arandI'm getting erros (couldn't locate) for the unity and unity-2d-panel package, is something up with that?01:07
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cpatrick08i get this error message when updating kubuntu natty E: Error http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources03:32
cpatrick08404 Not Found03:32
cpatrick08E: Error http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main amd64 Packages03:32
matt-vaioI am sick of unity for now. until it's bugs are worked out, I want to use gnome again, and there is no gnome-desktop related startup option. Any ideas?03:36
rwwmatt-vaio: There's an option for "classic" GNOME on the login screen. Try that.03:37
* rww isn't using natty, can't help much more than that pointer03:37
matt-vaiorww, thanks but that still didn't work for me03:37
Ampelbeincpatrick08: you have some ppa in your sources that doesn't provide packages for it03:37
rwwmatt-vaio: odd. Did you still get Unity anyway, or did you get a broken GNOME desktop?03:37
syn-ackGood evening.03:38
matt-vaiowell, I did a straight upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04a. everything was smooth.03:38
matt-vaioand gnome was perfect :)03:38
syn-ackmatt-vaio, it's generally better if you do a fresh install of the OS when you want to run the development version. Though, the upgrade process has become a lot less painful as it was in the past03:39
matt-vaioI understand that. the problem is, when I fresh installed, I accidentally set the grub partition in my win7 partition:(((03:41
matt-vaioand then my hardware got messed up, and now through a series of events, my laptop doesn't suspend anymore, it hibernates instead which is a dread for school. end of spam:>.03:41
matt-vaiosyn-ack, I'll have to. I'll lose all my backups and stuff, but w/e.03:42
syn-ackmatt-vaio, Do what I do03:43
syn-ackkeep your /~ on it's own partition03:43
syn-ackthat way, when you do have to do that, you're not nuking the entire install. Only the system partition03:43
matt-vaioyea, with 10.10, they added that choice thing. and out of curiosity, I did it differently:P03:43
matt-vaiowhich cost me03:44
syn-ackThey've had it like that since Warty.03:44
matt-vaiowell, choice wise, not advanced properties and stuff.03:45
matt-vaioI've figured out the partitioning stuff already, so it isn't hard.03:45
syn-ackHell, it's been like that since I started using linux back in '98 :P03:45
matt-vaiomeh, I just started using it a year ago.03:45
MTecknologyYay.... natty go breaky03:50
syn-ackDude, tell me about it03:50
syn-ackwith less than a month to go, I'm surprised that we're only in A2... Though, I've not beta tested in quite a while03:51
MTecknologyhow can you beta test without a beta release?03:51
syn-ackYou know what I mean. :P03:52
MTecknologyIt's be that broke it - by removing initramfs-tools from the system :P03:55
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syn-ackbreaky breaky04:19
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eastherohi, all. ubuntu10.10 how to upgrade to natty? when upgrade python2.6 to python2.7 , always failed06:49
susundbergGood morning07:05
susundbergWas there some know issue with latest updates -- i updated about 14h ago and now when i reboot i have no networking -- network manager shows red cross and the 'wired' connection is grayd out07:05
susundbergmanual setting of network (ifconfig ...) works fine07:05
susundbergah: [1299048457.420478] [main.c:701] main(): failed to start the DHCP manager: no usable DHCP client could be found..07:08
susundbergWhy I cant find bug assosiated with this07:11
Ampelbeinsusundberg: there was no update to network-manager in the last days07:12
susundbergAny ideas where the issue came from? I am very sure i didnt manually remove dhcp client07:13
susundbergHere are latest changes from history.log: http://susundberg.pastebin.com/bKvEyEFA07:15
susundbergThere is for example: isc-dhcp-common:amd64 (4.1.1-P1-15ubuntu3, 4.1.1-P1-15ubuntu4)07:15
Ampelbeinsusundberg: yeah, that should be bug 72455607:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 724556 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu Natty) "[Natty] isc-dhcp update breaks network connection" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72455607:16
Ampelbeinsusundberg: -ubuntu5 got published on 24th february07:17
susundbergMhh what does 'fix released' mean -- fix is available but its not yet on repos?07:18
Ampelbeinsusundberg: no, fix released=fix is in repository.07:18
susundberg(that is Natty main)07:19
jmlI'm getting this error when upgrading: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574326/07:19
Ampelbeinsusundberg:  the package fixing that bug is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/4.1.1-P1-15ubuntu5, published on 24.feb07:19
susundbergSo my local mirror is just lagging (as apt-get update says i am up to date)?07:21
susundberg(thanks btw)07:21
Ampelbeinsusundberg: what mirror are you on?07:22
susundbergWell day is just starting in here in Finland so mayby i'll wait for a while ;)07:24
Ampelbeinsusundberg: that mirror should have the files, http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/isc-dhcp/07:25
