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duanedesignmorning all09:31
JamesTaitHappy first of meteorological Spring (Northern Hemisphere)/Autumn (Southern Hemisphere)!09:49
zygagood morning10:04
nessitahola gente11:53
nessitacan I have a second review for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/disable-limits/+merge/51659 ?12:28
duanedesignhello nessita12:29
nessitahi duanedesign, how are you?12:29
karnihi guys! I'm back in Warsaw.12:29
duanedesigni am good thank you :)12:29
karniJamesTait: interesting welcoming ^ ^ !12:29
karnihi duanedesign :)12:30
karniI had some rest in the train and I'm good to do some coding.12:30
beunonessita, I can review. Screenshot?  :)12:31
nessitabeuno: coming right up!12:31
* duanedesign waves at beuno 12:31
ryeaquarius, textmockuptool looks awesome in the demo!12:31
* rye downloads12:32
duanedesignhello rye12:32
aquariusrye, it's, like, two hours work. So it's not that exciting :)12:32
ryeduanedesign, hello!12:32
beunoheya duanedesign12:33
karnirye, aquarius, looks cool :D12:33
karnihi beuno12:33
karniI was like.. "simplified notepad.. ? oh wait, this is fun! :D"12:34
nessitabeuno: http://ubuntuone.com/p/fSo/ and http://ubuntuone.com/p/fSp/12:34
beunohi karni!  how's Warsaw?  -20 or -12 degrees?   :)12:35
ryenessita, how did you do that translucent window?12:35
JamesTaitkarni: Thanks! Who knew seasons were so complicated? :D How're you?12:35
nessitarye: I have no idea, is a bug I'm pretty sure12:35
karnibeuno: hmm it's not that bad. I think it may be -1C, but I don't have a termometer :[12:35
beunokarni, smart man12:36
ryenessita, compiz decided to make a nice exit for the window and it got caught by the screenshot12:36
karniJamesTait: :D haha. Thanks, I'm good. Thinking what should I work on today.12:36
karninessita: your work looks great12:36
nessitakarni: thanks! tons of people have collaborated, among those, beuno has had awesome ideas. Is all team work :-)12:37
ryenessita, i know next feature request12:37
karninessita: I'm sure it is. It's a great team of collabolators!12:37
ryenessita, make 'show notifications' available on every device and allow changing that :-P12:38
beunonessita, +1!12:38
nessitarye: -.-12:38
nessitabeuno: yey!12:38
nessitarye: :-)12:38
ryenessita, but controlpanel looks awesome12:38
nessitarye: we had design people tweaking the top bar tabs, they no longer look like buttons!12:39
nessitaI'm very amazed about how that changed12:39
ryenessita, uh-huh, i went to the code to find out how that's done and failed to find where that's done12:39
nessitarye: you should look for the ubuntuone.rc file, in the ambiance theme12:39
ryeooh unity update, maybe the panel will stop dancing12:40
beunorye, heh, mine stopped dancing with last night's update12:41
ryebeuno, well, my connection to the archive keeps being dropped :(12:42
beunokarni, nessita has been a ninja ui developer this cycle12:43
karniI missed an 'OK' button in 'Limit storage' dialog. I'm not a ninja :[12:44
ryeaquarius, how do you widen the screen in the mockuptool ?12:44
ryeaquarius, i.e. widen the window i mean12:44
aquariusrye, drag the window at the corner. It's a standard window :)12:44
ryeaquarius, erm, widen the ascii window :)12:44
aquariusrye, type things to make it larger12:45
ryeaquarius, so space does not widen it, right?12:45
aquariusrye, if you write a line which requires the window to be bigger, the window will automatically grow.12:45
aquariusSpace by itself doesn't widen the window, because you don't need it to be wider if all you're doing is putting spaces in it :)12:45
ryehe, he i can use tab and it is counted as 1 char :-P12:45
ryeaquarius, well, makes perfect sense :)12:46
aquariusrye, yeah; it is not good at handling things it doesn't know about. Don't use tabs. Don't cut and paste stuff around in the window. Don't delete a whole line :)12:46
aquariusit's a tool for me, not really for the public, but I thought I'd throw it out there to play with :)12:46
beunokarni, heh. I was going to talk to you about that. In my device, I only see 0.9gb of free space12:46
beunokarni, I should have about 13gb free on my sd12:46
karnibeuno: hmmm o_O12:47
beunoit also says "0.9 GB free of"12:47
beunono total12:47
ryeaquarius, good hint about don't deleting the whole line :)12:47
aquariusrye, yeah. It is not hard to confuse my poor little app :)12:47
karnibeuno: oh, that's bad. I'll have a look at that.12:47
beunokarni, I also files a UI bug about the message that appears while loading files and folderss12:47
ryeaquarius, but it is awesome!12:47
karnibeuno: good, thank you12:47
karnibeuno: please remind me what phone do you own12:54
