maxbspiv: If you land your loom bzr-2.4 branch, then I think we can celebrate the daily builds PPA being all green for the first time ever :-)00:18
spivmaxb: ooh, that's quite an incentive :)00:19
spivmaxb: I need people to review https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/branch-revs-to-fetch/+merge/51710 before I can though!00:19
* jelmer waves to poolie, spiv, maxb00:20
jelmerspiv: I had a look earlier today and was wondering if revs_to_fetch() wouldn't be more appropriate on InterBranch00:21
spivjelmer: hmm!00:22
jelmerit seems like it should belong on InterBzrDir, but we have no such thing00:22
spivI don't think it would belong on InterBzrDir00:22
jelmerspiv: I'm thinking of a case when there are e.g. multiple heads00:23
jelmerlike colocated branches00:23
spivWell, for the logic we have today that this is a refactoring of, it wouldn't belong on InterBzrDir00:24
jelmerspiv: fair enough00:24
spivColocated branches are an interesting case.00:25
jelmerspiv: still, I think InterBranch might be a better location than Branch as that e.g. allows custom InterBranch implementations to override the behaviour00:25
spivjelmer: yeah, I didn't remember about InterBranch at all00:26
spivIt may even make the 'use default local logic' hack in remote.py slightly neater.00:27
spiv(or maybe not, but worth trying)00:27
spivCan you maybe elaborate a little in a review comment about the sort of thing that custom InterBranch would want to do here?00:28
jelmerspiv: sure00:28
spivI think I can guess pretty well, but not guessing is even better :)00:29
spivDo you think this is heading in a direction that'll be overall a bit nicer for foreign formats?00:29
spivI'm pretty happy that it's made it pretty easy to improve the way bzr-loom fetches, but that's also a pretty similar format to the builtin ones in that it has a regular bzr repo underneath it.00:30
jelmerspiv: yeah, I think it is00:31
spivThat's good to hear.  :)00:32
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amriedlejelmer: in subvertpy, is there support for svn mergeinfo --show-revs = merged/eligible ?05:00
yjmboI'd like to use bzr+ssh:// to get to a branch, in a cron scripted task. I need to specify a keyfile for authentication. I don't see any way to pass options to the ssh command (i.e. like rsync does), and this task doesn't really have an associated user account, so no ~/.bazaar directory to leave a config file. BZR_SSH doesn't allow arbitrary commands to be used. How can I achieve this?05:05
spivyjmbo: hmm, I thought we did allow arbitrary commands somehow05:24
spivyjmbo: ah, so I think BZR_SSH doesn't take arbitrary commands, but it does take arbitrary paths05:25
spivyjmbo: i.e. you could make a shell script that does "ssh -OIdentityFile=...", and set BZR_SSH to that script.05:26
yjmbospiv, I tried point to a script with BZR_SSH, but it had to have a pre-approved name. So I called it 'ssh', put it first in PATH, and accidentally fork-bombed my server.06:06
yjmboWhen my server recovers I'll try again :-) But it looks like the only way to pass ssh options is to fake the environment, rather than explicitly pass them in.06:06
spivyjmbo: you should be able to pass any path, which version of bzr do you have?06:22
spivyjmbo: using a path has been supported since 2.1.006:24
yjmbospiv, it should be 2.1.1 but I cannot tell you what happened when I tried because I've lost that server session. Need an intervention from the VM host to get back in, too. I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens then!06:29
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jammorning all09:51
* fullermd waves at jam.09:54
jamfullermd: good to know I'll see you around in any TZ I switch to09:55
* fullermd is a constant :)09:55
Manikandan2when i use the cmd bzr branch lp: nova i got the folooeing errorbzr branch lp:nova10:13
Manikandan2Write failed: Broken pipehing revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 26772/4200310:13
Manikandan2Write failed: Broken pipe10:13
Manikandan2bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.          ट10:13
maxbManikandan2: my initial thought would be a local connectivity problem10:17
maxbManikandan2: works fine for me10:19
Manikandan2ok i will check it thank u10:23
Manikandan2it is downloading for some, after that only it gives broken pipe error10:23
