RAOFWoo! Unity's less hateful on dual head displays now!00:06
kklimondaDaekdroom: there has been a clear definition of what notification area is for and it didn't stop anyone from abusing it.00:08
Daekdroomkklimonda, where?00:09
Daekdroom(and yes, that question is serious)00:09
kklimondagnome hig00:10
kklimondathere is also a similar document for indicator applets, and for windows notification area (misnamed by some as "tray")00:11
kklimondabut developers don't really read this stuff00:12
DaekdroomThat document makes me wonder about transmission and indicator-weather00:14
kklimondatransmission devs have added the "tray icon" because "every other bt client had it"00:15
kklimondaand users asked for it - it's disabled by default.00:15
kklimondaunfortunately removing this small icon meets with a lot of resistance from users.00:16
kenvandinewe got really flamed for removing it from gwibber00:16
kklimondathere are actually requests to enable it by default.00:17
kenvandinepeople wanted a way to "refresh"00:17
kklimondabtw, is it just me or is the unity launcher making messaging area pretty redundant?00:17
kenvandineit can :)00:17
Daekdroommessaging area?00:17
kenvandinemessaging menu00:18
kklimondaah, right00:18
DaekdroomI'm not sure. Does it integrate in some way with empathy? I don't use it.00:18
DaekdroomLet me see00:18
kenvandineDaekdroom, it is also known as the messaging indicator00:18
DaekdroomI can see integration with gwibber right away00:19
Daekdroombut not the redundant kind00:19
kenvandinein unity we have menus for things like refresh and stuff for gwibber00:19
DaekdroomCompiz crash *shrughs*00:20
kenvandinein unity we have menus for things like refresh and stuff for gwibber00:21
DaekdroomYeah. I noticed.00:21
kenvandinebut in the messaging menu it displays counts of unseen posts00:21
Daekdroomxchat does that in the launcher, doesn't it?00:22
kenvandineso does empathy00:22
kklimondakenvandine: doesn't unity launcher displays the same counter? or is it just not implemented yet?00:22
kenvandinenot for gwibber00:22
kenvandinei can only display one count00:22
kenvandinebut i am not a big fan of putting a single count which is just a total of the streams00:23
kenvandineeven though that is what i did for evolution :)00:23
* Daekdroom removes transmission from indicator-applet00:24
kenvandinei don't mind transmission being there if it can let you close the window and keep running00:24
DaekdroomIt's the sort of thing that you probably want to run on background, indeed.00:24
kenvandineif you close it, you should be able to see it is still doing something00:25
kenvandineso i am not opposed to that one00:25
DaekdroomThe only difference between it and the empathy and pidgin is that it doesn't need to warn you about stuff00:25
kklimondakenvandine: in Unity it doesn't matter anyway, you can just minimize it - at least I don't mind another icon in the launcher00:25
Daekdroomand when it does, it uses NotifyOSD00:25
DaekdroomMinimizing? I don't do that. I spread things around workspaces and switch between them.00:25
kenvandinekklimonda, right, i kind of like having the count there though00:25
kklimondakenvandine: any idea if the launcher api for "decorating" icons will be extended? it could be a nice feature to display up/down speed on transmission icon00:26
kenvandinei turn off autohide in the launcher00:26
kenvandineso i love seeing a nice count00:26
kklimondaah :)00:26
kklimondaI just don't run that many apps00:26
kenvandineand i did the progress bar for empathy file transfer00:26
kenvandinei love that :)00:26
kklimondayeah, progress bar is a nice feature, but it doesn't fit how transmission downloads files currently00:27
kklimondai.e. there is no way to queue downloads00:27
kklimondaso it would have to display a total progress.. not really helpful imo00:27
DaekdroomIt could show down/up speeds.00:27
kklimondaDaekdroom: I did think about it a moment ago but I'm afraid it will add too much clutter to the icon.00:27
DaekdroomPossibly, specially if it's gonna be resizeable.00:28
kenvandineempathy does that now00:29
kenvandineit does a total00:29
kenvandineso if you are transferring 2 and you add a third it shifts down the progress to the total percentage00:30
DaekdroomBut that is such a different situation00:30
kenvandineubuntuone does the same thing00:30
DaekdroomBecause when doing the transference through IM, you expect it to finish ASAP.00:30
kenvandineit is more telling you that there are files transferring00:30
kenvandinenot so much that a specific file might be done00:31
DaekdroomWhen downloading loads and loads of stuff, some stuff might not matter in the short time.00:31
kenvandineubuntuone could be loads00:31
kenvandinei did a fresh install on a box today and it had to download 4G of data from u100:31
kenvandineit was nice to have that one little progress bar showing me where it was :)00:31
nhainesI did a fresh install on my laptop and the U1 progress bar was a huge and delightful surprise.00:42