beunokarni, nexus one, now running 2.312:55
karnibeuno: thank you12:55
nessitaok, rebooting after update13:02
nessitanot yet, but soon13:03
nessitanow yes, rebooting!13:09
* nessita is back13:13
karnibeuno: would you be so kind and install (no need to uninstall)  21208         UbuntuOneFiles  D  StorageManagement: total available storage: 65945600013:16
karnibeuno: and install http://ubuntuone.com/p/fT3/ , open the storage management screen13:17
karnibeuno: and then send me the logs from debug settings screen ?13:17
karnibeuno: I'd like to see raw byte count that I've added to log. I don't like when something works for me and magically doesn't for others. The code is straightforward, so perhaps it has something to do with encrypted external partition, if you ever used app2sd13:18
karniBut it shouldn't, getExternalStorage() is documented to point to primary external storage, the one shared amongst applications, without permissions.13:19
beunokarni, sure, give me a few minutes13:21
karnibeuno: take your time, thanks.13:21
nessitaralsina: ping13:26
ralsinagood morning everyone13:38
ralsinanessita pong13:38
nessitaralsina: hey there, I needed to confirm the exact path of the Purchased music in U1 to improve how we show it in the contorl panel13:39
nessitaralsina: a-quarius just confirmed is ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One13:39
nessitaralsina: music folder display name suggestion: Purchased Music from Ubuntu One (translatable)13:42
nessitabeuno: ^13:42
nessitado you like it?13:42
ralsinaMusic Purchased13:43
nessitaralsina: Purchased Music? :-)13:44
ralsinaPurchased Music sounds weird :-)13:44
nessitabut isn't gramatically 'more' correct?13:44
ralsinabeats me, I'm argentinian :-)13:44
nessitaadjectives go before the noun they modify13:44
ralsinanessita: yes, but here purchased is linked to "from ubuntu one"13:45
nessitaaquarius: Music Purchased or Purchased Music ?13:45
ralsinabut ask a native :-)13:45
nessitaralsina: on it ;-)13:45
ralsinanessita: ask with the full sentence :-)13:45
ralsina"Music you bought" :-)13:45
nessitaralsina: that's the full sentence to show!13:45
ralsinaI meant "Music Purchased from Ubuntu One" or "Purchased Music from Ubuntu One"13:46
alecu"Music Purchased from Ubuntu One"13:46
ralsinaAnd I just hit that point where the word purchased itself is funny13:46
nessitaralsina: but, if we're in the Ubuntu One control panel, there is no sense in showing 'from Ubuntu One'13:47
ralsinanessita: where does the music from out amazonmp3 store go?13:47
nessitaralsina: no idea13:47
ralsinawill go, too, since it'snot there yet13:47
nessitano idea ** 213:47
ralsinaOk, then I say you lied to me at 10:42:16 :-)13:48
ralsinaIf it's just the two words, it's Purchased Music13:48
nessitaralsina: let me get my story straight :-). I proposed a name suing the 'from Ubuntu One'. When you corrected me "(10:43:59 AM) ralsina: Music Purchased", I thought you meant 'use only these 2 words' and I realized that makes perfect sense13:50
nessitasuing -> using13:50
ralsinaOhhhhhh right, I was suggesting just to flip those two words around, you gave me too much merit :-)13:50
nessitaralsina: so, after your unwanted suggestion, I think it makes no sense clarifying the music is from Ubuntu One13:51
nessita(stand up in 9'!)13:51
ralsinaOTOH, the user may have other purchased music not from ubuntu one, so I am not really sure about making it shorter, but I don't mind.13:51
nessitabut will that show in the control panel?13:52
aquariusnessita, ls "/home/aquarius/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One"13:54
aquariusnessita, if you want a "human-friendly" name for that, the website calls it "Purchased Music" (see at the top of https://edge.one.ubuntu.com/files/ )13:55
aquariusand gives it a nice little musical note icon :)13:55
ralsinanessita: decided then, let's be consistent.13:56
karniaquarius: did you had chance to check U1F link I sent you yesterday evening? in particular I'm interested if total available space indicaton is correct.13:58
aquariuskarni, um? Not sure I got that link :(13:58
* karni checks13:58
karniaquarius: perhaps see your @canonical inbox13:58
karniI've sent it to you, Martin, James and Chad13:59
dobeyaquarius: i was totally thinking about how to word a warning in the music store UI, to tell the user that their music folder wasn't subscribed. and "Purchased Music" was what i was thinking to use there13:59
karnibut beuno has reported the storage stats are buggy, that's why I'm asking13:59
ralsinafacundobatista: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/139261/how-to-create-a-file-with-a-given-size-in-linux14:00
