johnny77Is there a way to see what CPU specifications in ubuntu?00:25
ibuclawjohnny77, cat /proc/cpuinfo00:25
charlie-tcalspci or lshw both give information, I don't know how much, though00:27
charlie-tcaor, what ibuclaw said ;-)00:27
ameersome help please ?00:55
s-foxWhat do you require help with ameer ?00:56
ameeri have ubuntu 10.1000:56
ameerinstalled already ms office 2007 by wine ...00:56
ameerand i need an english mui for it00:57
holsteinwhat is 'mui' ?00:58
ameerlike in windows .. lang package ...00:59
ameeropst am sorry ...01:00
ameeri just saied the word windows01:01
ameeri hope no body got hurt :P01:01
s-foxameer,  I am not sure, but found this page on microsoft website with language pack downloads for office 2007 - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/office-language-interface-pack-lip-downloads-HA001113350.aspx01:02
s-foxor do you need something like dictionary ameer ?01:03
ameerits not the thing that i don't understand01:04
ameerall the office is appearing with no language01:04
ameer'cause it is originaly in hebrew01:05
ameerand it appears like ????????????01:05
ameerevery thing is "????"01:06
holsteinameer: yeah, but whats the problem ?01:06
holsteinameer: did you check that link?01:06
holsteinand try adding a language pack?01:06
ameerhow do i add a language pack ?01:06
holsteinim sure there are directions somewhere01:07
holsteinhowever you do it in windows01:07
ameerthere is no english hebrew or arabic in the link witch is the languages i speak01:07
holsteinameer: does microsoft supply english hebrew or arabic?01:07
holsteinameer: maybe you could try english01:08
holsteinand see if you can get out of the ?????'s01:08
ameerok i'll keep trying and looking for something to do01:09
ameerthnx guys01:09
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jcollierdavisin synaptic, you can list packages by source.  Is there a way to do that in aptitude?03:21
JackyAlcineHow much space is needed to make a mirror of the Universe repo?03:31
omsniffiscentCan someone translate "I tried out latest hack git 1.1.38 and it works to play" into english? I tried googling "git" and "hack git" and it just brings up random stuff. I don't know what this is.03:46
omsniffiscentdoing man git in a terminal says there's no manual entry.03:47
geirhaYou want the package called "git-core"03:48
geirhaAssuming you mean the VCS named git03:49
ddecatoromsniffiscent: are you asking "what is git?"03:50
omsniffiscentWikipedia is, as always, convoluted to the point of obsurdity.03:50
omsniffiscent"Distributed revision control system" is no help. I don't know what those words mean either lol.03:51
ddecatorgit is a Version Control System (VCS). it is used by developers to upload, host, and download code. it's similar to bzr (used by ubuntu), svn, hg (mercurial), etc.03:52
ddecatorthat's the simple version03:52
ddecatoris that any help?03:53
omsniffiscentIsn't that what a PPA is?03:53
omsniffiscentOr.... Sourceforge?03:54
ddecatora PPA is just an archive on launchpad, which uses bzr. the actual working with the code (pulling it, working on it, and uploading it) is done with bzr03:54
ddecatorthose are the sites where you can see the code or download the source/packages. the underlying system is git/bzr/hg/svn/etc.03:54
ddecatorso for a PPA03:55
omsniffiscentok. It's starting to make sense. But how does hacking git help install a game (champions online)? It's not open source.03:56
ddecatora person pulls some code using bzr, makes changes to the code, then uploads to their PPA on launchpad using bzr. launchpad then builds it and makes it available via the PPA. on launchpad you can view the code using loggerhead, which is the site front-end that lets you see the contents of a bzr branch03:56
ddecatori'm not sure how it could help install a game...03:57
omsniffiscentWell thanks for the layman's explanation. Wikipedia has become word salad to me.03:59
ddecatorunless it's a different git, but the VCS git is the only one i'm familiar with03:59
omsniffiscentThat's his whole post. In response to "the developers broke the game with the latest patch". So there are no context clues.03:59
ddecatoromsniffiscent: that tends to happen with technology-related things. there's a lot of jargon involved :p03:59
omsniffiscentBut I'm the tech savvy one to my friends. :(04:00
ddecatormaybe he used git to download the source and hacked the game and got it to work?04:00
omsniffiscentSwitching to Linux has made me feel like an idiot.04:00
ddecatorhaha, it's just different. i think switching to linux is easier then mac to windows or vice-versa04:00
omsniffiscentI don't go near macs. They're weird.04:01
omsniffiscentIt's all 100% proprietary. Like, one program to rule them all. Scary.04:01
ddecatori hate that it's setup so you basically rent the products from them. but to each his own04:01
ddecatoror her..04:02
omsniffiscentI can see the appeal to the artsy people. Sorta.04:02
ddecatorit's user friendly, i'll give them that. that's the main reason my friends use any apple products is because, along with being "cool," they're easy to figure out04:03
omsniffiscentLinux is like a hobby for me now.04:03
ddecatorthat's how it starts :p04:04
omsniffiscentI just wish my games would work!04:04
ddecatorwhen steam comes to linux, we will all be very happy04:05
omsniffiscentIf GW2 doesn't work with OpenGL I'm going to have to dual boot.04:05
ddecatoryou could try WINE04:05
omsniffiscentThere's no word whether or not GW2 will be exclusively DX10.04:05
geirhawine uses git for the source code iirc04:05
ddecatoromsniffiscent: what's GW2 exactly?04:05
geirhaThat's probably what is meant by "hacking git", hacking wine's source code to make it run the windows game.04:05
omsniffiscentAFAIK OpenGL doesn't support DirectX above 9.04:05
ddecatorgeirha: maybe. that'd be a weird way of wording it, but that whole sentence barely makes sense04:06
omsniffiscentGuild Wars 2.04:06
JackyAlcineomsniffiscent: I like your aurora, you'll fit in nicely here.04:06
omsniffiscentWell I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't understand it :)04:06
omsniffiscentI've been here for about three months. I'm going through an identity crisis :)04:06
ddecatorhm, wine mentions Guild Wars, which works perfectly04:06
omsniffiscentI'm MrAnthrope.04:06
ddecatorno mention of Guild Wars 2 though04:06
omsniffiscentyes, Guild Wars was actively developed with WINE :)04:07
geirhaomsniffiscent: opengl and directx has no relation04:07
ddecatorJackyAlcine: i like the cut of your jib04:07
omsniffiscentArenaNet made sure it works perfectly with wine. I'm hoping there's the same co-operation with GW2 and wine.04:07
omsniffiscentI thought OpenGL was the FOSS version of DirectX?04:07
ddecatorwell the first one worked perfectly, so there is hope04:08
geirhaomsniffiscent: wine doesn't do directx very well, but guild wars, like WoW, probably has an option to use OpenGL instead04:08
omsniffiscentGuild Wars pretty much feels native.04:08
omsniffiscentI had to tweak some sound stuff.04:08
* ddecator wishes TF2 did04:08
geirhaomsniffiscent: No, Microsoft didn't like OpenGL, so they made their own system, from scratch.04:09
omsniffiscentBut OpenGL is a bit "behind" DirectX right?04:09
ddecatorwell, depends how you look at it04:09
omsniffiscentSo if GW2 decides to only support DirectX 10, I'm out of luck.04:09
omsniffiscentBut if there is a DirectX 9 or an OpenGL option, I'm in the clear.04:10