Ampelbeinsusundberg: you sure you did run apt-get update? ;-)07:25
Ampelbeinjml: can you file a bug about that upgrade please?07:26
susundbergweird. but yes, i did07:26
jmlAmpelbein: sure. against what?07:26
Ampelbeinjml: udev, please attach relevant log files07:27
Ampelbeinsusundberg: eek, root07:28
jmlAmpelbein: which log files, do you think?07:28
Ampelbeinjml: /var/log/apt/term.log, /var/log/dpkg.log, if possible, only include the parts where the error is07:29
jmlAmpelbein: ok. will do. thanks.07:29
susundbergAmpelbein: http://fi.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/ -- Packages.bz2 contains only ubuntu407:30
susundbergoh mayby i'll wait for a moment07:30
susundbergWell you cant run apt-get update as normal user ...07:31
Ampelbeinsusundberg: that's what sudo is for.07:31
susundbergYeah. I just prefer not to prefix my all commands with 'sudo'07:32
susundbergbut that eagerness to use 'root' certainly originates from debian times ..07:33
Ampelbeinsusundberg: ok. ;-) about the mirror: did you actually get any updates in the last days?07:34
susundbergWell dont know, i updated yesterday after some days07:35
susundbergbut the Packages.bz2 is dated " 24-Feb-2011 "07:35
Ampelbeinsusundberg: yes, that's what makes me wonder07:35
susundbergSo it seems like it hasnt been really up-to-date ..07:35
susundbergAmpelbein: Again, thanks for the help! I consider issue solved :)07:38
Ampelbeinsusundberg: no problem ;-)07:38
jmlAmpelbein: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/72763307:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 727633 in udev (Ubuntu) "Failed upgrade to udev" [Undecided,New]07:56
Ampelbeinjml: thanks07:57
susundbergAmpelbein: somebody in .fi channel just mentioned that he got 800MB of updates after changing mirror to .se :)08:13
Zuhaitzwhy when i change virtual desktop the background moves with the windows? it have no sense, the virtual desktop is the work desktop, the background should be static, is there a way to change that? thanks10:26
ZuhaitzCan you teld me how, please.10:31
susundbergYeah i was just checking10:31
ZuhaitzAnd, the dock, is configurable? Or, in case that not, will be in the future?10:32
susundbergOh sorry, Kde or Gnome or something else?10:32
susundbergSorry, don't know -- i would google or search through options10:32
ZuhaitzOptions... Where? :D10:33
Clutchlesshey, can anyone help me? i have problem with rhel but nobody wake in there, i believe you guys can help too10:41
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alkisgHi, I'm trying to `apt-get dist-upgrade` a natty chroot, and apport fails to be configured. In /var/log/daemon.log I get:12:16
alkisgMar  2 14:11:11 alkis init: apport pre-start process (15957) terminated with status 112:16
alkisgMar  2 14:11:11 alkis init: apport post-stop process (15958) terminated with status 112:16
alkisgIn apport.postinst there is this call, added by dh_installinit:12:16
alkisginvoke-rc.d apport start || exit $?12:17
alkisgSo the question is, should that invoke-rc.d call succeed, or should the postinst have an `|| true` at that line?12:17
alkisgI.e. is it a bug in sysv-rc, meaning that invoke-rc.d should return "true" when inside chroots, or is it a bug in apport?12:18
tsimpsonin chroots you don't want services to be started/stopped/restarted from invoke-rc.d, so you should create a shell script in /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d with just "exit 101"12:24
alkisgtsimpson: and then manually restore that script when the chroot is actually used to boot a pc?12:57
alkisgThat doesn't sound right, I believe it should be handled automatically12:57
tsimpsonthen use http://paste.ubuntu.com/574434/12:58
alkisgtsimpson: it's a nice workaround, but my point is, why should I need a workaround/12:59
alkisgIsn't it a bug that needs to be fixed?12:59
tsimpsonbecause it's supposed to be user-configurable I guess13:00
alkisgAlso why `exit 101` instead of `exit 0`?13:00
tsimpsonit's perfectly possible to have services running from a chroot, it's just that you normally don't wan to13:00
alkisgAnd it should also chain to invoke-rc.d when outside of a chroot13:00
tsimpson101 means something similar to "permission denied"13:00
alkisgThat would still make the postinst fail though13:01
tsimpsoninvoke-rc.d calls /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d, so no13:01
alkisgAlso, except from invoke-rc.d, it's a problem with initctl (upstart) calls as well13:01
tsimpsonoops, I said invoke-rc.d above, I meant policy-rc.d13:01
alkisgSo if invoke-rc.d is supposed to start services, then it's a bug in apport.postinst, it shouldn't fail on chroots13:01
tsimpson* in chroots you don't want services to be started/stopped/restarted from invoke-rc.d, so you should create a shell script in /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d with just "exit 101"13:02
alkisgAh, let me look at policy-rc.d, didn't know about that...13:02
alkisg(but it's still a problem with upstart services)13:02
tsimpsoninvoke-rc.d checks with policy-rc.d to see if it should actually do anything13:02
