psusiwhen using the email interface to update bugs, how do you specify which task you are talking about?  it seems like the interface was written assuming a bug only had one task00:39
wgrantpsusi: See the 'affects' command.00:39
psusiwgrant, I thought that was for adding a target?  it also modifies which target subsequent commands apply to?  what if you don't use affects?  does it apply them to all targets then?00:40
wgrantpsusi: affects will create a new target or choose an existing one if it already exists.00:41
wgrantIf you don't use affects, it guesses.00:41
psusiahh, I see00:41
psusiwhat about when a bug is tracked in multiple distributions?  I'm still kind of fuzzy on the difference between that and milestones00:42
wgrantMultiple series, you mean?00:43
wgranteg. Lucid, Maverick, Natty?00:43
wgrant'affects ubuntu/lucid/dpkg' should work, I think.00:44
psusihrm... ok00:44
psusidoes the mail interface support searching for bugs?00:51
psusii.e. give me a list of all bugs affecting ubuntu/foo?00:51
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psusiso I'm trying to figure out the launchpad python api... I seem to be able to find a bug by number with b = lp.bugs[1], but I can not for the life of me, figure out how to look up bugs by distribution/project01:58
maxbpsusi: You have found https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/, yes?02:04
psusimaxb, I was reading https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib, will check that one now02:05
maxbpsusi: I think you want something like lp.projects['launchpad'].searchTasks(importance="Critical")02:08
psusimaxb, I was just messing with searchTasks... it seems to return all bugs, even fixed ones unless you add status='New'.   can you search for any open status?02:22
wgrantpsusi: The default is to search for only open bugs.02:22
psusiwgrant, it's returning invalid and fix released bugs too02:23
psusiok, so I have a list of bugs ( in python )... I can print their status... now if I want to change their status, how do I do that?  for b in bugs: b.status = 'Invalid'?02:41
psusiwhat comment would be used?02:41
wgrantb.status = 'Invalid'; b.lp_save()02:43
wgrantComments aren't associated with changes like that, so you can just add a comment before or after.02:43
psusiohh...so how do I add a comment?  and I guess both comment and status change are written when I call lp_save()?02:44
wgrantpsusi: Call newMessage on the bug (*not* the bug_task).02:48
wgrantAttributes are only saved when you call lp_save(), but methods are executed immediately.02:48
achiangwhat are the short URLs for LP?02:50
wgrantShort URLs?02:51
achiangdon't we have a shortening service, like bit.ly?02:51
achiangistr something like that...02:51
achiangah, yes, that is02:51
achiangthat's it02:51
psusiwgrant, why does help(bugs[0]) not list newMessage()?02:52
wgrantpsusi: Did you get that bugs collection from searchTasks?02:52
psusiwgrant, yep02:52
spivI emailed a review to https://code.launchpad.net/~gz/bzr/smarter_smart_error_reporting_722416_B/+merge/51666 over 20 minutes ago and it still hasn't appeared.02:53
wgrantpsusi: If you check the docs, you'll see that searchTasks returns a collection of bug_tasks, not bugs.02:53
wgrantpsusi: Try help(bugs[0].bug)02:53
psusiwell, I took what each searchTasks returned, converted it to a list(), and then concactenated them together, since it seems like you have to explicitly searchTasks on each status you want ( New, Confirmed, Incomplete )02:53
spivIs it probably going to appear, or has Launchpad lost it?02:54
spivIt's not my mail setup, another review I sent an hour ago worked just fine.02:54
psusiwgrant, print bugs[0]: https://api.staging.launchpad.net/1.0/ubuntu/+source/powernowd/+bug/15318602:57
psusiwgrant, print bugs[0].bug: big traceback02:57
pooliespiv, that's giving me a lot of deja vu02:59
Ampelbeinhmm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zoneminder/+bug/507004/comments/4 looks like spam to me?03:03
wgrantspiv, poolie: process-mail is apparently failing to run.03:11
wgrantOh no.03:12
wgrantthumper: Is that what you were looking at?03:12
wgrantWith the emailaddress thing?03:12
thumperwgrant: no03:13
thumperwgrant: I was looking at something else03:13
wgrant2011-03-02 01:39:21 ERROR   No mail box is configured. Please see mailbox.txt for info on how to configure one.03:13
psusihrm... so I set bugs[0].status = 'Invalid' and called bugs[0].lp_save() and it returned without error... but the bug isn't being updated...03:27
StevenKIs bugs[0] a Bug or a BugTask?03:30