ddecatorDirectX is mainly used as the standard because Microsoft made sure that was the case. OpenGL is capable enough04:10
ddecatorspeaking of TF2...lets see if the situation has improved at all04:11
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omsniffiscentAre there plans to bring Steam to Linux?04:18
ddecatornot officially04:19
ddecatorseveral games work with wine though04:19
omsniffiscentI have Steam installed.04:20
omsniffiscentI tried to install/run a game demo and it failed. Haven't used it since.04:20
ddecatori'm downloading updates for TF2 and the TF2 beta right now :)04:22
ddecatori'm pulling down 4.2 MB/sec...whoa04:22
ddecatorwell, tf2 works, but no audio still :/04:35
Cheri703ddecator: I tried to get husband set up with steam in ubuntu, and we could NOT get it to work properly04:46
Cheri703*steam in wine in ubuntu04:46
holsteinyeah, we need steam native04:47
holsteinand will get it :)04:47
Cheri703that's the main thing keeping him in windows04:47
omsniffiscentI remember it was really hard to get the launcher working.04:47
omsniffiscentI have no idea what I did D:04:47
ddecatorholstein: have you heard any news on that front?04:47
omsniffiscentI think it was something to do with Internet Explorer.04:47
holsteinddecator: nah, im not dropping any news04:48
holsteinsteam for OSX is out right?04:48
ddecatorholstein: to google it is04:48
ddecatorholstein: yah04:48
ddecatorhas been for quite a while04:48
ddecatorend of last year04:48
Cheri703last summer or thereabouts there was something that claimed it was coming04:48
holsteineh, we'll get it04:50
holsteinjust have to wait on it04:50
ddecatorabout the time they finish it, it'll all be in the browser :p04:51
omsniffiscentIsn't Linux more of an OS that gamers use than Mac? We just usually dual boot Linux and Windows. Mac users don't usually dual boot because they have macs for art things they need and that's all they do.04:51
omsniffiscentI just don't get what's so hard about releasing games for Windows, mac, and Linux. They realease games for Xbox and PS3 all the time. Is there really so much more overhead?04:52
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JackyAlcineomsniffiscent: The systems aren't the same, there's a whole complex, magical story behind it, but I think I can summarize to one thing.04:53
holsteinart things?04:54
omsniffiscentYou know those crazy Mac kids and their art projects.04:54
ddecatoromsniffiscent: the industry doesn't think linux users are a good source of profit, which seems to inlcude steam. the indie humble bundles have changed that somewhat04:54
holsteinyeah, i use ubuntustudio for my art projects04:54
omsniffiscentGood on ya. :)04:54
holsteini tend to take notice if i think someone is implying that linux is not up to the task04:55
JackyAlcineWell, lol, I thought I could, meh, I know it deals a lot with ABI.04:55
ddecatorholstein: good04:55
omsniffiscentlol thanks anyway Jacky04:55
omsniffiscentMacintosh was one of the first operating systems to have adjustable width font. At that time, all other OSs had fixed-width fonts, which looked crappy. The nice font renderings drew some of the more aesthetic/artsy folk to the OS.04:56
omsniffiscentAnd mac is a leader in that field today.04:56
omsniffiscentIn no way did I mean to imply Linux can't do it better :)04:57
omsniffiscentand fo free04:57
holsteinwe are getting some nice video options04:57
holsteinaudio is quite nice04:58
JackyAlcineholstein: Didn't we just lose H.264?04:58
holsteinwith JACK and ardour04:58
ddecatori think it's more fair to say adobe is the leader rather than mac or windows, although macs do seem to have more in terms of music writing/recording/etc.04:58
holsteinJackyAlcine: i think so :/04:58
holsteinim not a video guy really04:58
JackyAlcineThat's definitely a cut; I hope either an open source version of such a format, or they do a Fluendo and play nice.04:58
JackyAlcineddecator: +104:58
JackyAlcineBut GIMP has so many more features than Photoshop.04:59
JackyAlcineIt's not even fair.04:59
holsteintheres an open one04:59
JackyAlcineIt's because the learning curve for GIMP is incredible.04:59
holsteinopen 264 like04:59
holsteini forget what its called04:59
ddecatorphotoshop does some things better and is more familiar04:59
holsteinbut, it would be a stretch for major adoption to happen04:59
ddecatorplus there is the other parts of the suite, including flash creation04:59
holsteinddecator: cmyk right?05:00
omsniffiscentYeah I got Photoshop with my WACOM board. I can't use it. GIMP is just so much easier.05:00
bioterrorJackyAlcine, http://www.gimpshop.com/05:00
holsteini have a friend that needs that, and cant use the GIMP05:00
ddecatorholstein: cmyk?05:00
* holstein shrugs05:00
JackyAlcinebioterror: Lol, how many newbies would know about that one?05:00
holsteini was hoping you would know ;)05:00
holsteinits an output05:00
* ddecator is confused05:00
JackyAlcineddecator: Cyan Magenta Yellow ... ? I know that's it though.05:00
JackyAlcineIt's a color space.05:00
JackyAlcineLike HSV05:00
holsteinyeah ^^05:00
JackyAlcineor RGB05:00
* JackyAlcine loves his graphic design classes. :D05:01
ddecatorheh, we got really off topic05:01
jledbetterk == black05:01
JackyAlcinelol, you know what that means?05:01
* jledbetter loves her design classes ;)05:01
JackyAlcinejledbetter: Really? No wonder I kept getting that wrong.. lol05:01
jledbetterJackyAlcine, It's all good :) So you do graphic design?05:02
jledbetteromnDo you do Inkscape too?05:03
jledbetteromsniffiscent, Do you do Inkscape too?05:03
JackyAlcinelol, but yeah, a bit, it's a class that came with my major in school.05:03
JackyAlcineThat, photography and web design.05:04
Cheri703rgb is additive color, cmyk is subtractive (or whatever) color05:04
JackyAlcineActually, I'm playing with this site (http://jackyalcine.co.cc)05:04
* Cheri703 had to learn that stuff when working for xerox05:04
omsniffiscentNever heard of Inkscape.05:04
ddecatorit's the go-to for svg05:05
ubot2svg is Scalable Vector Graphics, a language used for graphical applications in XML, and a W3 recommendation. SVG Editors: Inkscape, Karbon1405:05
holsteinJackyAlcine: nice :)05:05
omsniffiscentI don't use any graphical XML apps... afaik.05:05
Cheri703inkscape is amaaaazing05:05
jledbetter+1 Cheri70305:06
holsteinnice tutorials in inkscape too05:06
xAndromedadoes anybody know the name of that terminal program that lets you browse packages?05:23
xAndromedai had it but forgot the name lul :/05:23
bioterrorexplain more05:23
xAndromedastarts with an a05:23
head_victimaptitude or apt-get ?05:24
xAndromedalove ya05:24
xAndromedait was aptitude05:24
head_victimAwww bioterror you're too quick.05:24
head_victimI don't know about aptitude but I certainly curse05:24
bioterrorhead_victim, my weife says the same :(05:24
head_victimbioterror: TMI ?05:24
bioterrorwife even05:24
bioterrori have too big thumbs for this keyboard05:24
* head_victim goes back to writing his job application :/ 4 pages of writing, feels like I'm back at uni05:25
TylerDeLawderSo I have a pretty stupid question...05:42
TylerDeLawderI am wanting to download Ubuntu but I am on a Laptop and I am a little confused on what to download.. Do I download the desktop version or the Netbook?05:43
bioterrornetbook is designed for 10" and smaller screens05:44
TylerDeLawderOkay now can I set it up do dual boot?05:44
