Redmonois this the artists channel ?00:37
ScottLRedmono, this is the channel for help with ubuntu studio00:50
ScottLit's not necessarily an "artist" room00:50
Redmonoits the best looking ubuntu out of the box00:50
ScottLoh, thanks00:51
ScottLi'm glad you like it00:51
paultagRedmono: thanks :)00:51
Redmonoi havent tried it yet but have seen screen caputres00:51
paultagnot that I have anything to do with it ;)00:51
holsteindoodie: try sudo qjackctl05:13
holsteinand double check all your settings05:14
holsteinyou can pastebin the output in 'messages' if you want05:14
doodieCannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory05:14
holsteindoodie: what hardware?05:16
holsteinas it ever worked?05:16
holsteinyeah, what physical hardware05:18
holsteinis it an internal card?05:18
holsteindid it used to work?05:18
doodiei updated yesterday05:18
doodieUsing ALSA driver HDA-Intel running on card 0 - HDA ATI SB at 0xf0400000 irq 1605:18
holstein*if it aint broke, dont update ;)05:19
doodienext time sure05:19
holsteindoodie: so this is an internal sound card?05:19
holsteindoodie: in a terminal05:20
holsteinaplay -l05:21
holsteinand a record -l05:21
holsteinyou see output?05:21
holsteinlooks right?05:21
holsteindoodie: sound works otherwise?05:22
holsteinjust not with JACK ?05:22
doodieseems good05:22
holsteinin a terminal05:22
holsteinsudo /sbin/alsa force-reload05:22
holsteinthen try JACK05:22
holsteintry and remember what the settings were when JACK was working05:23
ailo_doodie, do you have any usb devices connected? What do you see when choosing sound card in qjackctl? Only one device?05:23
holsteina,s ??05:24
holsteinhelp me help you doodie ;)05:24
doodie no usb devices05:24
doodieholstein, oops05:24
holsteinafter the alsa reload05:25
holsteindoes JACK start with sudo qjackctl?05:25
ailo_doodie: in "Interdace". Only one device? hw:0?05:25
doodieyes with error05:25
holsteindoodie: run sudo qjackctl05:26
holsteinhit start05:26
holsteinthen, open 'messages'05:26
doodieailo_, default05:26
holsteinand copy all thta05:26
holsteinand paste it over into a pastebin05:26
doodieis jack2 required??05:28
holsteinnot required05:29
holsteinbut you probably have it05:29
doodiei removed05:29
holsteinthat might be a deal breaker05:31
holsteinim sure some of the other packages in buntu05:31
holsteinare expecting the version of JACK in the repo05:31
doodienothing happed after installing jack205:34
Redmonowhy is jack so good ?05:43
holsteinRedmono: ??05:43
holsteinjack is functional05:43
holsteinJACK allows the interconnectivity of applications05:43
holsteinmost audio applications in linux have JACK support05:44
holsteinwhich allows you to plug a guitar into an external sound device05:44
Redmonoalong time ago i tryed making sence of jack but couldnt some app automatically turned it on but used to crash alot05:44
holsteinroute that to software processing05:44
holsteinlike rakarrack05:44
holsteinroute that to ardour to record05:44
holsteinor, something to trigger a midi synth05:45
holsteinor, to something that would stream it online05:45
holsteinso many possibilities05:45
holsteinAND JACK is what allows low latency05:45
holsteinbut, is it good?05:45
holsteini like it05:45
holsteingood is a matter of opinion05:46
holsteinRedmono: if you want some help getting JACK configured and running05:46
holsteinwe can make that happen05:46
Redmono not right now thanks05:46
Redmonoits geting late im gona hit the sack prety don05:47
holsteini gotta get up kinda early-ish05:47
xycloHi all.18:44
xycloQuestion: After removing PulseAudio, which is not working too good, how do I manage my audio cards? I have a Zoom H2 that I use for Skype and other things, hat I'd rather not use with Jack.18:45
xycloI do use Jack for audio/musical creation18:45
