Jef91Anyone know if there are ANY .deb builds of PCManFM 0.9.x that don't seg out when right clicking on files as root?00:13
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red_tnx, head_victim for the opengl info09:52
head_victimred_: glad it worked out09:53
head_victimNice to know when it works as well so thanks for letting me know.09:53
red_i went through your link and did what it i was told there apparently i have direct rendering: Yes09:53
red_yea, i checked the logs from the irclogs site :)))09:53
red_lots of interesting stuff there09:53
red_just ctrl-f and you are there09:53
red_i took it down a notch switching from xchat to irssi to save some ram usage09:54
head_victimYeah that's why I like helping on logged channels, it means the solutiosn are there for everyone to use09:54
head_victimAh ok I prefer xchat but then again I have 2 gb of ram to play with09:55
red_i only have 512mb lol old laptop from 200509:55
red_but lubuntu runs nice09:55
red_ubuntu not so much09:55
head_victimYeah my personal experience is if it's  a P4 or older then Lubuntu is the best selection, if it's a C2D with a couple of GB or ram or more normal Ubuntu is my preference.09:56
red_yes, i tried several live distros but decided to go with lubuntu. I was trying wattos (another low demand os) but with lubuntu there is way more supported with ubuntu forums and all09:58
bioterrordepends on need09:58
bioterrorif you want to use gnome, why not, waste your resources09:58
red_eh, just browse the web and mail for me on this comp09:59
bioterrorI have a dual core computer with 4GB of RAM and my desktop is a WindowMaker09:59
red_have u tried blackbox?09:59
bioterrorI could run "anything" with it09:59
head_victimbioterror: yeah I like the features of gnome for my quad core with 10gb ram.09:59
bioterrorred_, blackbox is soooo 90's, fluxbox is the future09:59
red_i see i am "new" to this whole DE scene ;)10:00
bioterrorI dont know what features I am missing with my cribbled WMaker and Thunar file browser :D10:00
mark76PekWM FTW!10:00
bioterrorred_, but FYI, I'm going to use Fluxbox on my coming HTPC ;)10:00
bioterrorit was sent today!10:00
red_fluxbox's nice10:00
red_that is so cool, having htpc, my guess is, since you are uber l33t10:01
bioterrordaamn, I could go to fap as I'm so excited about this htpc :D10:01
red_you will have all access via remote10:01
bioterrorI have to buy these remotes :D10:02
bioterrorand case too, it's going to replace my Popcorn Hour A-11010:02
mark76Seriously. Try PekWM.10:02
mark76It has tabbed windows10:03
bioterrorbut my 2cents is that there's no idea to waste resources on gnome or other stuff10:03
bioterrorif you can do the same tasks with something lighter10:03
red_does java and flash work on that super light DE (fluxbox, blackbox...)?10:04
bioterrorwhy not10:04
red_you can browse pages, right?10:04
bioterrorwhat? :D10:04
red_nothing nothing10:05
red_what i meant was10:05
red_for instance10:05
red_with blackbox you can surf the web10:05
red_without "classic" web browser10:05
red_it can display pages10:05
bioterrorI'm not now understanding10:06
red_maybe i'm unclear, forgive my terminology10:06
red_a sec plz10:06
red_maybe i can goole some screenshots to explain10:07
bioterrortry to find it, I'll go replace one laptop and switch harddrives on them too10:14
bioterrorafk for ~10min ;)10:14
bioterrorred_, did you find anything? :D10:27
red_no i must've confused window manager and desktop environment10:37
red_the blackbox screenshots did not have what i was looking for10:38
red_that is different thing right? wm and de?10:38
bioterrorDE should bring you a whole desktop usability or how it should be explained10:38
red_ok, tnx for learning me  and explaining this basic linux-related things10:39
red_xinput list10:55
CamciHello, I need help please, im a complete newb to linux alltogheter, i have installed Lubuntu last night and this morning I have installed vsftpd, I have done the configuration and it is running.11:27
