darkmatterheya coz_00:41
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy00:41
* darkmatter feels like an idiot xD00:41
darkmatterwas about to go catch a bus I'm not catching til tomorrow (I thought today was wednesday. lol)00:43
coz_darkmatter,  been there  :)00:43
coz_darkmatter,  I have had a bad day myself...a few people insisted that I was arrogant or critical00:44
coz_darkmatter,  I didnt know what to say to them so I just left which probably fueled the fire I gues00:44
darkmattercoz_: meh, I come across like that on my good days :P00:45
coz_darkmatter,  I dont see you as arrogant at ll00:45
darkmattercoz_: on the otherhand I switched my compiz/metacity config over to BeOS style window management00:45
coz_darkmatter,  ooo00:45
coz_darkmatter,  i was thinking of fireing up my BeOs box but it didnt work :(00:46
darkmatterclose <double click hide> maximize. plus some extras. like mouse wheel shading, etc00:46
coz_darkmatter,   cool00:46
coz_darkmatter, no tabs  though00:47
darkmattercoz_: but also started piddling around with some old crap (amiga, qnx, etc) and had an _awesome_ idea for window grouping without cluttering the ui with tabs00:48
darkmatteras in "multi windows grouped" tabs ;p00:48
coz_darkmatter,  mmm00:48
coz_darkmatter,  what would be the alternative to tabs?00:48
darkmattercoz_: was looking at how 'oldschool' windowing presented 'extras' in the borders, and then thought of my concepr for killing in app tabs. thought, what if you had a <windows/tabs/whatever> glyph that appeared when grouping occurred (in the deco), and then mousing over would display a list of the windows grouped could even support thumbs I guess). basically the same as tabbing, but cleaner. because you have the indication of groupng w00:52
darkmatterithout the clutter00:52
coz_darkmatter,  sounds like the group and tab plugin for compiz00:52
darkmatternot "omg revolutionary!" or anything. just a logical adaptation00:52
darkmattercoz_: kinda, but gui driven00:53
darkmatteri used to love the keyboard, but in recent years I've started to hate it :P00:53
darkmattercoz_: mouse wheel on background/workspace to "quick tab" though windows?00:54
coz_darkmatter,  ok sounds nice00:54
darkmattercoz_: of curse it's just a very rough hashup atm. but works. since it kinda fits with how I'm handling things like multiple webpages and the like (not really any _real_ code yet (just a bit on nostromo)) but common patterns ++00:56
darkmattercoz_: similar methodology could be adapted to a window list. also inspired by classic windowmanagement. how some os's/window managers had the "raise/lower button, but the window  decoration had to be visible to raise/lower it. the "popup list/thumbox" thingy could work there as well I guess, because you wouldn't need to see the window, nor throw the mouse to a panel/dock01:11
darkmattercoz_: I know I'm kinda rambling, just looking for feedback01:11
coz_darkmatter,  I like the ideas,,, I just dont know how it would work in code... I am still somewhat up in the air with my coding skills01:11
darkmatterbbiab. watching tv with the missus01:14
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