nessitamandel, dobey?14:00
ralsinadobey: standup!14:01
nessitadobey: say me please14:01
ralsinadobey: you said man, not me :-)14:01
dobeypfft, you people can't take a joke :)14:01
nessitathisfred: go!14:01
facundobatistaralsina, truncate -s, gracias14:01
ralsinaok, nessita14:01
ralsinafacundobatista: un gusto14:02
thisfredDONE: packaged u1couch with zero problems thanks to nessita's tutorial14:02
thisfredTODO: quota notifications and messaging14:02
thisfredBLOCKED: no14:02
nessitaDONE: wrapped up file storage api work. Coded and landed branche for: bug #715812, bug #701729, bug #715715, bug #674462. Package u1cp 0.9.0 is now released and in the repo.14:02
nessitaTODO: more u1cp UI killing bugs.14:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes, but I'm leaving early today (2pm ART), I need to go to the university dur to teaching duties.14:02
nessitaNEXT: alecu14:02
alecuDONE: started building a user login ui for bug #72529014:02
alecuTODO: keep working on same bug14:02
alecuBLOCKED: no14:02
alecuNEXT: ralsina14:02
thisfredNEXT: alecu14:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 715812 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "alter speed limit layout (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71581214:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 701729 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Show a visible message when user account is out of space (affects: 1) (heat: 81)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70172914:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 715715 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "center status messages on the toolbar (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71571514:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 674462 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Display notice when merging an UDF with a existent folder (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67446214:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 725290 in droidcouch "Get valid OAuth tokens for the logged in user (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72529014:02
ralsinaDONE: hotel research, lots of calls, few reviews14:02
ralsinaTODO: fi a couple of bugs that can't wait more, choose the hotel, other stuff14:02
ralsinaBLOCKED: a bit on the sprint stuff14:02
* nessita is ashamed because she got confused on me-orders14:03
ralsinamandel I mean14:03
mandelDONE: Wasted 3 hours at the vet, dog had an allergic reaction... Worked on ubuntu-sso-client ot port it to windows since is blocking the port of sd.14:04
mandelTODO: Old bugs I added to ubuntu-sso on windows.14:04
mandelBLOCK; NO14:04
mandeldobey: PLEASE14:04
mandelups, sorry for screaming14:04
dobeyλ DONE: debdiff for banshee u1ms links (quilt is pain)14:04
dobeyλ TODO: more music store fixes, book flights14:04
dobeyλ BLCK: None.14:04
ralsinaok, comments14:05
ralsinathisfred: do you see that notification as doable this week?14:05
* nessita has a comment14:05
thisfredralsina: I think so, I'm pretty much done with everything else14:06
dobeyGM apparently changed how their employee discount program works, and it is pain14:06
ralsinathisfred: cool, tell joshua.14:06
nessitaralsina, dobey: is there any chance to have all the U1 icons in a separated package? right now they are in the ubuntuone-client-gnome package, which a user may not have installed (for example if the nautilus plugin makes the system unstable)14:06
ralsinadobey: are you a GM employee too?14:06
thisfredwill do14:06
ralsinanessita: I don'tknow. Dobey, any chance for u1-artwork or whatever?14:06
dobeyralsina: no, but it extends to children/grandchildren14:07
nessitaralsina: so, for instance, I don't have the u1-client-gnome package installed (yes dobey I owe you a review) so I have no icons14:07
thisfredCanonical, a GM company :)14:07
ralsinadobey: that helps explains a lot of GM financials ;-)14:07
dobeyeh, the discount isn't *that* good14:08
ralsinanow may be a good moment to do that icon separation, because there will be new branding for this release14:08
thisfredwell that and the fact that they keep making bigger cars where people want/need smaller ones ;)14:08
dobeyi don't think we should have an artwork package, no14:08
ralsinaSo we can change the branding without re-releasing u1 packages14:08
nessitadobey: how can we have icons without having to install all gnome stuff?14:08
ralsinadobey: reasons, please?14:08
dobeybecause having a whole project and source package for one icon is dumb.14:09
ralsinadobey: there's more than one. There are the emblems.14:10