nhainesAs were the notification updates from U1 every x minutes actually.00:42
rbnswartzDBO you around?01:32
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oSoMoNgood morning07:53
MacSlowgreetings everybody08:00
didrocksgood morning08:05
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bewdieloombahow much will Unity 2D differ from Unity?10:14
om26erDBO, Hi! bug 690096 seems to have come back10:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 690096 in Ayatana Design "Launcher - Implement launcher auto-scroll" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69009610:18
ubot5Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:15
rodrigo_/opt/extra/src/canonical/unity/sync-geometries/utouch/unity-mt-grab-handles/src/unity-mt-grab-handles.cpp: In constructor ‘UnityMTGrabHandlesScreen::UnityMTGrabHandlesScreen(CompScreen*)’:11:19
rodrigo_/opt/extra/src/canonical/unity/sync-geometries/utouch/unity-mt-grab-handles/src/unity-mt-grab-handles.cpp:723:42: error: no matching function for call to ‘GLTexture::readImageToTexture(CompString&, CompString&, CompSize&)’11:19
rodrigo_/usr/include/compiz/opengl/texture.h:205:14: note: candidate is: static GLTexture::List GLTexture::readImageToTexture(CompString&, CompSize&)11:19
rodrigo_I'm getting this, but I'm already with the latest nux from trunk, any idea?11:19
rodrigo_ah, I need a newer compiz11:19
didrockssmspillaz: ^^11:20
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smspillazrodrigo_: yeah, update compiz11:25
klattimerrodrigo_: could you give me some advice on ecal11:42
rodrigo_klattimer, yes, sure11:42
klattimerI'm having trouble with the e_cal_generate_instances11:42
klattimerby looking at the code in eds it appears it generates objects, then generates instances for each object and calls my callback with the following args11:42
bewdieloombahow much will Unity 2D differ from Unity?11:42
klattimerECalComponent *comp, time_t instance_start, time_t instance_end,  gpointer data11:43
klattimerright? so, when I get that in my callback, I check its vtype11:43
rodrigo_klattimer, right11:43
klattimerit's vtype returns neither event or todo and asserts that E_IS_CAL_COMPONENT failed11:44
klattimerso looks like the callback isn't actually getting a comp11:44
rodrigo_klattimer, do you have only one callback?11:45
klattimerjust one11:45
rodrigo_the ECalComponent is unref'ed as soon as the callbacks are done11:45
rodrigo_so maybe you are using when it's been unrefed?11:45
klattimerok, so I need to ref them11:45
klattimerthat's good advice and probably what I'm missing11:45
klattimermakes sense11:45
rodrigo_not in the callback itself, if you just want to look at it there11:46
rodrigo_but if you keep it around, yes, g_object_ref it11:46
rodrigo_was that the case?11:47
klattimerrebuilding now11:47
rodrigo_ah ok11:47
klattimerwill let you know in about 3-5 mins11:47
klattimer(it's only a little HP mini 110 doing the build, bless it:)11:47
klattimerrodrigo_: that worked11:49
klattimerexcept, the dtstart is always the same11:49
klattimerhow can i get the start date time of the instance?11:49
rodrigo_you can use e_cal_component_get_dt*11:50
rodrigo_don't remember, but maybe it calls the callback with the dtstart/end you used when calling e_cal_generate_instances11:50
rodrigo_let me check the code11:50
klattimerrodrigo_: thanks11:50
klattimerrodrigo_: I use e_cal_component_get_dtstart (ecalcomp, &datetime);11:51
klattimerbut it always returns the same datetime11:51
rodrigo_the same datetime for all components?11:51
klattimerrodrigo_: yep11:52
rodrigo_klattimer, do you have the code isolated enough so that I can compile and run it here?11:54
rodrigo_or well, pastebin anyway11:54
klattimerrodrigo_: I can push up to launchpad in a minute11:54
klattimerand point you at the code there11:54
klattimerjust need a sec to test some stuff11:55
klattimerrodrigo_: tell me what you make of... each item has the same datetime from dtstart here; http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/recurring-and-gsettings-fixes/view/head:/src/datetime-service.c#L59212:18
bewdieloombahow much will Unity 2D differ from Unity?12:29
rodrigo_klattimer, I see a few things wrong, but nothing that would explain why you get the same datetime for all ECalComponent's12:31
klattimerrodrigo_: what do you see wrong?12:31
rodrigo_klattimer, using a global variable (tmpobjects) for temporary stuff12:32
rodrigo_klattimer, in line 731, you're g_object_unref'ing a GList12:32
klattimerrodrigo_: I know ugly huh, but I was just trying to fit things into the way things were before we hit the recurring problem in the first instance12:32
ryehello, i am trying to update a gtk.MenuItem in an indicator (created on the fly and prepended to the indicator menu). However there appears to be no dbus signal sent about the label change so it does not get updated. Sometimes i can reproduce this with the items that are created upon indicator initialization. Is there a known bug for that?12:34
rodrigo_klattimer, how many components you get in tmpbojects?12:34
