq. Thanks for your patience to bro (or sis).05:51
maukarusaarc yea actually05:51
D_Ookamikoodough: this page has "Installing Packages" and "Configuration Modifications" and i did both but nothing happened05:51
joadriBut I don't think it is the case, but I don't doubt anything when money is involved05:51
maukarusjoadri.. that is false..people will still use windows..but yes i love ubuntu xd05:51
danny_can anyone help with gaming issues?05:52
D_Ookamikarla: i'm new to linux ,, i can copy paste codes to terminal but that's about it lol ,, i wanna try ubuntu studio .. help ,, gulp .. ^^05:52
koodoughD_Ookami: where you not root?05:52
tristanckaushal, did you try to install with apt-get or aptitude?05:52
karla!help | danny_05:52
ubottudanny_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:52
aarcanemaukarus, is there a bug report, or a known fix that you know of ?05:52
ruanwhy does apt-get want to update libwb[winbind?]client0 when i opt to remove samba-common*05:52
D_Ookamikoodough: i don't know :( ..05:52
=== michael is now known as Guest91148
kaushaltristanc: yeah05:52
joadriI still use windows for those programs i can not use ubuntu05:52
kaushalit installs fine05:52
maukarusjoadri, my verizon netbook does crash shortly after installling.. but this thing is cooking doing what i ask it too05:52
kaushalbut just curious to know any better way to do it05:52
PrinlerIm trying to work out the kinks in my HDMI audio out... when i do aplay -l i see 2 sound cards see here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/573800/ and when i open the sound GUI in x it shows just a generic sound and only 1...05:52
joadriIf that was the case i wouldn't use windows05:52
koodoughD_Ookami: if you had sudo then you were running as root, which is good for installing packages05:53
karlaD_Ookami, try 'sudo aptitude install ubuntu-studio'05:53
kaushallike a package which contains the packges to be installed ?05:53
=== phil_ is now known as prrp
tristanckaushal, you mean aome kind05:53
maukarusjoadri, i was hopeing to find fan controls for ubbuntu xc05:53
kaushalaome ?05:53
D_Ookamikoodough: i used it yeah05:53
tristanckaushal, like a meta-package?05:53
D_Ookamikarla: thanks, i'll try that05:53
joadrifan controls?05:53
ruanhmm i get it now, fatrat will be removed if i uninstall libwbclient005:54
kaushaltristanc: yes05:54
joadrifun control? for hardware?05:54
maukarusyea..only reason i'm not in here on the netbook, is it's probably fried..again..05:54
yealinwhen will ubuntu11.04 come05:54
Artemis3could anyone help me with a marvell sata/pata controller? it might be too new for the pata_marvell module, i don't know... thing is it wont see pata devices attached to it... Device 91a4 onboard in the Asus p8p67 LE05:54
D_Ookamikarla: done, now what ?05:54
tristanckaushal, hmmmm. i dont know05:54
koodoughD_Ookami: hmm I'm not sure where to start05:55
joadrithat happened after installing ubuntu in it?05:55
kaushaltristanc: ok05:55
maukarusit will do it in win705:55
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.05:55
maukarusits a hardware issue05:55
D_Ookamikoodough: anyway man ,, i tried sudo aptitude install ubuntu-studio as karla said just now05:55
maukarusdesign flaw05:55
koodoughD_Ookami: any luck??05:55
maukarusi'm hopeing05:55
joadriverizon netbook05:55
maukarusyup xD05:55
D_Ookamicodes flowing05:55
D_Ookamiy n05:55
D_Ookaminothing yet ,, or i don't know05:55
danny_ive been trying to get games to work on ubuntu 10.10 ive got the game to run but its laggy, any ideas on how to fix this?05:56
Anom01yhello, man Alsa is busted for some reason05:56
D_Ookamii was hoping for a "studio" kinda thing05:56
Anom01yit just stopped working05:56
joadriWell maukarus... What els can we do?05:56
tristanckaushal, any particular reason you would want them all together?05:56
ruandanny_: have you got the latest graphics drivers?05:56
D_Ookamikoodough: i don't know what i should expect ya know ..05:57
maukarussee if there is a website that offers a free proxie ?05:57
karlaD_Ookami, there more codes flowing around the merrier05:57
joadrilike what? no idea... help me..05:57
maukarusthis would be a quite effective route change our should be..05:57
DasEijoadri: see above05:57
danny_ruan: i have the ones ubuntu comes with but not the newest ones from nvidias web page, im still in the proccess of learning how to install the drivers05:57
joadriI see a freeproxy.ca05:58
Richie086danny_: i can help you get the drivers installed05:58
D_Ookamikarla: last thing writtin was "removing linux-headers-2.6.35-22"05:58
Richie086its pretty easy05:58
maukarusdoes anyone here know of a website that offers a free proxies xD05:58
joadriDon't know what to do, but I can find out05:58
DasEijoadri: google for free https proxy, they are countless05:58
ruandanny_: have you tried system > administration > additional drivers > install current?05:58
joadriyes... freeproxy.ca05:58
Anom01yanyone know why or how alsa would just stop working along with all volume control apps ?05:58
joadriHow do I use it?05:59
Anom01yI have no audio after doing an update05:59
koodoughD_Ookami: well I'm a little short on time on the irc, I could help you over skype while I do some hw05:59
Anom01ykernel update05:59
maukarushmm let me see05:59
danny_ruan: i dont have the install current option05:59
D_Ookamikoodough: sure ,, how do i install skype over here lol < fresh install05:59
Prinlersudo apt-get install skype05:59
ruandanny_: i mean drivers with (version current)06:00
tristancAnom01y, what are you running?06:00
DasEijoadri: open site in browser, there enter desired url (FB)06:00
koodoughD_Ookami: I know you can get by the ubuntu software center06:00
Anom01ytriplebaby, Ubuntu 9.1006:00
Anom01ytristanc, Ubuntu 9.1006:00
maukarusclick one of the sites in the list xD06:00
DasEiAnom01y: unmute alsamixergui06:00
Anom01ytristanc, lspci doesnt list my card anymore06:00
danny_ruan: yes mine are current06:00
joadriOk... hold on...06:00
=== mike is now known as Guest68841
Anom01yDasEi, alsamixergui and all mixers do not work06:01
ljungkIf I want to create a package from a darcs repository and put it in a ppa, will the ppa handle the darcs updates, or do I have to do that manually and upload new sources to the ppa every now and then?06:01
=== Guest68841 is now known as Ar71K
DasEiAnom01y: ic06:01
tristancAnom01y, what kind of machine06:01
DasEiljungk: the later06:02
D_Ookamikoodough: alright ,, just went to get my headset06:02
D_Ookamion it.06:02
DasEiljungk: the maintainer is responsible for it06:02
=== nafisa is now known as BDSMbejbika
Anom01yDasEi, tristanc I fixed it by removing pulse..06:03
DasEijoadri: if it's really content filtering, not just blocking ip's you 'll need a tunneled one, not plain http06:03
=== mike_ is now known as Guest78397
DasEiAnom01y: fine, but lspi shouldN#t be affected in either way06:03
maukarusjoadri, it seems facebook is experienceing some issues...some of these sites load, some do not, some go to the mobile side..06:04
Anom01yDasEi, my bad lspci wasn't affected (shows my card)06:04
Anom01ystrange how pulse was buggered though06:04
joadriI tried freexite.com and did not worked. I'll try another one...06:04
PrinlerDoes ubuntu have to use pulseaudio? How can i get ubuntu to lemme play with the acual sound cards settings?06:05
Anom01yyeah computer is way faster w/o pulse06:05
jenanhow do you use a flashdrive if it's not coming up?06:05
PrinlerAnom01y, do you still get sound?06:06
Jordan_UAK|lt: GRUB doesn't use the boot flag. Unless you have a very buggy BIOS it shouldn't matter.06:06
Anom01yPrinler, its working now06:06
Anom01yjust apt-removed pulse06:06
AK|ltJordan_U: Okay, just thought it might be worth pointing out06:06
Prinlerwhy not06:06
maukarusjoadri, try justunblockme.com its the one at the bottom06:06
Prinlerlooks like i gotta reboot06:07
jenanhow do i use a flashdrive if it's not popping up into my documents or anything of the like06:07
PrinlerWhats the point of pulseaudio06:07
gaelfxPrinler: to make life more difficult and confusing06:07
Prinleri guess sooo!! LOL06:08
gaelfxjenan: when you plug it in, go to Places->Computer06:08
gaelfxwell that was fabulously pointless06:08
Prinlerim trying to trouble shoot my spdif settings and it keeps showing some stupid gay generic volume bar06:08
ruanif i try to remove libsmbclient, it says that mysql*/*qt4*/libboost* are no longer required, why?06:08
gaelfxPrinler: did you run alsamixer in a terminal?06:08
Prinlerit shows stuffs06:09
amh345my sites-enabled folder has nothing in it.  i believe this is the folder where i place my virtual hosts.  what should this file be called?06:09
Jordan_UPrinler: Please don't use "gay" as a derogitory term.06:09
gaelfxPrinler: anything muted? do you have more than one sound card?06:09
Prinlerits happy :(?06:09
Prinleri have onboard and i should see soemthing about my hdmi video card06:09
Prinlerit has a cable that hooks up from my vid card to my mobo06:10
Prinlerhmmm waiting for sound system to respond06:10
maukarushttp://twitter.com/facebook/status/25239034017 lol06:10
ruanif i try to remove libsmbclient, it says that mysql*/*qt4*/libboost* are no longer required, why?06:10
gaelfxPrinler: then there is no sound device other than the pass-through on your vid card. You need to make sure that in alsamixer <mm> doesn't show up beneath spdif channel06:10
Prinlerit doesnt06:11
Prinlerok i just booted up again, its showing a popup saying 'Waiting for sound system to repond'06:11
jenanI'm trying to use my flash-drive but It's not showing up anywhere, any ideas?06:11
Jordan_UAK|lt: Can you try following this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide but install grub to the mbr of the flash drive?06:12
john88any1 from NYC06:12
gaelfxjenan: does it show up in Places->Computer?06:12
AK|ltJordan_U: On it06:12
jenanit doesn't show up anywhere06:12
gaelfx!ot > john8806:12
ubottujohn88, please see my private message06:12
gaelfxjenan: is there any kind of light indicating that it's connected on the flash drive itself?06:13
Prinleralsamixer shows Card, HDA NVidia, Chip Realtek ALC662 Rev 106:13
jenanthe light on my flash-drive is lit up, but it's no where in my comp06:13
gaelfxjenan: open terminal and type lsusb and then !pastebin the output06:13
=== BDSMbejbika is now known as nafisa
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:14
jenanwhere's the terminal?06:14
gaelfxjenan: Applications -> Accessories06:14
PrinlerAnom01y,  So i uninstalled it... now it doesnt see any devices.... what now?06:14
joadriI'm there, but since this is an unusual way to get to fb, it is asking for a security way to make sure is me. It's trying to load words fo me to type in, but it is hanging... does not go any where... second attempt and nothing06:14
jenanokay I've done that06:15
jngdaqHOW ARE YOU06:15
AK|ltJordan_U: On 'sudo chroot /mnt' I get 'chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash/': Exec format error06:15
gaelfxjenan: and can you link to your pastebin please?06:15
jenanI don't think I can, I'm kinda confused06:16
gaelfx!pb > jenan06:16
ubottujenan, please see my private message06:16
Jordan_UAK|lt: To chroot into a 64 bit system you need to be running a 64 bit kernel.06:16
maukarusjoadri..you forgot your passworD?06:16
AK|ltJordan_U: Oh, I see. Well, hold on, I'll redo my USB drive06:17
Jordan_UAK|lt: No need really.06:17
gaelfxjenan: in terminal, you need to type 'lsusb' and then press enter, and it should give you a list. then you need to copy that list, and paste it in pastebin, click submit and then send us the link06:17
Anom01yPrinler, your having probs ?06:18
Jordan_UAK|lt: As long as it's Ubuntu 10.04 or newer run "sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdX" where sdX is your flash drive.06:18
Prinleryeah, now i have no sound. I can do a lspci it shows my nvidia HD sound device06:18
Anom01ytry removing pulseaudio06:18
gaelfxPrinler: have you considered trying the alsa backports?06:18
Anom01ythen install alsamixergui06:18
Prinleralasmixer shows a nvidia realtek alc66206:18
PrinlerAnom01y, i did06:19
Prinlerlemme run it06:19
Anom01ysudo alsa force-reload06:19
eosshello user permissions in apache have nothing to do with .htaccess from accessing outside correct?06:19
ZeroZiatEveryone busy? :o06:19
eossfor ubuntu06:19
ljungkDasEi: okay, thanks06:20
Prinlerits working06:20
firtvid20Hey, anyone here get Minecraft working? It always crashes on mine.06:20
NJSchultz07Jordan_U: no new driver for by bios, I guess i'll have to move the boot folder into the IDE. any advice on doing this?06:20
ruanfirtvid20: which version of ubuntu, and which video drivers are you using?06:20
PrinlerAnom01y, it looks like its working.. lemme see about trying my steps to get it threw hdmi06:20
joadriNo. It wanted me to identify pics to make sure it was me. I did not do well enough and I need to come back in one hour :)06:21
firtvid20ruan: 10.10 and running the latest proprietary FGLRX driver for my ATI card06:21
ZeroZiatErr, I need help with something.06:21
maukarusjoadri, oh man i see i'm on the page now06:22
=== Taffy is now known as DukesOfHazard
gaelfx!ask > ZeroZiat06:22
ubottuZeroZiat, please see my private message06:22
joadriI got there too, but it did not let me in that way after logging on06:22
ruanfirtvid20: java JRE also installed?06:22
maukarusjoadri, well atleast facebook has security xD06:23
firtvid20ruan: Yeah, I checked that 3 times06:23
ZeroZiatErr, anyways, I want to install ubuntu,  but apparently my partitions are overlapping. (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1697051) How should I proceed to keep everything chipper as normal, with my Windows XP, etc. You know, the usual Dual Boot stuff.06:23
maukarusi'm sorry i couldn't completely resolve this for you06:23
gaelfxZeroZiat: how many partitions does your XP take up?06:23
joadriyes... not good for me now06:24
joadriOk. I will give verizon a call tomarrow, maukarus06:24
joadriThanks a lot for trying06:24
ZeroZiat"My HDD is partitioned like this:06:24
ZeroZiat2 partitions for windows (one holds windows, stuff and some minimal file storage, the other one is pure file storage) and the rest would be for Ubuntu."06:24
joadriDo you want me to let you know if verizon was able to solve it?06:24
maukaruskk, it seems many have had similar issue isp aside..and not specifically verizon..in the past06:24
gaelfxZeroZiat: and how much free space do you have to work with?06:25
ZeroZiatgaelfx: About 12 gigs, the full story is in that post really, but I don't want to force you to read it.06:25
Prinlerno go on the sound thrw hdmi06:25
Prinlertrying all the settings in xbmc06:25
maukarusyes if you can..xD create a form thread if you'd like06:25
gaelfxZeroZiat: and how much physical ram?06:26
joadridon't know what is it... I meant to send you an email with the info06:26
ZeroZiatgaelfx: I got about 2 gigs.06:26
maukarusubuntu forums?06:26
ZeroZiatThis whole issue is most related with partition tables and HDD stuff.06:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.06:26
joadriI created an account and could not find a way to post a new issue so I can ask for help06:27
gaelfxZeroZiat: ok, one more question, and then I should be able to help you actually. Is the free space unallocated, or is it part of one of the partitions, or is it free space in both partitions put together?06:27
joadriThen I tried to reply to an email I got from them and then the system said I need to post at least 75 times in the forum to be able to contact them that way06:28
AK|ltJordan_U: I followed all the steps and it appears to be working again... I got the GRUB menu. Again, thank you very much06:28
joadriIt has been a nightmare06:28
maukarusjoadri,  o.0 omffg06:29
Jordan_UAK|lt: You're welcome. Does it only work when you have the Flash drive plugged in though?06:29
joadriI will call verizon tomarrow. I know they don't know much about ubuntu... What ís that?06:29
AK|ltJordan_U: I dunno... let me reboot without the drive in06:29
joadrithe leeter "o" dot zero space omffg?06:29
ZeroZiatgaelfx: In the 'free space' resides an older version of Ubuntu, which I can't really access, cause dumb me, I installed ubuntu first, and then windows. Windows overwrote the MBR, etc... I intend to wipe both partitions and install Ubuntu 10.10.06:29
maukarusjoadri, xD don't worry06:30
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
joadriremember... I am not like you guys :)06:30
PrinlerDoes this look like the right syntax? sudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)06:30
gaelfxZeroZiat: well, there is a way to fix that from the livecd you know. you can just reinstall grub06:30
AK|ltJordan_U: Nope, it's fine06:30
joadriI'm a windows guys moving to ubuntu :)06:30
Prinlerall i get is a >06:30
maukarusit's 2 am herre -.-06:30
=== Guest78397 is now known as ar71k
gaelfxZeroZiat: but if it won't be missed, then you might as well redo it with partitions done properly06:31
joadriok. I'll let you go. Thanks again :)06:31
maukarusgood luck man i hope verizon supports ubuntu06:31
joadriOh boy :)06:31
DimaVI have Ubuntu Server 10.10 running headless with CLI only. I want to VNC into the machine and use GNOME with it, but only have a minimal install of GNOME that DOESN'T start up with the machine (envoked by VNC only with gnome-sessions &), how would i do that?06:31
ZeroZiatgaelfx: The problem is that I don't know how I could install grub if my partitions overlap (if you've read my logs in that thread)06:32
maukarusi will continue working with ubuntu and verizon and see06:32
gaelfxZeroZiat: sorry, I'll try to look at the logs06:32
arvind_khadriHi, has anyone been facing this issue of applications hanging on lucid lynx with 2.6.32-28 kernel.06:32
amithi to all06:34
amithow to copy file from host to virtual box OS ?06:35
DimaVAgain: I have Ubuntu Server 10.10 running headless with CLI only. I want to VNC into the machine and use GNOME with it, but only have a minimal install of GNOME that DOESN'T start up with the machine (envoked by VNC only with gnome-sessions &), how would i do that?06:35
arvind_khadriamit, #vbox for virtual box discussion.  You need to have guest additions installed06:35
amitok thanx @ arvind06:36
hermanlfwhen I do 'sudo update-grub' It finds my Windows XP and my CentOS installion but only the XP gets added to grub, centos does not. How can I fix this?06:37
tristancPrinler, try  sudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-`uname -r`06:37
gaelfxZeroZiat: ok, it looks like you need to fix this via windows, cause as far as I can tell, the overlapping partitions are windows partitions. have you tried any windows partition editing programs? also, which version of windows?06:37
ZeroZiatgaelfx: I got Windows XP SP3, I've really no idea what I would do with the partition tools yet, I wasn't aware they were 'overlapping' until gparted told me.06:38
Jordan_UZeroZiat: What partitions are you planning to delete? It looks like deleting sda3 would solve the overlap (though I'd have to double check that to be sure).06:38
