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gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb mumble kanban real soon now13:29
danilosgmb, I'll paste you the question I had13:43
benjigary_poster: a small note, I'm going to take lunch a little early today (11ish), we have a realtor coming over; we're thinking about selling the house13:44
gary_posterbenji, wow!13:44
danilosgmb, so, there is a BugNotificationRecipientReason in lp.bugs.mail.bugnotificationrecipients that kind of duplicates the functionality of BugNotificationRecipients reason construction13:44
gary_posterbenji, cool.  good luck.13:45
gary_posterbenji, if realtor you are trying doesn't work out, we had good luck in F'burg with Mike Burleigh.13:45
gary_posterCan get you number if interested13:46
danilos*Reason stuff seems to be newer code, and seems to have decent unit tests, but doesn't seem to be used anywhere13:46
danilosgmb, do you have any idea what we should do with it?13:46
gmbdanilos: ISTR looking at that in the last six months or so; let me take another look to refresh my memory.13:48
danilosgmb, heh, yeah, according to bzr log, you should know something about it :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/59421113:52
_mup_Bug #594211: Add a RecipientReason class to bugnotificationrecipients.py <lp-bugs> <qa-ok> <story-better-bug-notification> <story-refactor-bugnotifications> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by gmb> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/594211 >13:52
danilosgmb, anyway, it seems it's not tied in yet and is a dead code; do you know if it has been kept up to date regarding everything else or might it be stale regarding all the stuff that has happened in the meantime?13:56
gmbdanilos: If it's not used, dump it.13:56
gmbdanilos: It was added because we wanted to refactor l/c/l/mailnotification.py into something more sane13:56
gmbBut that turned out to be a nest of vipers, so we gave up and I never removed the code I'd added.13:56
danilosgmb, but it has much nicer tests than anything else I've touched recently in bugs code :)13:56
danilosgmb, heh, ok, I'll add a card to get rid of it then13:57
gmbdanilos: Cool, thanks.13:57
danilosgary_poster, "big picture" backlog or JFDI? :)13:57
gary_posterJFDI danilos :-)13:58
danilosgmb, can I nudge you to give your blessing for https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/drop-dead-dead-code/+merge/51899 :)14:17
gmbdanilos: Sure.14:18
gmbdanilos: r=me14:19
danilosgmb, thanks :)14:19
bacgmb: ugh, bad news.  your change exhibits the *exact* same bad behavior as the accordion.  branch pushed to new location: lp:~yellow/launchpad/accordion-overlay-214:27
gmbbac: OTOH, maybe this means it's *not* the accordion then.14:27
gmbBut something more insidious.14:27
bacgmb: therve responded on canonical-js14:28
* gmb looks14:28
gary_posterhm, that sounds promising14:30
gary_posteryay for small reproducible bits14:30
gary_posterand helpful colleagues14:30
bacgmb: i'm still digesting his suggestion14:32
gary_poster"But something more insidious" makes me want to hear some Jules Verne and/or Cthulu inspired cause for the JS issues.14:32
gary_postersquids need to be involved one way or another, I think.14:33
gmbI once wrote an easter-egg for a webapp that made an ascii-art Cthulhu appear after a certain sequence of mouse-clicks. Wonder if I could reuse it in the accordion...14:33
gary_posterthat would be awesome14:33
bacgmb: i incorporated therve's suggestion in the minimal example: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bac/%2Bjunk/accordion_test/14:41
bacit seems to work with the accordion!14:41
gary_posterbac, fwiw I sent a note to Francis asking him to check up on Dav14:41
gary_posterand, YAY14:41
bacgmb: please sanity check14:41
gmbbac: Pulling now.14:41
bacgmb: we'll have to make the corresponding change to lazr-js.effects, no?14:42
gary_posterchallenges with working in a distributed environment: we can't all dance around in a jig in the same room14:42
gary_posterthough maybe that's another advantage...14:42
gmbbac: Yes, I think that's the case (sadface).14:43
* gary_poster not happy with lazr-js being a stumbling block14:44
bacgary_poster: but on the upside, once there the animation will just DTRT and no one else using it will have to suffer this problem14:45
gmbgary_poster: It's a PITA, to be sure. But working together bac and I should be able to get this incorporated therin, reviewed and landed today.14:45
gary_posterI'm pretty darn happy with both of those :-)14:45
gmb(me waves hands vaguely about timescales)14:45
gary_postera day, in the biblical creation story sense?14:46
* bac wonders if his original email was really that muddled...14:46
bacoriginal+1, actually14:46
gary_posterbac, I'd guess that it was your second, smaller and self-contained code example that got attention, but who knows for sure.14:57
bacgary_poster: right, but thomas commented even that was terribly confusing.  it got an answer so i'm not fretting.14:58
gary_posterI see.  ok, cool14:58
bacgmb: so at a minimum, it seems you need to set visibility to 'none' before trying to get the true height and then set height to 'auto' after animating to 015:08
gmbbac: Right. That sounds deceptively simple... is it?15:08
bacsimple and obvious15:09
bac*of course* making something invisible would force him to not lie about his size15:09
bacgmb: i'm working on lazr-js now15:21
gmbbac: Okay. I'll be happy to review it for you.15:21
bacit's been a while since i've made changes there so i'm trying to remember the steps15:21
gmbbac: I think deryck's your man if you have questions; I can't quite remember the steps either.15:21
* gmb -> heading out for a run; back in ~4515:33
* gmb returns16:15
gmbbac: Is there anything I can be doing right now to help you out?16:33
gary_posterbac, gmb, maybe "wire up widgets to back end data store" that benji started?16:39
gary_posterwait, no16:39
gary_posterI think that's done...16:39
gmbgary_poster: I can take bug 721400 as a job to take me to EoD.16:39