klattimerwhich is the right amount12:34
klattimeras I have an appointment which repeats every day and that's all12:35
klattimerbut all of those say tuesday 4:3012:35
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rodrigo_klattimer, so, the for loop looks good, ecalcomp points to l->data12:38
rodrigo_and the components are ref'ed before adding them to the list, so not sure why12:38
rodrigo_but it looks like you're getting the same component all the time12:38
rodrigo_can you g_debug and print the address of the ecalcomp for each loop pass?12:39
klattimerrodrigo_: I'll check the address here12:40
rodrigo_klattimer, g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT(source), "changed", G_CALLBACK (update_appointment_menu_items), NULL);12:41
rodrigo_maybe that is being called again and again?12:41
rodrigo_and thus setting tmpboejcts to null?12:41
klattimerok, I'll remove that too then12:44
klattimerrodrigo_: all the objects have different addresses12:45
klattimerbut I'll remove the changed sig and retest12:45
klattimerrodrigo_: nope, it still returns the same date for each12:52
rodrigo_klattimer, I'll have another look later, now going out for lunch13:13
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JoshuaLI want to develop an application which shows an (dynamic) image like the sound indicator does, is this possible with libappindicator ?13:26
klattimerJoshuaL: you need to create your own indicator menu item type13:35
klattimerJoshuaL: take a look here; http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/recurring-and-gsettings-fixes/view/head:/src/indicator-datetime.c#L111313:36
klattimerthis is the code I'm working on for the datetime indicator13:37
klattimerwe do a lot of screwy things here like that ;)13:37
JoshuaLklattimer, hehe13:37
JoshuaLklattimer, thanks for pointing me in the good direction! :)13:38
JoshuaLim new to this so this will be a good start to learn it :p13:39
bcurtiswxkenvandine, i still don't see anything listed in the applications and files launcher icons, yet i have place-applications and place-files installed :-\13:51
kenvandinebcurtiswx, you mean you have no icons for them in the launcher?13:52
kenvandineor when you activate it you don't see any contents?13:52
bcurtiswxno no, just no contents13:52
kenvandinemaybe broken zeitgeist or something?13:53
kenvandinenjpatel, ^^13:53
njpatelbcurtiswx, can you take a screenshot of the applications place please13:54
njpatelbcurtiswx, also, make sure unity-applications-place is running (pgrep)13:54
kenvandinenjpatel, places are rocking btw13:54
kenvandinegreat job!13:54
kamstrupbcurtiswx: both places should show something even if Zeitgeist is hosed13:54
kamstrupbcurtiswx: files place should show downloads and favorite folders13:55
kenvandinenjpatel, my only complaint is the font for the icons, looks too condensed to me13:55
kamstrupbcurtiswx: and apps place should show installed apps13:55
njpatelkenvandine, it's not using your system font?13:55
* bcurtiswx will go check13:55
kenvandinenjpatel, dunno13:55
* njpatel finds bug in places13:55
kenvandinebut i see the same thing on a fresh install too13:55
didrocksnjpatel: there is a bug when the places don't show up anything before you hover them13:56
njpateldidrocks, yeah, that's what I just saw13:56
bcurtiswxnjpatel, pgrep doesn't show unity-applications-place13:56
bcurtiswxwell, any processes for it13:56
njpatelkenvandine, screenshot please? preferably with another app using the system default font please13:57
njpatelbcurtiswx, okay, so that would be the reason :) Do you have a local or system install of unity?13:57
njpatelbcurtiswx, but you are getting the icons on the launcher?13:57
bcurtiswxnjpatel, yup icons are there.. lemme get a screenshot for ya13:57
njpatelbcurtiswx, run /usr/lib/unity-place-applications/unity-applications-daemon in a terminal and see if it's segfaulting?13:58
bcurtiswxnjpatel, /usr/lib/unity-place-applications/unity-applications-daemon: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/unity-place-applications/unity-applications-daemon: undefined symbol: unity_activation_get_type13:58
njpatelbcurtiswx, is your system fully updated?13:59
njpateldoesn't sound like it13:59
kenvandinenjpatel, http://ubuntuone.com/p/flc/14:00
bcurtiswxnjpatel, unity:  Installed: 3.6.0-0ubuntu114:00
njpatelCould not locate content blob for object d4df1d34-c1d2-4d12-b129-cf8ae96e08ae14:00
njpatelbcurtiswx, libunity?14:00
bcurtiswxnjpatel, libunity3:  Installed: 3.4.6-0ubuntu114:01
njpatelkamstrup, didrocks ^14:02
njpatelhave you guys seen that error?14:02
seb128local install14:02
didrocksno, never saw that14:02
seb128clean your local builds they take over the distro one14:02
didrocksyeah, I think seb128 spot it14:02
njpatelbcurtiswx, you don't have a local unity hanging around?14:02
bcurtiswxi have been installing it from apt, not local14:02
njpatelbcurtiswx, ls /usr/lib/ | grep unity14:02
seb128you never built a local version from source?14:02