TylerDeLawderor Boot from a external Hard drive?05:44
omsniffiscentDual booting with windows?05:45
omsniffiscentIt's possible. I haven't done it myself. And you can do the "try it out" option if you'd like. Instead of installing it.05:46
TylerDeLawderBut wont that run a lot slower?05:46
omsniffiscentFrom a CD yeah. From a USB slightly.05:47
TylerDeLawderMy External Hard Drive is considered a USB correct?05:47
TylerDeLawderOkay So Can I install it to my external hard drive and make it boot from there?05:48
omsniffiscentuhh... I wouldn't see why not. I'm no expert, though.05:48
TylerDeLawderOkay Thanks!05:48
xAndromedahey err me again,05:49
xAndromedai partitioned off 4.2 gb of ram05:50
xAndromedafor swap05:50
xAndromedaand i have 4gb of ram05:50
xAndromedayet when i hybrinate05:50
xAndromedathe screen just goes black indefinately05:50
xAndromedabut lit05:50
omsniffiscentOh I think that's an issue with Ubuntu... D:05:50
ubot2Factoid 'hibernate' not found05:50
ubot2Factoid 'suspend' not found05:51
seidosmaybe i should get a network monitor05:55
TylerDeLawder@xAndromeda Did you install Ubuntu inside of windows?05:56
seidosand i'm essentially on my own05:58
Cheri703xAndromeda: is it a laptop or a desktop?05:58
Cheri703seidos: what do you mean by network monitor?05:58
omsniffiscentSo, I installed 10.04 in a Virtualbox to see what this Unity thing is all about. I did sudo apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-dx-team/une and then I did the apt update but when I do sudo apt-get install unity it says there's no unity package05:59
Cheri70310.04 doesn't have unity06:00
Cheri70310.10 netbook and 11.04 have unity06:00
omsniffiscentThere's no way to add it?06:00
Cheri703not to my knowledge, you're probably wanting 11.0406:00
omsniffiscentI can't download 11.04 it'd take weeks.06:01
omsniffiscentMy roommate torrents constantly and takes all the bandwidth.06:01
Cheri703xAndromeda: please ask first before pm'ing. It may matter which type, because some laptop hardware doesn't handle the hibernate command properly06:01
Cheri703omsniffiscent: you can download it via torrent (at least full releases, not sure about pre-release), perhaps have him do it?06:01
TylerDeLawderwhere can i download 11.0406:02
omsniffiscentwww.ubuntu.com :P06:02
omsniffiscentI've been trying to torrent a virtual copy of Arch Linux for weeks.06:03
TylerDeLawderi only see 101006:03
Cheri703so...who pays for the internet?06:03
xAndromedaoh O.o06:03
omsniffiscentI gots no bandwidth. We split it.06:03
Cheri703so...if you both share the bill, he should limit his bandwidth, no?06:04
omsniffiscentTylerDeLawder: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha106:04
Cheri703TylerDeLawder: https://encrypted.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS240&q=download+ubuntu+11.04&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=06:04
Cheri703xAndromeda: google your laptop model ubuntu hibernate and see what you get06:05
omsniffiscentThe problem is she doesn't understand how. I've told her like 800 times what numbers she needs to put in upload and download. She's not stupid. I think she just doesn't want to limit herself.06:05
Cheri703can you discuss scheduling? say "limited bandwidth during the day, unlimited at night" and see if she agrees?06:06
Cheri703(sorry for assuming your roommate was a he)06:06
Cheri703omsniffiscent: can you download it outside the house? like at school or a coffee shop or something?06:06
omsniffiscentThe problem with that is she stays up all night and sleeps all day. She torrents while she's sleeping. Which is when I'm awake. We've discussed it, she thinks she's being considerate only torrenting while she's asleep.06:07
omsniffiscentAlso while she's awake she constantly has netflix streaming.06:07
Cheri703that's annoying06:07
omsniffiscentAnd if I do anything she yells at me that netflix 'is broken'.06:07
Cheri703what torrent software does she use?06:08
omsniffiscentI don't have a laptop.06:08
Cheri703do you have access to her computer at any time?06:08
omsniffiscentSomething weird I've never heard of. But it has limiters on it. I've typed them into it before.06:08
omsniffiscentHeh. That's umm... not territory I'm willing to go into. Yet.06:08
Cheri703can I pm you? I have an idea06:08
omsniffiscentLast time I used her laptop to play a video on my giant screen LCDTV she flipped out and we didn't talk for a week.06:09
omsniffiscentPlease, do.06:09
seidosall right, why would i use 32bit (old) when i can use 64bit (new)...i get it06:15
omsniffiscentlol what?06:16
seidoswhat version of ubuntu will be offered only in 64bit?06:16
* seidos facepalms06:16
seidoshopefully this works06:16
seidosi wonder if someday there will be like only one university in each country for IS06:17
bioterrorseidos, back in the days 64bit was less supported06:20
bioterroras you can see that in few months we have just got a 64bit flash :D06:20
bioterrorand still is by some parts06:20
JackyAlcinebioterror: 64-bit computing is possible when you have over 4 Ghz of memory?06:22
bioterror4GHz of memory? :D06:22
* JackyAlcine headbangs.06:22
JackyAlcine4GHz of computing power! lol06:22
JackyAlcineI have 6Ghz on this other PC here.06:22
bioterroryes, 64bit kernel supports over 3GB of RAM by default06:22
JackyAlcineAh, so under 3GB, it wouldn't work, no?06:23
bioterrorwith 32bit you have to go for the PAE (Physical Address Extension) and you can have up to 64GB of RAM06:23
bioterrorit wont show more than 3GB06:23
JackyAlcineHmm. Okay.06:23
bioterrorand you can wonder yourself is it smart to waste that ~4GB of ram for a bigger address spaces and so on....06:24
bioterrorfor example06:24
bioterrorif you say "ifconfig"06:24
bioterroryou will see the TX and RX06:24
bioterrorwith 32bit system it will start for 0 after 4GB06:24
bioterrorand with 64bit06:25
bioterror          RX bytes:310611819551 (296222.5 Mb)  TX bytes:584285327696 (557217.9 Mb)06:25
bioterrorfrom 006:25
TylerDeLawderOkay so is there away to boot Ubuntu Desktop Edition from my External Hard Drive I changed the boot order and placed the .iso on my exteral and it just stays black06:47
Cheri703you have to use the usb startup disk creator06:48
Cheri703or just install it to the external06:49
Cheri703the boot loader can't read the iso06:49
ubot2Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:49
omsniffiscentWoo. Almost crashed linux.07:45
JackyAlcineAwesome :)07:49
xAndromedahey how do you get past the aptitude eula screen?08:01
xAndromedathteres an ok button but its not working O.o08:01
Cheri703and enter08:01
Cheri703took me a bit the first time08:01
xAndromedayay suspend is fixed :D but still no hibrinate08:23
xAndromedasad panda :(08:23
bioterrorsmall victories08:24
bioterrorwhat kind of computer you have08:25
xAndromedaHP Pavilion G-60 atm08:26
omsniffiscentI'm trying to put a file on an SD card and I keep getting an error message that the destination is read only.08:26
Cheri703is the sd card locked?08:28
omsniffiscentno. First thing I checked.08:28
omsniffiscentUnder the permissions tab for file access it just says ---08:28
omsniffiscentis that normal?08:28
omsniffiscentWhen I try to change permissions it gives me the same error.08:28
bioterrorformat that SD card ;)08:28
Cheri703go to terminal, gksudo nautilus08:29
Cheri703and try again08:29
omsniffiscentread only file system.08:29
Cheri703that opens nautilus with sudo privileges applied08:29