CamciI have no idea how to create a new user for it and give it access to say /home/enes/Downloads . Can someone help me please?11:28
red_yes i think i can11:32
red_just type11:33
red_adduser <usernma> <password>11:33
red_for permissions and stuff wait for bioterror11:33
bioterrorI'm just wondering why :D11:34
bioterrorwhy ftpd11:34
Camcisomeone said it was good :p11:35
Camcior something11:35
Camciwhy not? :p11:35
bioterrornot that it's my business, but I'm just curious why would you want to use ftpd and escpecially let him go to your ~/Downloads11:35
Camciits me11:35
Camciwho wanna go there11:35
CamciI have a home server11:35
Camciand I wanna reach that folder via my windows11:36
bioterrorUSE SAMBA!11:36
bioterrorsamba == windows share11:36
bioterroryou know ;)11:36
Camcino im confused :P11:36
bioterrorhow so11:37
bioterroryou have in windows "share this folder" right?11:37
Camcibut wouldnt vsftpd work? All im gonna do is to connect to it every now and then and download the files.11:37
bioterrorand then you can access it by using \\computer\share\11:37
bioterrorsudo apt-get install samba11:40
bioterrorthen you edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf11:40
bioterroryou put your workgroup there11:40
bioterrorthe same you have in windows11:40
bioterrorand then you add your shares11:40
bioterrorI can give you an example11:40
Camciand I can share any folder to windows?11:41
bioterroryou can access them by explorer11:41
Camcigonna try it now11:41
Camcisec :p11:41
bioterrorI use it myself for my networked media tank11:41
Camcigksudo gedit/etc/samba/smb.conf ?11:43
bioterrorreplace sad157 with your username11:43
bioterrorand put a correct path11:43
Camciok its installing right now11:44
bioterroryou can name it [Downloads@Linux] or something or something like that11:44
bioterrorit will show the share then as Downloads@Linux11:44
CamciI see11:45
Camcithe user name11:45
Camciits the username on the lubuntu yes?11:45
Camciand not the windows?11:45
bioterroron your machine11:46
Eneseasier if im here from the machine :p11:48
bioterrorand then you can say "sudo service samba restart"11:48
EnesDo i add the text you linked at the bottom?11:51
EnesHow do I know what group am I in?11:52
bioterrorI have a group "SAPPORO" as that's my domain in my home11:52
bioterroryou can figure out something11:53
Enesnow i restart11:53
bioterrormy computers are something.sapporo11:53
bioterroryou should then put your windows into same workgroup11:53
EnesYea I changed the work group to same as windows11:53
bioterrorcan you now see the share from your windows?11:54
Enesjust gonna restart11:54
Enessudo service samba restart didnt work11:54
Enesunrecognized service11:54
bioterrortry smb instead of samba :D11:55
Enesnope :(11:55
bioterrorls /etc/init.d/11:55
bioterrordo you see samba or smb there11:55
bioterrorsudo /etc/init.d/smbd restart11:56
bioterrornow, refresh your network drives on windows11:57
bioterroryour computer should broadcast itself11:57
CamciI dont see it11:58
bioterroryou should if you're in a same network with it ;)11:58
bioterrorsame LAN11:58
CamciI am11:59
Camciboth are here11:59
Camcimaybe I missed something?12:00
Camcido I have to change anything in windows?12:00
bioterrornope, you should not12:00
bioterrorcan you from windows do \\com.puters.ip.address\12:00
bioterroror what ever that's12:01
bioterrorthat just example what people mostly have12:01
Camciis my server12:01
bioterrorif you put that to your address bar on windows's explorer12:02
Camcinow it wants username and pw12:02
Camcino idea what it is12:02
bioterroryour login credentials12:02
bioterrorfor the server12:02
* bioterror crosses fingers12:02
Camciwrong name or pw12:03
bioterroryou have to give them12:03
bioterrorjust a moment12:03
bioterroron server12:03
bioterroropen terminal12:03
bioterror"sudo smbpasswd -a USER"12:03
bioterrorreplace user with your username12:04
Enesenes ?12:04
