* prpplague jokes with rsalveti 00:00
prpplaguersalveti: i've been pretty happy with the install so far00:00
ograGrueMaster, i really need some sleep, can you attach logs with debug to the bug and after that try to add 'export UBIQUITY_OEM_USER_CONFIG=1' to the oem-config init in a new install ?00:08
ograi wonder if the last bit makes it go through00:08
GrueMasterI'm adding debug log details now.  Will try that shortly.00:09
* prpplague hands ogra some beer and tylenol PM00:09
ograi wonder if we see that issue because we dont use the oem user00:10
ograbeer is a good idea00:11
* ogra will have one before sleep00:11
GrueMasterThe oem user issue would be new considering how long we've gone without it.00:12
ograbut a lot changed00:13
ograand we are the only ones working in that setup00:14
GrueMasterI'm not seeing much in the logs that helps (not that I know what to look for).  Beyond the original syslog report, debug-oem-config hasn't added any useful info.  oem-config.log has more info, but nothing that stands out to me.00:16
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prpplague<th1a> This is a little anti-climactic.03:46
prpplague<th1a> My new PandaBoard appears to Just Work with Ubuntu.03:46
prpplaguersalveti: guess that is a +1 in you guys column04:04
rsalvetiactually it's quite nice to know people use it and like it04:05
rsalvetiunfortunately we don't have many pandas around yet04:05
prpplaguersalveti: hopefully that will change soon04:06
prpplaguersalveti: you looked at the motorola atrix?04:07
rsalvetiprpplague: yup, is that omap 4?04:08
prpplaguersalveti: yea04:09
rsalvetiprpplague: I thought it would be tegra 204:10
rsalvetilot of people will try to install ubuntu on it, for sure04:11
prpplagueyea they already are using the Lapdock04:11
prpplaguedustin: greetings04:11
dustinCould you point a newb towards troubleshooting does for install Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard?04:12
dustinerr docs not does04:12
prpplaguedustin: have you tried the elinux.org wiki pages first?04:13
rsalvetidustin: maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OMAPMaverickInstall04:13
dustinI followed the instructions on the elinux wiki04:14
rsalvetithat will help you with the pre-installed images04:14
dustinHowever when I boot the BeagleBoard just spits gibberish to the terminal.04:14
dustinI'll check that rsalveti, thanks!04:14
prpplaguersalveti: you are right the atrix is tegra04:41
prpplaguersalveti: i got bad info04:42
rsalvetioh, would be quite cool if it was omap 404:42
dustinrsalveti: using that install process seemed to work05:56
dustinHowever does it usually take a while to boot?05:56
dustinIt's been sitting on the line "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." for a while.05:57
dustinthen it reboot itself06:04
lagogra: Are you about?07:50
fairuzany special channel I have to join for Perf tool related problems?08:10
ogralag, with half an eye, i need to debug an install crasher09:29
lagogra: I'm trying to get gdm working with my u850009:30
lagX is running, /dev/fb0 works, gdm is running, but I have a black screen?09:30
lagogra: Any hints?09:30
ograare you on the right tty ?09:30
ograthats not what i asked :)09:31
lagHow cant you tell which tty /dev/fb0 is on?09:31
lagogra: It's the only answer I have09:31
lagogra: Where is that configured?09:31
ogradid you try ctrl+alt+f7 ?09:32
ograin plymouth afaik09:32
lagI only have a serial console09:32
lagAnd touchscreen09:32
ograit uses the first free console for X 1-6 are getty, 7 is either X or boot log09:32
ograso you either find your gdm on tty7 or 809:33
ograand did you check /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:33
lagogra: Yes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/574353/plain/09:34
ogralooks fine so far09:36
ograhow about a usb keyboard09:36
lagogra: No USB host09:37
ograthats bad09:37
ograso do you see the splash during boot ?09:39
ogragdm should take over from plymouth at some point09:40
lagogra: No slash, just black09:48
XorAlag: I see the same on my beagle XM, no screen output at all09:50
XorAlag: with natty image09:50
lagXorA: Was that different with your Maverick one?09:51
lagXorA: Are you using the Linaro Natty image?09:52
XorAI only got Xm at weekend so I went straight to natty09:52
XorAlag: ubuntu one09:52
lagXorA: Ah okay, so it MAY not be related09:53
XorAas far as I can see image is running as it resized the partitions on first boot09:53
lagXorA: I would have become excited if it worked on Linaro Maverick, but didn't on Natty - 'cos that's what I'm seeing09:53
