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technologovhi all !00:44
technologovRunning Kubuntu 10.0400:44
technologovJust bought new PC with Intel P67 chipset00:44
technologovAnd sound doesn't work on it00:44
technologovlspci shows:00:44
technologov00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Cougar Point High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)00:45
technologovany ideas?00:45
technologovdrivers are part of kernel package or part of alsa package ?00:45
technologovJust bought new PC with Intel P67 chipset, and no sound ! plz help !00:47
technologovWhat to update ?00:47
Daskreechtechnologov: Hi01:07
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:07
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digiraki uninstalled kubuntu and trying to run a pure ubuntu02:01
digirakbut the login/switch user/log off doesnt seem to work02:02
digirakany suggestions02:02
Mase_wkdigirak: what do you mean by pure ubuntu ?02:04
digirakMase_wk: no Kubuntu wrapper02:04
digirakMase_wk: pure gnome if you like02:04
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Mase_wkso are you using GDM ?02:04
Mase_wkas the login manager02:05
digirakMase_wk: yes but the login manager seems to be kdm now02:05
Mase_wkthat is your problem02:05
digirakMase_wk: where do i change this?02:05
Mase_wkdpkg-reconfigure gdm maybe02:06
Mase_wkactually is gdm installed ?02:06
Mase_wkif so it should have given you the option02:06
Mase_wktry just doing an apt-get install gdm02:06
digirakMase_wk: yes gdm is installed02:07
yofelsudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm02:07
digirakyofel: ok am there02:08
digirakyofel: now is my loging manager gdm?02:09
yofelif you choose gdm it should be02:09
yofelyou can check in /etc/X11/default-display-mana/etc/X11/default-display-managerger02:09
digirakyep it says gdm02:10
digirakyofel: lets hope it works02:10
Mase_wkrestart X and you should have gdm02:10
digirakMase_wk: sounds good02:10
shady_hi guys02:15
shady_i have an isuue with sound in my pc02:16
shady_whenever i plug the headphones the sound goes off02:16
Mase_wkoff ?02:16
shady_but it works fine with me in xp or 702:17
Mase_wkwhat do you mean by off...as in it gets muted ?02:17
Mase_wkor fails to play in your head phones ?02:17
Mase_wkyea to which one ?02:17
shady_dunno but no sound even the system sounds02:18
Mase_wkwell does kmix say it's muted ?02:18
shady_mute^^ is the word02:18
shady_everything is playing02:19
Mase_wkok, so these headphones are they usb headphones  ?02:19
Mase_wkthey have a regular 3.5mm jack ?02:19
shady_regular ones02:20
shady_it works fine in other OS02:20
Mase_wknot really sure afaik kubuntu isn't doing any sort of plugin detection02:21
shady_i have a laptob02:21
shady_mb it has something with drivers?02:21
Mase_wkusually that sort of stuff is handled just in the hardware but i guess it could possibly be software controlled02:21
Mase_wkwhat kind of laptop do you have ?02:22
shady_asus g6002:22
shady_or mb i reinstall the system02:23
Mase_wkthere is no point02:23
Mase_wkit's not like windows where a reinstall fixes stuff02:23
shady_sry am noob in linux02:24
Mase_wktry this02:24
Mase_wkit could be that your hardware requires special workarounds02:24
dfdfis kubuntu better than snow leopard?02:24
Mase_wkdfdf: better at what  ?02:25
dfdfat evry thing02:25
shady_ty bro i'll check it out02:25
Mase_wki am sure there are things snow leopard does better and worse than kubuntu02:25
Mase_wkfor a particular user02:25
Mase_wkreally depends what you'02:26
Mase_wkwhat you're looking for in an OS02:26
dfdfhacking tools02:26
Mase_wkif your looking for an operating system that respects your liberty kubuntu most certainly is better.02:26
Mase_wkdfdf: well kubuntu has alot of development tools. If you are talking about crackin / penetration testing then i don't really know. It's not something many kubuntu users would do02:27
dfdfis it good for remote connections?02:27
Mase_wkssh or X11 forwarding over ssh works wonderfully02:28
dfdfis kubuntu safe?02:29
Daskreechdfdf: Reasonably so02:30
dfdfi like to use it as a server for wikileaks02:30
Mase_wkwell safe is a relative term. The developers are very security concious so they do their best to ensure that users are protected02:30