tsimpson-> http://people.debian.org/~hmh/invokerc.d-policyrc.d-specification.txt13:03
tsimpsonI'm not sure how current that is, but it's what I found on google13:03
alkisgGot it, we use policy-rc.d on ltsp as well, I just never looked at it. That's a better workaround for invoke-rc.d, but I think a proper fix is still needed13:04
alkisgcreate chroot => install apport => it fails. It just doesn't sound logical that policy-rc.d needs to be created for it not to fail13:05
alkisgThank you though for the nice workaround :)13:06
alkisgI reported the apport/upstart problem in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/72778513:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 727785 in upstart (Ubuntu) "apport fails to be configured in chroots" [Undecided,New]13:34
platiuslooks like my daily live install has gone south. It was almost finished but now is hung on Downloading packages.  Well A3 tomorrow.15:19
pianoboy3333is narwhal going to include gnome 3?15:31
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starting in 25 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:36
yofelpianoboy3333: no, natty won't have gnome315:38
platiushmm, I did a reboot while the install was hung. Apparently it installed enough to reboot into natty.15:38
pianoboy3333yofel: so I'm guessing october's release will?15:38
yofelprobably, we'll know after UDS15:39
BluesKajso I assume the Xorg  stack is still broken ?15:44
yofelBluesKaj: in what sense?15:48
BluesKajthat nvidia driver depnds aren't working, yofel15:50
yofelthe nvidia driver works fine here by now15:50
BluesKajI'm running an older driver (260.19.06) that seems to be recommended default for my 8400gs . yet my other linux box with the 7600gt uses the newer recommended driver ...strange15:53
* BluesKaj suspects the 8400gs is a upgraded version od the 6series nvidias15:55
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bjsniderBluesKaj, the 260 is longer available in natty. if you still have it there's a problem with your apt sources16:35
ayush_will kubuntu natty have ubuntu one integration?16:35
BluesKajbjsnider, I haven't upgraded to 11.04 yet16:35
BluesKajbjsnider, I'm in the process16:35
bjsnideroh, well, this channel is for natty16:36
bjsnideryou will get the 270 driver when the process is complete16:36
BluesKajyeah, no kidding, I tried it a few weeks back but both linuxboxes suffered from nvidia /xorg broken depends probs16:37
BluesKajwell, I'll know in about 5-6mins, whether Xorg is fixed16:39
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MonkeyDustfolk, i'm running 11.04 in vbox but am unable to open a simple gnome terminal, hints & tips?17:34
rumpe1alt-f2 doesn't work?17:35
charlie-tcaCtrl+Alt+t to open terminal17:36
charlie-tcaOther handy Unity shortcuts available at http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/keyboard-shortcuts-in-unity/28087#2808717:37
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dan2is git broken in natty?18:16
CarlFKis there a chance of getting acpiphp added to /etc/modules?19:04
CarlFKit seems to be the fix for bug 371434 -Reported by       Eric Shattow       on 2009-05-0319:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371434 in linux (Ubuntu) "PCI ExpressCard hotplug requires pciehp.pciehp_force=1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37143419:06
AAA_awrightI'm using the development Ubuntu, the side application bar isn't dissappearing anymore, anyone know what's going on?19:14
AAA_awrightAnyone know how to turn off compiz effects? Removing the package removed the desktop UI/title bars altogether, not what I'm going for of course19:20
Ampelbein!info simple-ccsm | AAA_awright19:24
ubottuAAA_awright: simple-ccsm (source: simple-ccsm): Simple Compizconfig settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 50 kB, installed size 620 kB19:24
AmpelbeinAAA_awright: and about the sidebar not disappearing: try rightclicking it.19:25
AmpelbeinAAA_awright: that should toggle between autohide on/off19:25
AAA_awrightRight click where? It brings up application icon-specific settings (usually just "Keep in Launcher")19:26
AAA_awrightThe top left corner does nothing19:26
AmpelbeinAAA_awright: oh, right. I think they removed that. You can change the setting with ccsm19:30
AAA_awright>_< I'll check it out real soon then19:31
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xrdodrxhow do I make it so that my app menus go back to how they were before?22:10
xrdodrxit's very inconsistent as it doesn't work at all in firefox22:10
xrdodrxand displays only "File" in Chrome22:11
cg2916hey there, charlie-tca23:18
cg2916is the daily working?23:18
ActionParsniphey guys. how can I edit the item in the shortcuts dialogue please?23:21
charlie-tcaThese dailies are the pre-release images for alpha3, which releases tomorrow23:21
ActionParsnipI dont  use evolution or thunderbird and wanted to add a command etc to it to launch a url for webmail etc23:22
ActionParsnipI can make a script to be available as an app to achieve it, I just need to know where to add it etc23:31

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