ailo_xyclo: What problems were you having with pulseaudio?18:53
xycloHi ailo_18:53
xycloIt just does not work well with Firefox18:54
xycloI was trying to broadcast on Justin.tv18:54
ailo_xyclo: If you are using alsa now, you'll need to use alsa mixers and tools for that. There's "alsamixer", which you can run through the command line.18:55
xycloI routed Jack through Pulse and could not make it work18:55
xycloI was just thinking18:55
xyclocan I use Jack through Alsamixer?18:55
xycloDoes that make sense?18:55
ailo_xyclo: I think jack + pulseaudio is the main problem. Using just PA would be preferable, since it is not meant for low latency use18:55
ailo_alsamixer will work with your sound cards, no matter if you are using PA, alsa or jack18:56
xycloI want to plug a guitar (or anything) to my firewire interface and to be able to route to firefox (Justin TV)18:57
dookami_ guys, i miss the "ubuntu" theme on the "ubuntu studio" ,, i mean the bottom bar, the username at the corner, the empathy icon n so on , can i have it somehow ?18:57
xycloAlso, what about Skype?18:57
ailo_xyclo, Ah, ok. So you need jack.18:57
xycloIt keeps looking for PulseAudio18:57
ailo_xyclo, did you try the libflash plugin for jack?18:58
xyclohm, no18:58
xyclo_back now...18:59
xyclo_how, ailo_?18:59
ailo_xyclo_, I tried it at least a year ago, so I don't remember. It was a little buggy. I'm looking for it now.19:00
ailo_xyclo_, If you use PA + jack, make sure to use the lowest possible latency. You can't expect to monitor yourself through the computer.19:00
ailo_Actually, it would be better to use two computers. One with jack + audio software, and the other fro broadcasting19:01
xyclo_I actually made the Jack-PA combo work a while back, but now it does not work19:01
xyclo_Of course latency was awful19:01
xyclo_hm, I have more comps, but it would be too much trouble at this point for other reasons... space, setup time...19:02
xyclo_I want something simple, a couple of clicks and be playing!19:02
dookami_i want to keep my ubuntu studio ,, but i want the normal ubuntu 10.10 theme19:04
dookami_is that doable19:04
ailo_dookami_, Sure. You can install Ubuntu, and the install audio packages on top of that.19:05
dookami_ailo_: is that like easy ?19:06
ailo_dookami_, Sure. The main problem is always to make sure you get realtime privilege. Other than that, you just install the software you want to use19:07
ailo_dookami_, To get realtime privilege, you need to be in audio group, and you need to have /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf setup for realtime audio.19:08
dookami_ailo_: lsn dear ,, plz help me here lol ,, i installed ubuntu at first ,, then format and install ubuntu studio after many failing upgrade tries ,, and now that i have installed the ubuntu studio ,, i really miss the feel of the ubuntu 10.10 theme19:09
dookami_so ,, what should i do19:09
dookami_install that again ,, and then find u to help me with the "audio configuration"19:09
ailo_dookami_, You don't need to reinstall19:09
ailo_dookami_, Are you using Ubuntustudio now? Just install the human theme19:10
dookami_ailo_: i am ,, and how ?19:11
ailo_dookami_, Maybe it's enough to install "ubuntu-artwork"19:12
ailo_Just do: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-artwork19:12
dookami_great :D19:13
dookami_i'll try :)19:13
ailo_Then, you'll need to change the theme. Just Right-click on the Desktop, and choose to change the Desktop theme. You should find it there. I suppose you are looking for the Ambiance theme.19:13
ailo_dookami_, Actually, the right-click popup has "Change Desktop Background", but that will open up the right app, anyway.19:14
dookami_ailo_: thank you :D ,, let me try19:15