gaelfxZeroZiat: just so you know, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the MBR being over-written (could be wrong, but that shouldn't affect what you're trying to do)06:39
tristancPrinler, any luck?06:40
ZeroZiatJordan_U: I dunno if you catched my conversation with gaelfx from the beggining, I have a spare partition with an older Ubuntu (i think it's 6.06) which I am planning to delete, and install Ubuntu 10.10.06:40
tristancyou're welcome06:40
gaelfxZeroZiat: also, is there anything on those windowws partitions that you really need to keep, or could you possibly reinstall windows?06:40
ZeroZiatgaelfx: Oh, ok, cause I thought it did considering gparted can't see anything, it only lists my drive as empty and the text parted tool actually says something useful, (the drives are overlappin)06:40
ZeroZiatgaelfx: Yeah, I was planning to leave their integrity pretty much intact, making this operation harder. :s06:41
gaelfxZeroZiat: no, I think that's more a bug with gparted, but it's kinda irrelevant since that won't get fixed right now06:41
PrinlerOk im installing new liniux-alsa-drivers-moduals06:42
gaelfxZeroZiat: I'm not sure how to use the text version of parted to delete a partition, but I think if you do use it to delete that linux partition, you should be able to use gparted to fix it afterwards06:42
ZeroZiatgaelfx: You sure? :D06:42
Jordan_UZeroZiat: It looks like what you have is two primary NTFS (windows) partitions, sda1 and sda3,  and an extended partition, sda2, containing a logical swap partition, sda5. sda2 and sda5 are probably left over from the Ubuntu install and removing them should get rid of any overlap.06:42
MetaxaHello folks. Anyone able to help me setup empathy so I can use it as my IRC client instead of needing to use the web client, or a link for such information?06:43
gaelfxZeroZiat: no, but it seems like it is the problem, since it's written in a really strange place "on top" of your windows stuff06:43
Prinler@#%@#$ still doesnt show my HDMI06:43
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
gaelfxZeroZiat: also, you would have to resize one of the windows partitions to get space for the ubuntu06:44
gaelfxZeroZiat: have you considered making a persistent liveusb?06:44
ZeroZiatgaelfx: You sure? the ubuntu partition which I'd delete would make enough space for ubuntu.06:44
Jordan_UZeroZiat: First, right now before anything else, tell me what the output of "cat /proc/swaps" is.06:45
ZeroZiatgaelfx: Also I tried doing that with my cellphone's memory card, it went well and all but my cellphone wouldn't come to terms with it and would start making default folders everywhere, so I cancelled that project.06:45
ZeroZiatJordan_U, I'm not on ubuntu at the moment, I'm on my windows partition.06:45
bc81Metaxa: i've never used empathy for IRC (prefer XChat), but maybe try Edit > Accounts > Add > Protocol = IRC > Apply06:46
Jordan_UZeroZiat: The Ubuntu partition is using the same space as one of the windows partitions, hence "overlapping".06:46
ZeroZiatAnd I can't access that one installed ubuntu partition cause windows overwrote the mbr, i could try with my gparted live cd, tho.06:46
gaelfxZeroZiat: the ubuntu partition exists in a place where another partition already exists, so there is no space for it, that's what's causing the problem in the first place06:46
ZeroZiathmm, i see.06:47
ZeroZiatso to clear up: My two partitions of windows, one is being held by a swap to a logical partition, are not overlapping. My ubuntu partition though, is overlapping some partition or somesuch..., right?06:48
gaelfxZeroZiat: http://pastebin.com/H0eSyqTK look at the numbers, the linux partition starts about the same place as the second windows partition06:48
testingempathyMetaxa: yep, just tried it out.  typing from empathy right now.  after setting up the account, go to Room > Join and put #ubuntu06:48
gaelfxZeroZiat: correct. i think you can use parted to remove the offending partition, I'm just checking the syntax about how to do that for you06:49
Metaxabc81: I did that, went to join the room #ubuntu, then nothing happens.06:49
tristancPrinler, i had to compile my own sound driver on an older machine once. could that be part of the problem?06:49
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Right now the only "linux" partition you have is a swap partition, sda5, which is contained within an extended partition, sda2.06:49
Prinlernot sure06:49
Prinlerall i know is i show no hdmi devices in aplay06:49
bc81Metaxa: not sure then, are you registered w/ NickServ?06:49
Prinlerso im kinda stuck in limbo06:49
ZeroZiatJordan_U: But didn't my ubuntu 6.06 made another small partition as a swap partition, as it usually does? Where's that one? o.o06:50
gaelfxZeroZiat: try parted rm sda5 in a terminal06:50
ZeroZiatoh dumb me i just saw it06:50
Metaxabc81: No. very new to IRC06:50
=== mike is now known as Ar71k
bc81Metaxa: ok, in Edit > Accounts > be sure it's enabled06:50
Ar71kI need some help identifying what /dev/ is my audio device06:50
bc81Metaxa: and you set a nick and password, also?06:51
ruanmy swap is 540 kb, how can i reduce it to 0 kb?06:51
Jordan_Uruan: Why?06:51
ActionParsnipAr71k: sudo lshw -C sound   may tell you06:51
Prinlerevery link i read is a dead end most are unfinished from 3 years ago... kinda frusterating06:52
gaelfxZeroZiat: and then pastebin the output of parted -list06:52
Metaxabc81: It shows me as being connected to freenode06:52
karlaruan, delete the swap partition06:52
ActionParsnipRuan: 540kb used, or in size?06:52
ruanhmm i wonder if i even have a swap partition06:52
karlaif you didn't it would be 0kb06:53
bc81Metaxa: i don't know what could be the problen, try restarting empathy i suppose06:53
=== ZerzekZiat is now known as ZeroZiat
Ar71khmm it said the name of the device but not the location in the /dev/* directory06:53
ActionParsnipRuan: sudo parted -l   will show you06:53
ZeroZiatmy bad, my internet disconnected06:53
Metaxabc81: I wonder if I can only be connected to one chat service at a time06:53
bc81Metaxa: well possibly, try another nick like Metaxa_06:54
ruanok how do i remove the swap partition?06:54
gaelfxZeroZiat: not a problem, did you try that command I sent you?06:54
karlaruan, using fdisk06:54
ZeroZiatgaelfx: I'm just gathering data right now, I'm on the same computer that has windows and ubuntu on it, so I'll have to try that later.06:54
death4or11no idea06:54
karlaruan, first what's the output of swapon -s ?06:54
gaelfxZeroZiat: oh, ok06:55
ZeroZiatOr in a second, but yeah06:55
ruan/dev/sdb5                               partition330342053206:55
ActionParsnipRuan: swapoff /dev/partition then remove its entry in fstab06:55
Metaxa123bc81: That seems to have work06:56
death4or11how to install ubuntu??06:56
ZeroZiatgaelfx: My second problem tho, is that my wireless network adapter card doesn't work with ubuntu and I have to do that whole ndiswrapper crap I had to do like 4 years ago06:56
ruanok so will it run completely off physical RAM if i remove swap?06:56
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:56
Jordan_UZeroZiat: What wireless card>06:56
Metaxabc81: Thanks! I think it was being connected thru here that casued the problem06:57
bc81ruan: how much RAM do you have06:57
gaelfxZeroZiat: well, if you can connect with an ethernet cable, you could try installing backports compat wireless package in Synaptic06:57
ruanbc81: 3 gb06:57
bc81Metaxa: welcome :)06:57
bc81ruan: i would leave the swap alone if i were you06:57
ZeroZiatJordan_U: It's a Belkin 54mbs desktop adapter06:57
death4or11ubottu want to install ubuntu 10.1006:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:57
ZeroZiatit uses a broadcom driver, so that spells only trouble06:57
ruanbc81: currently, less than 1mb of swap is being used06:57
Jordan_UZeroZiat: USB?06:58
ZeroZiatI managed to load it during the live cd tryout but it still wouldn't do much so I had to leave06:58
ZeroZiatto windows06:58
gaelfxZeroZiat: actually broadcom cards have been pretty usable lately06:58
ZeroZiatgaelfx: not so much 4 years ago06:58
ZeroZiatthat was hell06:58
=== lance_ is now known as wake83
Jordan_Ugaelfx: Broadcom + USB though is still painfull.06:58
ZeroZiatbut yeah, i came back for that one reason, to see how they carried on with that problem and such06:58
gaelfxZeroZiat: if you can connect in ethernet, maybe you can download the proprietary drivers?06:59
ZeroZiatgaelfx, I can't, my router is too far away and I got no cat5 cable that long.06:59
gaelfxJordan_U: well isn't that just dandy? plug'n'play my left foot06:59
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Is it a USB adaptor?06:59
gaelfxZeroZiat: you couldn't move the computer closer to it?06:59
ZeroZiatNope, it goes in the PCI slot in the motherboard07:00
ZeroZiatgaelfx, naaah, i'm too lazy07:00
ZeroZiatand that'd be hell07:00
bc81ruan: i mean, unless you need to reclaim the couple GiB it's best to leave it there07:00
ZeroZiatpositioning it on the dining room, etc07:00
Jordan_UZeroZiat: If it goes in the PCI slot then you should be able to use it without NDISwrapper.07:00
Jordan_U!broadcom | ZeroZiat See specifically the instructions for installing without internet access07:00
ubottuZeroZiat See specifically the instructions for installing without internet access: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:00
Prinlerupdates Alsa and still no gravey07:00
ZeroZiatJordan_U: But I got it to work with ndiswrapper 4 years ago! Well my world was just blown.07:00
bc81ruan: you ever play games, or multitask, render 3d, use virtual machines etc?07:00
Jordan_UZeroZiat: NDSISwrapper has never been an optimal solution.07:01
ZeroZiatJordan_U: Mine's a bcmwl507:01
ZeroZiatjordan_u: it's what the helpfiles in ubuntu recommend firsthand tho07:01
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Because it's all there was :) Now there are native drivers.07:01
bc81ruan:  hibernate your computer will use swap among other things.  see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq07:02
Jordan_UZeroZiat: bcmwl5 is a windows driver for a series of BCM43XX cards.07:03
ZeroZiatjordan_u in the live cd they recommended exactly the same except this time it was ndisgtk, and my wireless card doesn't ran by default in ubuntu, so after installing bcmwl5.inf in ndisgtk, i checked if it was on but it doesn't turn on in ubuntu and I don't remember how I made it light up 4 years ago07:03
wake83Can someone help me diagnose a problem with gnome-terminal, and now install-info? When I open gnome-terminal, it shows as a tab in the system tray and says starting, flashes on the screen, then immediately closes. When I try to run update manager, I get an error saying dpkg: error processing install-info (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 139. I have been using konsole in the me07:03
wake83while trying to get gnome-terminal to work, however I am also now being immediately disconnected when I try to ssh into the box from another pc on the network. Not sure if this is all related or not. I'm using 10.04.07:03
ZeroZiatoh, thanks07:03
FloodBot2wake83: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:03
GopalKHi, I'm trying to build 32 bit lib on my 64 bit ubuntu. I get this error. /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/libstdc++.so when searching for -lstdc++07:04
GopalKWhich package should I install to get it working?07:04
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Who / what recommended the same? What is the exact chipset of your wireless card? (run "lspci -vnn | grep 14e4" to find out).07:04
ruanbc81: i dont use hibernate, and all games i play dont use more than 1gb of ram07:04
ZeroZiatjordan_u I'll have to throw that one to the 'big pile of stuff to try when i boot into ubuntu', i guess07:05
wake83Can someone help me diagnose a problem with gnome-terminal, and now install-info? When I open gnome-terminal, it shows as a tab in the system tray and says starting, flashes on the screen, then immediately closes.07:05
wake83When I try to run update manager, I get an error saying dpkg: error processing install-info (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 139. Using 10.0407:05
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Did you try simply going to System > Adminstration > Additional Drivers?07:05
ZeroZiatjordan_u: Anyway to find out in windows?07:06
ZeroZiatjordan_u: nope, when it wouldn't detect the card I just went to help file which redirected me to ndisgtk, heh.07:06
Ar71kanyone know how to find out which /dev/* is your audio device?07:07
Prinlerwhats this mean ? iec958:CARD=NVidia,DEV=007:07
Prinler    HDA NVidia, ALC662 rev1 Digital07:07
Prinler    IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output07:07
GopalKSorry, got disconnected.07:08
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:09
ZeroZiatalright, so the doctor's prescription is: remove the old ubuntu partition with 'parted rm sda5'07:09
bc81wake83: you might try alt+f2 killall gnome-terminal (maybe it froze up?)07:09
Jordan_UZeroZiat: Again, this will probably get you going with native drivers: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#ST%20%20-%20No%20Internet%20access07:09
Jordan_UZeroZiat: My guess is that you'll have to use fdisk to remove both sda5 and sda2.07:10
tsudothi, which config file saves the default application to launch for a particular file type?07:10
ZeroZiaterr, i'll have to take note and put it into my usb to read while in ubuntu07:10
wake83bc81: thanks for the response. I tried that, however it doesn't appear to have done anything. I have rebooted within the last 5 minutes and on the first attempt at running terminal it produces the bad behavior of closing immediately.07:11
ZeroZiatjordan_u: Wait, what syntax to remove it with fdisk instead of parted?07:11
ruantsudot: im not sure, but you can use the GUI(nautilus) to change default application to launch07:11
PrinlerWould upgrading my Nvidia graphics drivers help my HDMI sound issue you think? out of ideas!!07:12
tsudotruan, thanks, but I wanted to know if there is any config file for the same07:12
tsudotruan, I'm trying to change it problematically07:13
bc81wake83: can you alt+f2 xterm07:14
wake83bc81: no it behaves the same way, I see the window try to open in the bottom taskbar, but then it disappears07:15
ZeroZiatgaelfx or Jordan_U : There's one thing which I don't get... where's my /dev/sda4/07:15
bc81wake83: not sure, sorry.  you know the virtual consoles?  try to access one ctrl+alt+f2 & ctrl+alt+f8 to return07:16
Jordan_UZeroZiat: You don't have one. Logical partitins start at 5, even if you haven't used all 4 primary partitions.07:16
ZeroZiatJordan_U, neat. Okay. But I still don't know how to remove sda2 and sda5 with fdisk.07:16
forex 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜07:17
ZeroZiat... what07:17
Jordan_Uforex: Please stop. This is a support channel.07:17
karlaforex, cute, but do it in #ubuntu-offtopic07:17
forex(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜07:17
ZeroZiatoh shit07:17
ZeroZiatwe got a major troll here07:18
maco!language | ZeroZiat07:18
ubottuZeroZiat: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:18
ZeroZiatmy bad!07:18
Jordan_U!guidelines | forex07:18
ubottuforex: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:18
wake83bc81: not really familiar with virtual consoles, but I did go into one. I typed login info, said I have new mail, then showed login prompt again. Was able to get back to desktop via ctrl+alt+f707:19
=== tolkien is now known as VirtualDirt
eosshello apache wont shutdown damnit07:21
eoss./apache2 stop says its shutting it down but i check and its not07:21
eossi do apachectl -k stop and it says its not running07:21
eossyet it is!07:22
ZeroZiatJordan_U: I can't use fdisk to remove a partition, I tried googling a man page on it and I don't seem to find a remove partition command or somesuch07:22
karlaeoss, pkill -9 apache2 ?07:22
Jordan_UZeroZiat: I only know how to use fdisk interactively.07:22
ZeroZiatwell, what do I do, then?07:23
eossyea that worked karla thanks07:23
ZeroZiatto remove sda2 and sda5, I mean.07:23
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
karlaeoss, :)07:23
eosswhy dont the other ocmmands word?07:23
karlaeoss, maybe the process was stuck somehow07:23
eossok also if i have port 80 opened on localserver can people get access from the outside or is it safe07:24
norlaneleave #ubuntu  goodbuy07:24
eossi have a router and i didnt forward my port07:24
Jordan_Unorlane: /part07:24
PrinlerSo frusterating07:24
ruanZeroZiat: see link i posted above07:25
bc81wake83: well a couple things you can do i think try to update again, or go into synaptic, reload and fix broken packages (if any)07:25
ZeroZiatruan: Thanks a bunch07:26
ruanZeroZiat: np :)07:26
simoncpuwhere does fetchmail save the downloaded data in ubuntu?07:26
simoncpui can't find my mails at /var/mail or /var/spool/*07:26
eossalso anyone know of gui SVNs for ubuntu?07:27
ruanjust search on ubuntu software center07:27
dborbahey fellas - quick one - i wanted to use lilo to create a usb drive so i installed it with apt-get - after which i got the following messages07:28
dborbaWARNING: kernel & initrd not found in the root directory (/vmlinuz & /initrd.img)07:28
dborbaWARNING: Do NOT reboot or LILO may fail to boot if your kernel+initrd is large.07:28
dborbaWARNING: Please read /usr/share/doc/lilo/README.Debian07:28
FloodBot2dborba: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
bc81!enter | dborba07:29
ubottudborba: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:29
dborbanow - does that mean grub is screwed up or is that just a default message?07:29
wake83bc81: thanks. Synaptic shows 1527 installed, 0 broken, 116 to install/upgrade, 0 to remove. If I try to Apply, install-info immediately fails. E: install-info: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exist status 139.07:29
wake83bc81: and if I look at the details, it has a segmentation fault, dpkg: error processing install-info (--configure). sigh.07:29
dborbabc81, short copy paste contained a few new lines - sorry about that07:29
ruanis there a way i can copy from terminal using ctrl c? or do i have to right click>copy07:30
redhow do I find out what my #{RAILS_ROOT} is?07:30
ZeroZiatAlright people, I'll report back soon.07:30
cube1good, ZeroZiat07:30
Jordan_Uruan: ctrl+shift+c07:30
ruanJordan_U: thanks07:30
Jordan_Uruan: You're welcome.07:31
bc81wake83: i don't know, sorry.  what were you installing when it broke?07:31
ruanctrl shift v as well.07:31
WaterRatjCan anyone yell me how to enable compiz? I'm on a fresh install of ubuntu07:31
redI think its something like envvars but cant recall07:32
bc81WaterRatj: system >> preferences >> appearence >> Visual Effects07:32
=== wampire__ is now known as WamPIRe__