omsniffiscentDestination is read-only. same error.08:29
bioterrorWed10:29 <+bioterror> format that SD card ;)08:29
omsniffiscentBut all muh stuffs :(08:30
bioterrorif there's important files, copy them and format08:30
omsniffiscentIt won't. Error.08:31
Cheri703have you used that sd card slot before? in linux?08:31
omsniffiscentuh. mmaybe....08:31
omsniffiscentI think so.08:31
omsniffiscentI can look at my pictures.08:31
Cheri703main suggestion I'm seeing is to blow into the slot with canned air o.O08:32
omsniffiscentThere was an error getting information about files in the folder blah blah error stating file '/media/lots of numbers/foldername':input/output error08:32
Cheri703like an old nintendo cartridge08:33
omsniffiscentBack in the day.08:33
omsniffiscentIt only said it for two folders. It seems to be copying muh stuffs naow.08:34
omsniffiscentMETA-INF which is an empty folder...08:34
xAndromedahey how do you stop xchat from minimizing to systray? O.o08:35
bioterrormight be a settings from where :D08:35
* bioterror doesnt use xchat08:36
Cheri703do you have a usb card reader?08:36
bioterrorI have used it like 2 times08:36
xAndromedai cant find it in any of the settigns O.o08:36
Cheri703minimize to systray when?08:36
xAndromedayou minimize08:36
xAndromedalike instead of going to the bar08:37
xAndromedait gots to the systray icion08:37
Cheri703mine goes to the bar unless I click the systray icon08:37
Cheri703I'm in 10.04 though08:37
xAndromedather was a popup08:37
xAndromedathat asked what you wanted to do08:37
xAndromedaso there must be an option somwhere!!!08:37
Cheri703omsniffiscent: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147001808:38
Cheri703xAndromeda: there is an "enable system tray icon" but that makes it go away entirely when unchecked08:40
omsniffiscentcopied files (all but those two empty folders it was complaining about), formatted, copied files back over. All is right in the world now.08:40
=== metta is now known as HPV
HPVif i had a job paying more than $10/hr i would spend the money to hire another person to work on ubuntu09:13
HPVfood costs.09:14
HPVso, 1/2 the money then.09:15
HPVi can't sign it to irc on empathy09:16
=== HPV is now known as seidos
seidoswhy can't i sign in to irc on empathy?09:25
seidosif i had a job paying >$10/hr i would spend 1/2 the money to hire another person to work on ubuntu09:25
seidoswhy so funny?09:42
seidoscompassion -> buddha09:43
seidos1 xor 0?09:45
xAndromedaso i installed a few crusor themes but none of them seem to be working10:00
xAndromedaas in the custom crusors dont show up until you do somthing O.o10:00
xAndromedaello? O.o10:34
xAndromedaello? :D11:24
bioterrorD: ?olle11:24
xAndromedayay ur here!11:24
xAndromedaokis so my mouse thingy11:25
xAndromedawont change for the default mouse icon11:25
xAndromedai looked online11:25
xAndromedaand it said to chagne a index.theme file11:25
xAndromedabut its read only on my system...11:25
bioterrorI dunno about gnome11:26
xAndromedais there any way to make that file not read only ? O.o11:26
xAndromedaits the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme file and nobody else seemed to have trouble editing it O.o11:28
s-foxTry sudo11:29
xAndromedai tried to open it using sudo,11:29
s-foxsudo gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme11:29
xAndromedasudo ./index.theme if thats right?11:29
s-foxFor example ;)11:29
s-foxI assume it is just text in the file.11:30
xAndromedait should be yeah11:32
xAndromedaits not opening ;(11:32
xAndromedabrb relog11:34
xAndromedawhat does (gedit:3675): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.011:50
xAndromeda mean? O.o11:50
aworkingpighi there, i may of bitten of more than i can chew, I just installed xbmcuntu on my sony viao VGX-TP3Z/B, it seems to have installed fine but I'm stuck on adding media from my ntfs external drive. does anyone know the process for doing this? I have tried adding ntfs-3g to the install but it seems it is already included13:04
aworkingpigbtw this is my 1st go with linux13:04
aworkingpigopps, i meant  *XBMCbuntu13:06
aworkingpigvia http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=XBMCbuntu13:06
aworkingpiganyone out there? its my 1st time on iirc too :-$13:16
bioterrorI'm not taking part in a unofficial installation13:17
bioterroras I know that vanilla ubuntu works great out of box13:17
bioterrorif you filebrowser can see your hard driver, problem lies in XBMC13:19
bioterrorif your13:19
aworkingpigis that by typing  sudo fdisk ?13:20
bioterroryou dont have a graphical interface at all?13:23
aworkingpigboots straigth into xbmc unless you hold shift13:27
aworkingpigthen its all command line13:27
aworkingpigits a minimal install, the oc will only be for media. I have a desktop for other stuff13:28
bioterrorsudo mount /dev/sdX /mnt/13:31
johnny77When I run xterm it opens in the root folder. How do I get it to open in the hope folder?13:32
aworkingpig bioterror could you explain a little about this command please? : sudo mount /dev/sdX /mnt/13:32
bioterrorjohnny77, are you running something as root13:33
bioterror!mount | aworkingpig13:34
ubot2aworkingpig: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:34
bioterror!fstab | aworkingpig13:34
ubot2aworkingpig: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions13:34
aworkingpigthanks peeps, loads to read. i'll take a look now ta13:35
johnny77bioterror: Do you mean do I have a process that was ran us root?13:35
bioterrorjohnny77, in ubuntu you're not root by default, hence, you dont even have that root account enabled13:36
bioterroror do you mean by root: /13:37
johnny77bioterror: I mean the folder /  - I want it to open in ~/13:38
bioterrorby default it should be ~/13:39
bioterrorjohnny77, sudo nano /etc/bash.bashrc13:39
bioterrorand add to the bottom of the file: cd ~13:40
johnny77bioterror: you are true awesomeness!!13:41
bioterrorI am13:41
* Puck` sees Barney Stinson next to bioterror 13:43
bioterrormaybe I should check that tv show sometimes13:44
bioterrorneil patrick harris aint that bad actor13:44
aworkingpighi all, im back. managed to mount the external usb drive and load a video file, HOWEVER no sound.15:11
aworkingpigI attempted to install ALSA via this tut http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=XBMCbuntu#Install_ALSA and it seemed to install fine.15:11
aworkingpigHowever when i attempted to run alsamixer to finetune the set up i get this eror message,15:11
aworkingpig"ALSA lib simple_none.c:1543(simple_add1) helen (MIXER,'Capture Switch',0,2,0) appears twice or more15:11
aworkingpigalsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: invalid argument" not really sure what this is telling me...15:11
aworkingpigSO, is there a solution to this? Should i look for another audio package for ubuntu?15:11
aworkingpigim having some issue working out the sound card, i think its a Realtek, Sound RealityYES  :S15:16
duanedesignhello aworkingpig15:18
aworkingpig you got an idea for me duanedesign?15:21
duanedesignaworkingpig: you can try reconfiguring alsa with the command:   alsaconf15:24
aworkingpigok ta duaneddesign15:26
aworkingpig;9 that command was not dound bud..15:28
capmtrippshi all, anyone around who can give me a hand real quick?15:29
duanedesignaworkingpig: aworkingpig i think it is in package:  sudo apt-get install alsa-utils15:29