ailo_dookami_, It may be that your system is still not set up for realtime audio. Are you using it for music mostly?19:16
dookami_emm ,, so what should i do ? ,, and where's the bottom bar ,, with the four screens and all19:16
dookami_i want to ,, i just installed yesterday ,, i wanna use it for guitar recording and so19:17
ailo_Hey xyclo_ . Find a nice place to get the source, and do: git clone git://repo.or.cz/libflashsupport-jack.git19:17
xyclo_Hey, ailo_, what does it do?19:17
xyclo_In Justin TV I can only see "Linux Microphone"19:17
xyclo_In Skype it works great w/o PA!19:18
ailo_dookami_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation19:18
dookami_ailo_: thanks ,, but can u answer me about the theme ..19:20
dookami_ailoJ_: emm ,, so what should i do ? ,, and where's the bottom bar ,, with the four screens and all19:20
holsteintry https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:21
holsteindookami_: ^^19:21
ailo_dookami_, The theme will just change the way your desktop looks. You can create new bottom bar. Just right-click on the upper bar, and choose "new panel"19:21
ailo_xyclo_, I'm trying to figure out how the libflash thing works.19:23
dookami_hmm ,, :( guys ,, i just want the SAME theme as the ubuntu 10.10 ,, is there a simple way ?19:24
holsteindookami_: just install the theme19:25
holsteinand apply it19:25
ailo_dookami_, The easiest is to install Ubuntu from scratch, but it really isn't that much work to change the looks of the Desktop.19:25
holsteinsearch 'ubuntustudio' in the package manager of your choice19:25
holsteinand you'll see all the metapackages19:25
ailo_holstein, He's looking to make it look like regular Ubuntu19:25
holsteinthere are several relating to look and feel19:25
holsteinthe other way ;)19:26
dookami_howww lol19:26
dookami_what is package manager xD19:26
holsteinsearch in the package manager of your choice19:26
dookami_<< new19:26
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop19:26
holsteinin a terminal19:26
holsteinthe software center19:26
dookami_ubuntu-desktop .. where ..19:27
holsteinOR in synaptic package manager19:27
dookami_alright, thanks19:27
holsteindookami_: if you know the theme you are looking for19:27
holsteinyou can search for it by name19:27
dookami_i put the code in terminal ,,19:28
dookami_i don't know the theme actually19:28
ailo_holstein, I think it should be enough to install "ubuntu-artwork"19:28
dookami_i want the same as the original19:28
ailo_dookami_, Start by installing "ubuntu-artwork"19:28
ailo_Open up a terminal, and copy/paste this line into it: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-artwork19:29
dookami_ailo_: i did ,, it changed the "color" of the theme ,, but not the emm ,, i dunno what to call it ,, the bottom menu that has the four desktops thing and all19:29
holstein^^ sure :)19:29
holsteindookami_: the bottom panel?19:29
dookami_i dunno19:30
ailo_dookami_, The setup of the panels, the configuration of where the panel apps are, isn't going to change no matter what you do. But, you can modify it manually. Just right click on the panels.19:30
ailo_dookami_, If you right click on the panel, you'll see "add to panel". All sorts of apps you can add is there19:31
ailo_xyclo_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/574087/19:31
dookami_ailo_: ooooooooooh ,,, alright then19:31
dookami_thank you both for your help :)19:32
* holstein high-fives ailo_ :)19:32
ailo_xyclo_, I'm not able to test that on Natty, since a library has become obsolete.19:32
ailo_xyclo_, If you want to uninstall it, make sure to keep the folder, and do "sudo make uninstall" if you don't like it19:33
xyclo_no prob, ailo_, Thanks!19:33
xyclo_I have Lucid19:33
ailo_xyclo_, I wouldn't count on it working very well, but maybe it has improved.19:34