bcurtiswxi did, but i remember doing a make remove or make uninstall after i was done.. one sec14:03
seb128try to run ldd on the binary which raise the error14:03
didrocksbcurtiswx: ls /usr/local/lib/ rather14:03
* kenvandine never trusts make uninstall14:03
bcurtiswxOk there are files in there.. give 'em the ol 'rm' treatment?14:03
kenvandinenjpatel, did you see my screenshot?  is that what you expect it to look like?14:04
kamstrupbcurtiswx: it's because libunity broke abi... sorry that was my fault14:05
kamstrupso the place daemons need a rebuild against the new libunity abi14:05
bcurtiswxno prob, i appreciate the help.. will i need to reinstall from apt or just re-run unity?14:05
seb128kamstrup, it's ubuntu versions they don't need a rebuilt, it's just a local install taking over the official ubuntu lib14:05
kenvandinejust rerun14:05
njpatelkenvandine, I did, I typed something out and then I forgot to hit enter!14:06
njpatelkenvandine, it's wrong, the fonts are not right, could you file a bug please and assign it to me?14:06
njpatelkenvandine, I think I know the issue, what DPI do you use?14:06
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bcurtiswxthat did it, muchas gracias :)14:06
kenvandinenjpatel, it looks identical on my desktop box14:06
kenvandinewhich was a fresh install yesterday14:06
njpatelcool, so there's just an issue somewhere14:07
njpatelI think maybe the painting of the text is wrong14:07
klattimerkenvandine: lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/recurring-and-gsettings-fixes14:07
kenvandinei thought that was intentional :)14:07
klattimerThere's a tonne of fixes in there14:07
njpatelwe might be not allocating enough width for the texture14:07
kenvandineklattimer, awesome14:07
kenvandinei'll grab it14:07
klattimerplease test, we still seem to have all recurring appointments happening on the same day/time though14:07
kenvandinenjpatel, yeah, it looks squeeze14:07
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jcastronjpatel: are there plans for shortcuts to the dash15:14
jcastrofor example, alt-f1, and then hit the right arrow15:15
ryeOn what condition do gtk labels update/menu redraw fail to be propagated underlying in appindicator?15:15
njpateljcastro, shortcuts to the dash? Super?15:15
jcastrobut if I want to select something IN the dash15:16
njpateloh, keynav?15:16
jcastrofor example, super, type "chrome", now what?15:16
njpatelyes, it's broken but iit's there15:16
jcastroah ok15:16
njpateldefinitely we will have keynav15:16
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rodrigo_any cmake expert around?15:54
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bdmurraybug 694596 seems not fixed - I'm reopening the unity project task too16:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 694596 in unity (Ubuntu Natty) "unity not working on rotated displays" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69459616:16
bdmurrayhmm, actually I can't.  lamalex - could you open it?16:17
didrocksbdmurray: done16:21
bdmurraydidrocks: thanks - oh by the way I'm still running that cronjob that opens upstream tasks as it still seems to be finding some to open16:22
didrocksbdmurray: you can stop it, I run mine delay16:23
didrocksbdmurray: and it does that in addition to the rest :)16:23
bdmurraydidrocks: okay, fair enough16:23
lamalexdidrocks, did you see my email about incomplete/needs-design tag?16:25
mhall119is there a specific channel for Unity, or is this the place?16:25
didrockslamalex: yeah, I don't really care about what workflow to use, just agree with design :)16:26
lamalexok :P16:26
lamalexwell it matter to you because you'd have to update your script16:27
lamalexall design cares about is that they get an ayatana task16:27
didrockslamalex: sure, I just wait for the resul :)16:27
lamalexso you can you update the script to set unity to incomplete and add needs-design tag?16:27
didrockslamalex: basically, I copy design's task16:27
didrockslamalex: not for that case, in fact16:27
didrocksso, ok, when there is something incomplete16:28
didrocksmy script look if there is an ayatana-design and tells if there are none "oh oh, I want to set that as incomplete but no ayatana-design task"16:28
didrocksso, that's a manual task16:28
didrocks(there is generally one every 3 days)16:28
didrocksif there is already one, it set incomples (if the ayatan-design task is NEW or triaged)16:29
didrockswhen design set they task to fix committed/released, the script set the unity tasks to triaged16:29
didrocksfor existing ones now16:29
didrocksI always set the task to incomplete personnaly16:29
bcurtiswxkenvandine, what package do I need so that when I right click on an image file and i go to ubuntuone, that it allows me to share ?16:30
didrockslamalex: you meant that updating those which have ayatana-design task as NEW/triaged and unity ones as complete?16:30
kenvandinebcurtiswx, that is in the nautilus extension16:31
didrocks(oh, also if ayatana-design set them as Opinon or won't fix, the script sets the unity tasks as Opinion or Won't Fix as well)16:31