dobeyi thought the icons got pulled into the -client binary package, not the -gnome package14:10
ralsinaThe overlays for unity notifications14:10
dobeyralsina: the only icon multiple projects use is the main ubuntuone icon14:10
ralsinamoving them into -client would solve your problem nessita?14:10
dobeythe emblems aren't used in unity afaik14:10
ralsinadobey: that will probably change sooner than later14:10
nessitaralsina: it would, sure. Bot sure how that may affect dependencies thought14:11
ralsinadobey: remember we are trying to have other apps use u1 so they may want to use the emblems eventually14:11
ralsinaok, so, dobey, icons in -client makes sense to you? If yes, that's an idea14:11
dobeythe only thing that should use the emblems in u1-client are file managers14:11
ralsinadobey: anything that wants to show sync status of a file. Not only file managers.14:12
ralsinaOtherwise we get inconsistent icons.14:12
dobeyralsina: i think if that's the case then those apps are probably building their UI wrong14:13
ralsinaFor example, imagine I create an ebook manager and want to tell the user if the books are u1-synced.14:13
ralsinaI say imagine that because I am doing it ;-)14:13
dobeyok, your UI is probably wrong :)14:13
ralsinadobey: we can argue that later if you want. Now, opinion about icons being in -client?14:14
dobeydidn't i just say "i thought they already were there" :)14:14
ralsinayes. but are they? That'd be nice to know :-)14:15
ralsinaif they are, nessita would have icons14:16
ralsinaor I don't follow the logic here14:16
nessitadobey: help me debug. I have no u1 icon nowhere14:16
dobeyi guess they are not14:16
nessitadobey: and I don't have the u1-client-gnome package installed14:16
nessitaso I did a simple math and maybe jumped into a wrong conclusion?14:16
ralsinaok, eom, and find those icons ;-)14:17
dobeyralsina: my point was, if i said i think they are already there, and they are not, then i implied that i am ok if they are moved there.14:17
ralsinadobey: ok, missed that :-)14:18
ralsinacool, so we are all in agreement about where they should be.14:18
ralsinaI am a bit worried about having to re-release u1-client for the rebranding14:18
nessitadobey: also, I don't have ubuntuone.gtkwidgets, I guess that is provided in the -gnome package as well?14:18
dobeynessita: no, python-ubuntuone14:18
ralsinabut I suppose it's trivial to do14:18
dobeynessita: it's from libubuntuone14:19
nessitaralsina: I still think icons should be a separated package, but I know little about packaging14:19
dobeynessita: are you saying package, or project there14:19
dobeybecause people often conflate the two incorrectly14:19
nessitadobey: the same as ralsina14:19
dobeyralsina is suggesting a project14:19
ralsinadobey: no, just a package14:20
dobeydifferent source14:20
dobeyno, you're suggesting different source14:20
nessitadobey: how come? you just answered:14:20
nessita(11:08:27 AM) dobey: i don't think we should have an artwork package, no14:20
dobeyor you don't know what you're suggesting :)14:20
nessitadobey: so you know ralsina was talking about a package14:20
ralsinadobey: well, that would be unusual :-)14:20
dobeyralsina: well you say you want to avoid having to release a new ubuntuone-client14:20
dobeyralsina: the only way to do that would be if it were a seaprate project/sourcepkg14:20
ralsinadobey: packages from the same project can't have differnet version numbers?14:21
dobeyralsina: no14:21
ralsinaWe can't make an upload of an updated icons package?14:21
dobeywe can't upload binary packages individually no14:21
ralsinaok, didn't know that, and it sucks14:21
nessitaoh, I didn't know that either14:21
nessitaanyways, a separated package will fit the needs I was trying to solve, but seems like it will not be enough for ralsina's need14:22
dobeythere is some magical distro that has a policy that allows uploading only parts of a new tarball and only part of the resulting packages?14:22
ralsinaso, in -client is ok, since it doesn't help me and it fixed nessita's problem14:22
ralsinadobey: yes, all the non-deb ones :-)14:22
dobeyno distro i have ever worked on did that14:23
ralsinadobey: you can generate any number of rpms from a single src.rpm, all of them with different package versions.14:23
dobeyand i have packaged stuff for every distro14:23
ralsinait's technically possible at least.14:23
nessitadobey: just checking, is python-ubuntuone in main and CD already?14:23
dobeyralsina: that is a completely different thing than you're talking about though14:24
karnibeuno: you mentioned filing a bug about the header while loading files. I can't see it under lp project > bugs, though.14:24