wake83bc81: np, thanks for your help. I'm not sure to be honest. It's been broken for quite a long time now. I think it broke when I updated to 10.04 through update manager. Something failed during the update and it's been downhill since.07:32
SealedWithAKissI have re-installed Windows 7. I wanted to stop using GRUB and use the Windows 7 boot loader to choose between Ubuntu and Windows upon starting. I downloaded an application called EasyBCD and followed this guide (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/use-the-windows-bootloader-to-dual-boot-windows-vista-and-ubuntu.html). However now when I boot my machine it goes straight to GRUB. Inside GRUB there is only a reference to my previous Vist07:33
SealedWithAKissa installation and I cannot get into Windows 7. Can anybody help?07:33
eiselekdjag vill se po skräckfilm!07:33
FloodBot2SealedWithAKiss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:33
WaterRatjhmm seems not working, says like desktop effects can't be enabled07:33
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Run "sudo update-grub".07:34
lwizardlcan someone help me find a program to rename all files in a directory using any thing sorta like "My Trip Pictures ***.jpg"07:34
bc81wake83: yea i've <i>never</i> had a smooth transition when upgrading that way, always do a fresh install07:34
lwizardlon windows i used http://www.xnview.com/en/screenshots.html but the linux version doesn't work the same07:34
wake83bc81: lesson learned. :)07:34
BiPolahIs there a list of Worldguard permissions anywhere? I want a group to be able to build in any region but not create them07:34
bc81WaterRatj: did you enstall drivers for your GFX card?07:35
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, also why is there like 4 entries on GRUB similar to this: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-25-generic ?07:35
WaterRatjno, just installed ubuntu and saw that ubuntu had compiz installed07:35
WaterRatjSo I need to install drivers? where do I get them exactly?07:35
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, and 4 similar to this: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic ?07:35
bc81WaterRatj: hmm..check system > admin > additional drivers07:36
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, updating GRUB appears to have done nothing, it is still adding the old entry for Windows Vista.07:36
=== Inumedia_ is now known as Inumedia
WaterRatjSays no appropriate drivers isntalled07:36
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Those are older kernels. Whenever a new kernel is installed the old one is kept in case of problems with the newer one.07:36
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: What is the output of "sudo os-prober"?07:37
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, /dev/sda1:Windows Vista (loader):Windows:chain07:38
=== Masshuu_ is now known as masshuu
bc81WaterRatj: i can't help you further as this is unfamiliar to me. what kind of system is it, what video card etc07:38
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: What happens when you try to use the Vista entry?07:38
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, the screen goes blank and then it returns me to the GRUB menu.07:39
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I had a Ubuntu / Vista dual boot before. I was using GRUB to switch between the two. Vista became unusable so I upgraded to 7, that didn't fix my Vista issues so I performed a clean installation of Windows 7. Then I decided I didn't want GRUB and downloaded EasyBCD. Then things went wrogn.07:41
gaurav_helphow i mount my drives from terminal07:41
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I'd just like GRUB to show two menu entries. Windows 7 and Ubuntu. With both working.07:41
bc81!mount | gaurav_help07:42
ubottugaurav_help: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount07:42
ZeroZiatOkay, then.07:44
ZeroZiatI deleted sda2 and sda5, I asked parted to run 'print' again. It said that the partitions were overlapping, yet again.07:44
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I had massive problems with GRUB a long time ago. I couldn't boot into anything. Somebody on here helped me manually fix things, and it took hours. GRUB is really messed up.07:45
lafa_I have installed grub-efi on my imac, i can load fine into grub; here the keyboard works. Now when i boot ubuntu none of the input devices work07:47
WaterRatjOk, Installed my video driver. Where do I go again for enabling compiz?07:48
hermanlfis there any way to find out what frame buffer mode is currently being used?07:49
ZeroZiatgaelfx, you there?07:50
SealedWithAKissCan anybody help me with an inaccurate Windows entry in GRUB? Can't boot into Windows 7.07:50
redhow do I find out what my " #{RAILS_ROOT} " is?07:51
GrimmleSawOdooLaWell, I'm having problems with MSN file transfer in Pidgin on Ubuntu. What should I do? File transfer rate is extremely slow.07:52
SealedWithAKissAnybody? I cannot access Windows and have to complete a C# university assignment in VS 2010 by midday.07:54
malusget paid to click on ads @ http://bux.to/?r=malus220007:54
malushello all07:56
macomalus: going to behave now?07:56
SealedWithAKissmalus, www.getpaidtosuckcock.com07:56
maco!language | SealedWithAKiss07:56
ubottuSealedWithAKiss: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:56
mage7hello...I want to install an older version of gdb  (6.8 instead of 7.2)  because apparently it doesnt work with Qt Creator...07:59
mage7but when i try to remove  the newer version using Synaptics package manager, it says i have to also remove qt-sdk which i dont want to do ...is there any way to work around this07:59
ruanmage7: you could remove both and reinstall qt-sdk08:00
mage7thanks for reply ruan...ok Synaptics says that qt-sdk is 32 KB..so to reinstall will hopefully only take 32KB? because i am on dial-up and i dont want to download the entire Qt-sdk (several 100s of MBs)08:02
jqkemage7: i think that normaly when you got aptitutde remove ... it just uninstall but dont remove the package from local directory.08:04
jqkemage7: so next install, you should need to download  if you use remove and not purge08:05
rumpe1mage7, qt-sdk is a meta-package... that's the reason why it's so small and it have to download much more packages08:05
mage7rumpe1: so removing or reinstalling it wont also remove/reinstall all the other packages?08:06
rumpe1mage7, removing will only remove the metapackage... the 32kB08:06
=== 14WAAUIGD is now known as punknroll
rumpe1mage7, the dependend packages will still be there unless you do a apt-get autoremove08:07
mage7ok thanks...so i will remove (but not purge) gdb along with qt-sdk and try to install the older version and then reinstall qt-sdk and see what happens08:08
rumpe1mage7, reinstalling qt-sdk will update the gdb-version to the version in the dependencies of qt-sdk08:09
rumpe1mage7, but you can try pinning the gdb-version08:09
CocoabeanHi, I'm sshing into a Freebsd box from a Macbook. I can't seem to get the "alt/option" key presses to go through correctly. I was trying to use irssi, but could not use meta-# to switch windows. If I hold "option" and press "1" or "2" to change windows, it just prints two lines.08:09
nash__hey developers help me08:10
=== bubba is now known as nelson09
Jordan_UCocoabean: This is #ubuntu, try ##mac.08:12
CocoabeanJordan_U: oh man, i totally spaced, thanks08:12
robbiethe1stAnyone know some stuff about deleted file recovery on an EXT4 filesystem?08:12
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, do you think that there's anything you might be able to do to help fix GRUB?08:12
Jordan_UCocoabean: You're welcome :)08:13
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: It's too late for me to think straight now, but possibly tomorrow.08:13
rumpe1Cocoabean, there are some infos for this case i guess: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi#switching_windows08:13
Metaxa123How do I register with NickServ?08:14
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:14
rumpe1Metaxa123, /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <emailaddr>08:14
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, thanks anyway.08:14
SealedWithAKissI have a problem with GRUB, can anybody help?08:15
mage7SealedWithAKiss .I doubt i can help...but could you describe the problem...is the entry missing from GRUB?08:16
nelson09SealedWithAKiss, Its possible I could help too. please describe whats wrong.08:16
SealedWithAKissmage7, I installed Windows 7 over Windows Vista. The entry for Vista is still in GRUB, however it doesn't boot into Windows.08:16
mage7rumpe1....can you tell me how to pin the gdb-version08:17
rumpe1mage7, there should be some option in synaptic like "force version" or similar08:17
mage7rumpe1...ok thanks found it..trying08:19
ruanis there a reason why programs ran with superuser privileges don't apply a theme?08:19
SealedWithAKissnelson09, I removed Vista and installed Windows 7. I then downloaded a tool called EasyBCD because I wanted to use the Windows boot loader instead of GRUB. Since rebooting I have been unable to boot into Windows, since I'm taken automatically to GRUB, and the only Windows entry is the old Vista one which no longer works.08:20
ruaneg. synaptic or gksudo gedit08:20
rumpe1SealedWithAKiss, you have to update grub08:21
SealedWithAKissrumpe1, , "sudo update-grub" does nothing.08:21
rumpe1SealedWithAKiss, define "nothing"08:21
SealedWithAKissrumpe1, it doesn't change the entries in the GRUB menu.08:21
rumpe1SealedWithAKiss, how about "sudo os-prober"08:21
SealedWithAKissrumpe1, that produces /dev/sda1:Windows Vista (loader):Windows:chain08:22
mage7hello...guys will running grub-install help SealedWithAKiss08:22
SealedWithAKissWindows 7 is on /dev/sda108:22
SealedWithAKissThe Vista entry points to HD 0 and partition 1 - where Windows is located, right?08:23
nelson09that entry SEEMS correct, however partitions / HDD numbers can be different. Usually "sudo update-grub" will rescan for any other OS.08:24
=== marc is now known as Guest25196
MetaxaHum...If I type /msg NickServ REGISTER (my pswd) (email) I get an error for syntax. I am very new at this, I have done nothing else but used empathy to connect to this IRC channel.08:25
SealedWithAKissnelson09, "sudo update-grub" doesn't help.08:25
jetiennehttp://security.ubuntu.com/ i got 20kbyte/s from security.ubuntu.com... how come ? is there something big happening08:25
SealedWithAKissIn order to make absolutely sure it hasn't changed anything I'll take the system down for a reboot.08:25
nelson09I saw that post earlier. Does indeed complicate things... Try the command "fdisk -l" this will list the partitions on the HDDs and how they are formated.08:25
rumpe1SealedWithAKiss, it nothing else works, create a /etc/grub.d-script for win7 manually08:25
michelefirs user08:26
michelefirst time use ubuntu08:26
michelegood morning08:26
michelethis chat is ok08:27
michelehere is possible to talk for ubuntu08:27
jetiennejdk at 20k/s is harsh :)08:27
mage7good morning and welcome to ubuntu...We wish you a pleasant flight and hope you enjoy your complimentary peanuts08:27
tonyyarussojetienne: No, just Canonical's gear failing.08:28
SealedWithAKissI'm back, nothing has changed.08:28
michelemmmh I  I have ubuntu 10.1008:29
mage7SealedWithAKiss: What is the message that is printed when you select Vista08:29
michelefor my nebook08:29
Metaxanice, i've been using the same for some time now08:29
nelson09SealedWithAKiss, I believe you logged off before I sent my last message. Try the command "fdisk -l". This will list the partitions on the drive and how they are formatted. by looking for NTFS, you should be able to verify sda1 / partition 1 etc.08:29
SealedWithAKissmage7, the screen goes momentarily blank and then takes me back to the GRUB menu. Nothing is displayed.08:29
michelebut I don't know my kernel08:29
SealedWithAKissnelson09, I have already verified that dev/sda1 is Windows.08:30
ruan_uh, why did it just rejoin08:30
mage7michele type uname -a  in terminal08:30
micheleneed  help for shortcut keyboard08:31
nelson09that is odd.. do you have "ChainLoader +1" or similar in the grub file?08:31
tonyyarussomichele: You can also get the kernel version from the "System" tab of the System Monitor under System->Administration in the menu.08:32
SealedWithAKissnelson09, yes.08:32
micheleok check08:32
SealedWithAKissnelson09, I typed in GRUB at the command line and it told me it wasn't installed. I've done sudo apt-get instal grub and it's told me that there's no menu.lst so I hit Y to generate one. Now there isn't even a Vista entry.08:33
nelson09alright. and sorry if im having you check things you already have. I hava a laptop that i installed 7 over vista dual boot linux. I'm checking to see what I have.08:33
SealedWithAKissnelson09, http://pastebin.com/0LXurS2s08:34
edwardteach!shortcuts | michele08:34
ubottumichele: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts08:34
SealedWithAKissnelson09, that's what just happened at the command line.08:34
micheleubuntu 10.10 maverick08:34
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: You should not have installed the "grub" package, that's grub legacy. run "sudo apt-get install grub-pc" before you reboot or you might not be able to boot at all.08:34
micheletonyrusso. thanks08:35
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, life saver. Thanks.08:35
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: You're welcome.08:35
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, is there anything else I should do?08:35
nelson09Yep, just what I was going to say. Jordan_U is correct. make sure to install that BEFORE a reboot or have a boot disk handy.08:36
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, it is now generating grub.cfg with the Vista entry again.08:36
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?08:36
SealedWithAKissnelson09, I have done so.08:36
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Also the output of "debconf show grub-pc".08:37
ruan_!ask | lot08:38
ubottulot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:38
shane2hi guys08:38
ruan_lot: what's the problem?08:38
lotI want view the irssi's man08:39
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen08:39
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/VZWXvxJi - RESULTS.txt08:39
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/KrcM9BfW - output from debconf show grub-pc08:40
shane2i have install ubuntu which i had downloaded from ubuntu live site but i am facing volume  issue08:40
shane2i tried with drivers but no luck08:40
shane2i am using acer loptop08:41
shane2please help me08:41
shane2i will be thankfull08:41
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I have a feeling that I'm about to receive bad news.08:41
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Sorry "debconf-show grub-pc".08:41
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/XQKeCtdd08:42
almoxarifeshane2: explain issue08:42
shane2i cannot hear any voice like songs etc08:42
shane2i think driver issue08:43
almoxarifedebconf: DbDriver "passwords" warning: could not open /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat: Permission denied <--what was this about?08:44
shane2any difference in live site ubtuntu setp and dvd or cd08:44
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I wouldn't be too bothered normally, but I need to get into Windows to complete a programming assignment for university. It's due in later today. I have to use Visual Studio 2010.08:44
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: is it possible to run VS2010 with wine?08:44
Madpilotshane2, sometimes Ubuntu mutes all sound output by default, for some reason.08:44
SealedWithAKissruan_, no I'm talking about Windows 7.08:45
Madpilotshane2, click the volume notify icon, top right of the screen somewhere, and see if it's showing Mute selected08:45
SealedWithAKissruan_, sorry I misunderstood. No it isn't possible.08:45
shane2i have tried by using different techniques but no luck08:45
* lot 08:45
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: why can't you run it off wine?08:45
SealedWithAKissruan_, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=89208:46
shane2in "Sound Preference" i cannot see any hard driver08:47
ruan_ah ok08:47
ruan_what about virtualbox/vmware08:48
ruan_if all else fails, of course08:49
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, any progress?08:49
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: You appear to have done some odd, and in some cases incorrect, things to try to add a windows entry manually to grub. And I don't see any automtic entry in either of the two grub.cfgs you have (again odd that you have two). I really am too tired to sort it all out at the moment. I'd say try booting with Super GRUB2 Disk (burn it to a CD, unetbootin will *not* work) and if that doesn't allow you to boot windows then look for another computer08:51
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, do you anticipate that this miss will take a long time to sort out? I don't have a CD to hand.08:52
SealedWithAKissmess *08:52
Dewihow can I see what display driver X is using?08:53
ruan_Dewi: what is X?08:53
Dewiruan_: xorg I guess08:53
Dewiruan_: it hasn't been retired in 1010 has it?08:54
norlane testing08:54
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Yes.08:54
ruan_isn't it possible to boot off usb?08:54
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, is re-installing the whole OS a quick-fix option? I really need this sorted as soon as possible.08:54
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Yes, re-installing Windows should fix it.08:55
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I mean Ubuntu.08:55
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: No, I don't think that will help, though I'm not sure.08:55
dc5alaDewi: you can check /var/log/Xorg* log files08:56
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: fastest solution i can think of is emulation08:56
SealedWithAKissI don't know what to do. It doesn't appear as though anybody in here is experienced enough to be able to help me resolve this problem, perhaps other than Jordan_U but he's understandably tired.08:57
mage7if SealedWithAKiss ran fixmbr from the windows seven cd would that enable him to boot into seven (at the cost of losing grub and ability to boot into ubuntu temporarily)08:57
SealedWithAKissThat means I have no chance!08:57
White-Horseok please do not kick me or ban but i really must flame ubuntu for a 1 or 2 mins why the hell did ubuntu decide to drop support for nvida cards when nvidia has always supported linux it was ati that was not on board right up till 9.10 everything was fine then 10.04 comes out and bang no more nvida support i just do not understand why break something that wasn't broke what the hell is going on ?08:57
