charlie-tcaGood morning13:50
charlie-tcaTesting the alpha3 images starting today13:54
knomeis there any news on getting the slideshow content donw?14:12
knomei could use some time today to update the slides, even with some really WIP material14:12
knomewould also be nice to get screenshots ready14:12
knomemakes it look way more ready, and we'll spot things that do not work14:12
charlie-tcaochosi: got any screenshots for knome?14:12
knomei can see if i can get a3 installed in vbox14:13
ochosicharlie-tca, knome: i can maybe do screenshots later in the day14:13
charlie-tcaWe are waiting for a good image at this time14:13
charlie-tcathey are rebuilding all the images14:13
ochosiwell, i can always make screenshots from my install14:14
knomethat's fine as well14:14
knomecharlie-tca, any comments about the mail i sent to the ML14:14
mr_pouitI if take screenshots, be sure to take greybird from git (the latest fixes are not uploaded yet)14:16
charlie-tcano, I didn't have any14:16
mr_pouitif you*14:16
charlie-tcaThat's why ochosi was going to get them, I thought? that is the most up-to-date.14:16
ochosiyep, no worries, i'll take care of the shots14:17
charlie-tcamr_pouit: stop order given for ppc builds14:22
charlie-tcaI will write up the news release on it later today14:22
ochosicharlie-tca: maybe a suggestion for the webteam and the next meeting, the news-posts in xubuntu.org should/could appear in the ubuntu planet14:24
ochosi(otherwise possibly no-one will *ever* read it)14:24
knomei can do that today14:24
charlie-tcaThey will, as soon as we get it moved to wordpress14:25
knomewe can do that already14:25
charlie-tcaI thought drupal did not let us do that (seemed to be one of the reasons to migrate to wordpress)14:25
knomeit does14:25
knomethat was never a reason to migrate14:25
knomethe reason not to add our site/feed now was that it's still ugly, and we'd like people see the new, shiny site14:26
charlie-tcaIs migrate to wordpress going to cause issues if we turn that on?14:26
charlie-tcaWe don't care if it ugly, we care if we are getting news to those who need to read it14:27
knomewell, not really "issues", but we need to link again/update our feed url14:27
charlie-tcaDoes that mean everything goes to the planet twice?14:28
knomethat means that if we don't change the url, there will be no new news14:28
charlie-tcaand we are talking about just the news releases, right?14:28
knomewell, anything on our site14:28
knomeat least wp can filter them to just news, probably drupal also (but i don't know that off the top of my head)14:29
charlie-tcaExplain? Anything on our site means we make a change to the download page, it goes to the planet?14:29
knomethe "articles"14:29
knomewhether they were news releases or something else14:29
knomelike the artwork article by ochosi 14:29
charlie-tcaokay, turn it on14:30
charlie-tcathey should all be in the same place, I thought?14:30
knomei'll do that today14:30
charlie-tcaIsn't that the normal rss feed?14:31
charlie-tcaturn it on, then. Seems good14:31
knomeyeah. as i said, i'll do that later today14:31
charlie-tcaright now, we forward things to UNW to get them published.14:31
ochosinice, thanks knome and charlie-tca 14:32
knomeochosi, np14:32
charlie-tcaknome: question? can you repunch ochosi's article to make it go through again after turning the feed on?14:41
knomei can't - i have no account in xububtu.org drupal14:44
* ochosi pokes micahg 14:48
ochosimicahg: nvm, already solved it15:16
charlie-tcaum, whatever we are using for notifications in natty alpha2, they do not cover each other up, but instead list individually down the screen19:57
charlie-tcaYou lose a lot of screen to them now19:58
Sysithat sounds better that not seeing all of them19:59
charlie-tcadepends on many times you like telling them to close so you can continue working19:59
charlie-tcasince they hide what ever should be on screen20:00
Sysii set them to disappear in 4secs, what is the default?20:00
charlie-tcaIf you load a music cd and it plasters every song up, it won't matter how long they are, will it?20:00
charlie-tcaa screen full of notices is not fun20:01
Sysinever seen that happening20:01
charlie-tcaI have a crash notice, an update notice, and an information notice, that is the top half of the screen20:02
charlie-tcaBeen a while!20:24
TDO|AquinaYes, it's bee a while.22:35
TDO|AquinaI decided to have a look when I received the latest artwors newsletter.22:36
TDO|AquinaI see you're in good shape. Are you?22:36
charlie-tcahopefully. the themes are done, thanks to ochosi.22:45
charlie-tcaWallpaper cutoff is March 10, we should have time to select one and get any changes in for it.22:46
charlie-tcaThis is looking to be a great release, with many changes22:46
TDO|AquinaIn case you look for grey I#ve got a modified version of an earlier image. Wanna see?23:41
charlie-tcathat's nice! 23:46
knomethat's the old style and font though23:49
TDO|AquinaI like old things. :-)23:53

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