wgrantpsusi: Is bugs[0] actually a list?03:30
wgrantOr is it a result from searchTasks?03:31
wgrantIt's possible that it's fetching a fresh object each time. I forget exactly how it works.03:31
wgrantTry only retrieving it once.03:31
psusibugs is a list, built from the results of multiple calls to searchTasks ( one for each active status )03:31
spivwgrant: well, my reviews finally came through03:31
wgrantspiv: Yeah, we fixed it.03:31
wgrantBug #72757003:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 727570 in Launchpad itself "ZCML move breaks incoming mail" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72757003:31
wgrantSorry, forgot to mention it here.03:31
wgrantProperly fixing now.03:31
spivwgrant: cool, thanks!03:32
psusiin other words, I did bugs = list( d.searchTasks( status='New' ) then bugs += list( d.searchTasks( status = 'Confirmed' ) etc03:33
lifelesspsusi: if you don't pass in status, you should get all bugs03:34
psusilifeless, I just want all open ones, so I had to explicitly search on each open status03:35
lifelessor you can say status=any(New,confirmed,...)03:35
wgrantlifeless: Uh, can you?03:36
psusiat any rate, I have all of the bugs in a list that I want... and I have done bugs[0].status = 'Invalid' and bugs[0].lp_save() and it doesn't seem to be taking effect, but no errors03:36
lifelessif you can't say that, file a bug, but I'm pretty sure you can03:36
lifelesspsusi: you're probably talking to staging03:36
wgrantpsusi: You're not accidentally using staging?03:36
psusiit looks like I am, is that a problem?03:36
wgrantIf you want to write to production, staging is possibly not the best place to be writing.03:37
lifelessonly if you want to change production03:37
wgrantCheck if your changes appear on staging.launchpad.net.03:37
psusiwait, what's staging again?  edge is unreleased version of lp, but on same db right?03:38
StevenKedge doesn't mean that anymore03:39
lifelessedge is not staging03:39
lifelessand never was03:39
psusiohh, ok... yea, shows right on staging...03:39
psusino, I mean edge = live db but with latest lp code right?03:39
psusistaging = not live db?03:39
wgrantedge used to run newer code.03:39
wgrantBut now is identical to production.03:40
psusiohh... odd03:40
wgrantstaging is new code, and a copy of the DB that is overwritten weekly.03:40
wgrantedge is deprecated.03:40
wgrantBut we can't remove it entirely, because people run API scripts against it.03:40
psusiright... ok... got ya... why is edge depreciated?03:40
wgrantBecause we roll out to production once every day or two anyway.03:40
wgrantWe used to only roll out there once a month, so edge was useful.03:40
psusiheh... ok03:40
wgrantBut now we can roll out much more rapidly.03:40
psusiok, so basically, let's see... I need to start over and make the initial connection not to staging?03:41
wgrantpsusi: Yes.03:41
psusiwhat do I use instead of 'staging' as the argument to Launchpad.login_with()?03:41
spmactually - and somewhat more widely than just the edge appservers too.03:42
lifelesswe are going to delete edge03:42
lifelessat some point I'm going to blog and pull the plug03:42
StevenKHow about now?03:43
lifelessnot today03:43
lifelesspsusi: http://blog.launchpad.net/general/edge-is-deprecated03:43
psusiok... now back to searchTasks()... how can I get just active bugs?  someone said that is what it returns by default?03:44
psusibut it seems to give all bugs03:44
psusiunless I explicitly add status="something"03:44
wgrantWhat are you calling it on?03:47
wgrantpsusi: You may be able to pass in a list of statuses.03:49
wgrantTry that.03:49
wgrantI haven't use the Bugs API for a long time :/03:49
pooliepsusi, wgrant, you do need to explicitly list all the active bugs03:50
poolie(just like the web ui :-/)03:50
lifelesspoolie: you do?03:50
psusiwgrant, calling it on a distribution03:50
pooliethere is a bug against lp asking for a better way to say that03:51
lifelesspoolie: whats the bug #?03:51
pooliehm, or does it default to active and you have to list them all to get everything?03:51
poolieit's one or the other03:51
lifelesspoolie: how are you listing multiples03:52
pooliei believe in python it's a list of strings03:54
pooliehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/lazr.restful/+bug/590561 is part of it03:54
lifelesspsusi: ['new', 'complete'] etc03:54
lifelessif poolie is right03:54
pooliecase sensitive :)03:55
poolie'New' etc i think03:55
pooliealso https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/61371303:55
psusilifeless, ohh... ['foo','bar'] as opposed to the 'foo,bar' I had been trying? ;)03:56