kenvandinebut i think the file has to be in a folder already shared16:31
bcurtiswxkenvandine, OK16:31
lamalexdidrocks, I mean instead of setting the unity status to opinion16:33
lamalexi guess this isn't really related to your script16:34
lamalexso nevermind actually16:34
didrockslamalex: not really I think :)16:34
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jcastrolamalex: did your weird multimonitor bug get fixed? mine did, I'm at feature parity with 10.10 now17:06
rodrigo_ok, got the cmake magic for glib-genmarshal!!17:17
rodrigo_and people complain about auto*, but I find it easier than cmake17:17
lamalexjcastro, i haven't actually plugged into my second monitor in a while17:19
rodrigo_ugh, didn't get it fully :(17:19
lamalexmy desk is covered in crap so I've been working on the couch17:19
dbarth-otprodrigo_: apinheiro: feedback from my weekly call: take some time to investigate making places accessible17:19
rodrigo_dbarth-otp, ok17:19
dbarth-otprodrigo_: apinheiro: i'll get back to you shortly17:19
apinheirodbarth-otp, ok, I will take a look tomorrow morning17:20
nmarquesdidrocks, ping... do you have any idea on what could be triggering this: http://susepaste.org/2260785117:22
didrocksnmarques: hey, oh? you're still packaging unity? As the fact that you told you were fed up made the headlines :)17:23
nmarquesdidrocks, I don't might be a cultural issue there17:23
nmarquesdidrocks, I said 'for the time being', which in Portuguese means, I'm leaving it behind for some time17:24
nmarquesdidrocks, doesn't mean I ditched it for sure17:24
didrocksnmarques: oh ok, I was surprise about it :)17:24
nmarquesdidrocks, and press != opinion makers17:24
didrocksnmarques: I'm at you in 10 min :)17:24
didrocksjust finishing something first17:24
nmarquesdidrocks, np17:24
didrocksnmarques: you need our patches in compiz17:36
nmarquesdidrocks, I've also noticed my utouch stack isn't updated ;)17:37
nmarquesdidrocks, updating it now, meanwhile is it possible to know which patches are _really_ required on compiz?17:38
rodrigo_njpatel, https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/unity/sync-geometries/+merge/51929 <- could you have a look at the Geometry retrieval? I am getting wrong coordinates for some of the indicator objects/entries17:39
rodrigo_njpatel, when you have time, I'm leaving now, so no hurry :)17:40
didrocksnmarques: all the git ones 10*17:40
nmarquesdidrocks, kk, will do17:41
bewdieloombahow much will Unity 2D differ from Unity?17:45
ionSince they aren’t based on the same code with a layer of abstraction for Compiz+OpenGL and something-2D… Too much. :-P17:47
bcurtiswxhttp://ubuntuone.com/p/fmo/ anyone have that issue who runs chromium web browser ?18:01
bcurtiswxBTW that is a maximized chromium browser18:05
didrocksbcurtiswx: same here, I reported a bug about it18:06
didrocksomer confirmed18:06
didrocksthe only one who don't have it is smspillaz :/18:07
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bcurtiswxdidrocks, OK good to know it's reported :) thx18:11
bewdieloombasince Unity 2D will be a lot different from Unity, I'd like to use Unity, but what are the minimum specs for Unity?18:16
bewdieloombano wait, not minimum, the recommended specs18:16
bewdieloombato have a smooth experience18:16
nhainesbewdieloomba: you mostly just need to have a well-supported video card with 3D acceleration.18:19
bewdieloombai got ati18:19
nhainesIt doesn't need to really be a powerful card, per se.  My 6-year-old ATI Radeon 200M is doing pretty well so far.18:20
bewdieloombawhich to date has worked out of the box on ubuntu, but unity might change that18:20
bewdieloombawhy is unity 2d being developed then?18:20
nhainesbewdieloomba: there are no 3D drivers for ARM.18:20
bewdieloombaso unity 2d is a temporary solution to run it on ARM till ARM supports 3D?18:21
nhainesbewdieloomba: I don't think Unity 2D even works on non-ARM.  Someone feel free to correct me.  :)18:21
bewdieloombathen I can run Unity18:21
nhainesbewdieloomba: I don't know if it's temporary, but yes it is a workaround.  :)18:21
bewdieloombaomg i cant wait18:21
nhainesMy question for the Unity developers is: how does Unity determine the backlight color for launcher panels?18:22
kklimondaUnity 2D works pretty well18:22
kklimondaon i386 and x6418:22
bewdieloombathe only thing i fear for 11.04 will be that the appmenu won't support libreoffice and chromium and other important apps like pidgin and eclipse18:22
kklimondathere is nothing to support in chromium18:23
nhaineskklimonda: ooh.  Will it be available as an automatic fallback?18:23
kklimondanhaines: no idea, for now there is an additional Unity 2D session18:23
nhainesbewdieloomba: LibreOffice appmenu support will be available as an optional package in Unity, but should be default by 10.10 I'd imagine.18:23
kklimondaI hope it will be always available - 2D is much better for battery on my hardware.18:24