* XorA wishes default image had serial console09:55
hrwXorA: linaro ones can09:56
lagXorA: http://snapshots.linaro.org/11.05-daily/linaro-netbook-efl/latest/0/images/tar/09:56
ograXorA, the hedless ubuntu ones will10:02
ograjanimo is working on them10:02
ograwith NCommander10:02
XorAahah, crappy monitor10:08
XorAmy TV shows output10:08
XorAmust be some small signal difference between beagle and default PC boot resulotion10:11
fairuzis perf tool is not 100% implemented on arm platform? i get errors when trying to get cache miss data from a program.10:14
fairuza stupid question.. i included arch/arm/include/asm/hardware/cache-l2x0.h in my code..but why cant I use the functions defined in arch/arm/mm/cache-l2x0.c? I got l2x0_init undefined error10:30
dmartfairuz: regarding perf, what kernel and linux-tools package (if any) are you using?  What errors do you get?  It should work afaik11:06
* XorA is happy now, natty running good on XM11:41
* XorA curses monitor failings11:41
ogratell that to TI11:52
ograchanging the HW all the time doesnt really help consistency11:52
XorAbeagle dont change that much :-)12:01
ograenough to break the display output12:04
XorAthat has never broken in Angstrom ;-)12:14
fairuzdmart: still there?12:19
fairuzI'm using linux-ti-omap4-tools-2.6.35-980 - Linux kernel tools for version 2.6.35-98012:19
fairuzkernel 2.6.35-980-omap412:20
fairuzi tried perf stat -e L1-dcache-load-misses echo "test"12:21
fairuzi got this error: No permission to collect stats. Consider tweaking /proc/sys/kernel/perf_event_paranoid.12:21
fairuzwhen i use sudo with verbose -> Error: counter 0, sys_perf_event_open() syscall returned with -1 (No such device)12:24
dmartfairuz: hold on, I'll have a go12:27
fairuzdmart: ok thanks12:30
fairuzdmart: you there?13:23
rsalvetiogra: meego bug says that the qt neon bug is fixed at 4.7.213:52
rsalvetiogra: now we just need to wait until this get uploaded13:53
ograrsalveti, i will only belive it is fixed if i can start QT apps on my ac100 ;)14:06
rsalvetiogra: sure :-)14:06
dmartfairuz: still here btw ... I was distracted for a while ... still trying to set up a working system, I'm afraid14:18
fairuzdmart: no problem =) take your time14:33
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rsalvetivstehle: trying to join, just a sec15:02
rsalvetihaha, still the first one15:04
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fairuzdmart: any luck with setting up the system?15:11
sebjanrsalveti: vstehle is ooo this week, so he will probably not join15:14
rsalvetioh, got no email from him15:15
rsalvetisebjan: but thanks :-)15:15
rsalvetione less call for today15:15
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SQlvpapiranyone got a Genesi Efika MX smarttop? In the specs they mention 720p resolution, but their blog talks about 1080p. what is the device actually capable of?16:40
ScottKhrw: ^^^16:40
hrwI have smartbook only16:41
hrwSQlvpapir: ask on #efika16:41
SQlvpapirthanks hrw, I had no idea there was a channel for that :) cheers16:43
ScottKAh.  I misread the question.17:13
XorAarg, I wish I didnt have to debug ttyS drivers in natty :-(17:39
XorAIm guessing someone broke serial port support in linux mainstream17:39
ograwhy would you use ttyS at all on omap17:40
XorAthis is on my desktop->beagle serial console17:40
ogrause ttyO ;)17:40
XorAogra: and I have an omap3 on my desk with 4 8250 uarts17:40
ograwell, i think all omaps use ttyO now, at least upstream17:41
XorAogra: no this one really has quad UART chip on it :-)17:42
XorA0000:04:04.0: ttyS6 at I/O 0xe880 (irq = 17) is a 16550A17:42
XorAFATAL: failed to add device /dev/ttyS6: Filedes is not a tty17:42
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rsalvetiogra_: plymouth is running at the first boot but without any feedback from jasper20:11
ogra_i guess i'll lose some hair finding out how to make it talk to the splash20:11
ogra_press right or left cursor key20:11
ogra_that gives you the output20:11
rsalvetioh, too late20:12
rsalvetiogra_: hehe, the installer is a lot faster without the slideshow20:16
ogra_we should consider making that a permanent change ;)20:17
rsalvetihaha :-)20:18
ericb2is somebody using an EFIKA MX Netbook on this channel ?22:43
GrueMasterericb2: Try the #efika channel.23:02
GrueMasterI haven't heard much about them here.23:02
ericb2GrueMaster: thanks. To be honest, I'm discovering the machine name. But since we can buy one in Europa, 'm intersted to buy one for a student23:06

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