ailo_holstein, Did you try that? libflashsupport-jack?19:34
holsteinailo_: nah19:34
holsteini can though19:34
ailo_holstein: xyclo_ is trying to get his firewire device working live with Justin.tv. Quite a challenge :P19:35
holsteinailo_: yeah19:40
holsteini couldnt get FW working with icecast19:40
holsteinfor no good reason19:40
holsteini was assured in the ffado channel that it worked19:40
holsteinmaybe its related19:40
holsteinwhenever i do anything like that19:40
holsteini just do it sans-FW19:40
ailo_holstein, I guess the biggest problem would  be latency. Hard to get low latency.19:40
holsteini can get low latency19:40
holsteinlow enough i think19:40
holsteinjust wouldnt do it19:40
holsteintook me a could weeks of screwing around19:40
holsteinjust to figure out it *wasnt* darkice19:40
ailo_holstein, Yeah, but get low latency with browser apps, and flash player.19:40
holsteinthats when i worked the 'dummy' driver into my troube-shooting routines ;)19:40
ailo_holstein, Don't know how Justin.tv works, though19:40
holsteinyeah, ive used ustream a bit19:40
holsteinmaybe 6 times19:40
holsteinxyclo_: im interested in doing that though19:40
holsteini think i still would just line into another box for it though19:40
holsteini mean, its streaming quality19:40
holsteinas long as i can track locally FW19:41
ailo_holstein, That's what I was thinking too. Makes more sense to use two computers for that19:41
holsteinand come out of the sends to another machine19:41
holsteinailo_: some call it a cop-out19:41
holsteini call it functional, and easy :)19:41
holsteinthe benifits of running a kick-ass FW device are just not going to be present on a stream like that19:42
holsteini think19:42
holsteinthat being said19:42
holsteinxyclo_: i'll try it sometime19:42
holsteinand see what i get19:42
holsteinim not home now19:42
xyclo_Why 2 machines though?19:43
xyclo_I still don't get it19:43
ailo_xyclo_, Then you can use jack, and monitor that on one machine, and use the other with PA, with no need to monitoring it. You get a very reliable system19:43
xyclo_no pulse-jack-source19:44
holsteinyou just do your thing on one box19:44
holsteinrunning JACk or whatever19:44
holsteinand the other machine19:44
holsteinyou just go into it19:44
holsteinanolog even19:44
holsteinnetjack is an option19:44
xyclo_I see the why19:45
holsteini did that with icecast19:45
holsteinnetjack over to a machine running the dummy driver19:45
holsteinin JACK19:45
holsteinand all was good19:45
holsteinbut, i preffered just anolog connecting them19:45
holsteinand i challenge you to hear the difference19:45
xyclo_netjack, I dream of getting there...19:45
holsteinon a 90kb stream19:46
xyclo_I am stuck in this minor things19:46
holsteinat least we have options :)19:46
holsteinand hell, if you want to write software, the options are literally endless19:47
xyclo_So, conclusion?19:47
holsteinwell, i wouldnt be scared of running 2 machines19:47
holsteinif it makes life easier19:47
holsteinthat what i did for a long tim19:47
holsteinand still do sometimes19:48
holsteini still like FW19:48
xyclo_I guess I could19:48
holsteinif your like me19:48
xyclo_I will try the libflash thing and see though...19:48
holsteinyou got a lot of options19:49
xyclo_The other PC is a laptop, no INs19:49
holsteini have a bunch of hardware laying around19:49
xyclo_would have too use zoom H219:49
xyclo_Also it's old19:49
holsteinthe zoom is nice19:49
holsteinthe H419:49
holsteinnice pres19:49
holsteinall you need is a line in19:49
ailo_xyclo_, I don't know how the Justin TV thing works, if the libflash thing will help at all. At least it should work with watching Youtube and things like that.19:49
holsteinand the zoom has it :)19:49
xyclo_the H2 is like a swiss army knife though19:49
xyclo_I use it a lot as USB mic19:50