nhaineskklimonda: Oh, maybe I did see that one... I'll have to look closer, thanks.  :)18:24
bewdieloombahopefully it'll be nailed down by 12.04 LTS18:24
bewdieloombai gtg now but ill bbl18:24
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jcastronhaines: the light takes like an average of all the colors in the app's icons18:48
jcastroor something to that effect18:48
=== ivanka is now known as ivanka-train
nhainesjcastro: that's what I thought although several icons looked suspiciously uniform in backlight color.18:50
nhainesAnd the WorkSpace switcher seems very purple for all the grey in there.  :)18:51
jcastrowell the app and files place are black and white on purpose18:51
jcastroyeah, that's a special one too18:51
nhainesI meant the File Manager, Firefox, and Ubuntu One icons.18:51
nhainesjcastro: omg h4x!18:51
jcastroI turn the backlight off actually until the app is running (the option is in ccsm)18:51
jcastrootherwise it's a rainbow over there18:52
nhainesWell, U1 dropped and the backlight turned red when the red emblem appeared, so I can believe it's an average.18:52
jcastromy U1 icon hasn't done anything yet18:53
nhainesthe U1 control panel is beautiful though.  :)18:53
kenvandineklattimer, that branch failed to build for me earlier, but i didn't look at fixing it yet18:53
nhainesLooks like that train has left the station.18:55
bewdieloombahey im back19:12
bewdieloombais there a PPA for the appmenu?19:27
bewdieloombaid like to try out the latest version19:27
nmarquesdidrocks: ping19:35
seiflotfyDBO, you around19:42
seiflotfywhere do i find the pinned .desktop files19:42
seiflotfygconf or some file on the dekstop19:42
kenvandineseiflotfy, gsettings19:42
bcurtiswxkenvandine, adding the right click option for the launcher to gwibber, is there a reference site to add that functionality to empathy?  I want to make it so on a right click if there are new messages that they will show there like the do in the indicator applet19:50
bcurtiswxas well as new messages and that sort19:51
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
kenvandinei added the static ones, last i tried the dynamic quicklists didn't work19:51
kenvandinewhich is what you would need19:52
bcurtiswxi could do static ones for new messages..19:53
kenvandinethe static ones are just in the .desktop file19:53
kenvandineso you need a way to launch the app into what you want the menu to do19:53
bcurtiswxlet me rephrase, "Create New Message"19:53
kenvandineright, empathy doesn't have a way to do that from a command line19:54
bcurtiswxgwibber does 'eh19:54
kenvandineyeah :)19:54
kenvandineand evolution19:54
kenvandineit runs like evolution -c calendar19:54
kenvandinefor example19:54
kenvandineand gnome-screenshot19:55
kenvandinehas args to take a screenshot of just a window or full desktop19:55
kenvandinethere is an API for creating the dynamic quicklists though19:56
kenvandinebut last time i tried it, it failed silently :)19:56
kenvandinemaybe you will have more luck19:56
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=== Guest42737 is now known as ogra_
bcurtiswxi doubt if you have no luck that I will :P19:59
nmarquesguys, where's the best place to leave a patch for compiz (unity-window-decorator) which tweaks a bit the install ?20:00
nmarquesbasically implements DESTDIR20:00
bcurtiswxkenvandine, empathy folks think GApplication should do most of the work to make empathy command line accessible20:03
kenvandinenmarques, file a bug and attach the patch20:03
nmarqueskenvandine: will do20:04
m_conleytedg: ping20:06
tedgHowdy m_conley20:06
m_conleytedg: hi!  I was wondering - is show-hide-server in libindicate supposed to be showing and hiding the *visibility* of the server in the Messaging Menu?20:07
m_conleytedg: because, as it stands, it does not.  While it says it is hiding the test server, the visibility persists.20:07
m_conleytedg: or am I misunderstanding the meaning of libindicate's server_show and server_hide?20:08
tedgm_conley, Yes, it's broken.  No one was using it, so I hadn't prioritized fixing it.  Do you need it for something?  I can push it up in priority.20:08
m_conleytedg: it's not an earth-shattering, stop the presses priority.  Were you hoping to get it pushed for alpha 3?20:09
tedgm_conley, No, A3 is already frozen.20:09
tedgm_conley, We'd need to be killing kittens at this point to get it in A3 :)20:10
m_conleytedg: ah, k.  Wasn't sure how close you were to getting alpha 3 out20:10
nmarqueskenvandine: LP #72801520:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 728015 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main (Ubuntu) "unity-window-decorator cmake install doesn't use DESTDIR" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72801520:10
nmarqueswrong place :/ ffs20:11
m_conleytedg: is there a bug # for server_hide/show?20:11
m_conleytedg: if so, maybe I'll just monitor that.20:11
tedgm_conley, One sec, let me find it.20:12
tedgm_conley, Uhg, I can't seem to find it.  It must be misfilled :-/20:14
tedgI doubt someone fixed it for me :)20:15