bioterrorif it asks for a password, give the same as you use for login12:04
bioterrortry again from explorer12:05
bioterrorcan you browse stuff?12:06
CamciI can see the stuff :)12:06
bioterrornow you can remove that horrible ftpd :D12:07
Camcithank you thank you thank you12:07
bioterroryeah, that's a lot smarter way to do it12:07
bioterrorbut I'm wondering why your windows cant see the shared folder12:07
bioterrorif you want to access your windows share from lubuntu12:07
bioterrordo "sudo apt-get install gvfs-backends"12:08
CamciI dont need to access anything from windows :)12:08
bioterrorare you sure?-)12:08
Camciyea, server is only for download, then ig et it from there to windows12:09
Camcithats it :D12:09
bioterroroh well, enjoy your lubuntu ;)12:10
CamciI made a shortcut on desktop so i can reach it fast :p12:10
Camcihow do I delete vsftpd? :p12:12
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge vsftpd12:13
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red_icewm or fluxbox?14:43
bioterrorred_, openbox with lxde on it, ofcourse!14:45
red_that is the default combo in lubuntu, right?14:45
red_what would happen if i'd kill openbox process?14:48
bioterrortry it out :D14:48
red_ok, here goes :)14:50
red__i cant start open box again14:55
red__now i am on ctrl+alt-F1 irssi14:56
red__and if ctl-alt-F7 it looks like as if i had killed a "taskmanager" in windows14:56
red_im back15:09
fredehi, is there a way to automatically lock the screen when waking up from sleep?17:53
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mark76Where's the Lubuntu lxpanel profile kept?19:24
bioterroryou're tweaking? :)19:28
mark76Can you guess what the bottom panel is?19:29
bioterrorhard to say19:29
mark76It's bmpanel219:29
mark76Do I need to have lxpanel in my autostart file for it to start?19:30
bioterror    A modern, NETWM compliant, bitmap theme-based x11 panel.19:30
mark76That's the one19:30
mark76The theme is called Light-T19:31
bioterrormy brains aint working19:45
red_whats the matter?19:45
bioterrortrying to figure out the autostart file19:45
bioterrorthere you go mark76 ;)19:46
mark76I know19:46
szczurmark76, your system looks awesome :)20:29
mark76Glad you like it :D20:31
mark76Does the indicator-applets plugin for lxpanel ever work?20:57
ThinkT510is there a 64bit iso for 10.10?21:27
bioterroryou have to use miniman installation or other ubuntu versions21:27
bioterrorI would prefer minimal21:27
ThinkT510i see, any plans for 64bit iso's for future releases? or is that against the grain (since lubuntu is best for netbooks/ older computers)21:29
bioterrorThinkT510, we're working on it for the 11.0421:29
bioterrorthere has been lots of demand for it21:30
ThinkT510i was suprised to see lubuntu gets more hits than xubuntu in distrowatch21:31
ThinkT510thanks for the info21:32
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sicoi had lubuntu and winxpsp3 in my grub menu.  now winxp is missing.  what command would i use in terminal to fix this?23:15
sicosudo update-grub2 doesn't show it23:17
bioterrorsudo apt-get install os-prober23:18
bioterrorsudo os-prober23:18
bioterrorsudo update-grub23:18
sicobioterror, ty kind sir :D23:19
bioterroryou dont have to sir me ,)23:19
sicosorry.  thanks tho.23:20
kosaidpo|sico: if you have a dual boot and it didnt wok i still have my old grub.cfg if u want it to help uself23:20
kosaidpo|bioterror: any idea how to type in arab using an app ?23:21
kosaidpo|not my real keys ?23:21
bioterrornope, I'm not an arab23:21
kosaidpo|bioterror: hihi i kno ,and i am :D23:21
sicoi had a grub.cfg from another computer with simliar setup and i'm sure i co it nduld've eventually manually got it.  i just knew thewas something ez like bioterror stated but couldn't find it.  normally i have to add ubuntu back after windows install.  i can do that.   strange that it was there, win in grub.  i wonder why it 'left'23:22
kosaidpo|well me after an upgrade it gone23:22
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