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zinadorkHas anyone else been having issues dismounting Truecrypt volumes03:53
Bachstelzezinadork: no, but I haven't used TC in a while03:53
Bachstelzewhat's the problem, exactly?03:53
zinadorkdevice-mapper: remove ioctl failed: Device or resource busy Command failed03:56
Bachstelzewell, tthat's self-explanatory03:56
zinadorkit says that even if I try to dismount seconds after opening the partition03:57
Bachstelzeyou ave a process that is still using the drive03:57
zinadorkI haven't opened any apps or files03:57
Bachstelzeprobably a shell, or a nautilus window03:57
Bachstelzefuser will tell you what it us03:57
zinadorkI haven't opened them03:57
zinadorkI saw the same issue in the truecrypt forums and it didn't look like it was solved03:58
zinadorkis fuser and app or person?03:59
Bachstelzesudo fuser -m /mount/point03:59
Bachstelzewill give you the PID of the process using it04:00
Bachstelzeif it gives nothing, it's a bug in TC04:00
zinadork"specified filename /mount/point does not exist"04:02
Bachstelzereplace that with the mount point of your TC volume ;)04:03
zinadorkwhat do you do with the pid number?04:05
Bachstelzeyou do    ps aux | grep <pid>04:05
Bachstelzeto find out what the process is04:05
zinadorkthe output was two 5digit numbers04:09
BachstelzeI get something like 04:09
Bachstelze/media/truecrypt1:   14472c04:10
Bachstelze% ps aux | grep 1447204:10
Bachstelzefiras    14472  0.2  0.0  41144  3588 pts/3    Ss+  05:09   0:00 zsh04:10
Bachstelzeit's a zsh04:10
zinadorkif I shutdown with it still mounted, do I risk damage?04:11
zinadorkmatt@HP-DV6:~$ sudo fuser -m /dev/sdb104:11
Bachstelzein theory yes04:12
zinadork/dev/sdb1:           12374 1241804:12
zinadorkmatt@HP-DV6:~$ ps aux | grep 12374 1241804:12
zinadorkgrep: 12418: No such file or directory04:12
zinadorkmatt@HP-DV6:~$ ps aux | grep 1237404:12
zinadorkroot     12374  0.2  0.0 172676  2204 ?        Ssl  22:55   0:02 /usr/bin/truecrypt --core-service04:12
Bachstelzeonly one at a time04:12
zinadorkmatt     12625  0.0  0.0   8936   852 pts/0    S+   23:09   0:00 grep --color=auto 1237404:12
zinadorkmatt@HP-DV6:~$ ps aux | grep 1241804:12
zinadorkroot     12418  0.0  0.0  18276  1308 ?        Ss   22:55   0:00 /sbin/mount.ntfs /dev/mapper/truecrypt1 /media/truecrypt1 -o rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,umask=07704:12
zinadorkmatt     12627  0.0  0.0   8936   848 pts/0    S+   23:09   0:00 grep --color=auto 1241804:12
Bachstelzeok, that's a whole disk04:12
zinadorkusb hdd04:13
zinadorkit dismounts fine in windows04:14
Bachstelzelet me try on a usb key04:14
zinadorkVery Helpful!04:15
zinadorkYou still here?04:22
Bachstelzeit's formatting04:22
Bachstelzewell, it's not mounted04:29
zinadorki have access to the files04:29
Bachstelzethat's probably a bug in TC then04:30
zinadorkdoes it matter that it was encrypted using windows app?04:30
Bachstelzeit shouldn't04:30
zinadorkshould I move the files to another disk and re-encrypt the directory in linux04:32
Bachstelzemaybe it's the NTFS that's causing problemw04:33
Bachstelzewith FAT I only see one process04:33
zinadorku'd use fat?04:33
Bachstelze(truecrypt --core-service)04:33
Bachstelzeit didn't give me the option to use NTFS04:33
Bachstelzedrive is too small probably04:34
zinadorkthis is a 320gig hdd04:34
Bachstelzeis it the first time you try to mount it on linux?04:34
zinadorkno, but it has never dismounted properly04:34
zinadorknewly encryped disk04:34
zinadorkrather not use windows with disk.  I separate work and home by OS04:36
BachstelzeI wonder why the mount process is still active04:36
Bachstelzeit shouldn't be04:36
Bachstelzethat's probably the problem04:36
zinadorktc forums weren't helpful04:36
zinadorklots of people with same issue 04:36
Bachstelzeprobably a bug in TC then04:37
zinadorktc for linux, works in windows04:37
zinadorkwe do get the short end04:37
Bachstelzewhat does the command "mount" give you?04:38
Bachstelzeyou should have one or two lines with "truecrypt"04:38
Bachstelzeprobably one04:39
Bachstelzeyeah, it's probably the NTFS that's confusing it04:40
zinadorkany good apps for ext4 support in windows?04:41
Bachstelzedo you have an "Eject" icon in front of your drive in Nautilus?04:41
zinadorkdoesnt work04:41
Bachstelzenot that I know of04:41
Bachstelzeeven ext2/3 supposrt is flakey04:41
Bachstelzesudo umount /dev/dm-004:42
zinadorkumount: /dev/dm-0: not mounted04:43
zinadorkI give up04:44
zinadorkI'll try a fat fs next time04:44
zinadorkthank you for helping me04:44
Bachstelzeprobably a bug in TC, the kernel parttion table is out of sync04:44
Bachstelzeno prob04:44
zinadorkgood night04:45
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