m_conleytedg: Ok, I'll take a look around and see if I can find the bug.20:15
mhall119kamstrup: how do I run the python place example?21:01
kamstrupmhall119: so there are a few steps at this point in time unfortunately - but here goes21:02
kamstrupDownload  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/dee/trunk/view/head:/bindings/python/Dee.py21:02
mhall119I got that21:02
kamstrupAnd sudo cp Dee.py /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/gi/overrides/Dee.py21:02
kamstrupThen makre sure you have libdee >= 0.5.10 and libunity >= 3.4.621:03
kamstrupand the packages gir1.2-unity-3.021:03
mhall119okay, I'm running Natty daily as of yesterday21:03
kamstrupmhall119: that should be good enough21:04
kamstrupmhall119: so now bzr branch lp:~unity-team/unity-place-sample/unity-place-python21:04
mhall119got that21:04
mhall119I followed along in the session21:04
kamstrupThen follow the README in there21:05
kamstrupor see it here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-place-sample/unity-place-python/view/head:/README21:05
mhall119copied the .svg and .place21:05
kamstrupmhall119: cool21:05
mhall119oh, I didn't restart unity21:05
kamstrupmhall119: yeah, that's the crucial point21:05
kamstrupmhall119: we want to make it so unity discovers new places on runtime, but that's not yet done21:05
kamstrupso a restart is required21:06
kamstrupmhall119: there is also the slight gotcha that the place daemon needs to be running when you restart21:06
kamstrupmhall119: because we hack this daemon into the system really - it can't do proper dbus activation21:06
kamstrupwhich unity expects21:07
kamstrupso just keep it running and unity will think all is good :-)21:07
mhall119ah, cool, it's working now21:07
kamstrupmhall119: wow, that's awesome to hear!21:07
mhall119are places always grey in teh launcher?21:07
kamstrupmhall119: not necessarily21:07
kamstrupmhall119: i just tweaked the icon to be in line with the rest of the places21:08
kamstrupmhall119: but it's awesome you have it working!21:08
kamstrupmhall119: all this code just came together today - so this is the bleeding edge of the bleeding edge21:08
mhall119gah, unity keeps crashing on me21:08
kamstrupbut hopefully everything will be in the repos by monday21:08
marcos_Is anyone else having a problem with rhythmbox and unity? Whenever I minimize/close it, unity treats it still as the focused window, despite it not showing up.21:08
kamstrupmhall119: oh, bugger... i'd guess it's unrelated to the new place?21:09
mhall119kamstrup: probably, it's been crashing on me regularly since I installed21:09
mhall119running on an EeePC 701 netbook21:09
kamstrupmhall119: since you installed the place daemon?21:09
mhall119since I installed Natty21:09
kamstrupmhall119: phew - you had me scared :-)21:10
marcos_Bleh. Same thing happens to banshee21:10
mhall119not your fault21:10
kamstrupmhall119: which video card and driver?21:10
mhall119well, maybe your fault,but I can't be sure21:10
andreasnjono, ping21:10
=== marcos_ is now known as Daekdroom
jonoandreasn, hey21:10
kamstrupmhall119: lol - you never know :-)21:10
mhall119kamstrup: Intel 915GM21:10
kamstrupmhall119: hmm - i think I recall some bugs mentioning i91521:11
mhall119I'm also running at 800x480 res21:11
kamstrupi have i945 here and it works very well21:11
andreasnjono, hi! Is the correct name "Messaging Menu" or "Messaging Indicator"?21:11
kamstrupmhall119: yeah, i know there was some performance issues on i91521:11
mhall119performance has been good, actually21:11
jonoandreasn, hmmm not 100% sure, I think it is Messaging Indicator21:11
andreasnjono, my Internet suggests both21:11
mhall119it's just the crashing21:11
mhall119and things being cut off because of my low screen res21:12
jonotedg, ^21:12
jonocan you answer andreasn21:12
tedgandreasn, Messaging Menu -- though we're sadly very inconsistent. :(21:13
mhall119kamstrup: this should get me started at least,thanks21:13
kamstrupmhall119: most welcome21:14
andreasntedg, thanks!21:14
mhall119kamstrup: okay, now to make the python sample stop appearing, I have to remove the .place file?21:15
tedgandreasn, Basically the whole thing is the "Menu Bar" with the various menus on it.  But the packages are all named "indicator" as that's what we called it before someone with naming skillz (mpt) got ahold of us :)21:15
kamstrupmhall119: yep, that's all21:15
kamstrupmhall119: i'll just put that in the README, it's good info21:15
jcastrokamstrup: woo!21:16
mhall119then setsid unity again?21:16
kamstrupmhall119: that should do it21:17
jcastrokamstrup: I am thinking for tomorrow, since it's A3, a nice blog post on how to do this, step by step would be awesome21:17
mhall119and it did, thanks21:17
jcastroand then we can get people started on doing Places21:17
kamstrupjcastro: yeah, I want to do that21:18
kamstrupjcastro: I also need to throw mad props to the PyGI team21:18
mhall119man, alpha 3 already, I need to get cracking on Qimo21:18