poolieand https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/25694003:56
StevenKEr, I think there is an lazr.enum branch that thumper was working on to make ['new', 'complete'] work04:00
pooliemaking clients hardcode all the values is obviously poor04:00
pooliebecause the available options do change over time, eg with 'opinion'04:00
lifelessthis is a bug04:00
lifelessthe values should not change in 1.004:00
lifelessand outside 1.0, meh04:00
pooliei'll make 613713 the master04:01
psusicrap... addMessage() seems to take effect immediately rather than after lp_save()04:02
wgrantpsusi: I did warn you about that :)04:03
psusiI thought I could change status, then addmessage, and finally lp_save to save one change that modified status with a commend04:04
psusicomment even04:05
wgrantThey are always separate changes.04:05
wgrantEven if you do them in the web UI.04:05
wgrantThey just happen at similar times.04:05
psusiboy I hope I did that right04:08
psusilooks like it worked... hooray python!04:11
wgrantIndeed, it seems to have worked.04:14
wgrantHow many were there?04:14
psusiwgrant, looks liek 3504:15
wgrantOh, you only did powernowd?04:16
psusiwgrant, should come in handy again soon though when the usplash package is dropped... it has 239 open bugs04:16
wgrantI was apparently subscribed to 1.04:17
psusibug 1, or one of the bugs against powernowd?04:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104:17
wgrantOne of the bugs against powernowd.04:18
* psusi wonders why his mailbox has not yet been flooded with the changes04:19
lifelesswgrant: we've probably broken outbound mail too04:23
wgrantlifeless: Not likely.04:23
wgrantlifeless: I got one of the notifications.04:23
wgrantAnd that's all in-tree AFAIK04:23
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lxsameercan i install the launchpad bug tracker on my server only?07:35
lifelessits an AGPLv3 project, so you can - but you need to rebrand it, and its pretty complex to run.07:36
lifeless(its a very complex project)07:36
lifelessdev.launchpad.net is where you need to read, if you want to do that.07:36
lifelesslxsameer: we can run private projects for you though (its a commercial service) if you want.07:37
lifelesslxsameer: or if its a public project, we host those for free as long as they are open source07:37
lxsameerlifeless: the main problem here is that i wan to know that can i just install bugtracker ? i don't need other stuff07:38
lifelessthe bugtracking component isn't a separate project07:40
lifelessyou can run it and only have the bugs subdomain routed, but I wouldn't expect that to play well07:41
fta2is the publisher dead or something? build "Finished 1 hour ago" but still "Pending publication"08:05
wgrantfta2: Which build?08:06
fta2wgrant, https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1533137/+listing-archive-extra08:07
wgrantfta2: Looks published to me.08:07
fta2oh, it just changed status, been waiting for nearly 2h in "Pending publication" mode08:09
wgrantI'm waiting for logs to sync, then we'll hopefully be able to see what's going on.08:10
wgrantfta2: It looks like the publisher was running really slow for about half an hour.08:30
fta2hm, ok08:30
mok0Why doesn't a deleted PPA disappear? It's only greyed-out10:26
bigjoolsmok0: that part is not implemented (yet)10:51
bigjoolsdeletion was done so that people could rename their accounts10:51
mok0bigjools: I see10:52
shadeslayercould someone have a look at OOPS-1887C107711:01
shadeslayerSame thing with OOPS-1887O109311:02
shadeslayerTrying to copy a package from a public PPA to a private ppa11:02
wgrantshadeslayer: That's a timeout. Were you copying more than one source?11:15
bigjoolsshadeslayer: it's timing out because you're copying too much at once.  This is a know bug.11:15
shadeslayerjust one source11:15
wgrantNice timing.11:15
bigjoolsdoes it have a lot of binaries?11:15
wgrantshadeslayer: Has copying this source worked recently?11:15
shadeslayerquit possibly yes ... /me checks11:15
shadeslayerwgrant: yeah11:15
wgrantThe global timeout was reduced a few hours ago.11:15
bigjoolsthat page really needs a job runner11:15
wgrantWe may want to increase it by a couple of seconds for this page and see what happens.11:16
wgrantbigjools: No, it just needs me to find time to make it not suck.11:16
shadeslayeryeah loads of binaries11:16
wgrantThere are two really easy fixes which half the query count.11:16
bigjoolsshadeslayer: that's the problem then :(11:16
shadeslayerthis is the source : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebindings11:16
