Gulfstreamwhat does edubuntu have that is for pre-k age children?19:28
Gulfstreamany educational games?19:30
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patrickmwstgraber, highvoltage: hello, I am testing to latest iso and I am having some difficulties.  any one available to assist?21:09
stgraberpatrickmw: highvoltage will be there in a sec ;)21:10
highvoltagepatrickmw: is that with ltsp-live on i386?21:10
patrickmwhighvoltage: that and a few other things21:11
highvoltagepatrickmw: I noticed you started the test and didn't mark it as passed or failed yet :)21:11
patrickmwhighvoltage: i've been troubleshooting it for a while21:11
highvoltagepatrickmw: well, just shout, we're listening :)21:11
patrickmwI am doing all my testing in vbox at the moment.  Do you know id edubuntu has had problems running in a virtual environment in the past?21:12
highvoltagepatrickmw: I did most of the testing in libvirt(kvm) and do some testing in VirtualBox from time to time21:12
patrickmwok, just wanted to rule that out21:13
highvoltagepatrickmw: I don't have any problems, what happens in your case?21:13
patrickmwwhile running ltsp live the VM hangs during the configuration step21:14
highvoltagepatrickmw: how much RAM do you have assigned to the VM?21:14
patrickmwI have 51221:15
patrickmw32 vram21:15
highvoltagethat would explain it21:15
highvoltageEdubuntu is quite hungry on RAM in the live session21:15
highvoltagewe've been working on improving it21:15
patrickmwok, what do you recommend?21:16
highvoltagebut you'll need about 1GB (on the safe side) if you want to try LTSP Live21:16
highvoltagemaybe 900MB, I haven't tested yet after the latest round of improvement21:16
patrickmwthank you.  based on the behavior I've been experiencing I should have tried that.  I will run these tests again with the new settings.  I will shout if I get stuck21:17
highvoltagepatrickmw: ok, great21:17
patrickmwhighvoltage: I am not having any luck getting my live session to connect to my internal network with my 2nd nic. Did you have to do any additional config for the nic?21:41
alkisgpatrickmw: can you put your dnsmasq configuration file to pastebin?21:45
patrickmwhighvoltage: ok got it. thanks. just had to configure it manually21:46
patrickmwhighvoltage: is that what you would expect most users to do?21:46
highvoltagepatrickmw: no, usually it should work automatically. sometimes there are some problems if you run ltsp live before network manager has settled down21:57
highvoltagepatrickmw: I want to make that a bit more robust before the beta, since we know how to get network manager's status21:58
patrickmwhighvoltage: I'm starting to see why I was volunteered to test ltsp by my team :)  For those of us that don't work on this stuff a lot its a bit tricky. thanks for you help22:01
highvoltagepatrickmw: yeah, thanks a lot!22:04
highvoltagepatrickmw: which team is that, btw? the qa team?22:04
highvoltagepatrickmw: for natty+1 will have a more complete GTK app for ltsp live. the current implementation of it would've ideally been phased out by now, but you can't always get to everything you wanted to in a realease :)22:05
patrickmwhighvoltage: yes, the qa team.  looking forward to what's next! take care22:08
highvoltageyou too, patrickmw22:09

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