ruan_White-Horse: im on a nvidia card and its working for me..08:58
SealedWithAKissmage7, I don't have a Windows 7 CD. I installed from an ISO.08:58
Dewidc5ala: thcx08:58
Dewier, thx08:58
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: It's easy to boot from an iso with Virtualbox.08:58
mage7huh....how did y ou boot into the iso?08:58
mage7White-Horse i am on an nvidia 8600m-gt on 10.10 and its working fine08:59
White-Horseyes but the nvidia linux priority driver has been drop from hardware driver08:59
mehdianyone similar with this errors?  warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’08:59
mehdierror: ‘strstr’ was not declared in this scope08:59
White-Horsenow you must install it yourself and config X08:59
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I have a Windows ISO located on my Windows partition. You're saying that there's a way to boot from that without a CD from Linux so that I can use the recovery console to fixmbr?08:59
mage7White-Horse have you tried System>Administration>Additional-Drivers?09:00
White-Horseyes i have09:00
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: No. I'm saying that you can use that to install and use Windows within a virtual machine.'09:00
White-Horsealso when you install it yourself the boot up screen is all messed up09:00
White-Horseonly after you boot into linux the screen is ok09:00
SealedWithAKissIs there any way to run the fixmbr command from Linux?09:00
khelpmeCan someone maybe help me w/ this: I just built this system - i have 2 optical drives (one is cd rw, the other is dvd r) -- i want to boot from the dvd, but it doesn't appear to be resovlable as bootable option :-/09:01
GneaWhite-Horse: Ubuntu has never dropped nvidia support.09:01
White-Horseyes they did09:01
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Yes, but I'm not sure if it will help, and it will make Ubuntu unbootable.09:01
chalcedonyi'm trying to get kopete on ubuntu 10.04 -- i downloaded kopete, and libjasper-runtime - but it won't start. i have a pastebin if someone can help?09:01
White-Horsethere is no nvidia linux priority driver in ubuntu 10.0409:01
GneaWhite-Horse: no it hasn't, you're just doing it wrong.09:01
satyahow to recover commands in the history after delete?09:01
GneaWhite-Horse: again, wrong.09:01
satyahow to recover commands in the history after delete?09:01
mage7White-Horse: It is the same with Windows as well..when you install windows you have to use Windows update to download the nvidia drivers09:02
GneaWhite-Horse: what method are you trying to use to install the driver?09:02
White-Horsewhen i scan for drivers ubuntu says none are in use/found09:02
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, will you be able to tell me how? It's a risk I'm willing to take.09:02
GneaWhite-Horse: 'when i scan' <-- what does that mean?09:02
ruan_satya: which commands in which history?09:02
White-Horseunder sys admin hardware drivers09:02
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I'd love to remove Linux but I need it. I need both Linux and Windows equally. Getting them to co-exist just causes me trouble though.09:03
White-Horsejust like i did in 9.1009:03
ruan_lol, windows update never got me updated nvidia drivers09:03
mage7SealedWithAKiss you might end up in a situation without neither windows or ubuntu09:03
GneaWhite-Horse: alright, what is the output of this command:  lspci | grep VGA09:03
satyaruan_: in ubuntu all of the commands previously run are stored in the history09:03
White-Horsein fact 9.10 found the driver on its own09:03
dhirenIs anybody working on rails09:03
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: sudo apt-get install mbr; sudo install-mbr /dev/sda09:03
satyaruan_: i deleted with history -c. now how to recover it?09:03
ruan_satya: you mean terminal?09:03
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, assuming this ruins absolutely everything and I can't boot into either partition, a Live CD will help me right?09:04
satyaruan_: yes09:04
GneaWhite-Horse: yes, well, I run a bunch of 10.04 systems and they all found the right driver for the nvidia cards on them.09:04
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: If that doesn't help though, seriously give up for now and go to a computer lab on campus or something.09:04
White-Horseit shows my video card09:04
White-Horsei am not on ubuntu atm09:04
White-Horsebut i did all that before09:04
GneaWhite-Horse: well, you should be09:04
White-Horsei can't cause i can not get my card to work lol09:05
GneaWhite-Horse: we're here to offer support and to solve the problem, not act as your punching bag.09:05
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Yes, follow this guide to restore grub: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide09:05
=== geirha_ is now known as geirha
GneaWhite-Horse: you can get into the gui without the driver, therefore you can.09:05
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I have ran the commands. My fate now lies with the computer Gods.09:05
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: If your Ubuntu install is 64 bit you will need a 64 bit liveCD to follow that guide.09:05
White-Horsethen why is all this stuff in the ubuntu fourms09:05
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, it is a 64-bit installation.09:05
GneaWhite-Horse: without a url, your complaint is meaningless.09:05
Jordan_USealedWithAKiss: Again, if that doesn't help though, seriously give up for now and go to a computer lab on campus or something to finish your homework.09:06
GneaWhite-Horse: that's not a forum url, that's a wiki url.09:06
White-Horseok 1 sec i find another09:07
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, right I'm taking her down for a reboot. If this works I'll come back onto IRC in a couple of minutes - if I'm not back on it's dead and I have resigned to travelling into university to the computer labs.09:07
ruan_good luck.09:07
GneaWhite-Horse: those are typical instructions, did you try following them?09:07
SealedWithAKissruan_, thanks man.09:07
SealedWithAKissHere goes....!09:07
mage7and with that SealedWithAKiss has set off on his perilous journey to Mount Doom09:09
ruan_mage7: maybe not yet09:09
GneaI get the feeling that White-Horse is gui-dependent09:09
White-Horseno i use the terminal09:10
White-Horseas well09:10
Gneaso what would hold you back from getting on irc in ubuntu?09:10
satyaruan_: do u know how to recover it?09:10
White-Horsecause i do not have ubuntu installed atm09:10
Gneathen come back when you do have it installed09:11
Gneait wouldn't hurt to install updates after you install, too09:11
ruan_satya: im not completely sure09:12
GneaWhite-Horse: also, great program that can help with troubleshooting: pastebinit09:12
mage7in my opinion todays users cant be expected to use the terminal or rtfm for usual tasks09:12
White-Horsei used pastebin many times here09:12
GneaWhite-Horse: seriously, get Ubuntu installed again, come on back, we'll help you get your nvidia to work properly.09:12
ruan_shopt -s histappend09:12
ruan_PROMPT_COMMAND=`history -a`09:12
White-Horsebut so many ppl here told me i need to use scripts etc.....09:12
GneaWhite-Horse: also, are you using wubi or installing to a real partition?09:13
White-Horseand i need to mess around with vesa09:13
GneaWhite-Horse: well, nvidia doesn't use vesa09:13
GneaWhite-Horse: your choices of drivers: nv, nouveau, nvidia.  the 3rd one is the one you want to install.09:13
White-Horsei use the alt. cd to set up lvm09:13
ruan_satya: try that09:14
Gneawhy do you need LVM?09:14
White-Horseto encrypt mt HDD's09:14
Gneawell get your encryption sorted and come back09:14
Gneathere's usually someone with their head screwed on correctly in here that can help09:14
White-Horsethats 1 other thing it will not let me said up hardware raid 009:15
White-Horsesays only software raid 1 is supported09:15
Gneausually myself, actionparsnip, Jordan_U, among others...09:15
Gneawell, you need a real hardware raid solution to do hardware raid09:15
satyaruan_: i got it with this command: cat /home/username/.bash_history09:15
Gneaand if you're going to do raid, might as well be hardware based09:16
White-Horsei have one09:16
Gneasoftware raid just plain sucks09:16
White-Horsei know09:16
GneaWhite-Horse: how many times have you done the whole lvm+encryption setup?09:17
White-Horsein fact it was actionparsnip that gave me a url to fix the boot up issues with ubuntu 10.04 and the nvidia driver proms.09:17
Gneaah okay09:17
linatrrixhow i can make cd image from installed Ubuntu Distro09:18
Bohemian_CowDriver proms sounds romantic09:18
White-Horsehe said he made alittle script to fix that09:18
ruan_.bash_history shows my learning timeline09:18
White-Horsei done the lvm+encryption since 8.0409:18
GneaI think I tried it a couple times..... something got screwed up at somepoint and my home directory wouldn't fsck anymore09:19
Gneaso I tossed it and reinstalled09:19
White-Horsei never had that prom09:19
White-Horseit always works 100%09:19
Gneayeah, 'prom' isn't recognizable as 'problem'09:20
White-Horseits shorter to type09:20
GneaI wonder if the alt cd isn't utilizing something that the desktop cd does09:20
ruan_prob also works09:20
satyaruan_: what is learning timeline09:20
ruan_satya: how i learned to use terminal09:21
Gneayes, 'prob' makes more sense09:21
ruan_satya: a timeline of how i used terminal and learned to use it09:21
White-Horseok well when i get my Dell Optiplex 780 i will try again with ubuntu 10.04 and come back here for help with the nvidia driver09:21
GneaDell's can be tricky, but they tend to 'just work' for the most part09:22
White-Horseas for now i will stay with the Dell Workstation T3400 on Windows Server09:22
gibss37when install ubuntu using free space it says no root file system is defined09:22
Gneabest oxymoron I've read all day09:22
Gneawell, I'm off to bed09:23
ruan_gibss37: i think you need to make a partition formatted as ext409:23
White-Horsethank you Gnea :)09:23
GneaWhite-Horse: good luck :)09:23
gibss37when i try to make it an ext4 using gparted and then select it it says no swap memory selected09:23
White-Horsesorry for flaming but sometimes i just do not understand why things are done lol09:23
White-Horsei really do like ubuntu very much09:23
Gneanot a problem, you didn't go off the deep end with it09:24
ruan_gibss37: you might need a swap partition as well i guess09:24
POPEYEhow to get any network activity tray icon09:24
POPEYEin xfce09:24
FloodBot2POPEYE: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:24
ruan_POPEYE: add to panel > system monitor09:24
GneaWhite-Horse: most of the time, people come in here complaining about stuff and never stop to think that the more they complain, the worse their problem gets09:24
gibss37ruan_:  so what should i do, i am on windows, should i make two partitions one for swap and other for ubuntu09:24
White-Horsebut thats also how you get change done09:24
satyaruan_: i got history in my machine. but i could not got in my client machine, with bash_history09:25
White-Horseif no one complains nothing gets done09:25
GneaWhite-Horse: not around here, most of the time it results in expulsion09:25
White-Horsewell maybe i will send an email to the makers of ubuntu :)09:25
White-Horseand ask them what the hell they are doing09:26
POPEYE" add to panel > system monitor" in xfce no those item09:26
ruan_what is xfce?09:26
Gneathat's what I've wondered too at times09:26
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:26
ruan_so there is xfce, gnome, and kde09:26
satyaruan_:   what is shopt -s histappend and PROMPT_COMMAND=history -a09:26
White-Horsei did read the reason for removing the driver is because ubuntu wants to be 100% open source09:26
ruan_satya: it brings history back if it hasn't been cleared09:26
GneaWhite-Horse: well, it hasn't been removed from 10.04 or 10.1009:27
GneaWhite-Horse: and that isn't really true - Debian is that way for sure09:27
White-Horsebut at the same time ubuntu says it wants to be easy enough even for someone that never used linux before09:27
GneaWhite-Horse: but Ubuntu strives to do what Debian can't and won't do09:27
gibss37is there a need of three differentpartitions namely : 1. root ( / ) in ext4  2. home (/home ) in ext4 and 3. swap09:28
solaris0:Gnea xfce is a type of window manager09:28
ruan_i find ubuntu easier than windows.09:28
Gneasolaris0: I know.09:28
Gneaanyway, as I said, it's sleepy time09:29
White-Horsewell i must be crazy because when i use on 9.10 ubuntu found the nvidia driver on its own and installed and config X on it own now with 10.04 it does not do that anymore09:29
Madpilotgibss37, that's the usual partition setup, yes09:29
satyaruan_:   what is PROMPT_COMMAND=history -a09:29
ruan_satya: im not sure, i googled for that09:29
ikoniaWhite-Horse: you always have to enable the nvidia video module manually with the drivers tool09:29
ikoniaWhite-Horse: that has been the case in every release.09:29
White-Horsenot in 9.1009:29
gibss37Madpilot:  so which one should i use for installing  from those three09:29
ikoniaWhite-Horse: yes, in 9.10 the propritary nvidia modules won't get enabled unless you tell it do09:30
White-Horsein 9.10 ubuntu asked you if you wanted to installed the driver09:30
Madpilotgibss37, which one what? your system lives in /, your own files in /home, swap is, well, swap. All three are in use.09:30
White-Horsein 10.04 it does not evne find it .09:30
ikoniaWhite-Horse: yes, so you selected "yes" therefore enabling it09:30
ikoniaWhite-Horse: what video card is it?09:31
mage7I still don't understand White-Horse's difficulty exactly ..was he trying to do something technical....my ubuntu installed pretty much out of the box except for nvidia drivers but that was just 2 clicks away at System>Administration>Additional drivers...I am noob to linux and it didnt require anything else09:31
White-HorseeVGA GT 43009:31
gibss37no i am saying when it says to select a partition to install ubuntu, where should point the setup09:31
ikoniaWhite-Horse: is that card supported by the current Nvidia driver modules ?09:31
ruan_for me it came up with the option to install drivers and i installed current.09:31
ikoniaWhite-Horse: how do you know ?09:31
ruan_and it works perfectly09:31
White-Horsei checked09:31
ikoniaWhite-Horse: where ?09:31
amokhey people. where I can set PATH for superuser ?09:31
White-Horseright from nvidia website09:32
amok/home/amok/.bashrc ?09:32
ikoniaso when you go to the additional drivers menu, does it offer you an nvidia module to install ?09:32
White-Horsei have never seen that additional drivers menu in ubuntu 10.0409:32
White-Horsei only see hardware drivers09:33
ruan_not under system > admin > additional drivers?09:33
ikoniaWhite-Horse: it's in system->administration09:33
ikoniaWhite-Horse: hardware drivers is the tool09:33
=== Nick is now known as SealedWithAKiss
ikoniaWhite-Horse: does that offer you an nvidia driver ?09:33
White-Horsei do not know because i never seen that09:33
gibss37like i have 4 gb of ram so do i need 8 gb swap09:34
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, the machine died. R.I.P.09:34
White-Horsei look for drivers the same way i did in 9.1009:34
ikoniaWhite-Horse: ok, I suggest you look in the hardware drivers menu09:34
cvrseis there anyway to name the virtual desktops while running compiz?09:34
SealedWithAKissJordan_U, I'm using a friends netbook.#09:34
MadpilotWhite-Horse, it's System->Admin->Hardware Drives on 9.10 as well, though.09:34
ikoniaWhite-Horse: look for drivers using the tool I've just told you09:34
White-Horseyes but soon as i scan for driver 9.10 found them right away09:35
ikoniaWhite-Horse: look for drivers using the tool I've just told you09:35
Fleckhello, have ubuntu 10.10 server, have set up bridge in interfaces and dhcpd3 - problem is - dhcpd3 tries to start up before bridge is ready... and never gets started on starup...09:35
Fleckany ideas?09:35
White-Horse10.04 does not09:35
mage7The name on 10.10 is System>Admin > Additional drivers09:35
ikoniaWhite-Horse: look for drivers using the tool I've just told you09:35
ledahhi anyone knows how i can install a different version of a program without losing the old one?09:35
ikoniaw/hois amok09:35
ruan_that was fast.09:35
White-Horseok i will give it try thank you all for your help on this have a good night/day09:36
SealedWithAKissruan_, machine died.09:37
koodoughgibss37: what was your question09:37
bivowhere does flash keep the loaded videos? It used to keep them in /tmp09:37
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: cant boot at all?09:37
gibss37koodough: I have 4gb of ram do i need 8 gb swap09:37
ruan_gibss37: depends what you're going to do09:38
koodoughgibss37: what are you using the computer for? Mostly the answer is no09:38
ruan_!swap | gibss3709:38
ubottugibss37: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info09:38
bivogibss37 for 99.999% of people, no09:38
gibss37i would be using ubuntu for only running apache for my website09:39
gibss37so how much swap i should go for09:39
ikoniagibss37: it really depends on your machine, and how many hits you'll get09:39
koodoughgibss37: meh. Really up to you. I would put 2gb for the heck of it09:39
ruan_personally i use no swap at all, but i do nothing ram-heavy09:40
rumpe1gibss37, if there's plenty of free space, just use some gigs for swap... for worst cases09:40
koodoughgibss37: you probably won't use it for a apache server09:40
gibss37koodough:  why ?09:40
gibss37i dont want have a vps on ther systems09:41
rumpe1gibss37, you can always add swap-files to swap-space manually ... if you think you need more09:41
jatttoday I uninstalled openoffice, office on a windows virtual machine is way faster09:42
koodoughgibss37: Harddrive are so big today that 2gb for swap isn't a problem. You dont have to have any, which some of my system don't. Apache doesn't use much ram so I would not worry09:42
eosshello trying to install this rapidsvn but getting this error configure: error: APR is required. Try --with-apr-config.09:42
jattopenoffice should improve its performance if they want to compete09:42
FLeiXiuSIn 9.04 how to I create a mingetty autologin?09:42
rumpe1jatt, this is off-topic and you can hardly compete with someone, who does it for free....09:43
ruan_jatt: how so?09:43
gibss37i have 500gigs09:43
SealedWithAKissruan_, nopeee. Nothing. Not even Ubuntu now.09:43
SealedWithAKissruan_, I'm on a friends netbook at the minute.09:43
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: livecd is the only way to boot ubuntu off that machine then09:43
SealedWithAKissruan_, WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER - The selected file could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt: \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr09:45
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: mbr is corrupt?09:45