dobeynessita: yes14:24
nessitadobey: ack14:24
ralsinanope. weit would mean uploading the whole tarball, but only the artwork package would be updated14:24
dobeynessita: oh well, actually python-ubuntuone might not be on CD now, because of the switch to banshee14:24
ralsinabecause the -client package would have the same rev number14:24
dobeyralsina: no, that's not how that feature of rpm is used14:25
nessitadobey: and how's banshee accessing the music library path?14:25
dobeynessita: the banshee extension isn't in python. it's C#14:25
nessitadobey: oh. How can I confirm/check?14:26
dobeynessita: ask in #ubuntu-desktop or #ubuntu-devel i guess. or check the listing file on cdimage.ubuntu.com i think14:26
ralsinaok, gotta go mumble for team leads. Please work it out.14:27
nessitadobey: ok, so, can you please confirm in which package the U1 icon is delivered?14:28
dobeynessita: it is not currently in the ubuntuone-client package afaict. file a bug and assign to me and i'll move them14:29
nessitadobey: package bug, right?14:29
nessitadobey: bug #72719514:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 727195 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Main icon should be delivered in ubuntuone-client binary package (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72719514:36
karnidrill in the neighbours wall, that's what I needed..14:42
pmatulisis u1  data encrypted on-disk?15:13
nessitapmatulis: hello! no, is not (unless you explicitly chose to encrypt your home folder at installation time)15:16
karnipmatulis: no, unless your whole home is encrypted (Ubuntu gives you that possibility)15:16
karninessita: ^ ^15:16
nessitakarni: heh!15:17
karninessita: your answer was better. I'll work on mine.15:17
dobeywell, no unless the files are encrypted15:22
dobeythey are encrypted during transfer though (as it's over SSL)15:22
dobeyencrypting your home in the ubuntu installation most likely will not result in encrypted files in ubuntuone either15:23
dobeybecause they will be unencrypted for ubuntuone-syncdaemon to read them15:23
karnidobey: in ubuntu one you mean? the cloud? ofcourse not. the partition is transparently mounted (which is what I have)15:26
karnithough, the files, physically, are encrypted on-disk.15:26
dobeyi think he was more asking "does ubuntuone itself do any encryption"15:27
dobeyand the answer is "no, outside of the SSL transfer of data over the wire"15:27
karniwe could settle with 'the question is not well defined/stated'15:27
dobeykarni: also, even if you have encrypted home, it's only encrypted when you're logged out. and if you have a second machine which doesn't have encrypted home, even when your home is unmounted on the other machine, the files aren't encrypted on both machines15:31
karnidobey: you mean, the files arent encrypted on the second machine. of course, I'm aware of that :)15:32
karnidobey: once I read on the forum someone managed to sync /home/.ecryptfs with Ubuntu One. if that's true, then it was encrypted. but that's a rare use case.15:33
ralsinakarni: that's going to conflict so much if you ever use it as something other than a backup :-)15:34
dobeyyeah i wouldn't ever suggest that15:34
karniralsina: indeed, and I do not intent to try that. it was an interesting read, though.15:38
karni*intend.. heh, I'm starting thinking Android15:38
nessitacan I haz a couple of reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/folders-tweaks/+merge/51765 ?15:51
=== zyga is now known as zyga-food
nessitascreenshot for that last review request is http://ubuntuone.com/p/fV0/16:10
beunonessita, on it16:11
beunonessita, ui looks good, haven't got time right now to review 1.3k lines16:12
beunobut +1 on the ui  :)16:12
ralsinanessita: shiny :)16:14
nessitabeuno, ralsina: the big diff is just caused because I had to split in 2 the test_gui file16:15
mandelalecu: ping16:19
mandelnessita: ping16:25
nessitamandel: I'm currently following some private conversations and I'm about to leave to university16:26
nessitamandel: will email work for us? :-)16:26
mandelnessita: sure, but dont worry to much I thin alecu can help me, is about the delete_credentials in sso16:27
mandelnot too worry too much16:27
lalejandHi, got an exception : http://pastebin.com/cb2zeKiV and my syncdaemon-exceptions.log is 6Mo, gedit can't open it16:38
nessitamandel: I have a few minutes opening, shoot! :-)16:38
mandelnessita: ok, why does the delete_secret return a deferred?16:38
nessitamandel: clear_credentials? which python module?16:38
mandelnessita: and what is the expect result in case of a success16:39