capmtrippsi downloaded a program called trickle, but can't find how to run it15:29
duanedesigncapmtripps: where did you download it from?15:29
capmtrippsany ideas?15:29
duanedesigncapmtripps: trickle is in the Ubuntu repository, I would install it that way.  sudo apt-get install trickle15:30
aworkingpig duanedesign, i have installed that, and when i did update it stated it was installed already15:30
duanedesigncapmtripps: or is that what you did?15:30
capmtrippsok, i got it through the software installation program15:30
capmtrippsisnt there a command from the terminal to run it?15:31
aworkingpigduanedesighn i used this command, sudo apt-get install linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils15:31
duanedesigncapmtripps: you can try the command:   where trickle15:32
duanedesigncapmtripps: how did you install it?  make, make install?15:33
duanedesigncapmtripps: if you just downloaded it and have not installed it yet, you can look in the folder for a READ ME file15:34
duanedesignaworkingpig: what is your sound card.  lspci -vv | grep Audio15:36
duanedesignaworkingpig: try this and see if you hear a voice saying 'front center' :  aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav15:38
duanedesignaworkingpig: if you get no sound see if Ubuntu is recognizing your sound card:  sudo aplay -l15:40
aworkingpigkk ill try it now15:40
aworkingpigDuanedesign, 00:1b.0 Audio device: intel Corp 82801H (ICH8 family) HD Audio controller (rev 03)15:42
aworkingpigDuanedesign, i got an audio open error, permission deniged :S15:44
duanedesignaworkingpig: does this also error?   sudo aplay -l15:54
aworkingpigopps, didnt see that bit, i will try in a moment just running something else15:55
DrDetroitI am having a problem since I did an update this morning16:08
DrDetroitMy hard disk light stays on continously16:08
DrDetroitthis has not happened before. Can someone point me in the right direction16:08
DrDetroitmy machine was running fine on 10.04 LST prior to the update16:08
duanedesignyou can install iotop to see what the process writing to disk is16:09
duanedesignsudo apt-get install iotop16:09
DrDetroiti dont think it is writing anything to disk but i will give it a try16:09
DrDetroitcan i use my Synaptic to do that?16:09
duanedesignwhat is the hard disk light for on your computer?16:10
DrDetroitit used to blink when the disk was being used16:10
DrDetroitnow it just stays on16:10
DrDetroitno blink, just on all the time16:10
duanedesignyou can run  top16:10
DrDetroityes i have top running16:11
duanedesigntop should show you what process might be doing this16:11
DrDetroitbut i dont know what to look for16:11
duanedesignthere is a CPU column16:11
duanedesignany process say at 100%16:11
duanedesigni would try iotop then and see if anything stands out there16:13
DrDetroitthe only thing i can see that might be it is that the usb-storage filters up to the top16:13
DrDetroitok i will try that, brb16:13
DrDetroitok installing iotop16:15
DrDetroitok i have run iotop but i dont know how to use it16:17
duanedesignDrDetroit: similar to top16:18
duanedesignyou will see a disk read column16:19
duanedesignand a disk write column16:19
duanedesignit should be all 0 with an occasional process jumping up to position 116:20
duanedesignDrDetroit: mostly am curious to see if a process is in the 1st posision and stays there16:20
DrDetroitthats is correct16:20
DrDetroitthe process that stays mostly on top is init16:21
duanedesignok so nothing constantly reading/writing16:21
duanedesign1 be/4 root        0.00 B/s    0.00 B/s  0.00 %  0.00 % init16:21
DrDetroitlike you said occssionally something pops to the top16:21
duanedesignis this a desktop computer16:22
DrDetroityes that is it what i see for init16:22
DrDetroitthis is a 10.04 LST machine16:22
DrDetroitwhich had an update this morning that i did16:22
duanedesigni know this sounds strange but reach down and open the CD ROM16:22
duanedesignand see if the light changes16:23
duanedesignor flickers16:23
DrDetroitok i have 2 of them i will open both16:23
DrDetroitnot so much as a fliker16:23
duanedesignDrDetroit: hmm. I am stumped. Might want to file a bug report16:28
DrDetroiti appreciate your help16:29
DrDetroitthank you16:29
DrDetroiti have no clue as to what to do next16:30
DrDetroiti really really dont want to have to redo this machine, I just got it to where I wanted it16:30
DrDetroiti am pretty sure its NOT a hardwareissue16:30
DrDetroitsince the hd light does blink when booting up16:30
DrDetroiti wonder if i go back one in grub if the problem will go away16:34
duanedesignDrDetroit: can also look in System > Administration > Log File Viewer16:34
duanedesignat the dmesg and syslog to see if any errors stick out16:35
duanedesignDrDetroit: that is a good idea16:35
duanedesigntry a previous kernel16:35
DrDetroitok let me look at those first16:35
aworkingpigmy head hurts,i need a break, thanks for your help... i'll be back16:36
DrDetroitthe only thing i see that i dont remember seeing is something called evince16:40
DrDetroitlet me google that16:40
DrDetroitlet me see what happenes when i kill those things16:41
DrDetroiti have three of them16:41
DrDetroitits a document viewer16:44
DrDetroit2ok i am going to swith machines and reboot the problme one16:52
DrDetroit2how do i get my ubntu to display the grub boot loader choices16:56
DrDetroit2it doesnt give me a grub screen like my debian machines do16:57
DrDetroit2it just boots into a login screen16:57
DrDetroit2this is frustrating, i can't seem to get my grub screen to show up on startup17:05
IAmNotThatGuyDrDetroit2, what happened? you just can see a cursor blinking?17:05
DrDetroit2then the loging screen17:05
IAmNotThatGuyyou have a dual boot?17:06
IAmNotThatGuyand you need your GRUB loaded ? any reason for that?17:07
DrDetroit2my ubuntu 10.04 LST had an upgrade this morning17:07
DrDetroit2once i did that, my hard disk light remains on now17:08
DrDetroit2so I thought I would try booting back one kernel and see if it disappears17:08
DrDetroit2since this didnt happen before the update17:08
IAmNotThatGuyHmmmm! gimme a second17:09
DrDetroit2ok cool17:09
DrDetroit2i would appreeciate any help in fixing this problem17:09
DrDetroit2i actually dont think the disk is reading or writing17:09
DrDetroit2dwaynedesign was trying to help but we ran out of ideas17:10
IAmNotThatGuyyou tried editing os-prober ?17:12
IAmNotThatGuyDrDetroit2, ?17:12
DrDetroit2i dont know what that is17:12
DrDetroit2where do i find os-prober17:13
IAmNotThatGuygive me a minute. I am searching about it17:13
DrDetroit2no problem no hurry17:13
IAmNotThatGuyDrDetroit2, sorry for delaying. my internet is too slow. I am sorry for making you wait17:22
DrDetroit2no problem17:23
DrDetroit2i was just reading about grub17:23
IAmNotThatGuyread about GRUB2 :)17:25
IAmNotThatGuyI think I ll find the link soon. I know you have to edit two files. but forgot which they were :|17:25
DrDetroit2thats what i meant grub217:26
IAmNotThatGuyphilinux, he also have to change the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET = False right?17:28
IAmNotThatGuyalso the time timeout to 10 seconds I thing17:28
philinux/etc/default/grub Additional instructions which may be included: GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true17:28
philinuxIAmNotThatGuy: yes you can change the timeout to 017:28
IAmNotThatGuyDrDetroit2, ^17:29