PipeManMusicI have an h4.19:50
PipeManMusicFantastic device.19:50
* holstein gotta run...19:50
xyclo_thanks, holstein!19:50
holsteinxyclo_: good luck :)19:50
xyclo_ailo_, I'll check it and report...19:51
xyclo_thanks all...19:51
xyclo_Have you tried the H4n?19:57
xyclo_Good quality too?19:57
PipeManMusicI haven't.20:02
Strayfolkabout rtirq: the only thing that seems to set any sort of priorities is editing /etc/default/rtirq20:42
StrayfolkI would like the rtirq-init script to work, but only manual editing works20:43
ailo_Strayfolk, Did you install it from repo?20:44
StrayfolkI did20:45
Strayfolkhow do I undo the manual tweak?20:45
ailo_Strayfolk, what is it you want to do? The script runs at startup, so it should be running now20:45
Strayfolkit probably is, but only editing said file alters the rt priorities20:46
ailo_The script that runs is in /etc/init.d/*20:46
Strayfolkaccording to ps -eLo rtprio,cls,pid,pri,nice,cmd ....20:47
Strayfolkyes, but it does nothing20:47
ailo_Strayfolk, You're running the -rt kernel, I presume20:47
StrayfolkI am20:47
ailo_Strayfolk, I think if you just delete the files you edited, and reinstall, you'll get the default settings20:48
Strayfolkis that safe?20:49
ailo_Strayfolk, If you delete the /etc/init.d/rtirq, the script will not run . But, there will be files in all of /etc/rc.*/*20:50
ailo_It's safe20:50
ailo_Strayfolk, What is it you want to change in the rtirq script?20:52
ailo_Strayfolk, actually, if you uninstall the rtirq script, I remember it wouldn't fully uninstall20:53
StrayfolkI want to see what the rtirq script does differently and if it works better than my manual tweaks20:53
ailo_Strayfolk, here's the default /etc/default/rtirq http://paste.ubuntu.com/574150/20:56
ailo_Strayfolk, I guess all you need is to change between that file and the one you've edited.20:57
Strayfolkif I did, then those would be the priorities set, regardless of the rtirq-init script20:57
StrayfolkI use firewire20:58
Strayfolkreboot, thanks 4 your help20:58
ailo_Strayfolk, Yes. I just looked into the /etc/init.d/rtirq, and it looks for "RTIRQ_CONFIG=/etc/default/rtirq"20:58
holsteindo i need that?20:58
holsteinive never felt like i needed that20:59
ailo_Strayfolk, Which version of Ubuntu?20:59
Strayfolkoh really20:59
Strayfolkthat's good to know20:59
Strayfolkwith 2.6.31 rt20:59
holsteini got a presonus firepod20:59
holsteinand i was using that kernel for a while20:59
holsteinthen i got https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa21:00
ailo_Just realized doing: sudo apt-get purge rtirq-init, would of course uninstall everything21:02
holsteinStrayfolk: why do you use rtirq?21:02
Strayfolkholstein, thanks for asking :)21:03
holsteinmore importantly, should i be using it?21:03
StrayfolkI guess all tweak pages suggest it21:03
holsteindo you get lower latency?21:03
StrayfolkI dunno, do you have xruns and issues?21:03
StrayfolkI have very poor perfomance over all21:03
holsteini have a zero xrun policy21:03
ailo_holstein, You need it with an rt kernel. It sets priorities21:03
Strayfolkso I'm trying to get it running smoothly21:03
holsteini'll tolerate one if a program is opening21:03
holsteinor closing21:04
ailo_holstein, It will only work with realtime patched kernels21:04
holsteinailo_: i have -realtime21:04
holsteinStrayfolk: what device?21:04
Strayfolkholstein, that's what I get too, but I have stability issues also, which kill the work flow21:04
Strayfolkedirol fa-6621:04
Strayfolksony vaio f12 with i7 etc...21:04
ailo_holstein, -realtime is a realtime patched kernel, only not based on Ubuntu's kernel, but the vanilla version. You'll need rtirq to get high prio for your sound device21:05
StrayfolkI've ordered an expresscard firewire controller with TI chipset, but I doubt that it'll help21:05