Daskreechplease do02:30
Daskreechbut safety on the internet is squarely in the users control02:31
Mase_wkdfdf: you might like to look at the ubuntu-server version. Please be aware that any operating system can be insecure if configured incorrectly02:31
dfdfthe bios on my computer dont let me install kubuntu02:32
Mase_wkdfdf: what is your computer ?02:33
Mase_wkmake / model02:33
Mase_wkwhat error message are you getting ?02:34
Mase_wkor where is the problem ocurring ?02:34
dfdfstd error02:34
dfdfhow can by pass the bios?02:35
Mase_wki don't know what an std error is.02:35
dfdfwen i try to install from the live cd it just freezes02:36
rockguy32Question: Where do I go to find what version of Kubuntu I'm running?03:22
cpatrick08@rockguy32 /etc/lsb-release03:25
rockguy32Ok thank you.03:27
cpatrick08no problem03:28
cpatrick08does it say you are running the one you thought you were03:29
rockguy32I have another question: Is there a Visual Basic like program for KDE that is FOS?03:29
rockguy32Yes it does.03:29
Mase_wkrockguy32: which particular aspect of visual basic ?03:32
Mase_wkthe language or the IDE ?03:32
cpatrick08that is good03:33
Mase_wkqtcreator is good03:33
Mase_wkI like kdevelop also03:33
Mase_wkboth of those are primarily for C++03:34
rockguy32I keep putting off learning C++ but I guess it's time I did.03:34
Mase_wki think eclipse and netbeans are decent IDE's for java03:34
Mase_wkif you are familiar with .NET you might like monodevelop which is for C#03:34
rockguy32Java using the JRE or just as the language?03:34
rockguy32I don't particularly like the JRE03:35
Mase_wkeach to their own03:35
rockguy32As far as .NET, I've not really used it all that much, and what experience I have had I disliked.03:35
Mase_wkwell there are heaps of other languages, just don't know much about their IDE's03:36
rockguy32I don't particularly like anything that is dependency heavy.03:37
Mase_wkyou can write anythin in vim or emacs or kate :)03:37
rockguy32Well the one I'd like to use I know for a fact has no FOS equivalent: Blitz3D03:37
Mase_wkno idea what that is03:37
rockguy32It's the language I learned first.03:38
rockguy32Well, second, QBasic was first.03:38
Mase_wknot sure what you mean by dependancy heavy....but dependancies aren't really an issue is the FOSS world03:38
Mase_wkit's all handled by the package manager03:38
rockguy32Java didn't do that for me.03:38
rockguy32Java was a pain to get working.03:39
Mase_wknot sure what you mean, apt-get install openjdk03:39
rockguy32OpenJDK didn't work for me, I had to use Sun Java03:39
Mase_wkworks for me and i'm a java developer :)03:39
Mase_wkor at least part of my job is03:40
rockguy32What I wish I could use, but hasn't yet made a linux port is Unity3D.03:40
rockguy32If/when Steam gets a Linux port, Unity may follow as well but that's all purely speculation.03:41
Mase_wkyeh well that's the downside of proprietary tools / applications03:41
Mase_wkif it's not available for the platform you want to run your sol03:41
rockguy32I might try Python, but I don't know the first thing about it.03:42
Mase_wkthe only way to learn is by trying it :)03:43
rockguy32Well I have to let the package manager finish installing updates before I can even install it.03:43
Mase_wkit's probably already installed03:43
Mase_wklots of applications use python and the most common modules03:44
rockguy32I'm pretty sure Blender does.03:44
shady_how do i run video files like RMVB FLV,.....etc03:44
rockguy32I use VLan03:45
shady_or the codecs 4 them03:45
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rockguy32Did it work?03:48
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org/ or #python03:49
rockguy32Ok, so what's the best Python IDE for KDE?03:54
rockguy32Nvm, found one.03:57
rockguy32Well, thanks for the help.03:57
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GreyGeekPython IDE:  Eric.04:03
GreyGeekPythong GUI RAD Tool:  Boa-Constructor04:03
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BentFranklinA user occasionally ssh's into my system from a remote, with my permission, which I want to grant and rescind from time to time.  What's the best way to toggle that person's permission to ssh into my system?06:47