philinuxI have mine set to 2 seconds. Just in case i need to intervene17:29
IAmNotThatGuyI have it as 1 (: and how are you today philinux ?17:30
DrDetroit2ok hold on,17:32
DrDetroit2let me see if i understand17:32
DrDetroit2i was going to edit the /etc/default/grub file to make the grub screen display, is that correct?17:33
DrDetroit2i was going to comment out the GRUB HIDDEN TIMEOUT=017:34
philinuxDrDetroit2: Have a read here first. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:36
philinuxIt explains it all. Also for future reference this is good too. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527517:36
DrDetroit2Thank you phil17:36
DrDetroit2i have been reading that one17:37
DrDetroit2looks to me like i shopuld set grub hidden timeout to commented out17:37
DrDetroit2and grub hidden timeout quiet to false17:37
philinuxMake a backup of the file just in case it goes wrong.17:37
philinuxYou'll need to sudo update-grub after your edits.17:38
DrDetroit2i did make a backup first thing17:40
DrDetroit2and i am logged in as root so i should be ble to just run update-grub17:41
DrDetroit2ok i am going to reboot that machine and see what happens17:42
DrDetroit2well that didnt fix my problem17:44
DrDetroit2but the grub screen did display17:44
DrDetroit2thank you philinux17:45
DrDetroit2now just need to figure out why my hd light stays on all the time17:45
DrDetroit2ok got it figured out17:46
DrDetroit2simple actually17:46
DrDetroit2i am so stupidsometimes17:46
DrDetroit2for those who wish to know and for future reference17:46
DrDetroit2the reason for my hd light staying on was that Ubuntu was not finiding my 2nd cd rom drive17:47
DrDetroit2once i disconnected the power from that dvd drive, the light went off17:47
DrDetroit2I would like to thank the ubuntu-beginners channel for helping me and especially dwaynedesign and philinux17:48
DrDetroit2thank you for putting up with me17:48
DrDetroit2so i guess i need to replace that old dvd drive with another old dvd drive17:48
philinuxDrDetroit2: glad you're sorted18:00
DrDetroit2philinux: thanks for your expertise, it was very helpful18:18
=== xyclo_ is now known as xyclo
DrDetroit2ok thank you ubuntu-beginners team18:36
DrDetroit2Time for me to give my brain a rest, go outside and dig in the garden or something18:36
* DrDetroit2 waves18:36
NRWlionDrDetroit2 have fun ;)18:40
vic_any1 there?19:37
vic_hello ?19:37
duanedesignhello vic_19:37
vic_i have a problem19:38
duanedesignwhat is it?19:38
vic_i have installed ubuntu 8.04 installed restricted extras and gnome desktop19:38
vic_when i turn on i cant load the desktop19:38
vic_what do ineed to do?19:38
vic_8.04 lts server cd19:39
duanedesigndid you install the server version19:39
vic_im a noob and want to learn about ubuntu so my friend gave me the cd and said good luck  now im stuck lol19:39
duanedesignsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop19:40
duanedesignsudo /etc/init.d/gdm start19:40
vic_will that start it every time i turn  comp on? or will i have to do that every time?19:41
duanedesignno it should start everytime19:42
vic_ok thank u19:42
vic_15mins to install19:42
vic_by bb is so slow19:42
vic_fukin bt19:42
duanedesignany more questions come back19:42
vic_i will do thanks :)19:42
duanedesignlike to know how it went19:42
vic_ok cool19:43
endlesspudingcupAnyone can help me recover files from an unaccessible hard disk?19:55
holsteinendlesspudingcup: i use a tool called photorec19:56
holsteinits part of testdisk19:56
endlesspudingcupholstein: thanks, i might try that19:57
vic_duanedesign u there?19:59
holsteinendlesspudingcup: i say, try some other things20:00
holsteinfire that up when you want the data back ;)20:00
vic_duanedesign -  its installed but still no login screen just the black screen which i think is terminal?20:00
holsteinas long as the disk is still spinning, you should be good to go20:01
endlesspudingcupholstein: it is, but i can't mount it, and it says it's already mounted20:02
holsteinshould be fine :)20:02
holsteini use it from there routinely20:03
endlesspudingcupholstein: but actually i was still hoping of fixing the disk20:04
johnny77vic_: I saw your problem earlier. What do you see?20:06
holsteinendlesspudingcup: this will byte copy the data20:06
holsteinthen, you can go from there20:06
holsteini like to do that first20:06
holsteinendlesspudingcup: are you trying to recover the data?20:07
holsteinor just fix the drive?20:07
vic_just login screen but not gnome just black screen with white writing  - like terminal20:07
endlesspudingcupholstein: actually the data isn't really all that important because i've got backups of most things. i just want to fix it20:08
holsteinendlesspudingcup: OK20:08
holsteinthen, dont bother with photorec20:08
holsteinjust format it20:08
holsteinthere are some vendor tools on that ultimatebootCD20:09
holsteinthat can be helpful20:09
johnny77vic_: did you log in at the login screen of is that what you are looking at now?20:09
vic_i type this sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start and says command not found20:09
vic_im looking for login screen20:09
endlesspudingcupholstein: but sometimes the disk makes clicking noises so i don't know if that will help20:09
johnny77vic_: try startx20:09
vic_i have to install xinit?20:10
vic_should i install20:10
holsteinendlesspudingcup: if its clicking, its probably dead20:10
holsteinif they are clicking, i dont trust them anymore20:10
holsteini mean, you can try it20:11
johnny77vic_: it that the message you get when you type startx?20:11
endlesspudingcupholstein: but it's been doing that for a long time and i've always been able to fix it20:11
vic_yeah says startx not installed  type sudo apt-get install xinit20:11
holsteinendlesspudingcup: clicking aint good20:11
holsteinthis might be the last time :/20:11
holstein...i gota run... BBL20:12
endlesspudingcupbye thanks for the advice20:12
johnny77vic_: type sudo apt-get install xorg20:12
vic_johnny77 - its  installing what is xorg?20:13
johnny77vic_: it is the window system for ubuntu and many other linuxes - for more reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System20:14
vic_installed now i type startx20:14
johnny77vic_: yes, try startx20:15
vic_done that  now a black screen comes up with a orange-ish colour bar ? and small writing in top left like im logged in but still no desktop or gnome?20:16
johnny77vic_: what does the writing say?20:17
vic_just victor@vic which is my comp name and my login name20:17
johnny77vic_: ok, try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start20:19
vic_command not found20:20
duanedesignvic_: might need to install gdm20:20
duanedesignvic_: sudo apt-get install gdm20:21
vic_gnome desktop20:21
vic_or just gdm20:21
johnny77duanedesign: I was just about to type that.20:21
duanedesignvic_: just gdm20:21
duanedesignGdm is what handles your x system starting automatically instead of entering start x at the command line each time you boot20:21
vic_what is gdm?20:21
vic_i know this is basic stuff but im learning20:22
duanedesignno worries :)20:22
johnny77vic_: yeah, not a probelm. We all started at some point.20:22
vic_ok installed20:23
vic_i typed startx20:23
vic_the etc/init.d/gdm start20:23
duanedesignhmm, gdm should of been installed by ubuntu-desktop20:24
vic_screen comes up sayin there already apperas to be a x server running on display :0 should another display number be tried? answering no will cause gdm to attempt starting on server :0 again20:24