holsteinStrayfolk: thats more likely21:05
Strayfolk,there's something else fishy about my system21:06
holsteinthe chip set21:06
holsteini have TI's21:06
holsteinand ive tried others21:06
holsteinjanky ones21:06
holsteini have on expresscard21:06
holsteinwith TI21:06
holsteinand several onboard TI's21:06
holsteinand a few pci TI's im hanging on to for a rainy day ;)21:06
StrayfolkI'm really hoping for better performance21:06
Strayfolksome day21:07
holsteinTI'll do it21:07
holsteinits pretty drastic21:07
StrayfolkI'm spending too much time on this bullcrap21:07
holsteini literally dont get any xruns21:07
Strayfolkthat's good for you21:07
holsteinat like 5ms latency21:07
Strayfolkwhat's your typical session like?21:07
holsteinthats with 8 tracks tracking21:07
holstein24 9621:07
StrayfolkI've heard some of your bass solos, which rock btw.21:08
holsteinfor over an hour21:08
holsteinthats how i test21:08
Strayfolkoh nice21:08
holsteinStrayfolk: D00D21:08
holsteinthanks :)21:08
holsteinyou did an RPM as well?21:08
Strayfolkwhat's that?21:08
holsteinthats what those tracks were for21:08
holsteinwell, not soley21:09
holsteinthat was the excuse i had to do them21:09
holsteinhelp make me do them21:09
holsteinStrayfolk: i have several JACK profiles21:09
holsteinwith various latency settings21:09
holsteinbut, 5ms is quite stable21:09
Strayfolkthat's useful when you have it running21:09
holsteinStrayfolk: a TI chip is what you need21:09
StrayfolkI've tried them all21:10
holsteini have a VIA thats not bad21:10
Strayfolkand I sure hope so!21:10
Strayfolkmine is a ricoh21:10
holsteinyeah, i have one of those on a macbook21:10
holsteinno go21:10
Strayfolkdeemed to work by some... but I demand quite a lot from my sessions21:10
Strayfolklike 15-20 ardour tracks + 5 renoise tracks21:10
holsteinStrayfolk: i got the express card im using locally21:10
Strayfolklotsa plugins21:10
holsteinpaid a little more21:11
holsteinBUT, they were going to let me return it21:11
holsteinworks great21:11
StrayfolkI did the same21:11
holsteinthey even knew what chip was in there21:11
Strayfolkif you mean you went to a store - by locally21:11
holsteini was surprised21:11
holsteinnot bestbuy21:11
Strayfolkyeah, I specifically asked for a TI one21:11
holsteina small local shop21:11
holsteingo to bestbuy and say 'chipset'21:12
Strayfolkit's gonna be interesting to see, you get my hopes up :)21:12
holsteinand watch the eyes glaze ;)21:12
holsteinStrayfolk: if you want21:12
holsteini'll give you teh model or whatever21:12
holsteinon the one i have21:12
StrayfolkI'm from Finland. we don't have bestbuy, but I know what you're talking about21:12
holsteinwe lost circuit city21:13
holsteini think bestbuy is on the way out21:13
holsteinStrayfolk: i think rlamerio has that unit21:15
holsteinwith TI chipset21:15
holsteinand has nothing bad to say about it21:15
holsteini remember discussing chipsets and latency with him21:15
holsteini remember it being similar if not better than what i was getting21:15
Strayfolkbut my sony vaio is a problem child when it comes to ubuntu21:16
holsteinStrayfolk: ive heard those can be a pain21:16
Strayfolkthat's the one I'm getting21:17
holsteinlong as its TI21:18
holsteinand you can return it21:18
holsteinif needed21:18
holsteini say, DO IT!21:18
holsteini had a hell of a time21:18
holsteinat first21:18
StrayfolkI'm excited.21:18
holsteinwith some funky chips21:18
Strayfolkgood to hear21:19
StrayfolkI will surely start sharing some music as soon as I get this thing running21:19
holsteinawesome, i look forward to hearing it :)21:20
Strayfolk:) thanks for your time21:20
StrayfolkI'm off now,  see you around!21:20
holsteinStrayfolk: laterx21:20
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