shadeslayerBentFranklin: well you could stop the ssh daemon when you don't want him to access your system06:49
shadeslayersudo service ssh stop06:49
BentFranklinNo, I want to be able to ssh myself at times even when he can't.06:50
shadeslayerone sec06:51
shadeslayerBentFranklin: try http://www.foogazi.com/2006/11/28/prevent-certain-users-from-logging-into-your-system/06:51
shadeslayerthe best way i guess is passwd -l joe06:52
BentFranklinYa that's very helpful, thanks!06:53
shadeslayersure no problem :)06:54
BentFranklinThe ftpusers method seems weird - adding a name to ftpusers prevents them from ftp'ing.06:54
shadeslayeryeah ... the passwd -l looks best for your use case06:55
shadeslayerbut for the ftp thing, you could just skip the ftp part06:56
BentFranklinUh oh.  Man passwd says "Note that this does not disable the account. The user may still be able to login using another authentication token (e.g. an SSH key).  To disable the account, administrators should use usermod --expiredate 1 (this set the accounts expire date to Jan 2, 1970)."06:56
ubuntu_trying to install on a new laptop with win7 on it, but cant resize the HDD? known bug?08:49
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tuhintry to boot in live cd mode than change partions08:54
thebigcheesetuhin: yeah, Im doing that. Its let me shrink the windows one, but it leaves the spaces as unuseable08:58
tuhindid u apply the changes?08:59
tuhini m talkign abt Gparted08:59
thebigcheeseahh, Ill try directly from gparted08:59
tuhinboot in live cd mode then try gparted08:59
remur_030Hi guys, I installed ubuntu as base system and wanted to switch to kubuntu and installed kubuntu-desktop, problem is it totally fails setting up an empty session, I only get a gnome-terminal=09:00
remur_030that is on 10.1009:00
tuhinu should get to choice the DE when u login (in task bar i think)09:01
remur_030tuhin: yes, and I selected kde09:02
remur_030hm wait, maybe I didn't and it just stumbled into an empty session09:02
remur_030brb =)09:02
thebigcheesetuhin: ahh, its because there are already 4 partitions09:05
remur_030tuhin: wee thanks, that really was the problem!09:06
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cadomeireleshow to share a 3g connection with a wi-fi router?12:44
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kaddihi, how would I go about to create a pdf file from a different file that would always contain 2pages on one page?13:06
kaddisomething like pdf creator does13:06
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joeryFunny how everyone asks questions in here but no one ever replys.13:36
james147joery: people do reply ^^ just seems to be quite today :p13:38
joeryI wanted to reply to some questions but always before i press enter i notice the question was asked like 2hrs ago =/13:38
joeryno point in replying when user already left chan :p13:39
james147yeah, that happens... i tend to try to tab complete their name... to see if they are still there :)13:40
eribCan anyone please help me figure out why Xorg hogs 500MB of ram  on  my kubuntu 10.10 after 35days of work?13:47
erib*5* days.. not 35.13:48
susundbergto me it sounds like it would be leaking memory ..13:48
james147erib: probally another application not behaving well ^^ xorg takes some of the work other applications do13:48
susundbergbut if the process (X) is the one allocated with all the space .. ?13:49
eribto be more specific. only 35 MB  are shared13:49
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html13:50
james147susundberg: yes, xorg allocates resources when asked by other applications as far as I know13:51
james147^^ and the "shared" memory refers to libraries if i remember correctly13:52
eribso how can I know which application is asking X to allocate memory for it ?13:52
* james147 isnt entirely sure... he would start be closing applications to see if any free up the space13:53
susundbergjames147: i don't know either, you are probably more correct than i am.. :)13:53
bigbrovarHi guys13:54
* james147 would also suggest upgrading if you can ^^ 13:58
eribthis is insane. 500MB of ram just by leaving the machine Idle. nothing special really.13:59
james147erib: what version of kubuntu are you using?14:01
