tuhinhi all08:49
tuhinwhich linux+version u all using here?08:50
Tanvirtuhin, hello09:40
TanvirI'm using Ubuntu 10.10.09:40
tuhinhi tanvir09:48
tuhinwhat other linux u used beside ubuntu 10.1009:49
tuhinsince when using ubuntu?09:50
tuhinhow much ram it takes right after boot?09:50
TanvirAlmost a year, I think.09:50
TanvirI didn't figure that.09:50
tuhinhmm so u have been using 9.04 and 9.10 before?09:51
TanvirLet me remember..09:51
TanvirYeah, I used 9.10.09:51
tuhinthe system monitor shows ram usage09:51
TanvirI know that.09:52
tuhinok how much ram its using now?09:52
TanvirNow it's 993 MB09:52
tuhinhmm , u have many program open right, what programs are open09:53
TanvirA bunch of firefox tabs, pidgin.. etc09:53
TanvirAll desktop programs.09:54
tuhinthis chat room is very quite09:54
tuhini came yesterdaya nd none said anything09:54
TanvirYeah, I was about to sleep.09:55
TanvirYou must ping.09:55
tuhinwhere do u live?09:55
tuhinme too09:55
TanvirMine is Tejgaon.09:55
tuhinwhy this chat room is so empty i wonder09:56
TanvirBengali people didn't realized the importance of IRC yet I suppose. :)09:57
tuhinthere was a project called Ankur Linux and its not updated anymore09:57
TanvirWhat that project contains?09:57
tuhinthey did a good job when they did09:57
tuhinits bengali linux09:57
tuhinevthign is in bengali09:58
TanvirAnkur has it's own website, you can figure that out.09:58
TanvirYeah, they still do that.09:58
tuhinyes but the version is old09:58
TanvirThey published Bengali spell checker recently.09:58
tuhinthey didnt release any in couple years09:58
tuhinyes i saw that but linux in bengali should be updated09:59
tuhinso that ore people can take linux easyly09:59
TanvirMm. http://www.ankur.org.bd <-- I see many apps there.09:59
tuhini am talking About "Ankur Linux" distro not programs only10:00
TanvirI know nothing about that.10:00
tuhini bought their live CD couple years ago and it was very good10:01
tuhinthey stopped working on that it seems10:01
TanvirBTW, I will be away now. See ya later. :)10:02
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