hot_wheelzanyone know why mics seem to to muted by default in 10.10..on laptops anyway?...I could never work it out?06:42
head_victimNot sure, it's not something that's constantly in use by people though I'd imagine most people unmute it when wanting to use it and then mute it again when they're finished (I do that with a hardware switch on my mic here at home)06:47
hot_wheelzhed_victim so it is all mics not just those on laptops...Right?06:51
head_victimI haven't tested the theory but quite possible06:52
hot_wheelzok thanks again mate\06:53
hot_wheelzhead_victim u there?06:59
head_victimIn and out :) Procrastinating over some paperwork07:00
hot_wheelzwould u mind having a look at that  arduino ppa for me pls i couldn't find a contact yesterday when i checked :-)07:03
head_victimhot_wheelz: the ppa is https://launchpad.net/~arduino-ubuntu-team/+archive/ppa right? About half way down the page is a note "For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact "Arduino on UBuntu Packagers".07:06
hot_wheelzhead_victim thanks07:06
head_victimNo worries :D07:07
hot_wheelzanyone got earcandy working?09:04
head_victimDidn't even know it existed to be honest09:09
hot_wheelzhead_victim do u know what's for?09:16
head_victimYeah I looked it up after you mentioned it09:16
hot_wheelzhead_victim nice eh09:16
head_victimDon't know I'd use it, I mute all sytem sounds as it is.09:17
hot_wheelzhead_victim ok09:17
iflemalubotu2 tell iflema about syn12:30
lubotu2iflema, please see my private message12:30
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