eribjames147: 10.10, latest nvidia drivers.14:01
susundbergnvidia binary drivers ..14:02
james147erib: the ones from the repo? or form the nvidia site?14:02
eribjames147: from the repo, installed with jockey14:03
eriband no desktop effects . I turned everything off.14:04
b_gholamalierib, same problem, 580MB of ram and I`m just using Quassel14:05
eribb_gholamali: *glad* to hear that :)14:06
b_gholamalierib: tnx :)14:06
shadeslayeryeah that's a X leak14:07
BluesKajUnable to connect to archive.canonical.com:http:14:07
shadeslayerhmm ... iirc security.ubuntu is hit pretty hard right now14:07
BluesKajHowdy folks14:07
shadeslayerhey BluesKaj :)14:07
eribto be honest. I'm living with that problem for quite a long time and killing X every time. but it's just pissing me off right now.  is it KDE specific?14:07
shadeslayerno idea on archive14:07
shadeslayererib: not really14:08
shadeslayerit's a X issue14:08
BluesKajhi shadeslayer , canonical is down I guess14:08
shadeslayerwell .. i'm on xorg edgers .. and X is taking 160 MB here14:08
james147erib: no happening here ^^ though I am not running kubuntu atm (though i am kde)14:08
shadeslayerthe system is up for more than a day14:08
eribso the whole ubuntu community is just living with that ? the whole linux desktop community?14:09
shadeslayererib: try xorg edgerss14:09
shadeslayerthat might help14:09
james147shadeslayer: edgers?14:09
shadeslayeryeah it's a ppa with some bleeding edge X packages14:09
BluesKajjust had desktop effects crash under normal load , nothing heavy or graphics intensive going on...kde 4.6 is still abit shakey14:11
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eribhow can I investigate what is hogging the memory inside X? I know it's not the shared mem stuff but what else can I figure out?14:12
BluesKajerib, check X in system monitor14:13
dundeeHello. My kde4.6 on Dell studio keeps freezing momentarily. Can anyone help please?14:16
kyubutsuBluesKaj: i'd check its performance with Common settings disabled and Texture filter to Nearest(fastest) .. see if you gain some stability14:17
eribWell system monitors shows that about 480MB are "heap"14:17
kyubutsuBluesKaj: of course it will be a bland experience that way but it might not crash on you14:18
eribis there a way to analyze what's in that heap ?14:18
dundeeHello. My kde4.6 panel on Dell studio keeps freezing momentarily. Can anyone help please?14:19
kyubutsudundee: disable Desktop Effects and check if it keeps doing it14:20
dundeekyubutsu:  I tried disabling Desktop Effects put the problem still persists.14:21
kyubutsudundee: have you tried replacing it with a new panel ?14:23
dundeekyubutsu: Haven't tried that as yet. Will try now and see what happens.14:24
dundeekyubutsu: I am also just realizing that its not only the panel freezes but I can't right click on the desktop either.14:25
dundeekyubutsu: This happens quite frequently but only for a couple seconds, but its quite annoying.14:26
kyubutsuso plasma might be at fault .. maybe you should go a step further, make a new user and check if it happens there14:26
dundeekyubutsu: Desktop Switching and task switching still works when the panel and right click on desktop freezes14:27
kyubutsui would even try switching workspaces and see if something happens automagically .. (heh)14:28
dundeekyubutsu: Ok I will try those two suggestions and see what happens in a minute as I can't log out as yet to test the new user.14:30
dundeekyubutsu: Thanks for your suggestions.14:30
BluesKajhmm, canonical still down , updates not coming thru14:41
BluesKajfotn their repos at least14:42
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kyubutsui installed some Login themes via system settings and they're not showing up in the list  :(14:51
kyubutsuanyone know the folder they get downloaded to14:53
BluesKajkyubutsu, that's a common problem in kde ...I've installed several themes , wallpapers , colour themes etc , and the theme installer shows alot of them as installed , but a lot don't show up in the lists14:55
BluesKajkyubutsu, beats me where the missing themes etc are directed to14:56
joeryim switching back to gnome lol15:01