nessitamandel: credentials.py or tx_secrets?16:39
mandelnessita: ubuntu_sso.keyring16:39
nessitamandel: every single access to the keyring is async16:39
nessitamandel: so we need to return deferred that are fired once the operation actually completes16:39
lalejand(using PPA repo, up to date)16:39
mandelnessita: ok, but what is the defer expected result in a succes case?16:40
nessitamandel: on success, nothing is returned (ie, the deferred is fired with None as result)16:40
mandelnessita: superb, that's all I needed :)16:40
mandelnessita: go and teach!16:40
nessitamandel: I have to tke examns :-D (Much more fun)16:41
mandelnessita: you take then, or the students take them?16:41
nessitamandel: they take them, not sure what verb is the correct one to say 'tengo que tomar examenes'16:42
ralsinanessita: you test the students16:42
ralsinathey take tests16:42
mandelnessita: ok, so you are supervising and exam16:42
ralsinanessita is examining16:43
mandelnessita: then, have fun :)16:43
ralsinaand discarding as unworthy!16:43
nessitaralsina: can you, by any chance, revbiew https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/folders-tweaks/+merge/51765 ?16:48
ralsinanessita: I can try!16:49
ralsina"too many lines in module"? That's one warning we could disable :-)16:49
nessitaralsina: I tried, it didn't work16:49
nessitaI tried a lot16:49
nessitaso, the warning won16:50
nessitanevertheless, I think is a good thing not to have so many lines in a module16:50
nessitabrb, quick lunch16:50
ralsinanessita: tried inside the file? No, that won't work I suppose16:51
lalejandHi, I got bug : http://pastebin.com/cb2zeKiV, my syncdaemon-exceptions.log is 6Mo, gedit can't open it. I'm on PPA repo, updated.16:51
* mandel hates writing extension modules in c….16:52
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thisfredalecu: When SYS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED fires, it passes the handler volume_id and free_bytes, do you know how I can deduce from volume_id whether it is a UDF or a share from someone else?17:28
thisfrednm, think I found it17:33
thisfredthere's another handler :)17:34
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joshuahoover1dobey: ping17:39
dobeyjoshuahoover1: hey17:39
joshuahoover1dobey: bug #702171 ...with the proposed update, should i not see ubuntu-sso-client running on startup?17:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 702171 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "gsd-plugin should not ask for sso credentials (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70217117:40
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dobeyjoshuahoover: right. it should not be started by the code in gnome-settings-daemon. i don't know if something else might also cause it to start though17:41
joshuahooverdobey: yeah...hmmm...not sure how to test this one since doing ps -ef | grep ubuntu-sso-client after startup still shows it running17:41
dobeyjoshuahoover: in the Startup Applications prefs, disable the ubuntuone-launcher one17:42
joshuahooverdobey: ah, ok17:43
dobeyjoshuahoover: that way, it should prevent syncdaemon and ubuntuone-launcher from running, which may also cause it to start17:43
joshuahooverdobey: right, good catch17:43
dobeybah i think my bt headset is dead17:44
alecumandel, pong17:45
alecuthisfred, did you find the SYS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED bit?17:46
mandelalecu: I not longer need you, nessita was faster :)17:46
mandelalecu: thx anyway17:46
alecuyeah, nessita is always faster :-)17:46
lalejandHi, I got a bug : http://pastebin.com/cb2zeKiV, my syncdaemon-exceptions.log is 6Mo, gedit can't open it. I'm on PPA repo, updated.17:48
mandelalecu: I hope you appreciate my lack of "tha's what she said.." joke17:55
alecuyeah, I appreciate!17:55
alecuso mandel: pong!17:56
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alecumandel, I'm catching up with the backlog. Seems nessita already replied as well about the deferred keyring access.17:57
mandelalecu: yes, she got everything cover, I was making sure I understood the code17:58
* mandel is patching python keyring to add delete methods17:58
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thisfredalecu: yeah sry, got it18:00
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lalejandHi, I got a bug : http://pastebin.com/cb2zeKiV, my syncdaemon-exceptions.log is 6Mo, gedit can't open it. I'm on PPA repo, updated.18:47
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dobeylalejand: please file a bug report?18:50