jcastrokamstrup: I'll remind didrocks about making the quickly template do /opt or whatever so we can get people rolling on them even when we start to freeze21:18
kamstrupjcastro: the issue here is dbus activation...21:26
kamstrupjcastro: normally dbus only looks for .service files under /etc21:26
kamstrupjcastro: so that's a headache for the desktop team :-) or maybe platform...21:27
jcastroI thought he had a solution for that, anyway, I'll ask him tomorrow21:27
jcastrowe'll worry about that, you just make sure it works. :)21:27
kamstrupjcastro: maybe it's not an issue anymore - that would be awesome21:27
jcastroand if we can't sort it maybe we can ppa it or something21:27
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
RAOFOk.  Where do I go to make unity suck less on multiple heads?22:08
=== rickspencer3_ is now known as rickspencer3
jonoRAOF, I thought that was all fixed?22:18
RAOFNot really.  It is slightly less hateful, in that Unity now knows where the edges of my screen are.22:19
RAOFBut it still explodes spectacularly if you try to *change* the screen geometry, and there are a bunch of other miscelaneous problems if your primary monitor doesn't happen to be left-most.22:20
seiflotfyDBO, you around22:20
DBOseiflotfy, no22:21
DBORAOF, baby!22:21
RAOFAha!  There's the man who knows where to point me to make things work!22:21
seiflotfyDBO, i am having issues with the python bindings for dee22:21
seiflotfyfor some reason my system cant find them22:21
seiflotfyalthough they are copied and installed from source22:21
seiflotfyseif@seif-VirtualBox:~/Projects/unity-place-python$ ./unity-place-python.py22:21
seiflotfyERROR:root:Could not find any typelib for Dee22:21
seiflotfyTraceback (most recent call last):22:21
seiflotfy  File "./unity-place-python.py", line 5, in <module>22:21
seiflotfy    from gi.repository import Dee22:21
seiflotfyImportError: cannot import name Dee22:21
DBOseiflotfy, asking my about python? you might as well be talking about ancient greek....22:22
DBORAOF, okay so your problem lies in the fact that unity makes no attempt to deal with screen geometry changes yet22:23
DBOit shouldn't be *that* difficult22:23
RAOFISTR a compiz hook that should be usable to make that happen.22:24
DBOeven better22:25
DBOhold on22:25
RAOFSo, which part of the unity stack do I need to prod?  Unity itself?  Nux?22:25
DBORAOF, unityshell.cpp22:26
DBOsoooo from there you should be able to start debugging :)22:26
DBOoh and yes... I know it's not much of a lead, but in fairness, I have not begun debugging that yet22:27
DBORAOF, so here is the second part of the issue22:28
DBOin nux, NuxGraphics/GraphicsDisplayX11.cpp22:28
DBOcase ConfigureNotify: happens22:29
kklimondaseiflotfy: do you have gir1.2-dee-0.5 installed?22:29
DBOexcept it filters out foreign events (when running embedded mode this is true)22:29
DBOROAF, in reality this needs to allow to happen when foreign is false OR the window in question is the m_X11Window22:30
DBOthis will cause nux to resize its internal buffers22:30
RAOFWhich will presumably stop the new screen being a fetching shade of black :)22:30
DBOmore than likely it will cause a segfault22:30
DBOthats my bet22:30
DBOthen comes the fun part22:31
seiflotfyits owkring now22:31
DBOkklimonda, thanks for helping seiflotfy22:31
kklimondano problem22:32
seiflotfyDBO, kklimonda i got a surprise for you guys :)22:32
DBOseiflotfy, put your pants back on22:32
seiflotfyDBO, but i dont like my pants22:33
DBOkklimonda, your mind doesn't go bad places immediately, what a blissful world this must be for you22:33
kklimondaDBO: if you only knew. I've just learnt not to write the first thing that comes to my mind ;)22:36
DBOkklimonda, a hard learned lesson I intend to never learn22:36
RAOFMan a lot of GraphicsDisplayX11 is commented out :)22:50
RAOFMan, this is going to be much more fun when my ccache is populated with nux objects.22:59
DBORAOF, at no point in time is fun to be had whilst working on nux22:59
DBOif you find yourself having fun, remember I can always ask you to fix some race conditions we have with XDND23:00
RAOFIt looks like it should probably be using intel_swap_events where possible, too.23:00
DBOwtf is intel_swap_events?23:00
RAOFThey're basically acks that a buffer swap has completed.23:00
RAOFSo you don't drive your rendering pipeline at > SwapBuffers fps.23:01
DBOthat would be done in compiz then wouldn't it?23:01
DBOi mean thats where all of our paint calls come from23:01
DBOfooooood time23:03
RAOFProbably.  But the comments around GraphicsDisplay::SwapBuffer that suggest that someone would like something like swap_events.23:03
RAOFWoo!  We have a nux build.23:04
RAOFDBO: Well, that was easier than you thought it would be.23:11
RAOFI mean, apart from unity having no idea about how it needs to change the layout, of course.23:13
RAOFBut at least the second monitor actually displays stuff :)23:13
RAOFBy the way, cmake is terrible.23:39
RAOFAnd I hate you!23:40

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