bigjoolswgrant: JFDI!11:16
wgrantshadeslayer: Ah, KDE disorder.11:16
wgrantOf course.11:16
shadeslayeri thought it was only with big sources11:17
bigjoolsit's the file count that matters11:17
wgrantIt mostly depends on the number of binaries.11:17
shadeslayerdidn't know large number of binaries cause timeouts as well11:17
wgrantSources aren't so critical.11:17
bigjoolsit has to go checking each file for conflicts in the target archive11:17
shadeslayeryeah i just copied the sources over11:17
bigjoolsthe code that does that sucks a bit11:18
wgrantIt's fairly easy to fix, but difficult to write a test to ensure that it stays fixed.11:18
shadeslayeryeah ... the test part is fairly important11:18
wgrantI think I will give up on that for now and just fix the problem.11:19
wgrantEventually we'll get the whole thing into a testable state.11:19
shadeslayeranother issue, i can't open build logs in a private PPA, like this one https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/229526111:38
shadeslayernvm ... looks like a chromium issue11:40
bigjoolsyeah there's a bug in Chromium11:43
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cromhello any help arround...Error ID: OOPS-1887O1263 while trying to import finger print12:53
cromany admin there?12:57
cromany admin there?13:02
wgrantcrom: Have you tried it more than once?13:03
cromlast week, but different error13:03
cromi cant manage to import the fingerprint13:03
wgrantcrom: Could you try it again now?13:05
cromsure.... 1 sec13:05
cromdid u change anything....i try all evening last week13:07
cromnow works13:07
wgrantcrom: What was the error you were getting last week?13:07
wgrantI don't think it was this same one.13:07
stgrabercould someone rename https://launchpad.net/vmmanager to https://launchpad.net/weblive ?13:17
stgrabervmmanager doesn't have any blueprint or bugs at the moment, only two bzr branches13:17
stgraberso there shouldn't be any really broken link by doing so13:17
stgraberJust filed: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/14752313:22
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flowergpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt, but how do I specify a certain key?13:25
flowergpg --clearsign UbuntuCodeofConduct-1.1.txt, uses the first user key which is on the system, I need a other13:26
raphinkflower, have you read the manpage?13:39
raphinkit says how to do it13:39
raphinkThe key to  be  used  for13:40
raphink              signing is chosen by default or can be set with the --local-user and --default-key options.13:40
flowergpg --clearsign -u works13:40
raphink-u is the short for --local-user13:41
raphinkas per manpage gpg13:41
flowerallthough launchpad gives a general error :/13:41
cromso after confirming code of conduct....what next?14:04
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\shcould someone explain what the real contents of the cve collection is? is it imported from mitre or is it only a list of cves somehow reported via bug reports?17:16
\shwhen the latter is true, the cve entry bugs collection should show somehow at least one bug entry per cve entry, right?17:17
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cody-somervilleWhen should I expect staging.launchpad.net to come back?19:48
lifelessdon't know why its down yet20:06
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keeshi! how do I configure my bzr branch to email merge requests somewhere? I don't seem to get any email notifications of merges.20:55
tumbleweedkees: it's an option when you subscribe to a branch20:57
tumbleweed(emailing them to you)20:57
keestumbleweed: hm20:58
Ampelbeinkees: https://code.launchpad.net/~USER/PACKET/BRANCH/+edit-subscription ? on the middle right corner "edit my subscription"20:59
keesAmpelbein, tumbleweed: I don't see an option for "just merge requests". won't this send all commits too?21:00
keesor are merge-requests considered "attribute" changes?21:00
tumbleweedkees: see  "code review level" I think21:01
keestumbleweed: ah, so "Notification Level" is about the branch itself, and "Code review Level" is about merge requests? that makes sense.21:03
tumbleweedkees: I think so, I'm no LP dev :) The branches I get review mail on, I also subscribe to commits for21:04
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wgrantkees: That UI isn't quite optimal, since merge proposals were added later. But yes, "Notification level" is all about commit notifications.21:52
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