SealedWithAKissruan_, that's what it says.09:46
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: i dont get why windows boot manager complains about grub being corrupt09:46
ikoniaruan_: because it's a wubi install09:46
SealedWithAKissruan_, I know lol09:46
SealedWithAKissruan_, I own an expensive doorstop now.09:47
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: is it possible to get into any terminal? or windows recovery console?09:49
SealedWithAKissruan_, nothing. It wants a CD.09:49
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: can't boot off a flash usb?09:49
bivowhere does flash keep the loaded videos? It used to keep them in /tmp09:50
SealedWithAKissruan_, You need to use EasyBCD to create a bootable USB on another Windows machine. Then copy the contents of the ISO you downloaded from our ISO to the USB, and use EasyBCD to add a WinPE entry pointing to the .WIM file on the USB. Apparently.09:50
dhirencan somebody tell me how to install os using pen drive09:50
ikonia!install | dhiren09:50
ubottudhiren: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:50
stuarti have returned with my grub2 issue...why am i getting a "grub>" prompt when i power on my laptop instead of a list of kernels?09:50
ikoniastuart: probably because it is pointing at the wrong partition for the grub.conf file09:51
ikonia!grub2 > stuart09:51
ubottustuart, please see my private message09:51
ikoniastuart: check out the link ubottu's just pm'd to you it will walk you through re-configuring grub09:51
ruan_SealedWithAKiss: the last step is confusing09:51
introublei just bought dell d610 laptop , i think it too hot after half an hour. i downloaded speedfan utility it shows hdd temp 20 in begining and reaches 45 c. but the 'temp1' constantly shows 65c at start and so onn.. why is that so and why it gets hot ?09:51
stuartdo you mean grub.cfg file?09:51
ikoniastuart: read the link ubottu just sent you09:52
SealedWithAKissruan_, good job I backed up for the first time in my life like 4 hours ago.09:52
cvrseis there anyway to name the virtual desktops while running compiz?09:52
ruan_floodbot quits?09:52
ikoniaignore it09:52
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:52
maxlois there a way to change/configure the gdm theme?09:54
maxloit is ok if I need to edit text files. I only need to change/customize the theme09:54
maxloi am using gdm 2.30, under 10.0409:54
ruan_what exactly is gdm?09:54
ikoniaruan_: gnome desktop manager, the login box09:55
ikoniaor display manager, I can't remember09:55
linatrrixhow i can make cd image from installed Ubuntu Distro09:55
ikonialinatrrix: you don't really do that09:55
ikonialinatrrix: custom spins aren't something we support09:55
keynsi had to delete my favorite porn to download ubuntu09:56
stuarti have looked at this website several times and it doesn't have any information that has been specific enough to let me solve the problem09:57
ikoniakeyns: don't need to hear about it09:57
ikoniastuart: first question are you using any raid disks ?09:57
stuartno, single hard drive, one OS never installed anything but ubuntu09:57
ikoniastuart: so there is no other OS on it, just ubuntu ?09:58
ikoniastuart: ok, how many partitions on the disk ?09:58
stuartnot sure, command line command to assess this?09:59
dhirenI have only one partiton on disk and i want to install one more os . can somebody help me with this09:59
ikoniastuart: pastebin the output of "sudo fisk -l" please10:00
ikoniadhiren: you just need to resize that partition to make space, create a new partition and install the OS there10:00
dhirenhow to resize10:01
ikoniadhiren: use a tool such as gparted, but you'll have to do it from the livecd as your partition will be in use10:01
dhirenok..can i make one more parition with it10:02
ikoniadhiren: if you have space, sure10:02
ikoniadhiren: if not make space as I just told you10:02
dhireni have space10:02
ikoniastuart: that's great, that looks simple10:02
ikoniadhiren: make one then10:02
stuartyeah, pretty stripped down laptop at this point...also makes me think the solution will be simple10:03
ikoniastuart: you're running on a livecd now ?10:03
stuartno, i used supergrub2disk to boot...i can also enter in a bunch of stuff at the prompt to boot manually as well, but that is slow10:03
ikoniastuart: use an ubuntu live cd so we use the correct grub versions to restore10:04
stuarthmm...not possible to do without the live CD?  I only ask, because doing things in the live environment is pretty slow10:05
Jordan_Uikonia: Super GRUB2 Disk boots the actual installed system, so it's better in that respect than a liveCD.10:05
ikoniastuart: that's just a fact of life, you need to use the right tools with the right versions10:05
ikoniaJordan_U: it's booting from his hard disk ?10:05
Jordan_Uikonia: Yes.10:05
ikoniaoh, cool10:05
ikoniastuart: there you go then, that's good10:05
jnjnjnAnyone have time to help me ASAP? My system says "An error occurred while mounting" when i try to boot10:06
ikoniaJordan_U: thank you10:06
Jordan_Uikonia: You're welcome.10:06
=== ubuntu_ is now known as SealedWithAKisss
ikoniastuart: so work through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub this guide until the part where you mount your disks10:06
stuarti'm sorry i didn't realize that it wasn't clear that i am working in the proper booted OS10:06
jnjnjnlast thing i remember doing was mounting a ftp through nautilus10:06
ruan_jnjnjn: looks like something happened to fstab10:06
SealedWithAKisssruan_, right I'm back on the machine. I'm on a Live USB - Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition.10:07
jnjnjnruan_ my fstab looks normal10:07
stuartdoesn't matter that i never installed windows?10:07
jnjnjnsyays though UIID=45058d9d-4ef2-4ccf-b587-0eba53e61d06 / ext4 error=remount -ro 0 110:07
jnjnjnsays though *10:07
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, things didn't go too well. I'm not on a Live USB. I can't boot into either Windows or Ubuntu now.10:07
SealedWithAKisssNow *10:07
ruan_jnjnjn: error=remount. so it wont let you pass without mounting?10:08
ikoniastuart: hang on I'll get you a better link10:08
jnjnjnruan_ yes that drive is where my filesystem is on10:08
Abhinav1unfortunately I changed the permission of /var folder to 777 and now I am not able to open phpmyadmin :( how to reset the permission10:08
ruan_jnjnjn: ah. is it UIID or UUID?10:09
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, is there a way to 'undo' the MBR commands I issued?10:09
jnjnjnIn my fstab it says UUID10:09
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, by perhaps mounting the file sytem and chrooting into it?10:09
Abhinav1or what should be permission of /var folder10:09
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide10:09
jnjnjnruan_ think that UUID is correct10:09
ruan_jnjnjn: are you on the machine?10:10
jnjnjnruan_ i have booted from livecd and mounted the filesystem so i can edit the files10:10
ikoniastuart: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 scroll down to rescue mode10:11
stuartseen it10:13
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, how I identify my boot partition from the fdisk -l list?10:13
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, the one with an asterisk in the boot column?10:13
jattmy laptop temperature is:10:13
jattThermal 2: ok, 74.0 degrees C10:13
jatttoo high (idle)?10:13
Abhinav1SealedWithAKisss: yep10:14
=== tsukeHiki is now known as feature
stuartif i understood the /etc/default/grub and grub.cfg files better i might under stand the source of the problem...i assume that something is wrong in one or both of these files10:14
=== feature is now known as tesuji
jnjnjnruan_ i have irc on another computer so if you have any suggestions i can run them on my machine10:14
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, I cannot mount the boot partition. It's also the partition containing Windows. I receive an error when mounting.10:14
stuarthowever, looking at them, they seem normal10:14
=== tesuji is now known as tsuke
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: You don't have a separate /boot partition.10:15
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, ah. Thanks.10:15
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: You're welcome.10:16
jqkeHi guys, i'm running ubuntu 10.04 and i modified my fstab so it can mount my windows partition. Now i have 2 shortcuts for the same partition. Any idea how to fix it ?10:16
Sinblade27i have a question for something strange .. i had 2 hdd  with bout connected ubuntu gets  stuck  and doesn't pass over grub on install ... with only one  evrything works perfect10:16
Sinblade27what is the problem ?10:17
Sinblade27sorry about my english10:17
Jordan_Ustuart: Just run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc -pcritical"10:17
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, I encounter a problem with "sudo chroot /mnt" - chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory10:18
ikoniasorry, just on the phone, Jordan_U that's a much better solution than I was doing10:19
shaghostIs security.ubuntu.com down for apt-get?10:19
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: Then you mounted the wrong partition.10:19
Sinblade27by the way  any good link to bitchx  i didn't succeded to launch on ubuntu x6410:19
stuarti've run that line except without the "-pcritical"...what's the difference?10:19
Jordan_Ustuart: With -pcritical it doesn't ask any configuration questions,10:19
andrewtaylorhi, I'm trying to help someone with an ubuntu system and I'm struggling to get my head around where different services are being started at boot. I presume it's being handled by upstart. How do I disable upstart services?10:20
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, spot on. I mounted dev/sda2 rather than dev/sda7.10:20
shaghostis http://security.ubuntu.com/ down just for me or everyone10:20
stuarti believe this means that it won't solve the problem10:20
jnjnjnruan_ sorry im impatient, think you can help me out?10:20
jnjnjnim in a pinch here :)10:21
=== keynss is now known as keyns
ruan_jnjnjn: i don't think i'll be able to help, but someone else may be able to10:21
addikt1veusb-creator fails repeatedly10:21
addikt1veis there any ubuntu .img?10:21
jnjnjncan i run nautilus from a mounted filesystem?10:21
ruan_jnjnjn: all i can think of is using "sudo fdisk -l" and verifying some data10:22
Jordan_Ustuart: Why do you think that?10:22
addikt1veis there any ubuntu .img?10:22
addikt1veI wish I could keep it simple10:22
addikt1vedd if=ubuntu.img of=/dev/sdb10:22
addikt1vewould be great.10:22
stuarti have executed that command before10:23
stianhjaddikt1ve, just use the .iso file10:23
Sinblade27just found  the problem with my hangups ..  seems that those hdd  woren't compatible with eachoter and droped speed ... so  i found an easy fix ... removed  one hdd10:23
stuartand i'm still experiencing the problem10:23
addikt1vestianhj: dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb ?10:23
stianhjaddikt1ve, yes10:23
addikt1vestianhj: does it really work?10:23
coz_hey all10:23
Jordan_Ustuart: Can you pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc"?10:23
karlaaddikt1ve, if usb creator keeps failing unetbootin might work10:23
jnjnjnruan_ it all happed after i tried to mount a ftp drive through nautilus (i think thats the source of evil anyways)10:24
stianhjaddikt1ve, yes10:24
WizekHi there!10:24
jnjnjnruan_ maybe i need to unmount that drive, thats why im asking if i can run nautilus from a mounted filesystem10:24
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, "sudo umount /dev/sda2" causes a device is busy error.10:24
addikt1vekarla: unetbootin is total bullshit10:25
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, similarly does "sudo umount /mnt"10:25
addikt1vethanks stianhj I'm doing it right now10:25
shaghostis there a easy way to do find and replace in a file in terminal10:25
nash__yes wizek10:25
icerootshaghost: sed10:25
icerootshaghost: or directly in your editor like vim10:25
addikt1veshaghost: sed -i file 's/lol/wat/g'10:26
addikt1vewill replace any "lol" by "wat" in file10:26
jnjnjnNeed help ASAP so i can get back to work, here is link to my problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10507980#post1050798010:27
keynsubuntu dl with 100 kb/sec :S10:27
shaghostaddikt1ve: Thanks!10:27
addikt1venp shaghost10:27
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: fuser /mnt/ to see what process is using files on that filesystem.10:27
shaghostkeyns: i get 5-10 times that to my normal server10:27
WizekI've made a USB live cd of Ubuntu 10.10 with the Universal USB Installer ubuntu.com has recommended me. It works fine except one little thing: It discads all my changes I make to it when I restart or shut down. How can I enaple the saving of settings, preferences, installed packages etc? So that it behaves much like a persistent installatiomn not a Live CD, but still is bootable from my flash.10:27
keynsshaghost what can be problem im l from ubuntu.com10:27
keynsi have 450 100%10:27
keyns450 kb/sex10:27
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, no ouput.10:27
keynssec lol10:27
Jordan_UWizek: If it's large enough, do a normal install.10:28
karlakeyns, the subconscious, powerful thing :)10:28
mapreduceHi.  I have a monitor plugged into a PC running Ubuntu and the monitor says "signal over range".  Restarting X (sudo restart gdm) via ssh doesn't seem to affect it.10:28
WizekJordan_U: 4 GB10:28
mapreduceThe same monitor works fine plugged into my MacBook Pro (at least under Windows).10:28
WizekJordan_U: That's sufficient, isn't it?10:28
mapreduceAny suggestions?10:28
A_I_Hello, I can't find 'amap' anympore on Ubuntu, the Amap scanning tool has been replaced by amap-align which is different (a Protein multiple alignment by sequence annealing)10:28
Jordan_UWizek: That wouldn't leave too much room for documents but is more than enough for Ubuntu itself.10:28
A_I_where can I find amap back ?10:29
stianhjjnjnjn, i *think*, change the -ro in fstab file to -rw ? would make sense10:29
keynskarla? :))10:29
stuartJordan_U: Thoughts?10:29
shaghosti just did apt-get upgrade and getting 5,580kB/sec10:29
shaghostnow in mb/sec10:29
jnjnjnstianhj ok will try10:29
WizekJordan_U: That's not too good news, as I'd like to install other things as well... Isn't there a way to enable "saving" in this current install?10:30
keynshm wow 10 guys ask help in 1 min help that jnjnjn guy he needs help to continue work10:30
ruan_odd, i have -ro and it works fine10:30
Jordan_Ustuart: sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy10:30
keynsubuntu here i come! hope it wont hurt10:30
shaghostAdmintly i am running on campus, and it is 5 jumps to a internet-2 server10:30
shaghostwith unlimited bandwith to it10:30
karlakeyns, that's me :)10:31
stuartk, done, should i try a reboot?10:31
tap-outHi , i get this error  after installing vm-open-tools   " fatal : Module vmhgfs not found" ,  Module vmmemctl not found.10:31
addikt1vestianhj: bullshit, it doesn't boot...10:32
ruan_!language | addikt1ve10:32
ubottuaddikt1ve: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:32
jnjnjnstianhj i changed my fstab to UIID=45058d9d-4ef2-4ccf-b587-0eba53e61d06 / ext4 -rw 0 1    same problem though10:33
karlatap-out, do you have kernel headers installed?10:33
tap-outi am not sure10:33
stianhjjnjnjn, that was just a wild guess10:33
stianhjaddikt1ve, and that has worked fine for me, so i don't know what to tell ya10:33
tap-outkarla, how to check10:33
addikt1veI don't think it did stianhj10:33
WizekSo, my question is rather this: How can I set up persistence on a flash drive if it has been set up with no persistence? I've heard that I have to do something with the casper-rw file, but I don't have that one...10:33
addikt1veI think you suck10:33
addikt1vethanks, however10:33
tap-outkarla, wait10:33
Wizek(usb live system)10:34
Jordan_Ustuart: I actually misunderstood that output, while upgrade-from-grub-legacy won't hurt anything I don't think it was required.10:34
tap-outkarla , yes installed10:34
tap-outany other suggestion10:35
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, I gave up trying to umount /mnt and mounted the actual partition (/dev/sda7) to /mnt1. Again I issued "sudo chroot /mnt1" and received the same 'bin/bash' error.10:35
karla/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build must point to a valid directory, but also it might be that the module is incompatible with your kernel version10:35
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: If the partition doesn't have /bin/bash then it's not the partition you want.10:35
keynsubuntu for windows installer is good?10:35
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/H5Ktn9PF10:35
keynsor complete ubuntu os?10:35
stuartJordan_U: well, i didn't reboot, so I await any other ideas10:36
nash__how to install ubuntu10.10 under windows10:36
SealedWithAKisssJordan_U, I have tried /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda7. Where else could it be?10:36
stianhjjnjnjn, remove the - sign, it's rw not -rw10:36
keynsnash go ubuntu.com10:36
keynstheres windows installer10:36
keynsyou will see it10:36
ruan_!install | nash__10:36
ubottunash__: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:36
jnjnjnstianhj ok, will try that10:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:36
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com10:36
karlatap-out, i'm not familiar with vm-open-tools so if it doesn't work I just tap out :)10:37
tap-outkarla ,:)10:37
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:37
vishkeyns: pls stop playing with the bot ;)10:37
tap-outkarla , ok thanks   ithink i going to update it to new version  :)10:37
keynsnah let me :)10:38
vish!msgthebot > keyns10:38
ubottukeyns, please see my private message10:38
karlakeyns, yeah do so in private :D10:38
Jordan_USealedWithAKisss: I don't know, sorry. I'm going to sleep now.10:38
i7-Cud4how do i set so irssi so it donst show joins parts and quits10:38
erUSULkeyns: you can /msg the bot and play with it in a private conversation10:38
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS10:38
erUSULi7-Cud4: ^10:38
bullgard[Maverick] Nautilus  > HTML document name >  Epiphany will open this document. Although  System > Preferences > Preferred Applications shows Webbrowser=Firefox. How can I change to open a HTML document with Firefox automatically?10:38
Jordan_Ustuart: Try rebooting, unless you have more than one hard drive it should work.10:38
keynssry i ll have pm with bot :)10:39
Jordan_Ustuart: Assuming you did run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc -pcritical" which will run grub-install and update-grub.10:40
stuarti have run that several times to no avail, so i'm not sure why it would work now10:40
stuartbut i will reboot and see what happens10:40