james147^^ I think that problem is linked to the fact it downloads them from kde-look.org... and not all of the themes come in an "installable" state :( ... this is improving over time however (kde4.6 handles it slightly better)15:01
james147joery: for any particular reason?15:02
joerywell I installed kubuntu for the first time because i liked the look of kde15:02
joeryBut wine somehow dous not work, the computer is running slower then when i was using ubuntu15:02
joeryand i really need wine to work15:03
joeryjust installed kubuntu few days ago, so its not a big deal to go back to ubuntu15:03
james147hmm, dont think wine preformance is really linked to kde much... i assume you disabled desktop effects?15:03
james147joery: what kde version?15:03
joeryidk, the one that comes with kubuntu 10.1015:04
BluesKajprobly 4.5.115:04
james147then 4.5... i suggest disabling neopmuks indexing, see if that helps, or upgrading to kde 4.6 (allot of preformance improvments where done in that version)15:04
BluesKajjoery, open dolphin/help/about kde15:05
joeryok, i'll check it out15:05
joeryyh KDE 4.5.115:05
joeryKDE 4.5.1 is not the most recent version. =/ only if i knew that15:06
joeryJust dont understand how this pc can run this slow... its a 2.6ghz dual core with 3gb ram. and boots even slower then my winxp 700mhz with 512mb ram lol15:06
james147it was at the time 10.10 was released... and ubuntu never upgrades major package versions during a release15:07
joeryoh k15:08
BluesKajjoery, if you wish to upgrade to kde 4.6 : sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports , then,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:08
joeryok, thanks I'll run update while I go make my dinner :D15:09
kyubutsuso, i downloaded the them manually from opendesktop.org and used system settings to install.. works that way15:13
BluesKajkyubutsu, yeah, but there's no excuse for the theme installer not to work15:14
kyubutsuat least using system settings one can easily browse thru available themes so .. not all is lost  /chuckles15:15
ubottuUCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/15:16
BluesKajlaziness, and Iknow thee are numerous bug filings on the mattrer, but it has low priority, they'd be better of to just give the urls , instead of usinga fulty installer15:16
kyubutsui like the installer method , its elegant although it does need some polishing15:17
james147BluesKaj: is that you volunteering to fix the problem?15:18
BluesKajdam glassess , my bifocals affect my fingers15:18
BluesKajelegant ? gawd15:18
kyubutsuit is15:18
james147BluesKaj: unfortinutally, like most open source projects, kde sufferers from the fact that developer develop the parts they are most intresteded in....15:19
BluesKajelegant is for visuals15:19
kyubutsusays you15:19
BluesKajjames147, yup , very unfortunate15:19
james147BluesKaj: so that basically gives you three opions... complain about it untill some one else does something, fix it your self... or pay someone else to fix it for you :p15:20
susundbergBut compare that to paid software, like M$15:20
susundbergonly option you have is wait for somebody to do it for you ..15:20
BluesKajelegant is an overused word in computerspeak IMO , kyubutsu ...now it would actually be so if the installer worked ....maybe :)15:21
james147susundberg: thats option 1 :)15:21
kyubutsui speak of concept elegance here15:21
kyubutsuobviously the fact that is buggy has already been exposed15:22
james147kyubutsu: what version of kde are you using?15:22
BluesKajjames147, I have the right to complain, eeven if i don't have the skills to fix it .15:22
james147BluesKaj: and that was one of the options i gave you :) ... just dont expect that method to be the fastest at resolving the problem :(15:23
james147kyubutsu: kde, not kubuntu :)15:23
james147kyubutsu: (nay kde app > help > about kde)15:24
james147any ^^15:24
kyubutsu4.5.1 .. had to check just in case15:26
BluesKajjames147, obviously not , but there 's an alternative which I think I'll use , and that's what kyubutsu did :)15:26
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james147kyubutsu: try upgrading to kde 4.6, there where some minor improvments with the get new stuffs dialog (for one, it warnts you then the dl link is actually a http url)15:26