stefanlsdis http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrHooks still the best info re hooks?11:28
spivstefanlsd: probably not11:32
spivstefanlsd: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/hooks-help.html and http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/hooks.html are better I think11:32
stefanlsdaah. thanks. yeah11:32
spiv(which is where that wiki page tries to link to, but its links are a bit stale)11:33
maxbI'm contemplating some plugin to automatically sync branches from one server to a backup when they change. I'm thinking LockHooks.lock_released is the best way for me to do this. Anyone have some thoughts on that?11:54
spivmaxb: Branch's post_change_branch_tip perhaps matches better.11:55
spivAlthough I guess lock_released will catch updates to tags too.11:55
maxbspiv: Unforunately that will fail to tell me about tags changing11:55
spivWe should at a hook point for that!11:56
maxbtags in general need some love11:56
spivWell, at least tagged revisions are (mostly) fetched now.11:56
maxbI would like to see info on new/changed tags reported by push/pull11:56
maxbAlso, merging tags probably should omit revisions not in the ancestry of the destination branch11:57
spivHmm, I'm not sure about that.11:58
spivI'm just not sure enough of the use cases to have a strong opinion, but my suspicion is that at least some users expect tags to never be omitted by default.11:59
spivPartly because tags are merged in several different contexts.12:01
maxbHmm. I'm trying to think of a way in which a tag referring to a non-present revision id would be useful12:10
spivnot-in-ancestry != not-present12:21
spivBut I think there are probably cases where even tags of ghost revisions may be useful.12:22
spivAnyway, zzzz time.12:22
jamhi spiv12:42
jambye spiv :)12:42
empityhallo everyone12:49
empityI had some conflicts, but I didn't care about the changes12:49
empityso I removed simply them and pull again12:49
empitybut they don't get pulled12:49
empitycan I force this somehow?12:49
empitywith git I think they are written if you remove them12:50
maxbIf you pulled, got conflicts, and reverted them, then you already have the changes, so there is nothing new to pull.12:56
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exarkunis there a windows installer that includes bzr and bzr-svn?13:53
jelmerexarkun: the default installer includes bzr-svn I believe13:54
exarkunhm, I guess that is what http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/WindowsDownloads suggests13:55
exarkunI wonder why it's not working13:55
jelmerI think you have to click a checkbox in the setup to enable it13:55
maxbjelmer: Hi. You've not pushed bzr-rewrite 0.6.2 into lp:bzr-rewrite14:30
jelmermaxb: it's a mirror14:30
jelmermaxb: might take a while to update14:30
maxbgrr, LP should make that more prominent14:30
jelmermaxb: btw, you're aware you have two approved reviews for landing into bzr-cvsps-import?14:33
jelmeruhm, s/reviews/mps/14:33
maxbOh, they've been re-opened by jam's delayed merge proposal emails14:35
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jamjelmer: so what hours do you usually work?15:07
jelmerjam: 10-6 CET15:07
jamjelmer: so for another ~2 hrs?15:08
jamI think I'm shooting for 8:30 - 5 CET myself.15:08
jelmeryep, although I'll probably head out a bit earlier today and then do some more work around the UDD meeting in the evening15:09
jelmerjam: I think that (8:30-5) is roughly the hours vila works, too15:09
jamjelmer: I'm pretty sure vila works until past 6 or 7. At least, that's what I recall from the US :)15:10
jelmerjam: I guess it's probably more like 8:30-7:00 :)15:11
jelmerI'm often around in the evenings too15:11
jelmerI just hate mornings.15:11
jamI think vila nominally stops at 5, but he almost never actually stopped then. At least, I remember him saying around 10 that he should go, and 10+7 = 5pm.15:12
mgzjam is in europe?15:14
* jelmer heads out to vote and errands15:30
jammgz: I just moved. My wife got a promotion for 2 years in the Netherlands.15:42
mgzgreat! more timezone overlap means I get to bug you even more? :)15:43
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jammgz: /ignore, /ignore /ignore, dangit, it just doesn't work15:52
achiangthis is a silly question, but... how can i push a branch to just a filesystem?16:34
achiangsay i have a local branch, and i have an account on a remote machine16:34