xxd_hi all10:41
Jordan_Ustuart: If you do have more than one drive then run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and make sure that all your drives (and *no* partitions) are included as install devices.10:41
keynswhy im getting ubuntu 10.10 with 50 kb /sec? :S10:41
jnjnjnstianhj no luck :/10:41
SealedWithAKisssI don't suppose anybody can help me with a dual boot installation gone wrong? GRUB isn't working. I can't boot the system.10:44
erUSUL!work | SealedWithAKisss10:45
ubottuSealedWithAKisss: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:45
jnjnjncan i run nautilus from a mounted filesystem, and how?10:46
karlajnjnjn, your inquiry is a little ambiguous10:46
coz_SealedWithAKisss,   are you dual booting with windows?10:46
etagei am french10:46
coz_etage,  ca va10:47
=== andrea is now known as Guest95641
erUSUL!fr | etage10:47
ubottuetage: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:47
jnjnjnkarla i have mounted my filesystem through a livecd, and i would like to revert a thing i did with nautilus before my comp crashed10:47
techbreakbzr branch lp:ubuntu/maverick ... shows error: permission denied (publickey)10:48
techbreakwhat to do10:48
jnjnjnkarla i mounted a ftp drive through nautilus and now, when i boot, my computer cant mount my filesystem10:48
etageil y a pas trop de monde10:49
keynswhat have i done wrong to dl ubuntu with 50kb/sec?10:50
ruan_keyns: are you using a download manager?10:51
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, I was having problems with Vista. I upgraded to Windows 7 and then discovered that it didn't resolve my problems, so I performed a clean installation. Windows removed GRUB and since I wanted to use the Windows boot loader to access both Ubuntu and Windows 7 I downloaded EasyBCD. Upon rebooting there was no option for Windows 7, only a Linux option. Hitting enter on the Linux option caused GRUB to load which had an ent10:52
SealedWithAKisssry for my old Vista partition. This wouldn't boot Windows however, whenever I select it the screen would go blank and it would return me to the GRUB menu. So I booted into Ubuntu and sought advice in here. In the end I installed an MBR application of some kind and attempted to correct the MBR from the Ubuntu command line. Upon rebooting I received an error stating that a particular file was corrupt and Windows couldn't boot (10:52
SealedWithAKisssI don't remember the file name, something with neo and grub0.mbr in it). I am now using a Ubuntu Live USB to attempt to gain help. I have a university assignment due in later today and need to fix this problem so that I can use Visual Studio. That's the long story.10:52
FloodBot2SealedWithAKisss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:52
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: so all the problems begin with a third arty windows app? ... i would reinstall grub from the livecd in the mbr. then once i can boot the hard disk ubuntu install find out how to configure grub to boot the vista install10:53
arvind_khadriHi, has anyone been facing this issue of applications hanging on lucid lynx? Applications freeze, and top shows nothing significant10:54
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: or use a windows installcd to fix the vista boot loader so we make sure any trace of EasyBCD is gone and then reinstall grub10:54
nash__helllo is some one can me to download mac os free at any site10:54
nash__pls tell me website please10:54
erUSUL!warez | nash__10:54
bazhangnash__, no10:54
ubottunash__: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o10:54
ruan_nash__: it's illegal and offtopic, sorry but no.10:55
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, I'm unable to chroot into the partition for some reason.10:55
nash__ok sorry friends...10:55
chuchewhat is awn? something like docky?10:56
arvind_khadrichuche, yes10:56
bazhangavant window navigator chuche10:56
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: "... for some reason ..." ? can you be more specific?10:56
chucheok thanks :D10:56
arvind_khadriMy processes are going into sleep mode, even when they are running, due to which they stop responding.  Could anyone point me in the right direction?10:58
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:58
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, I performed "mkdir /mnt" then "sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt" then "sudo chroot /mnt" and received the error: chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error10:58
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct10:59
kothaguy_ubuntusome times in my system i am uanble to do copy and paste,at that moment i will open the terminal and i will type gksudo nautilus,nautilus will open,and i can do copy and paste,my wallpaper will also changes to different wallpaper,what is happening,how can i make nautilus as default10:59
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, http://pastebin.com/FrDyrTBi you may find that extremely useful.10:59
bullgard[Maverick] Nautilus  > HTML document name >  Epiphany will open this document. Although  System > Preferences > Preferred Applications shows Webbrowser=Firefox. How can I change to open a HTML document with Firefox automatically?11:00
arvind_khadrikothaguy_ubuntu, gksu nautilus will give you nautilus as root.11:00
arvind_khadribullgard, just right click on the HTML doc and change the properties.11:00
fairyshackerneed help on ubuntu ?11:00
kothaguy_ubuntuarvind_khadri, :what should i want to do to make nautilus as permanent,so that i can do copy/paste easily,and my wallpaper should remains same everytime11:01
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: are you using a 64 bit livecd with a 32 bit install or viceversa?11:01
fairyshackerhow do i remove the taskbar on the login screen on ubuntu 10.10 ??11:01
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, indeed.11:02
arvind_khadrikothaguy_ubuntu, nautilus as permanent to what? Nautilus is the default file browser for Gnome.11:02
arvind_khadri!nautilus | kothaguy_ubuntu11:02
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: and you can not get a livecd that matchs what is installed in the disk?11:02
mage7how does one run programs from a fat32 or ntfs partition on linux ?11:02
arvind_khadriummm, shouldn't ubottu be knowing about nautilus ??11:02
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, under no circumstances. The only thing I have is this bootable USB I'm using now. Bad times.11:03
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: windows install disk ?11:03
fairyshackerhow do i remove the taskbar on the login screen on ubuntu 10.10 ??11:03
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, I wish. I installed Windows by extracting an ISO and running the autorun.11:04
MaartendeboerAnyone know a channel or place where I can go with my questions of running dhcp3-server on ubuntu?11:04
kothaguy_ubuntuarvind_khadri, :my main problem,i cant copy a file from one folder to other,i cant do copy/paste,if i use gksudo nautilus,i can do..i want to do that without using gksu nautilus11:04
subrandomhey I was wondering, in the main repo irssi is loaded, but it only has 8.12 but https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi says it has 8.14 I cant get the repo to update to allow me to install 8.14, if you know how to fix this or simply know how to make irssi upgrade to 8.14 can you please let me know?11:05
mage7SealedWithAKiss: is there any windows seven disc you can borrow from anyone?11:06
geirhaMaartendeboer: This channel, or perhaps #ubuntu-server. I believe the Ubuntu Server Guide has a page on setting up dhcp server btw.11:06
arvind_khadrikothaguy_ubuntu, you should have permissions to write into the folder, only then you can write into it. check the permissions of the folder by doing ls -l on it11:07
MaartendeboerThanks for responding, geirha11:07
geirhaMaartendeboer: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dhcp.html11:07
MaartendeboerYes, it does, I have been following it but I run into something unexpected when starting the server daemon11:07
Maartendeboerill look it over again quickly11:07
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: maybe you could try this ? http://robert.penz.name/221/mini-howto-restore-windows-mbrbootloader-with-linux/ ?11:07
arvind_khadriCould someone possibly explain me why a process is going into sleep state, even when it is running and am using it.11:08
jattit's an illussion11:08
geirhaMaartendeboer: Well, if you pastebin the command you ran, the error you got, and the relevant configuration file(s), I'm sure someone here will be able to help you.11:08
jattthe process sleeps but wakes up too fast you don't even notice11:09
arvind_khadrijatt, i am looking at it using system monitor, and the process now am talking about is emacs.11:09
fairyshackerpls help ojn tis11:09
fairyshackerhow do i remove the taskbar on the login screen on ubuntu 10.10 ??11:09
Maartendeboerpastebin, is that different from copy-paste into the channel because id hate to get kicked for spamming xD11:09
arvind_khadriMaartendeboer, yes11:10
jatthow do you tell it's sleeping?11:10
geirha!paste | Maartendeboer11:10
ubottuMaartendeboer: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:10
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, what would the final command be for me? sudo install-mbr -i n -p D -t 0 /dev/sda produces the error: Error:  0: couldn't open source file </dev/sda1.ui>11:10
bullgardarvind_khadri: Thank you for your help.11:11
arvind_khadrijatt, by looking at its state, and it doesn't respond.11:11
arvind_khadribullgard, np11:11
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: and with the first command?11:11
mage7SealedWithAKiss: If you can obtain a windows seven disc ( perhaps a vista disc might be enough) running bootrec /fixmbr should be able to allow you to boot into windows provided the windows partition is not corrupted11:11
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, </dev/sda.ui> sorry.11:11
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: and with the first solution?11:11
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, what do you mean?11:11
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SealedWithAKissserUSUL, all commands before run perfectly.11:11
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: there is a Solution 1 and a solution 211:11
jattyou said: " when it is running and am using it"11:12
jattbut now you say "it doesn't respond"11:12
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, oh I didn't realise I assumed they were a part of the same solution.11:12
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: one with syslinux (package) and dd and the other with mbr ( package ) and the command you run... you only need one of those11:12
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, I guess solution one worked then. The commands executed.11:12
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: can you test if it worked?11:13
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, reboot?11:13
erUSULSealedWithAKisss: yes11:13
SealedWithAKissserUSUL, see you soon!11:13
Maartendeboergeirha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/573886/11:13
PhibreOptixhey guys11:14
MaartendeboerNow as extra information11:14
PhibreOptixwas wondering I anyone knew a way to sync an iPhone 4 on ios 4.1 on ubuntu?11:14
mage7how does one run programs from a fat32 or ntfs partition on ubuntu ? i am unable to do so11:14
MaartendeboerThe subnet is declared and eth1 is configured correctly11:14
Maartendeboermage7, tried Wine?11:15
PhibreOptixmage7: adding ./ before the binary doesn't work?11:15
jnjnjnif you have aný suggestions at all please help, will try anything: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10508157#post1050815711:15
mage7PhibreOptix: No it says permission denied11:17
venkateshcan anybody tell how to remove a package installed using .tbz file11:17
=== ubuntu_ is now known as SealedWithAKiss
PhibreOptixmage7: chown +x filename first then11:17
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, nothing has changed.11:17
MaartendeboerMight have to sudo that mage711:18
venkateshcan anybody tell how to remove a package installed using .tbz file11:18
erUSULSealedWithAKiss: :/ you will have to find a way to get a matcing ubuntu livecd ( or any other modern livecd but same arch ) or a windws install cd ....11:18
erUSULvenkatesh: you used checkinstall ?11:18
PhibreOptixwon't putting sudo before chown make it executable for the super user instead of his user?11:18
ruan_you can run it from gui too11:19
ruan_depending on the file type though11:19
venkatesherUSUL:no i have installed using tar -Pxvjf filename.tbz11:19
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, how do I find out whether this USB is 64 or 32-bit?11:20
mage7PhibreOptix: could you tell me the exact syntax for that..i am not very good at this ....11:20
erUSULvenkatesh: then simply remove the folder(s)/file(s) the tarbal unpacked in your system11:20
arvind_khadrijatt, yes, I will be using it and then it goes gray.11:20
erUSULSealedWithAKiss: uname -m11:20
PhibreOptixmage7: ok you know how to get to the file in the terminal first yea?11:20
StevethepirateIf I used a crossover cable instead of a patch cable between a switch and a PC, could this account for 50% packet loss, yet could the PC also still receive a DHCP offer?11:21
mage7yeah i am there11:21
PhibreOptixmage7: ok so just type chown +x filename11:21
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, uname -m produces i686.11:21
subrandomam I able to use the main repo list for ubuntu server 10.04ltr on 8.04?11:21
venkatesherUSUL, please can u tell me how to it exactly.11:21
PhibreOptixmage7: obviously replace filename with the filename11:21
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, that's 32-bit then?11:21
erUSULSealedWithAKiss: is 32 bits... so i take the installed version is 64 bits11:21
mage7it says invalid user :+x11:21
=== timmeh_ is now known as timstar
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, I'm guessing so.11:21
erUSULsubrandom: no11:22
PhibreOptixmage7: one sec11:22
erUSULsubrandom: what are you trying to do ?11:22
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, I'm in the process of downloading 10.10 64-bit on another machine.11:22
subrandomI want to get irssi 8.1511:22
venkatesherUSUL, please can u tell me how to it exactly.11:22
erUSULSealedWithAKiss: ok; good luck11:22
SealedWithAKisserUSUL, I'll use the USB I'm using now to make it bootable.11:22
mage7I tried changing permission from nautilus>properties but it wont change11:22
erUSULSealedWithAKiss: good11:22
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venkatesherUSUL, please can u tell me how to do it exactly.11:23
erUSULvenkatesh: what is the name of the dir? do you know it?11:23
PhibreOptixmage7: sorry I meant chmod11:23
gopogosalut tout le monde11:24
gopogoi am french11:24
mage7PhibreOptix: also double-clicking on program says Could not display "/media/MEDIADIRECT/UV/Editor-build-desktop/edito". There is no application installed for executable files11:24
mage7ok will try11:24
venkateshno i don't no where it is installed....so i am not able to remove it...11:24
venkatesherUSUL:no i don't no where it is installed....so i am not able to remove it...11:25
gopogoare you cool11:25
FloodBot2gopogo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:25
erUSULvenkatesh: can you paste the output of « tar --list filename.tbz » ?11:26
erUSUL!paste | venkatesh11:26
ubottuvenkatesh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:26
mage7after running chmod still no luck11:26
PhibreOptixmage7:if that doesn't work then you need to remount the ntfs partition with execute permissions11:26
mage7bash: /media/MEDIADIRECT/UV/Editor-build-desktop/edito: Permission denied11:26
Weazelhey guys, question - did evolution get support for Exchange 2010 already ?11:26
erUSULmage7: probably the partition is mounted noexec11:27
mage7ok i just double-clicked it from ubuntu Places menu11:27
snakehi there....can't find the way to add users on kubuntu..any help?11:29
mage7how do i mount it with exec permissions?11:29
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RubyHello I need help installing a BiPac 3011N driver for my computer11:30
WeazelRuby: is it me your looking for ?11:30
ghoulsbladehi all, experimenting with vms, i'd like to set up a virtual lan without access to the physical network device, currently looking trying "vconfig add vlanA 1234" (lmsod : 8021q : 802.1 Q standard), but i get "error: No such device". is that the right direction or do i need something completely different ?11:31
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milliganI'm affected by this bug, http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1353593&page=3 .. The fix suggested in the thread regarding V4L1 comp lib does not help. Any ideas/suggestions what I could do 011:32
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erUSUL!find vconfig11:32
=== deddy is now known as dede
ubottuFile vconfig found in doc-linux-html, doc-linux-ja-html, eglibc-source, gmerlin-doc, klamav, landscape-common, libavutil-dev, libc-bin, libc6-dbg, libc6-dbg-armel-cross (and 9 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=vconfig&mode=&suite=maverick&arch=any11:33
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ghoulsbladei think it's rather complaining about the device id 1234 i passed as last parameter11:34
_Narc_Hello everyone. On Maverick, when I log in, the login sound plays after a pause, only showing the login screen wallpaper, and after it finishes playing, it takes 15 more seconds for Gnome to load completely... I searched on the forums, tried several things, but none worked. Any suggestions ? Thanks a lot.11:34
ghoulsbladeno idea how to create one though11:34
MK`I need a good DVD image ripper program to replace ImgBurn from Windows, any suggestions?11:34
ruan_MK`: check ubuntu software center11:35
MK`sorry, I am not used to having the software center, I keep forgetting it's there heh11:35
erUSULghoulsblade: i think you have to use ip nowadays11:36
sda_hi all! i have a big problem I'm trying to install ubuntu on my pc, it has a 1tb hd, but it never ends create partition (the last one, doesn't care the dimension) but with debian (CLI) it can! why?11:36
KUN hi everybody11:36
kman_Hi! A short question, is it possible to use dpkg to install .deb files to a custom root location (for example an USB drive) ?11:37
KUNhow can I kill a python app like Frets on fire when is lock??11:37
sda_hi all! i have a big problem I'm trying to install ubuntu on my pc, it has a 1tb hd, but it never ends create partition (the last one, doesn't care the dimension) but with debian (CLI) it can! why?11:37
erUSULghoulsblade: http://www.candelatech.com/~greear/vlan.html11:37