gary_posterand we need to have a card for adding the internal widgets to each part of the accordion?16:39
_mup_Bug #721400: Bug:+subscribe can't cope with existing BugSubscriptions with a bug_notification_level of NOTHING <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/721400 >16:40
gmb(And I'll happily review bac's lazr-js work when it's ready)16:40
gary_postergmb, how much work are those three mute button bugs, in your wavy-handed estimation?16:40
gary_posterI still suspect that the mute table might be a better approach, but if we can whip out those bug fixes, I'm +1 on moving ahead with the existing plan16:41
gmbgary_poster: I think I could have those done by EoW.16:42
gary_postergmb, ok fire away16:42
gmbgary_poster: Cool; np.16:42
gary_posterideally we would have a feature lane free but you can use quick jobs for now16:42
gary_posterbac, lemme know if you could use some help, or if gmb continuing as occasional consultant is the right approach.16:44
bacgary_poster: ok16:57
bacgmb has been more than that recently and i appreciate it16:57
bacgmb: i've pushed a new version back to the old spot:  bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yellow/launchpad/accordionoverlay17:21
bacit incorporates thomas' suggestions but inside our js, not lazr-js17:22
bacfigured it was easier to get it working there17:22
gmbbac: I like your thinking. I'll pull it and take a look.17:22
bacit is better and shows promise but has obvious problems still17:22
bacmy brain is mush so i'm going to go to lunch, despite my pledge earlier today17:22
baclet me know if you make any progress and i'll pick up later17:23
gmbbac: I'm somewhat disturbed to find that setting the node's height to 0 when the slide_in ends appears to just work. I'm not sure that that's right or that I'm not actually going to cause other problems though.18:28
gmbI've pushed my changes (including indentation fixes - sorry for the diff noise; vim corrects it for me automagically) to the ~yellow branch.18:28
bacgmb: so things seem to work now, despite it being hacky?19:05
gmbbac: Yeah. I think so, anyway. I also stripped out the collapsible classes since it might have caused the existing collapsible code to fight with it.19:06
gmbbac: But you may know of more little oddities than I know to look for.19:07
gary_posterso, bac, where is JS then?  the discussion here seems to imply that everything is copacetic.  Is that true?20:17
gary_posterwhere is our JS, I should say20:17
bachi gary_poster20:22
bacwhat we've been working on is in lib/lp/registry/javascript/structural_subscription.js20:22
bacthe stuff gmb and i did today eventually needs to find its way into lazr-js20:23
gary_postermakes sense20:23
baci'm still getting his branch to see what it looks like20:23
gary_poster(fwiw, Python structural subscription stuff has moved to lp/bugs, but don't worry about that now)20:23
bacoh, ok20:24
bacgood to know and easy to fix20:24
bacit really doesn't fit in either place, does it?20:24
gary_posterIMO there's nothing to do really with registry, and it is entirely about bug subscriptions20:24
gary_posterso, while it touches many parts of LP, it's essentially about bugs--if we didn't have a bug tracker but had everything else, these things would go away.20:25
bacmake sense20:26
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benjigary_poster: Style consultation: does http://i.imgur.com/tJmhm.png look enough like https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BetterBugSubscriptionsAndNotifications/Testing/SubsListRound1/Slide1 to not worry about any further?20:42
gary_posterbenji, good.  Two things.  1) ask Huw for CSS/changes for the pretty text-over-the-border look. 2) find the edit icon on LP and include it too.  I think it is some funky sprite thing20:47
benjigary_poster: sounds good20:47
bacgary_poster: i'm exercising gmb's latest branch and it looks great20:47
baci can't make it fail20:47
gary_posterbac, yay!  yay!20:48
* bac happy20:48
gary_posterSo what's left...we need tests of some sort still I assume, and we need to populate the accordion with the proper widgets?20:48
gary_posterbac ^^21:06
gary_posterbenji--sorry for the delayed followup, but there's a delete icon to use too.  Let's include that too.  I think it is in some of the other mockups, and it seems like a standard visual thing we do.21:06
bacgary_poster: yeah, all of that21:06
bacit needs polish21:06
gary_posterok, but things we know how to do, mostly, yeah, bac?21:06
bacand hooking up21:06
benjigary_poster: sounds good21:06
bacfamous last words, but yeah, i think so21:06
gary_postercool benji21:06
gary_posterbac, understood :-)21:07
bacgary_poster: i will do some clean up this afternoon and hand it off to gmb with a list of next things.  if that's what you want.21:07
gary_posterbac, sounds good to me.  gmb was in the middle of a bug, so I'd be happy for him to get to complete it, but I think it's close if not done already21:09
benjigary_poster: I copied you on the email to Huw, I don't know if that's something you generally want or not, so you'll have to tell me to stop ;)21:11
gary_posterbenji, I like it, please continue. :-)21:12
bacgary_poster: we still have the outstanding design issue of the twisty arrow placement21:23
gary_posterbac, yes.  AIUI benji and Huw are working on that.  My hope is that the resolution won't be too far from the checkboxy thing21:24
gary_poster(So significant work will not have to be redone)21:24
gary_posterI'm just being optimistic, I guess, bac. :-/21:24
benjiby way of status update: I got an email from Huw yesterday morning asking some clarifying questions which I replied to immediately; nothing more yet.21:26
gary_posterright benji, thanks21:39
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bacinteresting, closing the overlay causes some of the items to be left behind, imprinted on the underlying web page.  oops.21:55
* gary_poster is out. ttyl22:03

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