achiangi just want to push my branch to a directory on the remote machine somewhere16:34
james_wachiang, if bzr is on the remote machine then "bzr push bzr+ssh:///remote/some/path" should work16:35
james_wif it's not installed then use "sftp://"16:35
achiangjames_w: great, thank you. i had my syntax wrong, was missing an extrah '/'16:35
james_wachiang, err, I think I added an extra one actually :-)16:36
james_wachiang, what error did you get?16:36
achiangjames_w: it was a conceptual misunderstanding on my part16:36
achiangjames_w: i was attempting to use scp/rsync semantics, like such:16:37
achiangbzr push bzr+ssh://remote:./local/path/in/home/dir16:37
achiangbut bzr push bzr+ssh://remote/home/achiang/local/path/in/home/dir works16:37
james_wif you have modern bzr on the server then ~ will work16:37
james_w bzr+ssh://remote/~/local/path/in/home/dir16:38
achiangBazaar (bzr) 2.1.116:38
james_wI can't remember the version that was added, sorry16:38
achiangjames_w: no worries, i got it to work16:40
achiangi think this is actually nicer than git; iirc, you must git init first before you can push somewhere16:40
achianggit init on the remote machine, that is; rather simply pushing and creating a new repo16:41
achiangso kudos to bzr for Doing The Right Thing (tm)16:41
achiangjames_w: another dumb question -- what's the best way for a local repo to sync back up with upstream? i've been using bzr merge ; bzr commit, which isn't so nice because it introduces a merge commit. is there an equivalent to git's fast-forward?16:44
james_wachiang, "bzr pull"16:44
achiangjames_w: ah, thank you16:44
achiangjames_w: much nicer, thanks!16:45
james_wachiang, oh yeah, there's "bzr merge --pull", which is more like "git merge", and does the fast-forward if it can16:47
james_wit doesn't auto-commit like git16:47
achianggit merge definitely introduces a merge commit there16:47
achiangin git, i usually say, "git fetch ; git rebase <refspec>" where <refspec> is usually 'origin'16:48
achiangthat does a fast-forward thingy, but it's only good for leaf-node developers16:48
achiang'bzr pull' does what i want in the simple case quite nicely16:49
james_wsorry, I meant "git pull"16:50
LeoNerdIf your branch is a strict ancestor of upstream, then  bzr pull  is what you want16:51
LeoNerd(You can tell this by  bzr missing  only listing revisions you don't have, not extra ones you have that upstream does not)16:52
achiangthat terminology is confusing. shouldn't it be "descendent" ?16:52
LeoNerdNo... your branch being an ancestor, meaning it's older than... Upstream will be newer, having more commits..16:53
LeoNerdSo  pull  just introduces those revisions into your branch, from upstream16:53
achiangLeoNerd: got it, that makes sense... kinda. :)16:54
briandealwisachiang: I think the confusion comes from provenance (where did the branches originate) vs contents (revisions)16:54
briandealwisI too was initially confused reading LeoNerd's description16:55
achiangyes, i think most people think of provenance when it comes to terminology (ancestors, children) rather than contents16:56
achiangbut i appreciate all the explanations, very helpful, thanks16:56
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yshavitHi all, I've got a criss-cross warning on a bzr merge... there's only a couple conflicts and they're pretty easy to resolve. If I manually resolve them, is the criss-cross taken care of, or does it still linger (ie, will it cause problems down the line) ?21:28
poolieyshavit, it's now taken care of as far as merging those particular revisions21:29
poolieof course another one way occur in future21:29
yshavitpoolie: but it's not like every branch/merge from that branch is now going to have that, right?21:29
yshavitpoolie: awesome, thanks :)21:33
poolieit's not really a problem if this occurs21:35
pooliebasically it means A is merging from B and B is merging from A, without them ever pulling21:35
pooliewhich is fine21:35
pooliebut the conflicts will sometimes get more complicated than if they both merge to and pull from a trunk21:35
yshavitpoolie: okay, thanks. I was pretty sure that was the case, I just wanted to make sure since I hadn't seen that before.21:36
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spivMorning folks.22:56

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