kyubutsunah, thats a bit overkill just to get a single feature to work15:27
kyubutsubesides, it really isnt a critical one , i dont install themes in a daily basis  /chuckles15:28
james147kyubutsu: there are many other improvments that make it worth while... and it isnt a teribally difficalt think to do15:29
kyubutsuactually, i have tried running 4.6 and failed .. i will upgrade to 11.04 when the time comes though15:30
BluesKajjames147, kyubutsu , installing kde 4.6 doesn't solve the theme installer problem15:30
james147a, alright then :)15:30
kyubutsuback in alpha, if i may add15:30
james147BluesKaj: solve, no, improve, yes15:31
BluesKajanother thing, after installing 4.6 the kmixer mutes by default on bootup15:32
kyubutsuon a side note, also remember natty alpha 3 will be out this thursday, yay!15:32
BluesKajkyubutsu, have they fixed the X probs on natty yet ?15:33
kyubutsuBluesKaj: i get that on 4.5.1 too15:33
kyubutsudunno, i dont have natty installed15:33
BluesKajit's probly a n alsaconfig prob then , kyubutsu15:33
kyubutsui dont consider it a problem , in fact , i kind of prefer it that way15:34
* BluesKaj checks in #ubuntu+115:39
BluesKaj* -nvidia and -fglrx are broken.  We'll need updated ones from the respective vendors.  Use -nouveau or -ati respectively in the meantime.15:41
BluesKajthe above post is from feb1st , and the devs haven't removed it from the topic , so i assume the Xorg  stack is still broken15:43
martin___hi, I've bought a new headset with a microphone. the speaker works fine, but not the microphone16:00
martin___I don't even think it gets detected, what should I do?16:00
martin___it's a trust headset16:00
BluesKajmartin___, open alsamixer to  set the mic ctrls16:06
martin___in a terminal?16:07
martin___woh, the mic works now, but everything is echoing16:08
martin___trying with mumble16:08
martin___thank you - works now16:10
ayush_does kubuntu have a ubuntu software center equivalent?16:23
BluesKajayush_, kmenu /applications/system/kpackagekit16:25
ayush_and that probably doesn't have the features of ubuntu software center, right? like the ratings for apps16:26
marxjohnsonYou can use Ubuntu Software Center on Kubuntu if you want16:27
marxjohnsonapt-get install software-center16:27
BluesKajayush_, check it out instead of asking about ratings etc ..look for yourself16:29
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ayush_BluesKaj, if I have install kubuntu just to find that out, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of this chat room16:31
ayush_will 11.04 have ubuntu one integration?16:31
nataBluesKaj: you know how to know how many MB total have to download when kpackagekit install software?16:32
BluesKajayush_, this chat is for ppl who use kde , kubuntu and not gnome , some aren't familiar with gnome apps, belivee it or not16:32
natamay be he wan switch to kubuntu BluesKaj :)16:33
BluesKajayush_, that ubuntu one question might have an answer in #ubuntu+116:34
BluesKajnata, well asking about gnome apps here isn't gonna help him16:34
ttanata: hello please join me on #kubuntu-offtopic i need your help!16:37
natatta: hi tta, disappear few days alrewady :)16:38
shadeslayerhi ryrych16:48
shadeslayerMayank: you meant !botsnack16:48
ryrychI had turned off my computer before monthly backup was made so I miss it. How can I make it manually? rsnapshot monthly doesn’t do the trick :(16:49
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ryrychping… anyone knows? :)17:03
ttayou mean updates?17:08
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Cameliaalguém trabalha com marketing email?17:15
Pici!br | Camelia17:16
ubottuCamelia: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.17:16
Cameliaobrigada Pici, ubottu17:17
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edwith4Persija Anjing17:59
edwith4Jakmania setan babi17:59
edwith4Perek ibunya!17:59
ttahere english!18:00
edwith4fuckin jessus ass18:02
theodor01Hey everyone. Kde behaves very curious. I just installed kubuntu-desktop, I already had kaffeine. But kde crashes every time I maximize a window that has been minimized before. Also Kde seems to be very slow. Any suggestions how to fix that?18:06
nataedwith4 mayb is indonesian tta. i saw he write malay18:09