vic_yes or no?20:25
johnny77vic_: I would do no and then reboot.20:25
johnny77duanedesign: right? If he has GDM now, it should load automatically on boot.20:25
duanedesignvic_: also run:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:26
vic_just seen this as it was loading after reboot kinit no resume image, doing normal boot20:27
duanedesigneven without gdm, startx should work20:27
vic_something has come up20:27
johnny77duanedesign: I was thinking it may have said that because I had him run it earlier.20:28
vic_login sreen20:28
vic_i i logged in20:28
vic_and took me to a bland black screen with victor@vic  in top left20:28
duanedesignwas the login screen a GUI type screen?20:29
duanedesignor black and white20:29
vic_erm i think so  - had a yellow flower blue background20:29
vic_yes gui20:29
johnny77duanedesign: should he try load the gnome-desktop then?20:30
duanedesignvic_: and what does this do:  startx20:30
vic_i got it back to login screen bottom left got options  last session - run xcilent - secure remote connection - failsafe gnome and failsafe terminal20:31
johnny77vic_: no ubuntu desktop option?20:32
vic_no just them 5 options20:32
=== Axlin_ is now known as Axlin
johnny77vic_: where does last session take you?20:34
vic_back to the black screen with victor@vic in top left20:34
johnny77did you install gnome desktop?20:34
duanedesignwhat does startx do?20:34
vic_yeah install gnome desktop20:34
vic_startx - user not authorized to run x server aborting20:35
duanedesignsudo startx20:36
vic_server is ready and active for display 0 if this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.x0-lock and start again20:37
duanedesignvic_: ok20:38
duanedesignrun command20:38
duanedesigncd /home/victor20:38
duanedesignthen run command20:39
duanedesignls -l .Xauthority .ICEauthority20:39
duanedesignyou will get osmething like:  -rw------- 1 duanedesign duanedesign 203633 2011-03-01 19:28 .ICEauthority20:40
duanedesign-rw------- 1 duanedesign duanedesign      0 2011-01-12 12:56 .Xauthority20:40
duanedesignbasically need to know if yours say     victor victor20:41
duanedesignwhere mine says duanedesign design20:41
vic_cannot access ICEauthority: no such file or diretory20:41
vic_i think it might b best if i reinstall from cd ?  i must have done something wrong20:42
duanedesignhow about20:43
duanedesignls -l .Xauthority20:43
vic_rw------- 1 vitor vitor 164 2011-03-02 20:35 .Xauthority20:43
vic_*victor victor20:44
kristian-aalborghi all20:45
kristian-aalborgI guess I could disable the x11-common daemon if I won't be using X...?20:45
duanedesignvic_: ok how about:   ls -la /home20:47
duanedesigndrwxrwx--- 197 victor victor 20480 2011-03-02 20:46 victor20:47
duanedesignshould look like that^20:47
duanedesignthe important part is the drwxrwx---  and the victor victor20:48
walkkennI have lost my all of the sound input capability on my computer.  Everything was working fine and then there was a recommended software update and now both my internal and external mics are not working.20:52
duanedesignvic_: ok, found a thread on the forum that suggests running this command:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common20:53
duanedesignvic_: and set it to 'anybody'20:53
vic_ls -la /home  =  5 different lines   1st line    portal  28                2nd line  drwxr-xr-x 4 root    root   4096 2011-02-26 02:01 .20:55
duanedesignoh wait that is right20:55
duanedesignvic_: should be the third line20:56
duanedesignvic_: the one for victor20:56
vic_3rd line     drwxr-xr-x 21 root     root   4096 2011-02-26 20:00   4th line drwx----- 2 root      root  16384 2011-02-26 01:46 ( lost + found ) lost and found is in blue20:57
duanedesignok, so there is no victor folder?20:57
vic_5th line drexr-xr-x 2 vitor victor 4096 2011-03-02 20:36 ( victor ) victor in blue20:58
duanedesignvic_: try the command:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common21:00
duanedesignvic_: and set to everybody21:00
duanedesignvic_: this should allow  the command  startx to work21:00
vic_nice value for the x server?21:02
bioterrorduanedesign, what he has in .xinitrc?21:02
duanedesignnot sure21:03
duanedesignbioterror: we looked at .Xauthority .ICEauthority did not look at that one21:04
bioterror.xinitrc is the file which startx reads21:04
bioterrorand there should be: exec something21:04
bioterrorlike what ever you're trying to launch21:04
bioterrorwindowmaker has wmaker, fluxbox has fluxbox and so on21:04
duanedesignvic_: looks like 0 is the right value21:06
duanedesignvic_: after running that does  startx  work?21:07
vic_sever already active for display 021:08
vic_if this server is no longer running remove21:08
vic_/tmp/.x0-lock and start again21:08
duanedesignok remove that file21:09
duanedesignsudo rm /tmp/.x0-lock21:09
duanedesignwith that command^21:10
vic_cannont remove operation not permitted21:11
bioterrorsudo init 321:12
duanedesignvic_:try:   /etc/init.d/gdm stop21:15
vic_starting gnome display manager  [fail]21:16
johnny77duanedesign: How's vic doing? sorry I had to drop out like that.21:16
vic_starting gnome display manager  [fail]21:17
duanedesignvic_: can you check the contents of this file21:17
vic_how do i do that?21:18
bioterrorvic_, sudo init 321:18
vic_just takes me to next line21:18
duanedesignvic_:  cat ~/.xinitrc21:19
vic_no such file or directory21:20
vic_home/victor/.xinitrc - no such file or directory21:21
bioterrorvic_, echo "exec gnome-session" > .xinitrc21:22
bioterrorand then run "startx"'21:22
vic_its done something21:23
vic_hold on21:23
vic_it went of the come on now sayin  coundnt get a file descriptor referring to the console21:24
vic_could i have installed from cd wrong?21:24
bioterrorvic, sudo apt-get install console-common21:26
vic_ok policy for handling keymaps21:27
bioterrortry startx again21:27
vic_select keymap from arch list  dont touch keymap  keep kernal keymap select keymap from list21:28
vic_i have to choose 1 of these21:28
bioterrorselect your keymap21:28
vic_lol baffeled   my key map = keyboard21:29
vic_im getting there21:29
vic_ok typed startx21:29
vic_same message  couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the onsole21:30
vic_fun and games :)21:30
vic_could it b coz its a old comp?21:31
bioterrorsudo rm -rf /tmp/.X0-lock21:32
bioterroras you have said init 3, you should be without X21:32
vic_nothing just takes me to next line21:33
bioterrorstartx :)21:33
bioterrorand cross your fingers21:33
vic_they have been crossed since i installed from cd21:33
bioterroryou should use newer CD ;)21:33
bioterrorthat's 3 years old21:33
vic_yeah maybe21:33
vic_no same message21:34
vic_i think i will have to install again with a new cd21:34
vic_what do u reommend?  10.04 or 8.0421:34
vic_and should i use lts server or not/?21:34
bioterrorI recommend 10.1021:35
bioterrorI dont know what kind of hardware you're running21:35
aveilleuxvic_: LTS and Server editions are independent21:35
vic_ok guys i have to shoot now but ill b bk in about 2hours if your around  i will need all the help i can get lol21:35
vic_that you for all your help so far :)21:36
bioterrorsome people seems to like these LTS releases, I've never seen the greatness21:36
vic_peace and love21:36
vic_my friend recommend lts server 8.0421:36
vic_he uses it so just passed it on to me21:36