mage7PhibreOptix.. thanks remounting it manually works11:37
erUSULKUN: like you kill any other app. kill, pkill o xkill ?11:38
jattkman_: --instdir11:38
mage7do you know how i can tell ubuntu to always mount it with exec permissions when i double click it11:38
jnjnjnif you have aný suggestions at all please help, will try anything: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10508157#post1050815711:38
PhibreOptixmage7:you're welcome11:38
kman_jatt, thanks! I use it like --instdir="location" ?11:38
KUNErUSUL: if I put kill Phyton ..nothing11:38
PhibreOptixmage7:not off the top of my head but I know it has to do with the /etc/fstab file11:38
mage7let me check it out11:39
ghoulsbladehmm, i'd prefer something completely virtual, vlan seems to rather do some sub-net or something off an existing network interface11:39
erUSULKUN: kill takes a PID. use "pkill programname"11:39
bartzyon isc-dhcp-server, reload is enough to reload the log file (after logrotate), or I need restart ?11:39
KUNok, try it now11:39
motaka2hello how can I recover my ubuntu 8.04 after having installed winXP ?11:40
lafa_Hihi, im trying to setup an LVM setup but on boot it drop's into BusyBox shell. How do i make initramfs image with lvm support? i though ' $ PREREQ="lvm" update-initramfs -k all -u'  was sufficient, but it don't give me LVM support11:40
KUNmotaka2: I think you will have to reinstall GRUB11:41
motaka2KUN: but how?11:41
KUNerUSUL: I can't kill it11:41
erUSULghoulsblade: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Networking or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Networking11:41
KUNI tried pkill + pytho and pkill + frets on fire11:42
erUSULKUN: « ps -efyl | grep programname  » paste the output11:42
KUNmotaka2: I' m newbie with Ubuntu but I read in web you will need Supergrub CD11:42
KUNerUSUL, take note ;)11:43
erUSULKUN: should be one line11:43
tonyhi all11:44
Luigianaany1 know why firefox are so slow at ubuntu 10.10?11:44
erUSUL!grub | motaka211:44
ubottumotaka2: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.11:44
tonyany1 know where i could find printer drivers for a Lexmark 9350?11:44
ghoulsbladeerUSUL, thanks, i'll look into it =)11:44
ruan_tony: go to lexmark's website11:45
KUNerUSUL:  S 1000      3323  3301  0  80   0   872  2834 pipe_w 12:43 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto programname11:45
Luigianaany1 know why firefox are so slow at ubuntu 10.10?11:45
motaka2erUSUL: is this the right manual ?11:45
tonyruan: I did...  only Windows and Mac :(11:45
erUSULKUN: you have to use fretsonfire or some such instead of program_name ....11:45
KUNerUSUL: I try it again, thx!11:46
erUSULmotaka2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Grub#Grub After Installing MS Windows11:46
Luigianacan someone help me please?11:46
mage7aw great my nautilus is locked up11:47
KUNerUSUL: fail!! :(11:47
Luigianacan some1 help me11:47
KUNLuigiana: ubuntu 10.10 for 32 or 64bits11:48
erUSULKUN: « ps -efyl | grep frets  »11:48
Luigiana32 bit11:48
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KUNerUSUL: S 1000      3337  3301  0  80   0   868  2834 pipe_w 12:48 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto frets11:49
bartzyon isc-dhcp-server, reload is enough to reload the log file (after logrotate), or I need restart ?11:49
erUSULKUN: are you sure is still running?11:49
KUNbut with pkill frets fail11:49
KUNis lock in my desktop11:49
davojoin @openswan11:49
LuigianaKUN: my firefox are ages about opening a webpage?11:49
aazerthello there ?11:49
aazerthow to check what version on ftp server that i have on my sys ?11:50
erUSULaazert: depends on what ftp server you installed11:50
aazerti don't remember11:51
ruan_Luigiana:set up pipelining on firefox (about:config in address bar, search pipelining) or use an alternative browser11:51
aazertit should be a command to check that11:51
aazertin case in doubt11:51
ruan_otherwise its the connection11:51
Luigianaruan doesnt that only work in 10.04?11:52
KUNLugiana: choose another browser first11:52
ruan_Luigiana: yeah try another browser first, like chromium11:52
erUSULaazert: you do not remeber wich of thye ftpd you installed?11:52
Luigianaright now i am on chromie11:52
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP11:52
Luigianaand it runs just fine11:52
ruan_Luigiana: im on 10.10 and pipelining works for me11:52
Luigianait runs fast11:52
KUNLugiana: like Çhromium11:52
Luigianai am using chromium right now and it works just fine11:53
aazerti m hesiting about porftip and vfstpd11:53
erUSULaazert: apt-cache policy vsftpd proftpd11:53
ruan_about:config > search pipelining > boolean to true and max.connections to 8-2011:53
aazertthat's the command11:54
aazerti got  vsftpd11:54
eps2anyone know if can start a script when i lock my workstation?11:54
aazertthanks a lot erUSUL11:54
erUSULaazert: no problem11:54
abhijiti downloaded iso from instalinux. burned it in pen drive. while iinstalling that iso it aksed me to write partitions i selected sdc which is pen drive and my main hard disk is sda. but now my main sda hard disk is full blank. is there any way to get my data back? #disaster #iamdumb #iamfoool11:56
FloodBot2abhijit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:56
aazerti can't able to connect to my server over ftp11:56
abhijitFloodBot2: shut up11:56
Luigianaruan can you query me11:56
ruan_Luigiana: ?11:56
black-heartwhat's up11:56
bazhangabhijit, please dont11:56
erUSULabhijit: i would try testdisk to try to recover the partition table11:56
aazerti just reinstall vsftpd  even the problem not yet solved11:56
g00seCan someone tell me which kernel lucid LTS uses? I looked in the packages list under Kernel without success...11:56
xxd_how to join #java11:56
erUSULg00se: 2.6.3211:57
popeyg00se: packages.ubuntu.com/linux-image-generic  should tell you11:57
erUSULxxd_: /join ##java11:57
erUSUL!info linux-image hardy11:57
abhijiterUSUL: i downloaded test disk from their website and there is no executable file or no ./configure way etc11:57
KUNbye bye11:57
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 26 kB, installed size 52 kB11:57
aazerti got this error : ECONNREFUSED11:57
aazertduring the authentification11:57
erUSULabhijit: install it with apt-get in your livecd11:57
ruan_abhijit: get it from ubuntu software center11:57
black-heartcan any one tll me how i can play music in linux11:57
ruan_abhijit: oh wait11:57
xxd_erUSUL, but i cannot join it11:57
abhijiterUSUL: ruan_ ok11:57
Luigianaruan_ pm plz11:57
erUSUL!info linux-image lucid | g00se11:58
ubottug00se: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)11:58
ruan_how do i get into pm with irssi?11:58
Luigianaruan_ write /q Luigiana11:58
erUSULruan_: /msg somenick somemessage11:58
xxd_join #pm11:58
sda_hi all! i have a big problem I'm trying to install ubuntu on my pc, it has a 1tb hd, but it never ends create partition (the last one, doesn't care the dimension) but with debian (CLI) it can! why?11:58
abhijiterUSUL: ruan_ any idea why this happend? because i surely selected sdc and not the sda. then why my main hdd got deleted?11:59
g00seerUSUL: Thanks. I'm actually looking for >= 2.6.3412:00
aazerti got this error durint the authentification on my ftp client12:00
aazerti got this error durint the authentification on my ftp client12:00
erUSULabhijit: i have n way to know what happened....12:00
FloodBot2aazert: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:00
aazertas ftp server  i got vsftpd on ubuntu12:00
abhijiterUSUL: :-(12:01
aazertwhat to do ?12:01
albackercan i change the screen resolution to my laptop (amilo a530), it's 1366x768 for the moment, and i'm not sure if i can change it any further.12:01
abhijiterUSUL: test disk is not in repo? apt-cache policy testdisk dont give any result12:01
ruan_abhijit: it is in ubuntu software center12:02
ruan_abhijit: as testdisk12:02
monkeyDI have a sis 662/761Gx vga card, I installed the xserver-xorg-video-sis, if I go higher than 800x600, I got screen errors which means I get vertical and horizontal lines that stay on my screen and dont go and they shake all the time12:02
abhijitruan_: i am in live cd and it is not there12:02
monkeyDplease help me12:02
ruan_abhijit: oh, on livecd12:02
ruan_i couldn't find testdisk on livecd either12:03
abhijiterUSUL: ruan_ how to get test disk on live cd?12:03
Luigianaruan_ it is still slow12:03
durfHello I need help installing drivers for my bipac 3011n wireless device can anyone help me? it has linux drivers and in that is a tar.gz but i have no idea what to do with it.12:04
fidyducei downloaded backtrack 4 r2 and used unetbootin to install it to a thumbdrive but the default login in username and password found here "http://www.backtrack-linux.org/tutorials/usb-live-install/" does not work, how do i get the gui to load???12:04
coz_durf,  can you link me to the download for those drivers  ,, let me take alook at it12:04
coz_fidyduce,  you might try #backtrack-linux channel12:05
fidyducecoz: thanks12:05
durfcoz_ okay12:05
coz_fidyduce,  let me make sure that is correct12:05
fidyducecoz: ok12:05
coz_fidyduce,  it is12:05
fidyducecoz: again thanks12:05
fidyducecoz: sorry for wrong room stuff12:05
coz_fidyduce,  no problem12:05
durfhttp://www.opendrivers.com/driver/2142684/billion-bipac-3011n-wireless-driver-linux-2.6-kernel-free-download.html coz_12:06
coz_fidyduce,  no problem  if something has it's own channel ,, its generall best to go there :)12:06
coz_durf,  ok hold on12:06
monkeyDcould anybody help me please12:07
_Narc_Hello everyone. Hope I'm not flooding... On Maverick, when I log in, the login sound plays after a pause, only showing the login screen wallpaper, and after it finishes playing, it takes 15 more seconds for Gnome to load completely... I searched on the forums, tried several things, but none worked. Any suggestions to speed it up ? Thanks a lot.12:08
aazert hello12:08
aazertiis there anyone there ?12:08
heyguisecan you change the natty GUI to be a little more traditional? Like it was in maverick?12:09
nash__hello friends12:09
aazerthow got vsftpd on ubuntu server12:09
coz_durf,  its taking a long time to download so hold on12:09
Luigianathank you ruan_12:09
aazerthow to create ftp user12:09
lea123Evolution seems to be the Internet Explorer application of Windows. Even though I uninstalled it ages ago it stil provides me the updates, patches12:09
ruan_lea123: lol, remove it from terminal12:09
lea123How do I stop it ?12:09
LjLlea123: how did you uninstall it?12:09
ruan_lea123: does it try to provide updates in update manager?12:10
nash__hello can u give me an link to download ubuntu debian packages12:10
LjLnash__: "ubuntu debian packages"?12:10
lea123ruan_: Ljl I have uninstalled from the Ubuntu Software centre12:10
nash__yes frnd12:10
ruan_lea123: where does it request you to update evolution?12:10
LjLlea123: what's the output of "dpkg -l | grep evolution" (use a pastebin)?12:11
stianhjnash__, how about http://packages.ubuntu.com/12:11
LjL!packages > nash__    (nash__, see the private message from ubottu)12:11
nash__link to download debian packages12:11
LjL!software > nash__    (nash__, see the private message from ubottu)12:12
bazhangnash__, that has nothing to do with ubuntu12:12
bazhangnash__, try #debian12:12
ruan_lea123: does it try to update in update manager?12:13
nash__ok iill try this12:13
andai1java has terrible sound lag (flash does not)12:13
sacarlsondurf: it looks like from what I see that your bipack 3011n just uses ralink chips so it should plug and play12:13
sacarlsondurf: did you try sudo iwconfig  to see what returned or lsusb ?12:14
nash__how to do work in ubuntu by using windows softwares12:14
coz_durf,   apparenlty this is going to take another 3 minutes :(12:14
bazhang!appdb | nash__12:15
ubottunash__: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:15
asheshAmbastanash__: install wine.12:15
ruan_nash__: you mean run windows applications in ubuntu?12:15
durfneither return anything...12:15
nash__yes ruan12:16
abhijitconfigure: error: At least one of ncursesw/ncurses/pdcurses/curses library must be present >> which lib to install?12:16
kronusdarkso, i was messing around and removed myself from all groups, i managed to get myself added back to admin so my system isint broke, but could someone tell me what other groups i need to be in?12:16
sacarlsondurf: it's a usb device isn't it?  if nothing seen then try unplug and plug and try lsusb again12:16
asheshAmbastaabhijit: ncurses-dev12:16
Weazelhey guys, question - did evolution get support for Exchange 2010 already ?12:16
durfdoes nothing12:17
abhijitasheshambasta ok12:17
sacarlsondurf: imposible you see nothing you should at least see your hub12:17
nash__can i install .xpi packages in ubuntu12:17
kronusdarknash__, im pretty sure those are firefox packages12:17
ruan_kronusdark: go to system > administration > users and groups > advanced settings > user privileges and set what privileges you want12:18
lea123LjL : It has a lot of things listed12:18
ruan_kronusdark: just try not to set yourself as a root clone12:18
kronusdarkruan_, problem is i only have SSH access, i dont have physical access at the moment12:18
sacarlsondurf: try another usb port if posible  and try sudo lsusb12:18
lea123LjL : It has a lot of things listed12:18
nash__ok but how to install or convert those packages for ubuntu12:18
LjLlea123: well you may want to remove some of those, but not necessarily all12:18
ruan_kronusdark: oh12:18
bazhangnash__, you dont12:18
LjLnash__: you just install WINE, then you use the packages normally12:19
asheshAmbastanash__, bazhang plugins/addons for FF right?12:19
bazhangnash__, if you mean the xpi12:19
ruan_nash__: open the .xpi package with firefox12:19
kronusdarkruan_, i just basicly need a list of the default groups the default user is a member of12:19
bazhangasheshAmbasta, nothing to convert, afaik12:19
asheshAmbastabazhang, nash__ yeah12:19
durfahhh sudo lsusb12:20
nash__ok then what to do12:20
durfmy mistake12:20
coz_durf,  ok12:20
bazhangnash__, what to do for what12:20
coz_durf, you already extracted that zip file  ...yes?12:20
durfno luck with sudo lsusb12:20
monkeyD I have a sis 662/761Gx vga card, I installed the xserver-xorg-video-sis, if I go higher than 800x600, I got screen errors which means I get vertical and horizontal lines that stay on my screen and dont go and they shake all the time12:21
durfcoz_ i have extracted the file yes12:21
boota2hello, from where in ubuntu is called fstab?12:21
coz_dug,  ok ,when you open that extracted file there is also a  driver folder there with a tar.gz driver...you extracted that as well?12:21
lea123LjL: http://pastebin.com/MFL7w7sy12:21
sacarlsondurf: then it won't work with any drivers no mater what you install if it can't be seen on the usb bus12:21
nash__i have just tried that12:21
ruan_boota2: /etc/fstab12:21
boota2I can't find anything in /etc/init.d12:21
kronusdarkboota2, /etc/fstab12:21
coz_durf,   ok  in that folder is the driver folder  did you extract that as well/12:21
boota2Yeah, ok12:21
bazhangnash__, tried what12:21
coz_dug,   sorry12:21
boota2But what is actually mounting filesystems?12:22
lea123LjL: I have already removed evolution but still asks .. I12:22
boota2What is calling "mount".12:22
ruan_fstab is, i guess12:22
coz_durf,  under the driver folder is t he rtl8712  etc  tar.gz12:22
nash__.xpi packages with firefox then add ons are installed but how to use them proper12:22
coz_durf,   did you extract that as well?12:22
durfcoz_ inputtuing sudo lsusb asks me for my password and when I input it nothing happens and when I try tocloseterminal it tells me it's doing something12:22
boota2I cat see umountfs script in /etc/inid.d12:22
lea123LJl the update manager still gives me the option of downlading the updated for evolution12:22
boota2But i can't see moutnfs.12:22
boota2*can see12:22
bazhangnash__, just click and they install on firefox12:22
kronusdarkboota2, thats a good question12:22
LjLlea123: uhm, i don't use GNOME, but i vaguely recall some Evolution-related package being needed by something else. try removing the packages12:23
LjL  evolution-data-server  evolution-data-server-common     evolution-indicator     evolution-plugins    evolution-webcal    one at a time, and make sure for each that no other packages are being removed as a result12:23
coz_durf,  well  lets start with installing the driver first12:23
nash__ok then where they are for use12:23
coz_durf, let me PM you hold on12:23
boota2kronusdark: i'm reading about ubuntu boot proccess, and it seems there must be a script12:23
bazhangnash__, ask a real question please12:23
boota2but there isn't lol12:23
ylmfos晕 不会用12:24
nash__means how to use them now12:24
gremmachookI experience a !2s lag when I minimize,maximize or resize windows, or for that matter even open menus. Running Ubuntu 10.04 with a ATI Radeon 3400 card.12:24
ruan_!cn | ylmfos12:24
ubottuylmfos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk12:24
bazhangnash__, give a link to one12:24
mettonHi !12:24
=== metton is now known as Aristidounet
AristidounetHi have a problem with KDE12:24
nash__i have on my pc and dont know any link srry12:25
bazhangAristidounet, #kubuntu12:25
gremmachookATI 3400 HD card to be precise. Any ideas why?12:25
bazhangnash__, then NO way to help you12:25
kronusdarkboota2, since the filesystem would have to be mounted before any of the scripts on the disk could be activated i would guess it would have to be something in the kernel image or grub12:25
nash__ok but u help me in another case is this yes12:26
sdaHi all, during the installation of ub10.10 partition creation never ends, WHY? (Ps on debian i can do it)12:26
gremmachookWhat kind of an issue is it with my GC?12:27
ruan_sda: how long have you waited for the partition to be created and how large is the drive?12:27
lea123LjL : I believe I need to remove them from the synapticpackage manager right12:27
boota2found it12:27
kronusdarkboota2, where?12:27
LjLlea123: yeah, or just use "sudo apt-get remove <packagename>" from the console12:27
boota2it is not in /etc/rc.something12:27
sdaruan_,  30minutes, but in debian i need less than 5min12:27
boota2it's in /etc/init12:27
boota2but i still don't understand what calls it12:28
nash__hey help me to install tar.gz packages12:28
bazhangnash__, whats the package name12:28
sacarlsonnash__: simple just sudo apt-get install mysql  done12:29
bazhangnash__, install that from ubuntu repos12:29
venkateshhello erUSUl : r u there12:29
=== uncle|sam is now known as Uncle|Sam
overcluckernash__: why do you need mysql4 ?12:29
nash__for my project work.by the way who r u12:30
boota2Я понял, лол.12:30
nash__nothing happen12:30
venkatesherUSUL: /opt/elliecomputing/ecmerge this the path12:30
boota2I understood.12:30
jpds!ru | boota212:30
ubottuboota2: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke12:30
boota2I still don't understand WHY!!!12:30
boota2do man mountall12:30