DarthFrogHe may be Indonesian but he's quite vulgar.18:09
natasome people may too extremism18:11
ttahe doesn't have the right to insult JESUS it's impolite18:11
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PiciHe has been removed from the channel.18:12
natasometime got this kind of people only cause some problem to us18:12
ttaabout what?18:13
tsimpsonuse #kubuntu-offtopic for general chat please18:13
natatheodor01: close your desktop effect at kmenu/system settings/system settings/desktop effects18:16
theodor01nata: will try this, gonna be back in a minute18:16
nataaetel: show off your problem man, if not will scold by other :)18:18
theodor01nata: that works, thanks18:19
natatheodor01:  :)18:19
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surunverihi what was the name of the panel which contains minimized icons of running programs18:30
surunverinevermind i just found it18:31
rorksurunveri: system tray?18:31
rorkjust for the people who read the logs ;)18:31
surunveriso they can see you would've been really helpful18:31
surunverinah just kidding18:31
FloodBotK1surunveri: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:32
surunveriis there nowadays any way to reduce mousesensitivity further than what system settings allows?18:32
surunverii've this mouse it's 800dpi i think and.. i dont know what causes it but18:32
surunveriit's just too sensitive even with all the settings turned to minimum18:32
surunveriwhich is basicly ok because it's not like you can't use the computer and once u get used to it who cares.. but I draw with computer and while doing that it's quite annoying :D18:33
coder2Hello. Please help me ASAP! System input become a mess recent bunch of updates.18:38
rorksurunveri: a pointer acceleration of 0.1 seems to be the lowest here, maybe you can edit the config file but I don't know which one18:38
rorkcoder2: which kubuntu version are you using?18:39
coder2rork:  10.04 32bit18:39
rorkhm, and do you mean with "become a mess"?18:40
coder2I have a remote control connected into SAA3174. After the recent update I lost remote in VDR. And if I only touch any key on remote my mouse stops working18:40
surunveriprobably "became a mess after recent bunch of updates"18:40
coder2Now the remote starts to generate keyboard and mouse events!18:41
coder2surunvery: sorry for my typos. I am very angry18:42
rorkcoder2: I'm afraid I know nothing about remotes, but maybe someone else can help you.18:43
coder2rork: could you please help me with checking of system event mapping. I am almost sure that the mouse points to event7 which is a remote control event18:44
coder2I cannot use my system without working console18:45
coder2Yes, cat /proc/bus/input/devices now shows other event mapping. How to get it in order?18:48
JeroenDeDauwI just connected a new mouse to my laptop and the sensitivity is waay to low; can't find where to adjust it though18:53
coder2Solved, thanks. I've just changed REMOTE_DEVICE="/dev/input/event7" to REMOTE_DEVICE="/dev/input/event6". But why the update mixed up the event mapping?18:54
coder2Thank you. Bye18:54
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rorkJeroenDeDauw: System Settings > Keyboard and Mouse > Mouse (left menu) > Advanced (tab) > Pointer Acceleration (on 10.04 that is, it might be called Input Devices instead of Keyboard and Mouse in later versions)18:58
JeroenDeDauwrork: thnx :)19:01
shane4ubuntuusing yakuake is there a way to recover a closed session???19:29
drakalSalut par ici ! j'ai besoin d'aide svp !19:33
drakalRoh allez, siouplaiiiiit, j'suis nouveau sur kubuntu :(19:34
shane4ubuntu!fr | drakal19:35
ubottudrakal: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:35
XamDMafter updating my system form ubuntu to kubuntu the only timezone i am able to use is utc, how can i make others available (gmt+1) ???19:53
shane4ubuntuwhy did Kubuntu change the mounting setup for external usb hdd???19:55
shane4ubuntuwhen I used Ubuntu I wrote a script to sync home to external hdd, always mounted at: /media/uuid  switched to kubuntu and updated script to /media/diskname  now kubuntu switched back to /media/uuid????  Why the changes??19:56
yofelshane4ubuntu: which KDE version? 4.6 switched from hal to udisks - so kde and gnome behave the same there now20:10