thisfredalecu: I need a volume_manager instance to determine whether a share id points to a UDF or a share/root. We don't have one in the aggregator (because we've not needed it before) but I'm sort of at a loss as to how to best get one. Main has one, the SyncdaemonEventListener in interaction_interfaces has one, but I'm not sure if it breaks anything to just instantiate the class and hang it off the aggregator/frontend.19:11
alecuthisfred, looking19:11
thisfredI'm not sure if it's meant to be instantiated more than once for one thing19:11
alecuthisfred, I don't think we are supposed to instantiate it. I see the one instance is passed around.19:12
thisfredalecu: the code I'm trying to emulate (well, copy ;) is interaction_interfaces.py L1089-19:12
alecu(never used the interaction_interfaces, I think it's new stuff by man-del)19:13
alecuthisfred, the StatusListener in ubuntuone/syncdaemon/status_listener.py already has the vm19:14
alecuthisfred, my idea was to isolate all things that depend on the core syncdaemon to that file, so I guess checking wether it's a share/udf/root should be done there, and passed as different calls into the aggregator frontend.19:15
thisfredok, makes sense19:16
thisfredWon't that make the event firing slower though?19:17
thisfredalecu: I think this goes over dbus...19:17
alecuthisfred, what part goes over dbus?19:18
thisfredalecu: the vm.get_volume?19:18
thisfredAh no, probably just getting the vm in the first place19:18
alecuthisfred, no, that's straight python into syncdaemon. And getting the vm is also straight python.19:18
alecuthisfred, the only bit going over dbus in interaction_interfaces.handle_SYS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED is emit_quota_exceeded19:19
alecuthisfred, our status listener is running inside the same python process as syncdaemon, there's no dbus involved there.19:20
thisfredok, cool19:20
thisfredalecu: I think i was reading it inside out again ;)19:20
alecuthisfred, we are only using dbus going outside of that process (ie: notifications, libunity, messaging menu, etc)19:20
alecuno problem!19:21
thisfredalecu: thanks, I think I have enough to make this part work19:21
Chipacaralsina: ping19:42
* Chipaca jiggles ralsina's power cord19:53
beunoChipaca, I heard from him about an hour ago "I have 17 minutes of battery left"19:54
Chipacathat's always a nice feature19:54
beunoChipaca, how's life over there?19:55
Chipacabeuno: we went to the sea-side today19:55
Chipacajust north of the ribble19:55
Chipacathey have some weird bi-valves in the sand, made great sandcastle reinforcements19:56
beunoneat, good weather or just stubborn?19:56
Chipacahalf of one and 50% of the other19:56
beunoChipaca, do you want your brain to explode, and have a dev environment to run a branch handy?19:59
Chipacabeuno: I do, but only if my wife doesn't find out; I'm officially on holiday :)19:59
* Chipaca bzr pulls19:59
Chipacabeuno: shoot20:01
beunoChipaca, pm'ed you a branch20:01
* Chipaca puts on his anti-asplodation helmet20:02
joshuahooverdobey: maverick sru update...20:12
joshuahooverdobey: bug #661292 is not fixed... ralsina was working on this a little bit ago, unaware of this fix so not sure how so it'll get fixed20:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 661292 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) "Nautilus is not aware of published files (affects: 7) (dups: 4) (heat: 40)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66129220:13
joshuahooverdobey: bug #712674 could be fixed, neither rmcbride or i can reproduce the problem so it appears fixed in the current maverick client :)20:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 712674 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Natty) (and 5 other projects) "Nautilus offers publishing files within shares while it's not allowed on the server (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71267420:14
joshuahooverdobey: all the other fixes are verified20:14
joshuahooverdobey: is there any way we can back out 1 or both of the bug fixes mentioned above and get the package uploaded? there's a critical fix in there that can delete users' files that is quite important to get out asap20:14
dobeyone second20:16
dobeyam on the phone booking flights20:16
joshuahooverdobey: np, no rush :)20:17
joejcim thinking of canceling my u1 account20:22
dobeyjoshuahoover: hrmm20:27
dobeyjoshuahoover: we can't really back the fixes out easily, no20:27
joshuahooverdobey: that's what i was afraid of20:28
joshuahooverdobey: hmmm20:28
dobeyand i don't have maverick available to check them on easily myself to try and see what is going on there20:28
dobeyjoshuahoover: for #661292 how soon after the restart did you try to test it?20:29