vic_ill b bk later if u guys are around thanks alot :) peace#21:36
johnny77vic_: bye21:37
geirhabioterror: You only need to upgrade every two years, instead of every six months.21:41
geirhaThat and that the frequency of updates will be lower is the main reason why I prefer LTS21:42
bioterrorI like my fish as fresh21:45
bioterrorprobably lts users upgrades their systems with re-install?21:45
geirhaPerhaps. I don't.21:46
duanedesignhello geirha22:14
davidl_Hello everyone, I have what I hope is a quick question.  I have lucid installed in a VMware virtual machine.  I'm trying to improve performance by installing vmware tools (per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Tools) however I can't seem to find the open-vm-dkms package.  When I search packages.ubuntu.com I find it for maverick.  I've also edited my sources.list to include lucid multiverse and lucid-updates multiverse.  (also did a apt-get 22:19
davidl_as well)   Am I missing something... any ideas??  TIA.22:19
geirhadavidl_: Did yu forget to run  sudo apt-get update  after adding multiverse?22:22
geirhaduanedesign: hello :)22:22
davidl_doing it again...22:23
geirhaWell,   aptitude show open-vm-dkms   on my lucid install says it's in multiverse22:23
davidl_doh!!!  That was it....22:23
davidl_thought I did that.22:24
davidl_Thank you!!!22:24
duanedesigngeirha: been getting great feedback from users about help you have given.  \o/ just wanted to let you know and say 'good job!'22:30
Red-RavenI haven't been here in a while, but I've been busy with a lot of other projects. In that time I  forgot some stuff. But I've finally come back to my SSH server project, and I'm determined to get it working this time. can someone give me a quick reminder of how to start the SSH server, and connect locally and by remote?22:49
geirhasudo service ssh start22:50
geirhassh user@host22:50
aveilleuxRed-Raven: ssh loacalhost22:50
Red-Ravenoh crap im in windows. silly me. haven't booted ubuntu in a while now. BRB.22:52
Red-Ravenit's clear ive been absent for a while isn't it? i can just use VMware.22:54
=== vic is now known as Guest5888
Guest5888why am i guest? i should be vic23:07
charlie-tcadidn't you just do a nick change?23:08
aveilleuxGuest5888: The nick may be registered23:09
Guest5888but i was just using it over a hour ago23:09
Guest5888my name was vic_23:10
Guest5888but now its guest23:10
Guest5888how do i change23:10
charlie-tcaYou just came back online. If someone else signed on with that nick while you were offline, it can not be used by you23:11
Guest5888oh ok that might b why23:11
charlie-tcayou can try using /nick NewNick23:11
=== Guest5888 is now known as newnick
=== newnick is now known as vtor
charlie-tcachange newnick to the name you want23:12
vtorhaha i know23:12
vtornoob moment23:12
vtorpeople from here helped me about a hour ago23:12
charlie-tcabut to make sure you can keep the nick, you should register it23:12
ubot2Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode23:12
vtorjust installed ubuntu now whats the command for installing tor?23:13
vtorsudo apt-get install tor?23:13
ubot2Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is not in Ubuntu's repositories. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl23:13
vtor!register vic23:13
ubot2Factoid 'register vic' not found23:13
charlie-tcaI don't use it23:13
vtor!register vic23:13
vtorwhy not u should its good23:14
vtorkeeps the fbi away lol23:14
charlie-tcaYou have to read the link and see what the command should be. commands starting with ! are factoids23:14
vtorim a noob u have to speall it out in caps lol23:14
charlie-tcafactoids are the things the robot knows to tell us23:16
ubot2Hi! I'm #ubuntu-beginners's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots23:16
charlie-tcaWhen you see those, the parts starting with http???? are links, you click them and open them in your browser to get the information23:16
charlie-tcaso, to register a nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration23:17
charlie-tcafor tor, see the option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en23:17
vtorok just doing tor now23:18
charlie-tcaand also for tor:23:18
ubot2freenode blocks connections from Tor users on its regular servers. Users registered with nickserv can connect to freenode's Tor hidden service instead; see http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor for instructions. For help, ask in #freenode.23:18
vtorok cool23:19
charlie-tcaso, until you register a nick, no tor allowed23:19
vtorok i wont use tor in here anyway23:19
vtorno need23:19
vtorwell i dont think so23:20
johnny77vtor: did you get your problem worked out?23:21
vtoryes thank you23:23
vtorjohnny u are the man23:23
vtorand so is the other dude23:23
johnny77vtor: duanedesign23:23
vtorthats it23:23
vtorsorted up and running23:23
johnny77vtor: so now you are able to bbot into gnome desktop?23:24
vtori re went over the steps u said to me and it worked23:24
vtoriam upgrading to 10.4 now23:24
vtorsame as my lappy23:24
johnny77vtor: Great! I'm glad we were able to help.23:24
vtoryes so iam i23:24
vtoru two are my new best friends23:24
vtorany problems im comin to u 223:24
johnny77vtor: we just do what we can.23:25
vtorgood  that brilliant23:25
johnny77vtor: any other problems we can help with?23:25
vtorfuking windows would of made me pay23:25
vtorwindows is so crap compaired to ubuntu23:25
johnny77vtor: How long have you had Ubuntu?23:25
vtoron my lappy23:26
vtorjust got around it basic23:26
vtornow i want to master it23:26
vtorthen learn how to make programes and software but thats a long way off lol maybe 2years23:26
johnny77vtor: Well, we are here to help you with anything if you ever have any more problems.23:26
IdleOneFirst step to mastering Ubuntu is reading the Code of conduct. :)23:26
vtorcode of conduct23:27
vtorwhere can i find that23:27
ubot2The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .23:27
vtor 23:28
vtorUbuntu is an African concept of 'humanity towards others'.  - wow i like it already23:28
johnny77vtor: also look over the Community Docs, there is some good info in there to help you with the switch. https://help.ubuntu.com/community23:28
vtorim evolving as a person and   Ubuntu is an African concept of 'humanity towards others'.  just describes how i feel about life23:29
vtoru can call me weird but it make sence to me :P23:29
vtorshould i sign the coc?23:31
IdleOnevtor: makes complete sense to most of us I would imagine.23:31
IdleOnesigning the CoC is entirely up to you.23:31
vtordo people not sign?23:31
IdleOneit is not a requirement23:32
vtorwhy would u not sign? what are the benifits?23:32
vtoroh ok not a requirement23:32
vtorok im new to this irc thing23:32
vtorhow do i find channels or chat rooms23:32
johnny77vtor: When or if you decide to start giving back to the community through involvement signing it shows that you agree to what Ubuntu represents.23:33
IdleOneI was about to type out a whole paragraph and then read what johnny77 said.23:34
johnny77IdleOne: I'm usually saying that same thing :)23:37
vtorok im done how do i sign23:37
IdleOnevtor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct23:38
vtorah man i need pgp key i forgot my pgp pass23:38
vtorgetting new key now  :)  i love ubuntu so easy to use install stuff and get around23:45
vtorand best of all23:45
vtorits free23:45

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