shane4ubuntuyofel: ooooh, that is right, I upgraded to 4.6.  thanks20:10
shane4ubuntuso I don't have to worry about it swapping back then, that was my doing - via upgrade20:11
yofelyes, kde took a while to deprecate hal, that's where the difference came from20:11
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jussiis there a Qt equivalent for cheese?20:23
rorkjussi: what does cheese do?20:32
jussi!info cheese20:32
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 61 kB, installed size 260 kB20:32
jussiahh found it!!!20:33
jussi!info kamoso20:33
ubottukamoso (source: kamoso): Tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0.5-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 180 kB, installed size 852 kB20:33
rorknice, I was going to suggest digikam, but that might be a bit of overkill20:35
jussirork: digikam is photo management, not webcam20:35
rorkah, sorry, I misread20:36
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SentynelMy Kubuntu 10.10 system fails to boot on newer kernel versions - 2.6.35-24 works, but -25 and -27 fail - it just hangs on a plain blue screen when Xorg should start. Had a look in Xorg's logs and all I could find that looks relevant is "[    13.197] (WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (No such file or directory)". Any ideas?21:27
rockguy32Quick question, where can I find documentation for Kdevelop 4?21:30
rockguy32Like a command list21:30
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »21:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:48
chalcedonyi'm trying to install Kopete on Ubuntu 10.04, ive almost got it but i'm getting errors22:12
AYJHBearhas anyone heard anything about kde 4.6.1 releases yet?22:26
trampel..and forgive me if this has been disccussed here to death - but how is Unity not the deathknell of Kubuntu?22:28
james147trampel: what dose Unity have to do with kubuntu?22:29
trampelwell i guess that's my question.  Unity isn't a desktop standard/system/whatever?22:30
Sentynelunity is a shell interface for GNOME22:30
Sentynelit's got bugger all to do with Kubuntu and KDE22:31
AYJHBearUnity is more like a GUI for Gnome? is that a good analogy?22:31
trampel"to deliver a consistent user experience for desktop" ... http://unity.ubuntu.com/about/22:31
trampelso is Kubuntu "consistent" as far as the lords of Ubuntu think?  (...yes yes, i know "who cares?")22:32
* james147 is going to stick with kde... no matter what gnome does with its desktop its applications are still going to be an unintergrated mess22:32
SentynelAYJHBear: that sort of thing yes; it and the gnome default it replaces are the equivalent of the KDE Plasma shell and kwin22:34
AYJHBearthank you for the information.22:36
chalcedonyi'm trying to install Kopete on Ubuntu 10.04, ive almost got it but is there a trick to figuring out how to solve the errors? http://chalcedony.pastebin.com/vBGRYEkX22:36
AYJHBearwaiting for KDE 4.6.1 now just cannot wait22:36
james147AYJHBear: I wouldnt get too excited, its only a maintenance release...22:37
james147chalcedony: how did you try to instlal it?22:38
chalcedonyjames147, sudo apt-get i think?22:42
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chalcedonyjames147, i think the last thing i got was kmobiletools22:43
chalcedonyjames147, thank you for answering me, i was feeding cats22:44
fdg_hello can someone tell me how to change irc network ?22:46
chalcedonywb james147 :)23:07
chalcedonyjames147, i replied but you may have been timing out23:08
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rtdos(plain ubuntu, not kubuntu but this might apply here too) two questions:   1. conflicting login screens? when the login screen appears, after i enter my username, the login screen disappears as though xinit is reinitializing. 2. whenever the screensaver kicks in and i attempt to login from the screensaver i get an onscreen keyboard (i have uninstalled accessibility options or at least i think i did23:13
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atalayhey guys23:46
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atalayi have a question.. a technical one about wireless..23:48

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