venkateshcan anybody tell how to remove a package installed using .tbz file12:31
boota2Why remove this functionality from /etc/rc scripts?12:31
ruan_venkatesh: how did you install it?12:31
boota2I don't get it.12:31
LjLvenkatesh: you need to remove the files manually, unless the .tbz ball came with an uninstall script12:31
venkateshi have installed using tar -Pxvjf filename.tbz12:31
=== Guest93191 is now known as yacc
LjLvenkatesh: that doesn't install anything, that just decompresses it12:31
jpdsboota2: Because Ubuntu now uses Upstart and its configuration files are in /etc/init/ .12:32
boota2Oh, ok.12:32
boota2And are there any reasons to do this?12:32
venkateshLjl : no it as installed and i can see it in accesories12:32
sdaruan_, seems like a bit this http://superuser.com/questions/217651/ubuntu-2tb-drive-unable-create-partition12:32
LjLvenkatesh: then you did something else to install it12:32
iguchihi guys... any ideas: i'm running 10.10 with metacity (from ppa.launchpad.net) and window switching lags like crazy... with six windows it takes a bit over 3 seconds to scroll through all of them! hw is old and slow (s3 unichrome pro), but still no other problem with graphics so only this alt-tab thing is weird.12:33
jpdsboota2: Boot-speed.12:33
iguchii have harvested through google for days with no luck :/12:33
venkateshLjL:no i have give tar -Pjxvf filename.tbz to install, then i can see the tool in the accesories12:34
AristidounetNothing response on #kubuntu ><12:34
AristidounetI try since 3 days for resolve this problem12:34
venkateshLjL:no i have give tar -Pjxvf filename.tbz to install, then i can see the tool in the accesories12:34
nash__hey yes the .xpi packages is for firefox and chrome....thanks want to friend12:35
stowodahi there12:35
mattyfhi guys12:36
boota2Bootspeed, Ubuntu! *stars are lines now12:36
ruan_venkatesh: tar extracts it, it doesn't execute it.12:36
stowodahow to make ls -lh  ->> ls12:36
stowodaYou understand what I mean?12:36
nash__how to install tar.gz for ubuntu12:36
durfcoz_ back12:36
stowodaI saw it a time ago.. a shortcut made for ls -lh12:36
bazhangnash__, we told you to install mysql from software repos12:37
stowodajust by typing ls..12:37
venkateshruan : venkatesh@venkatesh-desktop:~$ sudo tar -Pxjvf /media/Backup/soft/linux/ecmerge-2.3.123.linux.x86.tbz12:37
venkatesh[sudo] password for venkatesh:12:37
ActionParsnipstowoda: use an alias in ~/.bashrc12:37
FloodBot2venkatesh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:37
mattyfwhen i run sh on a script, what might be causing 'word unexpected (expecting ")")' ?12:37
stowodaok, thank You12:37
ssbplshello, I want to ask a question:how to install the kernel function man pages?12:37
lea123Ljl : Evolution data server has a lot of dependencies i suppose gnome applet, gnome panel, ubuntu desktop12:37
ssbplsfor more , i am using the ubuntu 9.1012:38
=== test is now known as bobrovsky
lea123LJl : should I go ahead with the uninstallation12:38
ActionParsnipnash__: what is the filename and where is it stored?12:38
sacarlsonnash__: if this is just a class project to learn how to install a tar.gz files?12:38
bazhangActionParsnip, its mysql12:38
ActionParsnipbazhang: gotcha12:38
ssbplsi have searched the synaptic, but find nothing...12:39
sdaruan_, any idea?12:40
venkateshruan_: I have pasted how i have installed .....please take a look12:40
sipiorssbpls: have you installed manpages-dev?12:40
ruan_venkatesh: did you run them?12:40
ssbplssipior:yes , i have installed it. i just want to see the kernel function pages...12:40
boota2How to use this upstart shit?12:41
nash__/media/B61830BE18307F83/linux  this is path where saved12:41
sipiorssbpls: do you mean system calls, or are you looking for more information about kernel internals?12:41
ugliefroggoing to hate natty....just saying12:42
ActionParsnipNash: ok and what is the output of: lsb_release -d12:42
ssbplssipior:the kernel internals12:42
coz_boota2,   I believe you meant  "how to use this upstart "caca" or  "poopoo" :)  family friendly channel :)12:42
ssbplssipior: the system call pages i have installed.12:42
sipiorssbpls: one place to start: http://kernelnewbies.org/ . Robert Love's book is also pretty good.12:42
g00seI'm intending to make a bootable usb stick from a maverick cd image. When  it boots, how can i give it kernel options (specifically noapci)?12:42
boota2I'm not able to google any manual about new ubuntu boot proccess.12:43
boota2Where should I look?12:43
ActionParsnipg00se: hold shift at boot and you can use e to edit the options12:44
sacarlsonboota2: that would be grub212:44
DarkStar1Has anyone tried installing ubuntu from a usb stick before?12:44
g00seActionParsnip: thanks12:44
boota2sacarlson: i'm talking about runlevels stuff12:44
boota2not about boot loader...12:44
* Aristidounet is self-killing12:44
iceroot!anyone | DarkStar112:45
ubottuDarkStar1: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:45
ActionParsnipG00se: or remaster the iso so it has it by default12:45
sacarlsonboota2: ok well it's broken into two parts you can start at one point /etc/init.d/*  but there is also a new section I would have too lookup that involves states12:46
DarkStar1Oook Can I mount the ubuntu ISO from a usb stick and install from there?12:46
sdaHi all, during the installation of ub10.10 partition creation never ends, WHY? (Ps on debian i can do it)12:46
boota2sacarlson: i know a little about /etc/init.d section12:46
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: may netbooks lack optical drives so I'd12:46
abhijitwhat does this mean12:46
ssbplssipior:yeah ! it may be help. but i want to install the kernel documentations to the man pages. Are there any methods?12:46
abhijitconfigure: error: No uuid_create or uuid_generate function in library libuuid or uuidgen function present12:46
abhijithow to solve it? help12:46
ActionParsnipImagine many people have12:46
aeMaethi've been trying to figure out how to get eog (eyeofgnome) to open pictures from bash, my problem is that a new window is created for each picture, when I need it to open in the same frame.  any suggestions?12:47
boota2sacarlson: but it seems, that even networking and mounting filesystems at boot is done the other way now12:47
boota2i hate ubuntu12:47
abhijitwhat does this error mean? configure: error: No uuid_create or uuid_generate function in library libuuid or uuidgen function present12:47
sacarlsonboota2: the other section is sysV upstart12:47
boota2for now12:47
abhijithow to solve it?12:47
venkateshruan: yes12:47
abhijitActionParsnip: erUSUL help12:47
boota2sacarlson: and i don't see any documentation about it12:47
boota2i'm old and stupid i guess12:48
sipiorssbpls: i suppose you could mark up the kernel docs yourself, but i'm not aware of any man page collections for the lower-level kernel internals. troff markup is fun, for certain values of "fun".12:48
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: use the 1 2 3 app from pendrive Linux in windows or unetbootin in Linux and windows to put the installer on the usb properly12:48
ActionParsnipabhijit: i have no reply, hence me not responding12:49
nash__helloo sunbuy help me to install tar.gz files on my ubuntu10.1012:49
venkateshruan: yes12:50
AristidounetPlease help me, nothing response on #kubuntu ><12:50
ActionParsnipnash__: what is the output of: lsb_release -d12:50
venkateshruan: yes12:50
nash__ok i will send u file name12:50
venkateshruan: yes12:50
ActionParsnipnash__: its12:51
venkateshruan: yes12:51
ActionParsnipNash: its not a name. The text I gave is a command. What is output?12:52
boota2I found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto but still don't understand anything it /etc/init folder12:52
ruan_venkatesh: sorry i was afk12:52
stowoda_typing tail -f \var\log\massages, got that: http://nopaste.info/7ae3f58873.html12:52
abhijithelp E: Couldn't find package testdisk12:53
stowoda_my usb drive wont mount12:53
stowoda_on win xp it works fine12:53
haledid you work with rrdtool?12:53
abhijainabhijit: how you deleted12:53
ruan_venkatesh: to uninstall it you can go system > preferences > main menu and remove it from accessories, then delete the files12:53
abhijainabhijit: tell me12:53
sacarlsonboota2: here minimal info that I have found on it so far http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1511634  seems if it's sysV it's scripts move to /etc/init/* and if it's still  the old way it's in /etc/init.d/*12:53
speakmanHow do I make Skype ringing in my external speakers, but still uses my USB headset for the conversation?12:54
ActionParsnipnash__: if you run the command in a terminalm you can give the output12:55
nash__which command12:55
boota2sacarlson: so they moved to event-based model12:55
ActionParsnipnash__: lsb_release -a12:55
boota2i don't think if i like it12:55
boota2i think it's overcomplicated12:55
ActionParsnipboota2: what is?12:56
venkateshruan : in mainmenu acessories the ecmerge tool is not displayed12:56
jpdsActionParsnip: Upstart.12:56
LjLlea123: no12:56
LjLlea123: uninstall the rest, but leave that one installed12:56
sacarlsonboota2: moving to event-based model at some rate yes, some still do or can run the old way12:56
arvind_khadriThe openssl that comes with 10.04.2 seems to eat a lot of CPU12:56
=== Alien_Freak is now known as csgeek
ActionParsnipjpds: i see12:57
abhijithow to install testdisk in live cd?12:58
sacarlsonboota2: well to boot faster and to use multithread capability I guess it's what most want12:58
boota2sacarlson: hmm, now i see reason behing it12:58
=== GlitchMr_ is now known as Marisa
boota2I think, it's not so bad after all.12:59
jpdsboota2: Ubuntu is not the only distro which has adopted Upstart (Fedora, WebOS, ...)12:59
boota2but i don't see good docs about it12:59
boota2i men, good docs with examples and stuff12:59
boota2and with a wiki12:59
ActionParsnipboota2: agreed :)13:00
ActionParsniphi venkatesh13:00
arvind_khadriCould someone help me on the openssl thing. The openssl that comes with 10.04.2 seems to eat a lot of CPU.13:01
ruan_venkatesh: is it still in applications > accessories though?13:02
ActionParsniparvind_khadri: is there a bug logged?13:02
abhijithow to install testdisk to live ubuntu?13:02
ActionParsnipabhijit: get a web connection and run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install testdisk13:03
LjLabhijit: same as not live13:03
arvind_khadriActionParsnip, I dont see anything, other than a post in forum which was moved.13:03
sacarlsonarvind_khadri: what do you have it doing when this happens?13:03
abhijitLjL: ??? what that means? how do i install testdisk?13:04
alfredpackerhay iam tryin to getmy wireless card  driver in stalled but on the add drivers all iam getting is this /var/log/jockey.log  what dose that mean and how do i get my driver to work13:04
alfredpackerhay iam tryin to getmy wireless card  driver in stalled but on the add drivers all iam getting is this /var/log/jockey.log  what dose that mean and how do i get my driver to work13:04
LjLabhijit: 1) enable universe 2) install it from Synaptic (or sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install testdisk)13:04
abhijitLjL: ok let me try it13:04
jqkealfredpacker, you have a broadcom card ?13:05
alfredpackeri thik so13:05
arvind_khadrisacarlson, Connect it to imap.google.com , even after I get the certificate the CPU usage is at 99%13:05
ruan_venkatesh: is it still in applications > accessories though?13:05
abhijithi venkatesh13:05
BluesKajhiyas all13:05
alfredpackerjqke: yes i do13:06
jqkealfredpacker, hold a sec i had same trouble with mine13:06
qbahii all13:06
visofhow can i open pdc file ?13:07
MarisaWhat is PDC to be exact?13:07
ruan_copyrighted PDF?13:07
ruan_copy protected*13:08
icerootMarisa: primary domain controller13:08
jqkealfredpacker, http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php13:08
ruan_google can be misleading >_>13:08
icerootMarisa: ah sorry didt see the question was about a file13:08
=== erle64- is now known as erle-
abhijitanyone testdisk expert here? who has actually used it?13:08
ActionParsnipruan_: use a different search engine then ;)13:09
alfredpackerjqke:ill tryand thank u13:09
ruan_ActionParsnip: it's the most accurate one though lol13:09
MK`This Brasero thing keeps crashing :|13:09
alfredpackeroooo andone meor thing is there and adobe reader for ubuntu13:09
ruan_alfredpacker: yes, check ubu software center13:09
ActionParsnipruan_: not really, different engines use different algorithmns so you will get different results13:09
MarisaIt's propietary format, it seems the "LockLizard Secure PDF Viewer" can view it. You might try Wine13:10
MarisaBut otherwise I have no idea13:10
ActionParsnipMK`: install gnomebaker and you'll be fine :)13:10
MK`it can rip to ISO?13:10
ActionParsnip!panels | nash__13:10
ubottunash__: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »13:10
ActionParsnipMK`: you can use dd for that but I believe gnomebaker can13:10
arvind_khadrisacarlson, ??13:10
sacarlsonarvind_khadri: I'm still not sure what you are doing maybe show me the command line of what you did13:11
ActionParsnipMK`: just use: dd if=/dev/dvd of=/image.iso     you don't need an app for it13:11
jqkebetter than an iphone :p13:11
MK`Hm alright.13:11
arvind_khadrisacarlson, openssl s_client -ssl3 -connect imap.gmail.com:993 try this.13:11
ActionParsnipMK`: dd takes a bit by bit stream from one device (or image) to another13:11
randomnikwhen i click together mouse1 and mouse2, they act like mouse3 click. how to disable that?13:12
ruan_venkatesh: i don't really know what to do, if main menu doesn't show it.13:13
iguchisorry to repeat but:13:13
iguchihi guys... any ideas: i'm running 10.10 with metacity (from ppa.launchpad.net) and window switching lags like crazy... with six windows it takes a bit over 3 seconds to scroll through all of them! hw is old and slow (s3 unichrome pro), but still no other problem with graphics so only this alt-tab thing is weird.13:13
iguchii have harvested through google for days with no luck :/13:13
venkateshok ruan thank you for support ....13:13
azertyhow can i create an ftp user in VsFTPd?13:14
venkateshok ruan thank you for support ....13:14
zlhanyobody from China?13:14
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: every Linux user is a vsftpd user13:14
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:14
azertyunfortunately not [TK]D-Fender13:14
gahfHello I need help with some ubuntu wireless usb drivers, can anyone help?13:14
[TK]D-Fenderazthe normal ones, shuold be13:15
karla!help | gahf13:15
ubottugahf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:15
ActionParsnipazerty: just create a new user13:15
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:15
jqkei modified my fstab so it mount my windows partition on boot. Now, i have 2 shortcuts for it. One saying that "Unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE" any idea how to remove this one ?13:15
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: Check your config file.  The default may be in reverse mode of having to list the ones to allow instead of the ones to block13:15
ActionParsnipazerty: if they are to ONLY have ftp access then change their shell to /bin/false13:16
abhijitActionParsnip: LjL thanksit worked now i installed it13:16
randomnikanyone here playing quakelive on Ubuntu? i have zoom on Mouse3. but when i press mouse1 and mouse2 together, takes me to zoom. for example when doing rocket jump. any gamer here to help? :)13:16
gahfHello I need help with some ubuntu wireless usb drivers, can anyone help?13:16
nash__how to install google earth in ubuntu13:16
visofhow can i open pdc file ?13:17
ActionParsnipgahf: run: sudo lshw -C networ    do you see your wireless chip listed?13:17
abhijitnash__: get latest versioon from their website13:17
azertywell, this is what i got on my ftp client as error : "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".13:17
zombie_hello I need some help anybody here13:17
azertyduring an authentification13:17
nash__can u give me latest link13:17
abhijit!ask | zombie_13:17
ubottuzombie_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:17
AndroUser2plug in Ethernet cable and see if you can download WiFi drivers13:17
abhijitnash__: no. i dont help lazy.13:17
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth13:18
sacarlsonarvind_khadri: I found this http://www.tannerjepsen.com/?p=13313:18
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: Sounds like a firewall issue/13:18
nash__so dont advice incomplete pls13:18
zombie_I'm on firefox and when I try and login to facebook it won't load up, any ideas whats going wrong it just sets there and loads but nothing happnes13:18
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: Perhaps you forgot to allow it13:18
azertythere is no firewall13:18
paaf13Hi, my sister in law is using a netbook with NBR (An Aspire One, specifically) but it won't boot up, and I think this is because of a dying drive. I'm in root shell with net access, but can anyone recommend a good hard drive diagnostics app which I can pull from apt?13:18
AndroUser2there is an app in the software center you can download then that can use the windows drivers on the cd13:18
azertyis there any vsftpd group13:18
fidyducecan someone help me add a file to an .iso file?13:18
BluesKajnash__, install lsb-core first , then the latest google earth bin file from their site13:19
azertyhave i to allowed my user on my that group ? [TK]D-Fender13:19
ActionParsnippaaf13: fsck13:19
abhijitfidyduce: use acetoneiso13:19
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: it isn't a group13:19
ruan_paaf13: yeah use fsck13:19
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: Check the firewall ON your server13:19
ActionParsnippaaf13: i'd also get the ultimate boot cd and test the drive using manufacturers tools13:19
azertythere is no firewall13:19
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: Use a text-mode cilent to connect.  Prove that you get the user prompt13:19
zombie_I guess I'm alone on thiss13:20
sacarlsonarvind_khadri: but I was able to run yours also and notice no time to run13:20
zombie_Anybody know how to install mame?13:20
ActionParsnipzombie_: do other browsers do the same?13:20
azertywhat do you mean by text mode client ?13:20
zombie_yup nothing works13:20
fidyduceabhijit: that will allow me to add just a file then save and close... nothing special?13:20
abhijitfidyduce: right13:20
ActionParsnipzombie_: mame and some frontends are in the repos, try searching for stuff before asking questions13:20
ruan_zombie_: looks like a ssl issue or a facebook issue13:20
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: NON-GUI13:20
MK`[08:10:32] <ActionParsnip> MK`: just use: dd if=/dev/dvd of=/image.iso     you don't need an app for it13:21
MK`it only copied the first 512 bytes13:21
[TK]D-Fenderazerty: One where you get the input prompts yourself13:21