joshuahooverdobey: fairly soon...maybe i need to wait a little longer?20:29
joshuahooverdobey: i can try that one more time20:29
dobeyjoshuahoover: you should wait at least 1 minute i think. it should take 30 seconds before syncdaemon even starts up20:30
joshuahooverdobey: k, i'll try again because i'd really like it to work :)20:30
mandelralsina: ping20:30
dobeyjoshuahoover: i know the fix there does work, because i read the code. but there are also other issues surrounding the public files code and nautilus, and they aren't fixed in that upload20:31
dobeyjoejc: why is that?20:31
dobeyjoshuahoover: any luck with waiting longer?21:48
joshuahooverdobey: i was having issues connecting...but now it's connected...let me see21:48
dobeyjoshuahoover: that's another thing. if syncdaemon is disconnected, it probably won't do the fetching of the folder list either21:49
joshuahooverdobey: not working :(21:50
dobeyjoshuahoover: it's failing to get the list?21:51
joshuahooverdobey: how can i tell? i've been checking the context menu on the files that are published21:51
dobeyjoshuahoover: joshuahoover watch the syncdaemon.log for GetPublicFiles or whatever that command is called i guess21:53
joshuahooverdobey: k21:54
joshuahooverdobey: nothing...i have the proposed client installed, i restarted, waited over 10 minutes, checked the context menu on the published files (just get the option to publish them), and don't find any  mention of "public" in syncdaemon.log22:03
dobeyjoshuahoover: can you kill syncdaemon, and run it by hand with --debug and grep for GetPub in the syncdaemon-debug.log after it changes state to IDLE?22:12
joshuahooverdobey: sure22:12
joshuahooverdobey: nothing :( here's the log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574189/22:23
dobeyjoshuahoover: and no GetPub stuff after you open ~/Ubuntu One and refresh the view or anything?22:26
joshuahooverdobey: right, that log is after i opened ~/Ubuntu One and even right-click on files to show the u1 menu22:26
joshuahooverdobey: no mention of getpub there22:27
dobeyi wonder what is going on there22:28
joshuahooveryeah, not sure...the only thing i can think is to rollback my vm (yet again), use a different u1 account and try that...shouldn't matter but maybe worth trying at this point just to rule things out22:29
karnitalk to you guys tomorrow, bye for now22:29
dobeywould be nice if u1sdtool had a --list-published or something22:29
CardinalFangkarni, I'm pushing an update to the files build that will make the compiler complain more about questionable code.  Don't freak out.22:31
joshuahooverdobey: yes, that would be nice22:31
karniCardinalFang: ah, good that you're saying, so I'll start merging from trunk next time I push22:41
karniCardinalFang: by the way, really *much* has changed in the code since we talked22:42
karniCardinalFang: but it's very easy to schedule uploads, as long as you know the volumeId and parentId22:42
CardinalFangkarni, great!22:44
karniCardinalFang: you should also know that I included the commons-codec once again - UrlSafeEncode was either buggy or missing, and I had to include that as a source file, but it had a few dependencies22:44
CardinalFangI think I just found it.22:44
karniCardinalFang: and I didn't have to clean that jar up, I'll get around that as soon as I have time for cleanup. in the mean time, you can see it complaining about ambiguous and unresolved classes when installing the apk22:45
karniCardinalFang: if you need anything, just let me know.22:45
CardinalFangkarni, thanks.22:45
dobeyjoshuahoover: well i'm off for now, i guess we can figure out more tomorrow22:45
dobeylater all!22:45
joshuahooverdobey: later...have a good evening22:46
karniby dobey22:46
karniCardinalFang: and you can kill me for i18n, but I didn't have time to jump to resources everytime I had to use a new text. I will fix that, sorry. I had to much new stuff to implement and changed the labels/text/titles/etc often. I do remember your advice on externalizing as-we-go..22:49
karniCardinalFang: com.ubuntuone.android.files.util.MediaUtilities.java can be of interest to you, I wrote it to see how easy it is to check for recently added media (which you can see commented out in com.ubuntuone.android.files.UbuntuOneFiles.java )22:56
* karni EODs23:10
palhmbsis there a cli interface for ubuntuone?23:41
karnipalhmbs: u1sdtool can be of help to you23:42
karnipalhmbs: but to get public link, you need the nautilus extention (i.e. Nautilus context menu)23:42
palhmbsoh yeah - the nautilus extension is missing23:43
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